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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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according to the district attorney she told johnson she had sex with other oakland police officers and told him not to tell anyone. he agreed not to. the exchange was captured on a screen shot on the phone. investigators found another screen shot where johnson asked quote, tell me you were an adult. she responds i would be lying. attorney burris represents them. johnson could have put a stop to the abuse by coming forward. >> if he had reported early when it came to his attention we may not have this wide- spread police entanglement we have. the city manager wants four officers fired for alleged misconducts and not just one officer as proposed. a sergeant and a lieutenant all faced suspensions received termination notices friday for what if city manager called
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egregious but not criminal conduct. >> i'm disappointed in the depave your -- behavior of these officers. it underminds public trust. it is important in community policing. i hop this action helps restore confidence in the richmond police department. >> reporter: in a statement the richmond police officers association says it is hopefully any member who receives discipline will be judged under the scope of misconduct. i learned two other oakland police officers could be formally charged in this wide- spread case this week. >> we have not seen jasmine since she returned from florida several weeks ago. do we know where she is or anything at all about her? >> she is undergoing treatment in north carolina. john boris is representing her. she is trying to do the best she can while he tries to manage the legal claims. >> we heard at some point she might testify.
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is that still the case? >> reporter: we are a long ways to go. we have to go through a preliminary hearing and see if the judge thinks there is enough evidence. if that happens we might go to trail and jasmine will testify. >> to-date how many law enforcement officers are involved in investigation quarterly. >> dozens have been accused of wrong doing. have have been criminally charged in almeida county. so far no richmond officers have been charged with crimes. >> thank you. >> you bet. more rain is on the way to the bay area tonight. it like it will arrive in time for trick-or-treating. it is not expected to be a total washout. here's downtown san francisco. chief meteorologist bill martin has a look at the rain. >> chances of rain later in the evening. you'll get your trick-or- treating in. this is all the weather system.
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it is mainly to the north of us. wet roadways, it is dark early so please be careful out there driving around. kids will be fine. grab an umbrella. we have heavy rain in santa rosa. if you are driving home from work and you want to get home to trick-or-treat slow down because it will be dark and a little bit wet. it is hard to see things. you can see showers up by santa rosa. heaviest rain is by the geyser area by clear lake. working south towards nevada light sprinkles. as we move into the san francisco area by the sunset district we are seeing a few light showers showing up. this shower activity is going to push inland tonight. tonight at 7:00 you see widely scattered showers. back out further here you'll see this line. see these showers here? that will push into peninsula
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later tonight. pretty much the intire bay area tonight will have scattered sprinkles. heaviest showers will be north. it is not going to shut you down. it will slow you down. better slow you down on the roads. especially getting back to your neighborhoods. for the kids take a jacket or hoodie. you'll be fine. nothing super heavy unless you are north of santa rosa. we'll talk more about the forecast and the showers back in the forecast for tomorrow. next tuesday is election day. polls keep showing the race for president is getting tighter. the latest real clear politics polling average shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is now just over three percent. clinton held aseven point lead earlier this month. frightening race is partially tied to the fbi's announcement last friday that it is opening an investigation into clinton's e-mails. there was a lot of criticism over the weekend about the fbi director's decision to announce he is looking into females
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day -- the e-mails days before the presidential election. >> the president doesn't believe director comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election. they don't believe he is secretly strategizing to benefit one political party. 123450 123450 . >> on the campaign trail today trump and clinton were talking about the vice presidential e- mails. >> reporter: the renewed investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails is driving the conversation of the election. just eight days until voters head to the polls. while democrats are criticizing the embattled fbi director for announcing the fbi will take another look at clinton's use of per private e-mail server, donald trump is praising him and the department for the controversial decision. >> i have to give the fbi credit. that was so bad happened originally. it took guts for director comey
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to make the move he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where they are trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. >> reporter: the white house today saying president obama will continue to campaign for the democratic nominee despite the reopening of her case. meanwhile clinton is hard at work trying to change the conversation. telling voters at a campaign event in ohio earlier that americans don't want to talk about her e-mails. >> most people have decided a long time ago what they think about all of this. now what people are focused on are choosing the next president and commander in chief of the united states of america. >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to use the latest scandal as a way to sure up support in swing states as well as states outed of reach for republicans like michigan. in washington lauren blanchard fox f&i news. cnn cut tied over action
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you sayings that she told hillary clinton some of the questions before a democratic primary debate and a town hall. she is the interim chairwoman for the democratic national committee. she has been the focus of hacked e-mails suggesting she shared questions with the clinton campaign. cnn has denied that it shared questions with brazile before the event. our political analyst is joining us now. eight days to go before the election. do you think this new e-mail scandal can make a difference in this race? >> hard to say. it benefits trump to a large degree. it is a matter of whether people who are on to the fence, undecided say that's the final thing that makes me vote for him. bear in mind, millions of votes are already in the bank.
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this story doesn't affect a whole lot of people who already voted. although some states allow you to go in and change your vote. >> seven states. >> not california. so, these next few days will be very, very interesting as the charges continue to be traded. i'm sure the next bomb is ready to drop on donald trump quickly. >> oh, you think there will be another? >> i think this is lined up like. >> how much can this go? >> it is lined up like a storm system. the next wave comes in. this one is very troubling. this latest one with clinton. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. even the president is saying james comey fbi director was in a tough spot. do you think he would do something like this if he didn't know that there was something on these e-mails? would he really release this information if he didn't think there was anything to this? >> my own guess is he has an inkling there is material on there that's either classified
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or otherwise pertains to the investigation. he is in a tough spot. if say the election went forward and hillary clinton were elected and he wrote this letter to congress can you imagine the cry why didn't you tell us before the election there were additional facts we should have known about. a really tough spot for him. >> a tricky situation. nationally the polls show they are frightening. it come downs to the crucial swing states. do you expect the see the needle move? >> i have said there will be compression. we talked about that a lot. there will be additional compression here. the poll that you cited, the three percent is around where i think it probably is now. it may tighten more. in the swing states that's where the president is going to be elected. if donald trump can't, as an example take pennsylvania, that will be problematic. he has to take a couple over states to the final tally.
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>> i can not help but think beyond the election no matter who is elected there is so much animosity. democrats hate trump. the republicans hate clinton. what are you look at for whatever wins? it feels like it already a tough four years. there will be investigations, i isn't see any kind of bipartisan work at all given the animosity. >> it is going to be tough. whoever is elected president will have to cross the aisle and really work hard. >> but they all say they are going to do that. do you really see it happening? >> no. it is going to be a 2015, difficult pop significance. i don't think they have a choice. otherwise we'll have more of the same. last few years in washington, d.c. has been chaos. when you are there and talking with folks on the hill, they are discouraged. and they are the ones in office. we have to somehow break through as the body politic of make this work. >> that's what donald trump is trying to make his message. he is the outsider to come in
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and bring change. thank you very much. >> absolutely. democratic governor of california is speaking out on the fbi's decision to make a new look at hillary clinton's e- mails. we spoke to governor brown in san francisco this morning during a breakfast benefiting willie brown institute on politics and public services. the fbi director made a big mistake at a critical time. >> so me it was a gross violation of professional responsibility by the director of the fbi. he didn't know what he was talking about because he doesn't know what is in the e- mail. >> governor brown says the fbi director acted irresponsibly for something he knew would get front page media attention to the final count down to election day. fresh off their huge overtime win and in time for halloween, the oakland raiders replace their uniforms with costumes "the today show."
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-- today. -- today. want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
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it's time to vote yes the u.s.those of us whoof freedserved in the military
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this was constructed by himself. right? >> reporter: it was constructed in front of his house. let me v you take a look. this is a free standing structure built in front of his house. he is a character so he knows what he is doing. it ams to months of work that will be enjoyed for two brief nights. welcome to the hotel deadanza a place you are sure to rest in peace. it is a dead ringer for the san jose hotel and the latest of a string of haunted houses constructed by bob and the boo crew. >> we have never done a show the. we wanted to keep it homegrown. >> reporter: he started the project in june and constructing in august in front of his own house.
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neighbors all pitched in to help. >> they had no choice. that was part of the contract when they moved in. the family and friends and neighbors love it. i think they would be upset if we didn't do it. >> reporter: in years past the crew has done castle's, mining towns and indiana jones temple of doom. this year people will enter through the haunted lobby into the hotel boiler room. >> the boiler room was my dream child. i painted everything in there. it took me hours and hours every day to paint that. that's my favorite part. >> reporter: other at the hotel deanza they heard about the project the say imitation is the sincerest form of flatterly. >> they did such a good job on detail. >> reporter: the goal is to bring the neighborhood together. he hopes the project makes
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people happy and terrified at the same time. >> everybody come out and gets something different from it. the energy is so positive. i love that. >> reporter: take a look at the line to get in. the address here is 1441 church drive. the while the haunted hotel is free you are welcomed to bring donations for the second harvest food bank. haunted hotel runs 5:00 to 10:00 tonight and again tomorrow night. >> that looks great. very cool. are you going to go through? >> reporter: i went through before they started doing all the jumping out and scaring you part. that about suits me. not sure i'm going through a second time. >> thank you very much. ucsf children's hospital held the halloween carnival for young patients and family today. there was trick-or-treating.
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maybe the biggest treat was a visit by the oakland raiders. players traded uniforms for costumes. they got as much out of the visit as children. >> it will make their day. i'll do that any time any place. >> seeing all the kids costumes and being here making them smile. i love smiles on their face. >> hospital says the carnival is everyone's favorite event. and allows the children to feel as though they are getting to take part in all of the fun of halloween. of course lots and lots of kids all over the bay area will be out trick-or-treating. sounds like there is some wet weather maybe. >> there might be a little bit of wet weather. i'm sad because my kids don't dress up anymore. >> mine went to a halloween party on saturday. >> mine still dress up they just say you are not coming with me. with me.
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>> it is going on the interesting night. my biggest concern is it will be wet. it already is in the north bay. just take an umbrella. concern is folks racing home from work. they get in a hurry and it is dark and wet. please be careful on the roads. you'll see a few light showers off in the distance. you can see them way out there. you can see it is really light. i'm getting reports in santa rosa of light showers. 6:12 the sunsets. temperatures will be in the 50s. you have light sprinkles and light rain in the forecast. it will be scattered. you are better off south of oakland and redwood city. these going to be slower getting there. that will be a later rain. maybe after 9:00 or 10:00 or light showers. between now and 7:00 or 8:00 we'll see showers through the north bay spreading into san francisco. very light showers. here's the system we are
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tracking. you can see the yellows up north. that's the real deal. you can see by santa rosa i have reports. goblins are getting wet. it is not a persistent heavy rain. you can see holes in there. there is gaps. you get in a good neighborhood where you know where you are and you can dodge door-to-door and you can stay dry. see the avenues now are relatively dry. you have 75,000 people living in that area. here's the area that will get the bulk of the bay area. as this area slides through 8:00 that's when we'll see showers towards san mateo and mountain view. don't change your plans. it isn't like what we saw when we had heavy rain. that would shut you down. this is not that wet. overnight lows tonight are in the 40s. 5 the fair -- 53 fair field. it will be cloudy tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, there is your cloud cover for tomorrow. temperatures for your bay area
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tuesday where going to be in the 60s. these are 70s. tomorrow's temperatures mid and a couple upper 60s in the bay area. a mild day. a chance for a little bit of wet weather on the morning commute. not enough. this is minor league stuff compared to what we had over the weekend. >> thank you very much. polls show californian support legalizing marijuana. what happens if the measure passes? where do you buy it on smoke it? today san francisco tried to get ahead of those questions. one person calls the city's biggest challenge.
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remember this guy? he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year.
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join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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california is one of five states considering the legalization of recreational marijuana in this election. the latest poll shows prop 64 as a good chance of passing. in san francisco city leaders are already anticipating prop 64 will pass. they are trying to figure out how they will implement it. how many dispensaries should be allowed, where would they go? should smoking in public be okay? there are a lot of questions that need answers. >> reporter: at the green cross on mission street a steady stream of patients came to get their medical marijuana. the owner predicts if voters pass proposition 64 and legalize marijuana for
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recreational use in california, implementing the new law may not be as simple as it sounds. just released golden state post shows 64% rate of 64. a task force is helping prepare the city if the measure passes. one concern is where to put additional pot clubs or stores. >> if you rush and don't do the analysis you can iron up with problems by overregulating or under regulating. >> reporter: at green cross the owner says prop 64 makes existing medical marijuana obsolete. why get a medical card if you don't have to. >> some of the biggest challenges san francisco will have will be deciding whether or not to turn the medical cannabis dispensaries into recreational dispensaries. >> reporter: san francisco can see a spike in tourism. the city will need to decide where smoking pot in public
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will be allowed. >> if we are going to have a tourism industry here we'll have to come up with places for people to go. >> there will be a large amount of work to do. >> reporter: prop 64 would not take effect until january of 2018 giving cities a year to gear up. if voters pass proposition 64 california is expected to take in additional $1.4 billion in taxes. and san francisco and other cities and counties can decide whether to add on local taxes. in san francisco rob roth ktvu. millions of americans already voted in the election. san francisco mayor lee is among them. they took advantage of early voting at san francisco city hall today. the mayor encouraged people who live in san francisco to do the same given there are 25 local propositions and 17 statewide propositions in addition to all
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the candidates. >> i think city hall will get crowded. right now you can come in and there is no line. imagine that in san francisco where you can get a benefit of citizenship and there is no line. >> voters in san francisco can cast their ballots at city hall now until election day. and starting on saturday the elections department will have curb side dropoff locations outside of city hall. so people can drop off their absentee ballots. ntee ballots. this oaklandapartment building was under renovation. it went up in flames this morning. morning.
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embers reigned down on nearby homes this morning. fire started at 5:00 $oakland. flames destroyed a massive apartment building under construction and forced people to evacuate their homes nearby. as oakland firefighters tried
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to knock down the flames, portions of the apartment complex collapsed. even though the fire didn't spread to any other building it forced five families out of their homes tonight. lee martinez is on lester avenue in oakland where the buildings are standing. inside they are dealing with smoke and water damage. >> reporter: take a look at this site. this car was parked at that construction site. we are told it belongs to the girlfriend of the security guard who stayed at the apartment complex while it was being built. it appears the metal pole came from above and went through the windshield. neighbors are saying it is a miracle that no one was hurt. also that the fire didn't spread asthmastive as it was it didn't spread to any other buildings. as you said there is still a lot o damage in some of these apartments because of the smoke and water damage from the firefighters hoses. we have at least ten people
5:32 pm
displaced tonight. >> reporter: one banged on his door at 5:00 in the morning. >> i hear get up get up go outside. fire! fire! i wake up and see the orange and i opened the door and fire was in my face. >> reporter: he ran out with his wife, sister and 5-year-old daughter. >> oh, she is scared. you couldn't see because smoke was in the hallway. >> reporter: their apartment building and all the rest on lester avenue never caught fire despite being so close to the 6,000 square foot construction site engulfed in flames. the fire shot up several feet in the air and could be seen from the highway. the falling embers never ignited on another property. their apartment didn't escape the smoke and water damage.
5:33 pm
>> fire department said they ain't letting nobody back in. >> reporter: derek had to limp away from his apartment losing his cain in the chaos from escaping the fire next door. >> yes, i felt the heat and smoke was coming through the window. man, it was like an oven. >> reporter: he is one of ten people forced out of his home tonight. has making his way to the red cross shelter on park avenue. he was helped by neighbors this morning. the building manager set all hotel room for his family tonight. >> we are thankful to be here. >> reporter: now we do have a.t.f. investigating. they came out because the building is is huge. we have pg&e crews out here. the property own efficient said he did not have any gas at the property. he had a little electricity for the crews working on the building. said it was 80% completed and about to be opened in four months. streets are also opened to
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residents here. we have seen quite a few folks go by for trick-or-treating. >> 80% completed under construction. is it a total loss? is there anything they can salvage here? >> reporter: just from my eyes it looks gutted. property owner said he was meeting with firefighters earlier. he was going to be coming back out here to check on the property. we have not seen him. i called him a few times. i have not gotten word. it is 80% completed. they still don't know what the cause of the fire is. >> lee martinez in oakland thank you very much. two men are behind bars charged with the fatal beating of a homeless man in san francisco. a 67-year-old disabled homeless man was beat into death while sleeping outside of a building on sutter street. two 21-year-old suspects were taken into custody today. they are facing several charges including murder, robbery and elder abuse. bail has been set at $5 million
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each. attorneys delivered their opening statements today in the case of a former richmond middle school teacher accused of molesting students. he molested 15 boys during an 11 year span. 34-year-old was fired from his job as a teacher at a charter school called making waves academy. after students came forward claiming he had abused them. if convictedly could spend the rest of his life in prison. trees that prove to be a serious fire hazard are moved from the north bay. the scene from a recent fire. we have what is happening there now and why it may not be enough for the area the north bay. y.
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>> we already had a director's order in place to remove $3.9
5:37 pm
million in work to remove trees affected by the drought in this region. >> reporter: the trees burned were not included in the director's order because they were alive. $100,000 from this bond will fund removal along this block. the next block down is lined with with eucalyptus trees that will not be removed. residents want better maintenance. >> as a matter of fact a tree across the street behind 342 fell down last year. my neighbors kept calling. they never came out here. >> reporter: cal trans said no order would have been issued to ebait the hazards. bottom line f you have a similar problem put it on the website. it is a man, his dog and a costume. the video has been seen millions of times.
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today we talk to that bay area man behind all of this. plus, some wild video from southern california. a stolen car leads police on a car chase. see the moment that the officers ended uptaking the driver into custody.
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is the internet back on? no. is the internet back on? no! is it back - no! sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet! honey- it's not swiping! come on... what are you doing? i have no idea what games are streaming right now, so i thought i would just root for everyone. get at&t internet with over 99% reliability. and an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm your internet's on. dramatic police chase in los angeles this afternoon ended with a short standoff.
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this is chopper video of the driver weaving in and out of traffic. pursuit ended before 4:00 p.m. when the driver turned into a cul-de-sac. he tried to get away but rammed a patrol car. officers shot him with a bean bag, broke the window with a baton and took the man into custody. in italy 15,000 people are in temporary shelters as they assess the damage following another powerful earthquake. 6.6 quake is the strongest to hit the region more money than 30 year. it was much stronger than the deadly august earthquake that killed 300 people and the two earthquakes last week. no one died in the, yesterday because most of the fragile town centers were evacuated. many people who stayed are homeless and dealing with aftershocks and cold mountain weather. >> translator: we have to find somewhere. we have to eat the soup or go
5:42 pm
without. we are waiting for them to allocate somewhere else to live for the time being. >> two historic churches were destroyed near step center of -- near the epicenter of the earthquake. the quake brought down stone buildings in rome 100 miles away. the quake is blamed for cracks at st. paul's basilica. is now in the 15th day. overnight iraqi forces reached the outskirts of the city in what is expected to be a long, hard battle. easies has been in control of mosul for two years. u.s. military estimates 3,,000 isis fighters are inside city limits. a brush fair burned 400 acres near the dakota access nine protest camp. in north dakota. a thousand people were camped out protesting an oil pipeline
5:43 pm
being built by sacred native american sites. crews used helicopter to put out the fire yesterday. >> we looked town hill top and we saw a car with headlights. we started look at him. pretty soon the car spot. then you saw the fire light up. >> the demonstration in north dakota sparked other protests through the country. hundreds of people came together near seattle in opposition to the $3 billion project which they say threatened clean water as well as native artifacts. in san francisco 12 people were arrested in the financial district this morning. demonstrators took over the lobby of a citigroup center. organizers want the bank to stop funding the pipeline. san francisco police said demonstrators would be cited and released. a towering debate on the peninsula. there are not two sides to the growth issue there are three.
5:44 pm
this is a great sight for those who love lake tahoe in the winter. it has been a productive october for snow and rain around northern california. ern california.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
a city in is south bay trying to deal with revitalization have seen the debate increase in size and
5:47 pm
tenor. this fight is hard to miss. standing four stories above the sidewalk in cupertino the latest shot in the heated debate over growth. opponents of prop c hung signs today saying if the measure passes buildings this height could creep into residential neighborhoods. >> most people don't want to see a 45-foot home next to their single family single story home. >> reporter: when you see this 45 feet it is bogus. they made it up. steve sharp is a city council candidate and proponent of prop c. he says height concerns are far from definite. >> it would have to go to a vote of the residents as the final approval. >> reporter: this war of words turned into a turf war after one called the city's code enforcement office complaining the signs should be removed. >> it is in the sidewalk and
5:48 pm
public right of way. it is too high. >> reporter: the group that put up the signs say it will pay fines leveed by the city. $100 today. $250 tomorrow. $500 the day after that. there is a third participant in this political drama that group says yes to measure d. >> it provides solutions that measure c is afraid to address. >> reporter: the developer says prop d would transform the dormant mall into a urban retail oasis far greater than prop c can. the project feature a mall, office park, 200 foot hotel and roof top city park. passage by voters is needed. d. is -- sierra received a new layer of snow over the weekend it made for a picture postcard view at donner lake. cal trans took a break from the
5:49 pm
storms to clear roads. there is more snow in the forecast. it is nothing crews can't handle. >> hopefully we'll have another normal year. that means a lot of action and a lot of snow. best to be prepared. >> there are no road restrictions to report. cal trans is reminding drivers it is a good idea to carry chains if you are heading to the mountains. trick-or-treaters are out in force in san francisco tonight. this 15 look from 18th and lake street. that's in the richmond district. don't you love it when there are street like that with a lot of folks out there? they have street where is a lot of people trick-or-treating. >> everyone gets their costumes and look for the loot. >> what is your favorite costume? i'm going with the little one. i can't tell what it is. she has a mask on. >> we used to pull a move where we went to the really nice neighborhoods. we would load up in a car and
5:50 pm
go you up by the lake. >> would you make out with a lot of candy? >> some of the big nice houses well scored big full-size. >> we are giving those out tonight. that's hero stuff when you give away a full 20-ounce snickers. i'll never forget the kid leaving saying whoa, they have giving full-size candy bars. >> it is so fun. it is not wet right now. >> is the -- the rain coming? we are look about san francisco now. look at the dracula. i would chaperon. >> i would go as an anchor man. >> would you get dressed up? i wasn't good at it. >> i wasn't good either. i let the kids dress up.
5:51 pm
>> did you get dressed up? >> no. i let the kids do it. >> there is a little thing there. there. let's get to weather. halloween is exciting and fun. we are still kids at heart. we got wrapped newspaper the -- wrapped up in the moment. what do you think of showers in the bay area? you can see where they are now. see how they are extensionedding in here. those showers will slowly slide across. as you saw in san francisco those pictures were shot here. i'll come in closer. you can see showers up north. showers are light. it is not shutting you down. it is not gully washer stuff. it is not a flash flood warning. it is not what we saw on sunday when we had all that rain. it will slow you down. my biggest concern when you get rain like this and the trick-or- treaters out there my big concern is people driving home from work in a hurry to be part of the fun that is occurring as
5:52 pm
we speak. go slow. clear and dry in clayton. let's fast forward. as we head into the next couple of days we are setting up with a drier and warmer pattern. showers are coming. little dracula and big dracula take an umbrella with you. it is not going to shut you down. i literally could set that camera and watch them come. >> looks like there is a lot of people out there. >> that's a good trick-or- treating neighborhood. >> we got a couple of streets up by where i live where everyone goes. >> kids always find them. they know where the good areas are. they are the people who i love this, where they make the big display in front of their house. >> i like what we have going here. >> that's fun. >> you really give out the full 20-ounce snickers? >> maybe 50 to 75. >> wow!
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it is not me it is my wife. redressed up as gum by. surprised his dog and recorded the whole thing. now the man and his dog are viral video stars. coming up next, we talk to him about the video that's been making people smile all weekend. f0 
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5:55 pm
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f0 a dog is capturing a huge audience on youtube. this is the reaction to the appearance of a human sized version of gumby which is her favorite toy. he never gets this reaction. she got the gumby for her birthday a few weeks ago. >> since she's had it she's been crazy about it. we put all the toys away in her basket and digs through it and finds gumby and picks it out. she'll be lying on her bed and use it as a pillow when she is sleeping. it is crazy. she really loves the toy. >> he posted this video four days ago. it is already been viewed five and a half million times. she love had the gumby. if you are you are looking for a pumpkin to carve in san
5:57 pm
francisco you may have had trouble trying to find one at the grocery store. >> there may be another reason behind the lack of pumpkins. >> reporter: no more pumpkins at this safe bay in diamond heights. >> that's normally where the pumpkins go. >> what happens. is there a boycott on pumpkins? >> i wouldn't think they would be out on halloween or maybe there was a pumpkin shortage. or the great pumpkin from charlie brown never came. >> reporter: i could only find this tiny gourd. >> good luck carving that. >> reporter: i had to carve a pineapple. a watermelon. last year's heavy rains in the midwest and california's drought caused a major pump sin shortage. i wondered if there were true this year. i headed to the only place in san francisco supposedly still selling pumpkins. the pumpkin patch off 7th avenue. it seem like this year there is
5:58 pm
slim pickings. i think the drought has been impacted us this year. fewer pumpkins. >> reporter: it gets the pumpkins from the central valley. >> we have managed to get as many pumpkins. it hasn't been as easy. >> reporter: in half-moon bay the pumpkins are plentiful. next door hundreds of orange orbs dot the fields. >> it rained on some of the big key popular days. there was a friday before the festival that was a rain out. nobody came. >> reporter: bob said he sold less squash because of recent wet weather but sales were still strong. stores are depleted because they simply didn't order enough. >> that's normal. that's part of how they brought them in. they don't want to be left over with pumpkins. >> reporter: if you want a real jabbing lantern and not a fruit lantern, don't be a turn kin procrastinators like me. buy early next year and save the carving for the last
5:59 pm
minute. halloween is here. so are some showers. to understand we are tracking wet weather as trick-or- treaters make their way outside. it won't be much. but it will be enough to dampen halloween night. good afternoon. happening now, halloween fees fifties all over the bay area. want to show you a live picture. our favre says -- photographer said it is starting to sprinkle. bill martin is tracking the showers. paul, it looks like a lot of folk out there. >> reporter: they have me eating candy. i'll take it. look at these kids out here having a great time and a trick-
6:00 pm
or-treating halloween festivity. you know this place here, this house will be full blown. some of these things come alive. it will be scary later on tonight. people out here are not worried about the rain. it will not prevent them from having shear sugar fix. that's much-needed. children in their colorful costumes were out in full force along dutton avenue. the businesses here provide a safe halloween experience for those who come and trick-or- treat. firefighters and the newly hired police chief were handing out candy to all who came by. people can play out their fantasies, being someone different for the night. by night fall one home imparticular will be the place to be. after 20-plus years people say this house is halloween right. >> we do this every year. halloween is big in the neighborhood. a lot of people decorate. we go over the top a little


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