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tv   Election Coverage  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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election night 2016 the polls are closed and the ballots are being counted. this as the world will watch to see if donald trump will defeat hillary clinton and become the next president of the united states. the race right now too close to call with several states still undecided at this hour. welcome back to our expanded election night coverage. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. i want to welcome our viewers that are joining us on ktvu plus. the white house hangs in the ballot tonight, but it is donald trump's race to lose. he is 16 votes short of the 270 needed to declare victory in this historic and often devicive race for the white
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house. >> joel waldman is live at the hillary clinton's headquarters. karen shiv -- caroline shivelly is live. >> donald trump has a narrow path to the presidency. and so far everything is breaking his way. and places like florida, ohio, north carolina, even michigan. as it stands now, he has 254 to clinton's 218. the campaign manager conway just tweeting out that we are changing the map. but keep in mind you need 270 to win and he's not there yet. you wouldn't know it by this crowd though. take a look. look at all of those iconic red hats, all of those that say
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trump's slogan make america great again. you can see him on cocktail dresses. a few minutes ago they would break into a chance of calling it as they want new organizations to go ahead and call the remaining states for trump and declare him the president of the elect, but so far it is too soon to do that. now, let's head over and talk to the folks of the clinton campaign headquarters and my colleague joel waldman. >> caroline, thank you so much. it will be a different mood here obviously one that's much more melanconly. coming to you live john podesta is taking to the podium. he was asked by a reporter when he was leaving the hotel as he is speaking right now, that he was asked if hillary clinton was on her way over and he said no. we'll listen for a quick second. he says that it has been a long night. a long campaign.
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now we can go a little bit longer so it appears that hillary clinton is not quite ready yet to give a concession speech and also not clear if donald trump will get a victory speech. let's keep this mind that they are not over and that hillary clinton could win their popular vote, but donald trump will get the necessary electoral college votes where the race is still too close to call as hillary clinton's campaign chairman continues to speak. i'm joel waldman for fox news. >> and joel waldman you mentioned that john podesta is speaking right now. let's listen to what he is saying. >> we are so proud of you. and we are so proud of her. she has done an amazing job as
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she is not done yet. so thank you for being with her. she has always been with you. we will be back and we will have more to say. let's get those votes counted and bring this home. thank you so much for all of you and what you have done. you're in all of our hearts, thank you. >> the campaign chairman is speaking briefly to the supporters there. it's been a long night there. right now. >> it seems like he is telling the thousands of people that have come to celebrate what everyone thought was going to be a victory at that center, basically thinking that she would become the first female president, but told them now to go home and they would have more to say and to wait as
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these results continue to come in. >> it's not over yet. but we thought we would have history in the making being hillary clinton becoming the first female in history. >> but again there are a handful of undecided states, michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire, arizona, and minnesota. we're waiting. >> but at this moment it appears that it is donald trump's race to lose. who would have thought that the way we were leading up to this with all the polls showing that it looked like it was going to be a hillary clinton victory, but appears that it will be a donald trump victory. republicans are ready to celebrate in san francisco needless to say and that cristina rendon has been at the parties all night long. >> yes, that is exactly right. and that they are doing so well
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and so close to clinching the presidency. all of these supporters here, they were booing, and that we couldn't hear what they were saying either, gnaw it was reported that he was saying that hillary clinton will not -- but that he was reporting that hillary clinton would not be speaking on stage. >> i thought it was appropriate for him to go on stage. and that it is extremely so close. a hundred votes between them, that it will be very close and very good. hillary clinton did it to keep it up. very smart. >> reporter: and talk about your excitement now as you are watching this afternoon. >> yes. i think that i'm excited and also extremely sorry. that it is just amazing.
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the american people went out to vote to express their opinions, showing you what they thought. >> so you've got to make it show. >> definitely, something my kids will be reading when they are in high school and college and that they will be talking about the elections. we've never had this kind of an election and my parents have never seen anything like this either. >> do you think that trump will take the stage? >> i think if they give pennsylvania to him he'll take the stage. i don't think that hillary clinton has a chance. >> danielle, thank you so much. and these few hours have been here all night as we would see them cheer and boo off and on throughout the night where they
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would have their eyes glued up to the screen as they need to wait for the possibility of him clinching the presidency. again, all the way down to the wire as we will be watching it. we will bring it to you. >> cristina, thank you. well the night isn't over yet as democrats are still hoping to see hillary clinton in the white house as they are gathered in san francisco. they're at a watch party at the holiday inn. >> ktvu jana katsuyama there with reaction from supporters to what they are seeing here so far, jana? >> reporter: well right now, a lot of people are taking john podesta's words to heart and leaving going home. he certainly got a lot of cheers when he came onto the big screen here as you can see there's a lot of people here who are trying to keep that hope alive and they are giving hugs, they are trying to be supportive. and just watching as the last numbers are coming in as i want to bring you over here to talk to one of the hillary clinton
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supporters that came over here from oakland. you were over in oakland and you came over here. how is the mood over in the east bay? >> it is a bit of a surprise mood and a similar mood to hear that we were all for hillary. a lot of us were there from the beginning about 18 months ago. and because they are all really excited for her and proud of her and proud of the job that we have done here and that we have worked so hard here and that we are just proud of what we have done. >> what is your reaction to their statement that not all those votes are counted to go home and that no one will be speaking tonight. >> we are all surprised and the people that you see here in san francisco that they would work here in the bay area and that it is great and that it will be for their decision. to go and evaluate all those votes and evaluate the states here. maybe, you know, push towards their reviews if needed. >> are you going to get that
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tonight? >> yes, absolutely. probably the first time in a long time. thank you. and that you can see it here, that a lot of people, they are still cheering for her and that really in some way, what the statement did, that they would need to kind of give all the people here and to give the country perhaps a little bit of their breathing space and time. and what is going on and certainly that it will be a lot of people who are stunned that they are dismayed and that they're shocked, but they could leave tonight, just feeling some kind of a hope that things have not been concluded, yet they need to get a little rest to wake up tomorrow to wake up with fresh eyes and certainly kind of a little bit of an emotional distance. definitely a lot of raw emotions tonight. >> certainly an election that no one has seen before, thank you. all right, ktvu ross palombo joins us again with your perspective on the stunning announcement right now. it is 2:00 in the morning back in new york. but a big development that he told everyone to come and go
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home? >> it is a shocker and their coming out, showing people that no announcement or confession would be made tonight that they would sleep on it to have a safer thing tomorrow morning as she is barely ahead in new hampshire only behind in pennsylvania by 70,000 votes in michigan and only behind by 70,000 votes up in minnesota. she is behind in arizona and it is just to close to call and certain liquoring to the clinton campaign that those states haven't been called up by any of the media organizations. so 2:00 in the morning in new york. i guess that she wants to sleep on it to get those final numbers in. >> what do you make of that? i find it surprising if it is that close and you think that you are going to win that you'll want to stay up as soon as the race is called. i wouldn't be able to go to sleep. but what do you make of her saying that you know what we're going to hold off tonight and come back tomorrow and talk about it? >> i don't think that she will sleep tonight by a long shot that she will be awake throughout the night, that they will need to wake up closely
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and on what will happen tonight and that nothing has gone wrong that there will be no problems along the way to get everything in order before she makes the final statement tomorrow if that is the final total. 72,000 votes in two states is nothing. >> yes. >> that is so close right now, that no one is calling it. none of the networks are calling it. >> 74,000 votes that separated barack obama and mitt romney. >> yes, four years ago that those entire votes were called up along the line as we were. >> and so you've been covering politics for a long time. in your heart did you ever see something like this happening? >> i didn't think that it would be as easy as they would be making it sound to tell you that there is a shocker and how well they would need to perform tonight. better than any republican. >> and that they under
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performed. >> exactly. >> yes, no doubt about that and let's see what the analysts have to say about all of this. now, listen, we were hearing what they had to say about it all and that they would need to cut it short, that we'll see you tomorrow, it's a little shocking, huh? >> yes, if you thought you had a shot to it that you might not have sent them home as you wonder what their internal data is telling you. >> yes, you thought you were that close to the most powerful position in the world wouldn't you want a few more hours to think, joe? >> yes, i do. that i suspect that she is hugely disappointed and i would be if i were her. and that it is probably not in the right time to say that they sound courageous and that they need to be assured for them there and that, you know, they could speculate that they have not shown us anything yet. if they are not going to, why should she? >> isn't it possible that there will be some voting irregularities or some problems and maybe that they are still
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not in it? >> it is possible and that she still has a shot that they don't want to blow it before every vote is counted. what difference do the next few hours make? >> i think that they have been given time to be ready that this thing will be over and that i might be wrong and that at this point, you know, going away in sort of calling it a night and an important night like this and their historic victory that it will be devastating, harry truman, you know, going to sleep and not knowing whether or not you would win or lose tonight. >> what do you think the move is now to wait until they remain safe and do they come out to claim a victory or do they do the gracious thing and wait until tomorrow too and to wait until that happens? >> if any of these networks call it and they believe it inside the trump camp that he will come out to declare victory and he should. i don't think it's not about
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being gracious, but that he won. maybe they will start trickling out as well. >> joe, do you think that there is any possibility that we just don't know yet? could there be a problem in one of these states? do they know something that we don't know about wayne county, the other county in michigan for example where they think that there might be a chance? >> well, i have to think that if those things were possible that somebody leaked that story already. then we would be hearing about it. anything is possible. anything is possible and that we don't have the final results. but i have to say that we were tracking their numbers. there was a point in which we said before in one of the two states, mr. trump's lead would begin to contract as they would get less and less as those votes were coming in and mrs. clinton was surging back. then it appeared to have stopped and they reversed beginning building up the majority again both for michigan and pennsylvania, the states she was going to win.
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when you put that together with ohio and all states that would have that manufacturing base, a place like michigan, which is a democratic stronghold, a union state that there is no way you could be winning without some union support in a presidential race. i think that you'll need to look at this and say okay there's a few percentage points left on this account and technically we can't call it for him until he's in. but if you're looking at this and when you consider the context of everything, that it is more than likely he's going to win this race. >> well james is there any possibility, let's say that you're right about everything and he's going to win. how bad is it for hillary clinton to wait a few more hours? essentially that we're assuming it might be her last campaign. does she have anything to lose by waiting? that is my point. >> i don't think that she would have anything to lose except the whole race. i mean if she is losing this race, facing them there, that they will make a big
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difference. but i do think that she and trump's campaigns, they're in negotiations about how this should end in terms of a civil way for the rest of us as a society. but the question is, you know, what their negotiations are at this point. >> what do you imagine say donald trump is going to come out tonight then? what are you imagining that he is going to say what is the headline now tomorrow? >> and should i have done it? you know against all odds that i would take on 16 other people in the republican primary that i would beat them one by one and everybody counted me out week after week, month after month. i'm still standing. and now i'm president of the united states. >> i mean joe is it really more from donald trump? i told you so? >> this is someone that is defying their odds again and again and that they have told people that it is white when it is black and that you don't know what you're seeing that the polls are not correct. here at this hour, you know, i think that it might be correct. that it will be a version of the i told you so that we all hope that it will not be their infamous line on the end of the candidates where they would win
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and they would say now what do we do? that we hope that he is indeed the winner, and that he is prepared, ready to step into it. >> winning is one thing and that it is a perfect way for them to end the segment as we will need to await some sort of a decision and a speech and an announcement and some sort of an acceptance from donald trump. we have no idea yet on how long that might be. for now we'll send it back to you. >> all right, -- ross, thank you. the democrats have picked up one seat with 47 seats. the republicans have 49. the results are still coming in on the remaining four seats and whether republicans will continue to hold the majority most people think that they probably will. in the u.s. house republicans will continue their control there. they have 232 seats so far. they only need 218 for majority. democrats have 1650 seats -- democrats have 160 seats. we are waiting on four races.
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>> four races from around the bay area where you can also go to any time. you'll find county-by-county results and -- results and interactive results. >> we have a numb of race -- a number of races to bring you tonight. >> prop 64 is legalizing the use of marijuana. which parts of the law will go into effect right away.
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california voters passed proposition 64, making the recreational use of marijuana legal in the golden state. they legalized pot use for adults 21 and over for marijuana products. here is a look at those numbers right now. yes votes 56% to the no votes 44%. >> ktvu amber lee is in san francisco at a gathering with prop 64 supporters who needless to say are celebrating tonight's vote. amber? >> reporter: frank, the party here ended just a few minutes before 11:00. let's take a look behind me at the three large tv screens that have been shut off. here before me it is the spokesman to note. tell us when this law goes into effect? >> yes, amber. the most immediate effect is that it will no longer be illegal in california to possess less than an ounce of ten ounces of marijuana or to consume it in the privacy of your own home. public consumption will continue to be banned as it was
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prior. so that's the most immediate effect. the other part of this is that the state will be able to license businesses to sell marijuana only government licensed businesses will be allowed to sell marijuana beginning on january 1 of 2018. >> what about cultivation? that the law allows the individual to grow up to six plants in his or her home? >> the individual will be allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants in their own home as long as they are protected and out of site that it will be something that will go into effect. >> thanks to note as they wrapped up just a short while ago and the latest from now. >> all right, amber lee in san francisco tonight, thank you. voters would have approved the number of the statewide ballot measures with a lot of them. >> as you just saw they included the legalization of marijuana and also new gun control provisions as monty francis joins us now with more on their results. >> reporter: frank and jeweler, let's start with the measures
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approved by the vote -- frank and julie, let's start with the measures approved by the voters, making gun theft a felony and requiring ammunition dealers to report stolen or lost ammo within 48 hours. now many of the provisions were already approved by lawmakers last july. this measure was championed by the governor passing with 62% of the votes. 38% voting against. now also we've been reporting on approved legalization of recreational marijuana in california under prop 64 adults can possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six pot plants in the past with 56% of the votes, 44% voting against. prop 67 deals with the criminal justice reform as they have also passed to take the discretion on whether to prosecute their juveniles from adults as prosecutors. now under the measure 7,500 inmates convicted of crimes
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defined as non-violent are eligible for early release passing 61% of the votes. 39% are voting against it. prop 65 has also passed extending their temporary tax increase. but only for people that are making more than $250,000 a year and that the tax will help fund public schools to pay for healthcare for low-income patients that they would pass 61% of the votes. now to prop 66 the cigarette tax that would raise their taxes from $0.87 to $2.87. right now they would have 62% of the votes, looking like this measure will pass as well. and prop 67 would ask you to reaffirm their use of plastic bags passed by lawmakers two years ago to ban those single- use plastic bags in california with 51% of the yes column and 49% of the no column. so it will be a close race to watch there with those death penalty measures on the ballot. they seem to speed up their
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executions by putting their time limits on the appeals of their cases. right now it is is 62% of the vote and with 48% voting against. prop 62 would repeal their death penalty. right now at 62%. sorry, 45% and the yes column and 55% in the no column. so far 38% of the precincts are reporting, some of these numbers, frank and julie will change. >> thank you. voters in alameda and contra costa and san francisco counties are weighing in on measure rr. that is a $3.5 billion bond measure for the repairs and the upgrades, requiring a two- thirds of the majority to pass meeting that threshold and their yes votes are 70%. no votes are only 30%. >> all right, we want to bring back ross palombo if you are still waiting on the undecided states here. michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and arizona. as well as minnesota tonight.
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but we just heard within those ten minutes that they might be going to their headquarters in new york, so possibly you think that they could signal to come out to say something here tonight. >> we're hearing about the movement in the trump campaign. no doubt he's making his way over to the hilton within a mile from where he was staying after the trump tower in manhattan and no doubt he would plan on making their acceptance speech, claiming victory. maybe the first time i'll be referring to them as president elect donald trump. within a few minutes we won't be hearing from hillary clinton at least not tonight says the campaign manager john podesta. she is mind in pennsylvania 20 electoral votes. she is behind in michigan 16 electoral votes. donald trump only needs 16 more. in order to win the election. it looks like it is almost impossible for hillary clinton. >> assuming that donald trump becomes president.
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what are we looking for in the next four years? what do you see the next four years being like in terms of working together? everyone says i'm going to cross the aisle and bring people together. >> donald trump has made no such pledge saying explicitly that he plans on rolling back eight years of obama, plans on cutting obamacare and he plans on building a wall, that he plans on taking a hard look at immigration and he plans on revisiting our foreign policy and our foreign relations, our trade relations, our nato participation. all sorts of things that will be changing very quickly. that's his pledge all along. donald trump has a history of changing his mind and the details on what he's going to do, but it does seem clear that the rollback of almost everything that president obama has done in eight years is the top priority. >> what a night. >> a very difficult night for the clinton campaign. clearly a night they expected to go much differently. we are just waiting here to
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find out if donald trump will come out in the next ten minutes. we'll be back with you a little bit later. stay with us. >> we want to thank those of you who have been watching us on ktvu plus, modern family is coming up next. of course, we still have much more races, more local races, and of course watching those undecided races, our state in the race for president. >> right now we're looking at the trump campaign headquarters at the hilton in midtown new york. again donald trump, he is reportedly on his way there, he may come out to speak at any moment. when he does you can bet we'll bring it to you live. we're going to take a short break. back with more right after this.
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and we learned that donald trump within the last few minutes just arrived at


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