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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  October 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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now to today's top stories. an investigation is underway in vallejo after two officers failed an failed ambush attempt at the starbucks off interstate interstate 80. they were confronted by a heavily armed man. he tried to shoot them but his gun jammed. the officers chased him for a block and shot him three times when he althdly tried to clear the weapon of the jam. he is hospital in critical condition. a suspect who ran over a worker -- about 9 on 90 minutes ago police surrounded this white pickup truck. the truckdriver may have been interrupted by the victim while trying to steel pallets on williams street and ran over him. the victim's name has not been
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released. nevada governor signed legislation putted raiders one step closer to las vegas gas. the stadium will cost $1.9 billion. it will need approval of the three yaurts of the owners in january. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. new fall out tonight from donald trump. this afternoon former access hollywood host billy busch was fired from nbc's today show over the tape. >> the national poll reflects the impact of the crude remarks. hillary clinton seen her support climb to 50%, 38% for trump among likely voters. and 6 and 10 voters say they believe the claims trump made unwanted advances on women. the republican nominee continues to question the
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integrity of the election with tweets alleging fraud. mike pence called on supporters to monitor polling places. >> fraud cannot be tolerated by anyone in this nation. >> we're going to run a fair election on november # and i think we will hopefully have a result that will be so clear to everybody that his hollow credit sichltz of the election will not go far. today mel that trump broke her silence. she said the words on the access hollywood tape were offensive but her husband apologized and they are moving on. that interview will air tomorrow to fox news. the third presidential debate is set for wednesday night and millions of people are expected to tune in for the final showdown. philadelphia is in las vegas with a look at what we can expect. >> reporter: welcome to las vegas we just touched down and
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wanted to give you a little lay of the land. we're standing in front of unlv thomas and mak center. coming on wednesday it will be all about the presidential race and third and final debate with donald trump and hillary clinton. in the parking lot they are putting the banners up. machinery everywhere and over here across from the center is the media staging area. the media platform is what we call it. there will be hundreds of journalists out there following the report. they will be broadcasting from. this debate is actually going to be hosted this time by fox news's chris wallace, it is again 90 minutes. six sections 15 minutes each. in like in the first did he beat each starts off with a question and each canned did it will have 2 minutes to respond and go back and forth. at this point they're still trying to get all of this troeg -- together. very few people are here yet. let's get a look inside.
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they are still putting the banners together. make america great all for donald trump. 4,000 members of the media will be here hanging on every single word of the debate. fewer than one hundred are here right now. they are still putting the set together back over here. here we are inside the arena. i want you to notice how small it all seen a great section of the seating has been wauld off by the black curtains. where i'm standing this is the only part where the live audience members will be allowed to watch all of this. right back behind me, these are the network set-ups. this is where the crews of junior heist from every network will be assembling the reports all night long and back there behind them that is the main stage for the third and final debate. probably much more than that you thought it would be. donald trump will be on the left and hillary clinton on the right. and linn clin won the coin toss she will be taking the first
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question. we will be here for the next 3 days to bring it all live for you back there to san francisco. our report starts tomorrow. for now that's the very latest in las vegas. i'm ross palombo fox2 news. it airs at 6:00 p.m. wednesday night with live reports from ross before and after on ktvu and ktvu plus. if you won't be in front of a tv for the debate you can watch on our mobile app or facebook. a new york doctor is defending a controversial fertility technique that uses dna from three people. miller miller explains how it works and why u.s. regulators aren't allowing the procedure. >> reporter: it is called a three parent in vi throw fert sglags technique. >> it is a revolution naer approach in human reproduction. >> reporter: he successfully
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carried out a to from two women and a man to create a baby. >> it was a heavy live birth that created by two x recombined together with one sperm. >> reporter: in this case he worked with a jordanian clinic at a can clin in this case in mexico to -- the procedure aims to help families with might row con dreeal diseases. the mom in this case carries genes from a rare fatal disorder that effects the central nervous system the new technique creates an egg by creating a nucleus from an egg. the egg is then fert lied with the father's sperm. >> the family has a long time suffering of disabled children or child and finally to see a
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happy healthy baby. >> reporter: scientist are waiting for more details and question whether the baby could face risks. >> we don't know the kid will be affected. we have to wait several years to tell if the child will be healthy. >> reporter: congress blocked the fda from allowing it in the u.s. here in new york fox2 news. coming up 27 years later, we ask what you remember the day that magnitude 6.9 quake struck. plus out today's anniversary serves as a reminder to be prepared for the next big quake. >> you want to have supplies with you at all times
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share...
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woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive. second base, the oakland a's take it. [ shouting ] . today is the 27th anniversary of the loem ma earthquake the magnitude 6.9 struck just before game 3 of the world series and was seen by sports fans waiting for the giants to take on the a's. it left wide spread damage. a porlgs of the upper deck of the bay bridge collapsed. a ruptured gas line caused a big fire and san francisco's marine that district. 63 died and hundreds were injured.
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$6 billion in damage. the anniversary brings us to the question of the day. do you remember where you were when the earthquake hit? we've been hearing from a lot of you. one viewer rights i just delivered my second baby we were watching the world series when it hit. the nurse yelled go get the baby her bassinet rocking against the window. she's 27 and will always be our earthquake baby. i was a freshman and finished cross country practice i was sitting out if front of the school waiting for mom. the car started bouncing and i could see the ground rolling. all of the lockers opened and there were school supplies everywhere. half of our pool water had come out and there was a huge crack down the center. i will never forget. today's quake anniversary is a good time to remind ourselves it can happen again and having a few emergency supplies on hand is a really
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good idea. kits can be put together from grocery and hardware stores but already assembled kits can be bought such as the earthquake and disaster supply center. they should be stored to be accessible to you in times of need. >> the earthquake kit belongs in your veblg. you want supplies with you at all times whether just down this town for the day over a bridge. kits should contain food, water, toilet reez, first aid supplies, flashlight emergency blanket and other seshls. additional teams might include prescription medication and eye glasses and cash. all really good advice. coming up a couple expecting child loses everything in a fire. >> it's depressing coming back to realize something we had so nice gone now. >> reporter: their plea of help as they search for a new home. we're tracking the dry
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weather back in the forecast with a warm up that's going to come as we head into the middle of the week. i'll have the temperature forecast, i'll see you back here.
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a san francisco couple expecting a baby lost everything in a fire and is now hoping someone hears their story so something get back on their feet. paul chambers spoke with the couple who said they're in desperate need of a place to live. >> i don't know what to do when we don't have anywhere to go. >> reporter: they are looking for a new place to live. >> it's depressing coming back
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to realize something we had so nice is gone now. >> reporter: their apartment caught on fire on october 7th and they lost everything. they were inside for 20 minutes when they smelled smoke from the apartment directly underneath them and they saw the fire. >> i wanted my son to have everything and i worked really hard to get him the things toiptd get him. >>reporter. they started a gofundme account which raised 9,000. as things were looking up their truck's motor blue 3 days after the fire and this morning the red cross put them up in an apartment but that voucher ran out. >> we're hoping for a miracle. >> reporter: they are thankful for the teams they raised and teams they've been given. until they find a place they have no place to put them. the most important thing is the health of the unborn child and out pouring of support for a
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little boy who's not even here. >> some people want to help him and do things for him and like i said, he's not even here and he doesn't know how this community loves him. >> reporter: the couple says every dime they raise will help them rent a new apartment. the only problem they need to find someone who will accept for section 8 voucher. ktvu news. we're tracking the forecast this week. big difference from what we saw a couple days ago. yesterday rainy and wet and here we go with this week sunny and dry mostly. highs from today. highs tomorrow about the same and then gradual warm up as we head sfwlu the middle of the week. rain an accumulation from from over the weekend. significant rain for the middle of october. 3-day total but there were more. you can find more rain up in some of the areas of northern and central coastal california. but that's significant rainfall over 2-inches of rain in many spots.
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sunset this evening. no fog along the coast. a beautiful night and beautiful week ahead. fire danger down as we mentioned because of the rain. still shourg up in northern california. the radar spinning and rain coming down north. for us 67 in fairfield and 62 in walnut creek. temperatures right now running a couple degrees -- 5 degrees warmer than last night in fairfield. as we go through this week get ready for nice weather. ground is wet we'll see a little coastal fog tomorrow and i think we'll see a little bit of valley fog as well. because the ground is wet and getting cool. overnight lows you will find spots in the north bay that will be 44 degrees maybe even 42. this system moves out and we're drying out and warming up so. the low leaves and the low leaves low pressure barometer down here and that measures the way weight of the atmosphere. when the atmosphere weighs less
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that's a low pressure. when the atmosphere weighs more that's a high pressure. what happens when the atmosphere weighed less the other day it brought us rain. the high pressure wants to dip and turns into a vacuum. the high pressure wants to jump into that. this time of after a low the high jumps in. this is a high fire danger type of year. this pattern can significant danger off shore winds. this one will not but that's the drill this time of year. the low leaves high jumps in and let's up. 72 tomorrow in fairfield. 71 antioch and pittsburgh and santa clara valley. good air quality right now. hard to get -- spare the air day i'm thinking more like the commute spare the air day if we could see a couple more before it's all said is done. we're running out of those and dying down with those in the 5- day forecast. dry right through the bay area week. fair weather.
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wormest day will be friday. this is kind of a neat little deal >> got rain and water in the buckets, big sur face rez vorz have rain maybe a half foot of rain. all those tribe boo taerz. most important surface rez voirz came out well. we saw the snowy pictures from the sierra that was good snow up there. >> reporter: reports of almost 2 feet. i always question the reports -- the skeerz will throw them high. mount rows came in at 18 inches. they may have i wouldn't be surprised. looking good thank you. chip kelly talks to the media about colin kaepernick's performance in yesterday's loss to the buffalo bills. what was tim har bau doing in the bay area. we have the answer.
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all right. jason is here starting with the 49ers and started out okay yesterday. actually looking pretty good and then the second half it all went really downhill. >> reporter: do you remember when they were 1 and 0 and beat the rams. it seems like last season. >> reporter: it will be a long season. >> five game losing streak since they won that game. they are 1 and 5. lots of issue and the quarterback
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position certainly one of them. colin kaepernick he will remain the starter for now. chip kelly he wouldn't say after the 49ers loss to the bills yesterday but he said so today at thinks weekly press conference. the coup looked pretty good in the first half. different story the second half. he was for lack of a better word just miserable. five of 18, 52 yards in the second half for karp nick he did scrambling and that's what he does. chip kelly say something good for colin kaepernick. >> i think there's things he did on sunday you can build upon. you know for his first extended playing time, you know since last year, i thought you know there's room there where i think he can grow and i'm sure as he watches the tape with us tomorrow, he'll see some things and get a chance to get a little bit better and that's the thing that we're encouraged by because he did a lot of really good things and i think
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we need to try to build upon that as we move forward. >> reporter: bucs up next for the 49ers. the 11 goals as the sharks hooked up with the rangers. game 2 of the 5 game road swing. burns a nice little shiner. hockey players are tough. you ever notice that? they take a licking. pass from paul martin right out in front and in for the goal. 3, 2, cut it to 1. 3 on 2 for the rangers. kevin haze will beat martin jones. rangers up 4 to 2. sharks trying to get it out of the zone but they turn it over, good passing, and for first ever nhl goals. empty net terz. game just final rain gersz wins 7 to 4. sharks first loss of the season. 2 and is. >>reporter. it's not often in fact i'm going to guess never that an
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nfl player proposes to a net. giants wide receiver odell beckham emotional guy took out his frustrations on a kicking that last month. the net got the better of him he took it in the chops. since then he and the net made up. caught a touchdown pass in a loss to green bay a week ago. beckham ran up and gave the net a smooch and that brings us to yesterday. beckham huge game. giants beat baltimore no better time get down on winnie and just an odd thing but, yes, he did indeed propose to the net. >> you know our relationship is growing. (laughing). >> i thought we might as well make it serious. i proposed she said yes, so me and the net are going to get married sometime soon. >> reporter: our relationship is growing. that's weird stuff going on. yeah. har bau back in the bay area over the weekend doing recuting
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on as a result. the michigan coach was in albany got himself a job part of the chain gang holding down the marker sticks. got up close and personal for the saint marry el cerrito game. the night before he was in antioch to check out the nation's top recruit. it turns out it was home coming at antioch high. >> i'm very proud to be at the 2016 home coming convene announcement. the winner is -- shout shout [ shouting ] . >> reporter: announcing the home coming convene. >> reporter: getting in on the fun. thank you and thanks for joining us tonight. our coverage continues at 7 on ktvu. prop 61.
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