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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, september 26, i am pam cook. good morning, i in dave clark, and let's talk about the weather -- i am dave clark, and let's talk about the weather.>> it was so darn hot.>> a lot of places in marin county do not have air conditioning because it does not get that hall -- that hot too often, but when he does you do for a restaurant or some other place to stay. for many it is already warm, not much of a breeze, and the breeze that is here is favoring the north-northeast. it is going to be hot with 90s, near 100. not great conditions for the firefighters for sure. higher elevations are seeing 81 degrees already at 60% humidity, and this east- northeast breeze is very warm, temperatures in the and as --
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upper 90s near 100. the fog is out there but it will take another day before it arrives. most locations are calm or north wind, 50s and 60s on the temperatures, 70s at the higher elevations. barry warm temperatures even in the city so get set. everything is training offshore, and that will allow the coast to get very warm, inland temperatures, 80s, 90s and 100s. anything going on with the traffic? >> already slow traffic and not a lot of major issues but there is definitely slow traffic. we start off at the toll plaza, the metering lights coming on at 5:30 am, and it is full getting into san francisco, 50 minutes to get onto the bridge, and more time to get across the bridge. looking at the commute on the
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san mateo bridge, not too bad. traffic already slow arriving at interstate at 80, and to 92. we look at the slow traffic on at 80, slow to fremont -- at 80 -- 880, slow to fremont already. let's check out northbound 280, traffic looking good. breaking news from houston, texas, a violent situation. local reports in houston say that at least seven people have been wounded at the shooting in the shopping center. moments ago the houston police issued a statement saying that the shooting suspect has been shot by the s.w.a.t. teams but we do not know the condition of the shooter. the scene you're looking at now is "secure." stay tuned as we bring you updates on this breaking news coming in now from houston,
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texas. the other top story, donald trump and hillary clinton facing off against each other for the first time in the election tonight. >> the stakes are high with hillary clinton holding a slight lead over donald trump in the recent polls, and we have more from the hofstra university in new york. >> reporter: good morning. they are expecting a super bowl size audience, 100 million people addicted to tune in to see hillary clinton and donald trump facing off. >> the american people expect hillary clinton do well, and there are lower expectations for trump. >> reporter: the debate is set at the state at the hofstra university, both candidates posturing ahead of time with donald trump threatening to invite the former mistress of bill clinton to the debate, and this after the hillary campaign invited mark cuban. >> and if they would invite mark cuban and play games, the
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campaign brushed them back and they did a good job. >> reporter: trump battled his way through the primary debates, this being the first one on one. >> the trump actual strength is a counterpunch or. if he goes in there, and she handles them delicately, and she was very respectful, and we had a very boring debate, then he would go along. >> reporter: those close to clinton say she will focus on the issues. >> it will be about how her policy differs from trump. >> reporter: some say she should be coming down hard on trump. >> should they try to make her more likable or should they tried to prosecute donald trump? i think she needs to show strength.>> you remember after the democratic convention we were talking about clinton leading strongly in the polls but that has evaporated. >> reporter: and they say this race is too close to call. back to you.>> live where the
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debate will be held, caroline shively. thank you for coming in, our political analyst, joe, we have heard so many personal attacks. i think the american public wants to hear substance, real debate on real issues. what do you think will be the topics they will hit today?>> we say that we want substance, but the truth about these debates going back to 1960 when the debates were televised. the debates tend to reinforce the preferences. if you like somebody going into the debate you are more likely to tell the pollster that that person won, and if you do not like them that will reinforce the bias your most of us have chosen as voters, a small percentage of undecided voters. we are looking for someone to reaffirm what we already
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believe when we say we are looking for substance. for the small percentage of people that are undecided, the debates are an opportunity to help you make up your mind, but that is a shrinking audience. the substance you're asking about, obviously the two most important issues are and it in this order -- economy, national security/terrorism, and he will be the strongest in defending the country. i daresay that it depends upon the impromptu questions tonight, and we hope that they do not exploit what happened in the 911 investigation, tragedy for people.>> let's talk about their style, the styles of both trump and clinton going into tonight, how are they planning? >> they have both been working on this obviously, clinton looking at the position books, and jimmy carter used to look
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at these and study all the time like a good student. if it were me coaching these people, i would tell donald trump to be donald trump and not overly vicious. but he does not want to be a bully, but in the sense that he is good at taking questions in the moment and answering off of the top of his head. so long that he does not say something that the fact checkers will go after him real- time on twitter. he is more appealing to people to watch when he is kind of being like a live interview, in the sense. mrs. clinton will be in terms of presentation, very structured, and her goal is to be in the office and camp, not sounding like everything is can do. which is like that she comes across as incidents here. -- across as insincere. she needs to come across as being a sincere person. be like you are they small audience, and if she can do that she will do well in turn
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the heads for some people that are unsure about her. if donald trump can avoid saying something that is mean and basically himself, a person that is spontaneous, he will reaffirm his on base and perhaps reach out to undecided voters.>> what do you think of the small percentage of the undecided voters, and it sounds like they may not like either candidate. what do they have to do to attract them?>> it has nothing to do with policy everything to do with politics, more to clinton than trump, and these are mark kirk would-be voters -- these are more of the would- be voters, and the watchword for her is to encourage people about the significance of the election, that they need to vote and not to tune them out in november. thank you so much, and joe will be back in the next hour
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and we will have more on the history of presidential debates. you mentioned how it started in the impact on television, and we'll talk about the similarities between today's debate in the very first debate ever held. don't forget to watch the debate right here on ktvu fox two, and we will live stream the debate on our website and facebook page, and we will have a post debate show with the highlights, your viewer reaction and the analysis, and it all starts tonight at 6 pm on ktvu fox 2. following developing news, a wildfire his fourth mandatory evacuations in sonoma county. it started yesterday morning and cal fire says they have grown to 1500 acres, and probably more at this point, more than two square miles and cal fire getting a better idea of how the fire progressed overnight in sonoma county. we have christian captain life
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in hills bird -- hillsburg, and more on the expectations for today. >> reporter: we have cal fire spokesperson standing by, and the good news is that we are hearing there was a increase in containment, and now we are hearing that it is at 20%. >> that is correct, and there is word that there was good work done overnight, and hopefully it daylight we can get more eyes on it and get a percentage of the containment up. back let's talk about the sawmill fire and what made this so complicated.>> we had were from the national weather service that he red flag warning was in effect for sonoma county at the higher elevations and at the geysers, and the red flag warning was for the high temperatures and low humidity, and increase in wind. the red flag warning was expected to expire yesterday at
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3:00 but it was extended to 6 pm. the winds did calm down.>> reporter: what were conditions like out there, and it must've been some tough and hard work for the firefighters on the lines? >> this is a tough and rugged terrain, and you can see by the incident with the water truck that rolled over, and that shows the road system, the country's very remote with limited access. it was by the geysers powerplant that we could operate off of.>> reporter: and what are you hearing for today and what do you expect for today in terms of whether and getting out on the lines again? >> the red flag warning get expire but the heat advisory is still in effect. temperatures in the 60s yesterday, lower than the previous night with higher humidity so that worked in our favor. with the heat advisory in effect today, temperatures will go up quickly and we want to get a lot of work done.
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we will keep her eye out because once the aversion lifts, the fire could pick up. we have resources on the ground and in the air. back in this is reasonably close to where the valley fire burned last year. >> reporter: will that impact how you tackle this fire at all? in with that area burned off last year the fire will not essentially regressed past that?>> it is on the sonoma county side, and lake county can access the fire that it is on the sonoma county side, but we do have fires in the geysers and we have a fire history in that area and we are familiar with the area. we know what to expect and that is why we had additional resources sent upon dispatch, knowing the history and conditions, seeing the smoke,
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and we have a lot of resources in that area.>> reporter: thank you so much for the update. there you have it, the containment standing at 20% possibly a little bit better, definitely good news, the kind of news that the folks watching the progress of this sawmill fire were hoping for. one final note, the evacuation center has been confirmed twice that there are no evacuees here right now, most of them are either with family or friends. some 90 people, 35 homes have been evacuated at this time and we will monitor the progress of the sawmill fire and bring you the latest as it occurs. >> before you go, or if you have the information, is it still the same amount of homes that are being threatened, and are they in better shape and is the fire moving away from the homes?>> reporter: the latest was that it was 35 homes that
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were threatened, and no word on how many more homes are in danger, but it is a sparsely populated area, and there are not a lot of homes clustered together. if there are more homes it will be a on home here and there and we will try to confirm that, but paul stepped away and we will try to get the latest on how many homes are in danger today, and how that will impact how they tackle the sawmill fire as the sun rises. the time is 6:14 am. after years of skyhigh rent in the bay area, some good news, and the local cities, two cities where the rent is actually dropping. the terrorist attacks in san francisco, possible hate crime investigation that may be tied to the folsom street fair. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the hate crime san francisco believed to be tied to the street fair, and yelling homophobic slurs at the two men that were reportedly visiting from new york to attend the awesome street fair, a popular san francisco street festival celebrating fetishes. one man said that the attacker accused him of "destroying
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family values." tributes pouring in for the death of the golf legend arnold palmer who died at 87 in a hospital in pittsburgh following a heart problems, credited with transforming golf from a country club pursuit to a sport for the masses, winning more than 90 golf tournaments including the masters four times. his followers call themselves "arnie's army" surrounding him at every green. mourning the loss of where the game's brightest young stars, miami marlins pitcher, jose fernandez killed yesterday morning at miami bit -- miami beach, and about to become the father of a baby girl and 24 years old. his death has devastated his team.>> some of the stuff he would do, you can see that little kid that you would see --
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when you watched kids play little league, something like that, that is the joy that josi played with. that was the passion he built about playing. >> the coast guard said that fernandez and two other men were in a vote -- boat traveling at high speed when it hit a rock. there is no evidence that drugs or alcohol played a role in the deadly crash, and investigators said that the three people that died were not wearing a life jacket.>> the team did not play yesterday out of respect of what happened. it is 6:19 am. we will get you out the door because sal is watching our commute. >> traffic is becoming slow in many parts of the bay, and we will start on highway 4, stop-
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and-go traffic through most of pittsburg. it is pretty slow all the way into concord, a normal monday slow commute as everyone gets back on the road. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, and you can see the traffic is backed up as you drive into san francisco. these baking it has been very slow, and highway 8 80 from hayward to fremont, 680 out of husband, and 580 and 205, the entire area is slower than usual. at another 10 minutes to that commute getting up this morning. 10 minutes seems like a lot in the morning, and dig yourself well by doing that. it is 6:20 am. >> two minutes is a lot in the morning. let's get to what will be a very warm and toasty day. when will we cool off? don't worry, by wednesday and into friday, and by friday 25
6:21 am
degree drop. here are the possible records today for the forecasted highs in the red on the right. san francisco 93, not a record but close, 94 in 1992. mountain view would be a record, san jose at 98 would tie the record, oakland airport at 97 would tie record, but 101 down in san jose. it will be closed, 97 for san rafael. the heat advisory is out because it is very hot out there. it will get really hot for the firefighters at the sawmill fire. the lower elevations have cooled off a little bit, and the higher elevations are very warm, 81 degrees at 2000 feet. all i have seen is that east- northeast breeze, and the train is very tough, and that is where the warmest temperatures are. it may be a little bit of a southeast breeze late, but it looks easterly and do east all the way through the early
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afternoon. no fog yet but it will pretend tomorrow, and we have that north wind coming down the coast wiping out the fog. a little bit of a westerly breeze in santa rosa, and 50s, 60s to mid 60s in santa rosa, 68 in san francisco, and that is pretty warm because the average high is only 70. 57 for walnut creek, 63 at blackhawk. 62 and martinez with warm temperatures already. 34 in cooling truckee, south lake tahoe at 36. 53 in ukiah and 62 in monterey. the fog is trying to circle the wagons but not much of a chance as this system rotates offshore, pretty warm for many already, especially around the pacifica and daily city -- daly city. almost 100 degrees for some, and tomorrow we will get a little bit cooler along the
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coast and bay and everybody drops by friday and saturday.>> good because it was even hot in the bay yesterday. x 20 3 am is the time, and a warning coming up, the odd interaction between a man in a car and a 12-year-old boy. a citywide curfew in charlotte north carolina is over but the protests continue, coming up the changes that are being urged by the community leaders following the deadly shooting of the african-american man.
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easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:26 am. the midnight curfew in charlotte, north carolina has been lifted following this sitting at the african-american man, demonstrators protesting the shooting of keith scott over the weekend but it was mainly peaceful. they are accusing the police of not telling the truth about what happened, organizers saying that scott was reading a book in his car before the police ordered him out of the car. they said that he had a gun and posing a threat. >> there have to be policy changes, and heart changes in order for this city detour to be safe, and that means all
6:27 am
citizens. >> the curfew was lifted after the police released some body cam video after the shooting.>> the body cam video showing police officers surrounding keith scott, and you cannot see the actual shooting in the video, and the decision came one day after the wife of scott released her own cell phone video of her husband shooting. the police released photos of a gun they say that keith scott was carrying along with an ankle holster, but the scott family said that the police video has a lot of unanswered questions. community members in columbus, ohio, calling for an independent investigation into the deadly police shooting of a 13-year-old boy as tyre king is laid to rest, hundred showing up for the funeral outside of columbus. king was shot and killed by the police about two weeks ago while they were investigating an armed robbery. they said that he ran from them
6:28 am
and pulled what looked like a gun, but it turned out to be a bb gun. the grand jury is looking into the case. and showing the shy side during the royal visit to canada, and this awkward moment with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. the berkeley police investigating a shooting last night that left two people injured and we will tell you what the investigators are telling us about the victims in the case, and what the officers are doing in response to this recent violence in this part of the city. looking at a commute that is very busy, getting busier in some areas, and this is a look at 280 northbound out of downtown san jose, looking good. all set for a warm day, and temperatures already in the upper 60s, and will take a look at your forecast.
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good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, it is monday, it is monday, september 26, and i am dave clark. i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us. welcome to good day, and welcome back dave clark, everybody is happy to see you back. it is going to be hot today. >> it will be warm to hot and by this time, writing, 25 degrees cooler. hang in there, and today is off to warm start, and there will be plenty of near record or record highs. san francisco has a forecasted high of 93 in the record is 94, and it looks like san jose will tye for the high, in santa rosa probably not in oakland airport will be closed with downtown oakland as well. there is a heat advisory because we have very hot
6:32 am
temperatures, and it will be a tough day for firefighters, higher elevations already in the 80s. this will warm up quickly, and i don't know how they can avoid the near 100. no fog yet, and the north wind is taking care of about everything. 50s and 60s, 70s in some of the higher elevations on the peninsula, los altos at 73, and yet the town is 56, incredible. temperatures on the way up fast, 80s, 90s near 100 for many. the hottest day of the week by far. at least those of us that like it a little bit cooler, we see light at the end of the tunnel. good morning everyone. let's take a look at 280 northbound on highway 17, looking good with traffic in the south bay getting more crowded. looking at the east bay commute, it will be busy.
6:33 am
880 slow from 280 all the way to fremont, 680 also slow. slow traffic over the altamont pass. contra costa county highway 4 back up into antioch, 680 backed up before 242 which is very slow. going to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up already, 15 to 20 minute delay that started about an hour ago when they turned on the metering lights. it is 6:33 am. this morning the berkeley police are investigating another shooting that injured two people last night, and alex savidge joins us to explain how the officers are responding to the recent violence in one part of the town. >> reporter: they are, the police department in berkeley is increasing patrols in the south berkeley area after a few recent shootings, and we will talk more about that effort to try to make sure that things remain under control in that part of the city.
6:34 am
let's talk about the shooting that happened last night, two people were left wounded, a man and woman hit by gunfire just before 8:30 pm last night. they are both expected to survive. this shooting happened to near alcatraz and king street. here is the sergeant at the berkeley police department, and what do we know about why this man woman may have been targeted?>> it is too early in the investigation to be able to tell you why those particular people in my on that block were shot. obviously, you are searching for the person involved. >> reporter: the we have description of the car or the shooter? >> we do not have those details at this point. >> reporter: we had homicide last thursday in the same part of town, and other recent shootings as well, and how is the department responded to the violence in that area?
6:35 am
>> at this point it is too early even to attempt to link last night's investigation with any other ongoing investigations, however, we are concerned about the number of increased violence in the south berkeley. we have additional officers on the street and we will continue to do so. >> reporter: obviously, along with putting more officers on the streets, and trying to stop the problems before they happen, you need to help from the community, and how critical is that? >> that is vitally important that we had the assistance of the community and helping us. we are a community oriented policing agency but we cannot do that without the community portion of that. >> reporter: to reiterate, number of recent shootings, including the one last night, but no link that you have drawn between the shootings at this point. >> it is far too early in last night's investigation to be able to say that, and i would only be guessing at this point. >> reporter: thank you for taking the time to speak with
6:36 am
us. again, they are once again investigating the shooting in the south berkeley area, two people, a man and woman hit by gunfire, and both of them are expected to survive this shooting. the berkeley police are investigating, and their searching for the shooter from last night, and again, in response to the recent shootings in that part of town, they are increasing patrols. they are trying to ensure there is not more violent in that area. >> thank you for getting that update. it is 6:36 am. the san mateo county sheriff's office is warning parents about a suspicious incident in san carlos involving a young man and a boy. the 12 your boy was walking near the central middle school when a man in a silver sedan pulled up and offered him a ride. the boy said no and the driver persisted until the boy threatened to call the police, and that is when the man drove away. they do not know whether the
6:37 am
man was trying to help the young boy, or if he was a possible child predator.>> it is alarming to hear about this, and i think we have heard about other cases, maybe a few months ago of people driving around in cars engaging kids sometimes. yes it is a little bit scary. >> the man was white, about 70 years old with great and white medium length hair. if you have any information call the san mateo county sheriff's office. the oakland police are searching for man that they say tried to abduct a woman at gunpoint, and it happened along the 800 block of 57th street early saturday morning and the woman was able to escape and was not injured. if you have any information call the oakland police. if you're looking for a place to rent, and in two major bay area cities, the new report shows a rent falling. and we are in san francisco to talk about this study.>>
6:38 am
reporter: the trend has been up for such a long time, but here in san francisco according to the new report, the rent prices have fallen by 6%. the rental search website for apartments has a study out, and it is knew it shows the biggest increases and decreases in rents for a one-bedroom apartment across the country. the rent in san francisco between august and september went from $3950 a month and now $3700. in san jose ranking number two in the nation for having the biggest fallen rent in the same time frame. decreasing by 12%, a one- bedroom apartment going from 20 to hundred dollars a month, 2455 now. in oakland it was the opposite with rent increasing from $45 a
6:39 am
month. it is unknown whether oakland will eventually go down as well, but the housing in rental industry insiders say that what is happening in the city in san jose could be a sign that the rental market is flattening out. we will talk with people throughout the morning and try to find out if we can find some of the people that may be experiencing this, but so far a lot of people tell us that that is hard to believe.>> i am sure that is what they are saying, thank you. 6:39 am. the reason it is hard to believe that despite the fall and rent prices, another new report says that people cannot keep up with the rising cost of living. the income is increasing but not enough to keep up with housing. they say that the average bay area salary is up 30% in the past five years, but during that same time, home prices went up more than 87%. the time is 6:39 am. if you see a dog trapped in
6:40 am
a hot car in california, you can now rescue the dog without breaking the law, governor brown signed a bill to make it legal to smash the car window to rescue animals trapped inside of hot cars. the bill was introduced after several dogs died inside a hot car, and supporters of the law say it will help to save many animals. >> people can know they can be a good samaritan without worrying about breaking the law or paying for damages for the broken window, not worry about vandalism to the vehicle. >> you have to have called law enforcement, and you have to make sure that the door to not unlock before you just break the window. >> the person rescuing the animal has to stay at the scene until the police arrived, and the rescuer cannot take ownership of the animal, even if they suspect it has been neglected. it is 6:40 am. no work and no school, the action one hollywood actors calling for today following the
6:41 am
recent shooting of the african- american men by police. the search for the motive in the washington state mall shooting where five people were killed, and what we are finding out about the criminal history of the alleged gunman. it is low in many areas, and east bay is filled in on interstate 80 heading west. we are going to fill in a lot of the high temperatures with near 100 degrees, and we'll take a look at your forecast. we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. people in open will have another chance to weigh in on what they want to see in their cities next top cop. there will be a public meeting at city hall beginning at 6:30 pm. this is the latest in a series of meetings to gather the public input on the selection of the oakland police chief. with a full list of when and where these community forums are taking place, go to the mornings on 2 section on and click on the web links . it is 6:44 am. the cease- fire agreement arranged by the united states and russia is still possible, and we showed a video of the un truck carrying food and medical supplies and the western syria for the first time in almost 6 months, and in the tv interview the syrian foreign minister said that the top between secretary of state john kerry in the russian
6:45 am
foreign minister means that the cease-fire agreement is not dead. it is 6:45 am. the man accused of the deadly shooting rampage at the shopping mall in washington state is due in court, and arcan cetin was arrested saturday night almost 24 hours after he opened fire in the macy's store in burlington. for women and one man were killed. -- four women and one man were killed, one victim was a 15- year-old sophomore that survived cancer, and the others ranging in age from 50 through 95 years old.>> the next thing is to do the interviews and learn more from him if he is willing to share with us.>> the authorities say that arcan cetin shouted out the names of women before he started shooting but we do not know the motive. he immigrated from the u. s. -- to the u. s. from turkey as a child and is a u. s. legal
6:46 am
resident, repeatedly charged with domestic violence, and under a court order banning him from possessing a gun. it is 6:46 am in the will check in with gasia mikaelian on what is coming up . >> i need to share personal mantra, going to work i am taking care of my family.>> yes. >> i came up with that as a new mother and i needed another yet good reason to come back to work and i remind myself of that. pam i know you are a working mom as well, and today we dive deeper into the issue of mom's network outside of the home. we explore new research that will hopefully put any guilt that a working mom has, to rest. some criticizing mothers for not being devoted to their children 24/7, but having a mom that works outside of the home even as a single parent, it can be beneficial to the children in a number of ways. we will talk about being a positive role model, raising
6:47 am
independent children in a number of factors. we have guest in the studio and i cannot wait to hear. are your streetlights costing you sleep, new report by the american medical association say that the intense led lights that are in the major cities, including san francisco, maybe disturbing your sleep rhythm and increasing the risk of serious health conditions, and we will talk about what is coming from the lights. we will talk about the changes as well. the stories and more when i join you in just a few minutes. prince william and kate middleton of a man on a weeklong visit to canada with their two children, and prince george is a little bit shy when the family landed at the airport, and the prime minister justin trudeau now down and tried to give the young prince a high five, handshake, but george wanted nothing to do with it shaking his head and
6:48 am
looking down. prince george did give us a royal wave as the people gathered at the airport, just a little. >> you would know about that having kids. >> it does not matter whether you are royalty or not. i don't care if you are the prime minister. it is 6:48 am. i would shake your hand in way that you because you are taking care of the morning commute. >> i am trying to as we look at the east bay commute, it is pretty busy on this monday, and it seems like everyone is back. in the east bay at highway 24 in lafayette traffic is busy, and also slow on the way to the tunnel. looking at the bay bridge, on the other side it is back up all the way to the maze, very clear visibility, so no trouble seeing where you're going, but you will see a lot of brake lights. here's a look at the south bay,
6:49 am
101 slowing at the capitol expressway, 280 and 85 is not completely filled in but it is getting on that path. 6:49 am. it is clear, but warming up quick, and a possibility of record highs, and we had some records yesterday in mountain view and san jose, tied at the oakland airport, and san francisco will be closed with the forecasted high of 93 and a record of 94. not all locations, there are some upper 50s at the western end of the golden gate park. 93 officially in oakland, san jose record of 98 would tie the record, and in the salinas in monterey valley they will be closed. oakland airport 97, and that would tie the record in 1958. we do have a heat advisory and you can imagine why as it is 20 to 25 degrees above for some of
6:50 am
the temperatures. no great news for the sawmill firefighters, and humidity is up in the higher elevations it is very warm with that east- northeast breeze, near 100 degrees. a little bit cooler tomorrow but not much log. -- not much fog, and it will not help us today. tomorrow calm out of the north and east, and that means goodbye to any fog even if it does form. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and the higher elevations. some in the low to mid 50s and others in the 70s depending on the elevations. 59 in gilroy and in morgan hill, 32 in truckee, 62 in monterey, los angeles hitting 75, top to bottom it is going to be a warm and hot day. this officer atmosphere tells
6:51 am
us everything going from the land to the city, sunny, way above average temperatures. and that cooler weather will hit wednesday, big-time by friday, into the 60s and 70s for everybody. today it is all about the 90s and 100, 80s along the coast with temperatures warming up fast. this time of year the east bay is the leader of the pack during the summer for the most part, and it is not as hot as the other locations, and the angle of the sun and wind direction have a lot to do with that. but the temperatures will be hot for everybody, including the coast and the bay. today's the day if you like warm temperatures and sunshine along the coast. and here's the cooldown at the end of the week. >> it is not as intense. >> not getting hot as fast but still we are complaining. it is 6:52 am, and where closely monitoring the
6:52 am
situation in sonoma county where the wildfires still burning this morning, and it has forced people out of their homes, coming up we will talk about the challenges that the fire crews are facing in the current weather conditions. heavy rains and flooding in the midwest have thousands evacuated and wondering what they will find when they go back home, and we will have the latest on the flood impact. woo soe allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable? i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
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thousands of people in cedar rapids, iowa the back related due to severe flooding, and the cedar river is leading in floodwaters are not expected to receive any -- reseed -- recede anytime soon and people in wisconsin are cleaning up after heavy rainfall in the area. >> we don't have flood that covers this type of thing because i did not think that would be a threat here. >> classes in cedar rapids are canceled through wednesday. a tour bus filled with young tourist from china hit a tree in yosemite killing one and injuring a dozen more. it happened saturday on highway 41 south of the fish camp community, 22 people were on the bus heading to their hotel in fresno after visiting
6:56 am
yosemite. the driver had moderate injuries and is expected to survive, and most of the passengers were 12 the 15-year- old students. we expect to get an update on the luxury high-rise building that has been sinking in san francisco, the millennium tower in the city south of market neighborhood has settled 16 inches, much more than the 4 to 6 inches that the engineers predicted over the life of the building. the san francisco examiner recently reported san francisco inspectors may have known about the problem as long as six years ago. the news conference is scheduled for 9 am where the millennium tower association will talk about efforts to monitor movement around the building. imagine creating energy by driving on the california roads, that is the dream that the state officials are hoping to make a reality. the energy commission is trying to launch a research program into the electric crystals, and these crystals create
6:57 am
electricity when they are compressed, and state officials want to see if putting them under the roads, and having the cars drive over them, to see if it will generate electricity. they are looking for a company or university to test the program that could launch as early as next year. stepping up the platform for the new product for those that never want to miss a moment that could go viral, over the weekend the company has confirmed they are releasing a pair of sunglasses from snapped chat -- snapchat, and also modifying the corporate name to snap ink, "snap, inc., and they have a small circular camera in the corner, and the glasses will connect directly to the snapchat app by you to or wi-fi -- you to -- bluetooth or wi- fi, but they do not know when it will be out.
6:58 am
the active shooter situation in houston, texas, several people reportedly have been injured, and we will have the latest when we come back. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off against each other for the first time, up next the drama over the two presidential potential guests.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. the sawmill fire is currently burning. we'll have the latest containment numbers for you coming up. and on one stage, two candidates. we're counting down to the first presidential debate. tonight, the drama already unfolding and the issues the candidates may focus on. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00, i'm gasia mikaelian,. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's begin with the developing news we have been covering a wildfire that's forced mandatory evacuations in sonoma county. it's being called the sawmill fire. it started yesterday and has grown to 2 square miles. >> it's burning 10 miles east of cloverdale, cal fire, their briefing scheduled to get un


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