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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you. national guard troops are deployed in the streets of charlotte, north carolina. as protesters take to the streets for a third night of protests. at one point the demonstrators spilled onto interstate 277 closing down the freeway until law enforcement push them back. >> lines of police officers with shields and facemasks have redirected the crowd at times as the protesters circled the
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downtown business district. the mayor imposed a citywide curfew starting at midnight. that was one hour ago. it has come and gone but the crowd has mostly remained. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a deadly police shooting triggers an angry response. tonight charlotte is a city in turmoil. it's a pattern we've seen over and over now in the two years since ferguson. for the latest, we go now to fox news reporter joel waldman in charlotte and has been bringing us updates all evening long. what's the latest with the curfew? >> reporter: julie and frank we came to you earlier in the day there was no curfew. around 8:00 this evening, the mayor signed off on a curfew at midnight eastern time. and of course that has come and gone. that was about an hour ago. a little bit over an hour. the protesters are still marching. we probably walked close to five miles tonight. demonstrators just going in circles. throughout downtown charlotte. for the most part, it has been
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very civil and very calm. there were some moments that got a little heated but authorities are hoping it stays that way and right now of course, we don't know whether or not this curfew is going to be enforced or not. >> community members gathering again tonight to protest the shooting of 43-year-old lamont scott. while authorities remain on standby in case more violence breaks out. scott was shot and killed tuesday night while police were serving a warrant. there are conflicting reports about whether he was armed at the time. >> [ screaming ] >> reporter: businesses were left cleaning up after demonstrators clashed with police. windows were broken at the nascar hall of fame. the charlotte hornets team store, and several other places after protesters took to the streets. north carolina governor pat mccrory responding to the violence calling in the national guard and state troopers to keep the peace. >> i'm going to do everything i can to help our police force
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here in charlotte-mecklenburg to keep our citizens safe. >> reporter: scott's family getting a chance to see the body camera video of the shooting. >> version that you heard from us before is supported by the evidence and all the statements that we are able together. >> reporter: the scott family attorney condemning the riots during a press conference. >> this family does not, does not agree with rioting or innocent individuals being injured or killed. but they do support citizens and their right to voice their frustrations. >> reporter: the demonstrators doing just that this evening, voicing their disgust at what they say is poor police behavior. they want to see some changes. there's actually a black student group from a group of colleges here, that put out a list of demands they would like to see from police.
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which includes serving different communities before becoming an officer. also justin carr is a 26-year- old who died last night -- shot last night, today said news that he in fact passed away. the charlotte-mecklenburg police saying now they are opening investigation into his death. frank and julie? >> while you were talking we saw live pictures of a lot of people still out marching. we're now an hour into this curfew. i know you said at the top that it's not clear what police are going to do here. at some point are they going to try and push people off the streets or giving them a real wide berth right now? >> reporter: for the most part a wide berth. we've seen this before in other situations where they enforce a curfew but only after a period of time. basically these demonstrators have been walking for hours now are -- we were side-by-side with them and it is exhausting.
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it takes a toll on the feet. one thing is going to happen, a battle of attrition either they are going to give up or at some point this morning police are going to do something to stop them. but of course police want to avoid any kind of physical enforcement. at one point as you mentioned they tried to get up on the freeway interstate. interstate out here, they were quickly pushed back by tear gas and pepper spray. that was the only real police line we saw all night in terms of confronting protesters. at some point you'd have to think that if they don't follow instructions with this curfew which they have not as you pointed out, at some point police are likely to try to enforce it. >> let's hope it continues to stay peaceful. joel waldman, thank you. there are also developments out of tulsa, oklahoma where prosecutors have charged a white police officer in connection with the deadly shooting of an unarmed black
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man. officer betty shelby was charged with first-degree manslaughter today. she's accused of killing 40- year-old terence crutcher as he stood next to his suv with his hands in the air last friday. attorneys for shelby claimed she thought he was reaching for a weapon through the window of his suv. police did not find a weapon at the scene. in california a new database introduced today by the state department of justice is designed to track police use of force. the new tool was mandated by state law passed last year. it requires all law enforcement agencies in california to collect information on shootings or other use of force involving peace officers and civilians. until now california only kept track of deaths in custody. this new database is being tested now and will be required to be used starting next year. now just four days out from the first presidential debate. for many people it is expected to be must-see tv. hillary clinton and donald trump are using different tactics towards preparing.
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ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us to explain what they are doing and what they will face. jana? >> reporter: hard to imagine two people who could be more opposite. the debate is monday night at hofstra university in new york. it is the first of three debates that many people are considering to be the most important. for the first time americans will see hillary clinton and donald trump side-by-side. high-stakes with as many as 20% of voters still undecided. the two candidates political styles are sharp contrasts. right down to the way they are preparing for the debate. >> [ yelling ] donald trump is continuing to campaign instead of stopping for debate prep. he greeted voters thursday at a cheesesteak shop in philadelphia. >> we love you, donald! >> reporter: hillary clinton is taking a more traditional approach. her staff says she is studying briefing books at home with his circle of advisors. >> she's been off the trail for a good point. the last few days. simply studying him.
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trying to figure out pressure points. >> reporter: political science professor james taylor says while clinton is an experienced debater she faces a challenge figuring out how to balance policy points while scoring points for personal likability. and how to prepare for a debate opponent has made his mark in the crowded republican primary with one-liners not policy proclamations. >> donald trump did not devastate marco rubio or ted cruz or any of those guys in terms of 92 minute -- 90 minute debate performance. the new cycle the next day. >> reporter: trump has reached out to supporters with a questionnaire asking what they want to see him do in the debate. taylor says trump must go beyond preaching to his choir. and show substance on policy. if he wants to sway the swing state voters. >> he's going to have to try to contain himself and at the same time be sharp on the questions and issues and also figure out
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emotionally when to push the right buttons to affect hillary clinton. >> reporter: the candidates will be asked questions around three main topics. americans direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. also recent police shootings, race relations and of course trump's taxes and clinton's e- mails. it will be 90 minute debate, one moderator, two podiums. >> and millions of people watching. >> see what happens. >> thank you. you can watch monday's debate on ktvu fox 2 news, coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. now to a live picture from the scene of a homicide in berkeley, police say it happened shortly after 7:30. near the corner of harper and fairview near the ashby b.a.r.t. station. a man walked up to a small group of people and after some sort of argument that man pulled out a gun and started shooting. one person was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital.
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so far police haven't provided us with a description of the shooter. a family now demanding answers from the city of oakland after learning some city surveillance cameras don't work and probably haven't worked in years. ktvu's amber lee live in our newsroom trying to get answers from city officials after two people were killed. >> reporter: when the cameras -- that can be an important tool. but as we found out, when cameras don't work and aren't fixed, it can allow someone to get away with murder. cesar chavez park is a place young families visit often. it's a place of comfort for those who grew up in this neighborhood. >> i walked through this park going to school, elementary school as a young kid and i felt safe. >> reporter: it may be a false sense of security. there are six surveillance cameras in and around the park maintained by the city. there are signs that read the park is under 24 hour video surveillance.
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but none of them worked on august 30, when there was a double homicide. we have learned that they have not worked for years. >> how long would you estimate they haven't been working? >> i would say based on the information that i was given by the technology representative, they have not been working for about four or five years. >> reporter: city councilmember noel gallo represents the fruitvale district where the park is located. he first learned the cameras were not working last october. when there was a double homicide across the street from the park. and he came to the park to check on the cameras. he says he found the control center of the park which operates the cameras flooded by a bathroom in the same building. >> we opened the door and it was flooded. that's what shorted out the camera and shorted out the system. >> reporter: we asked the city administrator about the staff -- the status of cameras. the city tells us there are cameras at nine locations and so far workers have counted 78 cameras at six of those locations and that all are
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functional. a city spokeswoman says workers are still collecting the number and status of cameras at three additional locations. as for the nonworking cameras at cesar chavez park, the city said in a statement, we are still awaiting delivery of all of the components. so that we can complete repair and installation. the vendor advises it should arrive within the next 7 to 10 days. that staff will be installing them as soon as the parts arrive. >> i know nothing is going to bring my brother back. i know the cameras working is not going to bring my brother back. >> reporter: her brother was one of the two men shot and killed at cesar chavez park last month. vigil says whoever killed her brother would have been caught on tape by the surveillance cameras. had they been working. >> my brother has four beautiful children. whoever did this, they need to be caught. >> reporter: vigil says this is not only about getting justice for her brother, everyone who uses the park deserves to have working cameras. councilmember guy oh is working on getting a person who goes
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out and maintains the surveillance cameras so that problems don't persist. >> amber leigh, thank you. >> the biggest movie theater in downtown san jose, abruptly closed its doors. now the rallying cry to save the local arts scene coming up. outside outdoors a mild one but that's about to change. a big warmup coming our way. i'll have more on this coming up. the yahoo data breach affecting 500 million accounts. the information stolen by what yahoo calls a state-sponsored actor.
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some breaking news right now, a live picture of the san mateo bridge. westbound lanes have been shut down for about 15 minutes and traffic is starting to back up. it appears there has been a crash near the toll plaza, the crash involved a hayward police car that was stolen about 9:30 p.m. and involved in some sort of chase. we have a crew on the way to the scene but they are stuck in traffic. as soon as we get more, we will bring it to you. the parents of the teenager at the center of a police sex scandal are speaking out. 19-year-old jasmine abuslin claims to have had sex with at least 30 officers from law enforcement agencies across the bay area, some when she was a
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minor. so far five officers have been charged in the case and at least two others are facing charges. abuslin's father henry talked to crime reporter henry lee off camera. he told her i love her with all my heart. she knows all that. but he didn't want to go into specifics about the case. abuslin's mother works as a police dispatcher in oakland. she also spoke to henry. she responded to critics who questioned whether she's done enough to help her daughter. she said quote, the people that have been in my shoes i expect them to understand what i've gone through. everyone else, have a little empathy. because you've been very down at some point in your life. the first officer to appear in court in connection with the scandal is expected to do so tomorrow. police officer brian bunton is charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly warning a boston -- abuslin about prostitution raids. hackers have stolen personal information of 500 million users in a massive data breach that may have gone
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undetected for two years. the company says the stolen information includes names, e- mail, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, passwords and answer to security questions. says it doesn't believe that credit card or bank information was taken. it is now recommending users change their passwords immediately. >> everybody should not only their yahoo password but if they do use that password elsewhere, change it on all of the sites because once hackers have access, they can break into any site. >> yahoo is blaming the heck on an unnamed state-sponsored actor. the data breach could send a chill over verizon's $4.8 billion purchase of yahoo depending on how long yahoo knew about the heck before disclosing it. lawsuit filed in san francisco superior court is accusing wells fargo of breaching its duty to investors. san francisco bank under fire for creating more than 2 million unauthorized accounts in an apparent effort to collect extra fees and meet aggressive sales goals.
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the bank has since agreed to pay $185 million in penalties and fines and its stock has fallen 8%. lawsuit filed today is seeking compensation for shareholder losses. on wall street today a strong weekly jobs report along with federal reserve decision yesterday to delay raising interest rates sent stocks higher, the dow climbed 98, nasdaq gained 44 to close at a new record high and s&p 500 added 14 points. the lights are out at a celebrated movie theater in downtown san jose. the worry among residents is that they are going to lose more art and cultural venues. ktvu's azenith smith is at the camera 12 cinemas with the grassroots movement to try to say that theater. azenith? >> reporter: this is the main venue for san jose's big film festival in march. now no one has any idea what's going to happen to the building. concerned residents tell me they are speaking with city and county officials. to keep the arts alive in downtown.
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>> save our theater. please save our theater. >> reporter: a collective group rallied outside the cinemas with a message to save the theater after the only mainstream theater in downtown abruptly closed its doors on september 8. it's been in business since 2004 after taking over the failed united artist cineplex. owners blaming a decade of losses coupled with staggering maintenance costs for its closure. >> i hope this gets -- and we can get some money from them. >> reporter: nathan louis volunteered at the theater since it opened and held up this sign asking for the zuckerberg's help. >> transformers, bad teacher. >> reporter: longtime patrons like mary ruth showed ticket stubs of the countless movies she and her family have watched through the years. >> oh, my gosh. it was a major shock. so i'm feeling in shock. there's good bones in this place. it needs a lot of work.
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but i think it's got a lot of potential. >> reporter: kimberly brady is the president of the residents association. she fears the building will turn into another high-rise high-density high rent housing development. she helps gather signatures for a petition to make it into an arts destination. >> maybe it could make it as a movie theater. but if we get somebody who wants to come in and turn it into a movie theater and more, maybe have a restaurant so you can really come and watch dinner and a show. for a date night. >> reporter: downtown without a movie theater? patrick owns the barbershop next door. he hopes the new entertainment tenant comes in and will provide space for the 10 day sin the quest -- foot festival in march. >> san jose has a huge arts community. i think that's impacting our art community not having the film industry here. >> reporter: a city memo about the closure states the city is working on finding a new tenant and given its prime location in the heart of downtown, the city
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has received several inquiries from real estate developers as well as movie theaters. >> azenith, thank you. fall-like weather in place for the first day of autumn. but it's not going to last. summerlike heat coming back in time for your bay area weekend. giving a look at the current numbers, 61 santa rosa, 56 san francisco. oakland low 60s. san jose 60. outside your door spit ridge of high pressure begins building as we get into friday. tomorrow seasonal temperatures in store. 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay. low 80s so another enjoyable day. then it's going to turn quite hot into saturday nearing 100 by sunday. tomorrow morning we get out the door partly cloudy skies, chilly start for some, upper 40s to santa rosa, 50 in napa as we take a look at san francisco. 54 along the peninsula, low to mid-50s.
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55 into the south bay and in the east bay low to mid-50s as well. afternoon highs at the coast, 67. for pacifica upper 60s san francisco, 70s around the bay. very nice weather here. warm but not too bad in areas like antioch and fairfield. but again as we head into the weekend, it's going to turn into a scorcher for some, a look at that extended forecast coming up. a controversy over closing time, why one bay area city could overturn a rule allowing some businesses to stay open later than others. giants were looking for a win in san diego. to keep playoff hopes on track. mark ibanez shows us the pitcher's duel. a boat captain like no other, meet the woman affectionately known as wacky jackie.
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on segment 2, we meet a woman who set out on a course that few other women have
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charted. she's the captain of her boat known around san francisco bay as the matriarch of the fleet. while the grounds outside the golden gate have produced countless stories, ktvu's mark tamayo tells us there's only one wacky jacky. >> you son of a gun. come to mama. he's got it. yahoo! >> days gone by when she wasn't as petite as she was. man, she used to work the rods and reels. >> it's amazing what she's done. always here. >> she is 87-year-old jackie douglas. her charter boat inherited her nickname. >> wacky jacky, i love it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: on a cool summer day this san francisco native departed fisherman's wharf to bring her passengers closer to the prized salmon. the ocean has been her second home for decades. >> i get excited when i see a rod go. when i hear a clicker.
10:26 pm
thank god i've got years. >> ♪ >> reporter: the story of wacky jacky goes back a half-century when her late husband introduced her to fishing. she passed her coast guard exam in 1972. rare for a lady at the time. since then she has taken an estimated 150,000 anglers from all over the world outside the golden gate to get the catch. each trip is fueled with a potent level of energy that refuses to age. >> this is pretty exciting. takes me away from all the work i do at home. all that stuff. pta. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in between navigating changing ocean conditions, cruising by whales, and finding the hot fishing spot, jackie has raised a large fishing family.
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>> there waiting for us. >> reporter: that last voice coming from a captain who is more like a son to jackie. >> this is eric one of today's deckhands. he sets of the equipment and helps out with passengers. over all these years wacky jacky has had about 12 deckhands but the first one is not on this boat today. he's over there on the argo. >> craig hansen is the captain. as a kid he would fish off the peers. while listening to his radio he heard about a lady called wacky jacky. he had no idea she was his neighbor. >> went over one day and gave me a big high like she is today like she was then. you've got to come fishing with me. and i was like 12 or 13 at the time. so there i was. i'll come fishing with you. i can't wait to go. >> reporter: he was hooked right away, weekly adventures with jackie transitioned to a job that lasted 10 years. this picture from 1973 shows the pair on both ends posing with the passenger in the middle. early on his dad asked about the progress of his young son.
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>> what do you think of my son? and i says, i'm proud of him too. >> reporter: the former deckhand is now captain of his own boat and is following a successful course. >> the way she takes care of customers and treats them on the water, with her business sense, everything should is. i want to follow her lead because she was so successful starting off. >> reporter: jackie will be turning 88 in october. there's a good chance she will be staring -- steering her boat. >> keeps my heart ticking. i tell you, such a thrill to see people happy. >> there's no one who has left a bigger mark than jackie or whoever will leave a bigger mark than jackie. >> reporter: her mark continues to be sketched out. after a full day we are back at the wharf. the invite she wants extended to a young fisherman has been extended to us. >> you guys come fishing with me. >> talked him into it. >> you did? >> yeah. i can't him. he's a real nice guy.
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>> reporter: how could we say no? the old stories of the ocean are already so rich. >> okay. let's catch a fish. >> reporter: that story may continue at first light tomorrow morning. >> wacky jacky in mound. >> reporter: mark tamayo, ktvu fox 2 news. >> oh, my gosh. i love her personality. >> what a great story. >> yeah. and then i don't think people can tell her no. it keeps her young. >> such great spirit. really nice story. coming up next from the ocean to the inner-city. a walking tour of in oakland neighborhood that faces a number of challenges yet can be an affordable place to call home. why last call could be founded earlier at a pair of restaurants.
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a new controversy brewing over last call at two restaurants in walnut creek. the city planning commission decided to delay a decision on whether program sports bar and grill and redux lounge should be required to close earlier. restaurant in walnut creek close at 11. these two bars and a few others were grandfathered in and can stay open until 2:00 a.m. the city says redux has had 300 police calls since 2012, program's has had 600. >> kind of a bummer that there's only one or two open until 2:00 a.m. >> they have to stay open until 2:00 a.m. that the club, that's the bar. i don't know any bar that closes at 11 unless it is a wednesday or tuesday. >> the owners of program's and redux declined to speak with us. they wanted to wait for the decision from the planning commission. a walking tour of west oakland in a neighborhood known as lower bottoms. a police map shows call for
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service over the last six months reports of violent crime, drug deals, sex crimes, weapons violations. residents admit the neighborhood has challenges but you can't get the full story by just looking at a map. for that perspective ktvu's claudine wong turned to those who call lower bottoms their home. >> tell me where we are. >> this is called the bottom by the locals of prescott. original name. this is on west oakland on what we call eighth and campbell. >> your office is right here? >> yeah. upstairs. >> walk me through your neighborhood. we've got one block that kind of starts over here at eight and campbell. what do you see when you see this one block? we wanted to give people a sense of what this community is dealing with and what it's overcoming. >> depends on if you knew coming into the community it's like the promised land. because it's affordable. if you are older, it's kind of
10:34 pm
like being trapped. >> reporter: you don't want to make this shinier than it is? there are issues. >> you have issues of poverty, issues of joblessness, issues of mass incarceration, a lot of systemic issues plaguing this area since we lost jobs literally in the '60s and '70s. no cafes down here. no starbucks. you can't come out and sit and be able to hang. this is our living room. this is where people gather, good or bad. >> reporter: we are going to start walking. tell me what we're going to see. >> you see one of the older -- oldest housing projects -- hard- working people trying to make a life for themselves, trying to raise they kids. trying to live life. >> reporter: how hard is that? >> it's difficult. there's a lot of problems with crime and poverty and homelessness. >> reporter: you've got a school across the street. when you walk, we end up at your church. that's a lot in one little
10:35 pm
stretch of property. >> yes, it is. when they imported african americans here to work on the shipyards in the industry, during the war particularly, this is the only place they would allow them to live. not beyond grand. so this is the area that had to congregate in. so you have people living on top of these. the majority of what people want is the opportunity to thrive. >> reporter: that's what jermaine buckley told us he wants. he lives in campbell village. >> sitting in your front porch, you've been here for 10 years? >> yes. >> i like it. this is a good community. >> reporter: but you are a father? baby on the way, two kids? if you could leave would you leave? >> yes, i would. to a better community. i would leave the city but i would leave to a better community than i am in. >> reporter: why do you live here? >> this is what i can afford. to jobs. this is what i can afford. >> reporter: 11 years ago you
10:36 pm
got shot. >> yes. i was actually on my way home from work. and a guy robbed me and shot me. and i moved here. after that. >> reporter: you were telling me this is somewhere you came to try to start over. >> yes. >> reporter: what kind of life were you getting out of? >> street life. i didn't want to feel that life anymore. when i met the pastor, that's when it began to change. >> reporter: what do you tell your kids? worried about their safety? >> i worry about they safety. you never know when something might jump off. happen so often, you can't really explain it. it just happens. keep them safe. yeah. >> reporter: robert johnson trying to do the same thing. >> you've got seven kids at home with you right now. you lived here for 12 years, jermaine talked about trying to get out. got out a mile away now. do you feel like you got out? >> no. it's the same thing going on
10:37 pm
where i moved to. a lot of shooting. >> reporter: still the bottoms. still the same neighborhood. just a little bit further away. >> further away. >> reporter: why did you want to get out of here? >> the shooting and my kids be playing outside. >> reporter: you've got a job at a grocery store. >> yeah. >> reporter: but you could? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> i got robbed twice. >> reporter: you would rather be unemployed then obviously killed during a robbery. >> yes. i couldn't take that chance. i love my family too much. >> reporter: do you think people are scared? >> yes. >> reporter: should they be? >> in a way because they don't care. they really don't care who they shoot. >> reporter: two very interesting conversations with these men who are trying to do right by their families but also want to get out. they don't want to be here. you want to change that. >> yeah. that's the dilemma. this is like the promised land. right?
10:38 pm
close to b.a.r.t. and close to san francisco but other people this is kind of like imprisonment. just like hopelessness. we want to be people who tend to make community livable for all people. >> clotting's tour of the neighborhood ventures into a school and a church all part of this weekend's bay area people, find out why even those who can leave say they won't. the full show runs saturday morning at 6:30 on ktvu and again at 6:30 p.m. on ktvu plus. such an interesting story. >> really important conversation. a police officer on the wrong side of the law. up next his appearance before a judge on charges of helping gang members. tracking a significant warm- up into your bay area weekend. what you can expect for tomorrow and when some areas are likely to near 100 coming up.
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a san jose police officer accused of giving confidential information to a south bay gang made his first court appearance today. 34-year-old derrick antonio smiled and waved as he left the hall of justice. san jose officer arrested last month during a round up of alleged vietnamese street game. more than 20 people were arrested. prosecutors say antonio gave inside information to the gang from police computers. he was arraigned on six felony charges and is currently free on bail. he did not enter a plea today. he has another court appearance next month. plenty of sunshine expected for this weekend fog fast. it's one of many events high by -- highlighted by ktvu's rosemary orozco in her weekend watch. into the first weekend of fall, in san francisco celebrate german tradition at oktoberfest by the bay. beer drinking and merrymaking at the three-day festival
10:42 pm
complete with food, music and dancing at pier 48. if you're looking for sizzle head out to the ninth annual salsa festival in downtown redwood city on saturday. this event includes salsa and tequila tasting, entertainment and a children's play area. say hello to fall at the 31st annual pacific coast fog fast featuring live music, art, food activities and a parade. i'll be there to help kick off the event at 10:00 a.m. on saturday in pacifica. fog fast runs both days from 10:00 to six. east bay three-day edible extravaganza at jack london square in oakland. the festival is a focus of artisan food, street food, craft beer, local wine and cocktail featuring sustainable local ingredients. eat real runs friday through sunday. in martinez you will find the sixth annual bay area blues festival. music on tuesdays -- booths and exhibits, food, craft beer and wine, and a kids activity area. saturday, sunday 10:00 to 6:00. in the north bay the 30th annual
10:43 pm
wine country film festival held through sunday. featuring filmmakers actors notable guests live music performances and special presentations. or head to sausalito for the 38th annual chili cookoff. this local event featuring live music, jump houses and all the chili you can eat for just ten dollars, the cookoff is saturday at dunphy park. in sports niners, raiders and giants on the road, the a's and quakes at home. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch.
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a little breezy but still enjoyable around the bay area today. temperatures mild foremost. that's going to change as we head into your weekend. take a look at what's going on right now, partly cloudy skies just a little bit of patchy fog but not much. 56 in san francisco, upper 50s in hayward, walnut creek checking in at 59. into the north bay 56 in
10:46 pm
novato, south bay locations san jose 64 you there. the winds have been on shore and continue to do so, 13 miles per hour in fairfield. napa really calmed down, just a light breeze there. santa rosa calm as well. oakland reporting just a light breeze. shift to the south, winds dying down as well. northwesterly breeze in san jose just about five miles per hour. sfo earlier today, gusting to 32 yesterday was gusting to 45. so again most of us seeing winds taper off and red flag warning has expired for the monterey area for the soberanes fire that had the red flag warning for a little bit more than 24 hours. a view here, partly cloudy skies along the coastline, tomorrow morning, perhaps a little bit of patchy fog partly cloudy skies, that's about it. the system that brought us to cool down and the breezy conditions even a bit of snow and rain activity. two portions of the sierra. it is moving off to the east and in its place is high-pressure
10:47 pm
that's going to be building in and as a result temperatures climbing. so for tomorrow, very seasonal again for this time of year. not bad at all. 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, low 80s inland. for saturday, temperatures climbing into the 90s, by sunday the hottest day nearing 100 for some. 56 in antioch, upper 40s for santa rosa, san francisco 54. 52 redwood city, 55 into the south bay. afternoon highs for tomorrow, 80 for napa, 85 fairfield, 73 berkeley, 75 hayward, inner east bay low 80s expected there. san francisco 69 in the forecast. 78 for san jose. 80 morgan hill. the extended forecast. a big warmup coming our way. in time for saturday, looking at 70 for the coast, known to be nice if you are longing for beach weather. definitely a good weekend to go. offshore breeze will keep the fog away for the most part. that will elevate fire danger
10:48 pm
very hot and dry. sunday upper 90s for our inland cities in particular, inner east bay, just a slight little bit of relief on monday. little bit better on tuesday. >> thank you. >> going to feel like summer again. sports is next.
10:49 pm
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10:51 pm
we can smile tonight because the giants won. >> you guys are busy working. tell you what, in the commercial did they win? and i said yeah they won. you acted surprised. like they did? [ laughter ] yeah. >> a rare occasion these days. >> they did win. i was thinking you know a lot of the great history of the giants involves heading. mays, mccovey, will clarke, jack clark. a lot of those guys leave the area. what they are thinking when they watch this team play. they just can't hit. luckily they had jeff samardzija on the mound. career-best 12th victory on the way, seven innings, four hits, struck out nine, no runs. eighth-inning giants finally break a scoreless game after joe panik gift double. angel pagan did not exactly overpower the ball. a little flip to right. got himself an rbi. this was a rocket off the bat of hunter pence. hot and cold, got himself an rbi double.
10:52 pm
2-0 eduardo nunez going. samardzija says i can work without. nunez to third, provides some great defense. that is a slick play. got the man, 2-1. sergio romo the save. the mets won. the cards were idle. so the giants and mets would be in the wild-card story right now if the season were to end and the dodgers continue to win. this is an interesting little tidbit that came out of the 49ers camp today, chip kelly is used to dealing with the east coast media back in philadelphia. got a little chippy as the santa rosa press democrat never one to mince words, talked to chip about colin kaepernick whose social activism at times has been spotlighted in the locker room like after their opening night victory against the rams, a huge crowd around kaepernick's locker. lowell asked chip about that and said maybe the quarterback is getting a little too much attention. here is chip and lowell.
10:53 pm
>> how do you feel? >> i don't think colin takes over any room. >> he did. >> i'd like to give you my opinion. i think he is asked questions and he's answering those questions. >> talk to me at another time. i was in the room. were you in the room? >> i walked by. i'm in the locker room. >> we disagree on if he took over the room. do you think it's appropriate he should be talking about those things after a win? >> yeah i do. when he's asked a question he should answer. >> if you don't believe that's the thing maybe you shouldn't ask them those questions. >> i didn't ask them those questions. >> okay. >> fundamental disagreement there. >> it's a great thing about this country isn't it? >> absolutely. >> awesome. >> it beats hearing the coach tell you they've got to take it one game at a time anyway. [ laughter ] hey, this is the overcorrection nfl. everybody ready to freak out about the raiders defense after two games, ken norton, jr. is the defensive coordinator for the team that's given up 1035 yards in a couple games.
10:54 pm
you know anything about kenny norton, he is not going to overreact. he does address the media today and the issues he says the defense has had. but it's just too games. nobody is freaking out in raiders camp. >> this is a combination of many things. i'm accountable for all of that. you really have to be detailed, you really have to go into a situation and understand what's going on. you have to know what you're doing and i have to coach better. you have to really tighten up the ship. and really make things a lot more clear than what they've been. >> he'll get it together. thursday night matchup is a tough matchup usually thursday turns into a dog game but this one two undefeated teams, figure it's going to be a good game. new england hosting the texans. both teams 2-0. no tom brady. no jimmy garoppolo. enter the third stringer jacoby brissett. who is this guy? he is the guy who is on the
10:55 pm
loose here. and very elusive. going for the touchdown. 27 yards. new england up 10-0. it wouldn't get better as bill belichick the lovable coach of the patriots gives the youngster a hug. later fourth quarter 20-0. legarrette blount puts the lid on this thing. he is gone. 41 yards. touchdown. 27-0 final. needs tom brady? the patriots are 3-0 but tom has one more game left on his suspension. as we close it out, it is getting right down to it. the great career of vince scully coming to a close and a couple dodger items as i mentioned, let's check out his latest call. >> fastball punched on the ground, kicks it, still plenty of time. whoa, utley sprawled in the dirt, flipped it back. what a play! >> had to describe that. big papi announced his
10:56 pm
retirement. remember 2013 quark -- he struck out, not a happy camper in baltimore. and in fact he goes to the dugout and he lets the telephone absolutely have it! and tonight he was back in baltimore and his retirement tour getting gifts for each ballpark and they bring him out the battered up phone as the gift, big papi is like that's cool. but where is my real gift? there is no gift, big papi. here is more. vin scully. >> back, way back it's a grand slam home run. >> the dodgers did win, lowering their magic number but i will never tire of hearing vin scully's voice. i know you feel the same way. >> i like many more. that was my answer. see you later.
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" don't miss halloween time at the disneyland resort it's wicked fun in both parks.
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[ whistle blows ] [ buzzer ] yeah! bravo! bravo! [ whistle blows ] [ buzzer ] [ applause ] bravo! bravo, manny, bravo! well, when i heard manny wanted to fence, i was like, "sure. "uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon -- how can this go wrong?" [ whistle blows, buzzer ] [ laughs ] yeah! gloria: and what do you think now? i'm proud of our little zorro. i mean, i worked with him a little, but the kid's got skills. it's in his blood. his father was a master swordsman. he was an artist with his sword. i mean, the way he throws the sword -- i mean, he was legendary. you know, this nice moment i'm having with your son -- you're... kind of wrecking it. sorry. [ buzzer ]


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