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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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area working around the clock. processing thousands of ballots. what you need to know if you are heading to the polling stations today. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on election day tuesday. it is finally here. november 8th. i'm exam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we'll get to your election coverage in a moment. first let's check the weather. steve paulson is over there. >> remember the clouds from yesterday? >> yes. >> they are gone. it will be sunny side up today. >> okay. >> there is no weather reason for to get out and not vote. maybe a little fog. san jose had some really thick fog. we'll keep an eye on things. the ridge of high pressure decided to kick in a very, very big way sending everything up and over. don't worry, don't worry, we'll take care of this eventually down the road. for now it is up and over she goes. we'll have mostly sunny skies. there is an easterly or northerly breeze.
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50s and 60s. oakland and burkeley and others. a little cooler to the north you can find a few 40s. there are many 50s. these will be the coolest temperatures. mainly a few clouds. mostly sunny. a lot of 70s. here's sal. >> we are looking at a commute that is going to be affected by a fatality on the freeways. this is going to be on 880 southbound right near the oakland coliseum. southbound 880 as you drive past the coliseum it is reported as a fatal accident. the traffic may be affected. it is still light in the area. and right now traffic is not doing poorly. but we'll let you know that traffic may be affected by this crash. there have been no major slowdowns because it is early. again, this is a pedestrian that was killed on i-880. it happened 2:20 this morning
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they are still doing an investigation. tracy super commute. i can show you traffic is moving along okay on westbound 580. as you drive through this area. there have been no major problems driving through. we are looking at the bay bridge. it looks good getting into san francisco. 4:02 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you very much. topping news this morning it is election day. voters across the country heading to the polls to cast their ballot for president. >> hillary clinton and donald trump will vote today in new york. tonight they both will hold election night rallies in new york. our reporter lauren blanchard is joining us live. >> reporter: today is finally election day after a nearly two- year-long campaign season. today voters will decide who they want as their next president. >> massachusetts is
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represented. >> reporter: donald trump making comments about elizabeth warren in new hampshire yesterday. >> anyone who sees women as on jets and minorities and immigrants as inferior and other faiths as un-american can not lead this diverse, dynamic big hearted country that we love. >> reporter: trump is on the offensive with both candidates campaigning in the historically democratic states of pennsylvania and michigan. >> they are thinking about holding that blue wall which is states that have traditionally voted democratic. >> reporter: hillary clinton ended her last campaign day in north carolina. >> my name and my opponents name may be on the ballot every issue you care about is on that ballot. >> reporter: the first election day voters already cast their ballots in new hampshire. with clinton coming out on top
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in the small town. experts believe trump has a narrow path to win. >> basically clinton can lose some of her key states and still win. >> reporter: to understand the fist -- tonight the first polls close in some states 7:00 p.m. eastern. we found out tim kaine just voted in his hometown of richmond, virginia. the rest of the candidates will be voting later. so far one in. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are watching for that all morning. we have that video this morning from overnight of democratic presidential nominee tim kaine voting there in richmond, virginia. he cast his ballot an hour ago. hillary clinton expected to vote any time now. in case you didn't know you and i really don't directly elect a president. when the nation was founded electoral college was created. that's where each state has a number of electors equal to the number of senators and
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congressional representatives in that state. 270 electoral votes are need to be elected president. california has 55 electoral votes. the most in the whole nation. almost twice as many as the second largest electoral state new york. which has 31. the candidate who gets the most popular votes in the state no matter what the margin is wins all of that state's electoral votes. electoral college votes in december. >> there have been times in american history and gore versus bush in 2000 where a popular vote was secured by the candidate who didn't end up being president because it is about electoral college votes. >> members of the electoral college do not have to abide by their states rules. according to secretary of state's office 78% of eligible
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voter in california are registered to vote. higher percentage for a general election in 20 year. as many as five million californians cast their ballots in early voting. we saw long lines in san francisco's city hall yesterday. most of the state's 19 million registered voters are expected to vote by mail. that means million of people will head to the polls today. polls epiat 7:00 a.m. they'll remain open until 8:00 p.m. santa clara county voter predict an 85% turnout. 330,000 people cast ballots in early voting. that's more than a third of registered voters in the county. election workers have been busy around the clock processing ballots. beside the presidency other races are is the congressional battle. along with measures regarding affordable housing and
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transportation and san jose's pension reform for city workers. >> there is a lot of issues that need to be solve. i don't usually vote in a major election. this time i'm going to be voting. >> there will be 5,000 workers on hand today to help people vote. many voters cede they don't like eater of the candidates in the presidential race. contra costa elections department reports seeing quite a few write-in candidates on ballots they have processed. any ballot that includes a write-in candidate gets popped out of the high speed counting system and they are counted by hand. registrar wants to reassure wroters all of the ballots will be counted. >> there is a urban myth that some ballots aren't counted, particularly provisional ballots aren't counted unless races are close. we'll have no way of knowing what the voter voted on and whether or not it would be determinative. we count every ballot.
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>> of course count big hand slows down the vote count process. california secretary of state is certified five names as write-in candidates. any other write-ins won't count. all other votes will be included. all ballots have to be certified within 30 days of the election. if you need a ride to the polls today several ridesharing companies are offering special discounts and promotions just for election day. uber, lyft, google, zip car are all offering promotions to help increase voter turnout. zip car is offering free rides from 6:00 to 10:00 tonight for more than 900 cars here in the bay area. uber is offering $20 off. lyft is giving a 45% discount in honor of the 45th president. you can request a ride from all of these services by using their apps. if you have not voted yet,
4:09 am has all the resources for you to get ready. you'll find descriptions of the state propositions as well as information from each bay area county. in other news this morning a member of the boy's water polo team at burkeley high school is accused of sexual assaulting an opponent during a match last month. incident allegedly occurred in october in almeida. police say they are investigating the complaint. they have not made any arrests. when the chronicle asked burkeley high water polo coach about the investigation he said quote, this is news to me. federal jury in virginia awarded $3 million to an administrator at the university of virginia in a high-profile case involving rolling stone magazine. jury found the magazine and the reporter guilty of defamation. associate dean of students has sued the magazine for its portrayal of her in a discredited story about an alleged gang rape on campus.
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police investigation found in evidence to back up that claim. the magazine ended up retracting the story. time is 4:10. former presidential candidate bernie sanders rallies voters in sacramento hoping to keep the price of prescription drugs down. >> $131 million paid for by the drug companies to make sure california and the american people continue to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. >> coming up, who is supporting bernie sanders and why he wants prop 61 passed. a bizarre ending to a confrontation in the east bay. up next, what police say lead to a woman running down three people and then later jumping to her own death. good morning. we are looking at a commute that's off to a nice start on the east shore freeway. no problems here heading out to the macarthur maze. no problems here weather
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wise. it looks sunny. yesterday a lot of high clouds. that will not be the case today. today.
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she was last seen on hopkins road in redwood city. she has early on set dementia.
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she is 5'0". wearing a greenhouse, light green shorts and a gray sweater and black sandals and you see her call 9-1-1. we are trying to confirm the name of a woman from concorde whose car hit and ran down three people yesterday including her estranged husband outside of the courthouse in martinez. >> the woman rammed people back ugh and jumped off the bridge to her own death. >> i heard a big noise. right away i run over here. >> reporter: this construction worker whipped out his phone and started recording from a roof top where he had a birds eye view. >> all day police was three minutes everybody was here. people laying on the ground. blooding and not even -- they would not move. >> i now they were going
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through a divorce hearing. >> reporter: martinez police say two men and a woman were sent fly big a ford focus that rammed them in a crosswalk. moments before the driver had been in family court with the three. her estranged husband, his lawyer and a woman who she backed up and struck twice. >> she was in court with them. it is an intentional act to hit three people. we have details of her reversing and running over someone again. >> reporter: driver sped off. 20 minutes later report of the same car on the martinez bridge three miles away. >> she is hitting the center median as well as the wall. she parks and comes out of her vehicle and jumps over the bridge. >> reporter: plunging 100 feet to her death. witnesses told chp before jumping the driver veered side to side as if to crash over the walls. >> we don't know if she was trying to take the vehicle off the bridge and have both go. maybe that was unsuccessful.
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the vehicle had a lot of damage. >> reporter: the bailiff in the courtroom said there were no outbursts or no indication of the violence that would follow. police say surveillance video shows the woman exiting court and moving her car into position to wait for the victim's to leave. >> there is a lot that goes on behind closed doors. >> reporter: this passer-by, not justifying the driver's actions says only those who have been embroiled in divorce disputes can grasp the emotional distress. he's been in and out of custody proceedings for a decade. >> before you get married you should spend a day or two at family court. >> reporter: given thousand -- how premeditated this was it was lucky anyone survived. >> the whole windshield was cracked. more than one could have hit the windshield. >> three people he hit are
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expected to recover. east bay times reports the estranged husband is dr. goldmann former medical director of the clinic in the drug scandal. it was a horrifying scene on the new york city subway platform. that's where a woman was killed after being shoved into the path of an on coming train. it happened at the times square subway station. 49-year-old woman reportedly was arguing with another woman before she was pushed on the train tracks. look at the chaotic scene as the police rushed to that station. witnesses flagged down the police. they arrested a 30-year-old woman from queens. she is described as emotionally disturbed. a massive sinkhole is causing major disruptions in southern japan. the sinkhole which is the width of a five lane road collapsed yesterday.
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it is disrupting subway service. 800 households have been evacuated because of fierce of potential gas line ruptures. city officials say construction on a nearby subway line may be to blame. that is in japan. >> that's incredible. let's go to sal. and get you to where you need to go on this election day. you have been busy this morning. >> yes. this is the day we have all been waiting for. the day when they announce the mlb gold plumbers. i know you are waiting for that, too. >> right. >> good morning. we'll start with the gilroy commute. traffic is moving along well between gilroy and san jose. we take a close look at the far away commutes. right now driving into the morgan hill area not a bad one. there have been no major issues as you drive through. getting into the west part of the valley here from san jose to sunnyville is a good drive. we expect to be it crowded later. now is your opportunity to get out there with few people on
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the roads. looking at i-880 in oakland. you can see traffic is moving well. they are cleaning up from earlier deadly accident on 880 southbound right near the coliseum on ramp. still doing an investigation. it happened hours ago. but the traffic is not affected. this morning's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is light getting into san francisco. no major problems here. look like the weather is -- looks like the weather is not an issue for bridge crossers. >> it is about the fog in the superbowl. so far -- south bay. we have mostly clear skies compared to yesterday. the cloud cover is up and away. there it goes. we'll be left behind. cooler on the lows. all the wind direction offshore. then goes north from off the coast offshore san mateo and santa cruz to south. it is not strong but the breeze
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does pick up for some of the higher elevations in the east bay. 50s to 60s if you travel around you might notice it is mild coast to bay inland. this is in the morning. inland it is cool for some. we'll find a few upper 40s low 50s. it is much warmer by san francisco and oakland and san francisco with the offshore breeze. 30 truckee. everything looks good out here. there she goes up over the mountain of high pressure. nothing much will change. maybe friday a weak system will drag across. mid 70s today. that sunsets fast. it gets dark early. these 70s don't last very long. extended outlook has a quiet pattern. for those of you and i'm getting people saying where is the rain? it look back. 18th to the 22nd it is looking good. >> everybody is loving the sunset. >> we were talking about how pretty. it was gorgeous. i didn't take a picture.
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esat and en-- i sad -- sat and enjoyed it. it is 4:21. i saw the beginning of it. i had to go to bed but great night for the warriors at oracle arena. steph curry went off against the new orleans pelicans.
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welcome back. we have been talking about this story. layoffs are set to take effect today for that hundred shuttle drivers for hertz rental car at sfo. yesterday workers marched with signs to san francisco city hall. they are upset hertz will soon be hiring drivers from a nonunion subcontractor. workers claim the company is targeting them because they are mostly chinese, filipino and latino immigrants. hertz has not commented on the worker's accusations. city of santa clara is suing seasonal over san jose's plan to build a large retail and office development. we are building a 970,000 square foot project on winchester boulevard near santana road. santa clara's lawsuit on friday said san jose did not study the
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adverse e.g.s of the -- effects of the project. this is retaliation for a previous lawsuit san jose filed against santa clara. that was over claims that a large development project by the stadium would cause housing and traffic forbes san jose. analysts and investors will keep a close eye on wall street. yesterday stocks had a big rally. dow up 371 points. the biggest gain in eight months. nasdaq huge point gain. 119 point. s&p 500 up 46 points. steph curry set another nba record. steph bounced back after friday's game where he was zero for ten or three-pointers. last night he went wild. here's one.
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he hit 13, three's. new nba record. he finished with 46 points. kevin durant and klay thompson combined to score the same amount. here's a closer look at steph curry's big night. >> curry hit another three. for the record it is good! >> steph curry previously share had the record of 12 three- pointers in the game with kobe bryant. with over two minutes left in the game he stood alone. with number 13. the warriors will be hosting dallas maverick tomorrow night with former warriors making their return to oracle arena. some of the oakland raiders paid a surveys visit to u.s. coast guard base in almeida. raiders released this stress of players serving lunch to
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service members. yesterday the raiders gave a $5,000 grant to support a program that provides emergency assistance in crisis intervention for those in the coast guard family. time is 4:27. voting has now started around the country on this election day. coming up, what to look out for this election day. we'll bring you a report from outside of the nation's capitol including some communities that already have results. >> in the end we are all americans. election has been full of controversy as we know. we'll tell you how one group is working to heal the wounds exposed by the race even before the final votes are cast. good morning. we still see a good commute out there for the morning commute in san francisco. not a bad drive getting up to the 80 split. on the weather ballot two candidates sunny and warmer. they'll both be in town today. ewe'll talk about that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on to. look at this picture. election day is here. san francisco's city hall without last night in red, white , and blue. a patriotic display as america goes to the polls. thank you for joining us here on mornings on to. spot-kick good morning. thank you for joining us i am pam cook. if you plan to can to the beach today it will be very nice. we are worrying about those waves again. let's check in with steve and a second. we have a large storm in the gulf of a laptop -- alaska. if you go to the beach you are advised to stay out of the  water and be careful along the shore.


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