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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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protest tonight on both sides of the bay as thousands of people upset with the outcome of the president election. good evening. >> the new, president elect, donald trump stayed out of site today in trump tower in new york. but here in the bay area, thousands of protesters came out tonight. first, the demonstration still underway at this hour in oakland. at the peak of the protest, police estimated 7000 people were marching through downtown. another 4000 marched in san francisco. boys were monitoring the crowds. some protesters have -- started bonfires and police report bottles have been thrown at the them. now in oakland talking in the crowd what their motivation is
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tonight. >> we were frank and the plza with where the -- where the protest started at 5:00. we moved to there to the square when see received reports there was some protesters throwing rocks and bottles of police. during the first few hour, it was peaceful. >> we going to get it going. >> reporter: there was a mood of disbelief and disappointment. >> it really hasn't sunk in. still in daze. >> reporter: a diverse sea of faces. stood shoulder to should we are signs. united by the opposition of donald trump. >> obviously i have some major concerns on how life will be with me. >> it's a pretty sad morning. she woke up. the first thing she asked who won and i had to tell her hillary dunn winter. >> reporter: the mother of 2 says she's teaching her 8-year- old daughter the importance of voting and the power of protest. >> i think it's important it see this and important to see you have to be a part of the
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community. and if you want something to changes you need to do something. very your voice heard. >> reporter: this group of college grad students told me they're currently teaching at public schools. they tell me mr. trump offends them. >> him, raise schism; classism, sexism,. >> they say trump represents the past, not the future. on issues such as women's rights. >> we have turned back the clock. we have not even become -- not even come full circle. i feel the most embarrassed that i have ever felt. >> reporter: after # 0 minutes had of -- 90 minutes of speaker, protesters marched into the streets. >> the whole world is watching at all times and now it's like everybody can see america's true scholars and it's him. and that's no what i stand for. >> reporter: our chopper has
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been following the post iters all night long and continues to follow them. right new on 17th marching toward tell graft. the crowd has diminished. there are about 1-200200 people on the streets. police are mauve in and the protesters will regroup. i just check inned in with police and say there has not been any arrests. >> amber lee, in oakland tonight, amber, thank you. the protest in oakland started late last night shortly after donald trump was declared the winner. demonstrators said a number of fires. vandals wrote antigrump graffiti and several store windows were broken. coming up, we'll take you to san francisco where a crud of news gathered tonight. showing us how people will also upset with the election's outcome. the bay area may lane to the left when it -- lean to the left when it comes to politics,
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but the nation as whole is evenly divide. the each have more than 159- mile and separated by only about 225,000 votes. this may be one of the rare election in which the loser in the electoral college wins the popular vote. >> 270 votes are needed to win. donald trump has won 279 to clint tennessee's 2228. three states rep representing 31 votes. still undeaded to tonight. arizona, michigan, and -- undecided to. arizona, michigan, and new hampshire. president obama today said that he's invited president elect donald trump to the white house tomorrow for the oh awesome. >> here a call now from unity from the president as well as trump and clint top.
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>> talk about a complete turn around from the sometimes nasty campaign rhetoric. today trump and clinton acknowledged the united states is anything but united right now. and they each did their part to try to bring the country together. >> to all republicans and documents, and -- democrats, and independents across the nation, i says it time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: the calls for unity came in the predawn hours from the president elect. >> i pledge, to every citizen of ourland, that i will be president for all americans and this is it me. >> donald trump tried to put aside the bitter federal come pains. the other half, in shock and tears on election night. it wasn't until mid-morning
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that hillary clinton delivered a concession peach. also trayed to heal the country. >> we owe him an open mind at chance to lead. >> the nation's first major party feel candidate acknowledged her supporters deep disappointment. >> this loss hurts. but please, never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it. >> reporter: and it o young girl, she said this -- >> never doubt that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving. of opportunities in the world. which you can achieve your own dreams. >> reporter: the dreams of one nation h indy visible, and votes like president obama a short time leader later. a intense of unity. a sense of inclusion. i respect for our institutions. our way of life.
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>> reporter: the presaid his team will work for a peaceful transition. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few year, we are going to show that to the world. >> a vow to help the man who's promised to nails off of the the ordererrens on day one. before reversing the obama's health care act. >> donald trump heard a voice outside in this country that no one else heard. he turned picks lek in. trump will face some challenges within the party -- today. mock continual said while he agrees with some part, he said he will not support all of trump's proposals or all of trump's immigration policy
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proposal. trump presidency in comedy nation of the republican congress. will likely lead to the unwinding of dimmic legislation. and obama's health care h affordable care -- and said he will cancel patients earmarked for climate change. ed up a one feet is currently vacant and with age justices. we should see two moring in the next four years. trump has also proposed a 100 day alaska plan. he would propose a hiring freeze. and a congress limit. >> and joining us now, political analyst brian s, o ble. and u.s. professor of politics. as the dims dissect this
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election, what will they find? what went wrong? >> i think they choose a candidate who was find with -- fine with this. high above, and el trump there and so i think that was their first mistake. they chose clinton for political reasons. they had a sense oaf obligation to her. and it backfired. and i think that's the take away from this. is they chose the candidates who wasn't ideal. >> and at same question to you. >> i agree. i think had the democrats come up with joe biden or another candidate, this would have been a different election. but they went with for loyally for whatever reason with clinton. maybe they thought it was her time. and, you know, she had to drag along with her, all of this baggage from years and years and eventually it resinated with people. >> looking aheaded to the trump presidency. so they have republicans control the house, the centimeter controls the start.
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obviously they have republicans in the white house. will it be ease write. >> even though they have the major. >> they'll still have a voice major that. it's up a tahoe. if pro pal cease are -- did sorb -- so if trump's proposals are moderate, he'll get support. the more radical, he'll get resustains. >> and i imagine, the time to act in the first two years before the midterm elections. >> donald trump has a 100 day plan, which comes from the fdr tradition and then you have the first twoer yas. i have joked around, again and again, after the two year presidency. because when the -- tate party rolls again, he can't speak to a single legislation after 2210. so it was definitely something that changed everything for him. is are and trump has never held
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office. so he he cease him it up and down hymn are -- you see. i see a you remember in of new yorkers who are republicans. i'm from new york. it's phenomenal to me that clinton and donald trump pulled this off where you had two new yorkers running against each other. and we had the second new york president from fdr. on the scene. and that to me is pretty interesting. >> brian, we have seen these protests tonight. protests going on all across the country. major anger out there. what, if anything do you see donald trump doing in the coming days or weeks to try to redid issue de-- allay some of the fears. >> and thing he has to back off a lot of election rhetoric we have heard and start moving into a governing phase and asking we can of the american people. and telling the american people what they want him to do.
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prieves its around elections -- protests around elections, that not unusual, i'm concerned people are concerned there democracy isn't working for them. in a democracy, people win and people lose. you've got to accept the outcome. >> one more quick question. the transition of power. donald trump is meeting with president obama tomorrow. how do you expect, obviously they have to work together. >> that's going to be abing a ward meeting. >> these men have a real dislike for each other. i understand where obama is coming from. and donald trump, forever, almost like obama never happened. because donald trump will erase the eight years he contributed. all of his policies. so it's devastating for obama. because it's not like he can run again. he's done. forever. the it's asterisk will be yes donald trump was responsible. >> all right.
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and much more to come in the days ahead. thank you. and japan's market jumped 6% in early trading. currency markets are the recovering and europe markets paraded high per. wall street also rallies despite 800 plunge overnight. in today's trading the dew up 257 near an all time high. nasdaq at 57. and the s and m rose 23. and tracking that forecast. which does include the chance of some sprinkles towards the weekend. >> tonight at 10:30, a victim of rape hoping for change. how a backlog in the testing of evidence may have let her attacker actually leave the country. >> it's a slap in the face to the victim. >> five hours of chanting and marching and these antitrump protesters are still going strong. the message their sending, from
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. back know to developing news -- now to developing news and the crowd that grew to thousands tonight in protest of president elect donald trump. >> now at city hall with the demonstrators gathered at this hour. >> reporter: frank, unlike oakland tonight, we haven't
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heard about any clashes with police or any property damage. this crowd has been passionate but peaceful all of the way through. the march arrived here in an our ago. it's only started dwindling now. people started gathering before dust. organized by students andty war group. >> they want to take us back where there is no african- american in power. where there's no women in power. >> reporter: outrage on donald trump's election not even 24 hours old. >> sends a message to donald trump and all of the haters who elected him. who's country is this? >> our country. >> reporter: clinton has urged unity and open mind toward trump. but this crowd was not in that
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mood. >> i am crushed. i am devastated. absolutely. >> reporter: this mom said said trying her 4-year-old why some people are upset. this person going to be president is going to cause problems for people that we love and for other people in the world. he's not going to be nice. you know, and as much as you can explain these things. >> people are joining this march. >> reporter: causing causing for bye bystanders and people to get off work to join in. and they did, the crowd quickly swelling to more than 1000. escorted by police. thus born, muslim woman, wiped away tears as she watched the per session. >> i feel safer living in california. but i worry about my family. they live in georgia. they live in illinois. they live in texas. and it's scary. >> everyone is just feeling very large sense of dread.
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>> the -- the protests pick up more steam. the lgbt community a-- with rights by reserved. >> i would love to see us become our country in a way. the republic of california. because it feels so surreal. it feels unreal. >> reporter: this man brought a few cases of water to hand out. and tried to strike a hopeful tone. >> i with have to come together as a nation. we not let hatred win. love has to win. it's hurting right now. but we must stand to be together. we must standal. against the face of adversity. we saw in this crowd, people of all ages and backgrounds. lots of families children. with everyone united against a trump presidency. and what it represents. one man told me most candidates don't keep their campaign
10:19 pm
proms. he hopes that's the case this time. >> all right. near city hall there in san francisco tonight. thank you. all right. we want to take you back now to oakland. a and this view from sky fox. you can see down below there, several small fires. a couple of small fires right there near 20th and telegraph. a small crowd out there at one pin. the the crowd has drone to 5- 6000. over the course of the evening. we have had seen several small fires in oakland and police said proteas have thrown bottles but again, these lifive -- these live pictures you can see. but something down there on the street on fire. we're continuing to monitor. as soon as we learn m we'll let you know. warriors head coach steve cur did not mips words today. >> the man who's going to lead
10:20 pm
you has routinely used racist and insulting words. the whole process just -- has left all of us, feeling, just kind of disgusted and disappointed. i thought we were better than that. kirk compared the election to the jerry springer show. he also said the entire warrior team inspired him about. and one day after donald trump was elected president. many people saw the image on facebook and then came to see it. after upset neighbors spoke to the homeowner, the flag was taken down and replace with a gay fried stage. one neighbor told us, she gets the dark hue more. >> people have equated trump to
10:21 pm
hitler. and so i -- it can be offensive to some, but i think -- i forgive phil for what he did. >> neighbors said joke or not, they're glad homeowner has taken the flag down. n. warm out there again tate. not just northern california app. but check out southern california. 97 in ocean side. and san diego. the red flag warnings in corn for fire. for uses, it's warm. upper 70s low 80s. this system off shore does that. it stays off shore until tomorrow night. when it does bring a slight chance of a sprinkle. in the meantime, patchy coastal fight to talk about it. winds are slightly off shore. is a north, northwest wind. kind of like they were last night. and then as we look outside, live picture. you see the fog here. fog trying to come on over to the headlands. forecast models show the fact. that's 7:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning. this is your thursday. tomorrow. and then the temperatures come in and look what they have found. those are 80s. that's probably the warmest day of the bean tomorrow. some 80s show up. fog back at coast. when i come back, we'll talk about the chance for shower or sprinkle as we head into tomorrow night into the weekend. we'll see you back here. coming up. at 10:30. rape kits piling up untested. and we'll hear from one victim who says the backlog helped allow her tack e attacker to get away. >> and former warm yore, returns tonight presidents later in sports the home coming and which team left the winner. and a retired police captain charged increase a widen center s sex scandal. and he tells our reporter, prosecutors have it wrong.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. a retired police captain charge the today in that sex
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scandal involving teenage sex worker. he spoke to the 81-year-old man who denied he paid for sex. >> reporter: he was a respected member of the oakland police department. head of the homicide in the 1980s. now, country prosecutors are charging the retired captain with a misdemeanor of soloist tating a prostitute. the d. a. says he paid the woman for sex at a richmond hotel. the incident said it happened in february. the woman who now goes her new name, is open o police dispatcher. >> she confirmed it did occur in the county. we contacted that individual and he admitted that occurred. >> reporter: on wednesday, i scripted him at his home. he retired in 1996 and collects a pension of more than 120, this dollars a year. >> henry lee from ktvu. i respect you. i wanted to get your side of
10:26 pm
the story. >> reporter: he deny he admitted any wrong doing to investigators. he told me, wet. i don't know where he got that from. he declined further comment saying i would have to talk to his lawyer. i reached out to the attorney but vice president heard back. they also reviewed hotel records and interviewed witnesses. his attorney, says the d. a. should not have bothered with the case. >> it's just seems that -- having a chase against him, who -- as a senior citizen, is a completely waste of time. >> i lake you -- peterson said he will not be filing charges against police officers. nor sheriff deputy caused of sexual miscaught. peterson she was 18, consent the to the activity and didn't get paid. if convicted, paradon face up to a year in jail and thousand dollar fine. henn relee, ktvu -- henry i
10:27 pm
will, ktvu news. in 15 inn miss. a dialogue among college students and idea some fear they may have to make some changes. >> clearing a backlog in evidence. how a robot has made one bay area city, a model for others.
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
developing news in los angeles in another protest in response to yesterday's election. this crowd has been marching all night and at about 9:45 they went on it highway 101. we have seen traffic stopped in both directions. we are keeping an eye on this. so if we have more information over the course of the newscast, we'll bring to you. >> a survive of sexual assault still waiting for justice.
10:30 pm
she says it took months for the police crime lab to process her rape kit. she believed it took her alleged attacker of that advantage and left the country. >> tells us the about the back bodily injury of what's been done about it. -- rape kits and what's being done about. >> i think the only reason i'm alive is i did not fight back in my attack. no one knew that this person had taken me home. >> reporter: she wants to believe it isn't real. this woman, named anna, recalls the night in march which she is violated by a man she knows. >> unfortunately the way events unfolded, led to me being raped. >> less than 24 hours laters she's under going a forensic exam. th. the samples corrected for somethings like defensive wounds. she e. >> reporter: then she waits.
10:31 pm
>> i identified my attacker. the day that it curred. why r -- occurred. why is not not arrested. why he is going to work? >> reporter: she tells the sergeant her alleged attacker might leave the country. >> i said he is a flight risk. because he submitted the dna willing english the police for some reason, thought that it meant he was going to. >> reporter: san francisco say they didn't have as. cube case against the man. that's because anna's rape kidd kit wouldn't be video for several months. >> because of the backlog there was a degree of sun certainty. >> reporter: and she's not alone. tens of thousands of rape kits sitting on selfs and evidence rooms are across the country. pd says is they no longer have backlog. but anna says that depends on their definition. >> that doesn't mean there aren't cases in limbo.
10:32 pm
>> one pd submits forensic evidence, it's airship for analysis for 14 days. but think still a have 120 more days to process the evidence. >> 120 days. really? >> that department apartment -- sfpd mow reports sexual assault data annual. >> you have evidence, itst your -- it's your responsibility to utilize that. for not doing it, it's a slap in the face to the victim. >> we have to make a stream line. >> reporter: her office is nearly done. eliminating the 2000 kid back load. the statute of limb -- limitations has expired.
10:33 pm
meaning those victims nay never expire. still, o'malley says it's or not to enter results. >> we're linking crimes together. that's one reason it's important for us to not leave any kits untested. >> reporter: while most bay agency send their kid out -- kits out of state to be processed -- this robot at the oakland police department crime lab, that is changed way the kids are tested. >> we do get piling up. take a half of the swab and put into this plate. the. >> the plate goes into the robot and processes samples faster than human. >> we have been by my agencies for our pro pro to call. so they can implement it. >> anna receive herred her rape
10:34 pm
kit results with the time frame and issue was airport. ed. >> a week later i receive an e- mail from the sergeant and it says he has fled the country and asked if i might know where he is. it's unbelievable. it made me sing anerer by -- so angry. this practically turning into a job in of itself. >> ffpd believes the suspect believed to be fleet country. that are. hap in a. >> i was told that because me fled the country, the statute of limitations does not apply. that's the only silver lining. >> governor jerry brown signed a bill into law last month. die nateing the 10 place. tissue it only ablews to sexual assaults committed after january 1st of next year.
10:35 pm
it's notoriety to active. -- it's not retroactive. coming up, some hope for commutes. the plan to add a lane to a local bridge. and how bond plans to approve the money approved by voters. >> and i'll have that computer mod -- model look this one. and also very special reunion between two paramedics and the young by's who's life they helped save. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey!
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some relife on the way for drivers. today, bridge officials award the 27 million-dollar contract to a contractor in burke lee. to build a third eastbound lane on the bridge. the additional lane would help ease traffic which typically backs up on highway 101 and 580 during commute hours. the project also includes pedestrian and bike lane in the westbound direction. work on that third lane is expected to begin later on this month. it's expected to open late next year. >> improvements coming to bart now that voters in three coup fit approved a three and half million dollars bond level. needed r. r. a majority leader in the past. 70% support from voters in san francisco. and contra cost a county.
10:39 pm
>> voters have said it's incredibly parent. important to everyone on our freeway and roads. >> the improvement, funded by measure r. r. including up grades to 90-miles of tracks. weariers to 40 miles of leaking tunnels and improvements to i think ing train control systems. two east by a paramedics go to the meet a little boy who's life they helped to save. the last time they saw 9-year- old ashton, he was unconscious after nearly drowning a the pool party last summer. a life guard saw ashton go under the wait and pulled him out. he wasn't breathing. happen received cpr and had just started breathing with the paramedics arrived. >> there's no words to thank them. but that's all i have. is just words. >> he and his family got to meet all of the people that
10:40 pm
helped save him honoring the emergency workers. and sky fox got a bird'sy view of surfers raged the waves. the window is open for the big wave contest. the competition can begin any time between now and march 31 31st. this year, the california coastal commission shattered surfing's glass sealing by requiring the titans of mavericks have women compete for the first tomb. first -- time. a unique dialogue here. we talked to students about their concerns about what will happen next. we'll have that story coming up. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin with our complete bay area forecast. he'll give us a look at our up coming weekend.
10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
another live lookdown. a small crowd of protesters continues to dodge police. right now, the crowd of about 100 people is on the run again at 18th near san pablo boulevard. some have been throwing rocks, bottles, fire works, m80s and molotov congress tails -- cocktails. police are hoping to limit the vandalism. we have seen fires set and windows broken. now to the south bay r a group of students gathered at the san jose university for a peaceful discussioned on reflect on the new preand how to move forward. new at 10, live on campus after talking to student there is. >> reporter: there is a mix of emotions coming from young people. some of the students i spoke to tonight, say they feel empowered and energized what they feel is right. >> we're not even explaining
10:44 pm
why we're angry. >> reporter: she says she was disappointed when she found out donald trump was going to be the next president. especially coming from a latino family. >> i was said. i was fearful. i'm not going to lie. but i look around. and i'm not the only one. >> reporter: she is among hundreds of students who gathered by the iconic statutes known for their civil activism. the students engaged in a unique dialogue. in small group, it was an opportunity for them to vent. >> for me it hurts. you know, because my grandmother is of the home with my four little brothers and she's undocumented and she's scared. >> i started to get worried about my living here in the states. >> he's an international muslim student from saudi arabia. he's now thinking of not going to home for the holidays. >> would i be able to get into the states or ban from interring? -- entrying?
10:45 pm
so i may cancel. >> reporter: school officials say they support students expressing themselves. >> we want to encourage students to exercise their rights what they field -- what they feel the need to. >> reporter: also by campus, martin luther king library, a few dozen people calling for peace. all of this hopeful in healing the divide. >> right now i feel hopeless. but i know the future is better than this. and i feel if we unite, we will have a better future. >> reporter: and it was interesting to hear those perspectives. i did see extra police officers here to make sure that the events and the crowds didn't get unruly. which they didn'ted. and there's also school counselors on hand for students who need them. >> all right. thanks. tracking that weather around here. we mentioned that slight chance for a few sprinkles into friday
10:46 pm
night. tomorrow night. excuse me, friday night. night after tomorrow. into saturday morning. so we'll look at that. first we'll take a look at the large circle on the coast. boys have come down a little bit. second period wave period, that's what you look at. it was up 15 feet up to 20-25 second and now it's coming down. the surf advisory should be dropped by the morning but still going to be quite large out there. the weather system out here is the one, obviously we have talked about. the one that brought us all of the swell. it also looks -- wow going to bring us some real rain. now the tail end of that system, you can see it. coming our way. it'll get here but it'll get here late friday saturday morning. so, if you look at temperatures, it's mild out there. mid-60s. or mid-50s to low 60s. and a little bit of patchy fog at the coast tonight. lights on, traffic moving nicely. not a lot of wind out there.
10:47 pm
and high pressure will stay with us tomorrow. and a bit into friday, and then by friday afternoon, starts to break down and that system, that week system, drags through to the north. chance of a sprinkle, mainly north, but we'll say chance for shower or light drizzle. as far as south of san jose. in the morning hours on saturday. it is not enough to change your plans over. it will drop temperatures out of the mid-70s and low 80s into the 60s and maybe a couple of low 70s. fog forecast tomorrow morning. there it is thursday morning. there's thursday afternoon, fog hangs at the coast. that's tomorrow. here's friday morning. and you can see it's going to be higher clouds coming in. and then there's saturday morning. that's your best chance. not a deal breaker, you can -- but you can see just look ing at that. and it'll be cooler that is very weak front slides through. but not cold. just 60s. instead. we had low 80s today. and we'll see low 80s tomorrow.
10:48 pm
80 napa. 80 liver more. ease are pretty darn warm high temperatures for november. coming into the middle of no. 81 in gilroy. and then the forecast highs. the five day forecast. and we got a few sprinkles on the forecast friday night into saturday morning. and that is about. but encouraging enough; in the long rage, looks like some significant rain is setting up to be wet towards the thanksgiving period. >> that'll be here before we we me it. >> thanks, bill. still to come, big night. two former warriors returning home. and. >> and a double dose of courage. seth and his little brother on the court at the same time. sports up next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
10:49 pm
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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all right. the mark in here with sports. i want to see this. both you're is -- curries on court at the same time. that's cool. >> yeah. and tonight, it was old home week as far as the boga in coming back and barns. and seth's little brother. who actually signed a big contract over the off season and ready to go. this is a game, and i think you're going to see a lot of from the warriors this year. very smooth. never really in jeopardy and absolutely outplaying the other team. i think seth is going to spawn
10:52 pm
like a whole new generation of guys. and there's is always the classy welcome back to former players at war yores organization puts back. harrison barns and bogan of course. and then once the fun stuff was over. the warriors get down to business. blog dallas off the court. early. clay thompson looks like his old self-again. in his first 7 shots. 18 in the first quarter. he wound up with 20. that's comforting. working it out top. he'll find k. d. who 28 points. that's had a 3 and a 31 point lead for the warriors at halftime. doing it easy. mavs, a little move here. there's seth curry. the brother. pulls up. hits a three and looking like his big brother there. 10 points but well short were the mavs. 25 points tonight, popped a three there. 20-6 run by there's dallas but
10:53 pm
not nearly enough. restoring order. who else? 35 feet out. he had 8 of 12 tonight. wound up with 24 points. rolled his ankle a little bit. but then durant is just smooth and easy. making it look like no problem. shot 58% from the floor. durant going for the 72nd straight game in his career scoring 20 points or more. and the were yours are rolling -- warriors are rolling at 6-2. and baseball fans going through baseball withdrawal. a little something to wet your appetite. giant fans, they need a closer. you know that. reportedly, san francisco's official met with closer aralda chatman's representative. but you know how badly they needs a closure. assuming his left arm didn't drop off after the world series. considering how the cubs
10:54 pm
manager joe madden overuse yad him to say the least in the world series. that's going to cost the giants a whole lot of money they say. reportedly up wards of 100 million. i think that's going to be a long shot. all right. for the raider, it the bye week. also feel good about yourself week. because they deserve -- a little time off. they're going to get a few days now. before they take off for mexico city. a week from sunday. of course they clobbered denver. last sunday to take over control of the afc west. kind of like back to the gold old days at coliseum. the crowd, totally into it. a real confidence builder. now they know they can hand all team that is a super bowl defending champion. >> once we were able to go out and play on the same field, and i think this some guy's heads, even sol of younger guy, we are good at this football thing. you know, we are, says you are
10:55 pm
what you earn in this league. so, you know, and we said that last year when we were 7-9 and we're saying it now. you know, these guys are learning that they're hard working process can lead to wins. so i do believe they gave a lot of people belief. >> yeah. julie was saying, just being a mom, seth, and seth curry. we got to restore order here. pay a little attention to the 49ers here. sometimes you feel like you're piling on. but the statistics in this case, don't lie. 7th straight losses. they're going to be against the cardinals of arizona. his toically poor number -- historically poor numbers on defense. david johnson is already done it once against the niners. 157 yards total and two touchdowns earlier. he won't say it pubically, but he's got to be look -- licking his chops. i have learned a lot. from last year, until now, i
10:56 pm
feel like i'm way better, more patient runner. learning how to blitz and just nowing how to, you know, different situations in the game. and just being more calm. in the game. and not getting so riled up. he might run for 250 come sunday. you'll see that on channel 2. we lake to talk about prosports. you got to check this out. high school. it's -- zon henry. 5'7" of him. and he leaps over 2 guys. the double high hurdle right there for the touchdown. you see the close up shot. >> feast 5'7". >> yeah. incredible running. >> you might remember, tizan henry. houston, texas. >> all right. thank you. and thank you for joining us, everyone. we'll see you again tomorrow night. >> good night. brought to you by bank of the west.
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tion. oh, i wish i could do more. it's just a bunch of old, out-of-date clothes. oh, i'm sure it's great. three weeks ago, our neighbors, the rands, lost their house and everything they own in a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and fortunately, they're friends with wonder woman over here. i'm hardly wonder woman. she mobilized the community to donate clothes, furniture, appliances, all to help them start over in their new rental. which you found them. i'm no wonder woman. rand-aid was her idea. it wasn't my idea to call it "rand-aid." okay, fine. i'm wonder woman. - terrible tragedy. - they're our closest friends. - we know them. - uh, manny and their son reuben are tight. in fact, i put in one of their closets. not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire. por favor , don't even say that word! in my country it is considered very, very bad luck when your house burns down. they lived a block away from us. smoke was everywhere.


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