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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the buildings roof. >> it happened at channing way and crews seem to have a handle ton a whips of smoke you can see water on the screen and we are there and it looks like they are in defensive mow mode. it seems like we are a in a good place and we dent see flames shooting out but fire crews have scaled back have a couple of hoses, they were inside, but then, once the fire got into roof it was pretty much game over and they have to escape the church are attacking it from the out side. so far the roof and one chimpny have collapses and the fire chief called this a significant squlauss it is in the three --
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loss and it is in the three main story church. a t quickly escalated to a fire that needed 3 more fire aagencies brought in to help. >> we attempted to do an interior attack but the fire got into attic space and causing capsto the roof structure -- cucollapse the roof structure. >> there was no report anyone was inside there is a firefighters up on the hose and trying to talk it from above that is waist -- attack it from above and that is what their strategy has been. the daycare near by was evacuated and they are an at grand avenue and kids can go pick up their kids be going down
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durant avenue. and they evacuated the dormitory hall as a precaution. >> that is quite a fire it started at noon, any idea what started all of it? >> reporter: they do not know the origin of the fire they go it came from ininterior when the -- interior and it went up to the roof attic and caused to the spread. and they can't do their investigation until it is all taken care of. the main scorn that this building can -- main concern is that this building can collapse and keeping it the public away and this hole area will be shut down an a few days. >> we want to headed to the santa cruz mountains and the loma fire is burning out of
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control. >> we learned the fire is destroyed eight homes and nine other buildings and more than 4300 arcs have been blackened and the fire is just 34% contained. they were own mount loma to see the distriction. >> now it is just a pile of rubble. devastated by the fire, and the only thing left standing is part of the shower. this is a picture of what we believe is a same had you house engulfed on names on monday. -- name flames on monday. this morning an injured cat was found and she belonged in the home bebavp. here paws a -- above. her paws appeared to beburned. eight homes are destroyed but
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residence we spoke to worry that number will climbing as we drove along we spotted foundations of torched homes. and is the hill sides are black and the vegetation are burnt away and de fire is active and crews are holding contain. lines trying to prootect the 300 -- protect the 300 homes still threatened. thrift home owners want -- lot of the home ownurs want to know what caused the fire. reporting from the santa cruz mountains. >> increasing winds can make the fire fight more difficult but mother nature may have more help, track alling of the condition there's and -- tracking all of the conditions there. >> reporter: and changing weather pattern right now you will noting the winds increasing around the bay area we have a
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cold front that will increase the winds in the short term and increasing out of the north southwest and gusts aprove ping 25 miles per hour -- approaching ing approaching triv -- approaching 25 miles an and about 4-8 today. but winds will increase over the next few hours. and the plan for tomorrow for the saturday forecast around the loma fire zone. a maximum high of 73 degrees winds will continue to be an issue. so picking up tonight and sticking round for tomorrow but winds around 15 and possibly twnt 20ed. -- we 20 we will talk about the rain forecast in a few minutes.
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the new developments of the sex scandal. crime reporter was there and who is it this time and how is he involved. >> perez resigned as the investigation unfolded today he was a criminal defendant accused of having sex with a minor. he is pled not gety of having oral sex and was a self described sex worker and now goes by her legal name and says perez had sex with her about ten times. was quharjd charge charged with engaging in lewd activity. >> nine offers are facing
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internal discipline and the attorney has filed similar claims against oakland, livermore and offers and depts there sexually exploited their clients. >> the conduct is out raging and unfortunately reflect as climate and culture that this behave isier is okay -- behavior is okay. >> he is chargeded with having oral sex with -- charged with having sex with the same woman. perez and loverdi are among the seven facing charges in the county. >> what about cocoa county any there? >> prosecutors are reviewing possible criminal allegations for any alleged sexual acts that acured and that is out side of
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nancyo o maly's jurisdiction. earthquake and shaking expected in 59 seconds. >> governor jerry brown signed off on 10 million in funding to get california earthquake warning system up and running . an early warning could provide precing seconds for trains to slow down and children to duck and scarf automatted -- and automated systems like gas lines to be shut down and the early warning system the director of the mitigation desfrigz fema and thank -- division for fema you are happy to see this money in
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the system. tell me what it will do. >> money the governor signed off will enable to the place of the best intra. s. >> so talk more instruments in more collection locations i -- -- locations. >> so i am from texas and we have a tornado warning systems that give us a head's's up and this will be similar. >> it is how far you and how much warning you get. in some case there's will be almost no warning and on a very large quake you may get minutes of warning. as the system is developmented it will go to commercial customers and it allows it to slow a train down to ten miles, and what we saw in new jersey
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avoiding derailment is huge. i those are realthy quiticate thing -- those are the critical things we can address. and a signal to someone's cell phone and technology will have to catch up to that demand. >> where are we in the process, now, we are expected to have the system in a year or 2 do you think that is feasible. >> i we beta tested the system and in the napa earthquake, the operations here in oakland was able to get 9 seconds work of warning before ground shaking and san francisco got 12 seconds we don't want to rule out until they are reliable and we don't create a false sense of is this real or not. >> and we were talk before the show about other nations that have similar technology and it is working there. >> and japan is a very well
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developed system and mexico has a nice system. and i think the goal here in california and what the governor is after both the japanese and mexican systems were implemented from a large loss of life we want to stay ahead of that curve. >> and not wait until that moment. >> and we have additional for people at home -- additional what does it mean for them? >> hospitals will get early warning to allow procedures to stop and refiners can shut down operations and train will stop moving or slow down, but for individual people they still need to remember to have a kit and a plan and be ready to drop cover and hold and as the technology comes up the real time warning in our smart phones and devices a will be a reality in our future. >> i thank you for stopping by.
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still ahead a new bill just signed into law that would require prison time of anyone sexually asulked unconscious -- assaulted an unconscious woman. >> new video that has sparked protest. >> and a live picture from skyfox over that church fire in berkeley it look like it is under control dozens of dprf firefighters are on -- dozens of firefighters are still on seen, and the 4 on 2 continues. next. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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today governor brown signed a law requiring prison time for those convict offend sex-all assaulting an unconscious person. this is a result from the brock turner case he was convicted of sexually assaulted an unconscious women and spent 3 months in jail and prompted local legislators to get involved. and the prosecutor who handled the case said she spoke to the victim and that she hopeful this new law will in fact make a difference. >> spoke spooher today when i got the -- to her today when i
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got the news and she was esstatic and overwhelmed and a few month ago we were upset and woman on college campuses are safer. >> and coming in we will have more of the legislators who fought for this change. >> and a judge ruled 2 drifters will stand trial for killings, the judge said there was enough evidence to go forward with the charges, they recused of killing a canadian tourist in golden gate park and a man on a park trail in fairfax and a third suspect already pleaded guilty to second degree murder and a maciol a 15 year -- facing a 15 year sentence. diaz was in scrawly setting several -- jail for setting
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several fires. and he was convicted of strangeling his sex partner and setting the body on fire. >> i think the thing with the arsson scary but it points to the bigger problem we are not dealing well with repetive offenders, he is banned 16 e 18th street and they plan to circumstancesument his photoand that is far owned by one of his partners. >> the video is from a surveillance camp raw and a witnesses -- camera and a willnesses cell phone camera. it is showing the officer killing the man on tuesday and they called 911 saying he was
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mentally hill and he cure fused to -- ill and he refused to comply it was a vape device, and apparently he was in fact unsquarmd the release of it the -- and unarmed and that release of the video comes after protests. and inworthy bit of a cooler trend -- inworthy bit of a cooling -- in weather a bit of a cooler trend. here we go we have clouds up to the north and no raindrops just yet and clouds approaching near eureka and a closer look and of sonoma county and with that the winds create a bit of a chop over the waters. we cooled off quit a bit we are
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69, and liverer more 66 and san francisco temperatures only in the upper 50s. winds speeds up as well. fair field is a wind -- well sustained at 26 and gusting at 36 and santa rosa is 25 miles an hour and more winds, you can see winds at twee 23 and gusting at 30, some patchy low clouds way out there in the distance but you see the chop on the baywater. winds are up across the entire bay area and for tomorrow. it will be breezey and the beaches and the 50s and the inlands 60s and low to mid 70s and san francisco partly cloudy and windy once again and you see the temperatures time line
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throughout the day. 50-60 degrees and by 6 o'clock down to the 50s and on sunday more clouds and a chance of a few shao the second half of -- showers for the second half of the week. the best is to the north of san francisco up in the north bay and here is the updated forecast showing you, saturday relatively clear out there maybe partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions and look at the action up sthoo north. it could be -- up to the north and moving into california and some snow showers eventually out toward the searea. and even a few sprinkles and a light shower for the morning hours and popping cross the bay area so this is a front if it holds together it could produce scattered showers and the central portion of the bay and once again into monday night and late sunday night. maybe another round of a few scattered showers and a slight
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chance of a thunderstorm, and here is the plan on monday it should be dry with partly cloudy skies and the cool weather patterns because it will stick around, that is plan through sunday and the expectations of rainfall in the second half of the weekend and it feels strange to say this. the last day of september and the winter weather advisory in the searea. >> it is crazy how far we have come from hot temperatures and today was chilly in san francisco when i came in. >> this time of year we have a heat advisory and a few days later it is winter weather in the mowners. >> thank you so much. an antebullying campaign to the school this morning. he told students how he was beaten by 2 men at a dodgers game 5 years ago and suffered severe brain damage and took him
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years to learn to speak and walk again and told the children how he wile now need help with every -- will now need help for the rest of his life. >> they map stretching nee get me -- help me stretching me and getting me otout of bed and strip has to bath room. bullies hurt my family and destroyed my life. >> they asked to take a pledge and stand up and speak out if they see someone being bullied. searching for the cause of that train tragedy and the evidence recovered today "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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. trying to determine what caused the train crash and why it slammed into a barrier, they say they are getting closer to find out what went wrong. rick leventhal has the latest. >> officials are making progress in the transit crash. crews removing the recorder and data on speed and breaking but investigators struggling to find the second piece because the front car was in debris. >> the train barreling through and taking out pillars and part
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of the stations roof and more than 100 people suffering injuries and the engineer who investigators plan to internr view friday -- interview on friday. she recently moved here from brujill just dropped her -- brazil and just dropped her daughter off at daycare. >> she was a wonderful person. >> and the crash bringing new light to pushing back the deadlands several times. railroads have until the -- fe theanyth to -- the 18th to stud system. >> it. >> the look of it was the factor and could have prevented
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it but every kpt is different. >> they expect to be on scene for the next 7-10 days and a full report could take up to a year. still ahead we will have an update at the church burning in berkeley, and more on that coming up. >> and plus the latestest on the campaign trail and the early morning tweet slamming the form muss universe contestant and what hillary clinton is saying. >> and the wear moment of unity between izrayly and palestine leaders. ♪when you've got...♪
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♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ sraeli and palestine leaders. tine lead . we are just getting new information on the developing story in berkeley and officials giving an update on the church fire and we are there and joining us with the new information. >> reporter: well we just received an update a few minutes go the story is that the fire is not out but they have it under control around 320 clck is and the -- 3:20 and the main concern is about collapse. that structure is not reinforced and the chimney is not tethered
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down so they need an engineer to tell thuofficials if it is -- tell the officials if it is safe to enter. and how this fire was started or where it was started they can not get into building, so they will be shutting down, and dana and chang way street tomorrow as well. -- channing way street. you will not be able to come down these streets and some of the walls of the building are bowin. >> out and the chief is saying it is a significance loss when where asked total. he paused and said sig nitty loss and a very -- sig fif nitty loss. and the church house as homeless
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shelter in the winter time and what will be coming out with the structure here and if there is anything they can salvage. >> bringing thus latest information -- us the latest information there major disruptions and a devastating loss for that community thank you. why did you go to the late night tweet storm last night? >> little to say after unleashing his tweet storm predawn this time it was against miss universe who is accused of being mistreated and calling her miss piggy saying quote did hehelped her out to help with the debate. >> you have an f for the day hopefully he doesn't keep this
4:33 pm
up for the next 30 some odd days and he will have a lot of free time over the next four years. >> joining me to fwuket this is political -- talk about this is joe. can you believe this is going on now? all week long, since that debate? >> as someone who has been unpolitics no, you think someone this close to the white house is more disciplined but something about mr. trump he marches to his own drummer and has very thin in and maybe it is about being a billion air he likes to have the last word. it is friday and he is still making noise about this. >> many people are saying this has worked for him in the past and it got him this far and that is why he personally believed this is ok. what do you dhink, do you think this -- think do you think it is influencing the
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pole numbers. >> he is not attacking hillary clinton, it is about someone who worked for him along time ago and what he is doing and continuing to belittle her and the sex tape and the rest of the other right of center media promoting so not a sex tape necessarily and thing continue to raise the issues of being a sexist and an insensitive to woman and we know about woman whether they are right of center or left, catholic or whatever. they all pretty much see demeaning comments to woman the same way and they are half of the voters here. >> what do you ding the fall out is -- do you think the fall out is. he thinks he did really well and the poles say other whys.
4:35 pm
is this a -- wise is this a turning point or is this one small pick up and people will forget about. >> he will be better next time. and i mean more on message. hillary clinton use of the story and she dropped in the debate unhinged him and caught him off guard and this feeds the another narrative and the hold point about temperament. you want the guy with launch codes this think skinned and these behave -- thin skinned and these behaveers. >> if we can so the poll there is a tracking poll that is out now saying that he is ahead nationally and here almost six points this as the ppp poll shows hillary clinton is ahead
4:36 pm
by about four points, we will have that poll in a few moments but the point is, are these polls meaningful we are 39-days out from the election. are they telling us anything or is it so tight it is anyway wn's race? >> i don't know inmethodology, there is usually a three and a half-5% margin of error and it is still a tight race you different polls saying the same thing we can reliablely say this is a very tight race and to tie this back to what we talked about with his behaveers. both of these candidates she is going after millennials and they are cleaning toward johnson and stein, it is a smaller group of voters dividing this in the end if the rest of us decided, and this is this week including tweets at 3 o'clock on the morning. and this is a dangerous thing as
4:37 pm
they are getting ready to make up their mopeds. he can lose -- minds can lose this. >> this talking point that were suspect out and the fact that he --sent out and he didn't bring up hillary clinton and the problems with her husband and he said that he could have said that but he didn't because she saw chelsea in the front row. and now the worry is he will bring tup. >> this is the worst strategy he can have. >> there is a classical retoreical label and it means referring to something be pretending you not referring to it. even though he didn't mention it during he mentioned after. and he can say it is didn't mention it and the surrogates were beating that drum all week long and it doesn't matter if
4:38 pm
she said if he prime -- if he said it he primed the news for it. >> what about the vice presidential debate? >> this will be interesting. pence has looked pensive when asked questions about trump and his inaudibility to stay disciplined. he goes out of his way to try to defend it but you can see he is doing his job and he is such a reasonable person other wise you wonder what is he really thinking on the inside i think this cacan be good both of -- can be good both are experienced politicians and in the vp position and both good communicators we will see how far from the trump script pence gears if he comes back to the middle or stays out, but he is probably a better person to explain some of these.
4:39 pm
>> they have not agreed on everything in the past and pence endorsed ted cruz, and those two men, we will talk to you after the debate. >> i some breaking nous on interstate 5 -- news on interstate 580 this is happening near tracey, and that is where the big rig you see there smoldering in the middle of your screen over turned and crashed into divide and caught fire. this is live from skyfox and one of the other reasons we are bringing this is because all of the east bound lanes are closed. so you can expect traffic in this area will be pretty brutal. you can see some of it moving in both directions. so perhaps they have reopened some of those lanes now and you can see the long line of traffic right now as you proach that accident skean a -- approach
4:40 pm
that accident scene and the truck has gone over the over pass and we are told that the chp is looking for the drive and we don't know de status of the driver nay were injured a lot of back up along the pass near tracey as you are traveling on friday afternoon afternoon. and we will be right back.
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the dodgers are back in town and not only the final series of the regular season or the rivles but there is also that race for the wild card and we have the details. >> reporter: it is pretty exciting to face the dodgers and everything at steak here it is interesting because the giants have had a poor second half and a lot hof folks say the giants -- of folks say the giants are still in this thing? the giants control their own des tuny and win their dest -- dest destny and that is main thing. you remember the last time he faced the dodgers? role it up here because it wasn't prety and it was when this happened. grounded out and fielded the
4:44 pm
ball and through him out and stared him down as he was walking off the field and faithed don't look at me -- mouthed don't look at me and benches cleared and he was pulled out of the game and the giants lost it. don't expect that to happen tonight with so much to stake. mets and cardinals are the two other teams and here is posy on the giants battle for the play offjures. >> you try to not worry about what they are doing and it is only natural to watch what the other teams are doing and when you are physically and mentally tired. focus, that takes more effort than earlier in the the year and it is important to understand that going into each game. >> the giants have had trouble focusing the second half of the
4:45 pm
season but you heard him on what is important and it is right out there for them and it could be crazy with the giants and the rar dars and the warriors and the sharks and if they don't make the play off s it would be a big disappointment but it is a good chance they will. >> the mets i have a friends in new york and he love fooz talk smack and i -- loves to talk smack and i was in total control and then i started scaled back my texts and on monday he said my mets will end the season above your giants and it is a given. >> fighting words. >> i know. >> i said not so fast. >> they can play in a one game battle, so you will have bragging rights if they win. >> pull through for me. >> jason did mention the
4:46 pm
raiders they face off the ravens on sunday. and is the f you don't -- if you don't have tickets you can watch it right here it is at 1:25 p.m.. and it is feeling like football weather round these parts. >> feeling like fall and hints of winteder as well. so the -- winter as well so the weather pattern is changing we have mostly clear skies and the temperatures are dropping op off and a bit of a breeze and winds around 15-25 miles an hour. you see high clouds approaching up toward year ekea and closing in on sonoma and cloveer daly and right now you can see an on shore in anded stick around through -- and stick around through tonight and a few spots close to 70 and concord and
4:47 pm
fairfield and san francisco and 57 and san jose is in the upper 60s sus stain near failfield and that is the gust around 30 last check and the winds affect on the water lot of chop and winds stopping 20 mimes an hour and a few -- miles an hour and a few high clouds and the dodgers in town. game one of the series and party cloudy skies. breezey and cool we will go 56 for the 7 o'clock hour for this evening. >> this cool weather system will stick around and it is moving to the south for your saturday and breezy out there and cool to mild, warmest locations is approaching the 70s, low to mid 70s and this is interesting this cold front there will be enough rainfall with this to have rainfall our north and east and some snow in
4:48 pm
the mountains for us a good bit of showers and we have to hold off the chance of showers else where across the bay areaa and the highest is up in the north bay and sunday, 8 o'clock the chance of showers and the going up a little bit by midmorning and showers like lee by ten or -- likely by 10 or 11 o'clock and the energy pushing toward the south. >> looking at this winter weather advisory, today a few clouds pictures sfapd a few hours -- snaped a few hours ago. a winter weather advisory and snow fall up about 6,000 feet 1-3 inches. and here we go saturday a mixture of sun and clouds and more clouds sunday, the chance oof a few showers and the bulk up to our north and some of these drifting to the south by one o clock and a persistent all day rainfall and a few scattered
4:49 pm
showers and another cell could move in late sunday might into monday morning. >> 60s and 70s out there and breezy winds around 15-25 miles and santa fe 71 and here is the look ahead your 5-day-forecast gee the scattered showers for your sunday and the best bet will be in up the north bay and a slight chance into monday and maybe tuesday. we will keep an eye on that and beyond that we will clear out the rain clouds and warm up the temperatures and we cad talk about a warming -- could talk about a warming trend. >> up and down. >> we are trending down this weekend. and we are live with a look at what is coming up at five. and frank you are still following that church fire? >> a huge fire it engulfed a historic church and the damage done and the clean up now under
4:50 pm
way as they are a trying to figure out how this massive fire started. >> i new police video from that deadly shooting. >> it shows sxacktly what happens and the -- exactly what happens and that deadly police shooting led to several days of protest and what is shows in the lead up to the shooting and what police say the victims drew out of his pocket in a shooting kans before he was skilled -- stance before he was killed. we are following breaking news on interstate 580 at the altumont pass and this big rig over turned and crashed into center divide you can see right now from skyfox it is still smoldering so be careful. at this point it looks like it traffic is not snarled, not as bad as it once was. stay with us.
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0. grief counselors were at a middle school today after yesterday's death of a buloved police officer. zink was a resource officer. he was headed on his harly yesterday and slammed into a truck and was hit by a big rig that crash shut down part of nurt state 80 for hours. -- interstate 80 for hours. he was often taking students to game thins weekend and wep to their -- on the weekend and went to a their homes during trouble times. >> i had problems and he would support me and tell me what i should do. >> well police chief spent the
4:54 pm
day with zink's family and zink leaves behind 7 children and served in the police deapartmented in his memory -- department and students are asking that september 29th be officer zink day. near tracey that where this big ryrig over turned and -- rig over turned and crashed and caught fire you scene from sky fox it is still smoldering and traffic is moving normally so be careful the four on two continues. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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. inblue grass festivel is understand way and it is free -- is under way and it is free. there is the castro street fair and the details in this eedition of weekend watch. >> the event is a call for everyone to celebrate the bay and local parks and museums in san francisco it is the 18th annual blue grass festival and the three-day festival we bile
4:58 pm
at the park and the balken and drew festival. bacon and brew festival it runs saturday and sunday. enjoy an all day festival at pores fest and free boat and artss and crafts. water fronted. erse in the east bay october fest. craft beer saturday 10-6 or clayton for theirs it is two fun filled days of german food, beer, wine and entertainm. if you are close thure south bay -- closer to the south bay it is for adults and kids saturday and sunday at the stein fair garden and restaurant. >> and the harvest fair happening. more than 100 wineries, craft beer and cider tasting and chef
4:59 pm
demonstration and at the sonoma county fair grounds and the raiders and as ron the road. that is your -- are on the road. that is your weekend. on the east bound side it has been shut down but we just got word it is reopened and all of this near 205. it was because of an over turned big rig that crashed and caught fire we are looking at live pictures of the big rig and that also started a fire under over pass and we will continue to follow this and update you through the news kist but it appears -- cast but traffic is proving cloy but the good -- moving slow about it is moving
5:00 pm
along east bound 580 and a huge fire that engulfed a church and the fear is if the building will collapse this is what it looked like this afternoon, we are live now with how this will affect the community for the coming days, and possibly weeks. >> it looks like it will take a long time for them to investigate this fire and they are also having trouble getting inside because the struck schr is not sound. -- structure is not sound. you can see the brace beam right there the roof has collapsed and they are afraid that chimney could fall and the front half here that face as dana street, that looked like it was bowing and they are concerned it still could collapse and the fire started in the office building and


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