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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency. thousands of ballots already being processed at san francisco's city hall, even though the presidential election is still 13 days away. a lot of people aren't waiting for election day to vote. >> early voting is a growing trend, and they're already seeing a record number of
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ballots. ktvu's jana katsuyama is telling us it's already humming. >> reporter: officials say they've seen record recently station and record return -- registration and record returns so far. the sound of early voter's ballots whizzing through machines, filled san francisco's department of elections. returns are at a record pace so far. >> the numbers of ballots going out is the highest we've ever issued. we've got the most voters ever in san francisco registered to vote. the most voters that have come to city hall to cast ballots. >> reporter: shifting their focus to get voters to the polls. trump campaigned in charlotte, north carolina. hoping to sway that swing state's voters. >> our opponent represents the rigged system, and the failed thinking of yesterday. >> reporter: trump also
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appeared in washington, d.c. at a ribbon cutting for his new hotel. he blasted clinton for supporting the affordable care act. which the obama administration said could see health premiums rise by 20% next year. florida's battleground race is tight. a new bloomberg poll shows trump ahead by 2 points, while a florida atlantic poll shows clinton up by 3 points. both are within the margin of error. >> 13 days left in this election, we cannot stop for a minute. >> reporter: there was no complacency, but instead, plenty of cupcakes, as they celebrated hillary's birthday by opening a new office and national call center in oakland. organizers plan to keep it open from 12 to 15 hours every day. >> while there are organizers
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in brick and mortar offices in every battleground state, they also have their own goals and expectations in terms of knocking doors, and getting volunteer recruits. we're here to fill that gap. >> reporter: tonight, california's trump campaign said they have three bay area headquarters. it's important to know that white there are these early ballots coming in, no one is able to see the results, or that data until it is pooled on election day. even though those votes are coming in, they don't know which way they're falling. >> less than two weeks to go, a lot at stake. tonight, los angeles police are still looking for the person who destroyed donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame using a sledgehammer and a pickax. this footage was obtained by deadline hollywood. the man accused of damaging the star has identified himself as
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james otis. tmz reports, otis wanted to remove the star, so he could auction it off, and then give money to the women who have accused trump of sexual misconduct. new at 10:00, activists rally in san francisco, calling for a criminal prosecution of wells-fargo executives in the wake of the bank's financial scandal. ♪ [ music ] >> a handful of protesters gathered this afternoon in front of the wells-fargo headquarters in the city's financial district. the demonstrators want the state attorney general, and the u.s. justice department to file charges against top level executives who ran the bank, when employees were ordered to create 2 million fake accounts. >> they should be prosecuted. if you or i, of the people were ordered to do something illegal, that's a crime in and of itself. >> the bank is already being investigated by the justice
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department and the state attorney general's office. in the meantime, the bank says its primary objective now is to try to restore trust in wells- fargo. today, the bank released a statement saying in part, quote, we are committed to take the deceasive actions, a -- decisive actions, and learn the lesson. u.s. defense secretary ash carter ordered the pentagon to stop its efforts to reclaim improperly paid bonus to some 600 members of california's national guard. the decision comes in the wake of outrage from veterans and their families over the government's attempt to recover the money 10 years after it was given out. critics include president obama, who advised the department not to nickel and dime service members. accused of drunk and disorderly conduct. one of the firefighters is also
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accused of resisting arrest and fighting with police. new information tonight from ktvu's amber lee, in walnut creek. she tells us, this alleged scuffle followed a firefighter banquet. >> reporter: frank, the altercation took place here at the marriott hotel over the weekend. everyone we spoke with expressed surprise about what happened. the staff here at marriott hotel on north main called police for help. they included two off duty firefighters, both were arrested. one of them is accused of assaulting two police officers. hours earlier, the united professional firefighters of contra costa county held its second annual ball at the hotel to raise money for the bikes for tykes charity. >> there was a firefighter's charity ball that ended at 11:30 p.m. the night before. our understanding of the incident is that it occurred at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. >> reporter: police say the
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drunk guests included lontavious johnson, and andrew desmond, who was not pictured. also arrested was johnson's wife, and desmond's girlfriend. the charges range from public intoxication, to assault. concerning to this walnut creek man. >> are you surprised they got into an altercation with police? >> yes. for that, that's bad, because they are under the same, you know, fraternity, if you want to wall it. >> we look at the issue of public trust, and we take that very seriously and we want to make sure that we get it right. >> reporter: united profession firefighters of contra costa county, the firefighters union said in a statement that it does not condone the alleged
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action of the firefighters. local 1230 apologizes to the marriott hotel, the police department, the fire district, and to the public we serve for this unfortunate incident. >> when they are off duty, they are a citizen like you and me, and should be held accountable. >> reporter: the two officers suffered minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. walnut creek police tell me they will be turning the case over to the d.a.'s office soon. frank, julie. >> all right, amber lee in walnut creek tonight, thank you. to the weather now, and after a day of dry conditions, the dark clouds are back and heavy rain is on the way. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin here now, and bill, by this time tomorrow, it seems like most of us are probably going to be getting drenched by the rain. >> frank, i think just by around noon time tomorrow, everyone will have had a good dose of rain, with more rain tomorrow night into friday morning. tomorrow morning, you're
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thinking wet on the commute. rain develops tomorrow, mid- morning into the early afternoon, but there might be a few sprinkles before that. by thursday night into friday morning, it gets going pretty good. thursday afternoon's commute, most likely wet. friday morning's commute, most likely wet. there is the weather system we're tracking. being fed by seymour, which is a hurricane. it's coming in from the south. there's the current radar. look just offshore, you see a little bit. let's see a model for tomorrow morning. there is 5:00 a.m. you see showers. then it breaks out a bit. more scattered showers thursday morning. i think there's going to be even more rain than that. white, scattered, wet roadways. there's 10:00 a.m., so you get the picture. after this, we're going to push into thursday night and friday, when we've got some significant rain. we'll see you back here after a break. people in central italy are dealing with the aftermath of two powerful earthquakes that struck after dark, overnight. the larger of the two quakes
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measured 6.1, both were centered near the town of biso, about 50 miles north of where another quake hit in august, killing almost 300 people. as fox's steve rappaport explains, italian officials are reporting one death from the new quakes. >> reporter: multiple powerful earthquakes damaging homes and buildings, reducing some to rubble, including historic churches. >> it was something i can't even to describe. we were really scared. everything started to shake, and things started falling down on us. you can't put it into words. >> reporter: these tremors come just months after a deadly quake hit italy back in august, killing nearly 300 people. meantime, wednesday's first quake hit just after 7:00 p.m. local time, and measured a magnitude of 5.4. >> translator: i was at home, inside when the first quake hit. than we went out, because the earth kept moving all the time. the more serious damage was caused by the second quake.
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>> reporter: fortunately, authorities say many people left their homes when the first quake hit, so they were not inside when the more powerful second tremor came, possibly saving lives. >> translator: at the moment, we're trying to manage the emergency situation and take care of the people who are outside. give them at least the minimum of comfort, because they've experienced a major shock. so we're trying to at least have some hot drinks available. >> reporter: the epicenters were all in italy's marcet region, but were felt as far north as venice. at 10:30, the restaurant had a earned san jose it's only michelin rating. >> we were like in shock. there was no other reaction. >> what are you going to say to these people? >> plus, new developments for a bay area landlord accused of
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vandalizing his tenants' cars. some say was an effort to move them out. but up first -- >> a north bay community like a deer caught in the headlights. what to do about an abundance of bambi and her friends.
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a san francisco filmmaker,
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who was arrested and then released for a lack of evidence is speaking out. ktvu's henry lee spoke to epps late today about his release, the justice system, and the support he's received. >> reporter: epps was arrested on suspicion of murder, after he allegedly shot and killed this man, marcus polk in the glen park neighborhood. sources say a preliminary investigation shows epps acted in self defense after polk broke into the home where children were present. i spoke with epps late wednesday. >> i'm just really thankful and blessed that i'm able to get back with my kids and my family, and my moms and i am just really thankful to my community, and really thankful to san francisco to know that justice can work for a black man in america. >> reporter: his client opened fire on an intruder. >> he was unauthorrized to be
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there, and that he made threatening gestures such that kevin felt in fear of his life, and the life of his common law wife as well. >> reporter: that doesn't mean the investigation is over. in a statement, san francisco police said quote, it is not uncommon for d.a.'s office to request additional investigation on the case. sfpd worked closely with the d.a.'s office, and will be continuing the investigation into this matter. michael cardosa, says you can use deadly force in your home under certain circumstances. >> in california, if you are in fear for your life, or your family's life, then you can use deadly force against that person who has broken into your house. >> reporter: epps created the documentary, straight outa hunter's point. friends say they hope epps can return to his role as a community activist. >> i believe you can't keep a good man down. >> reporter: epps is looking
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forward to being back with his family. for now he is counting his blessings as the police investigation continues. we have an update on an incident yesterday that left a highway patrol officer injured. the september is ansar el muhammad. police say all of this started when a vehicle theft task force spotted a stolen car. as officers approached the car, they say el muhammad stepped on the gas, dragging the chp officer and then crashing. police then fired on the car, wounding el muhammad. >> what you going to do? that's all it take. multiple shot, okay, trying to kill him now. for what? >> the officer was also
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hospitalized with cuts to his head, and other injuries, but he is expected to be okay. new at 10:00 tonight, a north bay town dealing with a deer problem. some say the problem has gotten so bad, it's become a health hazard. it's happening in the marin county town of belvedere. >> tonight, residents and community leaders there were looking at ways to try to fix the problem. ktvu's debora villalon is in belvedere tonight, where a panel discussed sterilization. >> reporter: that's right, love them or hate them, deer are a part of life in the woodsest areas of the bay area, and here in belvedere. because of lyme decide, collisions, and damage to people's yards, many residents say it's time to trim the herd. along belvedere avenue, a black tailed deer, so content, but causing so much consternation. a thousand people live here, and some people outnumbered by the deer. >> there's been deer that have attacked dogs here. there's all kinds of stories.
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>> reporter: more than 1/3 of all residents surveyed say they want the population managed. >> there were five or six buck, and this is in the middle of the day, five or six buck just running down the road. >> reporter: surgical sterilization is one option, this audience was told, listening to a panel of experts at a community meeting. that's done elsewhere in the country, where deer were dying because of overpopulation. >> there's no way to pretty it up. if you're going to put deer down, and surgically operate on them, it's not going to be a pretty sight. >> reporter: a gentler option, a vaccine, but has it to be done annually. and since the deer are mostly on private property, they won't let that happen. >> without finding out how many residents would reject it, and therefore be able to veto it is the next system. >> what is your value system? did you come here for the
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natural beauty, which means all wildlife, and living comfortably together. >> the fact is, you're always going to have to be living with some deer. >> reporter: much discussion on what residents themselves can do to minimize deer damage, trampling through yards, eating landscaping. they will hold them back. >> do you have any recommendations for perhaps the shape of a fence? >> they want food. they want water, and they want shelter. >> reporter: either sterilization option would take well over a year to begin. so for now, no changes. >> long term issue is there will be deer in this community, and hopefully you guys can continue to live with them. >> reporter: sterilization is an emotional issue. next steps will come from city council. members were here tonight listening in. frank and julie, many people here think that this deer issue will eventually come to a public vote. >> debora villalon in marin
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county tonight, belvedere, thank you. hurricane seymour is feeding into our weather system. here it is, down off baja, it's a major hurricane, getting sucked sucked into the flow. it's a water vapor loop. not only are we going to see rain for the next three or four days. we're going to start to see giant surf move in along the coast. these storms in the allusions are generating significant winds. the hawaiian islands, just to give you an idea of where this is emanating. these are typhoons out here. we've got a wet weekend to talk about. a wet day tomorrow to talk about. it's going to be on and off, not unlike the lath weather system, where some areas really get hit. some aren't going to see a heck of a lot. in this case, the system on thursday looks like it's going to take more of a direct case on the bay area central.
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5:00a.m. tomorrow morning, scattered showers. wet on the roads. this doesn't look amazing, but it's going to be wet, around 7:00 a.m. then, more wetness. just lots of moisture, and then we get to lunchtime, there's more scattered showers. then it tees up for thursday night. this is when the hurricane moisture starts to come in. tomorrow, umbrellas needed, wet ways, and more on thursday night and beyond. a huge, dead whale was spotted today aa long the coast of daly city. sky fox was overhead about noon. the whale was spotted less than a mile offshore from thornton state beach. marine biologists think it was a blue whale, which is an endangered species. marine mammal officials say they're keeping an eye on the carcass, but plan to let nature take its course, and will only take action if the carcase
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becomes beached. an east bay high school dealing with hundreds of sick students. >> people said people from other schools were coming in sick, and got everyone else sick. >> up next, what some say may have caused a fifth of the student's body to stay home. >> later, a story of flimsy boats and desperate measures. why this year is the deadliest year on record for refugees trying to reach europe. >> game 2 of the world series started early because of the threat of rain, and it didn't take long for the cubs to turn things around. mark will show us how they did it later in sports. the series now turns to chicago. you'll find all of our regular newscasts on ktvu plus.
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there's a new development in the upcoming trial of the man accused of killing sierra
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lamar. they intend to argue that sierra lamar is not dead, and ran away from home instead. it suggests the defense may call a woman who lived with sierra and her mother. the woman reportedly told investigators that sierra lamar was planning to leave home, shortly before her disappearance. investigators rejected the runaway theory shortly after the 15-year-old vanished back in 2012. her body has never been found. an east bay high school is dealing with a serious flu outbreak. clayton valley charter high school says about 500 students have been out sick over the past two days. ktvu's christina rendon tells us what school officials are doing about the outbreak. >> reporter: at clayton valley charter high school in concord, the flu bug has hit early. >> all the classes gone, and pretty much empty. >> reporter: some students think it started at a school dance over the weekend. >> people said people from other schools were coming in
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sick, and got everyone else sick. >> reporter: school officials don't believe that's the case. they say they noticed the sick calls on monday, and had approximately 500 students absent on tuesday and wednesday. >> it's a larger number than we're used to. we have about 500, not full out, but partial day and full out combines. >> reporter: the school directions operator, says the school bathrooms are being cleaned and disinfected. >> trying to help eliminate as much as we can. >> reporter: she points out, they're not the only school dealing with the flu. >> that is the information that we've been given. >> reporter: we checked with the two schools classest to clayton valley and were toll they had a total of 15 students out sick. a spokesman for the mount diablo district says that's normal. >> i've seen people saying that's why the traffic's so light. i noticed the trafficking about light this week.
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>> reporter: a couple of other districts say they've not seen any large outbreaks due to the flu. a letter was sent home, saying if their student was sick, they'd like them to stay home and get better. reporting in concord, christina rendon, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up, a culinary first for the bay area's largest city. >> we'll take you inside this restaurant in san jose's little portugal neighborhood, and show you what makes it unique, and why it has earned a michelin star rating.
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new at 10:00 tonight, it is the highest honor in the
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culinary world. tonight, a san jose restaurant is michelin rated. in a city of million people, san jose has never had a restaurant with a michelin star until now. >> adege is a portuguese restaurant in an area known as little portugal. it's only the second portuguese restaurant in the country to get the rating? >> reporter: that is true. what amazes me is they could have chosen anywhere in the bay area to open this restaurant, but they decided to do it here to stay true to their roots. in san jose's little portugal neighborhood, adega, which means wine cellar. it has been awarded the michelin star rating. >> no other reaction.
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>> we yelled after. >> reporter: this is the first for the city of san jose. an unexpected surprise for the husband and wife owners whose intention is to offer authentic portuguese cuisine in an area known for innovation. >> why not create something for the restaurant world? >> reporter: the owner's daughter, jessica, at 23 years old, is likely one of the youngest female chefs to earn a michelin distinction. >> if you really work hard and follow your dreams and focus, and dedicate your attention on something, that you believe in strongly, it will pay off. >> reporter: jessica and her fiance, the executive chef, were already on the michelin radar, after working in a top
10:32 pm
rated restaurant in lisbon. they reserved a table as soon as it it came out. >> there is culture in san jose. you hope that other restaurantures will latch onto that. >> reporter: their phone has been ringing nonstop. reservations have been booked until december. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu, fox 2 news. an east palo alto landlord rejected a plea deal today. >> these are hard working
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people who were having trouble paying their bills. >> prosecutors had offered namat salahey a deal that was pleading guilty to one count of vandalism. the possibility of one year in jail, and paying full restitution to his victims. surveillance video allegedly showed him shooting out the windows of residents' cars. prosecutors say his goal was to pressure tenants to move, so he could then raise their rents. >> it's the motivation that we believe underlies this, that cuts at the core in the bay area. and that's housing. to make a few bucks. the willingness to try to get them to be thrown out onto the streets. that's why the conduct is far more egregious and warranted felony treatment, rather than a misdemeanor treatment. >> he is due back in court on
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december 18, but the attorney says the 74-year-old is scheduled to have surgery, which may end up causing a delay. a long awaited plan to bring super high speed internet service to san jose might not be happening at all. >> reporter: by now there should have been trucks and crews in the beginning of installation in san jose. instead, it looks like google fiber will never get off the ground. saying they'll be focusing on new technology instead. >> we are disappointed that google decided to put this on an indefinite pause, while they explore other technology alternatives. >> reporter: san jose officials spent two and a half years, approving permits and construction plans. >> anytime you talk about
10:35 pm
becoming an infrastructure company, it's a long term, highly committed proposition. i thought google was in it. apparently, they decided to let other people to make those investments. >> reporter: alphabet announced the ceo would be stepping down, and there will be some layoffs, but this should not be interpreted as a failed project. >> i'm not saying it's not without negative consequences. i'm just saying from google's stand point, what they were doing was jump starting an industry, where other companies weren't stepping up to the plate. >> we're working with at&t. we're working with facebook. it's not the same thing as a communitywide installation, but we're flexible. >> reporter: in a statement, a google fiber spokeswoman says we're confident we'll have an opportunity to resume our discussion once we've advanced our solutions. >> i think they're committed to provide similar services down the road, so we'll be waiting, and hoping that they'll come
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back to us, and with these new alternatives they're exploring. >> reporter: while san jose's project will not move forward, google fiber is already in eight cities, and will reportedly finish set up in another four. in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up, new details about a kidnapping that triggered an amber alert in the north bay. >> oh, my god. it was heart wrenching. neither one of us got sleep that entire night. >> up next, hear from this grocery store clerk who recognized the suspect. >> we talked about your thursday wet weather. now we press into friday, saturday, and sunday with more rain in the computer model. >> plus history made by the united nations. the vote that could lead to improved relations between the u.s. and cuba.
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woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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enthusiastic applause after a historic vote in the united nations assembly today in favor of lifting the u.s. embargo against cuba, after voting against the measure for years, the u.s. abstained this time, allowing the measure to pass,
10:40 pm
191-0. israel also abstained. there's the applause. it followed efforts by president obama to normalize relations with cuba that may help put pressure on republican lawmakers in the u.s. who want to maintain the embargo. the united nations says 2016 has become the deadliest year on record for refugees trying to reach europe. people fleeing war zones such as syria and iraq, are flooding into boats, and many of them don't make it. so far at least 3800 people have died. that's more than the total number from all of last year. the woman who helped rescue a baby in an amber alert case shared her story. the woman works in downeyville. she noticed something odd about a customer who came into the store. candace says she heard about an amber alert for a kidnapped baby. police were looking for 7-month- old henry massy, and his
10:41 pm
mother, hanna, ashley. henman realized it was the same woman so she called police. she says it was horrifying to see the woman carrying baby in a duffle bag. >> oh, my god, it was heart wrenching. neither one of us got sleep that entire night. it was horrifying. ugh. i have goose bumps just thinking about it. she had that child in a duffle bag. i have no words. >> police arrested ashley after a brief struggle. the baby was pulled from the duffel bag and checked by doctors. he's okay, and he's back with his grandmother in gernville, who has custody. providing help for the homeless. >> they can choose clothes rather than being forced clothes. >> a new store without price tags, but it won't be open for long. >> plus, here comes the rain again. bill martin with a complete bay
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area forecast, and it's a wet one. ♪ [ music ] i'll get you dancing... ♪
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volunteers were busy in san francisco today, getting ready for a unique grand opening. >> a street store is going to open on friday. the customers are homeless. the merchandise is all free. as ktvu's rob roth tells us, it's only going to be open for one day. >> we're sorting women's clothing over there. so shirts and sweaters, and tops. >> reporter: here in the basement of an office building south of market street, volunteers are sorting donated clothes. the merchandise for san francisco's first ever street store for homeless people. >> we get some men's dress pants, and stuff like that. yeah. >> reporter: natalie burke is a volunteer with episcopal
10:45 pm
community services, which is organizing this store, that will be open for one day only this friday. the clothes will be displayed on hangers. homeless people will be able to pick what they want. not what someone gives them. >> it's supposed to be a dignified experience, so they can choose clothes, rather than being forced clothes. >> reporter: pop up stores started overseas, but it's never been tried in san francisco. when word went out that it was in the works, clothing donations came in, well before the official day for donations, which is today. >> we have a lot more than we have anticipated getting. we thought we were going to have to go out and buy more clothes just to have enough for friday, but we're really glad we don't. >> so we're dividing them into categories. shirts, sweaters. >> reporter: among those volunteering today was this man. two years ago, he was homeless himself, now he says he's off the street and doing well. >> i remember this organization being there for me in my time of need, and i feel like this is a great way to pay it
10:46 pm
forward. >> reporter: volunteers are spreading the word to homeless people about this store by putting up flyers in shelters, and even visiting encampments. more than 500 homeless people are expected to visit the street store on friday. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. we're tracking the rain, it starts tomorrow, and continues really into early next week, on and off. there's the current imagery. you see the clouds thickening up. not really fog, but moisture coming in from the lower latitudes. that will fuel these next weather impulses that move through in the next three or four days. heaviest rain looks to be right now as if it's on thursday night into friday morning. here's san francisco tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. looks wet to me on the road walks. the latest model runs. here we are at lunchtime. a little bit of a break, but some scattered showers still. tomorrow afternoon's commute. this is about when it gets going. you suspect on thursday afternoon into thursday night.
10:47 pm
so let's look at one of the models. another model. 10:00a.m. tomorrow morning and then there's 3:00 p.m. so there's the afternoon commute. now we press forward. here's tomorrow night about this time. scattered showers, rain, and then here we are thursday night again. here we are friday morning. thursday in friday morning and it starts to clear out. that's short range. now we're going to go into the longer range. rain tomorrow, breaking off friday afternoon, then it gets going again. here's thursday afternoon. here's friday afternoon. here's saturday afternoon. here's sunday afternoon. you see how it keeps coming. here's monday afternoon. and here comes wednesday afternoon. it just keeps coming in. the timing on these is going to be hard to get. when i show you that, i just want to give you an idea of this. it's a wet pattern. so what happens between after friday, the models are going to readjust, but that basic low
10:48 pm
latitude fetch is going to continue. i suspect, we're going to be on and off through next week. right now, morning commute, kind of wet. afternoon commute tomorrow, definitely wet. your friday morning commute, definitely wet. your friday afternoon commute, probably wet. we get into here, increasing clouds, maybe a shower on halloween as well. right now for friday night for all the football games going on, i think you're going to be in good shape. but definitely that pattern, when you see that in october, that's the real deal. from seymour the hurricane and tropical moisture. >> we've already had some. >> it's a strong surge. coming up next, game 2 of the world series. all tied up. mark will show us how the cubs won tonight. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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all right mark's here now. the world series is all tied up, and the cubs are heading back to chicago. >> what were you doing frank, in 1945? >> i was still a concept. >> the cubs just won their first world series game since 1945. i feel like it's going to be a good series. probably going to go 6 or 7 games. but the games themselves, first
10:52 pm
two pretty one-sided both ways. lebron and richard jefferson showing up, and showing off. big rings. it it could have been the warriors, but that's a different story. anthony rizzo with a shot. kris bryant is going to score easily. there is the cubs first lead in a world series game since '45. that actor guy is happy about it. great story here. kyle schwarber. he injured his knee severely after just three games of the regular season, comes back, and comes through with a world series base hit and an rbi. this is a guy with 10 rbi's in 11 postseason games. no wonder why they wanted him back. jake arrieta's first postseason win of 2016. i call him hgh arrieta. hard guy to hut is what that means. hard hit, ben zobrist. a 5-1 final. series 1-1. game 3, can you
10:53 pm
imagine wrigley field friday night? going to be wild. i'll tell you what, if it was a highly anticipated broadway play it would have been shut down on opening night. talking about the golden state warriors last night. the coach's old friend, gregg popovich. yes, steve kerr's buddy may have pointed out inadvertently some of the things they need to work on. kerr let draymond green have it immediately after calling a time-out. steph, this time, not iguodala, blocked by jonathan simmons. there you go. it just didn't work out. 16 turnovers for the golden state warriors, leading to many an easy bucket, including that one by a former teammate,
10:54 pm
kerr's expression pretty much says it all. >> pretty bad. not going to sugar coat it. it was pretty bad. that's not the case, nba. it's a good wakeup call for us. it's time to take every single game serious. it's a matter of pride, and we'll do that. >> all right, we will see. meanwhile, in the city of brotherly love, russell westbrook, kevin durant's old teammate gets a warm welcome from a fan in philadelphia. he said what's up with that guy? he later did get ejected. harrelson eject the by andre washington. other way, it will be inis canter with the shot. the thunder able to prevail. 103-97.
10:55 pm
meanwhile, well the raiders on their own little magical mystery tour out in florida. the road has been their friend. today, continuing down in brandonton, florida. they beat jacksonville last sunday, they're going to hang around, and take on tampa this weekend. so they figure, save our flying miles, and stay there. they are undefeated on the road, are the raiders. and you know about their quarterback, derek carr, always looking at the rosy side of things. instead of ten long days away from home, no, he sees it as kind of a bonding experience. >> we've got the kind of group, it doesn't matter where we're at. it's kind of like a vacation in that aspect. obviously, this is a business trip for us, but it's a vacation in the sense, where it doesn't matter where we're at, we're a family. we could be here in new york, it doesn't matter. we're all together, and that's awesome. meanwhile, jim harbaugh continues to be a sore spot for 49er fans.
10:56 pm
why did they let him go. now, he's the highest paid coach in college football. he will earn in 2016, wait for it, $9 million, passing nick saban of alabama, making a mere $6.9 million. ohio state's coach is number three. marquell fultz. not evenly looking at it. you know how hard it is to throw a ball looking forward that way? it's not bad. >> how is the basketball team? i haven't been paying attention? >> i never like to milwaukee those kind of -- make those kind of predictions, but i have a feeling they're going to be pretty good. more worried about the warriors. >> we've got to go. >> thanks. night. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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with a break like this, we could dowhichever's faster. surgery means recovery time. a cast will get you back out there right away, but it's bulky. and can it take a beating? how did you break it again? roller derby. hip-checked. there's a rematch next week. snarling clementine has to be there. that's me. okay. so what color should the cast be? orange. orange is good. yeah, i like orange. it's kinda my thing. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard.
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have to come to these family meetings? i'm an adult. she said, emerging from the basement in her pajamas at noon. get off my back. it's saturday. right? what is this meeting about? are the ducks back? 'cause that was weird. your mom starts her new job running grandpa's closet company on monday, and you know how she gets when there are big changes. (groans) claire: (english accent) knockity-knock! oh, no. not -- mrs. clutterworth. who's ready to take everything we don't want and toss it in the bin? i am! you get her arms, i'll get her legs. (normal voice) i created mrs. clutterworth when the kids were little as a way to make home organizing fun. so fun. super fun. maybe a little confusing. why? well, the name is clearly inspired by mrs. butterworth, right? mm-hmm. yeah. but somehow she has a british accent. yeah, well, the kids were super into mary poppins back then. still missing a step. take one of these things up to your rooms. put everything in it you don't use. can't we just do this next weekend, or, like, never? no. i am starting my new job and i want to leave things as organized as possible.


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