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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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just joining us, welcome back, it's monday, noaft 14th. i am pap cook -- november 14th. i am pam cook. we have some fog, today is mostly sunny, we have a system coming in, but nothing yet in the rain department. some of that fog, not only inland fog, but the coastal variety is going to bring some reduced visibility. north bay temperatures, 40s and lower 50s. down five to 7 degrees from last week. okay today, then we cloud up to the north and bring in cooler
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temperatures and rain. today, 60s and lower 70s. it's 5:00, sal, pretty thick fog. >> it could be a problem for drivers, we are looking at the tracy super commute. we are going to look at traffic that is already busy. there have been no major problems here as you drive to the westbound 580. that's coming through tracy. there is a new problem over here. i am going to move the maps. there is a deadly pedestrian accident at the 80 ramp. they maize. california highway patrol oakland is responding. unfortunately they have already called for the coroner. this is a problem on 580 and on the 24 when you make the turn,
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so far it's early and there is not a traffic jam but if you want to get up to the bay bridge, if you can avoid 580 between 24 and the maize, that's the thing to do. no major problems coming into san francisco. now lets go back to the desk. we are following developing news from the south bay. san jose place searching for who ever spot at police officers last night. it happened on the city's east side. we at police headquarters with the latest on the search. >> reporter: the shooting shook up the department. they do not have a suspect in custody. this was a bold crime that happened off of king road.
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two officers were patrolling in the neighborhood on foot. they tried to make contact with a group of men, one of the men turned around and shot several rounds at the officers, they were not hit and did not return fire. a search was done for hours of the they questioned several people from the neighborhood but a suspect has not been identified. >> we have some witnesses, we are going to continue to gather information. we are not going to stop until we get this individual. the individual is out there, if i hear this, turn yourself in. we are going to bring you in. >> reporter: the suspect is a hispanic man in his 20s, clean shaven wearing a black and gray shirt and dark pants. if you have any information you
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are asked to call san jose police, you can do that anonymously. today is the first day back on the job for workers at san how -- san jose city hall when -- since a coworker was involved in a hit and run. the driver faces a charge of vehicular manslaughter. donald trump is naming names, the president elect has already filled two high level jobs in his incoming administration with more to come this week. he has also given his first interview since last week.
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>> reporter: president elect trump spent part of the weekend speaking to world leaders and building an administration from the ground up. he said he was a little overcome when he won the election last week. >> i did my final speak in mich began and we had 31,000 people. i felt, when i left, i said, how could we lose. >> reporter: he is starting to fill key white house positions. stephen bannon will be the chief strategist. reince priebus will serve as chief of staff, responsible for day-to-day management. trump said he will address immigration, promising he will build a wall for a fence.
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then there is obama care. he is talking about keeping some key provisions. he will have to name a supreme court justice as well. there have been protests questioning his presidency. >> i am so sad epid to hear that there is violence, i say, stop it. i will say this, stop it. >> reporter: then there is the issue of presidential salary, the president makes $400,000 a year. trump said he will take 1 dollar. protests continue in the bay area and across the country against president elect donald trump. >> stand up, feut back. >> yesterday hundreds of people mamped in san francisco, many of them chanted. one said he is worried that
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president elect trump will threaten american democracy. >> he threatens freedom of speech, religion, a assembly, he is whining about us. >> police said the protests were mostly peaceful and no arrests were made. protests happened in lake merritt. there were enough people to go around the lake twice, and the lake is 3 miles long. it started with a facebook message asking for a strong demonstration. >> it feels wonderful, if you look around, there is an amazing amount of people out here. it's absolutely fab fabulous. >> a bay area blogger also
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organized a peaceful march through golden gate park in san francisco. the head of the political science department of san jose state is giving her opinion on the marchs, she said it's time to honor the political process. >> lets move forward. lets take the next step. the voters have spoken, we are going to respect that. life does go on. >> she said change is not going to happen overnight. she said that the president can issue executive orders but for big changes, he has to work with congress, that can be a slow process. there have been after shocks after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in new zealand. there was a tsunami that hit
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the coast after the quake. it centered in a reerl area. the full extent of the damage is still being assessed. >> there are some short term issues that need to be resolved, making sure that people have water and food. then we have to work our way through. >> military helicopters and red cross teams are being sent to help those in the worst effected areas. we have more on the california sheriffs deputy shot and killed in the line of duty. how one central california community is coming together to mourn the death of a 20 your
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law enforcement veteran. a new concern for kedges in the united states trying to -- college in the united states trying to keep enrollment up. >> if you are driving on the richmond san rafael bridge, there is a deadly pedestrian involved crash on 580 at 80 near golden gate fields. we will tell you what happened and how long it's likely to be there. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. welcome back to mornings on two. today wikileaks chief julian assange will be questioned about possible sex crimes committed in sweden six years ago. the prosecutor plans to ask him to consent to providing a dna sample. julian assange said he believes that sweden will send him to the united states to face trial. more colleges in the united states are trying to attract students from other countries
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over concerns that fewer students from china are coming to the united states because of the economy in china. they are sending recruiters all around the world in hopes to attract more students. car fans were at the good guy's autumn get together. car lovers enjoyed seeing top of the line restoration work. one of the winners was this 1970 cadillac. it was modified from the oiler car club. their adviser is proud of the club members and the work that they did. >> for me, it was about the kids. >> you have a lot of historic, american cars here. people relate to the cars
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because they extract human emotions. they see something, people wave, people give you a thumbs up. they make people happy. >> the show lets people get really close to the car. they also have a car part swap meet for people who want to put together their own classic cars. thank you. even people that do not want to work on cars were excited about one of the other big attractions. drivers were competing to see who can drive the fastest, the biggest name in the sport, call auto cross is a woman. shehas won 12 national titles. >> if you can be good at auto
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crossing, it teaches you driver awareness and makes you a safer driver, you have better reaction time. >> it takes her 60 seconds to get around the course. she said everyone starts out slow and safe. there are auto cross events around the bay area. snapchat's latest spectacles is in big sur. this is at a bakery at highway one, people lined up. the new glass are selling for hundreds of dollars on ebay. no word if the snapchat vending machine in big sur will be
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refilled. >> people go to take a selfie with the snapchat machine. we have a problem on the connector ramp from westbound 580 to 80. it's at the hof fshes man split. if you are coming from the richmond bridge and connecting to the east shore freeway, there is a deadly pedestrian crash. this area is tough, especially if you are coming on westbound 580, coming through here and getting out to the area. now the traffic so far is lighter because it's early, but we are going to keep an eye on it for you. i will let you know more about that. i will let you know about some other commutes. lets go to the south bay, this is okay as you drive through
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morgan hill getting to the valleys. lets look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that commute is light. 5:30 is when the metering lights go on. >> there might be some fog. maybe even super foog. we have a dense fog advisory. -- super fog, we have a dense fog advisory. if i do not have the fog, you can probably see the super moon. there is a line of moisture going across northern california and inland. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. this is the first day of the
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pattern change. upper 40s for pleasanton, livermore 47, brentwood, 49, 51 in truckie, sacramento, 47. a lot of thick fog. monterey, 49. the fog will stay through tuesday in areas to the north. look for increasing clouds. then some rain will fall. the system slides through by wednesday. not too much in the way of rain but you will notice a colder pattern as we head towards wednesday of the some rain to the north and hit and miss sures as we head to the middle of the week. maybe some significant rain in a week's time. we will see gradual cooling and then big time cooling wednesday through friday. a wet pattern is trying to
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establish itself around the weekend. >> okay. we have some outdoor plans for thanksgiving, we will be closely watching this. >> it is november. will the victim in the brock turner sexual assault case receive an award? >> it's been a year since the terror attacks in paris. the ceremonies held across paris and what a survivor remembers about that night. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing
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breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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. welcome back to mornings on two, a father and his teen age son died over the weekend. it happened saturday afternoon. they fell down an embankment as they were walking. we do not know their names yet and the investigation continues. sad ceremonies were held in paris over the weekend, marking a year since the deadly terror attacks in paris. they targeted a sports stadium and a concert hall killing 130 people. the last ceremony was at the
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bataclan concert hall where 90 people were killed. for some of the survivors, going back brought back the horrors of that night. >> there was some change between the terrorist and the police. they wept -- wept in. i was just on the other side of the weul. >> the concert hall opened with an emotional concert with sting. iraqi forces still pushing into mosul. iraqy troops backed by american air strikes are struggling to advance as they fight suicide bombers. 50,000 people have fled the area and the fighting is expected to get more intense as it nears the populated center
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of mosul which has been under isis control for two years. back at home there was a colorful colorful parade in honor of veterans in san francisco. it honored a variety of groups including 100 veterans on motorcycles and the lgbt community. there were historic vehicles, it went from fisherman's wharf to jefferson street. we have allegations that facebook spread wrong information about the election. >> president elect donald trump talks about immigration and his
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plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants in his first tv interview since the election. >> we have a problem on eastbound 80 and westbound 580. a ramp is closed trying to get to the richmond bridge. >> we had the super moon and some really thick fog, be careful. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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welcome back, we are following breaking news, there is been a deadly crash on the eastbound 80 heading towards the richmond san rafael bridge. >> this deadly crash is causing a mess. it blocked the transition from eastbound 80 to 580. the crash is just beyond the transition of west bowbd 580. a person on the freeway was struck and killed by a car. this was a pedestrian who was hit by a car, near buchanan street rs in the lanes of westbound 580. if you are traveling in this area this morning, you will not
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be able to transition from eastbound 82 westbound 580. they have the roadblocked off. the crash happened at 4:30 this morning. it was an accident involving a person on the freeway struck and killed by a car. the driver remains at the scene. california highway patrol is down there doing their investigation. eastbound 80 to westbound 580. you will not be able to make that transition during the vision. >> thank you. that's a busy part of the commute. lets check in with sal, keeping an eye on that as well as other traffic issues. >> we are keeping an eye on that. so far it's not causing a big jam but if you are trying to get to the richmond bridge action the traffic is going to
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be effected driving from 80 to the richmond bridge. we want to let you know we will keep following this and we will let you know when it clears. lets go to the solano commute between vacaville and fairfield. into the a bad commute although we are getting more traffic in vallejo. at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a small backup. this is a 10 to 15 minute delay, nothing major. if you are using the san mateo bridge, a lot of fog out there. we have our hands full with the dense fog.
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lets go to steve to give us an update. >> it gets thicker. there are fog advisories out. what are you playing? >> it's bad moon on the rise. >> i like that song. >> some areas, you cannot see a thing because of the fog. there is rain on the north coast and it's starting to head a little south into northern california. this will make it up to the north baby tomorrow. it's going to be cooler and more windy by wednesday and thursday. if you have the fog this morning, it's cold. 40s and 50s on the temperatures
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right now. the changes start tomorrow. 48 at seven afford. 51 san mateo. low clouds and -- 48 at stanford 51 san mateo. low clouds. colder conditions coming in. highs today in the 60s and 70s. a sheriffs deputy in stanislas county was shot and killed last week and is now being remembered. a candle lute vigil was -- candlelight vigil was held for dennis wallace. >> he was always smiling, even in hard times. if we could just learn from
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that, that the sun is going to shine tomorrow. >> he was investigating reports of a stolen van when he was killed. he called for backup, but when the officers arrived, they found him lying next to a squad car with two gunshot wounds to the head. >> he is known in the organization for working in the dare program. he had a special relationship with young people and a special place in our hearts at the sheriffs office. >> a man has been arrested in connection with the killings. david machado was taken into custody. what will happen with the wall that donald trump promised to build on the border with
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mexico? in his first interview, he talked about those issues. allie rasmus has that. >> reporter: president elect donald trump said, sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated. he was talking about the things he talked about on the campaign trail. he promised his supporters he would build a wall across the border with mexico. president elect donald trump said he wants to build a wall but in some areas along the border, a fence would be more appropriate. he talked about deportation after that. >> we are going to get the criminals, people are records,
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maybe to or 3 million people. we are getting them out of the country or we are going to incarcerate them. after the border is secured and everything gets normalized we make a determination on the people that you are talking about, who is terrific people, but we are going to make a deption. before we make that determination, we want to secure our border. >> reporter: president elect donald trump also talked about his plans for obama care, james comey's future at the fbi and whether or not he plans to investigate hillary clinton. >> thank you very interesting. dems still reeling from the shock of losing the presidential election said that the democratic party has to change some pay more attention
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to working class voters. after the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz, the democratic national committee needs a new chairman. there is a congress man, ellison that wants to head the organization. >> we have to put the voters first, not the donors. i love the donors, and we thank them. but it has to be the guys in the barber shop and the ladies in the diner. >> howard howard dean is also running for the job.
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a sign held at a protest is getting attention, it said, rain melania trump. >> i feel like president elect donald trump does not understand that people are in fear because of the things that he said. >> donald trump recently opened a hotel in washington, dc, like many other trump hotels, it's become a target for protestors. >> trump supporters rallied on the hollywood walk of fame. they gathered on the donald trump star on the walk of fame and they said it's time for the country to come together. >> we are trying to diffuse of hostility and anger and hate. this is what trump people have always been about, we do not want to fight or protest, we want to be in peace and unify
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the country. >> sunday, a different demonstration took place at the cnn building in hollywood. protestsors chapted anti-trump slogans. mark mark zuckerberg is commenting on whether or not facebook influenced the election. he said, we have already started to work to stop people from posting fake news, we will continue to work to improve further. the cardinals beat the 49ers 23 - 20. the 49ers battle back. but the cardinals had four turn
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overs including this one in the fourth. this set up a game ending drive. colin kaepernick ran in, but the cardinals had time to mamp down the field. they won the game on a field goal as the time ran out. the 49ers host the patriots sunday. the warriors are heading out on the road after beating the suns. this was a play in the third quarter. durant blocks it. then curry gets it. the warriors' road trip starts wednesday in toronto. today is the start of the
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warriors' season of giving event. the team hosts a shop with the warriors today. players and coaches will surprise five bay area families in need with a free grocery shopping spree. an nfl player starts a different kind of national anthem protest. why a tampa bay player sat out. >> we have a lot of fog out there. there is at least one problem causing slow downs on 80. >> we have a super moon but for some there is too much fog to see it. you see the city lights, but look at the gray, it's going to be a tough commute for some. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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welcome back, we do not know her name yet, but the woman at the center of the stanford sexual assault case involving brock turner is being honored. she was named woman of the year by glamor magazine. in december, the victim wrote about the crime, saying she felt embarrassed for trying and believing she had any influence. a stanford law professor said she will accept the award for the victim. she said she was picked because she gave a voice to an
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experience that too many have. >> it highlights the importance of the statement and the way that it captured the feelings of a lot of sexual assault survivors. the awards show will be shown on glamor magazine's facebook page. police officers are investigating the death of a man whose body was found near cedar grove elementary school. the police did not know where the cripple was committed and have no information about a suspect. they are also not saying if they have identified the victim. police at uc santa cruz are investigating a possible hate crime. a woman was walking when three
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men began to yell at her, one of them hit her in the head with a rock. police said the assault may have been committed because of the characteristics of the student. the police chief in los alto sshes is retiring. a any captain will be taking over. if you ride cal train you may have some room during the commute. they are adding an extra car to ease the crowding. the new cars will be able to
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carry 200 passengers. >> we want to check in with sal. speaking of transit. we have some traffic problems. >> we have a lot of slow traffic and a few problems. lets start with the tracy commute. aa lot of people are on the road. it's slow and the fog is an issue for a lot of people, take it easy out there. westbound 580 traffic is slow in the livermore valley. some of the speeds are down to 10 miles per hour. lets go to the san mateo bridge, the traffic is going to be backed up as you approach the bridge. see how dense the fog is. now eastbound 80, getting away from berkeley on the way to the
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richmond bridge, the ramp is closed for a deadly pedestrian accident. you have to find another way to get past the scene. lets bring in steve with the weather. >> i think that there are a few airport delays with that fog. thank you. that fog is getting thicker and thicker. the super moon, here's a picture from the vallejo landing. marty says, no super moon, only super foggy. there is a lot of fog out there. this is a great image. watch how the gray starts to fill in rapidly. it's going to thicken up over the next fow hours. changes this week, for those you -- few hours.
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changes this week, for those of you that watch. cold air coming in wednesday and thursday. there is really good rain on the north coast, not making it down to northern california. but the fog has. watch out for the change. cooler lows near the bay. livermore in the 40s. santa rosa and san jose, fog. 51 gilroy, 45, boulder creek. we are seeing the spread, but some warm air has to get kicked out of here. watch out for the fog. this system drops south tomorrow and stay north of
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marin county. that will bring some rain. eventually this slides south. we will have some shower activity, not a lot of rain. time line does not have a lot of it starts to move in tuesday rk especially to the north. then it hangs out. here's the reinforcement of the colder air. then things start to popup. you can ee wednesday afternoon, you will -- see wednesday afternoon, you will see the change. saturday and sunday, there could be some pretty good amentsz of rain. 60s -- amount of rain. 60s to lower 70s for today on the temperatures. then after tuesday, say good by
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to the warm temperatures. happening now, a rare soorp -- super moon. >> lets play, fly me to the moon. it's 100% full. it's appearing much larger than normal. it's on its closest path to the earth in almost 70 years, nasa said we will not get another super moon like this until 200034. we have great pictures, i put up a picture last night. we drove over to the bay to get a nice reflection. there were a bunch of people out parked. people out to see it, it was neat. people have been sharing pictures on facebook.
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it's beautiful. it's world diabetes day, coming up, the effort to spread awareness of diabetes and the importance of knowing key systems. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke.
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i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. . welcome back to mornings on two. an alert in pacifica, a
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mountain lineon was spotted on alta vista drive. if you come across a mountain lion, do not run away, throw arock at it. also people in the area, keep your pets and pet food inside at night. commercial crab season opens tomorrow but there are some restrictions. high levels of a neuro toxin were found in crabs 60 miles along the sonoma coast. sippinger and song writer leon russell has died. is the one of rock and roll's most dynamic performers. his career spanned 50 years and
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includes collaborations with bob dylan, he died at the age of 74. today is the 25th annual world diabetes foundation. it was launched in 1991 and it's observed every year on november 19th. the theme this year is eyes on diabetes and will focus on spreading awareness of type two diabetes. they are promoting the importance of screening to insure early diagnoses and treatment. doctors in san francisco have perform 16 life saving organ transplants. they said the most important factor is the willingness of families to participate in organ donation. >> a teacher in mountain view put on leave for comparing
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donald trump to hitler is back at work. up next, the reasons that the superintendent was giving to keep him out of the classroom. >> we have a problem eastbound 82 and westbound 580. the ramp is closed due to a deadly crash. >> fog is the big story this morning. even without it, you may not be able to see the super moon. we have big changes in the weather coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. good morning, westbound 580 shut down in the east bay as california highway patrol investigates a deadly crash. what we know about the investigation and how long the freeway will be closed next. >> we are going to bring the country back. >> prul prum gives his first interview since election day, what is he saying about the promises he made during the
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campaign. this is ktvu fox news mornings on two. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, we are starting with breaking news, a deadly crash has shut down the eastbound 80 ramp towards the san rafael bridge. what do you know alex? >> reporter: california highway patrol said the person struck and killed was a transient trying to walk or run across the lanes of the freeway, he was struck by several cars. the coroner just arrived at the scene to remove the body, all of the lanes of westbound 580 towards the richmond san rafael bridge are closed neurothe junction with interstate


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