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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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day. a lot of people have been suffering from alleges. allergies. mainly ragweed. a lot of fog out there. cooler and bringing temps down. there's a band over chester. we had some yesterday and we'll get some today. that fog is a bigger issue here this morning by far. there's coast bay and inland, be advised it's still there for some trying to turn west.
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upper 40s to 60s. this has been incredible. inland it's cool. over by the coast it's mild. 49 in men low park. pacifica 60 so the off shore breeze and this system has 0 chance to do too much. it will give us cloud cover later today. still 70s and 60s lightly cooler and partly sunny today. a lighter commute this mofrng because of veterans day. it looks good as you drive out to the area. so far no major issues here. traffic is looking good. smooth to interstate 880 in alameda. traffic is moving well in both directions here.
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no problems reported and traffic is smooth from here to hayward and the other way around. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's light getting into san francisco. we'll know at 5:30 what kind of crowd we have getting into the city. we'll see what kind of crowd there is on this holiday for some people. 4:32 let's go back to the desk. following developing news for you. police in oakland we're near the scene of a homicide and fire. >> it happened earlier this morning and christian is there now with more. >> reporter: good morning, officers here on scene in oakland still investigating the scene. take a look and you can see some of them over there. this is a multiple victim incident with the possibility of multiple fatalities. we have heard trs one person in custody. here's what we know so far. fire officials reported to the 9400-block of done bar at 1220 tim tum this morning.
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they found multiple victims down and the possibility of multiple fatalities, as many as three people. our cameras were on scene as first responders tried to revive a victim. as for the president, very little information about that suspect or why they were tied to the scene. police are questioning that one individual in connection with this fire and homicide coming back out to our live look, if you take a look you can see this is the current scene here. again, we're close to 98th and done bar here in oakland -- -- dunbar. officers still on scene trying to find out what happened here with this homicide investigation. we'll bring you more details on this story throughout the morning guys, back to you. a loot of information throughout the morning. thank you, christian. happening today it's veterans day. today we celebrate the men and
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women who serve in our military. before he leaves the white house, president obama will host a breakfast to honor veterans and their families then he will head to arlington national cemetery at the tomb of the unknown and deliver remarks. here in the bay area there are a number of events to honor veterans. petaluma is hosting california's largest veterans day parade in walnut park. in san jose there's a ceremony at 10:30 and that will be followed by another parade at noon on santa clara street. in menlo mark veterans and one family member can get a free lunch at little house activity center. many nor veterans day events on our website. look on our home page of as we honor the men and women in the military we want
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to know how veterans feel about this year's election. >> we talked with veterans and ask them what they want to see from the next commander in chief. >> reporter: on election night one of the first promises president-elect donald trump made was this. >> we will also finally take care of our great veterans. 0. >> reporter: railroad than 100 veterans came to this special job fair hoping the president- elect will do just that. >> it sounds like a good thing. we'll have to see what he does with it. >> reporter: former air force senior served in kuwait during operation desert shield but he said finding steady work has been difficult since he got out of the service. >> it's been hard to adjust. >> if president-elect trump is serious about helping them there's a lot he can do from improvements at va hospitals where vets have died waiting for treatment to increasing
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mental health services. there's a lot he can do surrounding jobs. >> focus on more plans for training and continue down that path and open a job opportunity and veterans priority hiring. >> as a job fair potential employers say veterans make great hires. >> you're not babysitting them and they're self-starters and follow through. >> reporter: exit polls supported trump by a 2-1 margin. the president-elect can do more to help families of veterans. >> when our military folks go away to fight the good fight, they're left at home taking care the of the kids and family so government i would hope would be able to help supplement the assistance for the families as well. >> yourns out of the military
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you're on your own. it lets people come out and generate problems on their own they hope president-elect means what he says about helping them because they say the biggest battle they face is not with the government when looking for help. the time is 4:37 many bay area students skipped school yesterday as part of the protests against donald trump. >> we reject our president- elect. >> that was the same in san francisco. about 2,000 students from at least ten different high schools walked out of class and hit the streets. they marched through several city neighborhoods. the protests were peaceful say police. some student protests occurred yesterday in the bay against walnut creek. dozens of students marched to city hall protesting the election of donald trump. one walnut creek man had some advice for these young
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protests. >> i only got to chat with about ten of them but i think maybe i gave them a center ground. i told them i don't love him either and he has problems but hopefully he will do a much better job now that is he's in office. >> students also protested the election of donald trump and their demonstrations yesterday. two teachers were involved in a fight with a student at college park high school. the confrontation was all caught on cell phone video. one teacher and student are seen fighting in the hallway while another teacher tried to break it up. this happened when 100 protesting schools from area schools came on to the college park campus to try to recruit other students. >> that teacher and the other teacher that got punched were trying to block the halls from protestors trying to get in but it did not work. >> school officials used the loud speaker to warn the
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oncoming protestors to be peaceful. they then put the school in lock down mode shutting all doors to the classroom and that's when the fight started. school officials have not identified the students in the video. silicon valley sending a new congressmen to congress. he unseated 8 term incumbent and fellow democrat mike honda. he smoke about how he plans to deal with the divisive climate in washington. >> as hillary clinton said, keep an open mind. we have the election and they are over and now we have to find some common ground. one area i was excited about was infrastructure spending. the president does propose infrastructure spending. let's find a way to make it work. >> he says mike honda called him and promised there would be a smooth transition. former los angeles mayor antonio announced he will run for governor of california.
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he will focus on rebuilding the middle class by investing in schools and repairing roads and bridges. the lieutenant governor already announced he's running along with state treasurer john chung. the election for governor of california is november 2018. san francisco will remain a sanctuary city despite donald trump being elected president. that's according to san francisco mayor ed lee. both san francisco and san jose are long standing sanctuary cities meaning their local authorities do not help federal immigration enforcement officers detain undocumented immigrants. if they are picked up for a low level crime. both mayors say they are committed to continuing their city's sanctuary status despite possible cuts to funding. >> our dna is in the sanctuary city. i've also known them to have welcomed, protected and made sure immigrant families succeed along with everybody else. >> donald trump has used the
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death of kate steinly in san francisco as a reason for tougher immigration laws. she was shot by an undocumented immigrant last year and trump says if sanctuary laws were done away with cities would be safer and he's threatened to withhold federal funding. as we mentioned, protests continued across the country over the election of donald trump. coming up at 5:00, the president-elect's reaction to the protests. also fans are mourning the death of leonard cohen, more on the life of this legendary songwriter. we have a commute that is still looking good for the most part. not a lot of traffic now. along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. already fog out there near the coast so watch out for that. that's the main thing this morning. we'll talk about friday's forecast and what's in store for the weekend.
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. a bay area father says his daughter was attacked at school because she supported donald trump on social media. this was chured on video. the girl wound up in the emergency room. her father says the family always kept their support for donald trump under wraps worried people might react negatively. you never imagine the family's political beliefs would lead to violence like this. >> it makes me sick to my stomach that someone can in this country and day can't voice their opinion publicly about who they like or dislike or what views they have or
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don't have. it's really a shame. we're just hopeful this won't have any long term ramifications on her and her ability to voice her opinion or do things that she feels is right. . >> now, that young student is doing better we're told. she's still shaken up. she didn't go to school yesterday and not sure if she will go back. the family plans to meet with school officials on monday. a state kie prak inhibitor was sentenced to five months probation. -- -- chiropractor. he's accused of inappropriately touching two patients at his office in concord. moon maintains it was part of a full body massage treatment. moon will be able to continue working as a kie cairo prak inhibitor but will have to have
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a chap roanoke -- -- chiropractor. leonard co-len hen was known as an influential songwriter. he was a native of canada but lived in la for many years. his career spanned six decades but he's best known for the song "hallelujah" and his album was just released last month. he's dead at the age of 82. it's 4:46. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> you know, i'm trying to figure out whether or not we're going to have a traffic jam today. >> i was thinking about that. traffic jams yes -- the little music segment we're going to have that. i'm talking about the traffic
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jam where people go beep beep. >> maybe not. >> yeah, because it's veterans day and people have the day off. we're hoping for a light commute on the roads. let's look at the tracy commute. a little but of slow traffic here but normally at this time we have more. normally when we go to the tracy commute every day at 4:45 i see more slow traffic in here and we don't. so that could be the first indicator things will be different on this veterans day. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza now. at 5:30 we're going to watch closely. it could be a sign that we won't have big back ups here today. at 280 in san jose getting up to highway 17 the traffic is looking good. the weather doesn't take holidays. this is weather every day -- rain or shine. >> that's correct. >> that was not an elegant way of saying it. >> i do indeed.
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thank you sir. we do have a change in our pattern here today. slightly cooler but still 70s on the temps and a bigger cool down middle of next week. here's a system approaching. i like to look at this because you see the lull near el paso and albuquerque. it won't be until late tonight and tomorrow. ahead of that a few high clouds and fog this morning than we have seen. so be careful out there. it's set up to be thick between 6:00 and 8:00. still increasing clouds on the north coast and rain up there for them but for us, trying to turn westerly at the airport but still off shore for most locations. that land to sea breeze is in place and our temperatures continue to be on the mild side. there are some changes. fairfield is 49 and 58 at sfo and oakland and san rafael in san francisco. south bay temps cool 49 and
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morgan hill is close. this is a weak system. i'm more inclined to say santa rosa north. mix of sun and clouds today and slightly cooler and light rain to the north. sere seriously the line here, by noon start seeing increasing clouds and tonight we'll cloud it up. on mendocino county on the coast, it falls apart overnight and by saturday we'll start to
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clear it up. sunday will be the better days but will be cooler in the upper 60s and 70s and rainfall is not that much. that might happen. so there's not much but watch the time line as we get to wednesday. that's our system that will make it for everybody. we're still four or five days away. 70s on the temps. morgan hill and goil roy, may be pushing it. partly cloudy by tonight and early saturday. sunday looks all right but there's fog. okay monday and tuesday and all eyes on wednesday for the rain. looks like it's coming in the afternoon not the morning. >> wednesday. >> correct. >> still looking for a rainy condition. >> trying to bring in additional systems into thanksgiving. trying. >> we need to know this. a lot of people are traveling. >> that is correct. >> anxiously looking for the forecast. >> so am i. >> we all are.
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4:50 is the time now. government weather forecasters say la nena has arrived bringing cooler conditions to the ocean -- -- nina. wetter weather in the pacific north west and rockies is what it brings. scientists say they do expect this will be a weak and short lived la nina with a 55% chance of it lasting through the winter. a busy weekend around the bay area. not only are we honoring the nation's military and veterans but there's mren the of events for you to to check out and enjoy with your family. -- -- plenty. here are a few items happening around the bay area. veterans day festivities happening in petaluma. the annual veterans day parade is happening on friday. watch as the clydesdales parade through the streets.
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the parade begins at 1:00. or you can head to san francisco for the mayors veterans day parade on sunday. it starts at 11:00 a.m. also in san francisco an international hip hop dance fest. it will feature performances by professional dance companies from all over the world. it will be at the palace of fine arts theater over the course of three days. in the bay view you will find a harvest festival filled with live food and pony rides. it's on saturday. the san mateo harvest festival returns to the event center. shoppers can find the best in hand made and embellished gifts, live entertainment and specialty foods. the festival runs friday through sunday. last stop, the east bay for the block party that will will fill the streets on saturday. the meet in the street block party starts at noon and parade at 5:30. warriors play at home and sharks are away.
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. that's your weekend watch. warriors fan relax. on wednesday stephen curry tweaked his ankle again but when we return -- he can still play. his offensive explosion last night in denver.
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0. welcome back, playing back
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to back nights can be gruelling in the nay especially if it's in the mile high altitude of denver. -- -- nba. stephen curry scored 33 points, still making it look easy. he overcome concerns about a tender ankle he suffered wednesday night against dallas. he was one of five warriors to score double figures. they now have won tree straight games and return to the court sunday night against the phoenix suns back here at home. the san jose sharks beat the florida panthers four two and making another stop in florida tomorrow night to play tampa bay. the game winning goal -- the sharks won the first two games. grab your cleats and shin pads, a new pro-soccer seam in the bay area is having tryouts.
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the san francisco deltas hosting open tryouts today and tomorrow starting at 9:00 in the morning. head to crocker amazon soccer field on moscow street in san francisco. the deltas have their first season starting next year. coming up on the 5:00-hour, imagine going for a hike and running into the first person you voted for president. we're going to tell you about this woman going out for a hike and how she happened to get a picture with hillary clinton. also an jose police are busy investigating a deadly crash that left a pedestrian dead. this happened right outside san jose city hall. we'll tell you what police are saying about the driver involved. good morning, we're looking at a commute and i'm not seeing a lot going on. this could be good news for you. what we're expecting on this veterans day.
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good news weather wise although there's thick fog forming. be careful. we'll talk about change tonight and tomorrow. slightly cooler but still nice.
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more vandalism late last night in downtown oakland. protestors marching through the streets, the third night of protests since election day ending with violence. good morning, it's friday november 11th, veterans day and i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve has the weather forecast. more fog. that's what i'm concerned about. there's some coast bay inland. thicker here today than we have seen most of the week. temperatures cooling down under partly sunny skies still above average. a slight decrease, mild


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