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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton and donald trump clashed tonight in their second presidential debate. >> after getting subpoena, you delete 33,000 emails. are we going -- we're going to be in a special prosecutor. you ought to be ashamed of yourself.>> it's awfully good
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that someone with the temperament of trump is not in charge of the law in our country.>> reporter: undecided voters asking questions in the town hall debate. >> i will work with every american. i want to be the president of all americans regardless of your beliefs. >> we have to bring back respect to law enforcement. i want to do things that haven't been done, including fixing and making our interstate is -- inner cities better.>> reporter: trump address to 2005 video recording that showed him smoking in vulgar terms about women. >> i am not proud of it, i apologize to my family. i am very embarrassed by it, i hated, but it is locker room talk.>> he said the video does not represent the has. i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is.
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>> reporter: the election is under one month away. remember on october 19, boasts candidates -- both candidates will face off in las vegas. >> these things look different live in the arena. the crowd seems louder than we expected. did you have a sense of which candidate they were with that the end?>> obviously the moderators were asking everybody to keep silent, to be respectful. there were obviously applause for both candidates. i will say to you in the beginning i noticed the most reaction when the candidates walked out and didn't shake hands as is customary. that one really set off, especially the media, everyone kind of was taken aback that this did not happen, that we knew there were going to be fireworks ahead of us. i will say at the end there was somewhat of a camay out moment between the two candidates when
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they did shake hands after they were asked what did they respect about each other.>> lorin blanchard live in st. louis. iq. it's not your typical watch party. tonight, the drama of the debate played out on the big screen at 200 regal cinemas including two theaters in the bay area.>> azimuth smith is live in dublin. both sides in the same room. how did that go?>> reporter: it went well for the most part. we did encounter some voters who didn't think either of the candidates won tonight's debate. i watched part of it with them. i must say it's a lot different watching on the big screen then at home. it was a free showing and one man came from as far as turlock. at regal cinemas, moviegoers are used to watching the likes of batman versus superman. tonight it was clinton versus trump duking it out on the big
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screen.>> it gives more exposure to the political debate. more access for people who want to try to get into politics.>> the most interesting thing about this election is how there is so much entertainment value to watch it.>> -- >> reporter: the entertainment group airing the debate for the first time. 30 people watched it in auditorium five, including alan think who liked watching it with the computing -- community.>> sitting at home, it's like watching a comedy. you don't laugh as hard watching it alone when you watch it with a theater full of other people.>> reporter: trump a best -- trump addressed his locker room banter. he apologized tonight. a majority of the crowd were hillary supporters. >> at 59, you don't have locker room banter. i'm sorry. if he is not beyond that after
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high school, he never will be.>> reporter: she thought trump appeared more calm,'s performance better than the first debate.>> i felt like it didn't really do much to advance my support for either candidate. i didn't really feel like i was really accounted for it. >> reporter: other voters say they are not surprised that the candidates focus on personal attacks.>> i will probably make up my mind by the end of the third debate.>> what's it going to take to make up your mind? >> a little more clarity around the strategies that donald is proposing. >> reporter: another free screening was in fairfield. the theater tells me they did not know what to expect in regards to turn out. there are a lot of open seats but in talking to shoppers at the plaza, a lot didn't realize that there was a free showing of the debate here.>> did you get a good sense for the
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demographics of the crowd? republican's, democrats?>> reporter: there are a lot of hillary supporters and some that will undecided. there were a couple of their -- couple there, some parents with their children, 17-year-old who will be eligible to vote in this election. it was a good mix in terms of perspectives. there were a lot of hillary supporters here.>> the did debate change any minds?>> no. a lot of people, the two people i spoke to that were undecided said they still were undecided, they were not steered in any direction. they wanted to your mac more strategy, more policy, more issues, more focus on that as opposed to what they usually expect, personal attacks.>> azimuth smith, live there. brian sobel joins us. a lot of people thought that the trump campaign was on the
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brink going into the campaign. what do you think tonight? >> he is surviving for another day. if he had come to this debate and done very poorly he would've been in major trouble. he is mathematically in trouble. make a mistake. it could've been a lot worse for him. i thought on balance he did pretty well given the circumstances. >> the audiotape that just exploded, was he able to begin to put that behind him? didn't put -- did he put it behind them?>> i think he covered it and continued to pivot away from it. i thought he was fairly successful. intern, hillary clinton did not keep going back to it in the same way. for obvious reasons.>> 90 minutes of mudslinging. we saw it all tonight. did you think donald trump was interrupting as much and insulting clinton and bill
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clinton as much? was it more on clinton side? >> i think at different times they gave and they took. from that perspective, it was an interesting debate to watch. it was really about expectations. i think people came in saying, hey, if trump does not do well, this thing is over tonight. and he was able to save it. for her, she had come in and just kind of be hillary clinton and talk about the issues. the first 20 minutes were really rough. it kind of called down and they talked about seven, eight, nine issues. whether you thought it was complete discussion about the issues are not is something else. other things did come up.>> a lot of people said they didn't think trump was prepared and was on the defensive. let's talk about the second debate how did that compare? did he have a different tone, different tactics? >> whether you like or dislike trump, he came in tonight much better prepared. he had factset his command, a new where he wanted ago, he was better rehearsed. it showed. he seemed to be a lot calmer.>>
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what did you think about his attack on bill clinton? before the debate he had that press conference with all the female accusers of bill clinton, then he went after bill clinton during the debate itself. was effective? what did you think of clinton's response?>> i don't think we're going to know yet. my own observation was a really risky call. because of the possible backlash but it may have been the only call he can make under the circumstances. the way that it turned out after everything was that there was a given to take and we will see what the american people say despite any polling we are seeing tonight. this will play out over a couple of days. >> i was going to ask you on the polls, will we see much movement? >> i don't think it changed anybody's mind who is either committed to clinton nor trump. we will have to see what it does for the undecideds. mathematically, she is rounding third. something would have to really
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derail her to change the outcome. >> if you are advising trump, you would go after clinton on the trust.>> he has to go after her with the things that have resonated -- resonated with the american people.>> 10 days away. >> one more to go.>> thank you, brian. coming up, 30 people thrown into cold waters after their boat capsizes in the bay. what police are saying tonight about charges for the driver of that vote. cleanup underway after hurricane andrew's tour through the east coast. we are wrapping up a beautiful weekend. temperatures begin to change already. low clouds switching back into the bay. how much cooling? eventually some rain clouds in the long-range weather forecast. o
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new details about a boating accident. a four-year-old boy remains in the hospital after he was trapped underneath the whole of the capsized boat. 30 adults and other children were thrown into the cold waters off appear 45. tonight that boat remain submerged in the bay. authority say they were too mac busy with fleet week to remove it. the question now, will those
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responsible face charges? leigh martinez has the latest. >> reporter: the scene on the water was shocking. dozens of people struggling to stay afloat around the sinking boat. >> we had a 37 foot cabin cruiser out on the bay, 30 people on board and the vessel capsized.>> reporter: eight people were taken to area hospitals. all patients were released except for a four-year-old boy. he was pulled out of the water in critical condition.>> the waters are very cold. hyperthermia -- hypothermia can set in quickly. somebody may have been injured during the process of falling off.>> reporter: officials say the boy is stable and improving. the boat is registered in san francisco to a private owner. police are interviewing people on board.>> everybody on board was said to be invited guests or friend or family the
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owner.>> reporter: a boater who came up to help says he suspects the boat was too mac crowded.>> a lot of people on the boat. i think maybe wake from another boat caused it to flip over. that's just speculation.>> reporter: the coast guard in marine crews are searching for the sunken vessel that went under 100 feet from pierre 45. the bay is too mac crowded with boats for sunday's fleet week after for crews to pull it up to the surface. more lawn first met marine cruiser making passes in the bay -- crews are making passes in the bay.>> we can stop an issue citations. >> reporter: the police sgt. did not would to speculate on charges against the owner or
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the driver. they have to determine if somebody was negligent regarding the safety of those passengers. police also want to remind people if you invite people out on your vessel, you are responsible for everyone's safety. leigh martinez, ktvu. investigators still don't know what caused the train to derail in new york sending a dozen people to the hospital. it happened last night on the long island railroad near new hyde park. a passenger train smashed into a maintenance car causing it to smashing the flames. and injured 33 people. >> everybody was screaming. >> i was very scared. i was traumatized, i was in shock. >> i'm trying to figure out what happened. that's when i saw the man that was probably working trapped under the rubble. >> none of the injuries are life-threatening. services are still suspended in both -- service is suspended in both direction. 20 people
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dead after hurricane matthew swept through the southeast. it is in downgraded to oppose tropical cyclone and is responsible for killing 900 people in 80. the storm is heading out into the atlantic ocean but leaving a mess in its wake. jo walton is live in savannah. joel, the cleanup there is already underway.>> reporter: ross and julie, good evening. we drove around savannah today and saw a lot of damage and destruction. we are back where the hurricane hit, about 48 hours ago. this is river street, it was completely flooded out. nobody had seen the banks of the savannah overflow like that for decades. you see how this jump that was left behind. with a mandatory evacuation lifted by gov. nathan deal, people are going back home to assess the damage.>> it is awful down here. >> reporter: hurricane matthew downgraded and headed to see.
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the focus now turns to cleanup and recovery.>> as the beautiful carolina blue sky is here in raleigh, there are still people going through difficult times with the remnant of this hurricane.>> reporter: 2 million people were ordered to evacuate their homes as matthew closed in. while hugging the coast most of the way, the storm spared the region from extreme devastation. still, hurricane matthew unleashed plenty of fury.>> it was horrific. the wind was blowing real hard, it was so dark you couldn't see nothing.>> the window pane blew out. i had water, i lost my television. >> reporter: damage is still apparent across the region as some roads and communities remain submerged. president obama declared a state of emergency in florida, south carolina, georgia, and north carolina and ordered
10:21 pm
federal aid.>> we have made it through it and we are on the other side. let's get our hands to the till and get the job done. >> reporter: just now off the cameras vantage point we saw another police officer back patrolling. there is still a curfew in effect. last night it was dawn to dusk. they pushed it back to 10 pm, so slowly they are working their way out of this curfew. four -- forecasters are saying that cyclone matthew will dissipate at sea. there was a fear it would loop back around and hit florida once again. it looks like that is not going to happen. that is some good in much- needed noise. >> so much damage in your area. any estimate on the dollar amount or any vague idea how long it will take to rebuild or repair we>> reporter: we know initially they said $25 billion or so. they thought it would be the second costliest storm in the history. it's unclear whether the damage up-and-down the southeast coast
10:22 pm
is that bad. nathan deal came out today and said it wasn't as extensive as they thought it might be. it's always best to be over prepared and wonder well. it looks like that was the situation. a lot of people are without power and are saying that the lines at the supermarket look like black friday. there is no power and they are out there trying to get water and other necessary items so they can keep their bellies full.>> over prepared and underwhelmed. that's what we want. roll castro surveyed the damage from its -- his island nation. it damaged hundreds of homes there. there were no reports of deaths. rebuilding is already underway. it is very rare for castro to appeal -- appear in video like this. it indicates the further opening up of cuba. as you
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can see in the satellite and radar, matthew moving up the eastern seaboard over the past two days. right now, no longer tropical system. persistent rainfall across the northeast. still some rainfall pushing across parts of that area, that part of the country. as far as temperatures, you can see we have 70s and 80s. even if you 90s. we are wrapping up a warm weekend. livermore, nine -- 92, san francisco beautiful in the 70s, 70 or degrees this afternoon. on moving back in. the blue angels move out of town, fog mousse into the picture. you can see the tower here, this will be a factor into monday morning, right around the bay. we're watching some energy to the north. a cold front eventually this energy will move into northern california. a big pattern change later in the week we're introducing rain chances, a fairly high chance
10:24 pm
of our five day forecast by friday. right now, scattered low clouds and high clouds on the increase. here is our forecast model, waking up and partly cloudy skies or areas of low clouds and fog. hear the bay, first thing tomorrow, dennis the afternoon hours. keeping it cool for the beaches, thinking 60s there, 70s around the bay, warmest locations inland backup into the lower 80s. tomorrow will be cooler than today. game three for tomorrow for the giants at at&t park, we expect partly cloudy -- partly cloudy skies, a bit of refreeze, lense around 20 miles an hour, chilly midnight at the ballpark if you're going to watch the game for monday night. we're talking about cooler temperatures and eventually some rain clouds. we will talk about the big pattern change coming up at 10:40. coming up, one baseball team has punched a ticket into the championship series. we will tell you who. it
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came down to display in the raiders chargers game. the highlights of this thriller in oakland. sports is next. alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible
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joe is here now with sports. the raiders keeping their fans happy. >> they are happy tonight. raiders fans have been waiting for optimism to demonstrate itself on the field. that time may be here. the blue angels opened the coliseum before the game with the charges. the raiders trailed 10-9 at half time. in the third quarter, lightning struck. cooper made a 64 yard play, oakland within one. late in the quarter the raiders took the lead on a fourth and three. carr puts it up in michael crabtree battles hayward for the ball. 27-24 raiders. the raiders went up by 10.
10:28 pm
then it was san diego's turn. antonio gates won't be denied in the end zone. the chargers go for the raiders, 18-4 on their one. drew cater fumbles the snap. the raiders hang on for a 34-31 win. they are off to their best start since going to the super bowl in 2002. >> you're talking about the fourth and two? usually don't have to answer a lot about why would you get it. [ laughter ]>> especially touchdown. come on. the giants would like a repeat of history. in 2012, they fell by hand the reds two games-zero. the giants then went to cincinnati and won three straight. they will send madison bumgarner to their amount
10:29 pm
tomorrow and then do the same against the cubs. bumgarner through a four hit shutout with the mets. bumgarner has been almost perfect in the postseason but even if he pitches up to form tomorrow, the giants would still have a lot of work to do. bumgarner, been there before.>> it's a really good vibe that everyone puts off year and the mentality that we have. there's definitely no panic. i wouldn't say that at all, but we have a lot of guys that are ready to show up and play ball. >> one of baseball's divisional series is over. it was a sweet. toronto one too mac in texas and headed home for the first time in the series. days were trailing 6-5 in the sixth with kalo on the mound. his pitch gets by luc roy. he charges of pass ball and i tying run. the jays put two on with one
10:30 pm
out. josh donelson coming around from second, he beats the throw to the plate. this in error, but all the jays know as they are headed to the championship series. a pop the champagne and we will wait for cleveland or boston, who were rained out today. the sun shining on dusty baker in the nationals in washington dc today after yes base rate out. two runners aboard for the nationals, backup catcher jose low baton against rich hill. low baton with a two nothing dodger lead, race by a three run homer. the nationals win 5-2 to even the series. a quick turnaround for the two teams will be back at it tomorrow afternoon at dodger stadium. lots more at 11 on sports wrap. we will see you then. coming up, we're learning new details about a shooting in palm springs that claimed the lives of two police officers.>> will
10:31 pm
they or won't they stay in the bay? that's the question as the fight over the raiders continues. why nevada isn't going down without a fight. ♪
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in 18-year-old man was injured at an attack at an elementary school in santa rosa yesterday afternoon. it was at sheppard elementary school. the young man was skateboarding add-in outdoor basketball court when several people stabbed him. he was rushed to the hospital. his injuries are serious but nonlife redding. valletta -- petaluma police are investigating the shooting of a baby girl. the infant was injured in an accidental shooting inside her home. the baby was hit by a bullet
10:34 pm
fragment and taken to the santa rosa memorial hospital, then transferred to use cf -- ucsf benioff. the girls expected to survive. no arrests have been made. the gunman accused of killing two police officers and wounding a third in palm springs is in custody. police arrested john felix this morning after holding officers at bay for hours. it began when the suspects mother called police to home saying she was having problems with her son. felix said he was going to shoot and then gunfire rang out. police surrounded the house last night before felix finally came out. at a press conference today, palm springs police chief brian race fought back tears.>> i have to share with you the pictures of our two deceased officers, employees that are broken. if there is ever a time to pray for palm springs pd, it's
10:35 pm
now.>> the officers killed have been identified as jose gilbert vega and leslie's revenue. they get was a 35 year veteran of the department due to decide -- retire and december. the female officer had just had a baby girl. the cases been turned over to riverside county sheriff's department. i had of the 25th anniversary of the east bay firestorm, a memorial was held for people who lost their lives. it destroyed 3000 homes in 1991. the anniversary is coming up on october 20. officials from oakland, berkeley, and barred held a rededication ceremony for a memorial plaque at the rockridge park station including a reading of names and bell ringing for each person who died. the raiders biggest ever nongame day will
10:36 pm
come tomorrow morning on the eastern side of the sierra at the state capital in nevada. tom baker looks at the proposal before especially called spec -- session of the legislature to lower the raiders to las vegas.>> the raiders would be the minority investor to a billionaire and millions of tourists taxpayers. for oakland raiders fans, eyes will turn to carson city where the legislature will continue -- consider putting public money into a raiders can't -- complex. the price tag would be $1.9 billion from resources. the state is considering up bring -- upping the hotel tax to raise $750 million. chairman sheldon alice would invest 650 million alice would invest $650 million in the raiders would be responsible for half $1 billion.
10:37 pm
with financing in place, the raiders would then ask the nfl for permission to land in las vegas. we went to the watering hole for raiders, ricky's, where we were excited to find the fans we met resigned to the move. >> i am in agreement with them going to nevada. i would moved to nevada if the raiders moved to las vegas. i think we need a new stadium. it's time. it's been long overdue. oakland is not going to give us what we need. they are not going to give the oakland a's what they need. it's just time for us to get something more established. >> my reaction is i love you, raiders, stay in oakland if you can come in if you go to las vegas, i will travel to las vegas and do a little gambling and watch the games. >> i would go wherever the raiders go. if they go to nevada, wherever, i will go. >> reporter: the devils in the details. what that means is this such a complex deal is not guaranteed
10:38 pm
it will go through. >> i think the raiders should stay in oakland. they are the oakland raiders, they started here, they went to la for a while. they are doing great here. they should be here.>> to be sure, there are nevada opponents to the raiders move through say stadium deals rarely deliver what they promise in jobs and increased economic activities. tom baker, ktvu. still ahead, it is a controversial proposition on the november ballot. should english be the only language used in california classrooms? we take the closer look at prop 68. mark tamayo has your detailed forecast up next including when we could see some rain.
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election day is four weeks away. california has a long list of propositions, 17, on the november ballot. >> prop 58 deals with language used in public schools. douglas kennedy looks at both sides of the issue.>> reporter: lori oram is the principal of edison, bilinguals rule in santa monica california.>> you teach english and spanish through speaking -- speaking and hearing.>> the benefits are the kids get full proficiency in both language -- brett languages. they are competitive and ready to go to high school or college.>> reporter: the method has been under attack since 1998 when california passed its english-only initiative
10:42 pm
prohibiting -- prohibiting teaching in any language other than english. addison obtained a special exemption the key -- teach kids in spanish and english. this woman says most of the states foreign-language students have been left to suffer. >> the passage of prop 227 was a sad event for children. it denied them the opportunity to develop cognitively, to perform at higher levels in english.>> reporter: prop 58 what overturned 227, allowing bilingual education in all of california's public schools. not just a select few like edison. it will also allow teaching of all students in their native languages, which in california could mean korean, mandarin or anyone number 59 different languages spoken by students here.>> i think this is insane.>> reporter: morrow
10:43 pm
mojica is from us english, washington dc based english only group that opposes the new measure. >> a kid that age cannot learn two languages at the same time equally well. what they have now is helping the children assimilate a lot faster.>> reporter: to him, assimilation is the key. especially when school ends and work begins. err in order to make it in this country, anybody, any immigrant or anybody needs to learn english. otherwise they are not going to get into higher education, they are not going to get in the well-paid jobs.>> your critics say english-only improves test scores in assimilation and kids this age cannot learn two languages at once. what do you say?>> that has not been our experience at all. our kids outscoring was speaking kids.>> reporter: not so says marika who points out after 227 was passed in 1998,
10:44 pm
students with limited english skills improve their standardized test scores by 40 points. >> the idea is to educate them so they can go to higher education in this country, which is not going to be bilingual, is going to be in english.>> reporter: he says in order to learn english, is better to speak english. in santa monica, douglas kennedy, fox news. we're wrapping up a warm weekend in the bay area. yesterday, the hottest day of the week. we started the cool things off today a little bit. some bigger changes heading into monday and beyond. look at the temperature droppings acted for tomorrow. san francisco, from the 74, down to 65. san jose will cool you down 10 degrees from 86 to 76. on satellite and radar, look what's happening up to the north. a frontal system up north, that will eventually slide south into northern california and the bay area by midweek.
10:45 pm
a big impact on our temperatures and are rainfall chances. right now, low klausen higher clouds at the top of those low clouds. with that, a mixture for your sunday night. we will check in on some of the current numbers out there. santa rosa got 57, livermore, 67. san jose, 68, san francisco cooled off to 54 at last check. still very nice out there. is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge, low clouds working their way back into san francisco bay, closer to the golden gate bridge. for tomorrow, warning on : skies becoming partly cloudy. the extended forecast, we will bump up the rain chances later in the week. as far as overnight lows, tomorrow morning we are starting out chilly in the 40s to the 50s, partly cloudy skies, fog near the coast and right around the bay to start out your monday morning. we will begin to cool things off. we started to cool off a bit across the bay area but still some 80 years -- 80s out there.
10:46 pm
look what happens tuesday, a sharp drop-off in the temperatures in the energy will tap into some moisture from the next-. that could generate rainfall, especially for the northern portions of california. we call it an atmospheric river, small area of moisture to generate rainfall. it could be pointed directly at eureka, cape mendocino later in the week. we will be close enough to increase the rain chances in the bay area, especially in the north bay. that could be by friday, maybe as early as thursday night and parts of the north bay. 9 pm thursday, rain approaching mendocino candy. -- county. the number starting to add up. the key headline, we will bump up the chain -- rain chances for friday. for day seven in our seven-day
10:47 pm
forecast. 60s, 70s, warmest locations will approach the lower 80s. san jose, 76, half-moon bay, 62. there is a five day forecast. we will cool things off tuesday and wednesday. thursday, a chance for a shower. a rain cloud for friday. once in into sunday. a little preview of winter for mid-october. looks nice.>> things are definitely change it.>> we are cooling-off tomorrow. bring your code in your sweater. still ahead, sports wrap is minutes away. here's a preview of what's on tap. if you're in oakland raider fan, you want history to repeat themselves. they are off to their best start since the super bowl in 2002.>> if they are going to repeat themselves, they have to win three straight.
10:48 pm
we will see you at 11. up next, a suspected terror attack in turkey. it doesn't oakfield as to suicide bombers detonate explosives at a military checkpoint.
10:49 pm
i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes.
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no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. a shooting spree and motorcycle chase in jerusalem left several dead until the gunman was shot and killed. a motorist opened fire and officers on motorbikes started to chase him. he is described as a 39-year- old man who lived in east jerusalem a spokesman described what happened.>> the terrorist opened fire and shot one woman, then continued in jerusalem.
10:51 pm
he was chased by police on motorbikes. shots were fired at police officers who shot and killed the terrorists.>> today's attack is latest in a string of assaults, mainly stabbings that have left 34 israelis and two americans get any year. in turkey, 18 were killed by a car bomb at a military checkpoint. among the dead, 10 soldiers and eight civilians. ambulances rushed the victims to the hospital. fightings between the militants and state security forces resumed last year after a two year cease-fire. the writing is on the wall in mexico city, literally. graffiti artists are participating in the meeting of the styles festival, supposed to make downtown look better. artists are making buildings look like a 1970s new york subway car. much of the work is on a very grand scale.>> we did it before
10:52 pm
in the street. i can't do that now.>> pretty cool. the festival has been going on for a dozen years and takes place in cities all around the world. coming up, a fall tradition tips the scales in washington. will the giant award outweigh the pumpkin and half-moon bay?
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fall in full swing. pumpkin growers are trying to find ways to create the biggest pumpkin. in washington state, people gathered to take a look at this year's winner. look at this pumpkin. it weighs 1792 pounds. the man who grew it says the secret is in the seats. this one was grown from a pumpkin that was 1750 pounds, the very pumpkin that won last
10:56 pm
year. the arts and pumpkin festival at half-moon bay is set for next weekend. last year's pumpkin waiting at 1969 pounds. a star-studded event helped raise money for childhood diabetes. dozens of celebrities attended the carousel of hope ball. sidney poitier was given a lifetime achievement award. jane fonda, david foster, and sheree lansing were honored for their help. this is video from the children's diabetes foundation facebook page. proceeds benefited that foundation and the barbara davis foundation for childhood diabetes. thanks for joining us tonight.>> sports wrap is next. have a great rest of your weekend. good night.
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so i got your test results an allergy to cat dander.w there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable? i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
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straight ahead just another raiders/chargers showdown. >> another wild west out there today. >> how both teams lived up to their 4th quarter reputations. brady is back. >> brady, throwing, touchdown! >> why nfl week 5 was everything and nothing we expected. another giant hole for bochi's boys. >> this club has the history. >> why they are 8th and expecting to keep their playoffs alive. sports wrap is taking flight next. greetings and salutations, welcome to sports wrap, scott reiss and joe fonzi. no 49ers today. the bay area had their spotlight all to themselves giving us a full 60 minutes of high-e


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