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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the market be as excited as go pro. we look back with mayor willy brown, live. a suspect, just charged with attempted murder in connection with the bombings in new york and new jersey, did he have help. >> he was captured after a man hunt and shoot out with police in new jersey. his name is ahmad khan rahami. he was seen planting bombs in two locations in manhattan. one exploded two did not. 29 people were injured in the first closings. authorities have also linked him to an explosion on the new jersey shore. ahmad khan rahami is charged with five counts of attempted
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murder. he's being held on $5.2 million bails. >> reporter: the man suspected this this weekend's explosion is now in custody. ahmad khan rahami was captured after a shoot out with police in new jersey. he suffered injuries during the snept. authorities followed up on a call about a man sleeping in a bar's hall. >> we shed show me your hendz and he went and pulled out a gun and fired. >> ahmad khan rahami is a naturalized united states citizen from afghanistan. he was wanted in connection with the explosions on saturday. one in new jersey and the other in new york city. now that we have the suspect in custody, the investigation can
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focus on other aspects such as whether this individual acted alone. >> reporter: the search kicked into high gear after a third blast in lid bet new jersey, one of five devices left in a bag in a local train station. is the same city where federal officers searched an apartment connected to ahmad khan rahami. >> the businesses are open, people need to continue to move on with their lives. >> reporter: officials in new york said that no other suspects are being sought. joining us now is congress man eric swalwell. you have some news, breaking news if you will about potential other suspects. >> i have been briefed today
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and i learned that it is believed that there could be two to six others out there based on footage observed. three individuals at both sites placing bombs. the suspect in custody may be one of them, so it could be as many as six. law enforcement is investigating that and they have acted swiftly so far. any caution that the people detained on the bridge have anything to do with it. >> not yet. we have also learned that the suspect had traveled a number of times to afghanistan and pakistan. that alone is not a sign that someone will participate in terrorism but that taken other actions that we are learning point to someone that was
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radicalized. >> but he was not on anyone's radar. is that the worst case scenario. >> the good news is law enforcement has arrested him and that could lead to the where abouts of others. but what we fear are people in the united states already, or are traveling abroad and are in communication with terrorist groups or start to fall in line with terrorist beliefs and come to the united states and carry out plots. >> how do we protect ourselves. >> it's going to take all of us. we did not gort all muslims or ielt -- deport or violate our laws. it's going to take us being on alert. alert. >> you tweeted and said, we did not take away muslim's rights g rice, but in these situations,
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do you have people gravitating towards a more aggressive policy, more of the donald trump rhetoric. like we have to get tough. >> when you see these attacks it's natural to wonder about your safety but what makes our country already so great is that we are a free and open society that values free speech but we have to make sure that our law enforcement have the tools that they need within the law to track down these individuals. i am going to go back tomorrow and being briefed and ask what do we need to make sure we find individuals like this. >> so you are saying that you have been briefed and that there are possibly more suspects. i believe that there could be more. >> i was told that there were at least three people at both
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locations which they believe are linked seen placing items down. wh the -- whether the individual arrested today is one of them is unknown. >> all right congress man eric swalwell, thank you for coming in. the new york and new jersey bombings have raised security concerns at home. we are at the oracle convention. >> we have seen a large police presence in the area staying vigilant after the events of this weekend. we have seen a security presence including security officers sweeping the area with dogs. those that came today are keeping a close eye on the evens on the east coast. one man from new york city has been following the nis and it
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has him on high alert. >> it was a crazy weekend. is good to see them making progress on that. security is a concern all over the world. >> reporter: san francisco police are increasing their visibility some following the explosions. they stress that there are no known threats to san francisco but they have increased uniformed patrols across the city. we are expecting increased foot patrols in certain areas, but the department said there is no credible threat to san francisco or the bay area. there are large crowds at oracle world. that's a reason that authorities are on high alert. be sure to stay here with ktuv news for continuing
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coverage on this developing story throughout the day and you can also find the latest updates on our website, and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. police said a man was shot to death behind the wheel of his car this morning and the shooter remains on the loose. officers were called before 11:00 a.m. to find the man dead in the drivers seat of the vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds. police have no motive. there is been a any development in the accident on 101 that killed a driver. an 82 year old died when a bullet struck him. a preliminary investigation shows that the obility likely
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fell off a caltrans wart truck. kch r coming -- d a local developer has a plan to house the homeless. we have information about the idea he hopes to put into action. >> next rose pak never held office but she was a force in san francisco. >> sunshine for this afternoon. many of us are baking, we look at the current conditions and the cool down that is on the way i'm surfing!! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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honey it's not swiping. come on i need it to swipe.
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i know i need to swipe something. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. political and community leaders in san francisco are mourning the death of one of the city's pom month figures. rose pak died yesterday. she was a powerful voice for the san francisco chinese community. she had incredible political power. especially for someone that never held office. we have willie brown, the former mayor. thank you for joining us, i know that you knew rose well. talk about they are. >> she was an incredible human being. she's became educated as a
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journalist, worked for the chronicle. she was the only chinese person working there at the time. she recognized right off that with her voice through the paper, it was not as effective as if she used her voice in a different way and man did she do that. she was awesome. >> what was it about her that was so influential? >> she had a superior intellect and she was dedicated to improving her community particularly chinatown and san francisco. she was pliendly honest. -- blindly honest. and she clearly did not want
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anything out of people but a quality result. that's a dramatic difference, someone with that kind of talent. most of us look out for ourselves. i have been in the bay area. i remember covering politics in the city. it was known, if you did not have rose pak's support, your chances of being successful were slim. >> in most cases you did not have a chance. she carried with her lots and hots of power -- lots of power by way of the voting process. she had an incredible impact. it never dawned on her frankly that we were so carried away with who she was that we did what she said. >> i know she was involved in
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saving the chinese hospital in chinatown. would that hospital have been saved if not for rose pak. >> no that would have been gone. that hospital was created by the family association. this town would not provide medical service for chinese. she also knew that quality medical service would only happen when there was an opportunity to let people speak to a doctor in a language that they understood. she made sure that that hospital existed even though the rules had changed and the requirements for hospitals had changed. she got that chins hospital endowed with -- chinese hospital endowed with the appropriate approvals. she was ready to walk through
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the door to dedicated it and she said i will not enter the hospital until the first patient does. that's an incredible statement. unfortunately for us she will not be entering. >> she was feeling optimistic after she returned from china following her kidney transplant. were there concerns about her health. >> i talked to her once or twice a week. i talked to her as early as last tuesday or wednesday. she was clearly in good experts. good energy. she was going to continuously monitor her heart problems that had been known by her and well- known by the medical team. she may have had a procedure last week but unfortunately it
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appears as if her body just gave out. >> who fills this void now? >> i'm sorry, what. >> who fills this void. they are big shoes, is there anyone that can take her place? >> nobody can fill the space that rose pak occupied. for seven months she was in china waiting for a kidney transplant. she was there from september of last year to may of this year. in that time period multiple things happened in the city. she was not here to keep things on the right track. she tried to do so by telephone or through surrogates. that did not work as effectively as it did wheng rose was present.
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-- when rose was present. her come coming back was a god send to those in this city. we have to make sure that the things that she did not finish we finish for her. >> thank you so much. health officials are calling it a spare of air day. but there is major change on the way. not feelings those changes yet. right now plenty of sunshine, the hot temperatures and the light winds. as a result, a spare the air day. lets look at what is going on towards the north and west. san francisco is there in the distance. the boats are rolling in and out and people are taking advantage of the final blast of
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summer. we are looking at a bit of fog along the coast. notice over monterey. it's going to continue into the evening hours and by tomorrow we will have more fog along the coast line. the onshore breeze will be picking up as well. looking at the numbers right now a lot of 90s out there. 90s along the peninsula. 100 degrees in livermore this afternoon. many people are hotter today than yesterday. but a cool down is on the way. when we come back i have a look at the extended forecast. thank you. now to breaking news in the sex scandal involving several bay area law enforcement agent is.
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we received word that prosecutors have filed charges against two more oakland officers. a sheriffs deputy was also charged. the scandal involves jas jasmine formerly known as celeste guap. a known year old is charged with he would her abuse and robbery and burglary. the victim, known as miss flo remains in icu. she has only been able to say hi to a few fem members since the home invasion. go pro getting in the
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business of drones, we speak with the company about the new drones coming up
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go pro unveiled its first camera carrying drone, it's called carma. the ceo showed it off along
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with the company's cameras and editing sof wear. it has -- software, it has the ability to make videos of people doing treem activities. it -- extreme activities. it has a price tag of $800. is it worth it? a lot of anticipation for this. their stock has been up. is this a game changer. >> it's important for go pro. the company has seen every bit of its hardware get commoditized as chinese manufacturers make them.
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this has a camera that you can use by itself or on the drone. then they have a software cloud system to store the fottage. the idea is i can share and transport the device. >> there is a lot of anticipation. it look cool but there are other devices and drones getting ready to hit the market. this is going to be a crowded marketplace like the skies are going to be crowded with drones. >> you may want to wait a few weeks. there is a chinese drone manufacturer named tgi that is going to release their own drones. you want to get some reviews, it's a big enough purchase that you do not have to do it early.
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give some time for the reviewers to check it out. >> what about regulation? there are tons of kearns from the faa, you have seen the video with an airplane and a drone in the same shot. is it important to do your homework on when you can and cannot use these devices. >> you have to be registered with the government. it's not just worrying about the drone falling on someone. you do not know where small planes could be in the sky, you do not want to give nun a scare. use a drone somewhere unpopular lated and in the required air space. it will only take a few drone accidents to ruin the industry
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for everyone. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. a new innovative solution to the housing crisis has emerged. we talk with the man behind it and the push back to his idea. >> plus national security is a topic on the campaign trail. how each candidate is responding when we come back
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there is a new plan to help solve the problem of homelessness in san francisco. it involves container type boxes, we have a man that has been pushing this idea for a couple of years, what do you envision. you want the cities to lease me air rights over existing properties that they have and let me build hundreds or thousands of apartments. >> it has everything that i would expect. it has a kitchen. >> yes, there is also a bathroom, shower, refrigerator, sink, bed, desk. storage area for your gear. >> i expect that this is less
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expensive than typical housing strks yes, it's obviously smaller, the average unit is 160 square feet. we build them and lease them to the city for $1,000 a month. >> the math works in my head but what does the city think about this? >> they are puzzled. they are cautiously enthusiastic but we are just now waiting for our first full scale prototype to show them. when they get a look at it they might be more interested, i think that they are cautiously interested. >> what would that mean, them giving the rights to you and would it be specific for this need? >> yes, say that the city has a parking lot. we could build a concrete podium on top of that and build
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these units on top and give them back their parking. they are using surplus air space to provide housing for the homeless and for supportive services. >> why do you feel that this will work in the city? >> because we can produce thousands of units for half of the cost of conventional construction. we are using all union labor. the units themselves will be manufactured at a factory? >> what is the push back? >> the unions in san francisco want all of the work for themselves. >> can you do that? >> no it messes up our costs. >> if i get the air space, how many do you think you will be
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able to house? >> if we have the real estate to do it we could build thousands of these this less than a year. we are looking at one site on cesar chavez where we could build 11,000 in a month. >> what do you think the reaction to living on -- the people living on the streets. >> i think they will be happy. they have all of the modern appliances. >> is this designed to be long term? >> yes. >> where are we in the process. we have pitched these to san francisco, oakland and los angeles. they are all investigate it.
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we want to make it simple and we provided the financing and we will lease them to the city for $1,000 a month. the city mansion it and decides who will be in them. >> -- manage it and decide who will be in them. >> where do you go from here? >> if need be we can find a site owrsz. >> back to air rights, has that about done before? >> i do not think so. the cities ail have parking lots all over that would be suitable for this. they are underutilized if they are just for cars. >> it will be interesting to sow how this plays out and to
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see what the cities do. >> i hope they do it. we are going to have a full scale model ready in october. the fbi is investigating the stabbing at a shopping mall in minnesota as a terrorist event. the attacker was killed by an offduty police officer. he is being called a hero by his police chief. >> he was put in unfortunate circumstances, i believe it was divine intervention. he was the person that needed to be there. >> all of the victims are expected to survive. the attacker has been identified as dahir adan. isis claims he was a soldier of the islam i believe state.
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terrorism is front and center on the campaign trail as well. both candidates are claiming to be the choice to keep the nation safe. >> reporter: both nominees thanked law enforcement and first responders that raced towards the blast sites. >> i want to say how proud i am of our first responders working to keep us safe. >> let me thank our incredible law enforcement officers that do not get the credit they deserve. >> reporter: but the praise stopped there. both used the terrorism scare to knock each other's foreign policies. trump blamed the creation of isis on the former secretary of state and president obama. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters
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than she does about terrorists. >> reporter: hillary clinton is saying that donald trump does not have the temperament to be president. >> i am the only candidate who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battle field. he says he has a secret plan, he has no plan. >> both candidates are meeting with world leaders including the president of egypt. we are just getting word of more breaking news. this is out of mountain view, an overturned big rig dumped a load of dirt around south bound 280. the driver suffered minor
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injuries. three of our lanes are -- four lanes are blocked. drivers have to use alternative routes. i can already see the backup. a spokesman for california highway patrol said that cleanup will take hours. look at that shot. traffic goes on and on in mountain view after this big rig overturns. again, best idea is to find an alternative. all right. we hit the skies with a stunt pilot. ted is feeling left out. what did you learn during the ride. you are jealous strks gel -- jealous? >> yes. >> we talk about the cool down
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in the extended forecast, coming up
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one of the best pilots in the world was in the bay area yesterday. he's the lead pilot for the flying team performing air shows around the world. we have ken who had a chance to go flying with him. >> reporter: i am go to climb
4:42 pm
into this plane for thrills at 300 miles per hour. it's something he has done 1200 times for 100 million fans. >> air shows are like the fourth of july and top begun rolled into one. it's about celebrating our freedomming. it's patriotic. i share that magic at an orshow. >> you have the stick between your legs and that's what it talks to move the plane. >> in case anything goes wrong i am wearing a parachute. >> we take off from san carlos for san francisco. we go over the auricle open
4:43 pm
world and -- oracle open world and then we break away to do our thing. shaun talks me through the maneuvers we are going to do. the first is a ballistic barrel roll. >> i take it 180 knots. when you take it above the horizon you have all of the time in the world. i pressure the stick. then i go that slow. i let the nose drop again, we are going to be weightless for about 17 seconds. the next one is nor grueling. >> reporter: it's a loop but it takes more energy as you fight through the g forces. >> you go three and a half to 4 g maximum. when you pull the g, this airplane, when you pull it and
4:44 pm
hold it there, its going to go around the circle. then you feather it to get more speed. >> reporter: at one point i got distracted by another plane but shaun knew it was not a threat. he shares his aviation passion with young people convincing them that anyone can become a pilot. >> it's so great, they go out there and push their boundaries and give flying a chance. the third dimension is where you are free. >> on the ground i take stock of what just happened. >> they let mow fly and it was fun. >> reporter: flying is such a magnificent thing but it's also
4:45 pm
about pushing your personal boundaries. >> you conquer your fears and become stronger because of it. amazing. >> definitely cool. >> would you do that? >> not for me. i can watch ken, but it's not for me. >> me either. >> what about you. >> i get queasy looking at it but it looks like fun. yes. a lovely sky for fleurs today. we talked about the haze, the haze is coming from a fire in the sky. we have plenty of sunshine today. light wind and temperatures flew, just as hot as yesterday. some areas are hotter than yesterday. some cooler. it has to do with the onshore breeze that is kicking in.
4:46 pm
100 degrees in livermore. 97 in brentwood. 94 in santa rosa. 93 in the south bay. mountain view, 90 degrees. here's the 24 24 hour temperature change. napa and santa rosa are cooler than 24 hours ago. it has to do with who ended up the onshore breeze late in the day. here's a view of the fog creeping into monterey bay. it's developing along the coast line. the fog is coming back and the onshore breezes are coming back. temperatures are coming down tomorrow. here's a look at the system providing us with that south
4:47 pm
surge. it's slow to come. that northern breeze is keeping it away from our coast line. this is going to drive temperatures down as we get into wednesday and the first day of fall, which is thursday. temperatures are going to be cool in many areas. look, you can see the onshore breeze moving in. look at the winds. napa 14, it has not been like this all day. at noontime fairfield had a wind of 2 miles per hour. today is a spare the orday but cooler weather is coming and it will be breezy at times tuesday and wednesday. thursday looks to be the coolest day. 54 degrees in seneca.
4:48 pm
56 in hayward. the numbers are similar to today but by the afternoon you should begin to feel a difference. 67 for san francisco tomorrow. 75 in hayward. the east bay has 100s. 87 in livermore. lower 80s expected in santa rosa and south bay. tomorrow, 80 degrees. you will feel the difference. temperatures continue to drop off midweek wednesday and bottom off thursday. 70s inland. as we get into the weekend temperatures rebound. back into the 90s by sunday. we cool off and then we heat up. that's typical for this time of year. the wind will clear out the coast again. >> sounds great. a big night for fans of fox prime time.
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coming up we look at some of the biggest premiers happening tonight yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t. with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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the new tv season is upon us with fox's premier week happening tonight. we have a sneak peek of what is in store. fox kicks off the week with with gotham. >> remember penguins eat fish. >> reporter: i talked to two of the stars. >> people will be able to see what we have been working so hard at. >> reporter: what can we expect
4:52 pm
this season? they did not give too much away but jada smith is back. >> knowing she's back gives them drive and purpose and pushes them to become one of the most powerful people. >> reporter: you can catch gotham mopped at 8:00. then at nine -- monday night at 8:00. then at 9:00 season two of lucifer kicks off. let me ask you this question, how do you answer the question, i work for lucifer, what is the reaction. >> it varies. some people cannot watch the
4:53 pm
show. >> they are intrigued. >> reporter: garcia place a scientist. the women said they are excited about the show. but first one more question, what do you think of the bay. >> san francisco is a character in the show, i have lived there for years. >> i have been there. two of my cats love staying at the four seasons. again it's premier week kicking off with gotham and then lucifer. that will be followed by the 10:00 news. the broken pipeline in alabama is causing issues, long lines and empty barrels, that's coming up you bought a wig, a jersey, and overpriced nachos...
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a travel ban has been lifted in the wynwood arts district in miami. it became the first area in the united states where mosquitoes transmitted the zika virus to people. the governor said that residents have been pitching in. in the meantime the area in
4:57 pm
miami beach is expanding after five more people got zika. that zone will be sprayed this weekend. drivers in the south east are facing loons at the pump or no gas as a pipeline that runs from huston to new york is leaking in alabama. >> reporter: gas shortages are hitting the south east as a pipeline bringing gas up and down the eastern seaboard breaks leaking fuel in alabama. >> the repair will take time. >> reporter: consumers are stocking up on feel causing lines. >> i came over here, it's the same thing. >> reporter: other stations have no fuel to sell. >> all of them are empty. >> reporter: a station in tennessee has regular but is
4:58 pm
out of premium. >> there is plenty of gas. >> reporter: while a gas station in north carolina does not have regular, drivers are forced to buy higher appliesed fuel. >> -- priced fuel. states are declaring states of emergency. >> the more people that fill their tank the worst the problem becomes. >> there is still gas to be had. it's just the tankers are going to drive further to get them there. >> reporter: the pipeline company is working to build a temporary by pass around the leak but cannot say when the line will be back up and
4:59 pm
running. a shoot out with police leads to the capture of a man wanted for a series of bombings over the weekend. the man is already charged with trying to kill police officers. authorities released these pictures this morning. they were looking for ahmad khan rahami in connection with three bombings over the weekend. one bomb want off in new jersey. the second in manhattan, it injured 29 people. hours after police identified the suspect, a bar owner in new jersey found him sleeping in the hall of the bar. the owner called the police and the suspect started to shoot. one officer was shot in his bullet proof vest. police shot the suspect in the leg and he was arrested. he's in a local hospital after
5:00 pm
going through surgery. here's a time line of the event. it started saturday after a bomb explode in a trash can in new jersey. nobody was hurt there. then later that night another  blast injured 29 people in manhattan. hours after that a bomb was found but it did not go off. last night five devices were found in a backpack in list bet new jersey. -- elizabeth new jersey. ahmad khan rahami is being held on bail. >> reporter: the man suspected in the explosion is in custody. he was captured after a shoot out in new jersey. the officers suffered injuries in the


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