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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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man driving that vehicle tried to drive away and ended up dragging one of the chp officers. the suspect was shot. the officer was conscious and able to walk afterwards. police didn't find a gun in the suspect's vehicle. we're hoping to get an update on the condition of the chp officer who was injured and an update on the man shot by police. at last check he had life- threatening injuries at san francisco hospital. back to you. let's check in with steve paulson. should be interesting. >> quiet today, though. maybe a little fog by the coast. but shallow fog bank there. otherwise, mostly sunny and warmer on the forecast. tomorrow, though, that will all change. pretty impressive system is moving up from the west- southwest tapping into some pretty good moisture and that could be a big event for the santa cruz mountains. but that's tomorrow. could be rain on the north
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coast and probably windy and warm as well. already upper 60s near arcadea. 50s, 60s. 51 livermore. same for morganhill. 49, 48 boulder creek, scotts valley. south bay temps in the 50s. mostly sunny. we get that southerly breeze and i draw your attention to this system, which will be heading in our direction tomorrow for a round of wind and rain. but today it's 60s and mild to warm side, mid-70s for a few. all right, sal, anything on your screen there? not too much. now we have a nice quiet commute, tracy super commute, no major problems here, if you are driving on westbound 580 as you drive through. but it is going to be slow. this is the typical slow traffic you see on 205 and 580. it's congested through the altmonte pass. the bay bridge toll plaza, not a lot of slow traffic here yet.
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usually at about 5:30 the metering lights come on. you have a little bit of time before that happens. the bay bridge toll plaza -- i'm sorry, 280 commute in downtown san jose, that looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go back to the desk. kevin epps, the bay area documentary filmmaker, has been released from jail and he will not be charged in monday's deadly shooting inside his home in san francisco. epps got out of jail last night after the d.a.'s office said there was not enough evidence to prosecute him. he was accused of shooting marcus polk senior, who reportedly is the father of epps' stepson. henry lee has been told polk broke into epps' home. according to court records, polk was a registered sex offender and had been convicted for attempted robbery and domestic battery. two south bay groups are suing to try to block tap water from being fluoridated in santa
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clara county. the water district plans to add fluoride december 5th. two groups protested yesterday at the district offices. they say fluoride should not be in drinking water and has been linked to several health problems. most water districts in the u.s. add fluoride to help prevent tooth decay. a man accused of attacking people with a machete at homeless camps in monterey county is in jail. the sheriff's office has been looking for eduardo ortiz vargas after he reportedly hit a woman in the head with a machete at a homeless camp. information about her condition isn't being released. he is accused in two other attacks, and of threatening people unless they paid him. deputies say vargas was found living in a homeless camp in watsonville. federal investigators are trying to figure out why a small plane crashed in the east
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bay, killing the only person on board. it happened yesterday afternoon on private property between concord and pittsburgh. we're told at some point the single engine plane clipped high voltage power lines and burst into flames upon hitting the ground. linda riley lives on the property where it happened. she said she learned about the crash through a man who was working nearby. >> he said he heard a plane, found it not right, like it just sounded funny, and he saw it started to spiral down and then he heard the crash. >> as yet we don't know the name of the pilot. investigators haven't said where the plane took off from or where it was headed. pg&e says no power outages were caused by the plane hitting the power lines. california high school in san ramon, administrators there are dealing with two cases of racist graffiti. in the first case last week a male student confessed to
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writing the word, colored, over one toilet, and the word, whites, over another toilet in the boys bathroom. monday in the girls bathroom, someone wrote a threatening message with racial slurs targeting african-americans. >> a lot of people think it may be younger, being dumb and thinking it's funny. >> the kids i talk to, they're actually in fear. they don't like it. they feel like they don't have a voice within the school. >> officials at california high say they'll punish the boy who confessed to writing in the boys bathroom, but no one has claimed responsibility for the girls bathroom. the principal has been meeting with students about creating a better climate of tolerance on the campus. the naacp has filed a lawsuit over an extreme case of the norovirus at a peninsula hotel. it happened two years ago during a naacp conference at the hotel in redwood city. the group says 127 members got
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sick after eating a salmon dinner. they say the hotel didn't offer blankets or bottled water to those seriously ill. >> these were african-american people, well to do, i might add, but they weren't receiving the kind of treatment that you would expect an organization to render if, in fact, a number of people have become sick at their establishment. >> the hotel released a statement saying "our hotel satisfy went to considerable lightnings to provide aid during and after the incident." less than two weeks before election day and both candidates are hitting florida hard. florida's 29 electoral votes are key to a victory in november. hillary clinton spoke to a crowd of supporters in coconut creek. the former secretary of state says she has a plan to create millions of jobs for americans. >> jobs in infrastructure,
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advanced manufacturing and clean renewable energy, and small businesses. i want us to make america the clean energy super power of the 21st century. we can create millions of jobs and protect our planet at the same time. >> donald trump seized on a new report that came out about premiums going up under the affordable care act. that report found the average premiums will jump by 25% in popular plans before taxpayer subsidies kick in. he said his first act would be to repeal obamacare. >> you're going to have 60, 70, 80, 90% increases in obamacare. we're going to repeal it and we're going to replace it and we're going to get you great, great health care at a fraction of the cost. >> there's a new poll showing donald trump trailing hillary clinton in florida.
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the real clear politics poll average shows hillary clinton with 47% of support among voters in florida compared to 44% for donald trump. to get the latest on the upcoming election, including a deeper look at the local candidates and the propositions, go to our web site, so far it looks like the upcoming dungeness crab season will be able to start on time next month. the season is scheduled to start november 5th for recreational fishing and november 15th for commercial crab fishing. the most recent testing is not showing the high levels of the acid that delayed the opening last year. good news for fishermen and the people who like to eat crab. >> this is true. they have now canceled that amber alert for a kidnapped baby in sonoma county. where police found the missing baby. warriors fans might be panicking a little bit after that blowout loss to the spurs on opening night. but coming up in four minutes,
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we're going to see how thousands of people still celebrated after last night's defeat. good morning. we do look at a commute that is moving along nicely, if you are driving at the mcarthur maze. earlier issues with construction closures but that appears to be taken care of. now the traffic looks good coming around the corner to the bay bridge. a break from the rain and then more on the way tomorrow. today looks pretty good. may be warm for some. little bit of fog, but that's it.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the indians won the first game of the world series last night, beating the cubs 6-0 and getting off to a fast start. >> high flyball into left. at the wall. goodbye! >> you knew that was gone. perez hit two homers, including that 3 run shot in the 8th. kluber struck out nine cubs in 6 innings. indians have the lead in this best of 7 series. you can watch game two today here on ktvu. the start time has been moved up to 4:00 p.m. because there's rain in the forecast in cleveland. you can watch our newscast at 4,5, 6 and 7 on ktvu plus. the san jose sharks won getting an overtime win over
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the anaheim ducks. just under 90 seconds into the extra period, a score on it's break-away. his first goal of the season. sharks win 2-1. it's not the way the warriors and their fans expected the new season to start, a year after getting off to a 24-0 start, they lost last night to the spurs 129-100. they fell behind late in the first quarter and never recovered. durant in his regular season oracle arena bay debut led with 21 points. they were outrebounded and missed 26 of 33 3-point shots. >> i mean, it's a nice little slap in the face, first game you want to come out and protect your home court and have that energy of the home opener throughout the game and we didn't do anything to let that happen, so. >> it's one basketball game.
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whether we lost by one or 30 or 40, it's still one game. like i said, we know we have some things to clean up, and we'll lock in and clean those things up. >> some fans left before the end of the game when it became clear the warriors were going to lose. but they told ktvu's amber lee they have high hopes for the season. >> reporter: fireworks entertained a full house at the warriors' new stellar lineup debuted at home. for this father and son, this is the first time at a warriors game. >> it's kind of emotional, because a lot of people and we love the warriors. >> reporter: for others it's a tradition to attend opening night. >> i love the warriors. and we have kevin durant now. >> yep, yep. >> reporter: kevin durant joins a talented lineup, along side
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steph curry, clay thompson. one20 year season ticket holder said he initially questioned whether the addition of durant would hurt or help. >> i like the chemistry of the old team and they had a couple of years to groom and grow together, and once you disrupt that, that can be kind of a hinderance. >> reporter: the warriors paid top dollar to get durant, raising the question by some if they're seen as league villan. >> the only thing that matters for us is what happens every day in the facility and here at oracle. as long as we're getting our work in and having fun and enjoying the process, then it's not going to matter a lot what anybody says. >> reporter: fans received free t-shirts with the image of long time sideline reporter craig zager who is battling leukemia. a tribute from the warriors
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with a mention from steph curry. an all around special night for fans. amber lee, ktvu news. >> the warriors go on the road for three games starting friday against the new orleans pelicans. it's 5:16. sal, can you take care of the folks on the roads. >> a commute that doesn't look bad. we agree when there's no rain, the commute looks better and that means tomorrow we might be in a little bit of trouble commute-wise if it's raining in the moment. we'll talk to steve in just a moment. we'll hear what he says about that. this is a look at the bay bridge -- sorry, from gilroy to san jose. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it always seems to be on my mind. the commute between gilroy and san jose is looking pretty good as you drive through morganhill, get up into the main part of san jose, not a bad drive into the valley. continues to be a nice looking commute. also look at san francisco,
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northbound 101. this commute looks good, 101 northbound up to the downtown area. we mentioned the toll plaza, it's still light. crucial at 5:30, the metering lights come on and it changes to get busier. 5:17, let's bring steve in. there will be some rain tomorrow morning, sal. most of it will be throughout the afternoon into the evening. >> okay. >> i would plan on some, yeah. maybe we'll get a break there. we do get a break today unless you're on the north coast where it's howling up there. for us everything is lifting north ward. today on the mild side. look at this, that's pretty impressive, by eureka, arcata, crescent city, some of that rain beginning to move on. we've had a strong south wind for a while, but we get rid of the cloud cover, so our lows have cooled off. livermore 51. upper 50s, sfo is in there. san jose at 59.
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north bay temps, napa in the low 50s as well. upper 50s windsor. san rafael at 56. 32 truckee. 13degrees warmer than yesterday. 66 arcata. talk about warmth. our system stretches to the west-southwest. the low behind it. a wave forming on this system, that will slow it down. it will intensify. it looks to be maybe rather significant rain for the santa cruz mountains. everyone will get in on this. this could be down to a big sur event more so than yesterday. rainfall could be pretty impressive going forward into the weekend as well. so be advised. about two and a half systems to go before things might calm down tomorrow, and again on sunday, then a weak one on tuesday. in the meantime we are going to see pretty good rain, but not today. today is all right. increasing clouds tonight. 4:00a.m. here comes some light rain looks like. this might be a little fast,
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but it is a sign of things to come. north bay by 9:00 it picks up. really gets painted here for everybody, towards it's afternoon hours. this is tomorrow, not today. that will carry into thursday evening's commute for sure. overnight into friday morning there's going to be moderate rain. that's even heavy rains. friday morning, maybe to parts of solano county, the valley as well. should calm down by friday evening. this will be a pretty good system. 60s, 70s today. enjoy it, because there's going to be a lot of rain on the way next couple of days. today it's all about mostly sunny skies and 70s. rain and wind moves in thursday. in between day late friday into early saturday. next system saturday night into sunday. >> we've been warned. >> there you go. 5:19. if proposition 64 passes in november, the recreational use of marijuana would be legal in california. at 5:45 you'll see how law enforcement plans to crack down on people who are high and driving.
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and delta airlines wants to make it easier to you to know where your bag is. the bag tracking app it has developed to help avoid lost luggage.
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a federal judge in san francisco approved one of the biggest consumer settlements in american history. he approved a $15 billion deal to settle a scandal involving
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volkswagen diesel emissions. $10billionwill go to car owners and pay legal expenses. $5billionwill go to environmental programs and develop zero emissions technologies. >> volkswagen is held accountable for engaging in what is probably one of the largest consumer frauds in the history of the united states. >> the settlement compensates a half million americans. they can either take the car back and get a full or partial refund between $12,000 and $44,000. or get free repairs and additional cash. the company admitted to rigging 11 million vehicles with software designed to cheat emissions tests. vw is still facing more investigations here in the u.s. and germany. big honors for several bay areas restaurants. they were awarded michelin stars for the first time. for the fors time ever in the one star category awards were
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given to adega in san jose, along with several restaurants in san francisco, including hashiri, ju-ni, mosu. and an fran's the progress, and menlo park's medera. the bay area has six 3 star restaurants, the same as new york city. it's a sign that holiday shopping season is getting closer. best buy and target are bringing back free shipping for online purchases. according to holiday survey from a consulting firm, about 60% of retailers have said they will offer free shipping and free returns this holiday season. target is also focusing on allowing customers to order online and pick up their purchase at a store. a doesn't look like many people will get smart watches for christmas. according to a new report from
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the international data corporation, smart watch shipments are down more than 51% for the third quarter in this year compared to last year. shipments of the apple watch also down 71%. despite that big drop, apple remains the smart watch market leader. delta airlines now giving passengers a way to keep tabs of your luggage. flyers, you can track your luggage through the fly delta app. pins on the map indicate various stops like when a bag is on its way to the plane and when the transfers are made and when it's made it to the terminal for pickup. bags get an i.d. tag. scanners track a bag's movement and send that location information to the passenger's app. the tracking technology is now being used at 84 u.s. airports, including sfo, oakland, and san jose international airports. time is 5:25. up next, a fire inside a museum
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in sonoma county. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is not going to be too bad here, if you're driving on the bridges. this is a nice looking commute. but this is about to change here westbound as those metering lights are just about to be switched on. and looks like a nice day today. little fog in the morning, but otherwise mostly sunny and warmer. but tomorrow everything changes again. more on that. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year.
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because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's wednesday, october 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. little break in the weather. that is correct, today. tomorrow rain returns. if you're watching us in the gym now, and i know maria is -- thank you for that -- get going, maria. about 50% effort today. kidding. mostly clear skies. some low clouds and fog out there. that will give way to sunshine today, and pretty mild to warm. look at the system on the north coast. that south wind is roaring up the coast. it's pretty mild to warm. good rain as well coming in, but it's up there, not here.
5:30 am
crescent city, arcata, things screaming up there. our system tails to the west- southwest. it's cooler this morning with the lack of cloud cover. 50s more so than yesterday. east bay temps, danville at 50. dublin at 52. also 52 by the concord pavilion. walnut creek in there, about 10 degrees cooler yesterday for some. mostly sunny skies on tap. this system stretches to the west-southwest. a lot of development taking place here that will slow it down a little bit. i think that will increase the rainfall tomorrow. 60s, 70s on the temp. metering lights have clicked on and? slow traffic. how many people do you think are watching us on those tiny tv's on the exercise machines? >> probably fall off. there are big high def tv's, too. >> yeah, the ones on the wall. good morning to you, whatever you're doing. if you're about to get on the
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road, solano county, a little bit of slow traffic in vallejo here through that area. you can see traffic is getting busier now through the american canyon area of vallejo, traffic is okay once you get to the other side of the carquinez bridge. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on and just like clock work, all of a sudden we have a delay, not a big one, but there is one getting into san francisco. then 280 northbound, that looks good in downtown san jose. silicon valley commute, yesterday someone asked me is the silicon valley commute the worst in the bay area? i have to say 101 san francisco has a little something to say about that, too, in the evenings. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news, the presidential election two weeks away, allegations of fraud have been raised in several states. ktvu's janine de la vega joins
5:32 am
us from san jose with more on that story. >> reporter: pam, here in santa clara county, the registrar of voting is asking people to watch the testing the machines. voter fraud is rare, but it does happen. that's why the u.s. justice department is sending hundreds of monitoring around the polls to around 25 states election day. it's a crime to intimidated or bribe voters, buy or sell votes, impersonate voters or stuff ballot boxes. the most recent cases of alleged voter fraud are in indiana and virginia. there are claims that dead people recently registered to vote, some people registered twice, and others have added no recorded birth dates. the fbi is investigating. we asked people this morning if they're concerned about it. here's what one voter had to say. >> i don't think this election is any different than anything else has ever been.
5:33 am
i think it's just a lot of staging by donald trump. i don't think the issues are any different than they've always been. no, i'm not worried. >> reporter: here in california, u.s. attorney has been appointed as an election officer. she will oversee the handling of complaints of election fraud and voter rights violations. there is some concern about cyber attacks happening on electric day. but tech experts say hacking into screened voting machines and tabulation machines is complicated and unlikely to happen. pam. >> thank you. we know more about how authorities found a baby reportedly kidnapped sunday by his mother who lost custody of him. 35-year-old hannah ashley and 7- month-old henry massey were found yesterday in downieville. officers spotted her car, but she had gotten away. ashley was later seen walking in town clutching a duffle bag. a local grocer says she talked
5:34 am
to a couple of people and asked for a cigarette. they did not know the child was in the bag until a chp officer recognized her. >> it really worked. the community came together, they watched for the vehicle and all the tips we got really just accelerated the capture. >> ashley tried to run but was caught. she was booked into the sierra county jail, but will be extradited back to sonoma county. henry was checked out and is in good health. social workers took him back to his grandmother who has legal custody. lithium batteries blamed for a fire at a museum at santa rosa junior college. the museum was locked and no one was inside when the fire started yesterday afternoon. an automatic fire suppression system detected the fire and replaced oxygen in the room with nontoxic gas that put out the fire. the batteries were going to be used as tea lights for a day of
5:35 am
the dead altar display. artifacts were not damaged. the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the state reach a 25-year high. the state department department of public health says it went up 11% from 2011 to 2014. it's highest among gay men and people between 15 and 24, especially women. reduced condom use and people having more sexual partners are factors in that increase they say. one of the most closely watched congressional races here in the bay area, if not in the state, is the rematch between two democrats in silicon valley. mike honda is a long time incumbent in the 17th congressional district, and once again, ro khanna is challenging him. here's more on this hot race. >> reporter: in this ad from congressman mike honda -- >> some politicians are bought and paid for before ever stepping foot in office. >> reporter: an actor plays ro
5:36 am
khanna, who is seen taking a call from a wall street donor and drinking champagne. the ad suggests khanna would offer tax breaks for the rich and outsource jobs. >> i was really hurt, because it plays on -- it had an indian american actor playing me. i would never do that. imagine a japanese american actor playing honda. >> reporter: we watched the ad who called it misleading and other ad calls attention to a federal lawsuit against his campaign manager for allegedly accessing honda's voter database. >> they're false and play on racial stereotypes. that's not the honda i knew. >> he can call it whatever he wants to. ask if he's going to deny he didn't take money from the people saying he did. [ applause ] >> reporter: at a campaign event with actor danny glover, honda pointed to khanna's attack ads, calling honda an embarrassment, accused him of
5:37 am
sleeping on the house floor. >> in 15 years, mike honda passed only one bill, to name a post office. >> reporter: it brings up honda's house ethics investigation freezing staff on his campaigns. >> he wants to really go down that road saying that i'm unethical as if i had broken a law or have a faulty character, that's pretty offensive to me. >> reporter: a political science professor says while negative ads can provide new information about a candidate, it's a fine line. >> especially in this campaign year when we're seeing so much negativity in the presidential race, i think a lot of voters are really tired of the mud slinging and they may get turned off. >> while honda was helped last night by actor danny glover, khanna is praising his even endorsement by former president jimmy carter. khanna interned with carter's
5:38 am
foundation. the 17th congressional district stretches from southern alameda county into the heart of silicon valley. it runs from fremont and newark to santa clara, sunnyvale. teachers in san francisco will be getting new resources to help them live in the city where they work. the city and school district will hold workshops to explain housing options for teachers and more access to affordable housing. the district says the rents on a one-bedroom apartment in san francisco cost more than 60% of the average teacher's salary. the workshops will be held every month. a police dog in concord that was stabbed by a man earlier this month is back on the job. officer jelle has recovered and is back on patrol. there he is there. he was with police officers earlier this month when they confronted stabbing suspect. he stabbed the dog and the police shot him. he later died at the hospital.
5:39 am
time is 539. defense secretary ash carter now talking about the controversial move by the department of defense requiring thousands of national guard troops to give back their signing bonuses. >> anybody who volunteers to serve in the armed forces of the united states deserves our gratitude and respect. period. it's got its complexities to it and we are going to look into it and resolve it. it's a significant issue. >> the defense secretary was asked about this controversial issue yesterday during a news conference in paris. he didn't give details on how the problem will be solved. an estimated 10,000 soldiers with the california national guard were told they had to pay back the enlisterment bonuses because they were not properly issued. many of the bonuses were offered to soldiers who agreed to serve in iraq and
5:40 am
afghanistan. if you tried to do business with the dmv the past couple of days, you may have luck today. all their offices will be back online today. that's after two very long days of computer problems all over the state. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, it man came to the hayward office of the department of motor vehicles to get license plates, and for the second day in a row no one could help him. the commuters were down -- computers were down. >> not giving us information. i only have just this day and i have to go back to work. >> reporter: the dmv in sacramento posted an alert on its web site of the computer outage and in a statement said "crews have been working all night to rebuild the system and get offices back up and running." police could still get low tech services like vehicle verifications and driving
5:41 am
tests. those who came to register their cars were out of luck. >> don't have time to come every day here. i have so many things to do. but of course, you know, i don't feel happy about this. >> in i get pulled over without my registration, the state will want money for that also. >> reporter: not all the offices had computer crashes. the dmv says the cause of the glitch was a catastrophic hardware failure, but says everything should be good to go tomorrow morning. 5:41. san franciscans polled on whether they think the city is headed in the right direction. coming up, the two things people who were surveyed blame for the high cost of housing and traffic. also, california police may soon see more drivers high on marijuana. how the police will test to see if someone is under the
5:42 am
influence of pot while driving. good morning. we still see traffic that is going to be okay in many areas, though it is getting a little more crowded as you take a live look at 101 in san francisco. we get a break today, but not tomorrow. we'll talk about today's warm temperatures for some and all the changes expected for thursday. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. one of the hottest issues on the california ballot is prop64 that would legalize recreational marijuana. it could complicate laws about driving under the influence. claudia cowen looks at possible options that may determine if somebody is high while driving. >> reporter: with medical marijuana legal in half the u.s. and recreational pot allowed in four states, plus
5:45 am
washington, d.c., police are counting on the tech sector to develop tools that can detect whether a driver is stoned. >> now there's really not a good tool for officers to measure if someone has been consuming marijuana. >> reporter: tyler shultz and his fellow researchers at stanford are researching to change that. >> we just plunge this into the well that holds the chip. >> reporter: their portable device uses magnetic sensors previously used to screen for cancer to detect the presence of thc, the ingredient in marijuana that can impair reaction time. >> we believe that this will save lives of innocent people and the drivers. >> you blow into this like that. >> reporter: at a startup lab in oakland, the ceo demos a breathalyzer that measures the amount of thc in a person's breath. >> by measuring thc in breath, where it only stays for a few
5:46 am
hours at the very most, we can identify drivers who are actually stoned at the time they're pulled over. >> reporter: as opposed to someone whose car may smell like pot but isn't high. however, the results of any thc test are meaningless under the law. unlike blood alcohol levels that identify drunk driver's, there's no national standard that correlates thc levels to stoned drivers. >> marijuana affects drivers differently, and that's why it's very difficult to come up with fair and consistent guidelines regarding use. >> reporter: for now, researchers are forging ahead and conducting field tests so that by the time a legal impairment level is established, police will have a road side thc test ready to go. claudia cowan, fox news. that will be very interesting. hopefully traffic is not interesting. we like the commute boring. >> nice and boring.
5:47 am
not slow, though. we don't like it slow. >> no, no. >> but we do have slow traffic. good morning, dave and pam, good morning to you at home if you're just turning on your set here. westbound 205 and 580 some stop and go traffic, which is reliablebly there this time of the morning. gets better the bottom half of the altmonte pass on 580 westbound heading to livermore. the drive into livermore doesn't look bad. a commute, if you are driving to highway 24, it is getting more crowded through lafayette, on the way to oakland. still manageable commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup, about 15 minute delay. metering lights went on at about 5:30. a little waiting to do. looks good into san francisco. let's bring steve in. sal, thank you, sir. a nice day today. we get a break in some of the rain. but it will be back tomorrow and could be a lot of rain,
5:48 am
especially santa cruz mountains and monterey, but everybody will get in on the rainfall. not just those of you north of the golden gate, as yesterday. 4, 4-inch amounts were common for many. one of those days where it kept going and going and going. tomorrow it could be more focused to the south. today looks okay. however, look at this plum coming up from the west southwest. very windy conditions. rain is moving in on the north coast and up to portland and seattle. this system extends well out and that will swing in tomorrow. there is some development taking place here and i think that will slow it down a little bit. it is due for tomorrow. up north there's already good wind and very mild conditions in advance of that. we're a little cooler compared to yesterday, because we've lost some of that cloud cover, peninsula temps 50s. belmont, san carlos, mid-50s.
5:49 am
59, 54 ukiah and sacramento. except for low clouds continuing, that's about the only fly in the ointment. there's a lot going on. that will swing in and give everybody here good rain. a couple of systems here, two good ones here starting tomorrow. also on sunday. some of the rainfall you can see looks like from san jose, this is one forecast model, could be wetter for some. i think some of this is underdone for the santa cruz mountains. looks like a classic setup for them, unless something changes. okay today. mostly sunny here. warmer as well. mid-70s by tomorrow morning. some of that rain begins to move in. look how it really keeps on going as we head towards thursday afternoon, thursday night into friday. look at that, that's going to be some moderate to heavy amounts. that will be thursday, friday. today is mostly sunny. 70s on the temps. these will be the warmest tens for a while, for sure. rain category, and a break friday afternoon into saturday afternoon. but then saturday night, sunday, here comes your next
5:50 am
system. that will be coming down from the northwest. it will be cooler. >> keep the umbrella close for the time being. >> i would, yeah. not today, though. >> from now on, pretty much, i guess. you never know. >> never know. >> thank you, steve. 5:50 is the time. taxpayers are on the hook for billions of dollars in unfunded pensions. how one california city is bucking the trend and now has a surplus of money.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
f0 welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:53. an australiaen amusement park remains closed after a deadly accident on a water ride. a similar ride in tampa, florida is shut down until investigators figure out what went wrong in australia. people are leaving flowers for the two men and two women killed yesterday on the ride at dream world in queensland, australia. park officials say they aren't aware of previous problems with the ride. australia's prime minister says there will be a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. >> how heart broken we all are. by the terrible accident at dreamworld yesterday. our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were killed in that shocking accident. >> police say a malfunction on the water ride caused two
5:54 am
people to be ejected from the raft. the other two riders died after being trapped beneath it. but two children survived the accident. even if you don't belong to a pension plan, some experts say you may get stuck paying for the problems surrounding public employee pensions. there are growing concerns and there's one california city that's called a model of success. >> i think we've been able to strike a really good balance in fresno. we offer a really good retirement system that isn't going to break the bank. >> reporter: working class fresno has one thing no other california city does, a fully funded pension. >> the fact they are so rare is a strong indication that government probably shouldn't be involved in this business, if basically you have to find one out of every 100 doing it right. >> reporter: fresno is only one of seven cities or states with
5:55 am
a surplus. the rest are $6 trillion short. wisconsin is the only state over 50% funded, according to the american legislative exchange council. the five worst include illinois, where 60% of state workers retired in their 50s. in connecticut, pensions average $40,000 a year, yet state employees contribute less than 2%, compared to 6% in north carolina. >> it literally is a system where it says, give us really rich benefits today that appear to be free, and if it does blow up in our faces, it won't blow up for 20 to 30 years. >> reporter: fresno is a tale of two cities. the city pension fund is 100% funding. they have a surplus of $300 million. the county has unfunded pension liability of almost $1 billion. the difference? city and union officials agreed to a realistic benefits package. >> the unions have been
5:56 am
amenable to keeping things reasonable. and since they kept it reasonable, we're fully funded plus. >> reporter: pensions in the city of fresno average $39,000, almost $20,000 a year less than the county. >> it's better to be responsible and you take less of a benefit, right, so that you have something at the end. >> some groups say california's unfunded pension debt is almost $1 trillion. the department of finance says employee pensions will cost taxpayers $5.5 billion. it is coming up on our 6:00 hour. a chp officer was hurt, a suspect shot by police. the ongoing investigation in san francisco involving an auto theft task force on the peninsula. plus, man accused of kidnapping and killing morganhill teenager sierra lamar is still waiting to go on trial. up next the new court documents the defense reportedly may use to argue sierra ran away.
5:57 am
good morning, we are looking at a commute where traffic is still going to be pretty busy getting into san francisco on the bridge it looks good, but there is a backup we're dealing with. our weather will be pretty good. mostly sunny and warmer. but tomorrow, rain is on the way.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: san francisco police investigating an officer- involved shooting involving a chp officer. what we know so far about the investigation. we are less than two weeks from election day. the early voting numbers giving the campaigns a read on the race, as mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us, if you are just waking up, wednesday, october 26th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. as the beatles would say, tomorrow may rain, so steve, i'll follow the sun. >> there you go. follow it today. if you're just getting up, patch, come on now -- pam, come on now. >> some people might be getting up at 6:00. >> we're burning daylight, let's go. today will be nice.
6:00 am
mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog. everything will change tomorrow. system will come in. this one, though, will not just settle over the areas north of the golden gate as it it yesterday and say, south of that, i'm not going to give you much rain. tomorrow will be a different story. could be a big event to the santa cruz mountains and big sur. rain from the north coast, humboldt county to seattle. it's lifting north, taking cloud cover with it. we're looking good here, except for some fog. 50s, few 60s. noticeably cooler than yesterday for shoe. 49 morganhill. gilroy at 50. mid-50s around campbell, saratoga. mostly sunny and warmer as well. there is a southerly breeze in advance of that. the humidity factor along with it is up, 70s for many. 76 livermore and morganhill. all right, sal. i'm hearing something


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