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solve the homicide. >> we got a close look at the control center at the park. the city knew a year ago that this room had been flooded by a nearby bathroom but never got it fixed until this week. >> sadly enough we had a tragedy and now they are in operation, where they shouldn't about taken years to get it done. but i can say they work. >> she has mixed emotions. >> it's a leaf just to know not another family would go through the same thing. there will not be another homicide here that will be unsolved again. but there is nothing that will bring him back. >> oakland are still working the double homicide and have not made any arrests. >> i still don't get it, why did it take so long to fix the cameras. at some point wouldn't someone think they had to get them fixed. >> we saw the same thing with those bart cameras.
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it took a tragedy in that case too. now a double homicide to get this bureaucracy moving so they can work and do the job they are supposed to do. >> how do you even know if they're wosh g or not working. >> like the whole situation with those dumb ee cameras on the bart train. who knows what cameras are working out and about. now a warning in the south bay following a series of killings in sks. eight homeless men have been killed this year. anne ruben joins us now with what she's learned. >> reporter: right now police say there is no evidence the cases are connected, but five of the homicides have happened since august, and that has residents of living -- living in fear. >> one of the bodies was found here in this ditch. a second had been a few yards away. residents say they are on edge.
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>> everybody has to be on look out. >> reporter: san jose police have now posted flyers looking for information. there have been a total of eight homicides since january. while investigators are seeking witnesses they are also asking for calm. they say there is no reason to believe the cases are linked. >> anything is a possibility, however, at this point there is nothing indicating that we have one person committing all these crimes. >> in fact the crimes seem to have more differences than similarities. within of the homicides had blunt force trauma, another was a shooting, the one that happened tuesday was a stabbing. >> the methodology is different in all of them. >> reporter: still, the homicides are frightening the residents. it is an added stress for the population. >> there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. we don't really understand why this happened, so it's kind of hard to protect yourself from something when you don't really understand why it happened. >> reporter: eric who knew one of the victims said answers are
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hard to come by, but he would love justice. >> like the one we just lost the other day, he is a great person, really kind hearted and always trying to help when he can snoop one of the homicides which involved a person being struck by a vehicle has been solved. anyone with information on the other seven is asked to contact san jose police. julie. >> anne, thank you. now to developing news in santa cruz in the mountains there where today's cooler temperatures are helping fighter crews fight the loma fire. the fire has bur,200 acres so far. as of tonight it is still only 10% contained. one home and two out buildings have been destroyed but other homes are still threatened. evacuations for santa cruz residents have been lifted. crews from all over california have come to help in what's being called an aggressive fire
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fight. >> last night fire did increase. we expect with the decrease in temperature it will not be as bad as yesterday. >> all the smoke prompted santa clara county to issue a breathing warning. they will be monitoring the warning and say it may increase over the days and weeks. it is fortunate temperatures had cooled off. because. >> one of the problems with that smoke, frank, it is not a lot of wind and at night it is getting cold and it is coming down. it is inflicting a lot of poor air quality in the southern isn't a clara valley. we are not noticing it up in san francisco. here is the current wind flow in the fire zone. we come in tight. we checkout some of the remote weather sites in these areas.
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scotts valley 73. these are very high humidity and low temperatures. there is that big plume of smoke in the afternoon, it's rising but at night it's going to set back down. tomorrow is a little cooler. that's good for firefighters as well. forget the heat advisory. even the chance of a sprinkle as we head towards the end of the week. we'll see you back here with the forecast. >> that cooler weather is also helping firefighters working on the saw mill fire. it is now 85% contained. the fire started sunday and has burned about 1,500 acres. . no structures were damaged. you can follow bill and the rest of the ktvu weather team for updates on the fire danger. you can find them on facebook,
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twitter, and instagram. a jury came back with a guilty verdict for a man accused of killing a . the stabbing and robbery happened inside her home in hercules. happening now, people in oakland are getting another chance to weigh in on what characteristics they want to see in the city's next police chief. it is being held in spanish. it is getting underway on east 12th street. right now five bay area cities are actively looking for a police chief. new at 6:00 tonight paul chambers tells us why some say it is no surprise to see so much turnover at the top. >> several bay area cities are looking for a new top cop. >> quite a few chiefs retire
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every year. it's just the natural progression. it's a high number of openings . >>. experts say sometimes that could be a good thing, because with new people comes new ideas. >> police chief's job is a hot potato job. there is no question about it. whether it's the use of force, whether it's crime in the community. >> tony is the directo international in tut justice. in his former life he served as police chief of san francisco. back then they served an average of two-and-a-half years in off. it's around the same now. >> if you are a police chief it is just a matter of time before you are faced with an issue. >> in dallas officers shot and killed for doing their jobs. here in the bay area, teenage
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prostitution. tony says all of this can lead to losing trust. >> i think we owe that to the community to be honest with them. we work for them. >> although technology has changed the face of the job, the basics are still the same. with all these agencies looking for a top cop, what's next. >> a whole refresh isn't a bad thing. >> what we do know is over the next few months five police chiefs will take the job over bay area. koou fox 2 news -- koou fox two northeast. diane was placed on leave during an investigation of an undisclosed personnel matter. coming up hillary clinton and donald trump making their case for the presidency. at 6:30 the late s in the race for the white house, including
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the familiar face back on the campaign trail. as i mentioned, it's cooling down out there. how cold is it going to get? i'll let you know. controversy at great america. the controversy over this virtual reality experience that caused the park to shut it down. >> we should -- >> i think we should give it a chance. look at that. that's the traffic going into san francisco. that's the non commute direction. judging by the back up here, i bet the lights are on. i80 in san jose, slow to the right, a little bit better on the left. we'll be right back. .
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they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians.
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i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. . new at 6:00, controversy at great america, over this new virtual reality experience that some are calling offensive. it immerses users into an experience at a mnt al hospital. christina is at great america tonight with more on this controversy. >> reporter: this virtual reality experience launched as part of the park's halloween exhibit tonight. they are glad it's no longer in operation. >> there is no response, doctor. >> reporter: it is a virtual reality experience of a horror
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filled hospital. this is what users see through goggles while stropd to a dr-strapped to a chair. >> we come here every year. we get season passes. >> reporter: not every one was tlipd with the virtual reality feature. this tweet from a mental h advocate says a psych ward is not entertainment. >> to reinforce that stereo type of sort of the dangerous psychopath, soes yoe path on -- breaking out of the hospital is upsetting. >> reporter: one in five americans lives with a mental health condition and many delay delay seeking treatment. >> it's appalling that things like that still exist. it makes you realize that there is still so much stigma against
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mental illness. >> reporter: part of the statement from the company that owns great america says the attractions story was never meant to portray mental illness. at this time, we have decided to close the attraction. >> i don't think they should shut it down completely because, you know, we should give it a chance. >> i understand where they're coming from, but again, that's a small portion of the public. >> reporter: the company has also pulled this feature from its locations in southern california and in canada. >> christine a thank you. residents whose home have burned in a fast moving home. two people were hurt and one cat died in the three alarm fire. more than a dozen homes were damaged. homeowners and fire burned the
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trees between highway 101 and the homes for intensifying the flames. >> we apply to get rid of them. we talk to the city. what are we glg to -- going to do. we asked for the wall for at least 8, 10 years ago. but it never happened. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but fire investigators say that they do know the fire started alongside the free way and it was caused by a human. san francisco supervisors have temporarily pulled funding from the terminal project over concerns that it is sinking from that 58 story tower tthey put it on hold. the authority denies responsibility for the tower's 16 inches of settling and a two-inch lean to the northwest. the tower contractor says a wall that was built to prevent the
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sinking actually caused it. the money being held is supposed to pay for a rail design into the terminal. they disagree about holding that money. >> we need to get downtown san francisco to the trans bay terminal. >> questions that i have about how the project is being handled and, you know, to some ks tent, you know, questions about the connection to the leaning power of pisa. >> the issue cops up for reconsideration in a month. as we look at the fog along the coast, the trees in those fires there along the highway, the trees originally were brought in to the state, originally they came in from australia. they brought them in because
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they were worried about fevers. then they thought we could use the trees for railroad ties. they did for a while. the trees would crack and they would have to replace the ties, but originally they started using them, if i had my way they would be gone. they are not organic, they don't belong here. this high pressure we had the last couple days is gone. we get back into a low pressure pattern. things cool down. temperatures cool down, they drop. humidity goes down. air quality gets better and it's all good. it is going to get to the point that temperatures are going to be 20 degrees cooler than they were just yesterday. fog and clouds tomorrow morning. here's thursday afternoon. yellow is 70s. those most of us. for the hottest spots in the bay
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area thursday, we are in the 80s, low 80s at that. that's your bay area thursday. showers, next time i see you we'll talk about that. lk about that. . she was an icon. ago necessary nixon -- agnes died today at the ag93. nixon created all my children and one life to live. both of those shows ran for more than 40 seasons each. she also worked on guiding light and another world. she died at her home from complications from parkinson's disease and pneumonia. she had just completed a book last weekend titled my life to live. still to come here, sangss for wells fargo following claims of fraud. why an an announcement today by the state treasurer may only be the beginning. new questions tonight about
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the quarterback for the 49 er's. we'll tell you what the head coach had to say about that. tightening restrictions for uber. the legislation signed today that could affect who is allowed behind the wheel.
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. three weeks after news that employees at wells fargo set up more than 2 million unauthorized accounts to set up sales goals. tom, the bank has already refunded more than two-and-a-half million dollars in fees. >> we are going to get into a lot more stuff as the lawsuits and other things happen. because all of this is based on the bank's illegal creation of unauthorized customer accounts and then skap go5300 employees for ,300 employees for doing it by the bank's highest executives sjohn chiang announced that for one year it is suspending its relationship with wells fargo banks. >> wells fargo's abuse of its customers. >> reporter: the fund will not invest in its securities nor will it allow wells fargo to be the broker for instruments nor will it be permitted to finance
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state bonds. chiang says le also work with the state's teacher and employee pension funds to force the bank to clean up its act or lose $3.2 billion in fund investments. >> the sanctions may escalate up to and including a complete termination of our business relationship with the bank. >> reporter: chiang is also appointing a blue ribbon panel from business to formulate regulations to state and federal legislation you don't remembers and regulators. the dean of school of business says they are at great risk now. >> this is something they have to clear up and clear up by more than just saying we're sorry. the question really before the house is what is wells fargo culture. >> reporter: andy says wells
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has surely brought regulators down on president mega bank's business. >> the next step is going to be for authorities to look at all banks to see if they are doing this. >> reporter: integrity and trust matter. >> reporter: wells chairman and ceo testifies in front of the u.s. house of representatives tomorrow providing he is still in one of those two posi. >> yus one more thing i want to tell you i got a statement from wells fargo in which the first paragraph brags about the great services provided to state of california for the last 17 years. the second one is the apology, which is they're sorry and they take responsibility and they are going to fix it. finally it talks abo,000 california employees serving the state's needs and it has given $52 million to the schools in calendar foreign in the last year. all of that is good stuff but tomorrow the ceo is going to get grilling at the congress because
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you can't do this and the other stuff and expect to get away wi. >> what's the thought here? will the ceo be able to keep his job? and also do you think that other states are going to follow california's lead, if you will. >> states like arizona, states like new jersey, other states where they have a huge base of customers where they would do this. there are plenty of other states that might get involved. i do think there are going to be greater consequences for this. we just don't know exactly what they are right now. if i were to have wells fargo accounts i would check that all the ones that are there are the ones i authorized. >> thank you. criminal background checks for ub ee and lift drivers are now a requirement in california. the governor signed off on legislation today that makes them mandatory starting in
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january. they will have to run comprehensive background checks on all drivers. the new laws also bans registered sex offenders or anyone convicted of a violent crime or drunk driving from working as a drunk driver. last year they identified 25 drivers for convictions with murder, assault, dui and other offenses. news at 6:30 is up next with familiar face out on the campaign trail today. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. after the break, bernie sanders message to voters today as donald trump takes the lead in a crucial swing state. a deadly shooting of an unarmed black man by police. a new lead in the case of a young man shot and killed while playing pokemon go. ktvu fox 2 news is next.
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. today's top stories, police in san jose are investigating a series of killings. investigators say eight homeless men have been killed so far this year. the most recent homicide was yesterday when a man was found stabbed to death near interstate 280. so far there is no evidence to
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suggest the killings are connected. surveillance cameras are now up and running again at cesar chavez park. officials admitted those cameras haven't been working for several years despite signs saying the park was under 24-hour surveillance. in fact those cameras were not recording when two men were shot back in august. we got word that those cameras were being repaired. they are still wosh g the double homicide case and haven't been able to make any arrests. cooler temperatures are helping fight the loma fire. it has burned 2,200 acres so far. 300 homes are threatened. evacuation orders for santa cruz county residents have been lifted. there is now less than six weeks to go until the presidti


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