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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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vote. vote. >> home to the world series, the big ten and pac-12, the daytona 500, the u.s. open championship, the fifa world cup, and super bowl li. the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> we are fox sports! >> all or nothing. your die. winner-take-all no matter how you say it, nothing equals the magnitude of game 7. >> sandy koufax. got him. >> is a base hit.
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>> a world series win for the san francisco giants. >> it's the night you dream of. >> at its best. >> there is no tomorrow. >> for 1908 and 1948. two states hoping, wishing, dreaming for the chance to call them sales champions. >> game 7. >> everything you work for a cos down to this moment. this is the time. this is the game. this is it. ♪
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♪ >> we welcome you to the lincoln motor company world series pregame show on fox. our thanks from the hit show "empire" on fox. it's a do-or-die game 7 for the indians and cubs. there is francisco lindor. he's been spectacular. 18 hits in the postseason, third most by a player under 23 years old. kris bryant, nice couple of games. can he and the cubs offense stay hot tonight? we shall see. what's the scene in chicago? they are all fired up and ready to go. >> dorothy, are you they are? >> the fans in cleveland for at progressive field are storming on in, ready to rock. another warm november day. 72 degrees, when did not really
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a factor. that's what we've got on tap. that's what they are playing for, the commissioners trophy. come on into our set in center field. game number 7. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez, tom verducci, i'm kevin burkhardt. game 7 do-or-die. pete, you played in a couple. what's it like? the sixth i will tell you a little hint about this. the three greatest days of my baseball life was winning the world series. worst days of my baseball life was losing the world series. that's what a world series means to player. these trickle terkel >> alex: i was nervous and anxious. to me, it's a build up. you play 200 games to get to this point. you create a super bowl atmosphere. the winner takes the pennant. the loser goes home.
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>> frank: i remember a lot of nervous energy. the worst part is being in the hotel watching your favorite sports program. once you get into the clubhouse, everything seemed to get back to normal. >> pete: you didn't have a problem eating that day? >> frank: not at all. not at all. >> kevin: , i think it's the biggest game in baseball history. think about it. nothing bigger than the world series, nothing bigger than game seven. these two franchises combined have waited 176 years to win the world series. red sox and reds, '75. 90 years of waiting. this blows anything away of what we've seen. >> pete: that's the most intelligent thing you've said. i agree with you. >> kevin: that's the bottom line. let's review this world series. game number 1.
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corey kluber amazing in that game. six shutout innings. andrew miller, cody allen closed the door. indians won and want. kyle schwarber delivered in gam. they try up in the series in in game number 3. chicago shut out the second time and theories. coco crisp delivers the games only rbi, giving cleveland a 2-1 world series edge. corey kluber would do his thing in game 4 on short rest. jason kipnis would put the game out of reach with a three-run home run and bring cleveland within a game of the title. cubs responded in game 5. kris bryant went deep for the first time since the nlds and aroldis chapman would get the first eight out innings of his career. kris bryant in the first, addison russell had a grand slam here.
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that forces tonight's game number 7 very cubs looking to join the short list of teams to come back from a 3-1 deficits. indians manager terry francona looking to avoid all of this. he is standing by with ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, kevin. terry, corey kluber pitching on three days' rest. you expect he's going to be fine. why? >> it's not because it's easy to do. i'm not downplaying that part. that's how much faith in what we think of kluber, his work ethic. there's not a reason not to feel that way. this guy, for the last three years, has been shouldering being the leader of this rotation. >> ken: what do you expect will be your most difficult decision tonight? >> hopefully it's in about the eighth inning.
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i get your point. that's probably the biggest challenge. because we have our ace on the mound. he's going on short rest. you don't want to get to him too early but you certainly don't want to get there too late. i would say you err on the side of going to your bullpen. more regardless of when. he's the best we have it putting out fires. the biggest thing is to get a lead. as we've seen, both teams bullpens have been pretty dominating. >> ken: thanks. good luck. >> kevin: let's look at the pitching matchup for tonight. it's corey kluber. can't be better than him this postseason. kyle hendricks has also been very, very good. lead the majors in e.r.a. this year. that's what we have on tap during cleveland. we have a lot of fans, that's for sure.
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cubs fans, indians fans. they've been waiting for this for a long, long time. that makes for one rowdy atmosphere. we welcome you back to our set. corey kluber, great postseason. the interesting thing is, he's been exceptional in two different ways. i'm curious what we are going to get tonight. >> tom: cubs have already made an adjustment from game 1 to game 4. in game 1, he chewed them up. if you watch closely. pete, i know you saw this. look at the lefties. fowler leading off. he gets a little bit farther away from the plate to give room for that come back two-seamer. he started the game with a double. two batters later, anthony rizzo, who loves to get on top of the plate, did the same thing. he told me he felt like he was a mile away. a matter of a couple inches but he had a base hit up the middle. cubs feel like they adjusted against the two-seamer.
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my issue is he showed us how well he can spin the baseball. you can take corey kluber in this parking lot in january and he'll be able to spend the baseball. to me, that's the key. cubs have to make sure that the curveball is in the zone. out of the zone, there is no way they can hit it. >> pete: break down that tape, big boy. the five corey kluber is still one of the most underrated assets in baseball. the tale of two pitchers. game one, he was all power. reminded me of kevin brown. game 2, completely different story. touch, finesse, wipeout slider, reminding me of david cohen. which corey kluber do we get tonight? >> pete: a two pitch mr. kluber. he can throw fastballs, breaking ball. i'm not worried about rest. they are not asking him to go eight or nine innings. in the last two weeks, we haven't seen any pitcher go
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eight innings. if he gets to five or six, cleveland, they are going to be hard to beat. >> frank: i'm worried about rest. facing a team three times is a difficult job for any pitcher. tonight i expect him to struggle until bit more early in the game. >> pete: rest is just like weather. it will have nothing to do with tonight's game. >> alex: maybe he still has control of the game. how quickly does he push the button? that's going to be fascinating. with everyone else, the quick hook is there. is he going to be as quick with kluber? kluber trying to do something that hasn't been done since '68. starting pitcher went three games. mickey lolich, they last started to do that. that is one storyline here tonight. cleveland fans have waited a
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long time. 52 years for a championship. cleveland legend will explain what a win for the indians means tonight. we will hear from jim brown only come back. that's jim. general manager, president of the cubs. (f♪ot steps) (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat)
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>> kevin: the sox world series pregame show is brought to you by the lincoln motor company. the new lincoln mkz he. kyle schwarber. there is pete's buddy. >> pete: cincinnati boy. >> kevin: cubs and indians, game number 7. as we know, prior to the cavaliers winning the nba title in june, the city of cleveland hadn't won a championship since the browns in 1964. the star of that team, the legendary jim brown, who explained what it would mean to the city to have the indians and
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mack a 16 year drought tonight. >> cleveland indians won win away from their first world title since 1948. >> it's been an impressive ride through this postseason for terry francona's bunch. >> when you look at the cavaliers and the joy they brought to the city and you see how close the indians are to have two world championships, back-to-back, it would energize the people tremendously. baseball fans, football fans, basketball fans. great fans. they deserve it. when you realize the indians were underdogs, it makes it sweeter. >> this is a team with a chip on its shoulder. they believe they are going to be the world champs. they are going crazy at progressive field. >> we might have a world
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champion. after the cavaliers won the title, lebron james said "this is for you, cleveland." this one is also for you, cleveland, tonight. >> kevin: cubs get plenty of attention for their world series drought. indians are third longest in the championship drought. cubs and the arizona cardinals. it's been a long time for both teams. here is lebron james, who knows a thing or two about game 7. last year, cavs beat the warriors. the two greatest words in sports, game 7. live in the moment and the game will play itself out. fans here in cleveland, they are ready to rock. how can you not be ready? game number 7 for crying out loud. got to be fired up. that's what you are playing for, the commissioners trophy. the indians have been great.
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we know that. they seem to be set up for you have your ace on the mound. bullpen is arrested. if you had to look at a concern for cleveland, what would it be? >> frank: falling behind early. take the home crowd out of the ball game and not being able to get the ball to andrew miller early enough. it's key for them for kluber to hand the ball off to miller. >> pete: i think it's the offense. you have to score some runs. they have some veteran players on the ball club in cleveland and they don't want to lose the world series. probably needs a little more into a veteran player than those young kids over there. they probably think i'm going to get back here several more times. >> alex: it's cleveland's defense. concerning last night. that defense can be contagious. to me, it's obvious what tito francona values putting rajai davis out there. it would be a tragedy if the cleveland indians lose the world series because they
4:18 pm
couldn't catch a high school pop-up. >> tom: i think they have been pressing as the series starts slipping away. kipnis swinging the bat great. when you give the ball to corey kluber, who's been your ace, especially october. doesn't matter how bad you are feeling. that's chicken soup. you start feeling really good. >> >> kevin: side errors in this world series. the play last night didn't go as an error. we will see if that gets cleaned up tonight. this will be the fifth time there's been a world series gam. we take a look back at some of the all-time classic game sevens when we come back as we look at ben zobrist. he's hadn't thought of a red-hot world series. zobrist, another big game last night. here in cleveland, these fans
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>> kevin: that's the scene in cleveland. game number 7 of this world series. indians have been through this before. time for a look back at some of the most memorable game sevens of all time. >> swing and a high fly ball. this may do it. it's over the fence. parents win. -- pirates win. >> ten innings against jack
4:23 pm
morris. >> the twins are going to win the world series. >> a liner. into center field. the florida marlins have won the world series. >> center field. the diamondbacks are world champions. >> about all you can say for madison bumgarner, wow. >> world series win for the san francisco giants. their hero, madison bumgarner. >> maybe jason kipnis will be a hero tonight for his indians. three hits and a home run last night. see what he's doing in this world series. we look at the fans at progressive field on a nice, warm november evening. temperature is -- the pricing
4:24 pm
how warm it is but we will take it. we welcome you on back to our set. game number 7. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez, tom verducci. i'm kevin burkhardt. we showed you jason kipnis. how about ken rosenthal? he is standing by with one of the cubs team leaders, anthony rizzo. the eight this will be the third time in nine days you have faced corey kluber. how much do you think the familiarity will help? >> i think it will help a lot. at the end of the day, you've got to hit pitches he makes mistakes on. if we do a good job making him throw his pitches over the plate and not expanding. i think the guys seeing him for the third time and however many days, it's beneficial. we still got to go out there and score some runs. >> ken: you grew up dreaming playing game seven of the world series.
4:25 pm
what is it like that the moment is here? >> we've got to win. we have to score runs and get the lead and hold on to it like no other. it's going to be fun atmosphere. i'm grateful to be part of it. >> ken: thanks very much. >> kevin: thinks. here's the cubs lineup for game number 7. like it was in game 6. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. they scored nine runs last night and did just fine. bryant has a four hit night. contreras, heyward, baez. this cubs team, they are going to be shut out one night and dropped nine the next night. definitely some adjustments last night. >> alex: last night they were much better. they stayed within themselves. cubs happen to be in the national league.
4:26 pm
to me, they are an american league team. one of their best hitters, kyle schwarber. they get to put him in the lineup and not sacrifice their defense. >> frank: more confident, more relaxed. that goes a long way in a short series. ever since kris bryant hit that home run at wrigley. you saw what happened last night. it was a 9-2 ball game. >> pete: the team woke up because bryant woke up. four hits last night. don't expect 11 hits from two, three, four, five tonight. it's not going to happen. >> tom: i haven't seen corey kluber hang his curveball the whole season. the difficulty with the breaking ball is it moves so much that you convince yourself to be disciplined. it's harder to do. >> alex: the cubs were outstanding last night. today they get the varsity in
4:27 pm
corey kluber. >> kevin: they are chasing out of the strike zone 40% of the time. against kluber and game number 4, they chased 51% of his pitches. you can't win doing that. >> frank: remember that. more relaxed cubs hitters. >> kevin: why does it translate? >> frank: when you feel good as a hitter, you are more confident. that's what you saw last night. >> pete: you said eight words. >> frank: are you a mathematician? >> pete: they are not the big red machine. they looked like the big blue machine. what stops an avalanche is great pitching. fourth pitcher in major league history to win the e.r.a. title and pigeon game 7 of the world series.
4:28 pm
>> kevin: you are telling tom. we can't hear it? >> pete: you know everything else. >> kevin: let's look at the cubs bullpen and aroldis chapman. he's been used quite a bit. 62 pitches thrown. obviously it was interesting last night with a huge lead coming in. that is going to be fascinating tonight. if we get to a situation where he's needed, how he's used, how much he can give you with all the innings he's pitched. aroldis chapman. there are so many storylines in this cubs bullpen. indians, we kind of know where it's going. with the cubs, how long can chapman go? are going to see lester and arrieta and lackey? >> tom: i'm glad you asked. i've got the script. kyle hendricks, 90 pitches. jon lester, two innings. chapman. the issue is, lester cannot come into a game with runners on base. he needs a clean inning. joe maddon needs a bridge between hendricks and lester. probably montgomery or edwards.
4:29 pm
to me, chapman is the key. i think despite throwing 20 pitches in game 6, 42 in game 5, i think you can go all bumgarner on game 7. i used that as a verb. bumgarner. pitch count out the window. >> pete: i think that is what joe is thinking. >> kevin: three innings? >> pete: at least two. >> alex: joe maddon has been obvious with the strategy. he doesn't trust anybody unless they have the last name chapman or montgomery. jon lester is interesting. i wouldn't use him unless i had a two-run lead. >> frank: tonight should be all hands on deck. game 7 of the world series. your next game is in march. what ever you have to do. joe maddon will have to get it done. i'm looking for a long ball game with a lot of pitching changes. >> pete: thanks for reminding us it's game 7. >> kevin: talking about lester
4:30 pm
and a two-run game. that's the other thing. you can bring in lester in a clean inning but as soon as somebody gets it -- it's different if you are starting in the seventh. >> tom: i think lester and a one-run game, that's scary. david ross would have to come in. lackey is more of an extra inning guy. >> kevin: you like lackey. >> frank: i like john lackey. he's got a big breaking ball. he will drop down, do whatever it takes to get hitters out. >> pete: who is lackey? >> alex: john lackey. before i am curious if that clip is available. a lot more to do here on this pregame show. you wonder, what is 108 years of waiting due to the psyche of a cubs fan? we will show you what lifelong
4:31 pm
cubs fans are going through in chicago when we come back. also john smoltz knows all about pitching in game 7 of the world series. he tells us whether corey kluber has enough left in the tank to do it one more time tonight. game 7, world series. we are back on fox. i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!!
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>> kevin: tonight's aerial coverage is brought to you by directv. you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. call 1-800-directv. >> how about corey kluber? so good this postseason. >> kluber has struck out the side. swing and a miss. swing and a miss. got him looking. >> he was untouchable.
4:35 pm
>> world series history. saluted as he leaves. >> can't be any better. >> kevin: corey kluber making his third start of the world series. look at the progression when kluber faces the same team as second and third time, he gets better and better. we will see if that holds true tonight. the fans are here. it's a hot ticket in cleveland. the hottest here in a long, long time. indians with a chance to win the world series for the first time in 60 years. it's our hall of famer john smoltz. you are involved in one of the greatest game sevens of all-time, greatest one i've seen in '91. braves against the twins. take us to that time, what it was like for you.
4:36 pm
>> john: i dreamt of it as a kid. as i ask each pitcher, did you dream about it? they say absolutely. you have to want to be in this situation. you can't be afraid to make a mistake. if you are afraid to make a mistake, you are going to be in trouble. the guy who was most relaxed and enjoys the moment is the guy with the best chance for success. these stats don't mean nothing. that's what game 7 is all about. layette on the line, do the best you can. either start or probably going to pitch in the sixth. this will be a bullpen game. >> kevin: john getting aggressive. let's talk about corey kluber. we've seen two different versions of him in this world series. we saw the guy who threw a ton of two-seamer's and then came back with a lot of breaking balls and came 4. >> john: i think he's going to read and react. first game, cubs took a lot of pitchers. they were burned by lot of
4:37 pm
two-seamer's. in the second game they faced him, they didn't take a lot of pitches. they were aggressive. they at-bat in the first inning. cubs know the formula for success is a must score early. kluber is going to do everything he can to prevent that. i think he needs to read and react and not overthink it. if you make good pitches, you are going to have success. if you don't, you see what happened yesterday. >> kevin: have a great call tonight. kyle hendricks will be starting opposite kluber. on the road for the first time this postseason. he is starting on the road for the first time in over a month. he has an e.r.a. of well under 2 at home but 3 on the road. postseason, averaging five innings per start. not saying he's bad on the road. he's better at home. the fans are a little loud here. >> frank: what an atmosphere. >> kevin: we have them cubs fans who made the drive to see which team can claim that
4:38 pm
world series trophy. for kyle hendricks, he's been great all year. he's been consistent in the playoffs. maybe hasn't given you a lot of length. what are we getting from kyle hendricks tonight? >> alex: perfect make up for stage. cool, calm, collected. he has an economic degree from dartmouth. he uses his brains when he's pitching. relies on location and movement. cubs would love six innings out of kyle. >> kevin: tom, what do you think? >> tom: his -- he's going to have a slow heartbeat. he gets we contact down and away. i think he's under in 90 pitch guy. he won the clinching game against the dodgers. if you want to go back to 2009, he won the clinching game of the ivy league championships. 7 1/3 shutout innings. if you can't beat cornell, you can beat the indians. >> frank: good luck with that.
4:39 pm
>> pete: one thing i never worried about was going to an ivy league school. that's a fact. he will pitch a good ball game. i don't like the stat. home, on the road. i don't know why he wouldn't be a good road pitcher. >> frank: you have to be realistic. no more than five innings. he's done his job. you've got to watch the swings the indians are getting and that will determine how long he lasts. >> alex: the one decision, if i was the manager of the cubs, i would have started david ross. to me, 144 decisions. i want my leader to make those decisions. >> tom: great point. ross had better at-bats over willson contreras but he likes the combo of hendricks and contreras. >> kevin: we might see ross. tonight the cubs could finally
4:40 pm
end their 108 year world series title drought. on the brink of elimination for three consecutive games, the anxiety for cubs fans might only last a few more hours. the tension in chicago is palpable. >> i am anxious. stick i was nervous last night. didn't get much sleep. ♪ >> there is no curse. it's gone. done. >> the billy goat in front of the ballpark. >> to heck with the curse. >> we ain't afraid of no goats. >> game 7. the hype, the momentum.
4:41 pm
>> kyle hendricks is on the mound. >> he's been pitching great all year. >> they been kicking butt. they don't get that look like, we can't come back. >> after this, it will change everything. >> i can feel it. >> i can feel it. >> i can feel it. >> kevin: looked like putty. there is the scene at murphy's bleachers in chicago. they are raring and ready to go. as you can imagine, oliver glenville and chicago chicago is just like it if you're in cleveland. look at these fans. come on into our set. 108 years in a long time. a long time for anything. frank, you are a chicago guy. you've been a chicago guy for a long time. what would it mean to the city? >> frank: playing there and being there the last 26 years, i
4:42 pm
know tonight this is the most anticipated championship in chicago history. it's been 108 years. i think they win tonight for chicago, this would be, you know, the only championship that can rival their biggest championship ever, the '85 bears. that's how large it would be for the city of chicago. >> pete: nobody cares about the bears team. i don't know how long these fans -- al capone was 9 years old. >> kevin: it's a long time ago. >> pete: biggest thing in sports, biggest baseball game we've ever seen. it's so big for the city of chicago. we can't put it in words. >> alex: a sigh of relief. it transcends sports. it's one of the coolest stories. game 7, unbelievable. >> tom: i think it's the biggest championship you could win in sports.
4:43 pm
guys like heyward and fowler and lackey. they took less money to sign as free agents becomes. there's nothing bigger than winning the world series with a cubs uniform on. >> kevin: the biggest story of our lifetime. >> pete: really smart pick -- -- -- >> kevin: who is going to win? >> tom: cubs in 7. >> kevin: going to stay with it. >> alex: cleveland in 7. >> pete: i'm going to say cleveland. i don't have a reason. >> frank: cubs in 7. this is going to be hard fought battle. we've seen it. tonight, whoever wants this tht will win it. >> alex: you said it but you seem sad. it >> frank: i like both of these ball clubs. unfortunately one has to lose.
4:44 pm
>> kevin: listen to these fans. >> frank: who do you like? >> kevin: i have no idea. look at the fans getting set to go for this game number 7. it's all on the line tonight. someone is going to break a long losing streak. corey kluber getting the starts. he's been unreal in this position. indians-cubs. who is it going to be? first pitch coming back on fox. you seem like nice people,
4:45 pm
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>> tonight history will be made. the desperate wait for a title will finally come to an end. two teams lay it all on the line but only one can be called a champion. there is no tomorrow. there is no second chance. this is the moment. this is game 7.
4:48 pm
>> kevin: it all comes down to this, game 7. cubs and indians here in cleveland. it's time now to send it to public address announcer bob tayek here at progressive field. >> ladies and gentlemen, to honor america with the performance of our national anthem, we invite the fans to sing along as we welcome members of the strings section of our very own cleveland orchestra. [cheers and applause] [national anthem playing] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> kevin: this place is rocking. here we go, game number 7. joe buck and john smoltz have the call after this. want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone.
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instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
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it's time to vote yes >> this year, one city will live it. you need not remind the faithful
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in chicago, in cleveland, dreams don't always come true. this year, they will. for those men we call ballplayers, for the fans in the stands, for those in cleveland, chicago, illinois, ohio, the midwest, the nation, and the world. with one win, one city will experience the year it finally happens as the hopes of generations come down to one game. ♪ game 7 of the 2016 world series. >> joe: welcome to you. on november 2nd, it's game 7 of
4:54 pm
the 2016 world series. a world series that features the cleveland indians and the chicago cubs. tied at three games apiece. welcome into the broadcast booth, everybody. i'm joe buck. the hall of famer john smoltz is coming right up. those two words are pretty sweet. game 7. in baseball, they are a little bit sweeter. pitchers and catchers report to spring training in mid-february. fans flocked to spring training to florida or arizona to watch their favorite teams. in april, it's a six-month love affair with their favorite ball club. they get to know them. players get to know each other. peaks and valleys through the season. for those teams to get to october, its peaks and valleys in the month during the early rounds of playoffs. here we are in the world series. we have determined nothing in this classic series between
4:55 pm
cleveland and chicago. tonight 176 years of combined frustration ends for one side. i welcome in my hall of fame partner john smoltz. you have pitched in a game 7 as a starter in your career. simply put, what does game 7 mean to you? the two greatest feeling in the world. you better dream of this moment. you've got to want this moment and you can't be afraid to fail. there will be a moment everybody remembers. don't create it. two pitchers on the mound with the perfect temperament to lead their teams to victory. the player that can slow it down the most will have the best success. >> joe: as we look at this game tonight, it's the rested and ready indians bullpen. for the cubs, it's about adjustments. they've adjusted with the breaking balls and not chasing as much. if they get mistakes and hit them, they've got a chance to
4:56 pm
avoid that bullpen that can lock it down for the indians. let's go to the field. >> ken: cubs have a new middle reliever. his name is jon lester and he will enter only at the start of an inning. lester will be on two days rest. this is a day he normally would throw about 40 pitches in the bullpen anyway. should be good for too comfortable innings, may be free. once he enters, david ross will enter along with him, playing the final game of his career. ross said his wife was emotional as they left the hotel today. now to tom verducci. >> tom: corey kluber was a minor league or when he discovered a two two-seam fastball. the pitch that got him to the majors, the cy young award, and the brink of history. trying to become the second pitcher, the first since mickey lolich to start and win three world series games. kluber will do so with the team
4:57 pm
that's red-hot. this is something out of another era. lolich did it in 1968 when there was no dh, no divisional playoffs. tonight corey kluber is looking to turn back the clock. in '68. spent 20 years. corey kluber tries to end the drought. >> joe: thank you. this place is beyond electric. will it end for the cubs tonight who haven't won it all for 108 seasons. for cleveland, will they and their 68 year drought? will find out on the other side. it's game 7 yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh...
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every great why >> game 7, no tomorrow. one team will leave a champion, the other with a lifetime of remorse. started as a little boy, a


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