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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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details underway in oakland. dozens of people took to the streets opposing a donald trump presidency. hear what the president-elect has to say about the protests. mornings on 2 continues. good morning, thank you for joining us. veterans day look at that, the sun is rising and starting to see the nice colors of the sunrise. looks like it will be a pretty nice day. friday november 11th, i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is right over there. >> it will be a nice day. been a warm week for us for november. most of the country is warm here today. southern california has been hot and 90s this week. upper 70s and 80s and it will be nice today. mostly sunny skies and a cool band of mid level clouds going by yesterday. we'll get a break until our
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front arrives and that's not really until later in the afternoon. the rain looks very light to me. even on the north coast getting increasing clouds so mostly cloudy and mostly sunny skies here. easterly breeze northeast and that hasn't changed. kensington 63 at northwest napa. low foiflts and also petaluma -- -- 50s. look for hazy skies and thick fog morning fog. 60s and 70s on temps. still above average but coming down a couple degrees there. >> a couple degrees and you said it's going to be cloudy later today. >> late tonight saturday and cooler until next wednesday. 0. >> thank you steve. people want to know that and steve is here to tell us.
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traffic is lighter than usual. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and it's lighter than usual. we're looking at highway four. we will talk about the bay bridge toll plaza in just a second. even here on highway four there seems to be more room. that's because today is veterans day and some people have the day off. if you are to go to work at least you will see that it's just a little lighter. we'll see how long this lasts but it is looking good. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving along well, no major issues. i want to mention all the bridges now including the bay bridge look light as opposed to what you would normally see. you see traffic is light and we have been looking at the other freeways, 880 and 680 looking good. this is not typical so enjoy it but drive responsibly. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. we begin our 6:00-hour with
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developing news. oakland police are on the scene of a homicide which started out as a fire near 98th and san lean dro. 0. >> police officers have told me that officers were called to the 9400-block of dunbar on a report of shots fired in the area. they found one victim down and smoke coming out of a nearby garage. once fire crews arrived, they found two more victims. there's at least one female victim in this incident. our cameras were on scene as first responders tried to revive a victim. they were unsec ft in that attempt.
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homicide investigators helicopter to go over the scene as you take a look at a live shot, more officers arrived in 10-15 minutes here on scene. the homicide investigators have been going around the block. this area where the incident happened, we have seen officers down elling ton way as well conducting an extensive search in the area. at this point unclear exactly what they're still looking for but we do again have one suspect apparently in custody. three victims dead here at the scene. a mysterious fire and investigators trying to come up
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with a narrative as to exactly what happened in this neighborhood. 0. >> president-elect donald trump tweeted out what he would do today. he said "busy day planned in new york, will soon be making important decisions on the people who will be running our government." all this follows trump's meeting yesterday at the white house with president obama. trump also met with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader er mim ip minkmitch er mitch mcconnell. >> it's his senior name to team. the major criteria is loyal to him.
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>> he's still actoring the media not letting the contention of reporters follow him as he traveled to washington d.c. yesterday. on our website, you will have find the video of president-elect trump and obama and the comments after their meeting under westbound links. continuing our coverage of the anti donald trump demonstrations here in the bay area. 0. >> about a thousand marched nd downtown oakland. the rally stayed peaceful but once it ended after 8:00 small groups of demonstrators splintered off and that's when the trouble started. they vandalized seven businesses including an audi dealership. oakland police arrested 11 people and issued seven
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citations. about 100 protests protestors 100 protestors blocked i-80 more on the story and the damage done in a live report. protests turned into riots in portland oregon early this morning. two-dozen people were arrested after people began smashing windows and looting. one tense moment caught on camera. 0. >> what he is saying there is "i didn't vote for trump, why are you coming at me? "it appears he's standing in frnt of a condominium lobby and trying to ward off vandals. donald trump commented about the protests this morning. he tweeted out "love the fact the small group of protestors
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last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud". first lady michelle obama and melania trump met at the white house. they talked about their children and raising them in the white house. they also toured the first family's private residence. when the trumps move in they will also bring something the white house has not seen in 50 years -- a young son. only presidential daughters have lived in the white house. ten-year old baron trump will be the first son to live in the white house since john f. kennedy jr.. a look at one woman's chance meeting with hillary clinton. she says she buzz heart broken over the outcome of the presidential election so she decided to relax and take a hike yesterday in one of her
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favorite spots in new york where the clintons also live and she says she stepped into a clearing and saw bill and hillary clinton. she hugged clinton and said she was proud to vote for her and by the way, bill clinton took the photo. the time is 6:09 suspected drunk driver is in jail now after a deadly chain reaction crash happened outside city hall involving three vehicles including a tv news van. it happened yesterday afternoon at 4th and santa clara street. a man was walking outside was killed. two members of a tv news crew were hurt in a crash involving a suspected drunk driver in a white pick up truck. that pedestrian described only as an elderly man was pronounced dead there at the scene. it's even more upsetting to realize you have so many pedestrians in a dense area and a lot of vehicular traffic and obviously something bad happened here and caused a collision and very possible the
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pedestrian was just an innocent victim. >> tv news reporter and camera man suffered minor injuries. the driver of the car involved in the crash was not hurt. a man assaulted in san jose last april has died from his injuries months after the attack. the 48-year old was expected to survive but his condition worsened and he did not recover. officers arrested 40-year old james in april for the assault. investigators have not mentioned a possible motive but the santa clara county main jail website lists him as being held without bail. berkley police looking for three people who went on a crime spree wednesday night. they first tried to take someone's wallet but the victim ran off. minutes later the attackers grabbed a person's cell phone and hit that victim on the head. minutes after the attack the three people took a backpack from someone on spruce street. the suspects are described as a
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man and two women in their late teens. the time is 6:11 in florida. the orange county office released more body camera video from the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. >> in one video a deputy is seen preparing stretchers near the side of the nightclub where a swat team moved in to rescue trapped victims. several people inside the number were able to escape. these are the latest videos released in the aftermath of the shooting back in june. 49 people were killed and 53 others wounded. yesterday a judge ruled the city of orlando should release many of the 911 calls made during that mass shooting. it's 11 minutes after 6:00. it affected 500-0000 yahoo users. the new information we're learning about the investigation into what's being called the world's largest data
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breach. we're live in the beast east bay where city leaders are trying something new aimed at preventing grid lock during the commute hours. we'll tell you how they're working with mapping apps like wayz. ♪
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. welcome back. in fremont city leaders are traying something to new to help prevent traffic matters.
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you're in fremont so what are they trying? >> well, they're trying this new pilot program aimed at easing congestion. we are here along mission boulevard and this is one of the streets that gets clogged up especially during the afternoon commute. people are using those apps telling them to use these side streets to get on to the freeways like interstate 680. fremont city leaders are seeing that it's causing a traffic mess. . >> they hope this stops freeway drivers from cutting through service streets in certain neighborhoods and hopping back on to the interstate. the signs are up telling motorists they can't mauk a turn during afternoon commute hours from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. we talked to a driver this morning who was stuck in the
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grid lock. here's what she had to say. >> that's a good idea. the commuters should stick to the freeways so that people that live in the area are able to get where they need to go in case of emergencies. >> the public works team is relaying all the new turn restrictions to wayz so the apps can incorporate them when plotting routes for drivers. we know they are directing on service streets and causing congestion. we could see other cities trying this approach as well. just have to wait and see if that happens. >> okay, in fremont, thank you jenenie. get ready for traffic delays in downtown san francisco later tonight. the work begins to reconfigure lanes.
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a number of traffic lanes will be reduced from 3:00 to 2:00 in each direction starting monday. overnight work is expected to go on until the end of the year. all part of a major reconstruction of van ness avenue that will eventually have dedicated bus only lanes running right down the middle of the street. 0. >> i personally have ridden on these other bus lanes areas, the one that sticks out in my mind is denver. they have the whole area set up in the downtown where streets were fusses only and it seems to work well so we're optimistic. let's take a look at the commute here as you drive on highway 4 four westbound. looks like it's okay. we do have an accident on
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highway four westbound at mc kuen. it's an injury crash and they have sent emergency teams there. in general, the commute is a little bit better than normal buzz of this veterans day, a little bit better and most of these commutes don't have wrecks and seeing traffic lighter. let's go to the bay bridge. same thing there. there's a back up, just not as bad as it normally is getting on the bridge should take you less. looking at the busiest commutes to try and find slow traffic if there is any and i don't see a lot here. traffic on interstate 580 looking good to castro valley. . >> san mateo bridge also looking good. uf to a good start on this friday. 6:18 let's go to steve. breaking news to see green on 580 at this time of the morning yes, sir, by now on a regular friday you would see more slow traffic. >> thank you sir.
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mostly sunny skies today. clouds on their way but it will take until tonight and saturday to see most of them. still mid 70s. upper 70s but probably not in the 80s. the coast starting off nice but not as nice as yesterday. still very cool. lubbock, el paso and albuquerque moving there. our system is inching closer but out ahead of that a few band of high clouds and areas of fog. you can see the break there. mostly sunny skies and clouds increasing. we do get still a slight off- shore breeze that's trying to turn southerly and westerly for a few. even on the north coast clouds are increasing but the rain is far away heading north. if you're watching us up there, you're good until later this
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afternoon, off shore northeast although there are signs it's beginning to change westerly for a few. not inland though. napa airport has been warm. watsonville is the hot spot this week. 50s on the techs and upper foiftsdz and 60s and a few 40s showing up. danville in there along with walnut creek and bub lynn. close for some, watch out for fog around san ramon out around those pockets. be careful. 76 in lv. increasing clouds later in truckee but a ways to go. this is a weak system. 0 today hazy sunshine and this won't cool us down. any rain will be light. a little bit could sneak down to the golden gate. not so much that system. you can see the moisture moving
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in. lookings like wednesday evening will be better. the system coming in tonight, there it is falling apart overnight. mendocino county by saturday and noon should start to kick out and sunday looks good. maybe slightly warmer but not too much. overall, 70s for many today. normal 64 to 67. we have been above for a long time. continuing today but not as much wednesday or thursday but still at 78 for gilroy. does look coer in skruz today -- -- santa cruz. fake political news circulating on facebook. at 6:30 hear what facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says about how these stories influenced the election.
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where you can snag some futuristic shades.
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this is "living in america" by james brown. since facebook has a real names policy that's his name -- "naturally-lovable thorn". i don't believe that. today our theme is songs with "america" or usa in the title for veterans. . >> all right, thank you. new documents show yahoo waited 18 months to investigate the hack attack back in 2014 that affected 5 million yahoo users. they are now investigating who the company knew about the breach and is reassuring users that the hacker no longer has access. it's considered the world's
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largest data breach and could threaten verse's $5 billion act situation of yahoo. snapchat is selling camera equipped sunglasses. a smiling yellow vending machine popped up in venice beach in la. you like that. let's go on and talk about it. glasses cost about $130 and have built-in wireless video cameras similar to google glass with' small camera in the corner. they connect directly to the snapchat app by bluetooth or wifi. >> a little hint -- they changed the brand to 'snap ink". they are branching out. certainly very popular. 6:26 is the time. today is veterans day and we have more on the events on norring those who serve and continue to fight for our country. brap
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. >> a number of businesses damaged here in downtown oakland after a third straight night of anti-trump protests in the city. we'll tell you about the businesses vandalized and the people who were arrested by police. .
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coming up at 6:30, i'm pam cook. i love to hear from people who have moved around the country but they still watch us. they go on facebook and our website and stream us and watch us and bob fletcher watching us well good morning. >> i had a lady from key west florida say i'm watching you guys right now. >> we have neder box from arkansas. he's probably up this morning.
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>> yeah, sorry i have to look up his first name. as i mentioned a while ago, along with dave there was a layer of fog hanging around lafayette. it's settling in nicely. that's not the only place. petaluma is one. there's some towards san ramon and where you are as well. that fog is better today. waiting on it, still has a way to go. slight on shore breeze so that's bringing fog back to the coast. cooler there although it hasn't made it to the bay yet. 40s and 60s, still rebounding in the upper 40s on the peninsula. loss alto hills 58. san carlos 57. it will slow down but increasing clouds later this afternoon and tonight. light rain from san rafael
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north. early but i don't think there's much to it by saturday. 60s and 70s today. watch out for the fog. >> some of our cameras are showing it too. i look over here at the back up camera and i see some of them we can't use because of fog. let's go to the east shore freeway. we see the east shore well at least this portion between berkley and the mcarthur maze doesn't look bad. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad either and it's definitely lighter than usual. a little bit of a crowd but not the typical delay. a lot of people do have veterans day off. looking at the commute in san jose, usually by now a lot more slow traffic but today there's a break as you drive into the silicon valley. 6:31 back to the desk. more oakland businesses were vandalized during the third straight night of protests against president- elect donald trump. look at the pictures. oakland police were out there
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trying to prevent vandalism and street violence. leaders say they understand the frustrations of the anti trump protests. >> yeah, oakland mayor says that's no excuse for the damage caused to local businesses. alex savage in downtown oakland with a look at the latest vandalism and we talked about how the protests were peaceful and then when it gets late at night the trouble starts. are they talking about curfew or extra security late at night. we haven't heard any of that talk but it remains to be seen how the protests continue. we know from police that essentially things really got out of hand when a small group of protests broke away from the larger demonstration and that's when things turned destructive. we're outside in oakland, a couple of big windows out front smashed last night during the demonstration. you can see one of the cars
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inside was vandalized as well. this was one of seven businesses damaged during last night's protests. ant 100 protests blked traffic near telegraph avenue. oakland police wound up arresting 11 people and citing seven others and the possible charges for those protests who were arrested range from assaulting an officer to vandalism to failure to disperse. there was even tier gas used at one point last night to help control the crowd. it was a much different scene earlier in the night. 0. >> the night began with a peaceful demonstration to show opposition to trump's victory in the presidential election. about a thousand people marched through do you understand oakland. they're fearful of a trump administration for this country. city leaders here in oakland certainly are frustrated this
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peaceful protests turned violent. the mayor earlier in the day pleaded for peace and calm. >> i understand why people are so angry. and while i see the anger i know it's no way to protests this election to trash the most progressive diverse inclusive city in america. 0. >> reporter: organizers say they're message is getting overshadowed with the violence of a small group of people. last night no one injured and no police officers hurt, just a lot of clean up. this is the front door of the audi dealership. you see it smashed and windows boarded up here. a lot of business owners have a lot of clean up to do today and obviously they're hoping things
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remain calm during the next round of protests. >> certainly. you feel bad for the business owners down there. some of them might feel exactly how the protests feel and yet, they're having to clean it up. >> that's what we have heard from business owner. in downtown they say they're on the same page with the people who are protesting president- elect trump. they sympathize with the cause but say they don't want the anger to be directed at them. >> and now they're victims. the time is 6:35. happening today, it's veterans day and we celebrate the men and women of the military. president obama for the last time before leaving the white house will host a breakfast honoring veterans and families then he goes to arlington national cemetery to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown and make remarks.
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president-elect trump repeatedly promised to help america's veterans during the campaign and his promises were on the minds of many of the 100 veterans who attended a special job fair yesterday held on board the uss hornet. many vets say they hope trump keeps his word and helps those serving in the military. >> when our military folks go away to fight the good fight, they're left at home taking care of the kids and families so government i would hope would be able to help supplement the assistance for families as well. >> once you're out of the military you're on your own because it has to stop.
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it lets people come out and generate problems on their own. >> exit polls showed veterans supported trump by a 2-1 margin in the race for the white house. former los angeles mayor announced he will run for governor of california. he says he would focus on rebuilding the middle class by investing in schools and repairing roads and bridges. the lieutenant governor announced he's running along with a state treasurer. the election for governor in california is november 2018. speaking of the election, only about half of the eligible voters in the u.s. actually voted on election day according to the nonpartisan u.s. elections project, 231 million americans are eligible to vote. 126 million chose to vote for president. 105 million did not. that's why president-elect trump ended up with 60 million votes and secretary clinton slightly more with 60.4 million
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each with only 25% of the total possible number of voters. . >> people don't -- they aren't really convinced politics makes a difference in their lives. >> california's turn out was below the national average. 9 million people voted in california this year. 35% of registered voters and there are still this morning thousands of mail-in ballots in the bay area that still have to be counted. . mark zuckerberg of facebook says don't blame facebook for donald trump winning the election. facebook ceo is denying that many people made up their minds based on fake news that went viral before the election. both candidates had fake news stories about them but the website seemed to do a little to filter out false information. sanctuary cities around the country may lose millions of dollars in federal aid under president-elect donald trump. >> during the campaign he pledged to cut the funds during
6:39 am
his first 100 days in office and that would cost cities like san jose and san francisco millions of dollars. what the mayors of the cities are now saying. >> if you ask me, san francisco is always will be a welcoming and diverse city. he's reassuring the public it will stay that way. >> our dna is a swang ware city. i've known them to have welcomed and protected and made sure immigrant families succeed along with everybody else. >> san jose are long standing swang ware cities and local authorities do not help federal immigration enforcement officers detain undocumented immigrants. if they're picked up for a low lel crime, they are sticking to what works. >> police chiefs in this country say it undermines safety in communities to have local law enforcement out there. >> donald trump wants stricter immigration laws and used the death of kate steinly in san
6:40 am
francisco as an dpm example. she was shot on peer 14 last year by an undocumented immigrant. >> for the most part cities like san jose are not terribly dependent on federal money they receive a few million dollars in federal funding and san francisco half a billion. >> any change in administration we have to be very focused on what we're doing but also we have enjoyed funding from different administrations that didn't agree with us on things like sanctuary cities. we have to see what happens but we're not going to change our dna because of politics. >> a spokeswoman for the oakland mayor's office says they too remain committed to their status as a sanctuary city. it's possible they could receive federal funding for helping veterans and transportation or healthcare. reporting from treasure island, ktvu fox news.
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a bay area father says his daughter was attacked at school because she supported donald trump on social media. this brutal beating was captured on cell phone video. the girl, a sophomore ended up in an emergency room. her father says her family always kept their support for donald trump under wraps worried that people might react negatively. he never imagined the families political beliefs would lead to violence like this. >> it makes me sick to my stomach that someone can in this country and day can't voice their opinion publicly about who they like or dislike or what views they have or what views they don't have. it's really a shame. we're just hopeful that this won't have any long term ramifications on her and her ability to voice her opinion or do things that she feels is right. >> the young student is doing
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better but still shaken up as you can imagine. she didn't go to school yesterday and not sure if she will go back. the family will meet with school officials on monday. people who live in mar en county can make payments online from transport taxes to library fees and tickets and events at the center. the county adding more online payment options in the future including business licenses and contractor permits and various taxes. our time is 6:42 more protests around the country over the presidential election and in 20 minutes a violent show down between protestors and police that led to several arrests. we're getting a break in the way of traffic. for example, here on the san mateo bridge looking good. that fog is thickened up big time. this is highway 24.
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we believe lafayette.
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it gives a place to tell about the complexity and
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diversity of transgender lives. it runs through sunday and it's at the roxie theater on 16th street. let's check in now and see what's coming up with the next hour of mornings on 2:00. >> of course we're staying on top of what's happening here at home with riots and destruction over the donald trump president- elect situation. also looking overseas as the world repairs to mark one year since the paris terrorist attacks. did you know there are people who were hurt in the attacks that are still in the hospital? we'll explore why the affects of the attacks are still being felt. also, looking ahead to black friday. would you believe just two weeks from today? we see long lines especially at the big box stores like best buy and target. today we're focusing on what people expect to light up this year when it comes to electronics. these stories and much more when i join you in a few.
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6:46 la nina has arrived according to government weather forecasters. it brings cooler temperatures to the central pacific which remains warmer and drier here in california. wetter weather in the pacific northwest and rockies. the experts expect a weak la nina with a 55% chance continuing through the winter. speaking of la nina, are you seeing signs of that steven? >> i just use it as food for thought. remember the el nino forecast last year? how did that work out? complete opposite. >> right. >> yeah, we have had la nina where there's rain. it's all good. tired of the negativity. think positive. >> i like it. let's get to it here. very thick fog out there. higher clouds. petaluma has thick fog in lafayette. very thick there and probably
6:48 am
san ramon. if you have some let me know. i know it's really dancing around and south has some as well. steven says good morning sir. this old tie? thank you. how are we looking for our great veterans day parade. the parade is at 1:00. after the morning fog you will be good. 60s on the coast and 70s inland and mid 70s. i think we will still be okay here but a little bit cooler than we were on wednesday and thursday. system moving in getting weaker by the moment but dragging in higher clouds and the breeze turning more on shore by the coast. some of that fog will plan for a slightly cooler forecast. off shore breeze all shore long. around the bay there's stul a component in the northeast but as we see right there, taking a
6:49 am
turn more to the west so that's a sign of things to come. 40s and 50s on the techs. 48 atmore began hill. 46 in boulder creek. one elevation above scotts valley in the mid 60s. so there are chilly readings and some that are mild to warm. 28 in truckee. this system looks good but by the time it arrives mainly falling apart. the rainfall is light, mainly santa rosa north, not a lot to the system. however, let's look at tuesday night and wednesday. that looks good. we have been talking about that. 60s and 70s on the temps. temperatures that will rebound into the upper 60s and also low 70s. looks like one more day here above average temperatures and we will setting under mostly cloudy skies. i know your traffic cameras do have fog on it. >> you're correct, steve.
6:50 am
we do have fog out there. not a major factor for most commutes but i will say you will see it in some commutes. in fact, our san francisco camera is a little foggy and so is our lafayette camera. you can see highway 24 down there lightly traveled today on this veterans day. it appears some people have the day off making it easier for those who have to go to work. not a lot of fog here. traffic is going to be busy all the sudden though and that's making me concerned because looks like there could be something gone on here on the bridge. this went from no traffic to a lot of traffic too suddenly and it's stopped -- not moving. so we're going to get to the bottom of this. i do think there's something going on here. let's move along and take a look at the south bay commute where traffic is light coming into san francisco. we will find out what's going on on the bridge.
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it's 6:50. a northern california moern missing for over a week now. why the focus is off of her husband as investigators still search for her -- -- mother. a new set of canine officers for the chp. meet the newest companions when we return.
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john mellen camp "rocken in the usa" if there's a special song you want to hear keeping with our theme for veterans, america and usa, hash tag us on facebook or instagram. . well, let's talk about the warriors playing back to back nights dealing with tough nba schedule and the fly in to denver. second game in the mile high stadium and mile high altitude of denver. the warriors beat the nuggets 120-101. stephen curry makes it look easy. he overcame worries about his
6:55 am
ankle. he suffered a tweak wednesday night against dallas. he was one of five warriors. they return to the court sunday night against the phoenix suns. >> let's turn to hockey now. the san jose sharks beat the florida panthers 4-2. they will make another stop tomorrow night to play tampa bay. san jose made up for an early defensive mistake scoring the game winning goal. the first two games have been won now. get ready, grab your cleats and shin pads. a new pro-soccer team in the bay area is having tryouts. the san francisco deltas hosting open tryouts today and tomorrow starting at 9:00 in the morning. just head to crocker amazon soccer fields and moscow street in san francisco. the deltas by the way will have their first season starting next year.
6:56 am
i'm sad to report this, north bay golf course preparing to host their final rounds of play. they will close for good on january 1st. its owner says along with declining popularity increase in labor and other expenses are playing a role in a decision to close the course. full time and part time workers also losing their job. the future plans for the property remain unclear. also affecting the homeowners on the golf course and values of their home as well. in west sacramento the california highway patrol welcomed four new canines to the force. they celebrated the graduation of four dogs at the academy. they head to various divisions around california. one canine will be working with officer justin hey began to protect governor brown. it's officer's hey began first chp canine partner.
6:57 am
>> he's an extension of you -- you train him and how well he will train him he will react the same way. >> it's great, i'm part of how he acts every day. he likes to go run around. >> yeah, each of the dogs went through 15 weeks of intensive training with new handlers. >> the canine program is selective and expensive and canines can cost thousands of dollars in california donors help pay for them. . >> we have covered stories when they sniff out suspects. it's great. it's 6:57 a fire and shooting with several people dead, the latest in the investigation in oakland as police go through the the crime scene. donald trump breaks tradition once again and his actions during his visit to the white house that made some reporters pretty angry. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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>> three people dead. a mysterious fire. now federal investigators on the scene of this homicide in oakland. for the third night in a
7:00 am
row, violent protests in the streets of downtown oakland. the new damage we're seeing this morning. and how donald trump is reacting to the unrest nationwide. this and more ahead on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this friday, veterans day. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. we are checking your weather. the sun is coming up. it should be a nice day. steve paulson has your forecast. >> it should be. thick fog out there. it is beginning to pop up. around petaluma and for sure lafayette, orinda highway, 24. make where you are as well. overall a hazy day. temperatures still above average. probably coming down a little bit compared to the upper 70s, 80s. it looks cooler by the coast with fog. speaking of cooler, michael peckner, i


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