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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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f0 good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2, wednesday october 26th. i'm dave clark.
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>> good morning, i'm pam cook. sounds like we have a break in the rain. >> will be warm for some tomorrow. bring it back. the next time it won't be just for you in the north bay or north of the golden gate, because that was where all the rainfall was yesterday for the most part. a little bit south, but not that much. 3to 4 inches was quite common, marin counties, sonoma counties and northern napa county. not today. you can see where the storm track is. this is a pretty juicy system. won't arrive until tomorrow. may be rain in humboldt county. we're cooler due to the lack of cloud cover and precip. 50s for the east bay. we'll draw your attention to this system, it's tapping into a lot of moisture as jet stream support, but it will be tomorrow. 60s, low and mid-70s. a mild to warm day.
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sal, you had a chase earlier. is that over? it's off the freeway anyway. don't know where it went. 580 is doing well. we don't have to worry about it. not sure if it's stopped or if they just went off the freeway. let's take a look at the solano county commute. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive out to the vallejo area. traffic still 27 minutes between vallejo and vacaville. it's still a nice drive. out to the 880 freeway in front of the oakland coliseum the traffic looks good. at the bay bridge toll plaza we're off to a good start westbound. let's go back to the desk. we're learning more about how the authorities found a baby from gunville reportedly kidnapped by his mother who
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lost custody of the child. hannah massey and harold massey were found yesterday. ashley was later seen walk in town carrying a duffle bag. a local grocer says she talked to a couple of people, asked for a cigarette. they didn't know the child was in that bag until a chp officer recognized her. >> an undercover chp officer came across her and heard cries from a duffle bag and he instantly realized it was her. >> ashley tried to run, but she was captured. she was booked into the sierra county jail, but she'll be extradited back to sonoma county. the baby is in good health. he was taken back to his grandmother who has legal custody of the baby. lithium batteries are being blamed for a fire at a museum
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at santa rosa college. officials say an automatic fire suppression system detected the fire and replaced oxygen in the room with nontoxic gas that suffocateed the fire. they were going to be used as tea lights for a display. the display was damaged but artifacts were not damaged. state health officials are alerting the public the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in california has reached a 25- year high. the state department of health says reports went up 11% between 2014 to 2015. california's std rates are the highest among gay men and people between 15 and 24 years old, especially women. public health officials say reduced use of condoms and people having more sexual partners are factors in that increase. one of the most closely watched congressional races in the bay area is the rematch between two democrats in
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silicon valley. mike honda is the long-time incumbent and once again, ro khanna is challenging him. >> reporter: in this ad from honda -- >> some politicians are bought and paid for before ever stepping foot in office. >> reporter: an actor plays ro khanna seen taking a call from a wall street donor and drinking champagne. it suggests khanna would outsource jobs. >> i was hurt, because it had an indian american actor playing me. i would never do that. i thought it crossed the line. >> reporter: we watched the ad with khanna who called it misleading. another one calls attention to lawsuits against khanna's campaign manager. >> what is sad to me is they're false and play on racial stereotypes.
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it's not the mike honda i knew. >> he can call it whatever he wants to. ask him if he's going to deny he didn't take money from those people saying he did. >> reporter: at a campaign event with actor danny glover, honda pointed to khanna's attack ads, calling him an embarrassment. accusing him of sleeping on the house floor. >> in 15 years, honda only passed one bill to name a post office. >> now that he really wants to go down that road of saying that i'm unethical as if i had broken a law or have faulty character, that's pretty offensive to me. >> reporter: a political science professor says it's a fine line. >> especially in this campaign year when we're seeing so much
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negativity in the presidential race, i think a lot of voters are tired of the mud slinging and may get turned off. >> honda got help from actor danny glover last night, but khanna is getting support from president jimmy carter. time is now 4:38. a police dog in concord stabbed by a man earlier this month is back on the job. the police k-9 dog jelly has recovered and is back on patrol. the dog was with police officers earlier this month when they confronted stabbing suspect dominick muscleman of antioch. he stabbed the dog, police shot him and he later died at a hospital. the outrage continues over the controversial move by the
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department of defense requiring national guard troops to return their signing bonuses. >> i gave my time that i will never get back, and now they want their money back. they can't give me back the -- [ inaudible ] -- and things of that nature. >> the white house is calling the troops victims of -- house speaker paul ryan is calling for the pentagon to immediately suspend efforts to recover the bonuses. story about racist graffiti found in a bay area high school. >> it's racism out here in the suburbs when nobody thinks there is. >> why some are saying they're frustrated by how this is being handled. and police in california could soon see more drivers hitting the roads high on marijuana. how officers plan to test if someone is under the influence of pot while driving. good morning. we are looking at a commute that looks good on the bridge
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getting into the city, not bad. we'll tell you more about this commute when we come back. we get a break today. temperatures will be quite warm for a few, but it's not going to last. rain returns tomorrow. i'll have more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:42. teachers in san francisco will be getting new resources to help them live in the city where they work. the city and the san francisco school district will hold workshops. the district says the rent on a one-bedroom apartment in san francisco costs more than 60% of the average salary for a teacher. the workshop for teachers will be held every month.
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time is 4:42. in less than two weeks now california voters will decide if the recreational use of marijuana should be legal. >> laws about driving under the influence will be more complicated if it passes. there will have to be standards on how to detect stoneed driving. >> reporter: with medical marijuana legal in half the u.s. and recreational pot allowed in in our states, plus washington, d.c. and on the ballot this november in five other states, police are counting on the tech sector to develop tools that can detect whether a driver is stoneed. >> now there's really not a good tool for officers to measure if someone has been consuming marijuana. >> reporter: but tyler shultz and his fellow researchers at stanford are working to change that and demonstrated their prototype test that needs a swab of saliva. >> we plunge this into the well that holds the chip.
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>> reporter: it uses magnetic biosensors to detect the presence of thc, the ingredient in marijuana that can impair a driver's reaction time. >> we believe this will save lives of innocent people and the drivers themselves. >> you blow into this. >> reporter: at a startup lab in oakland, the ceo demos breathalyzer. >> by measuring thc in breath, where it only stays for a few hours at the very most, we can identify drivers who are actually stoneed at the time they're pulled over. >> reporter: as opposed to someone's car who just may smell like pot. the results are meaningless under the law, unlike blood alcohol levels that identify drunk drivers, there's no national standard that correlates thc levels to stoneed driving. >> marijuana affects drivers
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differently and it's why it's difficult to come up with fair and consistent guidelines regarding use. >> reporter: for now researchers are forging ahead and conducting field tests so that by the time a legal impairment level is established, police will have a road side thc test ready to go. claudia cowen, fox news. >> that will be a tough one. >> it is. it will be interesting. let's go over to sal, speaking of driving, how does our commute look? >> doesn't look too bad. >> good. >> started off adventurous and now settled down. it's one of those things where we hope it stays nice and boring out here on the morning commute. we don't like excitement so early in the morning. 580 through the altmonte pass not a bad looking commute. doesn't look bad if you're on 205, though it is getting a little bit slower driving on 205 near mountain house parkway to the altmonte pass into the
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valley. san mateo bridge, traffic is busy heading off to the highrise. no major problems. at the bay bridge, we have a pretty light commute so far. from what i've heard steve say, it's not going to be a bad weather day today for the commute. that means we're going to have an easier drive. not at all today, sal. but tomorrow -- >> that's a different story? >> yes, sir. thank you. today looks good. yesterday was all about those areas north of the golden gate. incredible totals coming in. it kept going and going. 3to 4 inches was quite common of rainfall. marin county, sonoma county and lake county hills. south of that okay amounts for a few in the santa cruz mountains. about 0.10 or less for some. storm track is lifting northward. good south wind. rather mild for some. most of the rain looks like it's just holding off near eureka and crescent city.
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they're probably in line for rain later today. most of it is offshore. 50s more so than 60s. yesterday it was all about the 60s because we had that cloud cover and southeast breeze. today it's cooler. menlo park 51. stanford 52. 60 san carlos, pacifica at 55. 30 in truckee. they were 45 yesterday at this time. 60 ukiah. 68 in arcadia. we're okay today. patchy low clouds. you can see how the system is rounding the base, low drops in lifting all this northward. then it will funnel in tremendous moisture. also what we call a little wave forming on that change in wind direction on the front. that slows it down, but also intensifies it. it will be here tomorrow. you're good to go today. will be hefty totals i think here, i think the models are underdone in the santa cruz mountains. that will be the focus tomorrow. over the next five days everybody is in on rain. there will be another system sunday, and that looks to be more out of the northwest and
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will be a cooler system. this one coming in tomorrow, again, it will be tomorrow. today we're good to go. will start early, maybe in the morning, then might get a break. then it keeps going throughout the day and into friday morning. this will be a warm system, so not snow for the sierra. rain and windy conditions. 60s and 70s on the temps. overall tomorrow is a rain day, and then might linger into early friday. next system barrels in here, i think we get a break friday night, saturday morning. then sunday the next system. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. >> saturday afternoon plans we'll have to get an idea -- >> try and do it early. >> right. thank you. >> you're welcome. hopes of an undefeated season are out the window for the warriors. we'll hear from fans about what they say about the season off
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to a 0-1 start. taxpayers having to pay for unfunded pensions. one city bucking the trend and now has a surplus of money. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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f0 welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:51. an amusement park in australia remains closed after a deadly accident on a water ride.
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mourners are leaving flowers for the two men and two women killed yesterday on the thunder river rapids ride at dream world in queensland. park officials say they aren't aware of previous problems with the ride. but the prime minister says there will be a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. >> how heart broken we all are by the terrible accident at dreamworld yesterday. our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were killed in that shocking accident. >> police say a malfunction on the ride caused two of the victims to be ejected from their raft. the other two riders died after being trapped beneath it. two children survived. even if you don't belong to a pension plan, some experts say you may have to pay the price for the problems that's
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around public employee california city is called a model of success. >> i think we've been able to strike a really good balance in fresno. we offer a good retirement system that isn't going to break the bank. >> reporter: working class fresno has one thing no other california city does, a fully funded pension. >> the fact they are so rare is a strong indication that government probably shouldn't be involved in this business, if basically you have to find one out of every 100 doing it right. >> reporter: fresno is only one of seven cities with a surplus. the rest are $6 trillion short, setting aside just 35 cents for every dollar promised. wisconsin is the only state over 50% funded, according to the american legislative exchange council. the five worst include illinois, where 60% of state workers retired in their 50s.
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in connecticut, pensions average $40,000 a year, yet state employees contribute less than 2%, compared to 6% in north carolina. >> it literally is a system where it says, give us really rich benefits today that appear to be free, and if it does blow up in our faces, it won't blow up for 20 to 30 years. >> reporter: fresno is very much a tale of two cities. >> the city fund is 100% funded. they have a surplus, whereas the county has unfunded pension liability of almost $1 billion. the difference? city and union officials agreed to a realistic benefits package. >> the unions have been amenable to keeping things reasonable and since they've kept it reasonable, we're fully funded plus. >> reporter: pensions in the city of fresno average $39,000, almost $20,000 a year less than the county. >> it's better to be responsible and you take less of a benefit, right, so that you have something at the end.
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>> some consumer watchdog groups say california's unfunded pension debt is close to $1 trillion. a report by the department of finance shows employee pensions will costed taxpayers 5. $5billion. the l.a. times says that is more than california will spend on environmental protection, fighting wildfires, and the emergency response to our drought combined. 4:55 is the time. chp officer remains in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car. we're going to tell you how the officer is doing, and what's being done with the man who hit him. plus, the dungeness crab season is supposed to start next month. we'll tell you the latest on whether it's expected to start on time this year. good morning. the mcarthur maze, looks good coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. our weather looks pretty
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good today. a break before the next system tomorrow, but it looks like it wants to take aim more to the santa cruz mountains than the north bay.
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>> reporter: san francisco police investigating an officer- involved shooting that involved
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a chp officer and a man expected of driving a stolen vehicle. started to spiral down and he heard the crash. >> also ahead, investigation of a deadly crash of a small plane in the east bay. witnesses tell us what they saw. mornings on 2 continues. welcome back to mornings on 2. good morning. if you're just joining us, it is wednesday, october 26th. i'm pam cook. >> welcome back to you. >> thank you. >> missed you yesterday. good morning, i'm dave clark. a california highway patrol officer and a suspected car thief are hurt after an officer- involved shooting that happened in san francisco. right now we're waiting for an update on their condition. >> it started when members of the san mateo auto theft task force tried to stop the driver of a wanted car. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: because this happened in san francisco city
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limits, the san francisco pd and city's attorneys office are investigating. a chp officer and the man shot by police were both hospitalized yesterday. at last check the officer is said to be doing okay. we don't have an update on the condition of the man shot by police. at last check he had life- threatening injuries and was at san francisco general hospital. 3:30in the afternoon yesterday police got a call for help after a vehicle crashed in the city's ocean view neighborhood. law enforcement officers with the auto theft task force followed that vehicle from san mateo county. the task force is made up of chp officers and local law enforcement officers, they were working together and trying to stop the driver, because they suspected it was stolen. >> those officers approached the vehicle, an officer involved shooting occurred. >> reporter: police say the officers opened fire after the
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man driving that vehicle tried to drive away and ended up dragging one of the chp officers. the suspect was shot. the officer was conscious and able to walk afterwards. police didn't find a gun in the suspect's vehicle. we're hoping to get an update on the condition of the chp officer who was injured and an update on the man shot by police. at last check he had life- threatening injuries at san francisco hospital. back to you. let's check in with steve paulson. should be interesting. >> quiet today, though. maybe a little fog by the coast. but shallow fog bank there. otherwise, mostly sunny and warmer on the forecast. tomorrow, though, that will all change. pretty impressive system is moving up from the west- southwest tapping into some pretty good moisture and that could be a big event for the santa cruz mountains. but that's tomorrow.


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