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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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the sanctuary of a berkeley church littered with debris tonight. but mostly saved from the flames after a fierce fire that left other parts of the building in danger of collapse. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. -- and i'm heather holmes. that three-alarm fire broke out this afternoon at the first congregational church. on channing way at xena street.
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ktvu's debora villalon is live there now. firefighters plan to be on that scene all night. >> reporter: all-night monitoring for hotspots and the possibility that parts of this damaged church could collapse. streets are still closed and the fences are up but the good news, the church sanctuary was saved. >> definitely better than what i was imagining. >> reporter: staff of first- come regional church got the first look inside the sanctuary. a mess of falling plaster, some electrical and water damage but firefighters covered the piano and or convince. -- and organs. with fire raging crews ran hose through the ceiling to block the blaze. before it could crease into the heart of the church. >> the firefighters did an excellent job. so grateful for their speedy action in containing the fire. so the damage is not worse than it had to be. >> reporter: the fire looked as if it might level the church campus. it started on the roof and raced through the attic of the
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hundred-year-old brick building. first church is prepping for solar panels and a neighbor walking by saw workers on the slate roof. >> they had a torch that was on a rope that was swinging but it was lit. >> reporter: many saw a small fire that quickly grew. >> i saw two workers up there and they scattered. the fire department came in and through a ladder up. they started to chainsaw cut and then they started fencing the roof and is spread. >> reporter: as it spread firefighters were working to save the second floor staff offices when everything changed in an instant. this glass skylight in an auditorium collapsed and a huge rush of smoke and heat meant everyone had to evacuate fast. one firefighter path was blocked and he called may day which put crews into rescue mode. >> i was pretty terrified. yeah. you never want to hear that. and we were all coming out of the building which is a fairly chaotic time. and when you hear may day, all
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attention goes to that person. >> reporter: he got out and down a ladder from a second door window. by evening all the obvious hotspots were out and a drone helped find the rest. using a thermal imaging camera it identifies fire not visible otherwise. so crews can direct their stream to where they are still needed. with the roof gone walls are buckling. one chimney has collapsed and others might too. gravity could finish what the fire started. but the combination of 500 is made of even stronger stuff. >> already making plans for where we will be on sunday and let's carry on. the building is only part of it. the community is the main part and we will come together. >> reporter: this is not the first big fire for this church. it had one in the '60s and another in the '70s and bounced back from both of those are so there's tremendous optimism that they will make a good recovery this time as well. the immediate concern is stability. and building inspectors will be here in the morning so until it
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is safe all of these surrounding streets will remain closed and tomorrow is the homecoming game so expect traffic around here to be even worse than normal. back to you. >> deborah, go back for a moment what the neighbor said about the work that was being done on the roof of that church. are the officials confirming that that is in fact what caused the fire? >> well, we asked of course. because the church reverend even acknowledged that there was work going on up on the roof so that was more than just a neighbor speculating. that they were proceeding with the solar panels and prepping the roof for that. but the fire chief doesn't want to commit to that at this point. still premature. they would like to do their investigation before they come out with a cause. >> thank you so much, debora villalon in berkeley. governor brown tough and california's laws against sexual assault approving two bills inspired by the controversial sentence in the brock turner case. one bill expands the legal definition of rape. another bill prohibits judges
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from giving probation for those conviction -- a convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious person. the aclu says the new laws will have disproportionate effect on people of color who may not have sufficient legal representation. prosecutors say the victim in the brock turner case believes otherwise. >> i actually spoke to her today when i got the news. the law passed. and she was absolutely ecstatic. and overwhelmed that just a few months ago we were upset and saddened by the sentence but now the law has changed such that women on college campuses are safer. >> the new law does not affect existing cases. it will only apply to crimes committed after january 1st of next year. governor brown vetoed a bill that would have expanded parental leave for new moms and dads. the legislation sought to ensure job protection for new parents. who are also small business employees. wanting to take up to six weeks off from work following their baby's arrival. current job protected family
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leave is only available to companies with at least 50 employees. brown said he was concerned about the quote impact of this leave particularly on small businesses and the potential liability that could result. two drifters will stand trial for a pair of killings in san francisco and marin county. the preliminary hearing in the case against morrison lampley and lila all good concluded with the judge deciding there is enough evidence for the case to go forward to trial. the two were accused of killing a canadian tourist 23-year-old audrey kerry in golden gate park and then killing 67-year- old stephen carter on a park trail in fairfax last year. a third suspect sean engel already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as part of a plea bargain to testify against his two friends. he is facing a 15-year prison sentence in connection with the killings. now to the san francisco giants. and a final three game series here at home, against the dodgers. the outcome will of course help decide if the giants clinch a
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wild-card spot in the playoffs. ktvu's amber lee is live at at&t park where the giants came alive in the sixth inning and fans are hopeful for postseason baseball here. >> reporter: more than hopeful, frank. they have high expectations here at at&t park. this is the first of a three game series for the giants to wrap up the season and what could be more exciting than to play the dodgers? giants fans say they've been here before. the roller coaster ride their beloved giants give them as they make the run for the playoffs. >> programs! >> you are on the edge of your seat almost every game. with what's been happening at the end of the game. >> reporter: the team now fighting for a wild-card spot. fans say they wouldn't have it any other way. father and son say this is the giants way. >> we don't want it easy. we want to work for it. we want our boys to be challenged.
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we can't even call it torture anymore. torture is long done. we used to kind of the existential stress and anxiety of being a giants fan. >> reporter: after all the giants were a wild-card team when they won the world series in 2014. the magic the boys of summer bring will hopefully extend well into the fall. >> i'm really excited about it because i just want baseball to continue. i want them to continue. they spoil us. >> reporter: mary bear the giants ceo says this is a team that knows how to get it done. one game at a time. >> what i love about our guys, they know where the start and finish line is. finish line in the regular season is sunday. we have our eyes focused on that. >> this and says she's been a season ticket holder since 1989. and attended every home game this season so far. two more games to go and she is anticipating the giants will make it all the way to the world series.
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>> i know we have a good team out there. they're getting hot at the right time. you know? and i'm going, you know, all they have to do is get in. >> reporter: playing the dodgers for the final series. only adds to the excitement and tension of the final push to get into the playoffs. >> you are just like their all the way. and you just -- it's great. yeah, giants! >> champion has to struggle and suffer. >> reporter: the giants will play the dodgers tomorrow and sunday to end the season and fans are hoping to see the giants in the playoffs next week. frank? >> yeah. two more to go. all right. amber lee outside at&t park. check out what happened during the game because you don't see this every day. giants left fielder angel pagan body slammed a male fan who ran onto the field during the fourth inning. the man came up to catcher buster posey who shoved him to the ground and the man jumped up and took off. pagan grabbed him and threw him to the ground. the crowd erupted into
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applause. and the game continued. jason appelbaum will have much more on the game and the giants later on this hour. mercedes been sports weekend starts in just about 25 minutes. strictly blues -- bluegrass festival kicked off today in san francisco. more than 700,000 people are expected to attend that free weekend long event. as ktvu's cristina rendon tells us it's just the beginning of a very busy few weeks in the city. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival takes over golden gate park the first weekend of october each year. >> i just like all the people and we normally make a picnic. >> reporter: thousands of locals and tourists will flood san francisco in the coming days for more than the music. there's the giants dodgers series this weekend. >> we love the city. food, people, it's amazing. >> reporter: dreamforce kicks off next week. >> we love dreamforce coming in. it's like amazing for our restaurant. >> reporter: also amazing for
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hotels and short-term rentals. average nightly price of a home on airbnb in the city is $580 this weekend. hotel prices range from 200 to $600 a night. >> when we're busy like any industry, prices tend to be higher but still hotel rooms available. >> reporter: kevin carroll with hotel council of san francisco says the events have a big impact. >> we have events going on and people stay in hotels, they spend more money outside the hotels than inside. it helps restaurants, taxis. >> about a week and a half ago. it was about 250 a night. we paid more the last couple years so i didn't think it was bad. >> reporter: locals say crowds can be a hassle but they've come to expect it. >> bring a lot of people into the city. good for the local economy. all in all it's a win for the city. >> there are a number of road closures in the festival as well as for fleet week and dreamforce so keep that in mind
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for your commute. although it might be best to take public transportation. in san francisco, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. want to show you some of the big headliners at the hardly strictly bluegrass coming up this weekend. cyndi lauper and chris isaak will take the stage and then on sunday wynonna and the big noise , dropkick murphy's and cake are scheduled to perform. the bay area weekend looks pretty good, but there's a chance for some umbrellas needed. i'll let you know when that could happen and what you can inspect for both saturday and sunday in terms of temperatures. cars targeted by police with laser devices to track their speed. the competence of crackdown that is putting drivers on notice. -- the comprehensive crackdown. incredible comeback many thought they would never see. up next the young man takes the field after he was shot and left for dead.
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new at 10:00 tonight, highly anticipated comeback for a high school football player. he was shot and left for dead three years ago and his family thought he would never play again. ktvu's paul chambers reports from richmond tonight where kennedy high school took on el cerrito in a very proud father, seeing his son play his first home game. >> reporter: 18-year-old kenneth singleton is getting ready for a big game. again his father never thought he would reach just three years ago. >> it was horrible man.
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he was in a coma. had been in surgery for five hours. and i didn't know if he was going to make it. >> reporter: father james says the day he was told his son had been shot was the day that forever changed their life. it was january 23rd, 2013. timothy was hanging out with a friend on polonia greenway near the bart tracks in el cerrito when they were approached by two men. >> they asked me for my shoes and i said no. they ended up shooting me and my friends. >> one bullet bounced off his back and the other one came out at the top of his stomach. and that's the one that did the damage. >> reporter: james says after that his son who played football as a young child became depressed and was on a downward spiral. >> he started kind of giving up on life a little bit. it was a struggle. he didn't understand why someone would shoot him like that and it was hard to try to get him to keep living at times. >> reporter: with hard work and dedication life took a positive turn. the shooters are behind bars and kenneth change schools
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. now he's wearing number 30 and kennedy high school running back is playing in his first home football games since that shooting. although he's overcome a lot, gun violence is still on his mind. >> i don't want to say i got used to it but it's just like after you hear it more and more, it's just like you kind of get numb to it. >> reporter: on this night kennedy and el cerrito high school football team put their rivalry aside just for a few minutes. as they stood side-by-side praying and taking a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives to gun violence in richmond this year. for james it was meaningful. because unlike many parents, his son is still here. cheering him on to higher heights. >> the fact he's doing good in school and he's out here playing and he's a part of it, it's like he's a normal high school kid for the first time. it's a dream come true. >> well. kenna says he wants to go to college and play football in the nfl sunday.
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as for the game tonight, el cerrito came out on top. a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his father and then opening fire at an elementary school in south carolina was charged today with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. prosecutors say that boy shot and killed his father at their home on wednesday and then drove to townville elementary school where he shot and wounded two students and a teacher on the playground there. one of those students a 6-year- old boy was critically hurt and he remains on life support. the teenage suspect is being prosecuted as a juvenile. new information now about a police shooting in san diego county. that left an unarmed black man dead. today police released some video of that incident. video from a surveillance camera and from the witness cell phone camera shows the deadly shooting of 30-year-old alfred olango in el cajon on tuesday. his sister had called 911 to report her brother was mentally
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ill and acting erratically. officers set a longer refused to comply with commands. they say a longer reached into his pocket for what they thought was a gun and that he pointed it at officers. that device turned out to be a vaping device and the release of the video comes after a third night of violent protests. last night protesters blocked intersection in el cajon and also through graft -- glass bottles at police. now to the loma fire burning for a fifth day now, cal fire said cooler temperatures and a barrage of water droplets are helping them make progress. contain the stands at 50% -- but as jesse gary tells us the tally of homes destroyed has now climbed to 12 with hundreds of structures still threatened. >> yeah. the wins may change tonight and they are thinking that's why they are fortifying the perimeter here right now. >> reporter: erica bishops eyes an uncertain future. 180 degrees of scorched earth greets him and finds his fears. winship forecast for tonight
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could cause fire damage to his property. >> gusts up to 20 miles an hour. so it could be exciting. >> reporter: in advance of so- called excitement, actioned by the growing army of firefighters. now numbering nearly 2000 crews are widening existing fire lines. on rugged steep terrain. >> the area where working in is so steep that is difficult to stand and certainly to work with hand tools and hose lines. >> reporter: a fleet of helicopters and planes is performing repeated water drops on hotspots to supplement ground efforts. >> because it puts the smoke out. so there's no embers that can be carried by the wind. >> reporter: this fire has already claimed 12 homes and 16 outbuildings. in some cases the only thing that remains is a chimney. fire damage assessment teams say other types of personal property cars, rvs, campers have also burned. some of them so severely damaged they can't tell what they used to be. >> we got the important stuff out.
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can always rebuild. >> reporter: rebuilding is still far off as this fight shift from the ground and air to a battle against the effect of increasing wind. >> looking for spot fires, we'll have pete pull out all night looking for spot fires. keeping an eye on the fire activity itself. >> no word on when evacuees will be allowed to return to their homes. in addition to the windy weather that is expected to pick up tonight, there's also a forecast of the first few drops of rain by the end of the weekend but firefighters caution they'll have to be an appreciable amount of rain for it to do any good. in the santa cruz mountains, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. as we head into the weekend, you heard jessie talking about the chance of rain. here's the idea. this system is going to drop down not on saturday but on sunday. bring us a good shot of wet weather throughout much of the bay area. meantime, tomorrow to get through saturday, pretty nice day no fog along the coast. sunset -- out on avenues today no fog out there right now.
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nice day tomorrow just kind of cool like it was today. little bit breezy, and temperatures generally in the 60s and low and mid-70s. mid-70s and hotspots. overnight lows, upper 40s mid- 40s in napa valley. which is chili. the forecast for tomorrow morning, no fog. 7:00 a.m., yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. there they are. that's your day tomorrow. a lot like today. a little fog back at the coast. when i come back the real story of this weekend is the weather system that jesse alluded to which could bring us showers to put a damper on the sunday afternoon and early next week forecast. i'll see you back here after a break. still ahead, harvest season in wine country rosemary orozco takes us through a day at a winery from great picking to wine tasting. coming up in three minutes a crackdown on the roads. where san francisco hopes to stop speeders right in there tracks.
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they are still trying to figure out what caused a big rig to crash this afternoon on 580 near tracy. it happened southwest of tracy near coral hollow road. the truck went off a bridge, caught fire and then also sparked a small brush fire. the driver was found on the westbound side of 580 and rushed to the hospital. his condition is unknown. new developments in the bay area police sex scandal. a former sheriff's deputy was in court facing criminal charges. ricardo perez pleaded not guilty to charges that he had sex with a minor. perez resigned as the contra costa sheriff's deputy as this investigation unfolded. also today the city of richmond says it received a $30 million claim alleging improper conduct by officers against the woman at the center of this sandal -- scandal. her attorneys have filed several
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claims in livermore and alameda county. drivers take notice police in san francisco are embarking on a year-long crackdown on speeders. the idea safer streets for pedestrians. ktvu's jana katsuyama went along with officers today as they worked to try to catch speeders and it's my understanding they are targeting specific areas. >> reporter: absolutely. specific areas. there is a map they have posted online. the green lines show the top priority such as market street, geary street and also 19th avenue. the blue lines are second priority areas such as broadway or lincoln near golden gate park. the message here is slow down or be prepared to see a police officer pull you over. >> cadillac. >> reporter: cars speeding through the afternoon commute friday face a team of san francisco police armed with new laser guns writing -- writing a
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traffic tickets. >> we pulled a gentleman over that was doing 50 miles per hour on the street on a 25-mile- per-hour zone. >> reporter: they showed us the new light detection and ranging instrument. which uses lasers instead of radar to record and oncoming vehicles a. the laser bounces off the vehicle's license plate or metal hood. >> right here there's a light i can see, showing me the distance and the speed of the vehicle. >> reporter: police received 32 new devices this week which are even more lightweight and shaped like a pair of binoculars. funding comes from a $2 million federal grant which will also be used to find extra staffing for the citywide crackdown. >> the officers that will be working these details, this will be on top of their regular shifts. so this will be additional officers and patrols. to the tune of 132 hours. >> reporter: 132 extra traffic enforcement hours per week for an entire year. they analyzed speed and collision data and identify the 26 high priority corridors
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shown in green and blue. where extra speed enforcement teams will be stationed at random hours. it's part of the city's vision zero effort to eliminate pedestrian fatalities after 24 pedestrians were killed in 2015. >> it's not about writing tickets. it's about correcting behavior and getting people to realize the problem in slowing down. >> reporter: when the safe speed campaign ends in the fall of 2017, the city plans to analyze the data to evaluate whether the additional enforcement and education have made a difference. they really stress this is also about education and letting the public know that this is a problem they should be aware of. >> so you were on harrison. was it like shooting fish in a barrel? one after another they were pulling over? >> yeah. we were there for 30 minutes with that team and in that short amount of time we probably saw more than half a dozen people get pulled over. >> well. >> some of them very high- speed. >> that when i said 50 in a 25. all right. thank you. a state funeral for full -- former israeli president shimon
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peres. tribute by world leaders in jerusalem. the race for president new poll numbers out today on where each candidate stands following monday's debate.
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president obama joined leaders from around the world in jerusalem today as former israeli president shimon peres was laid to rest. he died wednesday at the age of 93. two weeks after suffering a stroke. his funeral drew delegations from 75 countries including the president of the palestinian authority. former president bill clinton and secretary of state john kerry joined president obama paying tribute to perez and the legacy that he leaves behind. >> let us choose life as he always did, let us make


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