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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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hurricane matthew is still a force to be reckoned with tonight. the massive storm has weakened some, but it is still very dangerous as it heads towards savannah, georgia. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump under fire again. this time for comments he made years ago degrading women. as the chicago cubs are on top, not the giants after the first game of their national league playoff series with a score of 1-0 a. busy friday night. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville.
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>> hello i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie haener. we're going to begin with hurricane matthew. the state of florida avoided a direct hit today, but the storm surge caused flooding especially here in daytona beach. matthew brushed along the coast of florida, but never turned inland. still four deaths in florida are blamed on the hurricane. tens of thousands are without power. in haiti the scope of the devastation from the storm is just coming in to focus. the death toll has reached a staggering 842 people. many of the victims were killed by flying debris as winds of 145 miles an hour just tore through the area on tuesday. tens of thousands of people are now in shelters. we have team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist bill martin will show us where the storm is turning right now. first joel waldman is getting pounded by rain. joel? >> reporter: frank and heather good evening to you. just as we come on live the lights behind us are
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flickering. across the savannah river there is an island over there. we can hear like the alarm there. you can see the lights flashing. so perhaps power outages are starting to be seen across this area. we're kind of confined here to river street in savannah, which is one of the lowest lying area. the big concern from everyone continues to be the storm surge. >> we have evacuated or in the process of evacuating 174 medical facilities now at this point. >> reporter: hurricane matthew continues to roar up the east coast. along the way it has knocked out power to more than a million people as being blamed for multiple -- multiple deaths here in the united states. >> there is a potential significant -- there's potential significant flooding that could happen. >> reporter: it could still bring 15 inches of rain along with the storm surge up to nine
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feet in some areas. concerned about potentially deadly flooding and storm surges late friday south carolina's governor issued this stern warning. >> if you are in a low lying area or in any of those coastal areas, get to your highest floor of your house. >> reporter: in the meantime u.s. troops are now mobilizing to offer help in haiti where hundreds are dead and thousands are now homeless because of the storm. back here in the u.s. initial insurance industry estimates suggest hurricane matthew could cost between $25 billion to $30 billion making it the second costliest u.s. hurricane on record. >> it is possible that the hurricane could do the kind of damage that katrina did. >> reporter: there is a dust-to- dawn curfew in effect. the good news, we haven't seen any people out here in the streets at all. the mandatory curfew went into effect yesterday. the first mandatory curfew back
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in 1999 when hurricane floyd sidestepped savannah making its way to charleston. >> joel waldman in savannah, thank you so much. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the storm's strength and its track. bill? >> that's right, the storm is still a major hurricane. this is the rain, pardon me that fell out. the winds came out earlier today and last night in jacksonville and daytona beach. this is where the hurricane is now and this is where the problem lies. you can see the curvature mainly by savannah and south carolina. the curvature is going to allow the storm to turn here. the winds that are coming all the way across the water here gaining speed, throwing heavy rain, heavy wind gusts and an extensive storm surge. the eye wall is widening out. that means more of an area is impacted by the storm surge, which could go as high as 9,
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10, to 11 feet. that coincides tomorrow morning with savannah river's high tide at the savannah river where there could be a real problem there. the storm surge is going to be the story with it at least into the savannah area. as this system moves forward on shore over the next few hours that storm surge will move in and the high tide will build in and the rain will come down. flooding is almost a certainty for them. along the savannah river right where the hotels are right in town there as this storm moves further north, not so much storm surge, but heavy rain and strong winds with trees donates system hits with more of a perpendicular angle. so the story will continue and the storm doesn't go away tomorrow. it will stick off the central east coast for the next three days. when i come back, i'll talk more about the hurricane and what you can expect this weekend. charities in the bay area and across the country are reaching out to help the hurricane victims in haiti. u.s. marines have arrived to assist survivors of the storm. as many as 60,000 people are
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staying in shelters. here in the bay area a san francisco charity called new story is already helping the storm victims to rebuild. >> it only costs $6,000 to fund a home and eight weeks later you actually get the video of the family moving in to a beautiful new home from a tent. >> the devastation in haiti is prompting the government there to postpone the presidential election, which was scheduled for this sunday. well hurricane matthew is also causing problems for travelers. airlines have canceled at least 5,000 flights since wednesday. all flights to and from orlando were canceled today. half of those orlando flights have now been scrapped for tomorrow. the ktvu weather team has continuing coverage. you'll find updates on our smart phone apps and on social media. now to the race for president at another bomb shell. it's an audio recording from 2005 that captures donald trump making some very crowd comments
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about groping women. trump was quick to apologize tonight, but hasn't stopped the backlash. >> yes, paul ryan says that trump will not be joining him at a scheduled appearance in wisconsin tomorrow. other republicans are also speaking out. our paul chambers is here now with the story. paul? >> reporter: guys normally a story coming out on a friday could be old news by tomorrow, but not with the presidential debate this sunday. donald trump's offensive language is having people from within his own party speaking out against him. >> i moved on her and i failed. >> whoa. >> i did, she was married. >> reporter: these comments by donald trump are now coming back to haunt him. >> reporter: the recording taken in 2005 was released by the washington post. on the tape, trump who is recently married made crude and vulgar statements to then correspondent billy bush of access hollywood. >> they let you do it, you can
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do anything. >> do whatever you want. >> you can do anything. >> trump's statement in 2005 sound exactly like his statements in 2016. that's the reason i don't think people will be terribly surprised by this. >> reporter: ktvu's political analyst joe thuman says that the release of the video is great timing for the clinton campaign, but not for trump going into sunday's presidential debate. trump issued a statement on his website. "this was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. bill clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course, not even close. i apologize if anyone was offended." >> whether it is locker room talk or not these are his words and words matter. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee says that trump's statements were horrific. her running mate says it is time for those who support trump to take a stand. >> any republican who has said they are for donald trump they need to be asked by the press
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and others and my constituents right now. do you still think he is qualified to be president of the united states? >> some have spoken out. no woman should ever be described in these terms. jeb bush says, "as the grandfather of two precious girls, i find that no apology can excuse the way that donald trump's comments degrading women." speaker of the house paul ryan who is the campaign with trump on saturday says that women are to be revered, not object -- objectified. within the last 60 minutes trump has released a recording appearing to be more clear and direct with his apology. he posted the video to his facebook page. >> i have said and done things i regret. the words released today on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anyone who knows me knows these
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words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. >> that is two apologies one day by donald trump. the presidential debate is on this sunday. >> thank you so much, paul chambers. as paul mentioned that second debate is being held in st. louis. it's a town hall-style debate with questions from the audience. you can watch it live starting at 6:00 right here on ktvu fox 2. you can also watch it on or on our mobile app. well tonight's game one of the national league division series between the san francisco giants and the chicago cubs. it was a pitcher's dual. the only run scored came in the 8th inning on that home run by the cub's player baez. the cubs walked away with the victory. giants fans though didn't let tonight's outcome quell their optimism. they're still holding out hope
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that the team will come out on top. the best of five game series. afterall it is an even year. these fans watched the game just a few blocks from at&t block. they say now is not the time to worry. the giants will get the win in game two tomorrow. >> it's kind of a disappointment, but you know there's more games to be played. there's still more baseball out there. i'm very excited about that. >> most giant fans would be satisfied with a split in chicago. games three and four are here at home on monday and tuesday. our sports director mark ibanez will have more on the game coming up at 10:45. there are 2,200-mile journeys to raise awareness for the 22 million veterans who commit suicide. high flying stunts above the bay. we will board a jet as the team comes to the bay area for fleet
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week. police arrested two suspects in the attack of a richmond man. why they say the victim was a target of a hate crime.
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the victim is sick and today the attorneys sent a letter to richmond police and the county d.a. asking that the assault be charged as a hate crime. jana katsuyama in richmond now with this report. jana? >> reporter: frank, police tell me that the two men have been arrested. the two suspects they say. but the attorneys for the sick coalition says that those suspects, they issued an expletive before they cut the victim's hair with a knife. people coming for friday prayers said they heard about the attack on one of their members and were stunned to see kasa this week bruised and cut from an attack. >> a very nice man. he was a very good man.
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he wouldn't fight with anybody. >> reporter: the attorney for the coalition say that he was near the hilltop mall on september 25. the victim says that a white ford pickup truck with as many as six white men pulled up and threw a beer can at him. he says two of the men approached his car and grabbed him through the window. >> they started beating him in the face, they took a knife and cut off a part of his hair. >> reporter: the coalition's legal director received severe injuries. >> he may need a root canal, his finger was severely cut by the knife. it may need to be amputated. he's got a black eye and other cuts and bruises. >> he is a very peaceful man. >> reporter: they say emotionally there's the pain of having one hair's cut that violates his belief. >> we are not suppose to cut our hair ever. and it is also one of the articles of faith.
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>> reporter: he called 911 during the assault. that night they arrested two suspects. a 31-year-old man from beaumont texas. each one is charged with felony assault. members of the center say that he's a 41-year-old u.s. citizen and devoted father. in a letter to the police the coalition said that this should be treated as a hate crime. >> my concern is that they cut his hair. i don't understand why somebody would say that unless they were -- unless they were specifically targeting the person. >> reporter: both men have posted bail and released. it's now up to the district attorney's office to decide whether to add the hate crimes to the assault charges. reporting live in richmond tonight jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. we are following some developing news out of san francisco where police are investigating a homicide at this hour. this is is a live picture of
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plymouth and broad at ocean side neighborhood. police responded to the area just after 7:00 tonight on a report of shots fired. officers located two adult males suffering from gunshot wounds. one victim in his 50s was taken to the hospital. unfortunately the other man in his 20s ended up dying at the scene. as of now police say they have no suspects. well the family of a homeless man shot and killed by san francisco police filed a federal civil rights lawsuit today six months after his death. police said the officers feared for their lives when 45-year- old louis gongorra charged at them with a knife. he was sitting down when he was shot. but the suit is asking that the officers be charged if his death. they also seek unspecified damages. prosecutors have decided not to file charge against the stanford graduate student accused of sexual assault. the santa clara district attorney's office says they made that digs because of the
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insufficient evidence in the case. the alleged attack happened on september 24 inside a dorm room there on campus. the suspect is is a 22-year-old grad student. the victim was identified by campus police as the suspect's girlfriend a 28-year-old woman who is not a stanford student. san jose police have arrested a suspected drunk driver in connection with the crash that killed a 55-year-old bike rider. it happened last night in the downtown area. investigators say the driver the 26-year-old taylor hildress drifted into the bike lane ask and clipped a parked van. he is the 32nd bicyclist or pedestrian killed by a car in san jose this year. that's an average of three deaths every month. police say last night's crash could have been prevented. >> it is that simple as i said to stand for everybody involved, you know, the driver as well as obviously the victim and the victim's family.
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>> investigators say the suspect remained at the scene cooperating with police. hildreth was booked uneases is pigs of felony du -- booked on a felony dui. the bay area air quality management district calls this a wake up call to reduce the number of cars on the road. people are urged to car pool or take transit tomorrow. as we head towards the bay area weekend, it'll be a nice one. temperatures will be very cool. do you remember that? then they warmed up each day. it'll be warmer today than yesterday. temperatures are in the mid- 80s. tomorrow some low 90s. the weather systems are to the north. winds are slightly offshore as you'll see the lines there. see how they are going offshore. that is how it will go tomorrow with no fog to contend with. the temperatures will warm up, even mild right now in concord.
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it is 68 in hayward right now. so it is dark and it should be chilly, but it's not. the winds are light. you can see how they are varying all over the place east of hayward and south of sfo. the pressure radiance are way down and so tomorrow morning it's going to be cool when you get going because there's not a lot of wind to warm things up in the valley. they will find some temperatures in the inland valleys around vallejo, fairfield, vacaville. some temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s. we will be at 38 to 39 in the outlining areas. a cool start and then a warm day tomorrow. tomorrow will show a little fog a few miles offshore. it'll be a sunny day all along the coast. temperatures tomorrow look for the reds. those are the 90s. look at that, that's the temperature footprint. 70s all the way to the coast for your bay area saturday. warmest day of the week tomorrow. the five-day forecast when i show you next we'll talk about that real good chance for some rain. we'll see you back here. coming up here a 40-foot
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long tree branch falls on a player. the close call that is raising new questions about the safety of some large trees. one swing of the bat. all it took is just a hit tonight. mark will be here with the post- game stint and a full display of friday night sports. a quick role on the military yes. we will take you above the bay with skilled pilots who will be performing tomorrow and sunday at fleet week.
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for many people it's the highlight of fleet week. the sights and sounds of the navy's blue angels. earlier today from sky fox we saw the parade of ships entering the golden gate. one of many displays of american military patriotic pride on display this weekend
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in san francisco. >> it really moves me because my father was a lieutenant in world war ii in the navy. so that has brought a flood of memories back to me. >> it's something that i'm not ever going to forget. and i will be thankful for this experience. >> reporter: as many as one million people are expected to head into the city for the weekend's festivities including ship tours and concerts by the military bands. the air show starts tomorrow and at noon on sunday. angels will fly at 3:00 p.m. each day. the civilian team of the jet blue pilots are also in town for fleet week. >> yes, in fact i had a chance to fly with the team today. they took us in formation for a 30-minute flight. and it was so much fun. but there was one move that got me very close to getting sick inside the cockpit. >> reporter: our flight started at oakland international airport. they are all training jets from the mid-1990s. all the pilots are the former
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french military. >> we are in the air. oh man, i love this. >> i'll get ready now. i love the acceleration. >> after taking off we flew over to mt. diablo where we would begin our maneuvers. all eight were flying just about 10 feet apart and i couldn't stop staring at the plane right next to us because it is so odd for them to look out at the canopy and see another jet just a few feet away. >> we are seeing them right next to you. >> the first maneuver is a loop as we would accelerate to about 400 miles an hour and then the 4gs started to pull up. >> we would see them here. okay, here we go with the loop. >> reporter: you can hear me growling trying to keep the blood in my head. oh man that's awesome. >> reporter: after that we did a few more maneuvers and then
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all the planes split up. they asked if i wanted to do a high-speed roll. i said yes. just like that we spun around. >> whoa. awe man that was awesome. >> reporter: i was fine after the first roll, but then he asked if i wanted to do another one. again i said yes and that was a big mistake. afterwards i was totally dizzy and could feel myself getting sick to my stomach. in fact at one point i was just about to reach for the airsickness bag, but kept taking deep breaths. the flight lasted for 30 minutes. the weather was perfect and the views were spectacular. >> that was so much fun. >> reporter: after the flight i spoke with the pilot marshawn. >> so this is your first time in san francisco? >> yes, this is my first time in san francisco, absolutely. the weather is fantastic. i crossed the golden gate, it's fantastic. everything looks fantastic. >> okay, lucky guy. >> it is so interesting as i
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was saying. when you're flying and you look out the window there is another plane that's 10 feet away. compared to the blue angels, 10 feet is a mile. but with the blue angels when they're flying in some cases they are 18 inches apart. it is just so different from anything you'd experience in a regular airplane. >> the views had to be spectacular. >> oh my gosh it was so spectacular. there wasn't a cloud in the scheme it was -- in the sky, it was a lot of fun. >> i would be too. >> the first roll was fine, the second roll not so fine. >> very cool. thanks, frank. all right, well public drunkenness, fights, even assaults. the action that is now being taken to the east bay where police are responding to frequent calls. >> the hardest battle that our troop faces is coming home. >> two men wanting to make a difference for returning service members. their journey up next.
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new at 10:00 two military veterans crossing the golden gate bridge this evening with little fanfare, but a big mission. the two veterans are traveling the west coast in motorizechairs. they're doing it to try to raise a wareness and help for am -- raise awareness and help amputees like themselves. >> reporter: it's a zoom chair. battery powered. these two are zooming their way from canada to mexico. >> we've had flat tires and break downs. >> reporter: their road crew follows with a camper for sleeping. >> so many of our men and women are overseas fighting. away from their family for a year at times. >> we're going 2,200 miles for


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