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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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nues. good morning, thank you for joining us, it's thursday, november 10th. i'm pam cook >> i'm dave clark. a brand-new day. your forecast, i think you will live. steve in his office over there >> another mild day, hazy sunshine. a few more clouds than we had yesterday. temperatures well above average the off shore breeze continues. so, that's why any fog over there, i don't think has much of a chance. it's right down on the ground, pretty good system coming in, but not until late friday, saturday, today, it will be because of the easterly breeze or northeastly breeze for most. another very mild day. 61, san francisco, 60, 56 berkeley. 48 fairfield, there are some 40s as well to the north.
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northwest napa, upper 40s. san raff higher clouds may thin out. still going with 70s to near 80 degrees. average high this time of the year, 64-68. sal, 6, 6:01, you had an issue, where? >> we do have a couple of issues, steve. i want you to be patient. now. good morning to you. i do want to start with a 26 minute delay, you might want to bring your patience here kind driver. to the east shore freeway, getting more crowded by the moment, heading out to the mcarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, another 15 minute delay. patience is a virtue, trying to get into a very crowded commute. traffic will be busy in you are
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driving southbound 880 to 238. a couple of crashes, one in union city, traffic more delayed than usual during this commute i want to mention the single car crash we saw happen in oakland downtown, 11th and broadway. the driver of the vehicle was injured and taken to the hop. look at the violent crash. it jumped the curve and hit the entrance to the 12th street bart station. no one else was hurt. we are lucky no one was on the sidewalk at the time. we are trying to find our out the condition of the driver. 6:02 >> >> we have availing story out of pennsylvania where two police officers have been shot, one of the officers died. officers were responding to a domestic dispute early in the suburban town of canonsburg.
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they were immediately met with gunfire. investigators say the officers were ambushed as they approached the home. the survivalling officer is in jail. nearby schools are closed because of the ongoing situation. we'll continue to update throughout the morning. >> >> back lear in the bay area, protesters in oakland protesting donald trump's win ended with violence. k-t-v-u was there. ally, some police officers were injured during all of this? >> reporter: yes, three oakland police officers were injured in responding to this, it happened last night, when we were driving down broadway this morning from 12th to 14th, can you see graffiti and spray paintings on alot of the bis. this walgreen's on the corner
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did take alot of damage, you can see there is a gaping hole in the window where somebody shattered it. the night started out with a peaceful, law-abiding rally. people rallied against the election of donald trump as the evening went on, some protesters splintered off into groups. that's when the vandalism began police say some of the people in those splinter groups ended up throwing rocks, bottles, fireworks and even molotov cocktails. one person's car was set on fire and some people woe came out to look at the damage and saw what was going on, questioned the purpose or goal in causing all of this trouble >> i under stand the ainge irtowards trump being muslim american and being the first person that said he juans to
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send me back or put a label on me. i under stand people's anger, and i believe there are other ways to protest i don't think this is the best way. >> reporter: police arrested 30 people and issued 11 citations. another demonstration is planned for today in downtown oakland police said this all started very peacefully, 7,000 people at the height of the rally, in gathering and it was after night fall that it took a destructive turn ending in three police officers injured in responding to this. it was very tense, very emotional at a rally in san francisco. francisco.
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. this march, several thousand people organized by students and anti-war groups went through the castro and mission districts before it ended at city hall. the marchs included mothers that brought their kids along. muslim americans worried about the future of their families under a donald trump administration >> i feel safer living in california. but i worry about my family, they live in georgia, illinois, texas. it's scary. >> reporter: san francisco police officers out there keeping things under control. for the most part, it was peaceful, no major problems reported. anti-trump demonstrators voicing their anger across the country, one of the largest protests was in los angeles. take a look at this, 5,000 people marched through downtown l, hundreds of them spilled onto a busy highway.
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c-h-p had to shut down the freeway overnight to prevent further problems another large demonstration outside of the trump towers in chicago. 2,000 people marched through the downtown area last night, five people were arrested. a trump supporter confronted them, waving the american flag, telling demonstrators to accept the election results and go home. there was a similar protest in new york city happening today, donald trump and president obama meet at the white house. the transition is beginning. the president elect and his wife will head to the white house. president obama invited him and he said "i know we have differences," but he said eight years ago president bush helped him to make a seamless transition of power. we'll have a live report from the white house on all of this coming up. hillary clinton made her first public comments on the
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election, several hourlies after conceding the race to done trump and she apologized to supporters. >> this is not the outcome we wanted and worked so hard for. i'm sorry we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. clinton said she congratulated trump and offered to work with him on behalf of the country. she said she hopes he will be a successful president for all americans >> i still believe in america and i always will and if you do, we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: not all-states have fully counted their votes, but clinton is leading in the popular vote. she just did not have enough electoral votes to win the presidency. >> hillary clinton had most of
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the votes here in california, but there are a couple parts of the state that did support donald trump. >> and coming up at 6:30, a retired police captain has been charged in connection with the law enforcement sex scandal the reason the lawyer of the woman at the center of it says this case is a waste of time. long beach airport, yesterday, hit 96 degrees for a record high. we won't be that warm, but we'll be warm, above average, pretty picture for the day, more, coming up. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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>> reporter: good morning, president elect trump will be arriving at the white house in just a little while he will be meeting in the oval office with president obama. it may be awkward to some degree, based on the things these two guys have been saying about one another, but there is part of of a standing tradition as washington and the rest of the country begin to make a big transition. this is where it will all take place, today, confines of the
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oval office. officially where done trump and president obama will discuss the finer points of transition. outside, construction is underway about inauguration. something the president spoke about in his public remarks since trump won the white house i have instructed my team to follow the example president bush set years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president elect. >> reporter: it's hard to ignore the real tension that must exist between the two men. >> if somebody can't handing a twitter account, they can't handle a nuclear conference >> you know what i say to president obama, give me a break. >> reporter: there may be less tension in the other big meeting, michelle obama sitting down with the next first lady. small talk may be the order of the day, but white house transitions are serious
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business and trump's team is being led by new jersey governor chris kristi. still with lingering protests about the election's outcome, governorring will be a real challenge in the months ahead as trump moves into the white house and tries to unite a dividing country. a relatively short meeting here at the oval office. president elect trump will move to capital hill where he will sit down with republican speaker of the house paul ryan there has been some tension between those two as well. >> meantime, students in san jose state university have been gathering on campus talking about their feelings after the done trump victory. many of the students at this diverse campus say donald trump's election has left them
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fearful. >> for me. my grand is at home with my four little brothers, she's undocumented and she is scared. >> i started to get worried about my living here in the states. >> officials did have extra place on hand in case the gathering became unruly, but it did not. also, counselors are out there for students that want to talk about their reaction to the election. >> meantime, a muslim woman wearing a head scarf was attacked at san jose state. police say she was walking on the third floor of the parking garage when a man came from behind, pulled on her hose scarf, choked her and caused her to lose her balance the man ran away it is not clear if she was targeted because she was wearing a head scarf. >> california overwhelmingly
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backed clinton by 61%-33% for trump. large sections of the state did go red. take a look at the map, right there, 26 of california's counties put their support behind trump one of them in the central valley. >> we didn't expect him to win. >> but voters we talked to said washington, d.c is a long way from home and they are more concerned about politics on the state level. in central valley, water is the biggest issue and the state water board that wants to help salmon by diverting flow from three rivers into the delta. people in stan is law said that could hurt them more than in the presidential election had gone the other way. >> the nation is going to take care of itself. we can help a little, but we have to teal with what is here
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at home. >> >> right now, 6:16. let's go to sal for traffic. >> we have some traffic that might make the east bay commute slower. southboundle 80, we'll start there because the traffic is affected by a crash at whipple. also, a crash at stevenson it's backed up beyond the 238 interchange where it normally is, backing up to marina, worst than normal for it time of the morning, a solid backup all the way to freemont. a couple of crashes, eastbound 84 at newark. coming from the dumbbarton bridge, but, the big crashes are 880, heading to the south bay. the south bay commute right now doesn't look bad. a little slowing past 280.
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but that's about all. let's go to live pictures of bridges westing west, more crowded heading to the peninsula. when you get to the bay bridge, 20-25 minute delay before you make it onto that span as you pass the meters lights. 6:18. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> very good morning under mostly clear skies. a teeny bit of fog has popped up inland on the coast. half moon bay does not look widespread. it will impact a few areas by the water's edge. still 70s, isolated 80 or so, napa airplane hit 80, morgan hill and san jose close. high surf advisories on the monterrey coast. that goes until 7:00 am. but not northward, yet. so, coming down, we do get some of the high cloud decks coming
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from the west, southwest, no dig beale. this system coming late friday into saturday. giving us cloudy conditions and even cooler temperatures as we go into late friday, early saturday. moisture, there, over us, pretty thin. hazy sunshine. there is a slight off shore or northerly, northeast at oakland, there in lies another mild to warm pattern especially by the coast, s-f-o or around the bay, san francisco, 60, mid- 50s for others, upper 40s for some. danville, 49, san ramon doubling in there. pleasantton, cool as you come over the bay. 27-47 for truckie -- a few clouds, mostly sunny, though. it might give areas around
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santa rosa north. 70s. mostly sunny skies, not alot of cloud cover going into saturday morning. rain looking like it will stay north. nothing until late friday, early, early saturday, i think that's overdone, but probably close. 70s again, today, even though the days are very short. 90s in southern california. if you are you heading down there for travel or business or what have you. we have alot of 70s, herend and this will be the last day. we'll see some clouds, cooler temperatures, friday, saturday and a rebound sunday, monday, wednesday looks like a rain day next wednesday if you want to put it down on the calendar. for everybody. for everybody.
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>> >> a free job fair in alameda running from 10:00 am to 3:00 p.m. employers participating include apple. alameda transit department, veteran's day, tomorrow, we have been doing alot of stories about veterans and resources out there. >> 6:21. commercial crab season due to begin next week, up next, the part of the bay area that will
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be off limits --
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>> welcome back to "mornings on 2". a teen-age girl is still in the hospital after she was injured in a crash. yesterday morning, the 14-year- old girl suffered critical injuries after a crash with a
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pickup truck her mother was driving at the time. the girl has a fractured vertebrae along with other injuries. police at the scene believed she was not wearing a seatbelt at the time. both drivers went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> bart is saying thank you to voters in san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties for approving measure r-r the $3.5 million bond to help bart improvements. improvements include upgrades 90-miles of tracks, repairing 40-miles of leaking tunnels and improving the aging train control systems hundreds of thousands of ballots here in the bay area have not been counted from election day. according to the mercury news.
6:26 am
39% of votes in santa claira county still have to be counted. 37% in contra costa -- alameda county doesn't have an estimate, but alot of uncounted balances. balances. local election officials say it may take the total 28 days to count the ballots happening today, cal tran will continue the demolition of the old bay bridge. in fact in 30 pips, the workers
6:27 am
will start to remove another 288-foot truss. they will do the same thing with the remaining trusts every 7-10 days, all depending on the weather. >> it's 6:27 and an elementary school student in texas said he was attacked for supporting donald trump >> everybody has a right to their own opinion and they shouldn't be beat up for it >> what the boys parents say they hope cups out of their stories. stories. >> we have a problem in the south bay that is blocking lanes. we found out it's not one, but two crashes in san jose. we'll get you very latest, coming up in the next report.
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>> there are alot of emergency vehicles on the scene, we are advising you to use alternate routes. maybe 280 is an alternate you might consider. >> as you get to redwood, there
6:33 am
is a crash in castro valley. it has been there for a little bit, now, there is glass all over the lanes. they have to get a sweeper out there and it will take awhile. look at the backup on 880 this whole thing is a mess, now, this is what people hate, an unexpected backup of speeds getting way down to 10-miles an hour. give yourself extra time. don't be caught by surprise by this. >> >> let's go to the san mate op bridge. bay bridge backed up. more of a normal delay. 6:33, let's go back to the desk. >> the protest over donald trump's election victory erupted in oakland again. another night of violence downtown where three police officers police officers were hurt.
6:34 am
hurt. >> last night, an estimated 7,000 people marched near oakland city hall. the peaceful rally turned violent when protesters broke into smaller groups. some of them setting fires, scrawling graffiti and smashing windows of business and police cars some threw rocks and molotov cocktails at police. coming up, we'll bring you out there live and show you the path of destruction left by protesters. >> students in schools all around the bay area walked out of class. 1,500 students from berkeley high school joined a large protest on the u-c berkeley campus. saying they are angry about done trump's policies. students at oakland technical high school also held walkouts and rallies, as well as
6:35 am
students in richmond. >> donald trump presidency in combination with the republican congress will lead to the unwining of some democratic changes -- >> reporter: good morning, pam, trump has said he will take away federal funding for
6:36 am
sanctuary cities, potentially leaving san jose, san francisco and oakland in a bind. >> zero tolerance for criminal aliens, zero. >> reporter: trump has said over and over again in his campaign speeches that he would deport the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the u.s he also vowed to cut federal funding for sanctuary cities when he takes office on january 20th. they are cities where laurel doesn't report undocumented immigrants to authorities. san francisco was criticized by trump when an undocumented immigrant, previously in custody shot an killed a key mail walking along with her father. we are checking in with what is at steak in san jose. there are alot of questions
6:37 am
that remain here. everyone is watching to make -- to see if trump makes good on his promise. his promise.
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time is 6:39, a robot at the oakland police department crime lab has changed the way rape test kits are being tested. they are able to get results alot faster than the deadline. we talked to a woman that said she was raped by a man she knew in san francisco in march. she submitted a rape kit, it was processed in 1 hyundais, but the police could not arrest her attacker because he was able to leave the country during that time. >> if you have evidence, it's your responsibility to utilize that. by not doing that, it's a slap in the face to the victim. >> san francisco police are working now trying to extradite that suspect. most bay area agencies send their rape kits out of state to
6:40 am
be processed. the lab in oakland said they have developed their own system to avoid backlog and now, it has become a model for other cities around the country. untry. >> it seems that having a case against him, a senior citizen, it's a complete waste of time. >> she confirmed if her interview with her that it did occur in contra costa county. we contacted that individual and he denied it occurred.
6:41 am
>> if convicted, he faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine our time is 6:40, before donald trump moves into the white house, he will have to go to court. coming up, the lawsuit against trump filed by former students of trump university. >> reporter: in response to trump's victory, a movement this morning to have california break away from the rest of the country. we'll tell you why this movement is gaining momentum we'll tell you what voters here in the bay area are saying about the idea it has been a rough morning, we have a couple of issues, unexpected that will slow you down on the way to work as we look at the east shore freeway, this commute is getting busy, we'll wrap it up coming up. >> above normal temperatures, coast and bay starting off mild to warm, temperatures are cool. higher clouds in the mix, though, more on your forecast,
6:42 am
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who says i shouldn't havmy doctor.very day? my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. >> welcome back to "mornings on 2", many americans have mixed feelings about done trump's election victory, some are rejoicing, many are upset. one boy dealing with classmates having beat him up when he said
6:45 am
that he was for trump. >> a few weeks ago, a mock election and i said i voted for trump. they came over and jerked me out of my seat. before i could get up, stay they started to kick and punch me. >> reporter: that young man's parents hoping the story encourages pains to talk to their children about how to be compassionate. >> >> the trump victory bringing about talk about california breaking away from the youths. >> >> reporter: good morning to you, there is political campaign that is going on, gaining some momentum this morning to try to have california break away from the rest of the country. we need to point out the odds of that actually happening are
6:46 am
quite slim. voters we are talking to in downtown concorde, most of them telling me the idea is absurd. we have seen since trump was elected president on tuesday, we have seen protests across the state. alot of people disapointed with the results an as people took to the streets, people began pondering the idea of california breaking away from the united states, but the notion doesn't have alot of support from the people we are talking to this morning. >> i think it's insane. we are all americans, >> i'm an american, we are part of america, we'll move forward and get over this. i don't want to leave the united states. united states. >> that's ridiculous. t's ridiculous.
6:47 am
>> reporter: a group held this rally. many are calling on california to withdraw from the union and become their own nation. this movement started two years ago, but it is gaining traction because of trump winning. >> if we can pull that off -- why is it unreasonable to think there is anything we can't do? >> there would be no way to do this without a constitutional amendment. >>ed california success movement, though it may get a financial boost, there are some silicon valley venture capitalists that are promising
6:48 am
their support our state is the sixth largest economy in the world on its own. folks with the yes california campaign that rallied at the capital said they intend to launch an initiative trying to get a special election in the next couple of years. >> all right, alex, it is interesting, thank you. g, thank you. it's 6:48, time to check in for a look at what is coming up on "mornings on 2". >> reporter: good morning, pam and dave, when i join you, a better idea of woe could be donald trump's cabinet members once he takes offices. a few possibilities include former new york city mayor rudy
6:49 am
guiliani as attorney general, former house speaker newt gingrich is said to be interested in becoming secretary of state of state. more names. also, pam and dave, i have two little boys and hardwood floors and if he never step on a leggo while barefoot again, it would be too soon but now a place said the pain from legos might be worth it. which they specifically point to legos as more than just a toy. toy. good information, you guys, especially right before the holidays. these stories and more when i join you on "mornings on 2"
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have >> good morning, some improvement in some of the problems i told you about. southbound 101, let's go there. santa claira, two accidents, one an overturned vehicle, slow traffic in both directions on the 101. at one point, all lanes were blocked. two lanes open southbound, northbound is taking it in the chin, here. northbound 101 is slow. 280 is getting crowded, some people are bailing and using that as an alternate, give yourself extra time. we want to mention this surprising delay coming into castro valley it's almost backed up to the dublin interchange, coming over the hill, waiting for a cal tran sweeper this that area let's go to the bay binning toll plaza, traffic is backed up for a 20 minute delay. san francisco getting a little
6:51 am
thick. southbound 101. now, let's go to steve with today's weather. >> sal, alot of high clouds coming over us, other tan that, a little fog. above normal day on these high temperatures, high clouds make for a nice sunrise. you can see some of the higher clouds, no big deal, enough of an off shore component again where it will be a nice, warm day. this sunset picture coming up -- right there. it was taken by -- your daughter, kelly wrote an said you watch religiously. he is a big familiar. up there in willis county. 1938, ken lawrence, our
6:52 am
director -- director -- >> thank you, paul, for watching thank you kin for the sea biscuit photo. hazy, today, 70s to near 80, napa airport in watsonville had 80, alot of locations were close. san jose, 79 degrees the higher clouds will thin out. lazy sunshine. a much better system will bring some rain, not until late friday into early saturday. off shore breeze, oakland, also, hayward, so, cool, cool, very mild for some, woodside, 49, lossal toes hills. 59 pacificka. 57 san carlos, cool rings. higher clouds will clear out, but we'll still have a little fog to deal with on the coast. very shallow, but there might
6:53 am
be some along highway 1. be careful, you can get some reduced visibility overall. average is 64-68 and we are way above, but, by tomorrow are we'll start to get an increase in clouds, cooling it down, maybe some rain late friday, saturday, next good rain looks to be next wednesday. >> we'll keep watching that, because i know you said it could go all the way to thanksgiving >> >> we are coming up close to our 7:00 hour, but, first, a special reunion to show you in the east bay. an emotional one. two mare medics reunited with the nine-year-old boy that nearly drowned.
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last fight was a big night at oracle arena, old friends, now playing for the dallas mavericks. they received a long-standing ovation. but it was clay thompson on the court that was on fire. he hit his first seven shots, finished with 20, 18 of those scored in the first eight minutes of the game, for the first time ever, self currie and his brother seth played together. seth shows his brother is not the only one that can hit the
6:57 am
three-pointer, but the warriors came away with a win and they play the nuggets tonight. >> two paramedics in the east bay met a little boy who's life they helped to save. the last time he was seen by the paramedics, he was unconscious. a lifeguard saw him go into the water, pulled him out and he was not breathing. ashton had just started breathing when the paramedics arrived >> there is no words to thank him for bringing my kid back that's all i have. >> >> ashton and his family were able to meet all of the people that helped to safe his life. we are coming up on our 7:00 hour, more windows shatters. police officers hurt, up next. the damage and arrests made
6:58 am
after violent protests after the results of the presidential election. >> tion. >> >> donald trump will be meeting with president obama today. what they are expected to talk about as the white house prepares for the transition of pour. pour.
6:59 am
7:00 am
protest turned violent. and, the second night in the row. donald trump is on his way to washington. why this could be an awkward meeting as they prepare for a transition of power. this and more ahead. to be a fly on the wall of that meeting. >> we're going to try to bring as much of we can later today. first of all, welcome back. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> the weather should be nice today.


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