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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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more vandalism late last night in downtown oakland. protestors marching through the streets, the third night of protests since election day ending with violence. good morning, it's friday november 11th, veterans day and i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve has the weather forecast. more fog. that's what i'm concerned about. there's some coast bay inland. thicker here today than we have seen most of the week. temperatures cooling down under partly sunny skies still above average. a slight decrease, mild and
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hazy. or mazy, whatever you want to call it. mid level clouds out there. very cool looking. a couple of people wrote me and asked what they were looking at. still a slight northerly breeze, 40s and 50s and 60s. if you get the off shore breeze it's cool for some. upper 40s and 60s in san rafael. clouds will increase for the north tonight. later today a mix of sun and clouds. 70s on the temps and will cloud up by this evening. rain will be light and stay san rosa north for most by tomorrow morning. sal, it's 5:01 you said you were looking at your screen. >> morning fog and sun then clouds. >> that's my epitaph. >> one of them anyway. >> patchy fog, otherwise fair.
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>> that's nice. i like that. i can see the traffic will be lighter. slow traffic coming on 205 and 580 on a friday. today is veterans day and some people have the day off. this would be interstate 880 and oakland. you can see traffic is moving along very well in both directions. no major problems. i look at twitter when i'm doing this. i have my finger on the pulse. let's go back to dave and pam. topping our news this morning, oakland police are opt scene of a homicide and a fire
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near 98th happening early this morning. fire officials reported to the 94th block of dunbar this morning. we're hearing again as many as three people may have been killed in the incident. our cameras were on scene as first responders tried to revive at least one victim. they were unsuccessful. very little information about that suspect at this time or why they have been tied to the scene. the latest word we have is police are questioning the one individual in connection with this fire and homicide.
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coming out to our live shot, you might be able to see that again. the scene here still core donned off and most homes still dark. we're waiting to speak with a lieutenant or sergeant. we have seen multiple homicide investigators here on seen. we're looking to get more details about this incident. these firefighters discovered multiple victims down hoping to get more information about the chain of events and more about the suspect they're questioning at this hour. >> it's such a tough scene for them to come upon early this morning. time is now 5:04. continuing our ko raj of the anti donald trump demonstrations in the bay area. >> some other folks started to express their rage in a different way and that's the only conversation people want to have. they don't want to have the conversation about why people are angry in the first place. >> the third straight night of
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protests, about a thousand people marched in oakland. once it ended after 8:00 small groups splintered off and that's when the trouble started. they vandalized seven businesses including an audi dealership breaking windows and damaged at least one car. oakland police arrested at least 11 people and issued seven citations. about 100 protestors also blocked traffic on eastbound interstate 80 near telegraph. coming up at 5:30 more on this story in a live report. the trump administration is starting to take shape even as we speak. >> the president-elect transition team is rushing to put together an executive branch with this happening as protests continue around the country. doug has the story. >> reporter: some of trump's
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political opponents refuse to accept the outcome of the election. protests quickly spun out of control in pord land where an angry crowd lashed out at election results. >> how many days do you think this will go on? >> four years. >> there were similar protests in california, washington d.c., and some protestors wound up in front of trump towers in new york where trump responded on twitter. ." just had an open and successful presidential and now profession professional protestors are protesting. very unfair.". >> here we go. . >> even the white house called for restraints. >> the president wanted them to hear his message of reconciliation. trump met with obama at the white house and incoming first lady spent time with ms. obama. >> we now are going to do
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everything we can to help you succeed. if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a grat honor being with you and look forward to being with you many many more times in the future. >> trump also got a tour from capital hill overlooking where his inauguration will take place in january. his campaign staff still at work. >> this is donald trump's presidency and cabinet and senior team to name. the major criteria will be loyalty to him. >> even in this transition period, trump is still defying convention angering some in the media for refusing to allow a contention of reporters to follow him as he traveled to washington yesterday. of course on our website,, you will find the full video of president obama and president-elect trump after their meeting. you can find that under
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westbound links. the time is 5:07. a look at one woman's chance unexpected meeting with hillary clinton. she posted this photo on her facebook. he was heart broken over the outcome of the election so she decided to relax and take a hike in one of her favorite spots in new york where hillary clinton lives. she says she stepped into a clearing and there was hillary clinton and bill clinton. she hugged mrs. clin tennessee ton and said she was proud to vote for her and it was bill clinton who took the photo. so far more than 2 million people have signed a petition on calling on the electoral college to make hillary clinton president. clinton still holds a slim lead in the popular vote of about 280,000 votes out of 120 million votes. the petition calls on the electoral college to back clinton even though donald trump won enough to become
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president. there's another petition on move calling for the electoral college to be abolished. in order for the electoral college to be abolished it would take a two-thirds vote from the house and senate. 11 states including california have pledged to give their vets to the winner of the national popular vote. so far, no sign of the movement spreading nationwide. an jose police are investigating a suspected drunk driving crash outside city hall. one person walking was killed and a television news crew was injured. it happened late yesterday afternoon at fourth and santa clara street. police say a suspected drunk driver in a white pick up truck caused a three car collision. an elderly man walking in front of a news van parked outside suffered minor injuries. >> it's even more upsetting to
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realize there's so many pedestrians in a dense area and a lot of vehicular traffic and obviously something bad happened here and caused a collision and very possible the pedestrian was an innocent victim. >> investigators say the driver of a car involved in this crash was not hurt. our time is 5:10 police searching for three people who went on on a crime spree wednesday night. they first tried to take one's wallet but the victim ran away. minutes later the attackers grabbed another person's cell phone on berkley way and hit the victim on the head. minutes after that attack, the three took the backpack from a victim on spruce street. . ten minutes after 5:00, today is veterans day and the country is honoring the servicemen and women who are serving or who have served our country. coming up, we're going to tell you how president obama as well as people in the bay area will
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mark today. some say grid lock on surface streets is being caused by apps such as wayz. the changes one city is making to prevent that. good morning, we are looking at the south bay commute right now. there it is northbound 280 on the right doesn't look bad on the way to the west valley. fog out there, more so than we have seen most mornings this week. a mix of sun and clouds today. we'll talk about tonight and tomorrow to see if the front will make it.
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. some bay area city leaders say some apps are creating more traffic. >> fremont city officials have a way they think will reduce traffic jams. what is the city doing? >> reporter: well, they're trying to figure out how to prevent the grid lock from happening. what is happening is that there's congestion and a lot of back up on 680. people are going on to the app wayz or google maps and they are telling them to get off the freeway and use these side streets so fremont city officials have been talking to
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wayz about how to stop these freeway drivers from cutting through the service streets and hopping on the interstate and the city is starting a pilot program and implementing left and right hand turn restrictions on certain streets near mission boulevard. the signs are up. we saw some this morning. they're telling motorists they can't make a turn during afternoon commute hours from 3:00 to 7:00. the public works team is relaying street restrictions to wayz as well as google so the apps can incorporate that when plotting routes for drivers. the restrictions go into effect on monday. we know apps are redirecting congestion in other bay city areas. it will be interesting to see if they make the changes as well. . 5:15 is the time. get ready for traffic delays in downtown san francisco later tonight. major changes are coming to van
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na. vanna. the simulation of what it will look like starting at 10:00 tonight, work will begin to reconfigure the lane at most intersections. most left turn lanes will permanently be removed. the number of traffic lanes will be reduced from 3-2 in east direction starting on monday. overnight work is expected to continue all the way until the end of the year. it's part of a major reconstruction that will eventually have dedicated bus only lanes running down the middle of the street. >> it's going to be major. >> they're trying to make it easier and safer for pedestrians in the city as well. so there's a lot of work going on. >> sal is following our commute. why are you making him work today? there's nobody out there. >> well, i'm here and also here to add a bit about the transportation issues. there are bus only lanes have personally seen. denver has them and london has
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them. >> how does it work? >> it works well. almost like having a rail road track because no one else is on and the bus can get through the traffic. so the traffic does its own thing. fewer lains for cars and fewer people rely on transit. . good morning, let's go to the gilroy commute. traffic is moving along well if you're driving from gilroy to san jose. dave was kidding but he's kind of right. there are fewer people out there because today is veterans today and people have the day off. some government buildings and offices will be closed. let's take a look at live pictures. 280 off the road looks good. hoping to have a light commute today as you drive into the south bay and also at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. we focus at 5:30 on the bay bridge buzz because the metering lights go on. about 12 minutes away from finding out what we get at the bay bridge. let's bring steve in with today's weather. good morning, happy friday out there. we have a bit more fog here this morning. not just one area -- seems to be coast bay and inland. there's thick pockets that i think will get thicker around 6:30. happy veterans day, 52 degrees and clear. no fog yet. it was warm and humid yesterday in the south bay. san jose was 78 degrees. there were some low 80s around gilroy over to watsonville. there were mugginess for sure. hazy friday here. partly sunny clouds in the mix and temps still above average but 72-76 bay inland and cooler weather with the addition of
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clouds as well. a big low churning in texas and new mexico and northern new mexico. our system is on the way but it's getting weaker and weaker yet it will send in high clouds at times. a mix of sun and clouds. a little band right there favoring the coast. north increasing clouds but not much in the way of rain expected out of the system until late tonight and tomorrow. slight easterly components, 40s for some and 40s 50s and 60s. east bay temps, i would be cautious around ig nba sha valley road. also around san ramon, be careful. that's going to pop up quick. 30 in truckee and 48 in ukiah. it's lifting and signs pointing towards increasing clouds and cooler temperatures by late tonight and tomorrow. it's a very weak system and not much there. so morning fog, hazy skies and high clouds and mid level clouds. the system is dragging light
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rain santa rosa north. maybe some drizzle from san francisco but that will do it. watch what happens when you head towards next tuesday. that will be a good system coming in next wednesday. until then, a little teaser system here. 60s and 70s on the temps. inching downward now. napa airport, 80 degrees and cooler into saturday. sunday looks okay and okay monday and tuesday. by wednesday i think we have rain in the picture up sere moon is monday morning i think 5:52 in the morning. >> that's not good. >> no we'll see it. closest since 1948. >> so it will look really big. >> you will be like what? who is behind me. >> i can't wait. i love it when we have the super moon. >> very pretty. >> yeah, monday evening?
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>> no, monday morning. it's 5:21. in san francisco last night a grand opening for the 50th transgender film festival. organizers say it was the world transgender film festival and now the longest running. they say the festival gives film makers a place to tell authentic stories about the diversity and complexity about transgender lives. it's at the roxie theater on 16th street. congratulations in west sacramento, the c hksp welcomed four new police dogs to the force. four canines graduated from the academy and went through 15 weeks of intense training. they now head to various divisions all around the state. the chp canine program is very selective and expensive.
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the dogs can cost thousands of dollars. the state of california helps pay that bill. it's 5:22. amazon always trying to get something new for their customers. up next, how some people in the bay area can get food delivered to their door in one hour. but there is a catch.
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protestors in front of wells fargo dmending that they stop funding that pipeline project. wells fargo invested more than $467 million in the pipeline in north dakota. they say the pipeline threatens the water supply in the region and also spoil the lands of the native americans. now people can make payments to county and state departments online. you can pay for everything from property taxes and fees. the county will add more in the future including for business licenses, contractor permits and various taxes. the time is 5:25. amazon is teaming up with
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restaurants in the south bay. it will be offering free one hour delivery for more than 100 raupts but there's a catch. you have to be an amazon prime member. amazon's competitor door dash has similar partnerships with hundreds of restaurants. no word on if amazon will expand in the future. we are now getting a better idea just how many people showed up to vote on election day. coming up, we're going to break down the numbers for you and tell you why one political expert thinks the turn out was not as high as some may have thought. plus, we saw another night of heated protests in downtown oakland as people voiced their displeasure with president- elect donald trump. we'll show you the damage that was done in the area to businesses and also tell you about the people who were arrested by police. good morning, we are looking at a commute that might be a little lighter than usual. i'm taking a look at the bay bridge now and we'll see in just a few moments whether or
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not there's enough traffic for them to switch on meetering lights. on this friday, more in the way of morning fog so watch out for reduced visibility. not a bad friday. not as warm as yesterday, changing for late tonight and tomorrow coming up.
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0. welcome back. these are live pictures. this is the aldi dealership in
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oakland damaged last night in street protests. the cameras show you the damage. it was third night of violence after the election of president- elect donald trump. we have a live report on everything that has been happening during the night in just a couple minutes. welcome back, with us on mornings on two, friday november 11th and it's veterans day. time now is 5:30. i'm pam cook. >> what time is it? >> 5:30. >> 5:30. >> already? ? >> yeah, all right. quiet day out there. i know sal is keeping an eye on it. i wouldn't be surprised if a traffic camera shows up soon. it will be a partly sunny day.
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this is sash sf saying it was 75 75 degrees at ocean beach. yesterday was 75. that's juno by the way. hello, juno juno likes the beach. 68 is warm air aloft. has to break down first. subtle changes late night and tomorrow. a weak system dragging across high mid level clouds as well. the northerly breeze and easterly breeze is trying to turn westerly on the san mateo coast. there's a good spread on these temps. lot al altos hills 58.
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there are warm and cool air and this system doesn't have much of a chance. it gives us rain late tonight early tomorrow. 60s and 70s. it was a nice day yesterday. >> really? >> 75. >> i like that. >> sunny and 75 like my parents. beautiful. . >> are you here all week? [ laughter ] today is friday. good morning, let's look at the commute now. westbound 80 as you drive to the bridge, looks good and we haven't noticed the slow traffic as you drive past vallejo. lighter than usual. now then, looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do not have a big crowd as we normally do. it's veterans day and some people do have the day off. government workers and some government buildings and even some banks are closed today. so i think it will be lighter than usual. moving on to 280 in san jose,
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northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, that traffic is looking good. at 5:30 looks like there's a police car there. at 5:33 back to the desk. new from overnight, more businesses in oakland were vandalized during a third straight night of protests against president-elect donald trump. oakland police were out trying to prevent further vandalism and street violence. oakland city leaders say they do understand the frustrations and sadness felt by anti trump demonstrators. >> city officials say it's no excuse for the damage caused to local businesses. alex savage is in downtown oakland now looking at and showing us the latest vandalism. >> yeah, good morning to you guys. city leaders here in oakland and the police department had asked for things to remain calm but that did not happen here during a third straight night of anti trump demonstrations.
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we're outside the audi dealership and you see these big windows out front smashed out during last night demonstration and we'll show you inside too, you can see one of the cars inside was also vandalized as well. a lot of clean up here. this is one of seven businesses damaged during last night's protests. authorities say things got out of hand when a small group broke away from the larger demonstration late in the night. for a short time there were 100 protests blocking traffic on 580 near telegraph avenue. authorities got the group off the freeway. oakland police wound up arresting 11 people and citing seven others. the possible charges for the people arrested range from assaulting an officer, vandalism, failure to disperse.
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0. >> reporter: thousands of people march through downtown saying they are fearful for what trump organization and what it means for them. the message is getting overshadowed by the violent actions of people says one protestors. >> now it's the only conversation people want to have -- they don't want to have the conversation about why people are angry in the first place. >> reporter: at one point last night tlfts tier gas used on the crowd to help get things under control. in the end, nobody was hurt during the demonstrations and the some of the vandalism and violence that followed -- a lot of clean up to do though for many folks and business owners here in downtown oakland. quite a few businesses damaged and those folks frustrated by
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what happened. the police department no doubt frustrated as well and everybody is bracing for the next round of protests. >> alex savage in downtown oakland, thank you. it's veterans day and we celebrate the men and women of the military. pom for the last time before leaving the white house will host a breakfast this morning honoring veterans and families. then the president heads to arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. here in the bay area there are several events honoring veterans. petaluma hosts northern california largest veterans day parade starting at 1:00 p.m. in walnut park. there's a ceremony in san jose at 10:30 followed by another parade at noon start on santa clara street.
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many more veterans day events listed on our channel two website, check it out. president-elect donald trump repeatedly promised to help america's veterans during the campaign and his promises were on the minds of many of the 100 veterans attending a special job fair yesterday held on board the uss hornet in alameda. they hope he keeps his word and helps those who serve in the america's military. >> when our military folks go away to fight the good fight, they're left at home taking care of the kids and families. so government i would hope would be able to help supplement the asis stance for the families as well. >> once you're out of the military you're on your own and that has to stop. that lets people come out and generate problems on their own exit polls show veterans supported trump by a 2-1 margin
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in the race for the white house. many bay area students skipped school yesterday as part of a protests against president-elect donald trump. 0. >> this was the scene in san francisco, about 2,000 students from at least ten different high schools walking out of class hitting the streets. they marched through several neighborhoods. san francisco police say the protests were peaceful. meantime in pleasant hill a protests turned violent. two teachers were involved in a fight with a student at college park high school. that confrontation caught on this cell phone video. one teacher and student were seen fighting in the hallway while another teacher tried to break it up. it all happened when 100 protesting students from other area schools came on the college park campus trying to recruit other students. >> that teacher and the other teacher that got punched were trying to block the halls from
5:39 am
protests trying to get in but it didn't work out. >> school officials used a loud speaker warning them to be peaceful. then they put the school in lock down mode shutting the doors to the classroom and that's when the fight broke out. school officials have not identified the students we saw in the video. silicon valley is sending a new representative to congress and he says he's ready. he won almost 60% of the vote, khanna. he visited ed ktvu yesterday. >> as hillary clinton said, keep an open mind. we have elections and they are over and now now we have to find common ground. one area i was excited about was infrastructure. the president wants to impose an increase in spending.
5:40 am
ing. only about half of the eligible voters in the u.s. actually voted on election day accord to go the nonpartisan u.s. elections project, 231 (23) 100-0000 americans are eligible to vote. 126 million chose to vote for president. 105 million did not. that is why president-elect trump ended up with 60 million votes and secretary clinton lightly more with 670.4 million. >> people are not really convinced that politics makes a difference in their lives. >> california's turn out was below the national average. 9 million people in california voted this year. that's about 35% of the registered voters and there are still thousands of mail-in ballots in the bay area that have not yet been counted.
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when we come back, we'll talk about a girl who was attacked at a bay area high school over social media posts in support of the donald trump. up next, i'll show you the beating captured on cell phone video and the reaction from her father. good morning, we still see traffic that is just a little better than normal as you drive to the mcarthur maze. >> it will be good. a warm week but looks slightly cooler for today. we'll talk about that and fog in the mix as well.
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a fof mother wound up in the emergency room. her father says they kept their support for trump under wraps concerned people may react negatively. he never imagined the beliefs would lead to violence like this. >> it makes me sick to my stomach that someone in this country and day can't voice their opinion publicly about who they like or dislike or what views they have or what views they don't have. we just hope this won't have long term ramifications on her or do things she feels is right. . >> she is doing better although still shaken up. his daughter did not go to school yesterday and not sure if she will go back at all.
5:45 am
they plan to meet with school officials the on monday. now to a story of survey value. we told you about the horrific accident that nearly killed a 12 year old girl from daly city. her doctors say it's amazing she's still alive. >> today she's almost fully recovered and just turned 13. she's grateful to the medical team who saved her life. >> it's fun to me. >> she's painting a picture of an owl. she says she likes the animals wisdom. she likes the characteristics of a drr who saves her life. >> it's like getting your mind off the things that make you feel sad. or mad. >> kiley says she's sad when she thinks about the accident that nearly killed her on august third. 3rd. she and her grandmother were walking out when they were hit by a black bmw.
5:46 am
the grandma suffered minor injuries and coyly was rushed to sf general with traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, blood clots and fractured pelvis and broken bones. >> not much hope. i hate to say it but we just keep the hope going. >> reporter: kevin chin is raising kiley as a single dad and he knew her chance of survival was slim. she underwent two back to back surgeries it appeared she was going to pull through. she credited her medical team for saving her life. >> we got to her early and very aggressive. it was great the day after surgery when she started moving everything around. >> neurorow surgeon says kiley was spirited in her fight for survival pulling out her iv tubes, signs she was able to move despite her injuries. physical therapy followed and took three weeks wfr kiley
5:47 am
could sit up. it wasn't long before she could walk. >> hard work we do here taking care of patients but patients like kiley mick it worth it. this is beautiful. >> this afternoon kiley gifted one of her neurorow surgeons with an acrylic painting she made of a phoenix rising from the ashes. >> thank you so much. >> she wears a helmet at times to pr tekt her head. she will need another surgery in a month to replace a bone in our skull that removed to relieve pressure in her brain after the accident. she proudly shows us her scars i think the scars show who i am and what happened to me will get better. >> it's hard to bloef but it's happening. any day she's with me and i keep thinking is this for real
5:48 am
or not? >> amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> what a great attitude she has. she hopes to go back to school in january and she says she does have trouble with her memory but she's putting the accident behind her and grateful for a second chance at life. the time is 5:48. we love steve but the government weather forkers are saying also la nina has arrived. it brings colder temperatures to the central pacific and that usually means warmer, drier weather here in california and wetter weather in the pacific northwest and rockies. scientists say they expect this will be a weekend short lived la nina a 55% chance of it lasting through the winter. >> steve will cover that. 5:48 is the time now. sal is covering traffic which looks light because of veterans day. >> i'm looking around and one of the things i watch at this time is the tracy super
5:49 am
commute. i want to go to it because normally we look at this commute and we see a lot of stop and go traffic right through here and today it's green. mostly at this time it's deep red. we have speeds that are very slow and today we're not seeing that. that's quite frankly because a lot of people have the day off. not everyone but a lot of people on veterans day, a lot of government workers and banks and institutions are closed. that's going to make it easier for those who do have to go to work today. if you're driving into the liver metro valley, not bad. . -- -- livermore. on the bay bridge there's a little bit of back up in the middle lanes. in san jose at one of the bay areas busiest commutes this looks good driving up on the freeways not only on 280 but 101 and 85. again, we're hoping for a better than usual day in the
5:50 am
traffic department. for the weather department here's steve. dave and i both notice lighter traffic today compared to yesterday. >> got it. we do have areas of fog out there. it will thicken up over the next couple of hours and hazy sunshine today. a system bringing light rain i think late tonight and tomorrow but more likely around san rafael north. so 60s now and 70s and it's been a gloirs week along much of the coast but cooler today as the system gets closer. high mid level clouds over us yesterday and a few again today. morning sun i believe that's jesse collins. my friend denise in fremont knows what i'm talking about. nofrth and east breeze trying to turn westerly at half moon bay. it's been a tall order the last couple of days. nothing but an easterly breeze
5:51 am
and there's a component in the delta at the napa airport. not too many people hang out there but boy, has it been hot this week. also down in santa cruise and watsonville, very warm. we're starting off with 40s, 50s and 60s. there's cool readings. morgan hill checking in at 49. 47 at lower elevations. you get up a couple thousand feet and 64. that's very warm air aloft. 52 and 53. stephanie writes me from apptos and says it's been hot this week. 80 is hot for november, let's face it. our system is giving us a cool down tonight and tomorrow. this is a weak system. maren county north, looking
5:52 am
weak. .02 for drizzle in the mix. tuesday and wednesday, that's the system i have been talking about on its way. not until next wednesday though. 70s and 60s easing up on the highs but still above average. mostly cloudy tonight into saturday. light rain north except for fog sunday and monday, most of tuesday looking good and then rain wednesday. okay good morning, we have "morning sun" by jesse collins. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . the time is 5:52 remember when stephen curry once again tweaked his ankle on wednesday giving us all a scare? last night he proves he's okay. he's really okay. you're going to see how he shot the lights out in denver.
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last night the warriors beat the denver nuggets 125-is 01. stephen curry went wild -- --
5:56 am
125-101. he was one of five warrior players in double figures. the warriors have now one three straight games and return to the court sunday night playing phoenix at oracle. grab your cleats and shin pads. a new professional soccer team in the bay area is having tryouts. open tryouts are today and tomorrow and starts at 9:00 in the morning. the deltas will have their first season starting next year. after years of declining revenue, a north bay golf course shutting down. adobe creek is closing down. i'm sad about it but because i like to play there. they say inkraes inlabor and expenses are playing a role in the decision to close the 18 course hole. it will affect about 25 part-
5:57 am
time and full-time employees. future plans for the property remain unclear. >> talk to them, pam. >> i hope somebody will buy it. it's unfortunate for the homes there too. the value of their house could be affected. >> tell steve to buy it. >> steve, let's buy a golf course. still ahead, busy freeways have some drivers using city streets in fremont trying to cut down on commute time. new information about a move by the city of fremont that keeps drivers off the streets. an overnight fire in oakland has led to a shooting investigation. we'll have the latest on several people found dead. a reporter on the scene. good morning, looking at conditions that are a little better than normal. still have a little bit of crowding here on highway four heading up to the willow pass. i'm putting your friday forecast on a tease. mostly fair skies but watch out
5:58 am
for fog in your weekend as well.
5:59 am
multiple victims down and a mysterious fire, the latest
6:00 am
details underway in oakland. dozens of people took to the streets opposing a donald trump presidency. hear what the president-elect has to say about the protests. mornings on 2 continues. good morning, thank you for joining us. veterans day look at that, the sun is rising and starting to see the nice colors of the sunrise. looks like it will be a pretty nice day. friday november 11th, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is right over there. >> it will be a nice day. been a warm week for us for november. most of the country is warm here today. southern california has been hot and 90s this week. upper 70s and 80s and it will be nice today. mostly sunny skies and a cool band of mid level clouds going by yesterday. we'll get a break until our


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