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tv   5PM News  FOX  November 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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now at 5, the protests continue in the bare area and across the country as protesters hit the streets for the fifth straight day. donald trump makes a major announcement who he appointed as chief of staff. i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. thousands stretched around the lake and gathered hands. >> it was the second protest in the bay area. impressive turnout surprised
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everyone. >>reporter: i've been this to park many time ands never seen a crowd like this. there's still a lot of people out here. there's still a demonstration going on here and marchers going on around here around the lake. earlier, there was this huge, estimating thousands around the lake. three mile lake. organizers were surprised how many showed up. they think they could go around the lake twice. they said it was a beautiful feel to them. they felt unit and had just gave -- united and just gave them a sense of peace. one facebook message calling for a peaceful protest in oakland quickly turned into one of the biggest demonstrations of the election in the bay area. >> thought it'd be a gathering of 20 friends and it exploded and i needed support the
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manage. >>reporter: she was called to help her friend. 6,000 people on facebook said they were coming. group organizers set up multiple stations around the lake and everyone to join hands. >> if you look around, there's an amazing amount of people out here, and i think it's absolutely fabulous. >> i've never done anything like this before. i'm a native san francisco and it felt like the right thing to do. >>reporter: demonstrators on sunday say their message to the next president and rest of america is simple. >> their hearts matter. what they hold in their hearts matter. >>reporter: now, to keep everyone organized, they set up different stations. this is station 2. i think 16 around the lake getting everyone together and letting
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them know this is the time to hold hands. it's a very impressive baseball waive going on around the lake. it was interesting. out here right now, we have a lot of people leftover. this lake is popular for walkers and picnickers but seemed like a lot of people have been left over from the earlier demonstration and we see people gathered around and talking about the election, having these discussions. we saw a group of marchers go by as well protesting the election. some of them are saying that, you know, they might not be calling for the election -- trying to find the word. not be validated but more for them to be unify and had that what donald trump said on the campaign trail they don't agree with. they showing peace and love to one another. >> lee, this is the fifth straight dade of anti--- day of anti-trump 3r0 tests.
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do they plan to protest tomorrow or what are their plans? >>reporter: for this particular organization, they said that this was it. it was very short. it was the hand holding and afterwards they all clapped and that was pretty much it. that's what they set out to do. supposed to be a small gathering and exploded on social media with so many people showing up. wasn't set up to be a big grand demonstration that it turned out to b. for this particular organization, they don't have anything else. as for overs, we see a lot of break away groups go around like the marchers go around the lake, a small group and a set of drummerrings so if something else is gonna happen tonight, that's yet to be seen. there's a lot of people out here right now but in terms of something being argued another march, no. >> lee, thank you. >> we want to go to portland where officers in riot gear blocked streets as thousands took to the street protesting
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president elect donald trump. authorities say at least 19 demonstrators arrested in portland. >> anti-trump protesters held a more peaceful demonstration in memphis today. they chanted and sang the song let it be as people chanted and sang let it be. they were afraid of the direction the country was headed especially when it comes to women's rights and abortions. trump might nominate justice that could overturn roe versus wade. demonstrators are hoping an online petition asking the electoral college to change their vote to hillary clinton could make a difference.
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the reverend jesse jackson is supporting that cause. the protest started with hundreds of people taking over parts of millennium park, michigan aver, and the loop. >> we all come for one main reason to stop donald trump from going into office. >> chicago police prevented one group of protesters from approaching trump tower but the rest of the march was peaceful. >> in washington dc protesters made the rounds from the white house to the trump tower. they chanted anti-trump slogan. appear today be a smaller version of yesterday's protest that drew thousands. >> i feel like he doesn't really understand that there are people who are currently in fear of things he has said. >> astronaught one protester held a sign that said rape
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melania. it was being condemned by both trump and obama. donald trump announced his white house chief of staff. the chairman of the republican national committee prevus and was trump's loyal campaign adviser. it could be a huge benefit with his close working relationship with house speaker paul ryan. that could give the president elect an embroidery and get early legislative victories. mr. trump considered steve bannen for the position but announced the news executive would serve as chief strategist instead. >> the democratic party will try to rebuild after losing both the presidency and the house and the senate. brian has the story. >>reporter: there is a leadership void as the democratic party searches for a new chairman of the democratic national committee, a key position that will determine the direction of the party. keith ellison is a key favor for the chair.
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he happens to be african and muse limb. democrats -- muslim. they believe he stands in contrast to some of president elects continue vertical promises. -- controversial protests. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, chuck schumer are all backing ellison. they like him because they believe he'll move the party to a more progressive and populous direction appealing to working class voters who decisively voted for trump this election. >> we have to put the voters first and we thank the doubters but has to be the guys in the barbershop, the lady at the diner, folks worried about whether the plant will close, they've got to be our focus. >> progressives blame hillary clinton and party moderates for losing touch with working people. they're worried about moving the party too far left.
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others thought to be possible candidates are javier, and former governor howard dean. dean believes the dnc chair is a full-time job and says ellison can't be a congressman and dnc chair at the same time. ellison says he can do both jobs and will make a decision about running for the position on monday. in new york, brian, fox news. >> hillary clinton is now saying the fbi director helped ruin her campaign. during a conference call yesterday clinton said letters from director comey delivered a double whammy to her campaign. the seconds letter that exonerated her motivated trump's backers to go to the polls and votes. a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty this morning near modesto.
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he was investigating reports of a stolen vehicle around 8:30 this morning. then another responding deputy found wallace with two gunshot wounds to the head. the shooting was an execution. 37 year-old david maca to taken into custody a short time later. machato put a gonaductly to the deputy's head and pulled the trigger. >> deputy wallace was killed outside the car and we know the gun was in direct contact with his head when the trigger was pulled twice. this is an execution. >> wallace was a 20 year veteran with the county sheriff's department and leaves behind a wife and family. he was 53 years old. a powerful earthquake in new zealand as killed at least two people. the 7.2 quake hit the island just before midnight local time triggering several after shocks
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and tsunamis. >> a powerful earthquake struck new zealand's south island shaking residents awake and causing severe damage to buildings and homes. the 7.2 quake hit near the city of christchurch. >> the area that is are most affected on the east coast around that area and inland around covington and the likes. we've had very limited communication because it's been cutoff. >> a number of strong after shocks felt more than 120-miles away and a tsunami reported about two hours later. new zealand's prime miner john key says the full extent of the damage is being assessed and they're warning people along the coast to move to higher ground to avoid tsunami waves. >> we now know those around the country the risk has been downgraded to coastal warnings
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but we want to urge people to be cautious. >> the quake was a 6.3 magny attitude in 2011 that killed 280 people. it sits on the ring of fire and seismic faults around the ocean where earthquakes are common. >> the duration of the quake. it was quite a strong quake. >> military helicopters and red cross teams are being dis- batched to assays the damage and help those in the worst hit areas. in new york, bryan fox news. sports director joining us with the tough loss today for the 49ers. they played well but couldn't pull it out at the end. >> yeah, it's been so tough for the 49ers for the losing streak and sometimes you feel guilty toying it on but they live up toes entertainment and wind up losing at the final gun down in
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arizona. you know how much haight their defense is taking. well the defense was the one that actually put them in position to possibly pull out a victory. we'll tell you about that. raider fans, listen up, i know it's a bye week but we're gonna talk one on one with ken norton jr. who's the defensive coordinator turned that segment of the team around. all coming up with a who will lot of nfl highlights too. sports rep. of sports next.
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the arizona cardinals down
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in the desert, carson palmer quarterback, the receivers were great early on. that was a sensational catch for michael floyd. 31 yards and keep rolling on this. their third drive and hall of famer to be. larry fitzgerald, another little glimpse as to what makes him so special. 18 yards to the 20-yard line. cap off the drive of 91 yards. david johnson, 7-0. the defense did not give up a hundred yards to an opposing rusher and then later, cards punting, same old, same old for the 49ers. jamiey curly. arizona declined the penalty and in good position here. after the point after jimmy ward point after interference. second quarter, caps turn things around a little bit. he fires for a wide open curly
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in the end zone. torri smith on the other side drawing two defenders to him. 14 -7 on that 17-yard hook up. jared hodges with 3:13 left in the fourth quarter. they continue what would be a 57-yard drive. >> it's 2020. carson palmer on the clock. he's a veteran and knows what to do in these situations. he will go to the air even though he had a couple picks in this game. michael floyd with just an absolutely sensational catch, and it was replayed and looked at, and they ruled that he did indeed make the catch for 26 yards as the cardinals drive
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and continue to put themselves well within reach of chandler captain zero. they go town to an eighth consecutive one. they did wrack up a hundred yards in penalties but i tell you what, most of them were pre- snapped penalties. they did not allow a rusher to go over the hundred yard mark for the first time in seven games. joe was there and down on the field right now in chandler, arizona, and joe, what's the latest on this? obviously we talked about this before with regard to no mobile victories in the nfl. they've got to feel a lot better about the way they've played today. >> no question. we've been receiverring for some weeks to find things we
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find are positives about the way the 49ers have played. there are some positives number one, they forced thigh were able to turn the ball over four times. what they're not happy with is the offense not being able to take advantage of the opportunities. they're happier again with the play of colin kaepernick. he really seem today be feeling the rhythm of the chip kelly offense as evolving into this thing. only been a starter since the buffalo game so starting to get enough rep. withs this offense and starting to feel confidentable and the improvement of his now starting quarterback. >> colin continues to grow and does good things. throwing the ball pretty well. missed a few in there.
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third quarter, we got to do a better job. >> awfully easy to have now lost eight in a row and pack it in and say, oh, well, gonna be that kind of a season. you can say what you want about maybe they're not as talented as some of the other rosters around the league. probably most of the rosters around the league but have not given up. they play hard and i think today was a very good example of that. probably played their best game in several weeks so if you're looking for positives, something you can say, maybe they can build on this moving forward, maybe we saw some today. next week's opponent. very tough, the new england patriots but we'll talk more. till then, reporting live from arizona, back to you. >> thanks a lot. do want to talk to you because
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trent addressed the media and joe was there. two big of stories in the nfc, the demise of the green bay packers and rise of dallas cowboys. dak prescot for ezekiel elliott, certainly the rookie of the year. 83-yard touchdown, and it's 12- 10 steelers lead now. that's the longest reception by a cowboy since 2012. on we go to the third quarter. the stearals still remain -- steelers re-'til re-staining the lead. salutes the sky after hearing a day ago that his estranged father passed way way. honors to him there. a minute to play in the game. elliott put the game on his back, 32 yards. they thought they were corn on beans that kick a game winning field goal and instead breaks it open. he's over the 1,000-yard mark
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as a rusher this year. there's jerry jones up in the box. demarco murrey and busting it 75 yards. later in the first quarter of his first touchdown run. murrey takes to the air and patsy finding former 49 delayny walker and works -- delanie walker and 14 0 over the packers. aaron rodgers scrambling and on the move. he's been in regression of late but former 49er takes the
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inception two point conversion fails. later in the third, same score. marcus up top for sharp. 33 yards touchdown and the tighters lay it on the packers. 41-22. good stuff there. meantime the raiders were off and head to mexico city next week. they were watching the tv all day hoping for some good news which regarded the denver game and kansas city game. tell you if they got it and then we'll sit down one on one with the defensive coordinator, none other than ken norton jr. telling raider fans do not worry at all about our defense.
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raider fans didn't have their team to watch but they're checking out what the chief
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ands broncos were doing so close to getting good news. the chiefs happen to be the hottest team in football. they've won the last 17 of last 19 regular season gapes cam newton himself for the touchdown and panthers get off to a 10-0 lead. take you to the fourth quarter. panthers up 17-6. newton picked off by eric berry. watch the return on some moves. another spin. beautiful avoiding of the tackle and he'll take you the distance, 42-yard. just got across the end zone two point conversion. chiefs town 17-14 . new ton throws for calvin benjamin and marcus peters. chief recover at the 29 with 20 second left to go in the game.
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now to the broncos states game. drew breeze gets it going. breeze hitting willie on the touchdown. the broncos come back third and goal from the two. damarious thomas oversaves defender dalvin to make it a touchdown grab. game tide at 17 a piece. pron consistency of efforts lead 23-17. watch drew breeze to hit cooks. two defenders for the touchdown. the game is tide at 23 with 1:22 left. looks like the saints picking the extra point, they'll pull off a great victory. easy; right? watch justin simmons jump over the center picked up by will bar and he'll return it down the seidelin and yes he did
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stay in bounds. 84 yards for two points. watch the replay then as he comes in, blocks a simple extra point that basically could have won the game. the defending champ broncos with a 25-23 win so the raiders not able to pick up any ground on the broncos either so with regard to the raiders, they wait till next week with the bye week and they will take on a little trip to mexico and the houston texans as well. the defense a few weeks ago, everyone was drying and -- crying and -- pete sports producer sat down within on within with norton jr. for this conversation. >> go through learning time
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ands low beat down playing bad. everybody's just feeling really bad about themselves because it shows your character. >> touchdown. >> certain journey that you become a defense and can't skip steps. >> there's an almost really horrible games then the learning process. you learn how not to do that anymore. you learn how to win by taking those steps. >> ken norton jr. has worked his waul the way up to defensive coordinator of the raiders. he feels his winners reputation on the field gives him a destinate ativan damage with current players. -- a distinct advantage with
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the current players. >> we've been in their shoes and won't ask them to do things we haven't done. >> norton in the end zone, touchdown. san francisco. >> stypes they'll say, hey, we can't do this and inter-accept the ball and take it back. yes, you can. difficult travels it. >> we can't play five play ins a row. yeah, you can. you can play fifteen plays in a row if you have to. mindfulness to know that they can't just get away with anything. >> the raiders at 7-2 are riding high atop the afc western division and hoping the bye week doesn't slow their momentum at all. ken norton jr. is not at all concerned about that and expects bigger thing ins the seconds half of the season. >> that's the great thing about football.
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got to tune in. you have to show up. you have to buy your ticket. raider nation. >> love that guy. got to tune in, show up, buy a ticket to see what the raiders have in store for us in the second half. we saw what the 49ers delivered today, very entertaining but a defeat 23-20 and back to joe who's on the field in glan dale. i think -- glendale. i think i called it chandler, arizona earlier. the gist of what i got out of that was he said no more pointing fingers. if you're gonna do that, point them at me. he's made mistakes. what have you been able to glean from the rest of his conversation and the message he had for the bay area media today with regard to the state of the 39ers? >> in that sense marcus something we don't already
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know. trent came out and had a pow wow with local riders. there's no question that when you look at this roster from top to bottom and talked to a person in this organization for a long time and pointed to a specific position and said we don't have the player that is other teams have. that's a direct reflexion the general manager with someone saying that. you go down the line from receivers to running backs to last year the team knew they were gonna lose a lot of home grown first round draft picks to free agency and retirement and didn't know that was gonna happen. those early retirements that they could not have anticipated. they knew they were gonna be down personnel wise. what did they do then to make up with that with the players they've drafted and hoping they'd filter up through the ranks at this point. go back as recently as the 2012
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draft when there's not one single player on that draft. he was draft today replace someone else, which it was dan at that time. they treated every position like that, and you would have to say the 49ers have not done that in the last few years with the drafts, which were defensive oriented so signs the defense played better today but the fact trent is saying yes, the buck stops with me is very true. >> all right. to say the least. this organization is not transparent. they owe it to their fans to get out and explain what's going on. this could be a historically bad season for the 49ers. they've never had a season where they won only once. your look at that schedule and
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tell me where the next victory will come from. play the patriots and broncos next. that'll be a great sunday night game. take care. it is one of the biggest car shows on the west coast. entrees introduce you to a woman who is at the top of her game. >> hasn't happened in nearly 70 years. take a look at this. best time to catch tomorrow's super moon copping up next. -- coming up next.
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. perm had a chance to admire the more than 2500 cars on display or search for hard to find car parts at the swap meet. this 1970 cadillac coop de- villanova was one of the 75 cars tapped by judges to be featured in the show's winner circlement it was restored and modified by students in richmond high school's after school car club.
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>> they gave us the mcguire magnificent masterpiece award. it's really cool. >> people relate to these cars because they give them a thumbs up. they extract something. people give you the thumbs up. these cars make people happy. >> car show and auto parts swap meet has been going on for more than 27 years and brings together people who love all things automotive. >> pieces of art. >> another big part was the auto cross competition. drivers compete to see who can drive the fastest on an enclosed course. katie had a chance to experience that course with one of the pioneers in the sport. >>reporter: fine tuning the engine, adjusting the suspension, it's what auto cross competitors do to get ready to go from 0 to 60 in a
5:38 pm
matter of seconds. >> you have a start and a stop and it's the cars that get through the quickest on that manmade course defines the winner. >> mary knows about winning. she's a twelve time national autocross championship and a 40 year veteran of the sport. >> borrowed a boyfriend's car back if '76 and that was pretty much the start of it. >> the boyfriend became history but autocross racing stuck. it became more popular. >> car doesn't know if you have testicles or ovaries behind the wheel and does what it's told for the most part but a lot of women getting blind the wheel of their car and coming out and trying their skill. >>reporter: i got to see her skills firsthand strapping on a helmet and buckling the five point harness. you ready? >> yep. >>reporter: to ride in the passenger seat of her '73 camero. >> the drive almost felt like a
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roller coster ride. every sharp turn and angle we were tossed from side to side with the deafening roar of the enin and smell of burnt rubber in the background. posey says autocross skills have a practical use. >> if you can be good at autocrossing it teaches you driver awareness and makes you a safer driver on the street. you have better reaction time. >>reporter: takes posey 60 seconds to get through the course but love of the sport have given her a lifetime of benefits. the biggest and brightest super moon of the century is lighting up the site. it appears about 14 percent larger than it usually does and 30 percent brighter. patron merry christmases say the most -- astronomers say the best time is tonight and early
5:40 pm
tomorrow morning. it won't make another appearance till 2034. i'm. >> i'm gonna go out tonight and take a look. that was a live picture so the weather looks like a good time to check it out. wait till after the newscast. >> yeah, for the most part, it's okay. reports of fog closer to daily city. moon rise was about 4:52 and going up dramatically. see our live cameras right now so we had some very nice images out there. looking live at the super moon for your sunday night. it's tomorrow night as well. the full moon, at least approaching full and very nice setup right now with the super moon want we have another camera for you showing up i believe. it's lighting up the sky so bright. early monday morning we'll take a look at 3:23 in the morning.
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that's the closest approach of the super moon and full moon coming up at 5: 52 so take a look at the information and that's our super moon setting up. hearing about the approach closest to the earth with that elliptical path. with that appears 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. it's tonight and also tomorrow night as well. i thought the best view was with the moon rise. update on the earthquake out toward new zealand. they just had an after shock. watching out for this with more seismic activity for that part of the world. rain showers approaching the pacific northwest and bay area had fog this morning. very nice afternoon out there with fog trying to regroup with parts of the shoreline. current numbers 60s to lower 70s. san francisco 61, concord 71 and san jose in the upper 60s.
5:42 pm
as far as overnight lows, first thing in the morning, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog and temperature ins the 40s and lower 50s and fog near the coast and around the bay. possibly in some of the inland valleys as well. in san francisco, we'll put in areas of fog. 54 degrees and afternoon hours by lunchtime 63 degrees. hazy sunshine wrapping up the afternoon hours by 4:00. temperature ins the mid 60s. monday, morning fog, skies becoming partly sunny and sharp dropoff in the area. not a major deal but could be track ago few scattered showers by midweek. here's some fog by tomorrow morning. partly sun new york skies by the afternoon. tuesday increasing clouds and see what happens when we take this into wednesday. watching out for that at least with a chance of scattered
5:43 pm
showers. temperatures for tomorrow, lots of low 70s out there for afternoon highs for monday. san jose with a forecast high of 70. mid 60s but watchout, that fog could be a factor crossing the bay bridge first thing in the morning. temperatures are cooling off with a chance of shower by wednesday. partly cloudy into thursday and if missing the rain fall, could be talking about more significant rain fall in the bay area, especially by sunday. again outside, check out the full moon right now. >> yeah, what a beautiful day. warm today. >> yeah, very warm. crisp feeling of the morning. >> all right, mark, thank you. >> well, honoring those who served and continue to fight for our country. >> up next, big parade in san francisco to celebrate our veterans.
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young women leading the way breaking barriers for girls and by girls. the young women's freedom center is a leadership and advocacy group and young women of color in the bay area poor and involved in the juvenile justice system and spent time on the street. stanford's children's hospital is celebrating an impressive milestone. they've performed 16 life staving oregon strains plant surgeries in october. setting a new record for the center. hospital officials say the most important factor in achieving it is the willingness of families to participate in a donation. colorful parade today in honor of our nations veterans. the parade represented a wide variety of group including the
5:47 pm
lesbian, gay, freedom ban. the parade michigan around 11 this morning and around its way on fisherman's warf and leavens street. coming up next, how the city of paris is stopping to remember those who lost their lives.
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for a lot of folks in paris, it feels like it was only yesterday that these horrific terrorist attacks devastated the city, the country, and most of the western world. today french president visited the sites across the city where isis terrorists carried out
5:50 pm
their attacks. they targeted bars, restaurants, music venues and the sports stadium. this morning at each location, survivors and family members of the victims stood in silence as the names of those who lost their lives were resite and had looked on as they unveiled plaques to honor nose who lost their lives. some of the survivors returning for the first time brought back the horizontal tillage nors of last night. >> i was just on the other side of the ball. >>reporter: today's ceremonies follow the reopening of the bataclan hall that was the bloodiest of the attacks. the performance was open welcome west division a moment of silence. even a year later, france remains under a state of
5:51 pm
emergency. ( french being spoken ). >>reporter: he's still in jail awaiting trial in france. in washington, i'm garrett fox news. >> still ahead tonight, man's best friend gets a second chance at live. >> up next, how a shelty managed to get stuck in a pipe and who got the little guy out.
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if your a child of the 80s and 90s, you might like this, mario brothers, legend of zelda and donkey kong is back. 30 games built into the con sell. the consoles are sold out almost everywhere and don't know if and when they'll get more. a new batch should arrive in stores just 23 time for the holiday season. it's a sign the holiday season is around the corner now. the spca will open for the public. organizers need volunteers to sign up to collect donations. this year marks the 30th
5:55 pm
anniversary. it will feature adoptable dogs and cats, foster nearly 300 new pets in times for the holiday ands nearly $80,000 raised for the spca. fire and ems rescue crews worked for hours to save a 14 year-old dog stuck in a pipe. alex has the story. >> he pretty well cheated death on thursday. after letting him outside for a while, his owner debbie couldn't find him. >> i looked for about a minute and then all of a sudden it hit me to look inside the pipe. >> she found him all right, stuck in a pipe beneath her neighbor's driveway. west county ems and fire
5:56 pm
responded. >> he was about a foot into the pipe and got on my soming and tried to pull him but he was crying. >> rescue crews worked for three hours eventually deciding to take the pipe out of the ground. >> we brought out our k12 saws, running two saws and brought out sledge hammers, pry bars. >> once rescue crews got the pipe out of the ground, they had to determine where the dog was in the pipe. >> and we measured behind what we thought was safe distance behind the dog and used saw za to cut the pipe. >> once they pulled max out, obviously i was like so happy and i just kissed him and we put him in the car and rushed him to the hospital. >> again, that was alex reporting. the owner says she took max to the vet and he got a good report considering he's a 14
5:57 pm
year-old dog that can't hear and doesn't get around well but he's doing better. poor little guy. >> he's safe. coming up tonight, the victim in the brock turner sexual assault case to be honored in los angeles. >> she'll re-save the woman of the year award on her behalf tonight on the 100 news. we'll see you then. >> good night. thanks for joining us.
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welcome to bay area people, thank you for joining us, we continue our conversation with educators. last week we talked about the presidential election. today we are taking on the black lives matter movement and we ask, highway do -- how do you make today


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