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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the campaign trail shakeup not wrestling clinton supporters. but republicans, the lazy man's discovery they feel is trumps golden ticket. >> we're driving to smoldering. >> mother nature putting a damper on the plans for weekend. >> new details emerging about the plane that went up in flames. my passengers are lucky they made it out alive. despite moves inside. >> why minor athletic injury can have serious implications on your child's health. hillary clinton and donald trump trading barbs on the
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campaign trail with 10 days left until election day. clinton attacking charm for his rhetoric but trump coming down hard on her over the fbi's announcement of newly discovered emails and reopening the investigation.>> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. >> sources say the emails were discovered as part of an ongoing investigation into anthony weiner's sexting scandal. he's the estranged husband of top clinton aide. the clinton campaign says these emails are likely duplicates, the ones clinton already shared with the fbi months ago. the campaign is questioning the timing of all this and calling on fbi director james calmly to release more information about exactly what his agents have found. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right
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before an election. we called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it out on the table.>> with early voting going on across the country, both campaigns believe this could have a big impact on the election. is is changing minds and votes in the bay area? we have that part of the story. >> reporter: a group of trump supporters held a rally in danville saturday at the sycamore valley road overpass is it mostly women who wholeheartedly support the gop nominee for the >> the fbi is doing the right things finally. i think it will be a game changer. >> with their candidate trailing, one trump supporters said she considers this latest news related to the
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investigation of hillary clinton's email to be a tipping point in the campaign. >> at some point, they should say enough is enough, how much is there, how many things will keep coming up with her? watergate came up after nixon was elected, will we get into more of this when she is president? >> reporter: with hillary clinton's @ la minute campaign headquarters, volunteers are busy on making to swing states. focused not on the latest news of emails but rather on swing independent voters. >> i think sometimes these new stories, while we take them seriously we also for her supporters come in ready to get on those phones and make sure people have the right information in the so confident in their choice. >> one supporter questioned the timing of the fbi director's letter to congress given the election is just a matter of days away. >> i'm so confident she will win to the best of my knowledge nothing has been disclosed in the email which would cause anyone else to think otherwise.
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>> truck as a traditionally blue state is considered the national call center for the clinton campaign. with a 2 to 3000 calls being made on behalf of the candidate each day. an effort not letting up which is days to go until november 8. it's been a very active with a week in the bay area. to storms moving through the bay area, the third set to move in first thing tomorrow morning. those numbers adding up, rainfall was taking a look at totals over the last three days you can see santa rosa, livermore, all over an inch of rain, close to san jose. seven syska .80 and oakland .74. you can see coverage out there, the bulk of the action show activity focused this evening, especially toward mendocino
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county, portions of lake county. right now we have the wyatt doppler sweeps trying to detect rainfall and we have probably cut skies across the region. look what's developing offshore. this is our situation that will move in. there's the area of low pressure will be a key factor in producing rainfall for tomorrow but some strong gusty winds could have guests around 30 to 40 miles an hour. here's our live camera. you see it's quiet spots the conditions will change rapidly over the next 4 to 6 hours across the bay area. next storm set for sunday, rainfall a quarter of an inch all the way to two. we talked about the winds and this is a big change, the cooler systems as a result dropping snow levels and we have a winter storm warning for parts of the sears as we had to say. more on that coming up in a few minutes and will take a look at halloween or cast because we can talk about other systems that could produce shower chances here. city officials and modesto
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say they have significant rain yesterday caused several streets to overflow. kennys streets flooded creating headaches for drivers and more work for city crews. one of the worst hit streets was in an stanislaus county. were parking lots were closed because of the inches of water locked drivers. this was driving through solid red trying to get summer. where is all the water going? where's is was to go? >> city officials urge drivers to slow down when faced with pleasant to avoid driving when the flooding in some spots. >> for the latest on whether headed our way down the the free ktvu,com whether it. our weather team are all posting the very latest on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> a routine traffic stop ends with a high-speed chase through
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the east bay and no arrests. berkeley police say they pulled the driver over around six tonight and near the berkeley oakland border. for a moving violation but when the officer approached the car to speak with the driver police say they sped off clipping the officer. the chase ended in oakland when the officer lost the driver near macarthur boulevard and 75th avenue. police say the officer wasn't injured and the search for the driver has been called off. highway patrol is an investigation after somebody opened fire on east bay freeway. it happened last night i westbound interstate 580 in richmond near harbor way. one person was hurt but authorities haven't released the extent of the injuries. all the lanes were blocked for almost 2 hours during the investigation and so far, no arrests have been made for the oakland police shut down a safeway store last night after matt called and said there was a shooting. there's received the call and rushed to the safeway. police told us they found the color in the stores restroom, his uncooperative which left -- led to stand up. they eventually talked him into
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surrendering. they took him into custody. instead lasted 45 minutes, with no injuries. morgan hill police say more women have come forward claiming the same man sexually assaulted them. police arrested this man two months ago after one woman claimed he assaulted her while she was unconscious in a san jose. after the police released him, seven more potential victims came forward. morgan hill police say the charges include a multi-victim enhancement if convicted that could lead to a life sentence in prison. vacaville police say they say to 17-year-old from an alleged human trafficking ring. they say she is from sacramento and was forced to work there as a prostitute. she's in protective custody and several people are in jail. police arrested three people smoke and one from sacramento. there are three suspects. cannot police need your
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help in identifying and locating a bank robbery suspect. take a look at the photo. they say the man of these photos robbed a bank around noon friday. he allegedly made threats about having a gun but not actually saw a weapon. the toys gave him cash and he walked away. police say use of hispanic man in his mid-30s, been shaven with a medium build, he was last seen walking south on winchester boulevard. >> police in rio vista look for man who stole lottery tickets from a liquor store. surveillance photos aren't clear but try to take a good look. we say it happened 6 am thursday . they say the suspect used a crowbar to open the door and went behind the counter to get the tickets. he was driving a truck which was last seen heading east on highway 12 toward the rio vista bridge. breaking news at a san francisco about an accident involving a teenager on a skateboard. they said the ,14 headed south
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two hours ago they collided with a honda suv. they say the teen was rushed to the hospital with life- threatening injuries, the driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating with police. police it does appear the driver was impaired but they say it's an active investigation and they are looking for witnesses. two other teenagers were also on skateboards but were not hurt. newark but to poppin opera -- newark -- police say someone tossed a powder into their intermission and fled. the powder is still being tested . the performance is canceled. eyewitness accounts after the engine explosion on a flight leaving chicago. the video so germanic it's hard to believe only 20 people were injured. they say the heat from planes was so intense it melted windows on one side of the cabin.
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check out the fire voting for the right way alting passenger windows. the federal aviation said the boeing 767 experienced a rare uncontained engine failure spewing engine parts into the air. a passenger on board recording as they evacuated the plane of the emergency chutes. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the 767 was loaded with fuel and was leaking. 20 passengers of flight attendant experienced minor injuries as they slid down the emergency chutes. pastors hurrying away from the aircraft, fearful of a potential explosion.
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>> i was seated in steep 30 1e, middle section of the plane. we started to take off, we didn't get in the air that seem like the right side engine blew. a big ball of fire, everybody was very professional. the pilot stopped the play perfect and we started exiting. it was coordinator chaos. was on believable. the ntsb is investigating this fire on a fedex plane of the four letter to hollywood international airport yesterday. the cargo plane caught fire right here as it was landing proportionally, no one was hurt. and none of the cargo was damaged. hundreds celebrate halloween tonight. the festivities happening right now and you may want to head
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out. >> coming up later will break down game four of the world series and how one team has their back against the wall. first, a chilling controversy, the banner that has a group of two leaders apologizing to the native american communities. 10 o'clock and news continues.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. engineers say tests are going well and new devices designed to improve the golden gate ridges earthquake safety. will help with the center span
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by making it able to withstand the quake by dissipating energy through new metal fittings. plans call for 38 devices to be installed cost to come is half $1 billion. more problems this weekend for the upscale millennium tower in san francisco. the chronicle reports the city slapped high-rise with two violations for making unauthorized repairs. the tower is thinking and tilting and caused concrete to crack in the other around garage. the city says repairs were made but without the proper permits. >> tesla has unveiled a new product, solar roofs. the ceo says they are made of tiled solar panels that can provide power to home. he says the solar russo caused less than traditional when you factor in the energy savings. they could be available as soon as next summer. a short-lived dustup between the oakland a's and smashed it has made it to mainstream media. it started with a sports writer tweeted out something about coco crisp.
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they treated back and uncomplimentary observation saying fans responded angry and things escalated. the a's management got wind of it, stepped in, tweeted an apology along with an offer for smash mouth to throw at the first pitch. and ohio's high school play it was the better they displayed as a prep for all game calling the countries you just a brutal treatment of native americans. the cheerleaders held up the banner at the game last night. you can read it it says hey indians, get ready for a trail of tears apart to. the reference was to the 19th century relocation were thousands died of starvation, illness or exposure. the school issued a statement say may have deepest city to those of indian and african american descent. we're tracking another
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storm developing offshore. you will notice this presents first thing tomorrow morning. here's satellites. this big circulation in the pacific, strong upper level winds, even at the surface we increase the wind speeds. with gusts approaching the 30 to 40 miles an hour tomorrow morning. >> you can see the bulk of the rain showers, not a lot showing up just yet. a few scattered showers popping up in north bay. take a look at current wind speeds, not the strongest just yet. , observations towards santa rosa. on this panel right now they went out of the south at 3 miles an hour. as the wind direction in advance of the system. the southerly wind increasing by three or 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. hears our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. you can see the reflection off the bay waters for saturday.
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we had a break for today. get ready we talk about more rain for tomorrow. we could be talking about a quarter of an inch in the south bay, over an inch for the coastal hills. this is for sunday and heaviest rain will be for tomorrow. look at the sky cast. 70 and tomorrow, heavy rain and windy, upper 50s to mattel o'clock the chance of scattered showers. you get the idea the main event will be for tomorrow but we can still have more showers pop up in the afternoon by three and forgot. here's the forecast model. as you can see tomorrow, there's that rain increasing moderate to heavy rain, 11 o'clock focused in the east east and south bay. scattered pop-up showers throughout the day on sunday. a few pop-up showers by tomorrow.
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the key difference, it's cooler. dropping snow levels in the sierra. the winter storm warning in race for sunday snow all around 10 to 20 inches of snow levels started 7500 the collapsing to run 6500 feet. great news announcement the system moving in. still talking about showers for halloween for more on that in a few minutes. special high school the old team in the spotlight. students from the california school for the deaf are winning on and off the field. they've a major victory overhearing team. a team with all deaf players and coaches. playing against a hearing team from the sacramento area. the woodland questions. the eagles say they are no different than players who can hear.
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>> one player says he sees no limits for the >> people look at us with with a disability but we're not. >> in one sense, they are different. the way they communicate with each other. an unspoken language of gestures , signaling a bond among brothers. we have to work hard with each other. we have to have that bond to have that common goal. térko when the referee blows the whistle, the eagles can't hear but they are experience comes into play. the players on the opposing team signal eagles. >> beta to raise their hands when the play stops and our boys have that gut instinct that senses that experience. something you can't teach. >> reporter: winces -- lessons learned include confidence. they are in the national spotlight. espn aired their game i. they have nine wins and one loss including this game.
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and the unique ability to duplicate. >> if you watch them, they play like any hearing person. >> the team hopes their ability to play the game well speak sides. >> we're just like anybody else. guilty we can't do is here. you can do anything. >> it one more regular-season game to go and they are expected to make the playoffs. a new study shows even minor head injuries can cause changes in the brain of young athletes. researchers say they found a single season of youth football can affect rain function, that's also true of soccer. they say minor head injuries the parents may not consider serious can be just as damaging as concussions especially if they are repetitive. the brain receives blood supply and those tiny blood vessels can be torn and injured
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just by moving inside the skull. >> more research is needed to find out if these small changes are all long-lasting. toxicology reports are finally back in. how they shed light on the death of miami marlins star. >> it was a scandal that led to a popular head football coach being a fire. new information about the baylor rape cases.
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regions at baylor reveal new horrifying details about the sexual assault investigations there. in an interview with the wall street journal, is it 17 women have reported sexual or domestic assaults involving 19 baylor athletes since 2011. warning to the journal, four of the attacks were alleged gang rapes. the regents went on to say former alar football coachat least one reported incident but did not notify police or school officials. schools and the athletic director were filed under this year. ken starr was removed from his position at later resigned as chancellor to for multiple players have been convicted of sexual assault. plans for a memorial service was set for 18-year-old ryan abdoulie. the dallas a high school graduate; go brain injury two weeks ago. his brother wrote on facebook, it's with heavy hearts of brian went to his forever home to debut to be
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with our lord jesus christ. (he announced brian smith memorial would be held in two weeks. he fell down a flight of stairs at his fraternity house 12 days ago. he hit his head on a concrete wall come his family called that a freak accident. the university is still investigating. bay area man now stands accused of killing his own father during a camping trip in arizona. deputies tracked him down in union city and arrested him today. they found 21-year-old during a traffic stop by witnesses say they sought someone with the victim near a tent last week, they heard gunshots and found the body wrapped in the tent. >> it happened at a campsite near camp verde. the victim was six-year-old man from union city. his son is awaiting extradition back to arizona to face charges. another section of the old
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bay bridge imploding. the delay had caltrans on standby today. it's only halloween in the castro district will show you how people are expressing their creativity in the spirit of halloween. >> so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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halloween celebrations already underway in san francisco tonight. already looking a little scary. halloween is coming up monday but tonight the castro is full of people all dressed up just like that and all of them celebrating. >> money francis is live with the story. what's going on out there? >> it's been fairly subdued especially compared to years past. you can see there are plenty of
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police officers here you can see the crowds are just starting to pick up. halloween has a long history here. >> it started as a costume contest the neighborhood and in the 1970s became an event the lgbt community. the salvation evolved and grew in 2006, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the castro and the shooting hundred 10 people, that led the city to cancel the separation. ever since, has been a smaller, unofficial celebration. it's a chance for people to show off their creativity and in the spirit of halloween. i like it more with unofficial and just sidewalks of people hanging out having a good time. everybody is here to tell everyone else how great they love. >> it feels like the true sense of halloween. get out and have fun, make your own costumes, the original. >> halloween is always a lot of fun.
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it's a great opportunity to kick back and see everybody. you can make some memories and have fun. we've seen a number of really creative costumes tonight from a group of disco theme to pirates to others are hard to put into words. the crowds are just now starting to pick up. there weren't a whole of people earlier. in the last half hour we have seen dozens of people show up. it's starting to get a bit crowded. we didn't see a lot of hillary clinton's for donald trump's. that came as a surprise. we have to ask, are you noticing any common theme? >> reporter: anything goes in the castro. there is no common theme. people are being themselves and expressing themselves in the best way they know how.>> it
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looks like you need a costume also. >> reporter: i'm getting some help. >> money francis live in the castro. thanks a lot. let's take a live look outside. look at that. that's a scary but more rain on the way. for halloween monday. we're here with all the details on what they can expect. will have scary rain clouds tomorrow as a deck storm comes closer to the bay area. today a good version was nice with partly cloudy skies. no notice its presence for tomorrow morning with an increase in the rainfall rate and strong gusty winds. in terms of the rainfall right now mostly of the activities focus to the north. we come in close and show you the cloud cover and this -- these are the surface winds.
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wind will continue to increase out of the south as we head into sunday. the rain returns for tomorrow, returns sunday the highest rainfall totals will be up in the north bay special for the coastal hills. this one to 2 inches. what to give you a heads up. if you can avoid being on the roadways in the morning there could be in urban and small stream flood advisory. we'll keep an eye on that. it will be the heaviest for tomorrow for the changes tomorrow, we're talking about shower chances for halloween. love all that in your complete forecast just a few minutes. caltrans imploded another section of the old bay bridge and says it appears everything went exactly as planned.
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there it went. crews used 10,000 pounds of explosives to implode the 25,000,000 pound piece. brought traffic to a halt on both sides of the bridge. the project was held up for 10 minutes after a sea lions swam into the area. caltrans said protecting room this in marine life is a top priority. we work with our environmental agencies to ensure when we have marine life in the area, we will halt the process until they are given ample time to leave the area. >> everything went smoothly today. caltrans is planning for more implosions. >> sacramento celebrating the results of a three-year project. they have to rate hikes since the project began to help pay for major upgrade. the new plans returns
10:35 pm
160,000,000 gallons of water a day for thousands of residents. they say the huge in prison from the old plan. replace the parts had to be made by hand because they were so old. >> if something had gone wrong, if we didn't have supply water, the people would have been pretty angry about that. the rates are paying off.>> project took 630 project took 630,000 man-hours because 165 project took 630,000 man-hours because $165 million. halloween is clearly gone to the dogs. the fun festival here in oakland that focuses on the four-legged family members. >>
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it turns out we humans are the only creatures to celebrate halloween. some of our best friends got a chance to show off the costumes it opens square. the annual event brings pet people together with idea booths featuring halloween treats. some humans even try to get into the fun but the spot light was on the costumes worn by the puppies. even got a chance to strut their stuff across the stage for the final costume contest. in germany, zombies are on the loose but they are of the friendly kind. halloween is in full swing in berlin and these zombies right here are on the prowl. the only thing they are hungry for is entertainment. this is the annual zombie walk it takes place throughout the city. dispense test their creativity with outlandish make up and painted to resemble blood and people, cuts and bruises and those wicked dance moves. >> the big question is what
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will the weather be like our howling. housler? >> we've chance of rain showers in the bay area. earlier this week were so excited about dry weather pattern but the forecast models change their minds we talk about rain showers. we'll show you that coming up and loaded. right now, we track the approach run next system. the upper level winds are traced out. when you get a pattern like this, you get storm development in this portion of the pattern here. you can see developments typical for weather patterns of the stormy pattern for this time of year that's happening right now. lots of clouds and a few scattered rain showers. the focus to the north, the surface winds increasing out of the south especially for tomorrow morning. current numbers mild. we're still in the warm-up sector of this system. fremont checking and 61, santa
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rosa 59 and san francisco reported 60 degrees. looking toward the bay bridge, the light still very nice for saturday with increasing clouds. here is the deal. with two storms this week. the next was scheduled tomorrow morning. winds up there as well around 32 to 40 miles there. the next system queuing up. for tonight partly cloudy skies and chance of showers primarily in the north bay. for tomorrow the approach of that rental system. rainfall will spread to the south. we talked about the wind speeds heaviest rain will be tomorrow morning, still scattered showers as we head into the afternoon hours. the updated forecast model by seven at 8 o'clock, then yellows and reds showing up. is a chance you could have isolated thunderstorms tomorrow morning with the passage of that frontal system into the
10:41 pm
late morning and afternoon hours. will scale back on the coverage but it won't be completely dry. into monday, it starts out drive. monday 2 o'clock mostly cloudy skies. we talked halloween and you will see monday by late afternoon, arrange chance moving to the north bay and moving to the south by evening. is that too much action in the south bay bridge chance of a few showers the highest for the northern half of the bay area monday. we talked about the winds for tomorrow. that storm system moving in and the one on monday won't be nearly as strong. take a look at the highs. 60s, morning rain turning over to showers.
10:42 pm
here's a look at. the five day forecast with the punk and monday we bring in a chance of scattered rain showers. it's always a challenge every year we have the possibility of a shower in the bay area that could happen to say there's a few lingering showers double clear out later in the week. it talks about significant snowfall in the sierra. get ready and excited if you snowboard. >> we just received word that hayward police asked the public to avoid the area your tech support. police say they are investigating a crime in the area. it's unclear what went on but there's a large police presence. avoid the area around tennyson park. a new details and we will get that right out to you.
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good evening. welcome to saturday night. generations of fans have waited for both teams to do it and now it's the fans of the cleveland indians could at last be rewarded with a world series championship as early as tomorrow evening. really field fans enjoying the second game at the historic facility since 19 fans enjoying the second game at the historic facility since 1935. bill murray, madmen represented, jake and elwood blues in the house on furlough from joliat. the chicago fans has something to get excited about. anthony rizzo with the heads off corey cooper. it scored dexter fowler who led off the double with a 1-0 lead. happening later, cleveland one


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