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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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line. and, the lower deck of the san rafael bridge is still shut down. when crews hope to get traffic moving again. plus, police are searching for armed robbers wearing halloween masks who beat and shot a couple. mandatory evacuation orders have been expanded for the loma area. so far, just more than 1000 acres has burned. the fire is only 5% contained. >> sparked yesterday afternoon southeast of highway 17 afternoon -- southeast of highway 17. it will try to get a live report from alex savage as he can -- as soon as he can develop a signal. >> they are about rating homes in those areas. some 300 homes are in that path. santa county clary -- santa
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clara county is evacuating. many packed up their homes and cars. there were several horses and livestock that need to see rescued were taken down the mountain. we also spoke to people who were told to evacuate here and what -- here's what they had to say. >> have been up all night trying to get everything together and some people have left are ready. >> what are your plans? >> to stay here until my home is secure. as long as they leave it open not leaving. i have had at least 50 cars back here since it got dark. >> smokeãwas coming down heavy -- smoke and ash was coming down heavy. many of them remember the croix fire in 2001. and, one resident who is a volunteer firefighter went up the hill to see if he could
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help. >> it has been a very dry year. we saw the fire at 2:45 pm. it was up on the hill. so, we immediately started doing the stuff that we had been prepared for and i have got those volunteers. so, do what we can get >> and coffee evacuation centers, and san jose road, the jewish community center and the presbyterian church. and, we mentioned alex savage, on the top of the mountain. and, his joining us live with more in the firefight. alex? >> moran acted scene, -- >> reporter: more, on this acted scene. one structure has been destroyed hundreds of others in the path of this fire. and, we are right along summit road, where a lot of the crews
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are staging. and, clearing brush. and a lot of smoke and flame over on that ridgeline. now, firefighters are essentially trying to keep those flames from jumping across the road that we are on. and, they want to use this as a natural fire ring. in terms of these conditions, it's hot and dry, but the good news is, the winds are fairly calm. crews are trying to take advantage of those conditions. and, that is what we have washed all morning long. those planes coming in and dropping retardant on the leading edges. and, it has been burning in the santa cruz mountains. still, it is threatening about 300 or so homes in this sparsely populated area. evacuation orders were issued last night to people living
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along summit road. and, a lot of folks that we talked to today decided to stick around and protect their homes as these flames burst through dry brush and trees. >> everyone is filling up for storage tanks and taking preparations leaving the gates open and getting ready for potential burned down. >> what's your plan? >> hang as tough as i can until it's literally coming over the hills. >> as long as it doesn't get too deep into the canyon that's what i'm worried about. i have to do is burn up help your >> and, they can't really fight it. there is no roads. >> and, the fire broke out just before 3 pm yesterday it quickly spread to more than 1000 acres. >> it looks like we've lost him.
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but we appreciate his reporting near the top of loma. let's check in with steve with horrendous conditions. -- with more on those conditions. >> at least there isn't a breeze compared to yesterday when we had a northeast brace. -- breeze. and, 92 degrees, and 17% humidity. but, i'm sure that the firefighters will take us out, and it will take a west southwest over in east or northeast, so it's very warm to hot. and, this is above los gatos. and, bonnie is 86, older creek, and very toasty temps. and, socal is at 86. that cool air has not arrived. it is close. that is just not enough of a breeze.
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and, heyward has finally turned west. and, livermore is now west. so there are several signs and maybe that fog is getting closer. it's made it in. and, the fog is there, and it's trying. and it's going to take another day. but by tonight, i think that the base of the fog the lift in by tomorrow morning they will get higher humidity. and, at least the wind is not north or northeast. >> thank you. >> and for continuing coverage, is a list of those evacuations just go to our website or follow us on twitter. now to sad news, were a cheap was killed earlier today in a house explosion. they say that the chief was with his firefighting team responding to a gas odor earlier this morning when the house exploded.
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they say and illegal drug lab was found inside of the home. they say he was on the street evacuating when explosions happened. and, he was rushed to the hospital pastor he died of his injuries. nine other firefighters, six police officers and five other people were also injured in the blast. authorities are trying to determine whether this house was used as a drug lab. and, lanes are shut down following a big rig crash on the lower deck. it crashed into the temporary barrier just after 8 am and was fully engulfed in flames. and, as it was pouring out from that read, they close all east -- rig, they closed all eastbound lanes. and, there are no reports of any of the dirt spilling out. and, no other vehicles were involved in the truck driver was not injured.
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crews are inspecting the bridge for possible structural damage. the eastbound lanes are expected to open in just about 90 minutes or so. mass robbers targeted a man and speeding off with a stolen wallet. >> we have our report where the searches on. >> all of this unfolded in the clairemont neighborhood on the countryside club. they flooded this neighborhood looking for the suspect and looking for any evidence. a couple tells police that the wife picked up her husband the bart station they stopped briefly at a nearby safeway store this morning we saw a police officer back there talking with personnel about the incident and possibly looking to backtrack the suspects. >> -- police tell us that the couple is getting out of their car and they were approached by two men in halloween masks. they demanded the male victim's wallet and pistol whipped him. that man was still in the area when he heard two gunshots.
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the woman was hit by the gunfire and the shooters took off. that woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and, we are here on the scene looking for the suspects or any clues about who they might be. neighbors have identified the couple involved. and, brown is the vice president of the union school district board of trustees, we have talked neighbors this morning and have been in contact with the family they tell me that brown is currently recovering from her injuries and, they're hoping to hear from her a little bit later on. but they are saying she is expected to recover. five people are facing charges after being arrested in an undercover operation at a suspected brothel. police have received not -- several anonymous phone calls. and, here is skyline boulevard, three people were arrested operating the brothel.
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and, people living at the home were also arrested on suspicion of engaging in an act of prostitution. still ahead, a contentious face-off.
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of the city of palo alto were officers are searching for a man near nordstrom at the stamford shopping center. >> he apparently brandish a handgun. and, the man is disguised -- described as asian. a dark blue dress yurt. -- shirt. and, it was locked down as a precaution in the past hour, but that order at this point has been lifted. you can see from high above, showing us what appears to be normal activity, and a very big shopping center that usually is pretty busy. >> are sweet came out just about -- the first tweet came out about 45 minutes ago. and live pictures customers going into the store we will continue to monitor that situation. and, he will bring that information to you. hillary clinton and donald trump are on the campaign trail >> and, we have a recap of the
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confrontational showdown injuries being deemed the winner. >> most people gave clinton the win, but trump says he would only give her performance a b+. and, the two major party nominees taking aim at each other, and i will release -- >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. >> he tried to switch from looks to stamina, but this is a man who has called women pigs slobs and dogs. >> donald trump in hillary clinton coming to the debate in a virtual tie. and, they are laying out their views with community relations and cybersecurity. each campaign claiming victory. >> he took a case right to her.
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and, basically holding her to account for her record and for president. obama's record . >> she came in prepared ready to talk about the economy. and, i thought that he came in unprepared and kind of fell apart particularly towards the end of the debate. >> presidential nominees -- vice president nominees will debate next week. both nominees are on the campaign trail again today. facebook says that 18.6 million people in a gent --. social moment was when donald trump says my strongest asset is my temperament. they were posting about taxes, isis, racial issues, in the economy. >> they also noted the beginning of the debate.
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someone started a twitter about donald trump and his sniffles. and, the red trump hat. when asked about it, he said, no, it must have been about it might. hillary clinton was asked how her mike was. >> anybody who complains about the microphone is not having a good night. >> she's talking to reporters there on board her campaign plane. in california a number of polls are out today. 60% of voters say they are in favor of proposition 55 which extends personal income tax hike on those who make $250,000 a year. >> meanwhile, 50% are in favor of proposition 56, which is the two dollar per pack cigarette tax.
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and, the last 10 to raise the tobacco taxes failed in 2012 pics and for the proposition that would allow nonviolent felons opportunities by allowing rehabilitation to count toward some time 60% are in favor of 21% opposed. the governor supports it. opponents call it a massive fraud pics and in an effort to get people to vote, it is national voter registration day hundreds of events planned including in the bay area, they can register to vote at the station, and, the public library or the college in cupertino. to find a location near you, just go to let's talk about the greater bay area region. >> thank you. another hot day for many only little bit of relief and parts of the city, but look at that fog bank and, the headlands over the span of the golden gate
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over towards alcatraz, and it's amazing how shallow it is. and, most locations will be rather hot especially away from the coast. 94 observation site, and 92 to 96 and that's the one positive, it's not northeast. and, temperatures are very hot. i mean, the santa cruz. and, 89, boulder creek, even santa cruz and 78. it's going to be very warm tomorrow morning. and, i'm not sure if the bases will make it. the keep an eye on that, the fog is building in rapidly. and, beginning to lift. that's the key. but today is not much help. and, keep an eye on that. the fog is into a much cooler forecast. and, looking for relief, it will be in the form of tomorrow.
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and, probably taking us into the next six or seven days. and, water temperatures came up a little bit, 55 to 61. and, they're going to go down a little bit over the next week or so. livermore is in there. and half moon bay, 65. that these in 60s near pacific and daly city. and, upper 80s to near 90s. although, napa is 7 degrees cooler. and, oakland is -2, and of course, livermore in concord are positive. and, 72 warm degrees -- 72 is warm there. and, we need the system to sleep in. -- sweep then. and, today it is the immediate coast or parts of san francisco
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other parts are warm. you can go anywhere from upper 60s to lower 70s. 90s through the interior, cooler tomorrow big time. the delta breeze will be kicking up. and there are signs of rain, sunday night into monday for the north bay. perfect timing for october. >> still, firefighters are continuing to make progress on the wildfire burning east that cloverdale. they are right above that area yesterday but could not find any smoke. and, sunday afternoon if burned through 1600 acres. and, mandatory evacuation orders would cause issues. and, it started yesterday it has burned 930 acres near the reservoir. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in this area by burning a steep rugged terrain cal fire
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is using tankers to drop retarding, no word yet on the containment efforts or what started the fire. people living in cedar rapids are preparing and exceeding the flood stage. it will be at its highest level since the devastating flood back in 2008, 5000 people have been asked to voluntarily evacuate their homes. it is being conducted right here in california. a look at what researchers are doing. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes...
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is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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a new effort underway to determine how much the millennium tower will keep thinking and what if anything can be done to fix this problem. they say they are installing sophisticated sensors at the base of that building. and, that's more than the 4 to 6 inches they expected over its lifetime. >> is extremely unusual to meet talk -- it is extremely unusual to be stalking about -- to be talking about them thinking that many inches. >> they are going to be testing the soil conditions. the walt disney company is considering buying the san francisco-based company twitter.
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the ceo is on the board of directors, and cnbc says that microsoft may also be considering a bid. google is also said to be looking at twitter. it stands at about $20 billion. stocks overall, dow jones is doing well adding 100 points. and, the uc davis researchers say they may be involved in some of the most progressive research on the zika virus. >> in the meantime, joe coolio shows us how they are using animals to fight the disease. >> at first glitz, this might look like an exhibit. but these primates may soon hold a key to prevent pregnant women from passing on the zika virus. and, they are in the markets a few years from now. >> he has the zika team at the
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university at the center, where they have infected for pregnant monkeys with the zika virus. they are now studying blood samples from the mothers in the fetus. >> and, they are developing the vaccine. and, -- >> it is difficult work. and, they say it took months just to determine that they respond to zika the same way they do. but the harmful effects appear in the monkeys as well. when mother lost her fetus seven days after being infected. >> there have been ethical concerns. but, the potential benefits for humanity far outweigh the risks of this. >> right now, we're analyzing the samples. and, we are testing. >> only a handful of these monkeys are infected, although
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if you are quarantined. >> he says that the team is months away from testing potential vaccines. but progress can be slow the potential impacts are immeasurable. two overdose death in just the last two weeks. >> this can happen in your family. it is not a gutter problem. .
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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sky fox giving this a live look at the santa cruz mountains, this is where evacuation orders are expanding as a result of the fire. they are giving us a good look at an awful lot of smoke. you can see active flames on the ground. we are showing you some of the 1000 acres that have burned. at this point, the fire is 5% contained. we know at least one home has been destroyed. and, the cause of the fire
12:31 pm
itself is still under investigation. but, it was a closer look and, you can see a lot of flames in the very center of the screen. and, this is a very rugged, dense area making it very difficult for crews to access that. and, we're staying on top of this for you throughout the day. we do know mandatory evacuation orders are in place, and that means that people are leaving their homes. and, at the jewish community center the morgan hill presbyterian church, and socal high, is on old san jose road. and we had a list of evacuation centers impacted by the fire waiting for you on we are waiting for -- check for updates on twitter and facebook pics the mother of a young boy who was killed in a dui crash is talking about the events for whoever changed the family's
12:32 pm
life. >> and, jesse gary went to the somber celebration. >> in san ramon, a birthday that is part celebration and part somber memorial. a boy, that was bursting at the seams with the joy of living. >> every day is up and down. definitely, and being tested daily. trying to adjust -- just believe that he's in a better place. they say the better place is a higher place far beyond the here and now. and, she released chocolate covered balloons. all which would have been for his birthday. >> i miss him, and i wish i could have them back.>> and a boy with an infectious smile, inviting personality. and, he was killed in a dui crash. she had run out of gas
12:33 pm
in pulled over to the shoulder. while waiting for her husband to bring some. they say that the 39-year-old was driving under the influence and crashed her suv into the back of the camry. the impacts killed elisha, severely injured her and inflicted injuries on her other children. >> that little boy was my heart. i was robbed of my complete beautiful family. >> this is the second charge against her. and, she remains free on bail awaiting a court appearance. charges in the crash that killed elisha. the mother buried a child just last wednesday says she will always be heartbroken. >> today, i am angry. why can't i have my baby today? because you decided to get behind the wheel and do something stupid. at the end of the day i want justice.
12:34 pm
i will do everything that i can to get it. but that's just not me. i don't wish ill will on anyone. >> there is talk and laughter while remembering house daschle he was. and a promise to never forget -- remembering the special boy that he was. and a promise to never forget him. >> -- there have been to overdose death in petaluma >> is her black market pills. the kids don't know the difference. -- these are lack market pills. >> the man was found dead behind a lucky supermarket. and, as she reports, it is a growing problem. and, for families. >> in this big area, they
12:35 pm
settled behind tall shrubs. behind the bushes evidence of their life on the fringe. toiletries, it is where the man and woman lived in what -- and when one of them died. >> she found that he was in distress here >> they came, but her boyfriend had overdosed. >> she said that he had purchased it the night before and had smoked it at least once maybe twice during the evening and early morning hours. we did find a controlled substance in his pocket. >> a substance that will have to be tested to see if it is fentanyl. it is 50 times more potent than heroin. >> we are basing, largely on her word, that he bought it and that's what he received. >> the victim, was known to police the property crime and forgery. they had had a place to live until a few months ago -- but he had had a place to live until a few months ago.
12:36 pm
such spiral seeming to prop 47 which reduced penalties. >> unless there is a mechanism that compels them to go to rehab how are they expected to recover crack >> -- recover? >> i'm not surprised. >> they are trying to fight opioids. >> it's not going to happen to our kids. >> there pointing to the overdose death two weeks ago of a 23-year-old matt simpson who grew up in petaluma but ended up on the streets. his body was found behind starbucks near some dumpsters. methamphetamine is expected in his death. >> it's going to happen to someone else's son. we can open the curtains and say, this is happening in our family. this can happen in yours. and, this is not a gutter problem.
12:37 pm
violent crime here in california is up by most -- more than twice. according to the fbi there is a 3.2 in -- 3.2% increase. and, we did talk with one former police chief who blames the national increase on high powered weapons. >> as opposed to 30 years ago when i was a young,, -- cop, they are using weapons that produce a tremendous amount of firepower which is an increasing in lethality. >> still, the atty. general. says the 2013 marked the lowest year in the past 20 years. >> they were both chosen from a national pool of candidates to receive grants from the just -- from the justice department. it is to be used to enhance the body cameras. contra costa county has one
12:38 pm
aimed at affecting lawyers, and to help those released from prison successfully reenter society. protests continue in charlotte north carolina over the shooting death of keith scott. oregon 100 people marched to the council meeting. they complained for hours, and found it emotionally charged. and, the police chief. even some of the youngest criticized city leaders and police. >> the reason why they are puts -- protecting the black community. i'm scared that i won't go up to be a black man. >> we shouldn't have to protest because you are treating us wrong. we do it because we need to. we have rights. >> protesters also want an independent investigation by
12:39 pm
the justice department. in the meantime, they say they have been confirmed the gun that they found on him was stolen. a source is a man under arrest told police that he sold him a stolen gun took a united nations group is making a comparison in the wake of the deadly shootings. and, they cite concerns over the human rights of african- americans. and, based on a visit to the united states by five of its members. and, they are hitting criticism from this particular group. >> the working group is condensed that the root of the problem lies with a serious lack of accountability. and, despite the evidence. and, they are deeply concerned about the low number of cases where public officers have been held accountable. >> state and county laws across the country are not in line with international standards on
12:40 pm
the use of force and firearms by police. i want to take you back to the south bay, to the sky fox still overhead, and just on this particular scene where there is a lot of structure protection going on here and, you can see that wall of flames right in the middle. and, my estimation up to 50 to 100 feet tall, and they have been hitting it hard since the sun came up. you can see those lines there, but obviously, the stretch of flames has gone through some of it and made its way all the way up to what issues they? pretty good defensible space. but you can see a lot of the vegetation. >> that's right. and, hoses are laid out, and we have been watching this picture. they are shooting water there at the flames. and, at this point we have confirmed that at least one structure has burned. there is
12:41 pm
still an intense fight such as this one. just take a look at these trees. and, an awful lot of smoke rising. overall, about 1100 acres have burned. it is only 5% contained. and here we are, 21 -- is hours later. >> and, blowing away from the property. one of those wins doing -- winds doing crack >> well, --? >> well, the wind is blowing more to the east and southeast. that seems to be the direction it's going. the breeze has not been a factor. it's about 94 to 96, the humidity is around 17%. remember, the fire creates its own wind sometime. so that can generate, and within the fire in the flames,
12:42 pm
you could get a pretty big breeze. so i think that's what's happening a little bit. >> and, all of a sudden, we get a gust. >> yes, i haven't seen any breeze compared to yesterday. and, it is mostly calm or a little bit more out of the west. and, nothing over 10 miles per hour. and, the fire may be creating test might be creating those. >> you have to tip it off to those fire crews. they start putting water on that immediately. i know that you can't always have that retardant right when you want. and, we will be right back in a moment.
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an emotional moment in sports as the miami marlins took the field for the first time since the death of the star pitcher. >> he died in a boating accident early sunday morning, he was remembered in a pregame ceremony. >> our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we gather today together tonight as a family to remember a man and a teammate who meant so much to all of us. we shall keep them in our hearts. >> afterwards, they hugged, and they gathered around the pitching mound. they each wore his number. the game started and quite a remarkable way.
12:46 pm
>> it is gone. >> how about that? the leadoff hitter, fernandez, and he hit his first home run of the season. he was in tears before he passed the plate. they went on to beat them 723. after that, they gathered around the mound again. and with six games left, the time is now to make a push. and, they come off of a four- game spirit -- series split. and, they will start with the giants. it did not go so well as it only made without the second ending. and, after the rocky series, they close out the regular season against the dodgers. and, the season ended today they would take that second
12:47 pm
wild-card spot. and, a game up, on the miami marlins. the a's are closing out their season, they lost to the angels. they do have a chance to play spoiler, land the season with a game. the mariners are two games out. back really quick to the loma fire. and, we have seen a pretty good air attack and, as soon as we went to break, we saw come in and make a good drop. and, they were protecting the. and, let's get right over to steve paulson. >> you can see the retardant line. and i think what's happening here, is it coming up the mountain and it's about 96 degrees. and temperatures are a little cool below in the was a flareup that happened.
12:48 pm
ensure that the fire has generated somewhat of a breeze. and, that looks to be the line that they are standing right there. and, the smoke is blowing away. and, it is going southeast. and you can see that retardant. they will probably make another sweep there. >> and it shows you how important that is. >> exactly. >> that's true. >> so, we have a lot going on. the temperatures are getting very hot. mother nature is not providing much of a breeze. but, this looks like it has kind of burned itself out. and, the smoke is moving away. that's good news. we do have really hot conditions. 94, it's going to get at least 296 or 97. the humidity is blown dry -- to 96, or 97. the humidity is bone dry.
12:49 pm
some of this for morgan hill, they had a good comments. and, it flares up at about 1220 best 12:20 pm. but look at the temperatures, it is hot. and, this is pretty warm as well. 93 scotts valley, almost 90 for other locations. and, fighting very tough conditions. i think it will tomorrow. there is a north wind, but it has turned westerly. so signs of that sea breeze coming in is just flying through the golden break. and, yet there is a wet -- a lot of resentments. and, the fog is filling in, some areas are really cold. i've seen some upper 50s. and, they are stockton. and, water temperatures came up a little bit but they are going
12:50 pm
to go down. and, 66 happened. and, 80s and 90s, very warm conditions. most locations are running a few degrees cooler. not anywhere around five to grip -- 5 to 10 degrees cooler. and, the fog is sweeping down the coast. very shallow. and, this will help the firefighters big ten tomorrow. and, at least we are losing that easterly breeze. in the westerly breeze hasn't kicked in. 60s, 90s, when more hot day in land. but coastal locations are cooling-off period and santa cruz is still going for 84 today. it's not there yet but it will be. and temperatures will take the plunge if you will tomorrow and, after that not only are we talking about cooler conditions that we may have to talk about our first reign of the season. and, certainly in the north bay.
12:51 pm
here is one of our tankers. >> and cost so the former jetliner converted into that firefighting machine. >> and, 12,000 gallons of water. and, it is now inbound. >> and a lot of people walked those lines. and, when we get over to the fire zone. and, we are starting to stretch a little bit. and, you can see, as it makes its way towards the fire cannot forget that there is an offer a lot of smoke rising from the mound. and a lot of people are concerned about their homes at this point only one home is confirmed to have been destroyed by flames. about 1100 acres have burned. the fire is not even 24 hours old. but it is a major concern. and, i can see the smoke and
12:52 pm
smell it. at this point we are watching to see if they are doing another one >> this is no easy task. to take it this close to mountain range, it would be an accurate drop. it's very difficult to apply this plane. and, this is doing drop that wildfires so, it's a very dangerous mission. and, they may or may not be familiar with this area. and, -- >> that was my question. >> yes, i think that there's three of them at least working here in the state of california. >> we see these orange lines, and we have almost considered crisscrossed and more retardant on areas where there are some down. we had a dramatic scene live on the air. and, we saw a pretty thick wall of flames coming up. and, as
12:53 pm
soon as those flames hit that read retardant, we can tell, we are up over the area. but, there is a home that i was talking about. and, we can see where this plane is heading. and, pictures from earlier today. >> just need to get back your, looking at cal fire put out a release that it was adding a dc- 10 for the remainder of the current season and it was going to be based near the mcclellan airport. >> okay. >> i think at this point we will have to leave this life. and, when the retardant drop happens it will try to bring that to you. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. coverage of the fire burning will continue today at 4 pm. and we will speak with donald trump and hillary clinton supporters. and that is today. just a couple of minutes away from the closing bell on this tuesday afternoon. a lot of green on the board. and, the nasdaq is up 40 points. >> thank you so much for joining us. we leave you with more live
12:57 pm
pictures of the loma fire. and, crews are on the ground. and, the active firefight continues throughout the day. up dates any time online. see right back here.
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