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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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days before the election fbi director james comey clears hillary clinton again after a speedy review of newly discovered e-mails. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. we begin with two new polls on the presidential race showing strength in the clinton campaign. they were done before today's announcement about fbi e-mail probe. an abc journal poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points with 44% of the voters favoring clinton. 40% are supporting trump. >> in a poll by abc and their washington post that clinton would have a five-point lead over trump. 43% are behind trump. those numbers are getting a bump by those that feel like she is more qualified to serve as president as it is clinton's highest poll results since october 26. the clinton campaign is no doubt relieved tonight about the conclusion of the
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investigation into their handling of classified e-mails. >> more than a week. james comey says that in essence nevermind. he has not changed their conclusion expressed in july that clinton should not face charges. in the letter sent to capitol hill today james comey states that most of the e-mails were duplicates of ones previously reviewed and the agency is standing by their original findings. hillary clinton learned about the fbi director's statement just before getting off their campaign plane in ohio. clinton staffers read the news from the spokesman's iphone. that his firm was reached in july, and that this matter is resolved. clinton was met by lebron james. >> i will be on your side.
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i'll fight for you and your families, fight for your futures. >> reporter: she started her day in philadelphia. at the clinton campaign that will be concerned about turnout among african american voters getting a lot of support in the wake of the latest e-mail controversy. all inside this philadelphia church earlier in the day. >> you saw what the fbi did in martin luther king's day and i'm telling you right -- and i'm telling you right now when they come after us, we've got to stand together. when they come after her, we've got to stand with her. >> reporter: this election in many ways is about what kind of future that our country will have. will it be dark and decisive, calling up the past? >> reporter: clinton has been campaigning in key swing states and has the help of the army of rock stars to rally support in the final days of the campaign.
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including katy perry, jay z, james taylor, beyonce. >> i'm with her. [ cheering ] >> instead president obama, bill clinton, and hillary clinton all planned last-minute stops in traditionally blue states ahead of tuesday's general election. >> look, i'm a proud democrat. but look, we're not democrats or republicans first, we're americans first. i've got republican friends, they don't think the way he does. which is why they're not planning to vote for him. our values are at stake. >> also today nancy pelosi responded to comey's decision on the e-mail probe saying in a statement while the original statement allowed days of falsehood by republicans
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desperate to divert attention from themselves, the fbi's swift and thorough review should finally close the door on this republican side show. we went to an early voting location in the south bay and asked people about the latest e- mail flab and their resolution today affecting their vote for president. >> and i was happy that they would not pursue it. because it is kind of ongoing and nothing has come from it. >> i trust the fbi and hillary clinton, so i think that we're all good. >> it's a tea party and much to do about nothing, which has been, i mean, the political discourse in this country is like two 5-year-olds in a sand box peeing on each other that it is really in that low of a level. >> we interviewed those people outside san jose's branch library on east empire street. news of the director was
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clearing hillary clinton of criminal wrong doing did not sit well with donald trump and their supporters learning about their decision today in sterling heights, michigan. he told a crowd that they still consider her guilty and that they will face the consequences. >> she is protected by a rigged system that she shouldn't be allowed to run for president right now. she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. >> reporter: trump blew through five states today going to president obama in 2012. he's focusing the final hours on blue states heading to colorado and florida tomorrow. the idea behind this strategy is not going to hurt him so much. new york times is reporting that the trump aides have taken away his twitter access. nervous that he will stir up nervous with one of the late night twitter rants editing his tweets and much of what you would see on his account is
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news of rallies. president obama commented today that if someone can't handle a twitter account they can't handle the nuclear code. with fewer than 48 hours to election day many bay area voters are telling us they are taking as much time as they can to fill out those big ballots. allie rasmus says that they have had to do a lot of homework before making a decision on local measures. >> reporter: we're outside where election workers have set up the station here, this tent here for people to drive up and hand in their mail-in ballots in person. the polls are also open inside san francisco city hall as well. voters have had a lot to vote on as they were taking every hour, every last minute that they can can to fill out their ballots. there are 17 statewide propositions on the ballot making it the longest in the country. there's 615 local measures that you'll need to vote on across
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the state along with statewide council races as well. in san francisco voters have 25 local measures that they have to decide on. >> that is a lot. probably two days to search them. >> that's a big investment. >> yes, both have stayed in the local area. that is the future investment, but a good process that i thoroughly enjoyed. >> i have mixed feelings. i mean it's good to qualify and put things on the ballot, but at the same time that it becomes overwhelming i think. >> i have more work to do. >> reporter: you haven't done it yet? >> no. >> why have you been putting it off? >> i'm busy. you have all these ads and you're overwhelmed, but now it's action time. so we will study up and vote. >> reporter: early voting started in san francisco three weeks ago with some record numbers, that first weekend
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early voting was available in terms of turnout. you can come and vote in person here on sunday and to have that entrance, the other counties, they also have designated mail- in ballots and their drop-off locations you'll have to go to the county election website to get that information. in san francisco allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. a record of 19.4 million californians are registered to vote up from 18.2 million in 2012. california secretary of state alex pedilla says that is 78% of those californians. about 35% are registered as democrats and republicans and 24% of california registered voters have no party affiliation. ktvu will have complete coverage right here on ktvu plus and our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. on tuesday and goes through the polls closing in california at 8:00 p.m. new at 10:00, san jose
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police say they arrested a 24- year-old man on the run since a police confrontation last month. officers say that juan aguilar was driving a stolen vehicle on october 25 when officers tried to stop him as he then ran rammed the officer's patrol car twice. aguilar got away. they spotted him in a stolen car again this morning and took him into custody facing charges in both incidents that included auto theft, assault on a police officer and drug possession. the highway patrol says that street racing is to blame for a violent car crash in santa clara. tonight the chp is asking for help in trying to find the other driver involved who sped away. it happened on a busy stretch of the the express way near homestead road. that is where ktvu azenith smith is. azenith, street racing is a big problem there? >> reporter: they tell me that they are here racing all the time on the streets.
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they are surprised that this crash happened on a sunday afternoon. tonight he showed us the oil stains that still needs to be cleaned up. >> right here is the large oil puddle here and where that oil pump landed. >> reporter: the backyard is covered with oil spots earlier where he would have car parts scattered on the lawn and patio. >> large bumper parts, heavy metal pieces and that there is an oil pump. >> reporter: so severe they estimate that they would fly over and walk them 80 feet folding laundry in the bedroom when they heard those cars racing and screeching and a loud bang that will be strong enough for their house. and he immediately called 91 is >> every night it is constant that i'm glad that my nephews weren't here playing in the backyard, which they normally
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would have been. >> reporter: chp says at 12:30 in the afternoon two cars were racing northbound on the express way at speeds up to 100 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone. the cars hit traffic south of homestead road where the blue camaro veered to the right. >> the crash was so violent that it basically took off the whole left side of the vehicle. >> reporter: authorities say that the driver a man in his 20s from san jose died. the driver of the car he was racing was a silver acura tl took off. >> the activity we've seen in oakland is spread throughout the state. >> reporter: chp isn't surprised with the problem that is growing. >> the problem, the street racing problem we're having right now in the entire bay is something that we are addressing. we're going to have multiagency collaboration in order to try to crack down. >> don cavalier doesn't understand why anyone would
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race on this express way given the hurt. he hopes the other driver is apprehended. >> i hope they catch him because they couldn't have stoppedded and he could have at least did something. >> reporter: can you believe chp said that debris went into the backyard of three homes where they're looking at traffic cameras for the clues to the driver of the silver acura tl and anyone with information and any witnesses are asked to contact chp. live in santa clara i'm azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. i've dealt with a lot of stereotypes and with a lot of justices, prejudging people because of the color of their skin. >> it is based on a true story with the hopes of making a big impact in theaters. coming up how the proclaimed skin head destined for a life of crime turn it had around after being adopted by a black
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man. an earthquake rattled central oklahoma. the damage left behind and the link to fracking that may be behind the increase of a number of quakes left in that area. whether few light showers happen across the bay area. right now lots of clouds streaming into northern california. coming up the temperature change you can expect for your monday and for the coming weeks. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much.
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new at 10:00 a magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck near cushion, oklahoma. they created quite a bit of damage from the pictures from social media. so far no injuries have been reported. scientists have linked oklahoma's sharp increase in earthquakes to fracking and the underwater disposal of water and gas production. the oklahoma production has shut down some disposable wells, ordering a reduction in the amount of waste water in others. gilroy police are looking far suspect in a road rage incident that threatened another man with a knife. the confrontation happened inside a safeway store on first street last sunday around 8:00 p.m. they say the man in this surveillance photo right here is the one that pulled out a knife. investigators say he threatened to stab the other man. the suspect was seen leaving the parking lot in a pickup truck and heading east on ren avenue. the fight to keep the
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raiders in oakland continues. fans of tonight's game pleaded with the team owner and the nfl to not make the move to las vegas. ktvu leigh martinez has more on the fans reaching out to the nfl. >> reporter: ruben brought his son alexander to his first raiders game. >> back in '97 and '98 it's a family tradition. for us to go to vegas, i mean i really don't see it, you know, it's kind of difficult. >> reporter: that's the agony of many long-time raider fans. if the team moves, they may not be able to follow. >> it will be a fit for us. we have two kids. >> i would not fly to las vegas. mr. camera man listen to what i'm saying. the fans are here. we were born here. we have championships here. we've been to the ground and back up here. the love is here. >> and so that will wrap it up.
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>> reporter: that anger over a possible move to las vegas has forced other fans into action. the group was getting -- giving out these signs at the team's party, but they want you to not just hold a sign, but start writing down their feelings. >> this really comes down to what the owners want to do. you know, that typically they said they want to stay in oakland to make their feelings known recently as you would see what they did recently with their friends and so fans can write the other for them. >> let's go raiders. >> reporter: writing to other owners is an act that many fans say they will take the time to do since they feel betrayed by the raiders own owner mark davis. >> we lost it. our hearts are broken. you're going to take it again and break us again? i mean how far can we really go? >> reporter: a second co- founder of the save oakland sports heard that mark davis was saying that northern
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california fans were in favor of supporting of moving the team to las vegas, but he said wasn't true as they want to keep the team here in oakland. ktvu fox 2 news. highway patrol officers arrested a man this weekend accused of shooting a car, which starting on northbound 680. investigators say it appears that one driver tried to run another driver off the highway. and then fired several shots. the highway patrol spotted the car several miles to the north near danville. they cheated the cart to a bart station where the 49-year-old bart driver ran away. he failed to yelled and possession of narcotics with no injure i of any injuries in this accident. a student hit and killed by a car has died.
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allie allison burns -- alexandria arceneaux was crossing the highway when she was hit. the suspect's vehicle is described as a 2010 or 2012 silver honda crv like this one. it may have damage to the passenger side front bumper. police are asking local auto repair shops to help identify the vehicle. months of hard work and training would all come ahead today for thousands of runners in san francisco. >> this year's golden gate half marathon race kicked off at aquatic car. over the golden gate bridge and then back to aquatic park. some of the runners came from across the country to take part. we had the clouds and some drizzle in san francisco this morning for that to happen.
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rainfall actually some measurable totals across northern california and the bay area primarily from this morning. sebastopol nearly a tenth of an inch of rain. mill valley .08. those amounts are coming down for hillsburg, half moon bay, napa, kentfield. just barely measurable at .01. there is a storm track right now being the generator, being protected primarily to the north of the bay area as we would still have the clouds out there. we will hold on to some of the clouds as you hang on to monday morning. >> a look like at the bay bridge and not too much in the way of the dense fog here, but just the highest clouds pushing through the region with some areas of fog tomorrow morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies and the temperature wills start out their day in the 40s to the lower 50s for your monday. san jose at 53 degrees. san francisco our sky cast will be showing you some cloud cover out there at 54 and 7:00 and then by 10:00 the sun/cloud mix
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at 53 and then wrapping up the afternoon hours by 4:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies with the plans here for you and their forecast models showing you some of the clouds this morning. notice the central valley here could have some areas of fog falling for you on tuesday, wednesday, thursday that could form into it. the skies will become partly cloudy across the bay area and by 4:00. we are talking about a bit of a warming trend at 10:40 and the warmest day in their five-day forecast when the shower chances could return on the long-range weather maps. we can't tweet this breaking news now because there are numerous reports that twitter is down. we haven't been able to reach the main twitter website for the last 20 minutes or so. >> the website is down right now. twitter is having a service interruption as does reddit.
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if we could get anymore information on this we'll let you know. >> are you on right now? that they need to try to get on. >> and that is what it looks like. >> they are having better luck than me. >> we're going to check it as it might be back on right now. coming up a statement game for the raiders as they take on the division rivals the denver broncos in a sunday night showdown. jason appelbaum will have all the highlights coming up next in sports.
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jason appelbaum here with sports. all is well in the world of twitter. we just got back online, twitter is good and the raiders are looking good too. >> yeah, the raiders are looking very good. this is a big, big game. biggest game for some folks and what they are saying in quite some time. in fact you could make the case this was the biggest game in oakland. they say the 2002 super bowl season and the raiders did not shy away from their spotlight. no, no, no. first sunday night game in more than a decade taking full advantage of the tv audience.
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broncos remember last time they were in the bay area winning the super bowl. in the meantime murray is 3rd and 1 up the middle with a 42- yard run. he had a big day. murray caps it off to the 1- yard touchdown. 20-7 oakland. they lead 20-10 at half. the 4th quarter after the broncos would fumble it is murray again. and that is 30-13. at this point they are blowing it out. super bowl champs. and that is a little mask. yeah, no crime there for the coliseum at 114 yards, three touchdowns for murray and then the capper. this pick, semian comes up big mainly on the ground as mark davis celebrates the win as they would hold the broncos to just 33 yards rushing. 30-20 is the final and the raiders alone on top of the afc west. they are 7-2 heading into the bye week. much different story for the
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niners. they are looking like they had some hangovers after leaving the stadium. kaepernick dump it is off to harris. out of the back field starting for carlos hyde who is injured and off to the races for 47 yards. niners, their 486 yards of total offense. and all of 11 seconds later the saints will need to get it all back. their next offensive play, mark ingram, 75 yards barely touched. 28-10. then it is kaepernick, to vance mcdonald with a bunch of big plays like this one where he will be untouched. 398 yards passing and the second most of his career. but it just wasn't the niners day. drew brees to michael tomlins, a great , that rock just turns around a little bit late to give -- and as we said they
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have had seven straight loss for the 49ers. steelers at the ravens, ben -- ben roethlisberger back after having surgery on his right knee. mike wallace is gone, 95 yards for the touchdown. the longest play in baltimore ravens history. they lead 7-0. fourth quarter they are up 14-0. allen, he'll block that punt. and that they had be just fine, where they need to return it for their touchdown up 21-14 snapping a four-game losing streak to handle steelers their third straight loss for both teams that are now 4-4 and tieing it on top of their north division there. vikings, lions, mike zimmer the vikings head coach as they were 5-0 to start their season as they have now lost three straight. because of this play right here in overtime. look a this. golden tate will get up in the end zone. lions win 22-16 in overtime and
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that one, they're all bunched up in that division as well and then coming up later on sports wrap, we're going to have a bunch of stuff. we're going to hear from the niners locker room and the raiders locker room obviously. they're pretty much even keel as you would be surprised. you thought they would be all hyped up, but they're all business right now with their eyes on the bigger prize for sure. >> we will hear from them with a lot more going on. >> thank you, jason. coming up an innocent man was shot and killed in san francisco. the suspect on the run tonight and the gunfire battle with the police officer responsible for the deadly confrontation. plus, it was stumped right here in the bay area. a small independence film featuring big name actors why they feel like the crew is so important that it needs to be told.
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now to developing news out
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of sacramento where authorities are searching for a man involved in a deadly gunfight with a police officer, which happened early this morning at a casino parking lot. an innocent bystander identified as 36-year-old nicholas broadway of sacramento was shot and killed. sarah zenanine has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it's a tense time for police officers. >> several officers across the country who have been assaulted in various manners. the shootout doesn't do the department -- doesn't give the departments a peace of mind. >> they are on guard and these are concerning. >> reporter: the shocks rang out just before 1:30 sunday morning. they say that two groups of men would get in a fight at the casino on north 16th street. the sacramento police officer working an additional assignment at the casino went
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outside to break up the altercation. >> one of those individuals drew a firearm and began firing in the direction of our officers, some of the people there. >> reporter: that's when the officer a veteran of the force exchanged gunfire. the suspected shooter fled. >> the vehicle that he was behind sustained a significant amount of damage. we're thankful that our officers were not injured. >> another man was found with multiple gunshot wounds. the 36-year-old was later pronounced dead at a hospital. >> reporter: at this point it's believed that the suspect shot the man according to the department. they can only describe the suspect they're looking for as an adult male, hispanic when they know for sure if he needs to be found. >> this person is a dangerous and violent person and if they are a threat to other people. >> again that is sara
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reporting. shooting just wrapped up in petaluma on the new film starring the hip-hop artist and the actor ludacris. the star is working on a small independent film that he hopes will have a big impact in theaters. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: chris bridges also known as ludacris has made his remarks in the music world and hollywood. >> babyproof, baby. can't touch this. but hard like fast and furious. >> you deal with a lot of -- you deal with a lot of stereotypes and prejudging people because of the color of their skin. >> reporter: bridges is starring in a few film that is called ride based on a true story. >> my first childhood memory, my dad threw me in the fire. >> reporter: raised by the alcoholic, abusive, racist father. >> we're all angry at the
10:34 pm
world. we all came from nothing. and so what did we have to live for? no one cared. >> we would have an unloved abused kid that would have a swastika tattooed in his ear by his older brother who was a skin head white 1:premisses supremacist at that time. >> are you playing a character that you would despise? >> yes. i don't know if anyone unless they are, you know, a skin head can really relate to the hate this guy has. >> reporter: his life changed after being adopted by a mixed race couple. the new father is black. his mother was white. bridges plays the father. >> and so i thought that love was being beaten up. being left on the streets. love was a love and affection and tenderness and care and education and at home. >> in the film and in real life
10:35 pm
that the new father teaches him to ride bikes. he goes on to become an international champion. but more than that, a better man. >> you're not in the past and you're not what people said that you are as you could be anything that you want to be today right now from nothing. >> reporter: sasha alexander plays john's mother and says that they would have simple powerful lessons. >> when you pass them in the streets that you need to be kind. >> it's the sixth film by alalia pshar funded by force lucas, lucas oil. >> and that's what the world needs right now, you know, hope. that it feels good, with a great story and a great stretch. >> reporter: petaluma may seem words away from some of the social unrest in other parts of the country, but they would serve as the backdrop for the
10:36 pm
cinematic attempt for healing. >> it's the first catalyst of change and to try to make positive change with all the negativity going on. >> it's set to be released next fall. we'll see how it does in the theaters. >> it's interesting as they need to make positive change. the producer is from petaluma as they chose it to be the place to shoot. >> yes, he hopes to do many more and hopefully that the message from this movie does well and that they will need to boost that movie business and that it wasn't just petaluma, but the whole north bay and napa and other parts were included. >> such an important message too. >> and not judging people. >> right. interesting story. thanks, ken. coming up, it's promoted to help the homeland security. what's being done to make sure your vote stays safe from cyber attack on election day. meteorologist mark tamayo is up next with your detailed
10:37 pm
bay area forecast. we'll be right back.
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the threat of election day and their cyber attack has prompted many states to request their assistance from the department of homeland security. >> and the threat of the election day has prompted 48 states to add the department of homeland security and to ask them for help. but jay johnson and other experts insist that the chance of the hack, they actually altered that outcome of the election is slim. >> i have a lot of confidence in the integrity of the valid county process and that they would have a lot of conference in their security and their cyber security. and around their process run by the state, local election and
10:40 pm
their officials. >> a part of the reason for that confidence has to do with the fact that most voting machines are not connected to the internet. nor are they connected to each other that they would need to run their own operations with different kinds of the voting machines that it will be impossible for them to breach their mall nationwide and simultaneously. >> but they could still cause trouble on election day, especially with this that will be divided as they say the biggest fear is hackers instilling their chaos into a system where there is tremendous mistrust between republicans and democrats. >> and if they disrupt the reporting of the information, then people will imply from that, you cannot trust their results. even though not a single vote has been changed. >> the biggest threat is those hackers gaining access to the data bases and thus their personal information. the department of homeland security would acknowledge on friday that it has happened in several states, though they wouldn't say exactly how many. >> in washington kristin fisher fox news.
10:41 pm
and whichever candidate wins the election that they will likely be a matter of concern in u.s. politics for years to come. donald trump says he wants to rip up the trade agreements that he blames for sending jobs overseas and he also says that he wants to cut their corporate taxes in an effort to simulate their growth. >> and all of our policies, they should be geared for keeping jobs and wealth inside of the united states. >> hillary clinton says that she wants to stimulate the economy with a tax cut for the middle class and small businesses while raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy. >> wall street corporations and the super rich should finally pay their fair share of taxes. >> and the top economic issue, facing the next administration, they could be inflation. and the government figures would show their national unemployment rate has fallen to 4.9% as some economists say they could create conditions just right for the inflation. >> and the system will move across parts of the bay area
10:42 pm
today just producing clouds with a few scattered light showers, but the main storm track is being push the up to the knot. take a welcome at it right now, the storm tracker 2 with the jet stream and the clouds out there and their rainfall that will be mainly targeting the pacific northwest trying to build in and that will keep us relatively dry and also warm. those temperature wills be trending up over the next few days for monday, tuesday, and into wednesday. but right now just some scattered clouds over the bay area and you could have that fog trying to regroup as well. so we have partly cloudy skies on top and they will be trying to regroup to become a factor for those valley locations first thing tomorrow morning. take a look at some of the current numbers out there. lots of 50s. still a few 60s out towards mountain view and san jose and checking in at 53. santa rosa at 53 degrees. san francisco has cooled off to 59 degrees. here is the live camera, looking out towards their bay bridge and not too much in the way of the fog right now, but i suspect some patches will regroup and the first thing for
10:43 pm
you tomorrow morning and for the fog to be somewhat of a factor for their morning commute. but what will be a factor over the next few days will be the building's surf as they will back it up tomorrow and go up on tuesday especially into wednesday. i'm thinking that wednesday we could have a high-surf advisory and winds on the order of around 15 to 20 feet and possibly larger than that and if you would see a few select beaches. be extra carol if you're heading to the coast for the next few days especially for tuesday and into wednesday. and on the satellite once again, high clouds, three minutes in northern california. this area of high pressure will actually rebuild and so with that, that will be the source of some warming beginning tomorrow. lots of clouds for their mornings and the areas of fog and skies are becoming partly cloudy for their afternoon hours. then into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we will continue to warm things back up. by thursday warmest locations inland back up into the upper 70s. that it could be flirting with the 80-degree mark just a few days away. here is our forecast model as they will need to put that into motion for you tomorrow morning
10:44 pm
and i'll show you some of the fog as they need to keep an eye out for that and for you to regroup here and to be extra careful driving with the drop- off visibilities. patchy fog and higher clouds and into the afternoon hours skies will be partly cloudy. that they will need to take it into tuesday for their election day and that it looks like it will be dry out there, partly cloudy skies, maybe some fog hanging out near parts of the coastline here as we would head into tuesday. and the temperatures for tomorrow, with a lot of 70s out there and the warmest location for the 70s. concord at 72 and 69 and pacifica will check in at 56 and more neighborhoods for you. and 72 and san jose at 73 degrees. now, here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast and good news for you, no rain drops to worry about for the election day. and just some areas of fog to talk about for wednesday and thursday. and we will need to pick up the clouds by friday. and that i was getting excited about their rain cloud on saturday, but the more excited i get and that chance that the storms will actually need to
10:45 pm
move in and just a slight chance for the shower on sunday. >> don't be excited. >> i'm all mellow right now. >> yeah, exactly. we cannot blame them for not voting. that they will need to be out there. >> yeah, it is warm. >> thanks, mark. sports wrap is just a few minutes ahead. >> the biggest win for the raiders in quite some time and how they could get that and what the team is saying heading into the bye week. >> and why there is a bit of a silver lining to this 49ers loss as we will tell you about it at 11:00 or midnight if you forgot to change your clock. but first up next isis is facing a two-prong assault by u.s. troops in both iraq and syria and their latest attempts to liberate their cities in a few countries from isis control.
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a humanitarian group is
10:48 pm
blaming syrian forces for allegedly shelling a preschool killing six children. in addition to the six deaths, another 25 children were injured during the attack. the islamic state from the syrian city of rocca. tonight they would provide their air support for the offenses as they have details. >> kurdish-led syrian forces begin their mull care campaign to drive isis militants. the de facto state terrorist group. >> we're starting the preparations as they are going very well. the guys are excited to get rid of the dashes. >> the city is home to some of the groups top leaders seen as the key to defeating the
10:49 pm
organization momentarily. >> they are terrorists, hurting all women, men, children. >> reporter: they said they would provide their air support to welcome them on sunday's announcements saying that the effort to isolate will mark their next step. and that the fight will not be easy, there is hard work ahead that the international coalition, they will continue to do what we can, enabling the local forces for them to deliver the lasting defeat that they deserve as they are under attack by the back security forces in iraq. and over the weekend their troops, they would need to move down their islamic state flag in a town just a few miles from the main strongholds of mosul. the start of their offensive means that the pressure of
10:50 pm
their state group is increasing, making it harder for them to move reenforcements between syria and iraq fox news. >> they are playing in iraq as they would now have forces to continue their attacks on isis and the families are grabbing whatever belonging and their livestock that they can and that they will be moving out of the city. the u.n. office plans to open 11 refugee camps for as many as 120,000 mosul residents. now they also say that they are being held by isis for a use of a human shield. this is day 20 of their mosul offenses. pope francis would hold a special mass today for prisoners. the political leaders would offer them amnesty, a part of their holy year of mercy that will wrap up later this month. making it their mission to
10:51 pm
encourage greater compassion for those most vulnerable including the poor, the sick, the elderly, migrant, and prisoners. it is wildfire season in australia with more than 60 blazes burning about 120 miles north of sydney. shifting winds are causing headaches for firefighters, as the planes changed course without warning. the temperatures are not helping many as they will be used with the crews along the ground. still ahead tonight an unexpected show of support. >> the shelters are hoping to feed the sheltered and the pets.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
the u.s.those of us whoof freedserved in the military
10:54 pm
are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote. for many people pets provide love and companionship. feeding an animal could be expensive. >> the california shelters are offering a way for people to feed their pets that also helps the shelter. >> reporter: pets are like
10:55 pm
people. ask anyone in this line and they will tell you that it is true in many ways. >> they are hungry just like that. >> reporter: every thursday and sunday morning, they stood in line of their animal shelter and their food bank for pets. >> sometimes we don't have food so that we come two hours ahead because they don't have food and sometimes they don't have enough food for everybody in this line. they need to cope with pets that can't afford to feed them. >> we started it in 2010 because some of them were pushing their animals, all because they couldn't feed them. >> reporter: they give out 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of food, to those that wouldn't be able to feed their pets. all of it comes from donations. >> reporter: these kids held a month-long dog food drive, bringing in three truckloads for the shelter.
10:56 pm
>> 6,000 bags of dog food. >> what they don't see is where that food ends up, allowing people to keep them alive. >> reporter: for those that don't have the money, but they still need the love that they provide. this is a food bank that will feed their soul. >> every time they come here that they will give it up and they would tour their shelter. >> thank you. >> helping people and their pets, you'll need to take care of it. a good week for the weather and election day will be dry? >> yes, and warmer, the next day will not be too much. >> all right, thanks for joining us, red, white, blue, city hall. have a great night. >> good night.
10:57 pm
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when most of us make a mistake, officewe own up to it.anks. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly. so i got your test results an allergy to cat dander.w there are options, but the most effective course of action
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straight ahead a statement victory in oakland. this is a good looking football team. how the raiders rammed their way into first place. 49ers are watching the other guys run wild. why they are still searching for defensive answers. speaking of searching for answers, what is up with the dubs? >> i think that it will be everybody adjusting to each other. >> why ken stabler is still not getting his doom. sports wrap making good times and keeping everybody in line now. all right, hello everybody and thanks for joining us tonight. how about those raiders? too soon to call them su


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