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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we are getting our first look at pages from the journal of the new york and new jersey bombing suspect. the journal was seized from ahmad khan rahami after his arrest. you can see the bullet hole in the middle and also the words death to your oppressors. he also wrote about revenge against the united states government for killing muslim warriors abroad. >> he talked about jihad. a pressure cooker bomb and referenced owe sama bin ladin. >> -- osama bin laden. >> police said the two men in
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this photo are considered witnesses of the bombing, not suspects. a charter school spend much of the day on lock down after administrators reported gun fire nearby. we have the latest. investigators are cleared that scene. >> reporter: authorities believed that the shots came from the area behind these homes. so who was shooting and why remains a mystery. students ne charter school at morgan hill spent the day on lock down as the swat teams suited up. >> we had the police everywhere. that's not usual at my school. >> it was different than any other day in school. >> reporter: officials were taken by surprise when the sound of gun fire erupted
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nearby. >> we heard what appeared to be a fewer cracker or shots down the road. >> reporter: the sounds appeared to come from neighboring homes where there is a history of problems. the police shut down monterey road and evacuated some neighbors. >> it's verified that there was a gun used near a school. we have personnel to steel with that -- deal with that. >> reporter: panicked parents began to arrive at the school looking for their kids and looking for answers. >> i saw the activity and my heart jumped into my throat. >> we are freaked out. we got an e-mail from the school saying that they were on
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lock down. >> reporter: school officials began to release kids to their awaiting parents. >> we did not feel that the kids were unsafe. >> reporter: the police moved into a nearby home but found no suspect and no gun. >> it could have been worse, i got to skip a lot of cool. >> reporter: ficialt expect that things should be back to business as usual tomorrow. thank you. in west oakland a man was shot blocks from a high school this afternoon. police responded to the shooting on 28th street around the corner from mcclymonds mcclymonds high school. at victim was taken to the hospital and he's expected to survive. new information about a
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strong odor that made several people sick in have a law hoe. there was an oil slick on the water. the smell is likely tied to that. this is what we learned. >> reporter: last night folks in vallejo noticed a strong chemical smell. that included the vallejo public affairs officer. >> it was a rubber smell. >> reporter: 911 calls came in city wide. most came from the southern part of the city to official ordered shelter in place. >> we had respiratory problems. >> reporter: the fire department checked with local refineries, they all denied any leaks. >> we did not get any unsafe readings through the the city.
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>> reporter: pg and e found no problems with its systems. by morning it became clear that a new problem had arisen, a new oil stick. >> the fact that it started south p moved to the north, we believe that the wind brought it. >> reporter: it appears that the investigators are concentrating their efforts in the area of this ship and the conoco philips refinery. >> a light sheen was discovered at our terminal. we responded to the incident p notified the national response center and the coast guard. operations at the terminal have been shut down. the volume of material released is being determined.
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the cause of the incident is under investigation. >> reporter: the coast guard is heading the investigation. they have taken oil samples to assess blame and penalties. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the deadly crash of a u-2 spy plane that crashed in the sutor butte mountains. the military has not released the names of the pilots. the u-2 spy plane is it -- is considered a difficult plane to fly. her name was lady bug. alaysha carradine was shot and killed at the front door after she answered the door at a sleep over at her friends home.
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the suspect was sentenced to death. >> reporter: three years after alaysha carradine as shot at a sleep over, her killer dar wul will was snangsed -- darnell williams was sentenced to death. family members of the victim said williams got what he deserved for killing a girl whose nickname was lady bug. >> my cousin will never be able to send her daughter to prom, i do not think that is right. >> reporter: alaysha carradine alaysha carradine at a sleep over. someone targeted the father of
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her friend. on thursday darnell williams was sentenced to death. during the trial the jury saw footage from a body camera that captured the girl's last moment after she was shot in the neck. she was callings for her mother. she let out a chilling scream saying, i am dead. the paramedic tried to reassure her. the family said life without parole would have been more appropriate. >> life without parole, someone will be watching. >> reporter: after three years relatives said they have some measure of justice for their loved one. the bay area police is
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looking for a chief. the chief of the berkeley police is stepping down. >> reporter: berkeley joins san francisco and oakland in looking for a police chief. they is unclear why michael meehan stepped down. the police said losing a liter could be a setback but they are going to be okay. >> reporter: the police chief announced he was stepping down. that may have come as a surprise but others said it's not surprising. >> six and a half years is a long time. >> reporter: he served the city of berkeley for seven years. the pd trained their officers in fair and impartially policing. it was also the first agency to
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implement crisis intervention training which prepares officers to help people with mental illnesses. the department said that some officers did not care much for michael meehan. >> my main focus is looking forward. there is always some friction between management and labor in any situation. >> reporter: michael meehan posted his letter of resignation on his twitter page. it says thanks to berkeley. he is planning to resign october 14th. he said there is a right time to leave and i believe after discussing it with my family, the right time is now. in the meantime ang agree agree
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-- andrew greenwood is the acting police chief. >> we are going to make sure we know oir mission as we move through these transitions. >> the you chief has been on the force for years. it's unclear when the new chief will be named. >> so the berkeley police department is smaller than the oakland and san francisco police department but they are all looking for a new chief. >> are they competing with each other? >> yes. the mayor said the eyes are on the bay area. you are looking at san francisco and oakland and berkeley. maybe hayward soon too. >> there is a lot in the air with local police departments. any idea how long it will take to get an acting police chief?
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>> it's not clear. we do not know why he stepped down. a lot of people said there was things in his past bit we do not know for sure. >> it's one of the most prestigious schools in the country but many female students are are afraid at uc berkeley. >> plus envelopes about the latest officer involved shooting. >> we talk about the weather and detail a red flag warning in one area due to the winds
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civil rights leaders in north carolina called for an economic boycott in the city of charlotte to protest a man being shot by the police. scott's family said he was reading a book. >> what we are calling for is an economic boycott of the city of charlotte. since black lives do not matter for the city, our black burglars should matter. >> students held a peaceful sit in. it was in contrast to the violent protests of last night where police officers were injured. today donald trump called on police departments to use a troarl tactic to reduce gun
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violence. >> one of the things i would do is stop and friday'sk. i think that you have do. we did it in new york and it worked well. you have to be proactive. you help people change their mind. >> the procedure allows police to stop anyone that they consider to be suspicious. new york city scaled it back after a federal judge ruled that stop and friday'sk can be bias. hillary clinton spoke about reform. >> i have spoken to law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as i am and deeply committed, as i am, to reform. why? because they know it's essential for the staift of our communities and our officers. >> hillary clinton spoke in
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florida today. she called the deadly police shootings unbearable and said that they need to become intolerable. both canned dates were speaking out. donald trump talked about the possibility of using stop and friday'sk. was that effective? >> i do not think that it moved the needle in the african american community. to me stop and frisk was used in new york. it was controversial. racial profiling was used. >> donald trump has bs pro law enforcement. but -- been pro law enforcement. but what struck me about what
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happened in tulsa, he said in his opinion the police officer that shot him may have choked. it was different than the kind of rhetoric than you hear from donald trump. in contrast hillary clinton was more measured today. >> absolutely. i was struck by that. hillary clinton said we need to know more about the facts. she was measured. donald trump said he watched the video and he said it looked like someone choked. it was an interesting contrast but it was quickly rejected by many in the african american community as almost a pandering comment and dismissed to some degree as him changing the rhetoric again. it was odd. >> hillary clinton does better with the frun american vote but she struggles with the younger
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african american vote. if you are advising advising him, what would you say. >> communication, it's always about communication. he has to do a better job of not just showing up and doing rallies, he has to get into the communities and talk to people. frankly hillary clinton has to do the same thing. it's not so easy to give a speech and expect people to think that you think a certain way. >> the first debate is coming up monday. millions of people will be watching that. what is it that hillary clinton has to accomplish and what does donald trump have to accomplish. >> they have to bring their a game. this is a ratings blockbuster. monday night football may not measure up to this. hillary clinton has to really
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speak to her trust worthiness and her ability to communicate caught policy. donald trump has to take a more measured approach. he has to be careful about shooting off the cuff. >> is that what got him here? >> yes. the hillary clinton campaign is preparing for any donald trump, the laud back one or the aggressive one. donald trump has benefited by saying what he thinks but now is one on one. >> it all happens next monday. >> it's going to be huge. outside temperatures continue to fall especially for the east bay. five to 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday. late this afternoon the winds picked up. they continue to blow at this
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hour. 61 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. east bay, 78 in bront wood. 75 in fairfield. 72 in san jose. the final day of summer feels like fall. temperatures blow average. -- below average. livermore is 17 degrees cooler than yesterday. down by 10 in fairfield. down by five in hayward and five in san jose. the system that is responsible for the cool down is also kicking up the winds. you see from this large picture of california we have a bit of pink indicating a rain/snow
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mix. look at all of the upper level winds. they are bringing the breezy conditions. i see how we continue with partly cloudy skies. the bit of unsettled weather can bring us patchiness. napa is reporting winds of 22 miles per hour. gusts at 23 for fairfield. 18 miles per hour sustained wind gusts in monterey. that has triggered a red flag warning going all the way until thursday night. strong gusts are possible in that area. as we get through lt evening the winds will continue. we start out with breezy and cool conditions. half moon bay 29 miles per hour wind. the wind are strong along the
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coast loon. at this hour, 18 miles per hour in san francisco and 12 in san jose. cool and breezy to start the day. by the afternoon temperatures on the mild side. 64 san francisco. 73 at livermore. here's the forecast, tomorrow is the coolest day. the winds die out thursday night and we begin a warming trend in the weekend. temperatures back into the 90s by monday. >> gook looking weekend. >> -- good looking weekend. >> a strange delivery, you may have seen this helicopter flying overhead. why it's so important in case of the next big earthquake
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exxon has agreed to pay $12 million for a oil spill in montana. it killed fish and wildlife and took a month to cleanup. exxon ignored warnings that the aging pipeline might break. the east bay bud is working on a pipeline replacement project with the help of a helicopter. they are delivering pipe that will be used to replace pipes
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that date back to the 1920s. this is the first time that east bay has used a helicopter to transport the pipes. >> i drove up the street friday and it's like hair pin turns. it's narrow and steep and whippedy. it was too difficult to have these streets. >> a spokesperson said the old pipes have performed well but the new ones are made of high density plastic. a total of 7,000 feet of pipeline will be replaced. a million dollars pay out following a controversial police shooting in oakland. we have the details about the settlement reached and who gets
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the money. >> plus fears on campus, what students are doing about the fear of assault on the uc berkeley campus
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$1.2 million that's what the city of oakland is paying oit for a deadly police shooting. >> reporter: the family said
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police did not give the vum enough time to wakeup but police said they took an hour before resorting to deadly force. they found the man, they fired bean bag rounds at the car and yelled commands through a loud speaker. after more than an hour with no response officers used a crowbar. that's when police said the man reached for his gun. an attorney for the family said they used poor tactics. >> this was a man that was asleep. he was never given a chance to comply with any demands by the
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police and he was shot. >> the settlement will be divided between the victims children and his mother. the family said he carried a gun for protection. the fact that he had a gun should not be a death warrant, his lawyer said. >> so if the city said the officers did not do anything wrong, why settle. >> they will opt for a settlement in lieu of a jury trial. >> what happened to the officer that fired the shot. >> her actions were reviewed by the da's office and they decided not to file charges because she acted appropriately. >> you are saying that this happens more often than we think. this is a big pay out but there
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are a lot of payouts with the city. >> this was a higher figure because of the three children and his mom. this is a sizable figure. >> thank you. a recent series of rapes at uc berkeley has many female students on guard. the police have arrested win man. we are on campus tonight. >> reporter: as the rape investigation continue, many female students are being cautious at night. uc berkeley is one of the most prestigious schools in the country but for students being assaulted is on their minds. earlier this week a student
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told the police she was raped this a residential hall. it was the fifth rape near campus this month. >> it seems like more than we would usually have. more reports than normal. >> reporter: police are arrested a student in connection with the first rape and are seeing if he's connected with the others. the uc police have not seen the need to increase their patrols. >> we have been sending out crime tips to make people aware and also providing them with tips for steps that they can take to prevent the likelihood of becoming a target. >> reporter: female students worry about their safety. >> i do not feel safe. >> reporter: some call bear walk, a service that walks
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students home at night. >> i walk home with someone, if i am not with someone i am on the phone with someone. my mom bought me a taser. >> reporter: in recent years the university has tried to establish a climate where victims of sexual assault are encouraged to come forward. thank you rob. the founder of facebook mark zuckerberg and his wife outlined a goal to cure all disease by the end of the century. they nouned the $3 billion research project. they have spent the past two years meeting with signists to develop this project. the ceo of tesla said the
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software up date will be out tonight. they have an increased reliance onreader. he said that the auto pilot will process signals better. it will detect objects that could be hard to see. it's meant to train firefighters in life some death situations. today alex got a chance to see that training firsthand. the drills that they put him through coming up next. >> the warriors won 24 games. this year they added durant. coming up why the coach said his team has a lot of work to do at the start of the season
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a tearful good by for a three year old boy who was killed by an impaired driver. he was remembered as a fun loving boy. we were there for his heart breaking funeral. >> reporter: no pain compares to that of a loss of a child. the casket of elijah dunn was
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carried by family members. inside, the boy's uncle porpd the eulogy to the -- performed the eulogy to those gathered. he said the circumstances creates a range of emotion and that his death has some questioning their faith. the three year old was killed in an accident on i want state 6080. his mother -- interstate 680. a driver hit the car and killed the mother and her son. the driver was driving under the influence. >> he gave me the biggest hugs. i am never going to come home and have him come to me and hug me again. >> reporter: the pastor told
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family and friends to remember the great boy that briefed life into the community and in his death brings kairng and consciousness to the issue of dui. >> we live our life and move on but it's hard to hof on day by day -- move on day by day. >> the service had to be comforting to the family. it was beautiful. >> reporter: he's now bury. -- buried. bury
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all right, golden state warriors getting ready to open their training camp. another mvp joins the team. the coach talked to the media today. >> reporter: three months ago we were lamenting how they could lose three games. next tuesday practice begins for the new season. the coach met with the media and talked about a number of issues. first, this year he's not recovering from back surgery. >> i feel better than i did a year ago, i will be out there coaching and i will be ready to
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go. >> lets move on to the team. in my mind this is a different season and a different approach to the season. more experimental, i think that our fans should look forward to watching the growth of the team. last year woarp a finished product opening night. -- we were a finished product on opening night. we have a lot of growing ahead. we want to win enough games to be in a good position. we want the home court. i do not think that the transition will be that big of a deal. dura thrks t has been doing this for a while. he's going to fit into our style and enjoy playing with our guys. we like to talk about stuff, basketball or not. it's one of the best things
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that has come out of the colin kaepernick issue, people are talking, it's a good thing. >> i like the possibility to win and to develop into a similarly cohesive joyful group that we have had before. >> reporter: the season brings a new cast of characters. get used to zaza and david west and others. the national attention will be there. the warriors know, at the end of the season, it's the last time that group will be together. then a new group has to develop the chemistry. >> i will start to learn the new names.
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durant. outside our doors this afternoon we are feeling like fall. the first day of fall arrives tomorrow at 7:21. we are going to continue with the pattern for a few days then we get warm. right now 61 san francisco. 60s in oakland. 69 in livermore. 72 in san jose. many of our inland east bay locations have dropped off a few degrees this afternoon from yesterday. this is the system that is ruling our pattern. the onshore breeze is picking up and the wind gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour. the onshore breeze and the cool weather in place, you can see the sierra picking up the rain.
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this is through the evening hours. we had a few sprinkles reported this morning. that was it. we could have patchingy drizzle this morning. the onshore breeze in oakland sustained at 18 and gusting to 24. fairfield gusting to 23. it's windy. 36 miles per hour gusts. in the south bay, breezy. gusts to 24 miles per hour. hayward onshore breeze gusting to 25. through the evening we are partly cloudy into tomorrow morning. a few blips of blue over the coastal ranges. if you have the cloud cover overhead when you start the day i could see a bit of drizzle. mostly clear skies expected for
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the second half of the day. the wind is going to continue through turs. here's the temperatures for tomorrow morning. the numbers are similar to today. it's cool but it's breezy out there. it's going to be brisk for some. keep that in mind as you leave tomorrow morning. 64 in san francisco. 76 in concord. for the first day of fall the numbers are not changing a lot of we are at our coolest for the first day of fall and temperatures rebound into the weekend. bay area into the lower 80s. then another leap into the weekend. temperatures in the lower to mind 90s for our inland cities and 80 around the bay. we have some breaking news right now this is video shot a couple of minutes ago from
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charlotte, north carolina where protestors are back in the streets, they are angry over yesterday's deadly officer involved shooting. tear gas has been shot out. this follows last night's protests. we going to follow that and bring you more information as we get it. firefighters were called for ang unusual rescue. a turtle got loose a week and a half ago. someone called animal control officers. they found berta but could not lift her into the truck without the help of the firefighters. the officer needed help loading the animal into the shelter. swin has claimed -- someone has
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claimed her. she aparptly escaped -- apparently escaped by digging under a fence. fire training, today alex got a chance to take part. see the real life situation that they put firefighters and in this case a reporter through
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a firefighter was killed
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and another injured battling the canon fire. the firefighters were traveling in a tanker truck when it overturned. california highway patrol said both of them were wearing seatbelts. officials said that the fire could grow tomorrow quhen the winds pick up. volunteers why in the oakland hills trying to prevent another fire. they were out cleerng brush and restronger the oakland fire storm -- restore the lobing land fire brush. >> it takes a public private partnership, it takes individuals getting out there and making a difference in their community and getting
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ready for the fire. dodo it now, get ready. >> they are urging oakland home owners to maintain a defensible space around their property. today the alimmediata fire department showed us what -- alameda fire department showed us their real life training scenarios. >> reporter: look out. >> get down. >> reporter: wow. >> reporter: wow. >> reporter: it takes a lot of people to get this job done. they have to move around the
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foreground and the back ground. we have the firefighters and the staff, we need at least five or six firefighters to put out the fire. in this scenario we have a car crash and a person trapped in the passenger seevment we are going to work on using the jaws of life to get the door off of this car and free the person inside. >> we are going to attack the hinges with these spreaders and we are going to work out and work our way down. there you go. >> all right. >> reporter: we want the patient going to the hospital in 10 minutes. that's called the platinum 10 or the golden hour. if they need surgery they need to be on the operating table in
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an hour. >> okay. that was alex reporting. san francisco firefighters made quick work of a two alarm fire that started at 3:00 this morning in an apartment in 19th street. a dental office on the ground floor was damaged. crews controlled the fire in 30 minutes. no word of new injuries or the cause of the fire. back to the breaking news in charlotte, north carolina. this is live pictures where protestors are back in the streets. they have surrounded cars and buses they are angry over yesterday's officer involved shooting of a black father of seven. he was killed. we have been monitoring the pictures. we are getting word that one person has been shot and is
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dealing with life threatening injuries. all of this stems from the shooting of a young black man, a father of seven killed yesterday. his family said he was reading and waiting for his son to return home. the police said he had a gun. it's interesting to note that the officer who shot and killed the black man happened to be black himself. we continue to monitor this situation. a tense situation in charlotte after the killing of a black father of seven by charlotte police. >> ktuv news at 6:00 starts now. developing news out of new york city where a suspicious device shut down an expressway. >> there are two individuals that we would like to speak to. >> the device was a pressure
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cooker located under the expressway. good evening. the pressure cooker was found in the bronx at the height of rush hour. within 90 minutes the authorities gave the all clear. >> it was discovered at 5:00 new york time. a bomb squad was called in and they determined that there was no danger. new york is on edge after a bomb exploded in chelsea over the weekend and a second bomb was discovered nearby. there is an ert to find -- effort to find two unidentified men who may have witnessed the device.
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>> we located footage of two individuals that we would like to speak to. >> the men removed the bomb from lug aj. -- luggage. >> they were more interested in the bag, not what they were taking out, they are witnesses. >> it comes after ahmad khan rahami was charged with use of a weapon of mess destruction which carries a penalty of life in prison. >> it was a premeditated act of terrorism. >> the da said that a blood stained journal was recovered, it suggested that he received inspiration from


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