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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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next president. i'm in new york with the latest coming up. and you can vote on dozens of propositions and measures locally and statewide. we will break down the key issues on the ballot. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. election day 2016 is underway. the republican presidential nominee has cast his vote. donald trump and his wife voted in new york city near their home at trump tower. the first time candidate running for the nation's highest office surprised many people when he won his party's nomination. >> friends, delegates, and fellow americans, i hummably and gratefully accept your nomination. for the presidency of the united states. >> and now donald trump waits for the first results to come in in just a few hours. >> i will do the very best i can. if i'm fortunate enough to win today.
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>> earlier this morning, the democratic nominee, hillary clinton also cast her ballot in new york. she and former president bill clinton voted at an elementary school. her raining mate, tim kaine cast his ballot in richmond, virginia today as well. millions casting their ballot for president today. the polls are open all over california of course. >> lauren is joining us live from new york city. lauren, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, gasia and mike. both candidates made their final pitch to voters late last night before they headed to the polls this morning. >> i believe that she will win. >> reporter: accompanied by her husband, former president bill clinton, presidential hopeful hillary clinton headed to the polls this morning in their hometown of new york. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country and i will do the best that i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today.
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>> reporter: calling his presidential campaign an amazing process also cast his ballot this morning. >> reporter: millions turn out to choose either the nation's first female commander in chief or the billionaire businessman. >> i voted for hillary clinton. i think she is a strong person. i think she has the experience to lead our country. >> i voted for mr. trump for president. because i believe he's a freeman. i don't believe anybody owns him. >> reporter: it is expected to be a very tight race. and trump will need to win most of the battleground states in order to get to the needed 270 electoral votes. and just so you know, we passed the four-hour mark before the first polls start to close. back to. >> lauren in new york, thank you. >> governor jerry brown vote
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this had morning in sacramento. he discussed two races on the ballot that caught his attention. >> the stakes are high nationally with hillary. very important. here in california, we have a very important measure to vote no on. that's 53. >> the governor went to his polling place accompanied by his dog stutter who is recovering from emergency cancer surgery. governor brown has been vocal against that prop 53 which would require voter approval before the state can issue bonds for infrastructure projects of more than $2 billion. important and necessary projects similar to high speed rail, delta water tunnels and the expansion of the uc school system would never happen if proposition 53 passes. polls opened across the state at 7:00 this morning. 29%, almost a third of alameda county voters have already cast their ballots by voting early, dropping off the ballots or mailing them in. in san francisco, 32% of voters
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voted early. this gives election officials just an idea how high voter turnout will be overall. it is not too late to mail it in but you need it post marked today. voting locations stay open until 8:00 tonight. today voters in three bay area cities are deciding whether or not to make sugary drinks more expensive. they will decide whether there should be a one cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks. right now the cities of berkeley, philadelphia and chicago are the only ones in the u.s. that have taxes on sugary drinks. voters in boulder, colorado are deciding whether to add a two cent per ounce act. there are two propositions that relate to the death penalty. proposition 66 would keep the death penalty but speed up the appeals process in part by
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hiring more attorneys to represent inmates. which ever prop wins by the biggest margin will become the new law. if both are successful. and then there is proposition 64. it would make recreational use of marijuana legal for people age 21 and older. it includes detailed rules for the growing, selling and consumption of the drug. this is the result of a two- year analysis of the legalization of marijuana in washington and colorado. he says the california initiative is stricter but flexible if any future changes are needed. if it passes it will allow the growing and possession of marijuana immediately but it could take a year for retail sales of the drug to begin. for a complete list of all of the propositions on the ballot, just head off to now to developing news and a startling discovery in oakland this morning. about a block away from
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highland hospital. somebody abandoned a newborn baby. >> list are going door to door trying to find the baby's parents. alex savidge is in oakland with whackly what happened. alex. >> reporter: yeah. really an incredible story. good afternoon to you guys. two women who happened to be driving by heard the cries of a baby out of their window. they stopped their car this morning and got out and started looking around and they found that newborn baby lying right there on the sidewalk, next to those construction cones. this is near a home under construction on 19th avenue at the intersection with east 27th street. those two good samaritans immediately grabbed the child and drove the baby to the emergency room at highland hospital which is a block away from here. the baby has been evaluated and doctors say the baby is doing fine. the discovery was made about 10:00 this morning. oakland police officers after that were going door to door in this area, checking in with neighbors to see if anybody saw
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anything. police say there certainly are other options for parents in a case like this who don't believe they can care for their newborn child. >> you can take a newborn child to any fire station in the city of oakland with no questions asked. we prefer that than leaving the child abandoned where they are susceptible to not only the elements that we have out when they're open and exposed but also possible dangers leading all the way up to death. in this case, we're very lucky. >> reporter: yeah. police say this case could have ended differently if the newborn would have been sat out there longer exposed to the elements. it is a warm day in oakland today. police officers are checking surveillance video from this neighborhood. and, again, talking with anyone who may be a witness in this case, trying to figure out who left this baby behind. investigators say if you have any information on who the
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parents are or who may have left the child here on this sidewalk this morning, you should put in a call to oakland police. there is according to police the possibility of charges in this case but more importantly they want to find out who the parents are and figure out what the story is here and see if there may be some services that could be offered to the parents. again, that newborn baby, we don't know if it is a boy or girl but the baby is doing fine this afternoon after being treated at highland hospital. >> alex, i'm assuming that the infant is getting the care it needs and will likely be -- in sort of a foster family. let's talk about the fact that it is a newborn. was the baby truly newly born or was it just a very young infant. >> reporter: yes. >> wow. so it was born this morning and abandoned. >> reporter: yes. >> wow. >> reporter: we don't know the exact time frame and we don't know exactly where the mother gave birth to this child. but we noah according to the informing from police that this
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was quite clearly a child that had been born this morning, in the hours leading up to this discovery here in this neighborhood. >> just stunning. thank goodness that the baby is getting help. the investigation continues. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. getting from one side of the bay in just a minutes in a beautiful way as well. coming up in 15 minutes, we will show you a private ferry service that could help ease your long commute. we're keeping a close eye on your forecast. meteorologist rosemary orozco will let you know if you can wear shorts the rest of the week. before we go into every break this newscast, a look at who people are voting for today. >> i voted for hillary. i mean honestly i'm a registered republican and i'm very, very disappointed in the development of our party. and just looking at the two candidates, there was really only one option.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. >> on this election day, we are bringing in ktvu political analyst joe to talk about the election. if their voices were not hoarse today, the candidates did not do their job last night. >> i know they are tired and they have written different speeches that they will give tonight. i think they're both exhausted at this point. and this is that moment we just let go. you have done everything that you can do and you have to trust your operations and your
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staff for the get out of the vote movement. there a lot going on in both campaigns. did you vote, did you vote. they're offering i'm sure a senior citizens rides to the polling place. both candidates need to turn out the vote. mrs. clinton would benefit more from a big turnout. trump has brought a lot of people in and he wants to make sure that they are not discouraged by the polls and vote today. >> i was watching some of the network coverage. you can see the long lines in states like pennsylvania, which is encouraging. it is good to see. >> yeah. >> let's say you're the campaign manager for both of them, trump and clinton. do you look back at it come tomorrow. we will start with clinton, what would you do differently. >> i'm going to give the answer for both of them. the same answer. >> perfect. >> the mistakes they made on were early on, pushing the buttons of the other is they made this as we talked about
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before a campaign about running against the other person and not promoting themselves. a lost the votes we will be looking at tonight and the next day or so were votes against somebody, not votes for somebody. i think that's what was hissing in this campaign. one of the things that barack obama did well in the primary in 2008 is in addition to negating some of her arguments which were not really negative but he challenged her on that, he had a challenging message and he brought the word hope back into the campaign. i think both have been so focused in this death struggle on attacking one another that the mistake that they made is voters like to see a good fight but they want to know at the end that it will be okay and somebody is going to lead us to the promised land. if all we get is negative, we feel negative. that discourages people from voting and makes people feel not happy about the results no matter how they turn out. >> we happen to be in the city
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of oakland. oakland is considering a new soda tax. >> yeah. >> one cent tax for sugary beverages. >> yeah. so you're asking how do i think it will go? >> yeah. >> we did talk about this here on ktvu sometime before. there are good arguments or good questions to be raised about this particular measure having to do with where the money goes. as it turns out it goes into the city of oakland's general fund. people are not always trustful about the city council or administration how they will spend the money. they might have seen a little more detail how the money will be spent. most of the claims made in this race against the -- it's more than a soda tax. it is awe sugary drink tax like red bull. >> yes. >> most of the claims on measure hh prove to be misrepresentations or fat out
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false. there is linkage between overconsumption of sugary drinks, you're a mom, you have to monitor how much they're eating of processed sugar. there is linkage between that and obesity. most cancer researchers say the best way to beat cancer is get our arms around obesity. it is not the only one but it is a big one. in poor communities, for example, in oakland, west oakland and east oakland, you know, the marketing is furious for teenagers and younger to buy drinks. now if you go to one of these place that's are complaining about this, they don't have regular -- the regular cans of coke, they offer you something bigger and you don't get the choice of the smaller size anymore. >> do you think it will pass. >> i think it will pass in the end because a lot of people are nervous about this. i have to say while i think most of the claims made by those against it have proven to be false, including bringing bernie sanders into this.
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he distanced him from this and said vote for this in the end, they have been really vigorous in all of the campaigning. you mentioned we have thousands of mailers going out to lots of people. what happened in berkeley seems to have worked. if it works in oakland as well, you will see more of the measures throughout most of the country. >> we have to go. if trump loses, does he say this campaign was worth it? what do you think? >> well, probably not right away. but -- >> down the road. >> with the benefit of time he will look back and think what a wonderful process it was. running for office of any kind, speaking personally, connect you to your community unlike any other activity that you will do. even though it hurts to lose, you feel good about the connection that you made. and voting by the way, i voted today. >> i see your sticker. >> becomes a little more personal and good for you. >> okay. we're going to bring you back throughout the afternoon starting with the 4 on 2. >> we continue our election coverage throughout the day.
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starting at 4:00, ktvu will bring you the first results from around the nation and we will be on air until midnight with the results from the bay area as well as across the country. we will have full coverage on and get up to the minute results on your smart phone with the ktvu app. looking outside, weather certainly not an excuse not to go to the polls today, rosemary. >> yes, indeed. we have great weather. as you said, no excuse. sunny skies. temperatures are warmer this afternoon. we will continue with this beautiful pattern as we get into the next couple of days. here is a look from san francisco across the bay where, again, a lot of blue skies. the clouds have pulled to the north. i'll show you that in a moment. let's check in on the numbers. 78 right now in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland. low 70s in livermore and san jose. 73 outside of your door. the 24-hour temperature change shows us how much warmer we are right now than yesterday. by three in oakland.
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three in livermore. san jose up by a couple of degrees. today's numbers are slightly warmer than yesterday as expected. the ridge of high pressure has pushed the clouds to the north of us. yesterday we had a lot of cloud cover. now the ridge has moved and will remain in place for the next few days. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies and mild above even above the norm for this time of year. wednesday and thursday, perhaps some of the warmest numbers before we cool down a little bit on friday. afternoon highs for today, we have low to mid-70s in the north bay. 75 for napa. 72 san rafael. low 70s for berkeley. 74 oakland. 71 in san francisco. into the inner east bay, 74 expected for antioch. south bay, 76 in san jose. 76 for santa cruz. and 74 for morgan hill. your extended forecast, a lot of sunshine in store for the afternoons. a little bit of patchy fog and
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temperatures continue to warm. widespread 70s from the coast around the bay and inland. on friday, mostly cloudy skies. we're looking at the slight possibility of maybe a little drizzle over the north bay. right now it doesn't look good. we remain dry as we get into the bay area weekend. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. >> sure. >> uc berkeley hired evaluated to look at the strength and conditioning program. the program drew attention after defense lineman died in 2014 after a highly venuous workout. according to the san francisco chronicle, the evaluators looked into how the program was run had personal ties to football staff members. the report gave the program high marks and offered no recommendations for improvements. the new evaluators have no ties to the football staff. bart police want to catch whoever sprayed graffiti at the station. there was a picture posted of the racist message that was
12:21 pm
painted on the bart station as well as the ground. chaos outside of the martinez courthouse. what we're learning about a woman who intentionally ran over her estranged husband and two other people in a crosswalk before jumping off a bridge. here is how another person voted in today's election. >> i voted proudly for donald trump for the president of united states. not for as much as what he does but what hillary clinton doesn't do. i believe that trump will bring the country unification.
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>> all right. taking a look at the big board. investors watching the tight presidential race. the market recovered from an early stumble out of the gate. the dow jones up 89 points. a new ferry service will speed up and ease commutes. it is called prop sf. it will open up private ferry boats to the public. a ride would take ten minutes and cost about $10. they want to expand city -- to cities around the bay that don't have a run. >> we're at a bottle neck with traffic. and any other solution is a pretty long ways off. our goal is to make it as -- as inexpensive as possible so we
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can attract everybody. >> the current ferry is 41 feet long, can carry 36 passengers. a larger one is under construction in seattle. it will carry 48 passengers going 50 miles per hour. a u.s. firearms manufacturer wants to change its corporate name. smith and wes on wants to become american outdoor brands corporation. in a statement, the massachusetts based gun maker thinks it better reflects its wide range of products. the firearms will be named after the founders. shareholders will vote on the change soon. a u.s. company is changing the shape and size of one of the most distinctive products sold overseas. the united kingdom will have bigger gaps between the candy. the british pound has lost money compared to the u.s. dollar. so they could raise prices o are make the bar smaller.
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the company did not want to lose the alpine shape of the bar so it chose to chisel away the chocolate between the triangles. some people are not happen and it is trending on twitter today. tesla announced it is buying a german company to help with manufacturing the new model tesla. it is a leader in highly automated manufacturing methods and will help in the speed and quality of production at its fremont factory. tesla expects to start building the model 3 next year. there are about 300,000 people on the waiting list and tesla wants to boost production capacity. the deal will close early next year. a price has not been disclosed. a latino vote could swing the presidential election one way or the other. find out how many are headed to the polls this year compared to the last election. the reason that commuters
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helped police detain one person. here is sal with another person who voted today. >> hillary clinton. >> why is that? >> i think personally as a female, i have always looked up to her as a leader. she has a history of working with families and working for children and i value that.
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>> in a rare election night layout, hillary clinton and donald trump are holding their campaign parties tonight not only in the same city but just a short distance apart. hillary clinton's election night headquarters is at a convention center in manhattan that has a glass ceiling atrium. donald trump's location is a mile and a half away at the new york hilton mid town. this is the first election since 1944 since both candidates are in new york. dozens of women are taking time this election day to pay their respects to suzanne b anthony. women could be seen lining up at her grave today. so many marking this election where the americans have the choice of choosing a woman for president. >> it is beautiful. i think everybody regardless of who you voted for, everybody here is celebrating the fact that we can vote. >> it is awesome. it is so exciting. look at all of the people. and all of the women. and everyone who voted. it is fantastic.
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>> so many women leaving their i voted stickers on her marker at the gravesite. the cemetery will stay open so more voters can stop by and play their respects. a latino vote could play a big role in the election today. yesterday the group gathered to make phone bank calls at a san jose church. if projections are right, 15 million latinos could cast ballots this year. >> i think it shows that it matters. that we matter and that our communities are really rising. that, you know, we were told that we're the sleeping giant. i think we're not sleeping anymore and we're getting out the vote and making sure we're voting for candidates but also voting for measures and proposition that's matter inform our family -- to our families. >> a surge of latinos have been voting in battleground states. ound states.
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today is a paid holiday for several companies. they're asking voters to stay home but go out and vote, including general motors and ford. now, there's no federal law requiring workers to get off to vote and state laws vary. a woman ran down three people, including her estranged husband outside of the courthouse in martinez. the woman then jumped off of the bridge to her death. the east bay times is reporting that kimberly goldman deliberately ran over her husband, his lawyer and a woman. she backed up and hit the woman a second time. goldman then fled the scene. the car was spotted 20 minutes later at the bridge. it appears that she tried to drive through a retaining wall. when that didn't work, she got out of the car and jumped off of the bridge about 100 feet to her death. >> we don't know if she was
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trying to take the vehicle off the bridge and have both go. and maybe that was unsuccessful but the vehicle had a lot of damage. >> goldman had just come out of the courthouse from a divorce hearing. the bailiff says there was no signs of trouble. the three people she hit are recovering from moderate injuries. the east bay times reports that the husband is the former medical director in the drug scandal. today investigators in north carolina will start examining three bodies found on the property of a man who already confessed to the murders of four others. the coroner says it will take time to determine the gender, age and cause of death for at least two of the victims. todd kohlhepp told investigators where to look on the property to find the bodies. now the search for more victims expands to land in other states owned by the man. jury deliberations resume tomorrow in the murder of a little boy who was left in a
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car. this happened in the summer of 2014. the defense says harris loved his son and his death was an accident. jurors started deliberate rating this morning and were released for the day so they could go vote. in the south bay, voter turnout is expected to be high, 80 to 85%. janine de la vega is live. good crowd so far. >> reporter: yes. we are inside city hall. it is a busy polling place at this hour. most likely because it is lunch hour. there are two lines of people waiting to check in at this polling place. it looks like there are voters at every single booth. they are even using the tables there to vote. we're told that it probably will pick up again once people get off work. before the polls even opened, voters drove to the registrar's office to drop off their ballot, wanting to make sure that their vote is counted. others showed up right at 7:00 a.m. at one of the 836 polling
12:35 pm
places in the south bay. they wanted to get it done before work rather than after. >> the presidential election is the most important to me. i really believe this is going to be a revolutionary change because we never had a woman run for president. >> reporter: besides the presidency, there are key races in the south bay. there's a fight for congressional seat between honda and his challenger ro khanna and measures on affordable housing and pension for workers in san jose. the ballot is three pages long, the longest in history in santa clara history. >> just last night my sisters and i were texting each other back and forth and saying what are you doing. i don't know. i don't feel super, super informed. but i'm hoping that, you know, i made the right choices. if there is something that i'm not really informed on, i tend ton vote on it. >> reporter: votes will be
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processed inside the registrar's office. volunteers are already sorting and feeding the ballots through the voting machines. they count for one third of the registered voters in the county. 5,000 workers are on hand for the election and the registrar says they are all prepared. >> they have gone through a training and are prepared for today to observe and handle all of the voters and the observers at polling places or in our office. we have a lot of security measures in place. >> reporter: and back out here live, the registrar says if any -- anybody needs to report any problems at polling places, will are election officers there. you can talk to them if you have any questions. they also set up a hotline. also want to let you know if you have a vote by mail ballot, you can turn it in at any polling place or mail it but it needs to be post marked by today and it also needs to be received by next monday. back to you. >> do they expect more of a
12:37 pm
rush in the evening compared to what we saw in the morning? >> reporter: yeah. they say it is always buzz why event in the morning, noon time and when people get off work. basically from 4:00 p.m. on, they expect it to be a constant line of people. >> 126 million people voted two years ago. i'm interested if the number will be bigger this time around. janine de la vega live in san jose. thank you. we hope to have you stay with us as we continue our election coverage throughout the day. starting at 4:00 today, ktvu will bring you the first results from all around the nation. >> we will be on air late into the night with results from the bay area and across the state after the polls close here on -- at 8:00 on the west coast. and we will have full election coverage on you can also get up to the minute results on your smart phone with the ktvu app. the pulse nightclub in orlando, the site of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history will be turned into a memorial. the city of orlando is buying the nightclub for more than $2
12:38 pm
million. since the june shooting rampage when 49 people people were killed and 53 wound, the nightclub has become a gathering place for victims and tourists. a woman was killed after being shoved in front of a train. this happened at the times square station. the 49-year-old woman was reportedly arguing with another woman before pushing that woman on to the tracks. witnesses flagged down police and they arrested a 30-year-old woman from queens. authorities describe her as emotionally disturbed. investigators are trying to determine what the women were arguing about. now to japan where a massive sink hole is causing major disruptions. it is the entire width of a five-lane road. take a look at what happened. it collapsed yesterday. it is disrupting subway service and 800 households have been evacuated because of fears of potential gas line ruptures. city leaders say construction on a nearby subway line may be
12:39 pm
to blame. at some point it seemed like warriors guard steph curry could not stop missing. the record that he just set as if it wasn't enough to help the warriors get the win. >> we could loop that and watch it all day. we could watch this all day. beautiful afternoon to get out of the house and vote. we will tell you if the weather will hold up for the rest of the week. before we head off to break, here is how another american voted on this election day. >> i voted for hillary clinton primarily because when i look at donald trump i think as a leader, he doesn't demonstrate necessary personality traits.
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>> county registrars in the east bay say they expect voter turnout to be high this year, not just because of the presidential election but because of a number of important local and statewide races. >> allie rasmus is joining us live at the contra costa county election center. allie. >> reporter: about 65% of contra costa county voters requested a mail-in ballot, up slightly from the last election. many have been turning them off at the ballot drop-off station outside of the office. inside the building, election workers have already started scanning the early ballots. >> there it goes. >> election day is a 24-hour day for us here in the office. we started at 5:30 this morning. and if all goes well, we will be done around 1:00 a.m.
12:43 pm
>> reporter: once scanned, the information on these early ballots is stored in a database. but election workers don't tabulate the results until the polls close at 8:00 tonight. contra costa county had 87% in 2012. >> prop 8 was also on the ballot as well which was a turnout driver. but based upon the conversations and phone calls we're getting from voters, people aren't quite as optimistic about things. >> reporter: the voter registrar's office expects good turnout this year, 75 to 80%. chris brought his 4-year-old son with him to cast his ballot. the issues that he cares about most, the statewide propositions. >> you need to focus on the state that you live in. vote for the state stuff. everybody is so focused on the president that you're not paying attention to the state stuff. >> reporter: they left a lot of items on the ballot blank. >> a lot of confusing.
12:44 pm
super confusing. almost to the point that i just got away from it. >> reporter: now, along with those statewide initiatives, another local measure that voters were following closely is measure rr. that's the bart funding measure. and a lot of the people we talked to out hearsay that is something that here in contra costa county voters get to decide on and voters in alameda county and san francisco. voters saying that along with their local city council races and local elections were issues that they were concerned about this year. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie. >> steph curry set another record last night. he bounced back after friday's game where he was 0-10 on three pointers. last night he hit 13 threes. a new nba record and finished with 46 points. kevin durant scored the same
12:45 pm
amount. let's look at curry's big night. >> will he hit another three for the record? yes. >> i could just move his reaction and watch it all day. curry previously shared the record of 12 three-pointers in a game with kobe bryant and marshall. with just over two minutes left in this game, he stood along with number 13. >> as well the 1-5 mavericks come to town to take on the warriors. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco on this election day and look at the forecast. >> this weather outside is a winner. we have temperatures in the 70s. mostly sunny skies. winds are generally light. it's a great day to be outdoors. let's step out and take a look at what is going on from san francisco across the bay. towards the east. isn't that a beautiful view? we have good air quality in store. we have temperatures again just on the mild side. sun block sunglasses may be all that you need. giving you a look at the
12:46 pm
numbers. we will start in brentwood. upper 70s around oakland. even right around berkeley one reporting at 78 degrees. to the north, 74 outside in napa. 74 in woodside. 73 for palo alto. the inner east bay, let's look at what is going on there. 70 degrees in lafayette. today a warmer day than yesterday. anywhere from 2 to 4 to 6 degrees depending where you are. here is a look what the is going on. the satellite showing that the storm track has pushed well to the north. if you were joining us yesterday you saw lots of clouds pouring in as the ridge was in place. now we've got it extended farther north and because of it, a lot of sunshine out there and temperatures are warming. winds are variable. even coming in from the northeast. a nice breeze in oakland. temperatures readings about 8 miles per hour coming in from the east in areas right around napa. partly cloudy to mostly clear
12:47 pm
for today, tomorrow, thursday. temperatures will be very mild. even above the seasonal average for some. we top out on thursday. and then changes coming on friday. originally we thought we may see some rain. at this point it doesn't look like it so much. i will show you what i mean as we pick it up on futurecast. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, uneventful. nice mild weather. there is a system that will approach on friday afternoon. but as it moves closer to the bay area, it fizzles out and goes away. not really expecting much of anything out of that at this point. giving you a look at the afternoon highs for today. a lot of 70s around the bay area. 74 in oakland. into the south bay, 76 expected for san jose as well as santa cruz. your extended forecast here, temperatures continuing on the mild to warm side. thursday will be the warmest day. begin to cool back on friday with the system i showed you a moment ago approaching the bay area. and into saturday, partly cloudy skies rebounding on sunday. if you like it mild and sunny, now is your chance to get
12:48 pm
outdoors because that's is what we have for the next several days. >> beautiful. thank you, rosemary. >> sure. because of a large storm in the gulf of alaska, we could actually see swells of up to 20 feet at bay area beaches over the next couple days. if you go out to the beach, you are advised to stay out of the water. experts say large sneaker waves can be especially dangerous because they can drag people away from shore unexpectedly. happening today, the san francisco zoo offering a cute distracts for those stressed out about the election. in collaboration with fire fox it is live streaming the three red pandas on facebook. the red pandas live stream is over but you can rewatch it any time that you need stress relief. the san francisco library is offering amnesty to get overdue books. it is between january 3rd and february 14th. right now the library is opened
12:49 pm
$4.5 million in fines from overdue books. more than 55,000 library users are currently banned from checking out items because they owe more than $10 in fines. however, the board of supervisors does need to approve the amnesty period before it can actually take effect. an oakland man who was paralyzed in a shooting ten years ago received a surprise to further his dream. >> quincy uses a wheelchair it has not stopped him from taking to the skies as a pilot. ktvu's henry lee shows us how oakland city officials and a surprise guest are helping him. >> reporter: quincy lugs these furniture store signs in his wheelchair to the street corner trying to get the attention of passing motorists but it is to pursue his passion of being a pilot. >> i enjoy being here. i would rather be in the sky flying. >> reporter: carr earned his pilot's license in 2002.
12:50 pm
four years laters he was paralyzed in a shooting at a barbershop. he had to learn how to fly using hand controls. a few days ago he told us that he wants to go to school to become a flight instructor. >> let me ask you a question. >> yes, sir. >> what is your dream. >> to be a flight instructor. >> are we going to do this. >> we're going to do this. >> look around. >> whoa. whoa. hoa. whoa. >> reporter: today, oakland police and firefighters and the mayor surprised him with a $10,000 check so he can share his love for flying with others. there was a special guest, captain sully sullenberger who made the landing in the hudson. >> captain sully. >> how are you doing. >> all right. you, sir? >> what is inspirational about this story is his perseverance. the fact that he didn't let this dissuade him from working hard. >> i'm shocked. i feel like if all of these people believe in me and i believe in me, then this thing
12:51 pm
can happen. it's very easy to complain and say why me, why me. but -- it is not happen happens to you, it's how you actually handle it. >> reporter: the oakland police sergeant was moved to help quincy who always stayed positive despite being shot five times. >> someone had said unbecoming things to his girlfriend. he asked the guy not so say those things. the guy left, came back and retrieved a firearm and started shooting high pressure while he was in the barber chair. >> reporter: the two developed a friendship and he knew he had to help this hardworking man. >> now here we are. thank you, man. >> this is so cool, you guys. this is so cool, you guys. you have no idea. i'm so excited. >> reporter: you probably won't find quincy at the street corner anymore, he is getting ready to hit the skies. henry lee, ktvu fox 2. i'm not sure about you, but i would feel uncomfortable if i
12:52 pm
saw an actual snake on a plane. step on board. >> i'll protect you, mike. >> thank you. here are more americans voting today as we go to break. >> i voted for donald trump because i'm not really educated on the candidates. i don't really know. i'm clueless.
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>> do you want to ring in 2017 with justin bieber? grab your checkbook and you can. according to tmz, a miami beach resort is offering one fan an exclusive vip experience package, mike. >> this includes chartered yacht service, unlimited access to private vehicles, private escort to nightclubs and front stage seating at the pop prince's new year's eve concert all for the low price of one half of a million dollars. >> wow. prince harry has a message for the media. stop harass being his new girlfriend. the prince says a line has been crossed when it comes to american actress meghan markle. >> she says she has been smeared in magazines and paparrazi tried to break into her home. passengers on a flight in
12:56 pm
mexico got a scare when a snake came out of an overhead bin. we have video to prove it. video from that air of mexico flight that happened on sunday. people near the snake, mike, hurried up to unbuckle. >> yeah. when the snake dropped to the floor, passengers trapped it with blankets. the plane was given priority landing in mexico city and animal control workers took the stowaway into custody. the airline is investigating how the snake ended up on the plane. >> now, ktvu and ktvu plus is your source today for everything that you need on this election day. >> that's right. starting at 4:00, three hours from now, we will bring you the first results from the east coast. we will be on air until at least midnight with results in the bay area and across california after the polls close here at 8:00. you can also get results at certainly thank you so much for joining us today at noon. our political coverage and analysis continues at 4:00. that is when polls close on the
12:57 pm
east coast and things continue to heat up from there. if we can tease ahead to tomorrow morning, it will be an exciting one. thanks for joining us today. see you back here for the 4 on 2. if you haven't already, get out there and vote.
12:58 pm
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dr. oz: babies stolen from the womb. >> suddenly she pulled out a knife. dr. oz: a vicious attempt to carve the fetus from her belly. >> all i wanted to do was save my baby. dr. oz: did you think she was actually going to stab you? >> you don't have time to think. you have time to react. we were in a battle for about 20 minutes. dr. oz: true crime tuesdays on dr. oz. we go inside the criminal mind. you somehow had the strength to call 911. then, banish your back pain for good with our customized plan or relief, coming up next. it may be by far the most shocking crime i've ever learned about. what would drive someone to abduct a child still in the mother's womb and viciously attempt to carve


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