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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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protesters hit the streets again on both sides of the bay showing up in smaller numbers tonight, still venting frustration over the outcome of the presidential election. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. we begin with that developing news. first at san francisco where dozens of people marched tonight instead of the thousands we saw earlier in the week. the crowds started marching at 6:30. traffic disrupted, but so far the march has been peaceful. ktvu jana katsuyama has been following the crowd trying to engage the mood. jana joins us live on the phone now from the mission police station. jana? >> reporter: yes, actually frank we have moved now to 24th and mission. they just wrapped up with a little bit of what you might say a closing ceremony for this protest martha has gone all through the city. they ended with a group hug.
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and they love what they were saying earlier today. why they said they were out here on the streets. >> we have -- we have to resist that sort of hatred. we have to unite. >> reporter: united by concerns over president elect trump, a crowd gathered in san francisco's union square. handmade signs pledging a peaceful protest. the group of some 50 to 60 started marching. the crowd made their way to market street and headed to the ferry building. police escorted them blocking off the sidewalk for safety. on the embarcadero the group stopped. they voiced their concerns and some sounders sounded their frustration through their car horns. >> my question is how many of them actually legally voted?
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if they all voted then they have a right. if they didn't voted then they have no right to do this at all. >> reporter: the group continued marching for several hours, some say that they have been out every election, upset about what a trump presidency might mean for women, racial minority, immigrants, and lbgt people. >> advocate for trying to change this aggression that people have. i advocate for donating causes that will help those that will help in that new trump presidency and so that the aclu, planned parenthood, southern poverty law center. i'm still struggling to find other ways to help and make a difference. it's a part of what has made this week so difficult. >> reporter: back here live in the mission district in san francisco you can see police across the street from where
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they ended their trip. just a short while ago. the crowd, some people are still here, but they're starting to dispurse. this is one of many today kick off this weekend. there is going to be a sit-in starting at 11:00 at bank of america building tomorrow. then there's another group protest scheduled for deloris park. the 555 california is on sunday. then followed by a group gathering at golden gate park with a march to ocean beach sunday. so this is something where some of these people have been going every day. a lot of emotion, a lot of concern out here. a lot of ways they're hoping to get this progressively. it was a peaceful protest tonight with no major incidents. they certainly hope that it will continue this way through their weekend. >> all right, jana katsuyama live for us there in san francisco. thank you. we are also monitoring a fourth night of protest happening in oakland. from sky fox you can see the
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group that is marching through downtown since about 6:30 tonight. the california highway patrol is keeping watch on highway on and off ramps, but again this is a much smaller crowd than what we've seen in past nights. our true on the ground said that a group of 150 people ended -- our people on the ground said that a group of 150 people have ended up showing no arrests, no signs of vandalism or fires being set. here is a live picture from sky fox of the situation again in oakland happening right now. as you can see that the group as i mentioned earlier, smaller than what we've seen on the previous nights of demonstrations. you can see them marching through the streets here, but again this protest has e remained peaceful and no signs of any vandalism, graffiti, or any negative interaction with police. we'll continue to keep a close eye on this and bring you any details as they show up.
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some of the protest earlier this week were not peaceful. business owners in oakland spent the day cleaning up after protesters splintered off from a large crowd last night and broke windows spraying graffiti. police say that protester used m-80s, bottles, and molotov cocktails to assault officers. at least seven businesses ended up being damaged. 11 arrests were made in addition to the 30 arrests made wednesday night. workers today were cleaning up the mess and also building protective walls in front of the windows for the weekend. people who live in oakland say that they are fed up with the violence. >> i don't agree with it. i think it's horrible. i reprimanded people. i tell people not to talk to the cops in a negative matter. i tell people, you know, to be tolerant and to, you know, be smart. but it's a small group of people. >> i don't mind the protesting, but i don't like the violence. some of the people here not from oakland want to come out
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here to tear up the city of oakland. >> libby schaaf says plans are in place for multiple nights of protest, but she hopes that it will not be needed. the chp identified two people who were arrested last night when demonstrators blocked interstate 580 in oakland. 22-year-old jamari lee mitchell and hannah gavagan were both from oakland taken to custody for resisting arrest and block the roadway. they say they were a part of a group that broke a hole in a fence to access 580 from telegraph avenue. anti-trump protest also taking place in other cities across the country. in florida where trump just edged out clinton. angry marchers took to the streets of miami today holding signs and chanted i believe that we will win. tonight's demonstrators began at the bay front park amphitheater at the same time. another protest was taking place in west palm beach.
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president elect donald trump is pulling from his inner circle to help guide him as he prepares to move into the white house. the transition team includes his own children. fox correspondent lauren blanchard says that donald trump has demoted one of the early supporters. >> reporter: president elect donald trump revealed the team to transition him from candidate to commander in chief repolice station chris christie with vice governor elect mike pence as the chairman of his transition team. three of the trump children will also play important roles alongside former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> all of my work has been out of great loyalty and friendship to him. >> reporter: outgoing president obama with a very special veterans day message as he does his part to heal a divided nation after a long campaign season. >> but the american instinct has never been to find isolation and opposite corners.
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it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity. >> reporter: while those in washington talk about unity, americans across the country continue to peacefully protest the election results. although some turning violent. >> protesters, this is an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: but the top republican says it is just a part of the process. >> people are afraid to express themselves and i don't think we should be alarmed by it. >> reporter: as they look for answers on what went wrong, they also needed to choose a new chair of the dmc. names being floated are former governor and former presidential candidates martin o'malley and howard dean as well as the bernie sanders congressman keith panel. in washington lauren blanchard fox news. peter teal is also on the transition committee. teal co-founded paypal and also spoke at republican convention. he also gave more than $1 million to the trump campaign.
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the washington post reports tonight that he has not ruled out accepting the post in the new administration. and the president elect, he may be modifying their fans. in an interview with the wall street journal, mr. trump said talking to president obama yesterday, that he is open to preserving some parts of obamacare. such as allowing young adults to stay on their parents plans, and prohibiting insurers denying coverage because of pre- existing conditions. a bay area student who saves lives at work says that his political activism may have the same effect. he has learned that he could be more effective bringing about policy change by backing initiatives. ktvu amber lee is in our newsroom now after speaking to him about the three victories at the ballot box on tuesday night. amber? >> reporter: frank, he's been politically active for 13 years. working to improve public health and safety. he says affecting change can be a slow process, but in
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tuesday's election years of work paid off. >> we would like to be the station's capital for surgery. >> reporter: dr. john law says that his passion is saving lives. his work takes him far beyond the operating room. >> the process of public policy and politics has been quite a journey. >> reporter: politics can be empowering if you have the perseverance to push ideas through. >> the most important lesson i've learned is to focus on the issues rather than individuals. individuals that come and go, but if you focus on doing the right thing for the help of the public, for the state, and the foreign nation then you're always on the right side. >> reporter: he says he supported hillary clinton for president. but that the sting of her defeat is tempered by the victories. all the ballot measures he's worked on for years were passed by voters. gun control, cigarette tax, and soda tax. >> this is a culmination of three years on the effort for each. it was a very big success for the help of the public.
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>> reporter: on each of those issues, he's experienced previous defeat at the ballot box. some more than once. >> and we are deeply concerned about the rise and the academic. >> reporter: he appeared in an ad for prop v the soda tax in san francisco. as a surgeon he is operating on patients affected by the health problems caused by sugary drinks and cigarettes. >> here we are seeing a large prescribed mass. >> reporter: and gun violence. >> taking care of gunshot wounds to the chest and the abdomen is a core part of what we do and witness as a profession a great harm all across america. regularly that is. >> reporter: he has worked with president obama on public health and hopes to do the same with president elect trump. it's about issues not individuals. >> and i hope that there will be opportunities to work with the new administration to continue to move the needle forward in public health.
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>> dr. moss says that the keys to success are patients, persistence, and public education on the issues. i asked them what's next, the surgeon says he would like to see a statewide soda tax and hopes to get a federal tobacco tax some time within the next 10 years. >> and so amber, what exactly does he do to get these initiatives passed? >> well frank he tells me he does a number of things, volunteers his time fundraising, getting endorsements, helping with strategy, speaking at campaign events, and phone banking. >> amber lee in our newsroom tonight, thank you. here comes the weekend with a few rain drops to talk about with some clouds. even some warm weather. i'll have all the pacific and see you back here after the break. there's been another security breach at a bay area airport. what they are saying about the security improvements that were made. the changes ahead. it should be a long interstate 80. deputies with a lot of
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questions and asking for help from the public to get the shooter off the streets. also we're continuing to follow developing news from oakland as a small group of protesters marchs down telegraph avenue. the 10:00 news will continue in 90 seconds. when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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it all happened around 4:40 this afternoon. the sheriff's office got a call of a shooting on eastbound 80 near american canyon. investigators say the caller was the victim in this case. a 26-year-old vallejo man. deputies are not sure what caused them to open fire on the victim. multiple shots were fired and the victim was struck at least once. he's expected to survive. the deputies say after the shooting that the victim's car collided with another vehicle possibly that of the shooters at this time where there isn't any information about a suspect. deputies are hoping someone saw something especially that time of day.
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for now investigators are looking at all possible motives. >> at this point it's still early in the investigation. we do have detectives with the victim right now trying to get as much information as possible. there's no indication that it was road rage. we have nothing to indicate that it was targeted or random either. >> reporter: and now again investigators need your help. if you were traveling eastbound near american canyon around 4:40 this afternoon they ask that you give them a call. i also asked investigators could the shooting be related to other shootings that happened on interstate 80 near richmond. at this time they do not believe the two are connected. heather? >> all right thank you so much, paul, appreciate it. a 61-year-old woman from san jose is behind bars tonight accused of killing a lesbian couple and their adult son. the triple homicide happened in east oakland very early this morning at a home on dunbar drive near 92nd avenue and san leandro street.
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when officers arrived at the home they found a man outside dead from stab wounds. they also spotted smoke coming from the garage and when firefighters went inside they found two women in their 50s also dead. they had both been stabbed and shot. the name of the victims haven't been released, but neighbors say that the women were a couple and that the young man who was killed was their son. >> as long as i've lived here i haven't seen anything like this before, especially with three lives lost, you know. and i have not, i'm not going to move out because i really like it here. >> police found 61-year-old dana rivers bleeding at the scene of the crime. sources tell ktvu that she made incriminating statements and was later booked on suspicion of murder. investigators have not discussed her relation to the victims or a motive. there has been another security breach at san jose international airport. this time officials say a transient named jerry hyde made his way onto a restricted airfield around 1:00 a.m.
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yesterday. the airport spokeswoman said this is the fifth high-profile security breach in the past 18 months. she says that the perimeter fence surrounding the airport has been heightened three feet above federal standards. now they're using money from an $8 million grant to upgrade technology. >> we will also introduce the fencing type of technology where if there is any intrusion, our staff will be in our operation center notified through computers of an unauthorized intrusion. and they will respond police, they will respond to determine what that filtration could be. >> now they have surveillance cameras and they will review that camera to see how they would gain access to the off limits area. for enhancing airport security, we're told that the new upgrades will be complete by spring of next year. the ce, o of the food
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delivery service grub hub says that an e-mail he spent to -- sent to his employees has been misunderstood. in that company-wide e-mail matt maloney a clinton supporter wrote that grub hub wouldn't tolerate trump's hateful politics and that anybody who didn't agree could reply to the e-mail with their resignation. many people on twitter called for a boycott of grub hub. our ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says it wasn't a wise move. >> because if you voted for trump you're going to feel very uncomfortable there. maybe i doubt you would win it, but hostile work environment. i'm out of here and now i'm suing you. but if they fire you later that he certainly has given them a good cause of action to come after him. >> the ceo of grub hub now says he was only saying that his company will not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary and that all political views are welcome. so the weekend is here.
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we've got pretty nice weather to talk about with more clouds. we had more clouds today and those temperatures consequently were a bit cooler. here is the system i'm tracking. you can see it's dropping a little bit of the shower activity north of the area with a -- with .1 inches of rain. up on the coast will start off cloudy. tomorrow starts off cloudy as well and this back edge will slide on through where the smallest dynamics are at this point. we suspect when this slides -- we expect when this slides somewhere at 6:00 in the morning with a light sprinkle in the area and a change of plans. live radar shows nothing happening in the north bay. a few sprinkles down around watsonville and gilroy and that's about it. for your bay area tomorrow, we are talking mostly cloudy, slightly cooler day, but still warm. tomorrow morning in san francisco, that slight chance of the shower in the early morning hours. by the afternoon it's mostly
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partly cloudy. 62 staying warm. then late in the day san francisco 65 degrees for day time highs and they start to clear out. sunday is the best day all week. we'll see you back here in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, bill. today is veterans day. tonight about 250 veterans were honored in alameda. the alameda elks held their annual veterans dinner. the group honored about 40 active military members from the area thanking them for their service. they also paid tribute to us that date all the way back. >> veterans day, i'm honored to be a veteran to live as long as i have to begin with. >> does it mean it will be a legtive and everything that they come to is hay threatism? >> reporter: and now proceeds from a raffle at tonight's dinner will help the alameda
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elks fund their program, which sends care packages to hundreds of active military members stationed overseas. still ahead here, plowing right into a building at san jose. the collision that ended up killing one man and it worked there. it could have been even worse. the college basketball season will kick off with stanford's opening game in shanghai. jason appelbaum has the cards. sports coming up at 10:45. another bay area police department losing their police chief. now the department has to search for a new one.
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another bay area police department is looking for a new chief tonight. bart police chief says he's going to retire for the end of the year. he joined bart in 2010 about a year after being rocked by the deadly shooting of the unarmed passenger oscar grant shot and killed by a bart police
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officer. bart's general manager, he praised chief rainey for his focus on reforms. he said that the deputy chief ben farrow and jeff jennings will both have the opportunity to serve as acting chief. >> investigators are looking into what caused a crash today and that it sent one car off the road into a credit union, killing the painter who was working inside. as jesse gary reports that the business was closed for remodeling at the time. >> and late this afternoon a flat bed tow truck moved the vehicle resting in the alliance of the credit building this union and this suv and their toyota prius are a part of the evidence of the fatal collision that cost the man his life. and police say just before noon they started to receive calls for help that people were reporting a car crashing into the building in the 200 block. investigators say that they were traveling west. and that the prius was going south on little orchard and then turning west on to
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kirtner. the two collided knocked into the building while two contract painters were working. both men were hit. >> that's not here yet. whether they were immediately just inside that building or outside. but there is a remodeling going on inside that business and that they were worth painting it. they were hit once that vehicle needed to get in front of the business and they went inside. >> reporter: police say it is unclear if they were on scaffolding or the floor at the time of the impact and unknown which vehicle would have the right of way proceeding the collision. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the second is being treated at a nearby hospital e.r. we are still waiting for the update and the identity of both men that will be held between their families. i talked to the senior vice president with alliance credit union who says that the bank was closed for the day for painting and that they were suppose to reopen saturday. otherwise it would have been closed completely and no one would have been inside and that it would have been avoided altogether. this is the 41st fatality from
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a traffic collision so far this year in san jose. jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> we have new information on the other deadly accident in san jose involving the death of the pedestrian yesterday and just outside city hall. but police, they have arrested a suspected drunk driver who is 41-year-old ricardo gomez in san jose being held without bail facing charges of felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. he is accused of running a red light yesterday afternoon at 4th and santa clara streets hitting another car in the intersection and then striking 62-year-old doug andrin a city employee who was just crossing the street. the impact pinned him up against a park news van. he was pronounced dead at the scene. he worked for ten years as a senior account clerk for the public works department in san jose. and wall street, boy it's been on a run since the trump election, gaining another 39 points today to close at a new record high. and that they were up 28.
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but the s&p slipped lower by three points. still ahead here the black lives movement and how teachers would discuss it at school. as we asked which groups of the educators will be showing you teachable moments. >> it will be a way of teaching them on how to interpret it. >> it's been another night of the rowdy protest in portland. tonight they would resort to flash bang after they were burning objects at them.
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