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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the kittens are fine and they'll be up for adoption in the near future. rain is moving in for your afternoon commute. mark tamayo is tracking when and where the storm will hit. we have the latest for you on the preparations already underway. apple is getting ready for another major event following unveiling of a new desktop computer from microsoft. we are live with an editor from nerds on call. >> halloween is right around the corner. we are showing you some of the year's most popular costumes. plus we are dishing up ideas for your fright night parties. s. >> just like that, we jump into this 9:00 hour with a live look at our backyard. this is the last thursday of october. for me, a little mixed emotions, starting to say good- bye to my favorite month but
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also charging ahead looking forward to november. welcome to the nine everyone. it is a busy newscast, a couple bay area companies in the news, apple having a big event. twitter is in the news. we will have some fun later with some halloween costumes. i don't know if you saw the children. >> i did see a couple. i thought they were our interns. >> how many cups of coffee have you had? >> i have had three. >> you are charging. >> it's october. >> this is what a double capuchin oh, does to mike. >> we're talking about a major problem with the commute this morning. later today that will be a concern especially this afternoon and into the evening. rainfall rates will be increasing. here is the latest on the satellite and radar. a continuous stream of moisture pushing into northern california and central california as well. we have been tracking scattered rain showers across portions of
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the bay area all morning since about 4:00. there is some of the coverage. you will notice there is not much in the north bay but it is still scattered around. even if you are not covered you can have some mist or drizzle. this is new towards the east bay, those yellows. there is the the radar image updating. toward hayward toward 580, san ramone, dublin, that ride is wet. toward the santa cruz mountains, more action here. this is approaching santa clara. san jose is not having as much coverage but that will be changing today. storm two for today and friday will be heaviest for the coastal hills. we have a big rainfall range and significant rainfall toward the santa cruz mountains. at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, scattered rain virtually anywhere in the
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bay area. it could be picking up at 1:00. the main target time frame will be this afternoon and the evening hours. this will cause issues on the roads tonight. once again we are talking about rain for your friday morning and for the weekend as well. it's tough to dodge the rain drops. the commute can be extra challenging. but remember this is good news. we need the rainfall. so far october has been very productive for us. >> thank you very much. the commute could be bad this evening as you heard mark say. the rain will be moving in. some areas that get flooded because they are below sea level is this area i circled here between say mill valley and central san rafael exit. it does tend to flood there. really whenever we have rain it's correlated with accidents. if you don't have to be on the road this afternoon, i wouldn't recommend it. another thing to put on the radar which is monday, halloween, people want to be home early and there will be a
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lot of traffic that evening or afternoon trying to get home. >> starting as early as 2:00 or 3:00. >> it's that one day of the year when people really want to be home. chp hoping to wrap up a homicide investigation and reopen an on ramp to interstate 80 in richmond. authorities were called about 12:30 about a body at the hill top drive on ramp. officers found a man who died from gun shot wounds. investigators have not released his name or age. they say he was latino who may have come from a park and ride parking lot nearby. >> trying to get any investigative leads from the gas stations on either side of the freeway. we will do as much as we can to obtain the info. >> investigators will be looking at video from any surveillance cameras in the area to try to figure out what happened and find the person responsible. police need your help finding a person who hit a
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bicyclist and took off. the incident happened at about 10:30 monday morning on fremont avenue east of sunny veil saratoga road near a high school. according to mercury news the bicyclist was severely injured. this is the car involved. it is described as a white 2009 to 2014 rack are a. the driver was described as having a pony tail. two contra costa county firefighters on paid administrative leave after accused of drunk disorderly conduct. the walnut creek marriott called police early sunday saying four drunk guests refused to leave. they were identified as andrew desmond and his girlfriend. also identified were 32 year old firefighter johnson and his wife. the photo is from the facebook page of east countedy today while the wife's picture comes
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from instagram. the four were at the hotel for a charity ball hosted by a firefighters union for the bikes for tikes program. there was a scuffle between desmond and two officers. >> we basically want to see exactly what happened and let the facts come out in the case. we'll make evaluations based on that. we take the public's trust very seriously. we want to be sure that we get that part of it right. >> the firefighters union released this statement. local 1230 apologizes for this unfortunate incident at the site of our charity event. two police officers suffered minor injuries in the incident. the firefighters and their companions were released on bail. a record number of people have already voted in the november 8 presidential election. 37 states have early voting.
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so far more than 12.5 million votes have been cast, much higher than the rate in the 2012 election. in san francisco thousands of people have turned in ballots. election officials started processing them yesterday. those will be numbers announced as soon as polls close on election night. early voting is a growing trend. >> the numbers of ballots going out is the highest we have ever issued. we've got the most voters ever in san francisco registered to vote. we've got the most voters who have come at this point in the cycle to city hall to cast ballots. >> san francisco has one of the highest vote by mail percentages in the state. 60% of san francisco voters cast ballots without going to the polls on election day. >> san francisco's elections director says he is experiencing a pretty big problem with the ballots when san francisco's five page ballot is folded together and placed in the envelope, it's too thick to fit into the processing machine. he is asking san francisco voters to fold each page
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separately and then stack them together before putting the entire ballot into the envelope. that way individual ballots won't have to be processed by hand and that will speed up the election results. there are reports of a different kind of ballot problem in nevada and a few other states. most people say things are going off without a hitch but one woman said while she was working on her ballot she heard the man in the booth next to her complaining about a problem. she said she decided to hold off on voting for now. >> he said that when he hit the submit button or whatever, everything shifted. it wasn't the same people that he voted for. >> it completely matched to everything that i marked on the ballot. there was absolutely no problems with that. >> several other people said they had heard about problems but didn't have issues when they went to vote. voting officials across the country are telling voters to check the ballots carefully
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before they submit. we are getting word that the man wanted for vandalizing donald trump's star was arrested. we showed you this video obtained from deadline hollywood. police arrested james otis on felony vandalism as he was leaving his west hollywood home this morning. otis talked to reporters and admitted to the vandalism. he said his goal was to remove the star to auction it and raise money for women who accused trump of sexual harassment. >> i am admitting to what i have done. that's more than mr. trump has ever done with many of the women. >> this is not the way we should act in a democracy. democracy requires respect for the law and most people i think are disgusted that someone would do this. >> the damage is estimated at $2500. repairs are already underway. a southern california company started the first ever ride share service for women only. it is called see jane go. it was created in an effort to
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make women feel safer. the drivers are women picking up women only. the creator of the app says he came up with the idea after hearing about scary experiences from his 19 year old daughter. >> i had a girlfriend get locked in a car with a male driver and he said you can't get out unless you give me a kiss. thank goodness she got out and nothing else happened. it is something that we as women have to deal with every day. >> the creator william jordan says it is not meant to be discriminatory to men. men can ride with a female user but if a man tries to book a ride by himself the company will refer to him another ride share service. see jane go is only in orange county but the company does hope to expand. coming up next, a unique store getting ready to open in san francisco. it is for one day only. up next, how it aims to help the homeless in a dignified way. >> from long vacations to paid sick days, companies with the best job perks and some of your
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responses on the benefits you wish you had.
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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you see that the dow jones had an up and a down and now an up. it is gaining about 35 points. s&p is essentially flat. the story is similar on the nasdaq although that's been more in the red for most of the morning. volunteers busy yesterday getting ready for a unique grand opening. >> this is called a street store. it's going to open tomorrow. the customers are homeless residents. merchandise is all free. >> it's only going to stay open for one day. >> we're sorting women's clothing over there. shirts, sweaters, tops. >> in the basement of an office building south of market street, volunteer the tears are soring -- volunteers are sorting donated clothes the
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merchandise for the first street store for homeless people. >> we've got men's dress pants and stuff like that. >> may the reis a volume -- mallory is a volunteer organizing the store that will be open for one day only, this friday. the clothes will be on hangers. homeless people will be able to pick what they want. >> it is supposed to be a dignified experience so they can choose clothes rather than being forced clothes. >> pop up stores started overseas but has never been tried in san francisco. when word went out through social media it was in the works clothing donations came pouring in before the official day for donations which is today. >> we have a lot more than we have anticipated getting. we thought we were going to have to go out and buy more clothes just to have enough for friday. but we're really glad we don't. >> we're dividing them into
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categories. shirts, sweaters. >> among those volunteering was this man. two years ago he was homeless. now he is off the street and doing well. >> i remember this organization being there for me in my time of need. i feel like this is a great way to pay it forward. >> volunteers are spreading the word about the store by putting up flyers in shelters and even visiting incampments. more than 500 homeless people are expected to visit the street store friday. >> the store by the way is open tomorrow only. it is at 8th and howard. continue to spread the word. how happy are you at your job? what are key factors to your happiness? those are questions asked of some 12,000u.s. and canadian workers. answers varied by field as well as by the workers' age and gender. overall the average score was 71. top factors were feeling happy include having pride in the
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organization, being respected, feeling appreciated. has released a list of best companies to work for when it comes to paid time off. three companies in northern california made the top five. google is the best at number four. new employees get 15 vacation days and that jumps to five weeks paid vacation after just five years of working for the company. based in san francisco is number six. intel of santa clara is number 18. amgen took the overall top spot. it gives three weeks vacation plus another week around christmas and another around the 4th of july. third is ikea with three weeks of paid time off and that increases to seven weeks after ten years on the job. google is 4th and monsanto
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rounds out the top five. >> seven weeks. we have a story on our facebook page about benefits bay area top tech companies using to attract employers. we are turning to you and the question is this, what job perk do you have or wish you had? jennifer tweeted my company is rolling out telecommuting to many departments, really looking forward to it. >> robert says a job perk, i can have my wife, son, and dog at my job. yes, i work from home. >> i would like free lunch or to work from home. >> the control room likes free lunch. keep giving your responses. we'll check them with you throughout the day. with job perks, some are financial and then there are those intangibles that make you feel valued. >> you know what we have here that i like, free parking. that's not something given.
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in the bay area we roll into a secure lot and get free parking. >> i was telling gasia, there is a picture on my fridge from the 2012 world series, me on market street by myself with the crowd. i am a life long giants fan in the bay area. that's a perk. if i didn't have this job, i wouldn't be able to take that picture. >> the three of us worked that parade in 2014. i have a picture of the three of us. >> perks galore. thanks for talking with us on twitter. tvu. first major sporting event since the shooting at pulse night club is held in orlando. coming up, how the team honored survivors and victims of the attack. >> twitter confirming job cuts as apple prepares for another big event. we are joined by coed torr of
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-- co-editor of nerds on call to weigh in with what we're talking about.
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microsoft is getting into the desktop computer business showing office new surface studio pc. it's an all in one touch screen desktop. it features a high speed processor and screen that's higher definition than 4k. it will be available this holiday season but the tech giant did not reveal a launch date. you might want to start saving up. it starts at $300. apple is expected to announce the next big thing. rumors are it will be a redesign of the popular -- mac book. they're expected to be lighter and thinner of previous ones. we expect the announcement in the next 45 minutes. of course we have a crew there. ktvu will have the announcement online when it happens and a full wrap up at noon. >> joining us in studio is ryan
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he would ridge cofounder of nerds on call. twitter posted another quarter of slowing revenue growth and said it would slash 9% of its global workforce. is the company in trouble? >> i don't know if it's in trouble. it still has 350 philly the active -- million active daily users. the thing about twitter is this is their month of doom. it's not terribly unusual. it is in their sales and marketing department which means that's where they're struggling. they're trying to find a way to make the company profitable. it hasn't been profitable. >> they've got good stuff coming with the streaming of thursday night football. they've got that going. twitter calls itself a news organization, not necessarily just a social network. >> it's not likely to go away because someone would want all
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the followers. >> yes. it is a power house of influence. think of the election alone. disney looked at it, was looking at it. they're trying to get themselves sold. but they've got a troll problem as we all know about. they put in a block button so you can block users. that's keeping a lot of people -- disney will not go for it because of the troll problem. they have to fix that first. >> let's talk about the apple announcement. if it is revamp of the mac book. i have an iphone, an ipad. do i need a mac book? >> you have a good point. desktop computer sales have been declining. it is expected to continue to decline in the next two years. it's weird that microsoft suddenly jumped into the market this time. you have to do something different, a little unusual. i am an apple owner. everything i am surrounded with
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is apple. i have an old mac book that i am dying to update. i don't know if this will be big enough to take us away from what we are already using. >> what is behind microsoft trying to get into this desktop business? you say the business is dying. >> here is the thing about microsoft. they aren't selling to the user of today. what they're doing is taking a big bet on 3d and virtual reality. everything they announced yesterday has something to do with 3d, virtual reality. what they're doing is trying to get creators involved. >> so you are like architects, engineers. the price point on that and what they were talking about yesterday, close to $3000. >> $2900 for the cool computer. once they've got all the creators creating content for them on their networks and in their platforms then the
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consumers will follow. apple has dominated the creator market for so long with their integrations with adobe and everything else. this is a really interesting spin the way microsoft is doing it. and the pc is gorgeous. >> what did you think of the surface dial? >> i love it. the head of hardware is saying that is just the beginning. you will see more hardware accessories that will work with the service. you can also use that same accessory on the surface pro as well. i mistakenly said 300. it's $3000. mac book pros are $2000. are people willing to pay this? >> oh, yeah. apple will also offer two terabyte drive for the first time. it's going to be a higher end thing. the display will be the retina display but it will get a pixel upgrade because their imac two years ago got the 5k. what would be interesting was if they took a thing from
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microsoft and created touch screen imac it desperately needed, having the creation with the apple pencil. that would be awesome. >> what about the timing? >> it is cool. >> here we are today with microsoft. >> they have diminished the announce by having this today and they have diminished the business reviews on declining revenue. it's brilliant. >> the product still has to be perfect in order for it to be successful. you can have as much timing as you want. >> i agree. iphone sales is the charge for apple. now there are rumors of the iphone 8 coming out. it looks gorgeous. it's going to be amazing and will really beef up their sales. the mac book line needs a refresh. it will not be the thing that fuels their growth but it will keep investors on edge.
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>> appreciate it. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, culinary first for the area's biggest city. a tour of the restaurant that earned san jose its only michelin rating. >> rain is moving into the bay area. it is second to pick up later today and throughout the -- expected to pick up later today and throughout the weekend as well. we'll tell you how people are getting ready for the wet weather, coming up.
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welcome back. we are talking about jobs today. what's the best perk you have? what's the perk you wish you had? so many responses on facebook and twitter. i go to my facebook page for two answers. andrew writes 100% 401(k) match, flex week, paid holidays. love my job. >> i worked in a place where my employer took me to neman
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marcus and macy's and she would buy pelke something. >> kate said -- me something. >> kate said maternity and paternity leave. >> free food. >> free bagels on friday. >> free food and better benefits. as always if you want to chime in, use #ktvuthe9. southern california remains in a severe drought. the southern part of the state has received 60% of average rainfall for the month. some reservoirs in the south land are 7% of capacity. relief may be on the way. some parts of southern california could receive up to two inches of rain over the next week. >> we bring in meteorologist mark tamayo. a lot of people are saying i
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don't see rain. >> just wait. it's coming on board. in southern california, be careful what you wish for. it can impact the fire zones. we'll be watching for that. in the bay area it's been a cloudy damp morning with off and on showers paying us a visit. thankfully the winds aren't much of an issue. it is pretty mild with temperatures close to 60. as i mentioned, we had rain showers off and on all morning long. we still have some activity favoring parts of the east bay and south bay. even if you are not covered especially for marin there is enough moisture and lift that you could have heavy mist or drizzle. i know what it is like not to see anything on the radar but you can consider it rain. you can see towards liver more, pleasanton, fremont, parts of the east bay getting rainfall. santa cruz mountains, heads up, rainfall potential through tomorrow could be two to three inches.
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here is the forecast model. into the afternoon we will ramp up the coverage and activity. continue get ready, the afternoon and evening commute will be more of a challenge. rainfall is pushing into the bay area. it is streaming in from the southwest. for the friday morning commute, tomorrow morning could be extra busy because we are expecting downpours to push into the region. if we can go back to the maps, in the five day forecast we are talking about multiple rain clouds. into friday we have morning rain turning to showers. the highest chance for rain saturday would be in the north bay and increasing by the evening. we can be talking about more rain clouds sunday morning and a break monday. >> to have rain and then a break is helpful instead of having it all together. >> absolutely. we want the water but you also want to go somewhere as well. you want it to go where it needs to go. >> thank you. heavy rain is heading for
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the bay area. across the area, people are making sure they are ready. alex savidge is live to show us what homeowners are doing to prepare. >> reporter: good morning. very light rain in the east bay but as mark alluded to, things are expected to intensify as we move throughout the day. you see the roads are a little bit wet. it hasn't been too bad. a lot of people are coming to this hardware store stocking up on supplies ahead of the series of storms. giant rain barrels. bill snyder is the owner and he showed us some of the items people are buying ahead of the next round of rain. he says he is selling a lot of gutter extenders, gutter strainers, tarps, flash lights, batteries. with all the heavy rain
9:34 am
expected to arrive later today in the bay area, snyder is expected a lot of customers will be scrambling to get ready for the storms. >> we will get very busy today. not everybody is prepared for the weather and all of a sudden it starts raining and they're running around wanting batteries for flash lights in case of power outages and things like that. >> people do all the stuff at the last minute, human nature. >> the world has become that way. >> come on down and if we had canoes and kayaks and everything, it's a big rain storm, come down and we'll get you one. >> reporter: there you go. you are set to go if you head down here to moraga hardware and lumber. there are certainly concerns about possible flooding in some spots in the bay area. concord has opened up three sand bag stations including this one that's at the city's main work yard on gasoline alley. stop by and fill your sand bags for free.
9:35 am
other sand bag stations are throughout the bay area as well as people prepare for the storms. so far in the east bay things have been light with scattered showers if you want to call them that. obviously the heavier stuff is headed our way soon. >> already on the ladder, pulling the leaves out of the gutter. i have was late but i got them out. >> that's what bill was telling me at the hardware store. he says it's amazing how many people tend to procrastinate. it's not until the rain is hours from getting here that they decide they have to clean the gutters. human nature. >> thanks. download our free kutv weather app for your forecast on the go. it is free for iphones as well as android. >> before the headlines i want to remind you if your windshield wipers are going, your head lights need to be on or you can be cited in california. let's go to dave in the newsroom. >> thank you. here are some of the top
9:36 am
stories. we are hearing from kevin epps, a san francisco documentary film maker arrested for a deadly shooting monday but was later released because of lack of evidence. >> i am really thankful to my community and really thankful to san francisco to know that justice can work for a black man in america. >> he was accused of shooting and killing marcus polk. sources say a preliminary investigation showed epps acted in self defense after polk broke into his home in the glenn park neighborhood. an attorney for epps says his client opened fire on an intruder. >> he was unauthorized to be there. he made threatening gestures that were such that kevin felt in fear of his life and the life of his common law wife as well. >> the police investigation into the shooting isn't over yet. the police released a statement saying it is not uncommon for
9:37 am
the da's office to ask for additional investigation on a case. investigatessers work closely with the da's office and will be continuing the investigation into this matter. in the meantime, computer problems for the 4th day are affecting dmv offices all over california and causing big problems at several bay area dmv offices. they can only offer limited low tech services like driving tests and vehicle verification. the dmv is making progress though in fixing the problem. quite a few offices that were affected are operating normally this morning. just 29 of the 188 dmv offices around the state are still offline. dmv says if you have business at the office check a website for the list of the offices affected before you head to the dmv. those are just some of your morning headlines in our
9:38 am
newsroom. back to you. >> thank you, dave. a high school dealing with a serious flu outbreak. clayton valley charter high school in concord says about 500 students have been out sick- out of a total student population of 2200. students who went to class say the absences are noticeable. >> my english class today, half of the people were gone. all the front of the class was gone. it was pretty much empty. >> we did check with the two schools closest and we were told they had a total of about 15 students out. a spokes person says it's normal and they're not seeing large cases of flu related absences. orlando magic opened last night with a tribute to the victims of the pulse night club massacre. the team held the moment of silence and a banner with the number 49 was raised in honor of the number of people killed. survivors and relatives of
9:39 am
those killed watched. the magic wore special shirts during the warm up. this marks the first major sporting event in orlando since the tragedy last june. the world series is headed to wrigley field for the first time since the 1940s and it is tied up at one game a piece. a base hit! here comes rizzo. >> two for four with two rbis and cubs won 5-1. arietta took a no-no into the 6 6th. he struck out six to get the w. >> game three is in chicago tomorrow at 5:00. our coverage begins at 4:30. watch newscasts on ktvu plus. in the restaurant business the highest honor you can get is a michelin star. >> this is the first restaurant in san jose to achieve that honor. >> we go on a tour of the one
9:40 am
of a kind dining experience. >> reporter: tucked in san jose's little portugal neighborhood, adega the restaurant opened for ten months has been awarded the coveted michelin star rating. >> we were in shock. there was no other reaction or yelling. >> we yelled after. >> they honor more than 50 bay area restaurants with stars yet this is a first for san jose. an unexpected surprise for the husband and wife owners whose intention is to offer authentic portuguese cuisine in a city known for innovation. >> why not create something in the culinary world? why only in technology? >> it's where this family is from. the owner' daughter jessica at 23 is likely one of the
9:41 am
youngest female chefs to earn a michelin distinction. >> if you work hard and follow your dreams and focus and dedicate your attention on something you believe in strongly, it will pay off. >> jessica and her fiance were already on the radar after working at a top rated restaurant. the specialties include the octopus, cod, and their dessert. >> there is sharpness and unique flavors. >> this san jose native reserved a table as soon as the rating came out. >> there is culture in san jose. you hope that other restaurants will latch onto that and maybe we'll see more and more excellent restaurants opening and there will be competition. >> as you can imagine, reservations have been pouring in since they won the star. the restaurant is booked into december.
9:42 am
coming up next, halloween is just days away. we are getting into the spirit at ktvu. after break, some of the year's top costumes and some ideas for your next party. follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side.
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that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. i always find great deals on shoes... purses... we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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halloween weekend is just days away. monday night children will be hitting the streets looking to are that candy. what will they be wearing? for more on the popular trending costumes i am joined by heather with party city. welcome, fantastic costume. >> thanks. is this your favorite? >> i love to the batman. >> you were saying that super
9:45 am
heroes are another hot pick. >> super heroes are hot this year but this year especially. suicide squad obviously is a really popular one. >> show me what you have. >> this is our actual dead pole costume. it gives you the muscles if you don't have them. >> everyone needs those muscles. >> if you want a couples costume, this is mrs. dead pole. it's a cute fit and you can buy the mask to pair with it. >> i noticed last year that families dress similar. >> definitely. >> super heroes. you would expect politicians to be a big hit. >> it is a very big hit. we have election items in the stores, masks, and even just a red, white, and blue theme. >> what else for the adults? >> here is batman. if i wanted to go as a pair, i would want my batman with me. >> i went to arizona and
9:46 am
brought back a cowboy hat. i am debating on a cowboy or a cool hippy. >> decades are another good costume, like anything '60s. >> i agree. >> this is from civil war. this is iron man. they have the built in muscles too. it's very cute when they're on. >> these have muscles as well. do you know how much people spend on costumes? i looked it up. >> according to fortune, $2.5 billion will be spent on costumes by americans. my goodness. that brings up the question about do it yourself or buy. i bought mine this year. i know we have children models coming in. you guys look fantastic. i recognize captain america. that's what my son will be. >> very popular. we wanted him to be here with
9:47 am
us today. shield obviously has his shield. there is the larger size shield. >> the muscles. >> we can have captain america if we wanted to as well. the girls are wearing the d.c. super heroes costume. >> tell me about that. >> i love those. obviously we've got wonder woman and bat girl. they've got leggings on. this year it is supposed to be raining. they're going to be warmer because their legs are covered. they're comfortable and look super cute. >> is the whole frozen thing gone? do we expect to see the ana and elsas. >> we have a new princess who is actually here. there goes her and. she's new on the disney channel. she's very popular this year. the disney dresses are really adorable. they're fluffy, so the little girls love them. >> you bring up a good point
9:48 am
with the weather. you may have to make adjustments to prepare. mark was telling us that we may have a break. thank you for coming in. sal and gasia, i know you have a lot more for halloween parties. >> after you trick or treat, you want to come inside and have a nice spread. to help us with that, we are joined on the nine. we are talking halloween with class. this is not a kids' party. >> we have stuff that's kid friendly and adult friendly. i don't like to make things gross when dealing with foods. call me crazy. >> we will start with hot chocolate, not the stuff in the packet. >> i will need your help. >> i'd love to. >> i want you to whisk. it's so simple.
9:49 am
this is so good. whisk that and melt the chocolate. >> help me with the fonda served in a witch's cauldron. >> fon due. >> the hardest part is pronouncing the two cheeses. we have corn starch, white wine. the alcohol will burn off so this is kid friendly i think. not all kids will like this but it is yummy. >> kids love dipping anything into anything. >> this is nutmeg. that's fun. some garlic. while i am whisking, i want to ask you, when it comes to preparing a festive table and since you are in the business of putting a party together, what things do you put at the table? do you put everything together at one table? how do you make it seem festive? >> as i said before, put the
9:50 am
food where you want the party to be. people sometimes put the food against the wall. put it in the center of the room so everyone gathers around it. while you are doing that, i will make cranberry gin and tonic. this is made with any gin you like. this is beaver tree tonic, which is kind of a fancy tonic. >> i know it well. >> can you make this in a pitcher. >> you can but it's going to be sparkling. >> got it. >> this is unsweetened cranberry juice. i got this at trader joe's. this is a vanilla thyme simple syrup. that recipe will be on the internet. >> that's wonderful. >> which is not the virgin one? >> he wants to be sure he
9:51 am
doesn't get the virgin one, heaven forbid. >> this is for you to taste. >> this is for you to taste. >> i definitely will. >> if that's melted you can start ladling it into the mugs. >> mmm. >> i will whip up some pumpkin spiced mixed cream to go on the chocolate. i have powdered sugar, nutmeg. >> this is like the kick off. halloween. then you have thanksgiving and christmas. >> it's a good time because people aren't party fatigued. >> in my family we like to do cozy night in which we have a couple special foods. we all play scrabble. i can see any of these foods happening at cozy night. can i taste the hot chocolate?
9:52 am
>> you should totally taste it. these are ginger cupcakes with our famous recipe with cream cheese frosting. i bought these at a great little independent store in berkeley. they have the cute toppers that they custom make with ghosts. it makes it so easy. >> is that an actual gingerbread cup cake? we think of the ones that you buy that are already cut into shapes. that's not gingerbread. it's a cookie essentially. >> we will all be throwing parties from here on out to christmas. what do you think is the most important tip for throwing a good party? >> make it easy on yourself. >> you don't want the host in the kitchen working while everyone else is having fun. that stresses your guests out. >> absolutely. if the host isn't happy, ain't nobody happy. >> i like it.
9:53 am
thanks for coming in. you want the recipes. i know you don't. is the answer. mike is here for the costume. we have all the recipes on and also on the mobile app. i am going to try this right now.
9:54 am
the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet, and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly.
9:55 am
firefighters in the east bay found two adorable surprises inside their fire
9:56 am
truck earlier this week. two tiny kittens were found inside one of the hose beds of the engine. firefighters believe a cat may have used the truck as shelter to give birth to the kittens while it was parked outside. the kittens will be okay and up for adoption in the near future. >> we do hope you join us tomorrow. jeanie from the reel is stopping by our set. we will talk with her about the show and what she likes to do when she's in her hometown of san jose. we have been counting. there are 12 days until the big election. as the noise continues we are giving you a chance to clear your head every morning on the nine. prepare for this morning's moment of sanity. >> crooked hillary. >> unfit.
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♪ >> taking a breath there. that is our show for this morning. thank you for joining us on the nine.
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