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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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first television interview since one -- winning the election. students have walked out of class in protest donald trump selection. -- election. but it's not the only way they are expressing their disappointment. good afternoon everyone. president-elect donald trump is now speaking out about what he plans to do and he begins his charm. >> -- term. >> i want to focus on jobs, want to focus on healthcare, the border, immigration. >> and in his first interview since being elected he sat down with leslie on 60 minutes to discuss a variety of issues. it comes as a also releases the first names of who will serve in his administration. >> calling them equal partners
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president-elect donald trump naming his top white house officials his campaign ceo and the former executive editor. >> most influential advisor to the president-elect is a guy who practices and promoted whites the premises of and anti- semitic behavior. >> republican national committee chairman reince priebus will serve as chief of staff. and, he is really on the same page with a lot of the things that almost everything, but i don't agree with as far as advising president-elect trump. >> and, mr. trump reacting to the allegedly racist acts committed following the election. >> and, i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it, if it helps, i will say this right to the camera stop it.
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>> while protests against him continue around the country the rnc are saying that they believe that people will see positive change when the new administration is in place. >> i think that what i would ask everybody is that the american people voted express yourselves as is a right in our constitution but give them a chance. >> this afternoon president. obama will be taking questions since mr. trump's election. a news conference starts at 12:15 pm. when that begins we will bring it life. -- live. high school students are gathering to protest the election is all part of a student led walkout. >> we are live there and they said that they expect 3000 students to participate. >> reporter: right. some said that they were expecting 3000 students.
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and, about 10 minutes ago this plaza was packed with students carrying those loudspeakers. and, getting ready to walk down international boulevard. and, it's all the way down to oakland city hall and that they were going to meet with students from various other schools as many as 15 other schools along the way. a short time ago they started walking they took a slight detour they went on 35th instead of going down international. and, you can see from the science that the best signs that -- signs that they were carrying. they were critical of his plans. he pledged and reiterated in his 60 minutes interview to deport undocumented immigrants starting with criminal record and moving on after the wall is built to deport others who may not have criminal histories. but this is what they had to say. >> we didn't get the chance to
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vote this is our way of speaking out. we really want everybody to hear our side of the story. >> i'm worried about everything. he wants to send immigrants back . that's not going to make our country great again. all of the diversity is what makes the country great. >> we are trying to be taken seriously. >> and, you can see a few students here they are all planning to go down to oakland city hall for the protest. we are hearing as many of 3000. i asked the students how they got organized and they said that they did get some help. and, their teachers were not involved. they are supervising the students. and, we did see them telling the fellow students to stay out of the street.
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and, he did contact the school districts. and they said while they would like to see them in class, they recognize that there might be learning that happens outside of the classroom and they respect their students first amendment right. >> we saw something very similar unfold in the francisco yesterday. and i thousand students left class walked the streets. being -- >> reporter: yes, the students seem to emphasize that point. i asked if you're concerned about things getting out of hand and the students told me no. we put out the word that we wanted people to be peaceful because as she said, they want to be taken seriously and they know that that won't happen if they go around breaking things. a peaceful gathering took place to express concern over donald trump's plan to pull federal funding. the mayor is joined by the supervisors of the leaders say, that they will
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continue to be a city without those are discrimination and it will continue to bring people together. >> we promise to be a city that is always welcomed. >> no walls in our city. >> [applause] >> as one city, we stand united and we will help protect all of our immigrant families in the city. >> in california more than $100 million could be at risk if he pulls federal funding. in the meantime, the sadness that some people are feeling popped up this morning. >> alex savage is joining us live at 16th st. with more on this wall that's been created. >> yes, good afternoon. this is called the wall of empathy people are using post- it notes to write down their
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emotions for everyone to see. and you can see what you have here is is interactive art installation. the organizers say a lot of people are fearful about the future and this is meant to heal. >> people feeling discouraged and is made by the idea of donald trump is present have found an outlet for those emotions. they are stopping at the wall of empathy here is the station in san francisco they are leaving messages of love and support. and, he wrote simply, you are welcomed and loved. >> my hope is, that the community hears that, there is solidarity but if there isn't solidarity and that is kind of my hope for this at least. >> and, they are hoping to be supported. >> there are therapy walls at the 24th st. station. and, two of her friends came up
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with this idea they say that it's a way to counteract his hurtful rhetoric >> a lot of people are experiencing grief fear anger madness, and those are all valid feelings. and, knowing that other people are getting ready to fight for you and your future. it can be an important thing to know. >> thousands of notes have been left behind since these walls were left up. they are taking a moment to express their disappointment. she says for her, the fear is real she especially worries about her parents were immigrants from iran who live in tennessee. >> they can be walking and just getting harassed. >> but, she says reading the messages on the wall of empathy gives her hope. >> this is like okay, i can breathe a little bit.
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there are people that care about me and my identity. >> and, anyone who wants to can leave a note here and anytime today. but after today, they will be taking down all of these messages on these post-it notes and hopefully they can put them up somewhere permanently. maybe with a permanent art zone. people wrote postage notes on lakeshore avenue. you can see, hundreds of handwritten messages. they wrote about their disappointment in the election of donald trump as president and others are expressing their feelings on a wide variety picks a woman is being remembered as a trusted and dedicated journalists. she died this morning in washington dc surrounded by family and friends.
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she was 61 and had been battling uterine cancer. she worked at the washington post, the new york times, and nbc news and became moderator of washington week. and, also moderating the debates in 2004 as well as this year's democratic primary debate. in richmond, they are heading towards the bridge and its back open after a deadly accident. the chp says it appears to have been a transient. it was struck a number -- number of times. and, initially the chp received 911 calls from people who thought that a had been hit none of those driver stopped after hitting that person. they are urging anyone who thinks that they may have been involved to give them a call. to the south bay, it's the first day back on the job. one of the college was hit by a car.
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the 62-year-old was killed a senior account clerk for san jose department of public works. he was crossing the street when he was hit by a driver. the driver is expected of driving under the influence and running a red light. he was arrested and is facing a charge of vehicular manslaughter. a man's body was found yesterday right near a school. and, as about 1 pm. they said they don't know yet where the crime was committed and they have no information about the suspect and they are also not saying if they have identified that victim. anyone with information should call police picked police are investigating an attack on a woman. a female student says she was walking to the corey on friday night. they say that three men began yelling at her and one of them threw a rock at her.
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police have not said exactly why they consider the case of possible hate crime only that it may have been committed because of characteristics. a reward just announced as they search for a gunman opened fire unto bay area police officers. we will check in with our meteorologist for information on when wet weather is expected. another symbolic move by colin kaepernick. what he did has many fans talking today. we are waiting for president. obama to hold his first news conference since the election.
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outside of our doors partly cloudy skies. and, we will continue to see those afternoon highs. and, just taking a little while to get rid of some of the fog. giving your live look, as we turn it over to storm tracker a better view of where those clouds and fog remain. and, if we take a look around the bay, san francisco is stretching into berkeley. and down south into the san jose area. visibility issue this morning looking at fog. mild reported in oakland.
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and, three in san francisco still foggy but you shouldn't have much trouble were looking at partly cloudy skies for the afternoon and that will change as we get into tuesday and wednesday but for today the storm track will remain to the north partly cloudy skies, temperatures slightly cooler than where we were yesterday. let's talk about the next possibility of rain. this is pretty uneventful. tuesday morning notice that we have a little bit of moisture over the north bay. this will swing through. he will be here about 7 pm notice, she didn't see a whole lot we believe in that possibility of a few sprinkles. it will be cloudy and cool and these storms are colder and definitely going to bring some snow to the sierra. and here we are wednesday morning we still have the moisture in place not a lot
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going on but still the possibility of scattered showers. we are still watching this it will be colder as we get through wednesday thursday and chilly temperatures in store. 69 concord closer to the day upper 50s in oakland 62 san francisco and 62 reported in mountain view. and, there it is. again it is cloudy and we are definitely a lot cooler. afternoon highs 70 santa rosa upper 60s for you low 70s expected livermore 72 for fairfield and of south bay 70. extended forecast tomorrow, cloudy skies. it into wednesday a chance will remain we dry out by thursday and friday but temperatures will be really cool. and inland
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perhaps the umbrella but definitely the jacket. back to you. volunteer evacuations are taking place in california. it is burning in the national forest it broke out just before 5:30 am and it quickly spread uphill. they say that so far it has burned 50 acres. no homes are threatened but that could change if the wind shifts. the cause of the fire is under investigation. commercial crab season opens tomorrow but there are some restrictions pushing is only allowed between the bay. the arm high levels of neurotoxins commercial crab season will be open along the north coast. that is starting december 1. to the white house we are waiting for president.
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obama to hold his first news conference since the presidential election . when it begins we will bring it to you live.
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macy's is not commenting after a retail consulting analyst said that they did -- they appear to be in terminal decline. the analyst says that they may just $.27 for every dollar of sales according to business insider neil saunders he says
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that that is a weak position and put them on a pathway to long-term on profitability. they say they have seen an improvement but expect to see a decline into the holiday season. right now stock is up more than 1%. taking a look here, stocks are up and down as tech companies are taking losses on fears about their overseas revenue. you can see the dow jones is up 27 points. information about a deadly bombing at a base in afghanistan. we've now learned that one of those four americans killed was a 30-year-old sergeant. from stockton. that suicide bombing killed two soldiers and two contractors and injured 17 other people. the taliban has claimed responsibility saying that it was in revenge for recent united states airstrikes. meantime, iraqi forces are
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pushing deeper into multiple. best multiple -- mosul. >> forces are pushing deeper into isis held towns. they are facing suicide bombs as they go block to block eliminating the estimating 5000 militants still it in the city. >> our soldiers are dancing to what our plan to go. >> the offensive is being closed by the presence of thousands of civilians. forces estimate up to 90% of the city's population is still in their homes. many are being used as human shields. meanwhile, i iraqi and kurdish forces are speeding up there events. and as they get closer they are increasingly looking to local forces to hold the land that
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they had cleared. >> it is liberating ourselves how we are working and holding the checkpoints. >> isis is turning to more traditional terror attacks to punish the iraq keys including burning oil wells. in an attempt to rob them of their most valuable resource. they say they are committed to rebuilding. >> of course, it is unsettling you cry because of the situation and are conditions i can't describe the way that i feel. >> this is being backed by united states airstrikes. the pentagon said that combat troops are not part of the liberation. somber ceremonies held in paris over the weekend to mark one year as a series of deadly terror attacks. they targeted bars, restaurants, sports stadiums and a concert hall killing 130 people.
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flags were unveiled and victims names were read at each of those sites. the last two mornings at the concert hall or 90 people died reopened on saturday with an emotional performance. meanwhile, french officials announced that the state of emergency declared after the attacks will remain in place for now as france gears up for its presidential elections. the are expecting to hear from president. obama. he is -- this is all the first time that he is holding a news conference since the presidential election. it will be one of those topics discussed.
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a san jose police department is offering a reward for information to the man who opened fire on two police officers. >> janine has the latest on the investigation. >> each of those involved in the shooting has 15 years with the department they were literally dodging bullets last night and now, they are determined to catch the suspect. last night at 730 last night at 7:30 pm -- 7:30 pm.
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they saw a group of men and approach them as soon as they tried to make contact the group ran. they say that one of the men turned around and shot several rounds of the officers. they were not hit and they did not fire back. police surrounded the area. >> we had a tragic death of a deputy he was shot and killed, murdered. it is no different -- with respect to what we are doing trying to identify and locate this coward and killed two of our officers. >> here's a description of the suspects he is a hispanic man 6 feet tall and hundred 70 pounds. and he was wearing a gray and black style shirt and dark pants. police are looking for anyone who might have information. the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed in the line of
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duty is being remembered. >> last night a candlelight vigil was held for the deputy dennis wallace was shot in the head near modesto. he was a 20 year veteran of the department he leaves behind a wife and family. >> he is just one of the happiest guys that there was. and if we could just learn from that that the sun will shine tomorrow. and evil will not win. >> to be walls was investigating when he was killed. they say that he called for backup but when officers arrived they found him next to the squad car. he is well known for things like the dare program working in our early intervention and prevention programs. dennis had a very special relationship with young people and a special place in our hearts at the sheriff's office.
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>> one man has been arrested in connection with his killing. they say he was taken into custody after committing an armed robbery. authorities are looking for five people that they say killed a marijuana farmer as he slept. the body of the 35-year-old was found friday afternoon on a remote property. and they say he was sleeping early thursday morning when five people who recently worked for him woke him up and violently assaulted him. they also stole more than 100 pounds of processed marijuana. and, they are looking for ,26 amanda west. and, two other men. it is believed that they had did to southern california in investigators say is a third person to be killed along the north coast and tie to grow
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marijuana. the woman at the very center of the sexual assault case involving brock turner is going to be recognized as one of the women of the year. >> we spoke to the person who will be accepting the award on behalf of the victim. >> we do not know her name but her powerful statement at the sentencing of purse hacker, brock turner change the conversation about sexual assault. so much so that glimmer magazine is making her one of the nine women of the year. >> it really highlights the importance of her statement and the way that it captured i think the feelings of a lot of special assault survivors -- sexual assault survivors. >> she will be accepting the award for emily jo. the women of the year awards in hollywood.
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she says that the reason that they picked her was because she gave a voice to an experience that too many women have. >> she believed that she is everywoman. and, it could be that of any woman. and, the >> there will be a tribute sharing her statement and decembers magazine they's -- they wrote about the crying in her reaction to turn the jail sentence saying she felt embarrassed for trying after being led to believe that she had any influence. while it is a glamorous event she hopes that it will bring attention to the serious issue of sexual assault calling for justice for all victims. >> these are serious times particularly for this issue this is a serious time for women. we are facing the need to hold a lot of this games -- names. the mayor of the supervisor
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at the white house today attending a summit on homelessness. it's part of an event organized by michelle obama. the vice president joe biden is also expected to attend with more than 800 city and county officials. tomorrow members of the bay area youth program have also been invited to the white house. they will speak at a forum on women's leadership. they are from the san francisco bay young woman's freedom center. they are an advocacy group for young women of color. some students at san jose state are struggling to find money to pay for food. today there were details from the food bank. the nonprofit rod and a local food pantry to deliver fresh food to those students. they found that approximately half are sometimes skipping meals due to cost. most of them are just supporting themselves and they may even be living in their vehicles we spoke with some of those benefiting from the
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service. >> it will help me because i'm not working. it's hard to get money. >> my stepdad just had a major back surgery about four or five days ago my mom is disabled so i had trouble with money and food. it helped out our family a lot. >> this is a second time that the food bank came to campus. they delivered 10,000 pounds of food they say that they are doing it again next month and there will be even larger crowds. we do not plan on turning any students away. several peaceful protests were held over the weekend. if i can, i'd like to take a break the president is about to speak. let's bring in that live picture. >> i will have a chance to take a few of your questions. i figured, why wait? there's a lot of domestic
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issues that people are thinking about. i wanted to see if i could clear out some of the underbrush so that when we are overseas and people are asking about foreign-policy questions they feel obliged to tack on three other questions too. let me -- i know. i'm aware. i'm trying. first of all, let me mention three brief topics first of all, i discussed with presidential elect on thursday, lacy might -- my team is ready to accelerate to the next step and is required -- and we will ensure a smooth transition. i remember what it was like when i came in it is a big challenge this office is bigger than any one person in that is why ensuring a smooth transition is so important. it is not something that the constitution explicitly requires that is one of those norms that are vital to a functioning democracy. similar to norms of civility
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and tolerance and a commitment to reason and facts and analysis. and part of what makes this country work. and as long as i'm president we will uphold those norms and cherish those ideals. and as i told my staff we should be very proud their work has all ready in short that when we turn over the keys is in pretty good shape. we are in a stronger position today than we were when we came in. drops have been growing for sunday's three straight months incomes rising poverty has fallen the uninsured rate is at the lowest level on record carbon emissions have come down without impinging on our growth some injections are that we run to the tape we make sure that we finish what we started we don't let up in these last couple of months because
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michael is on january 21, america to be in the strongest -- my goal on jerry 21st, is that there's enough for the next president to build on that. number two, our work has also helped to save the lives in the global economy. because there is one president at a time i will spend this week reinforcing america's support and approaches that we have taken to promote economic growth. i look forward to my first visit in greece and then germany i will visit with the chancellor who has probably been my closest international partner these past eight years. i will also signal our solidarity with our closest allies and support our's -- and express our support. this is essential to our national security and it is essential to global stability that's why the transatlantic alliance and nato alliance have endured for decades by
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democratic and republican administrations. finally, in peru i will meet with those who have helped balance in the asia-pacific. this is a time of great change in the world but america has always been a pillar of strength. they give hope to people around the globe and that is what it will continue to be. finally, on a personal note michelle and i want to offer the deepest condolences to all of the colleagues on her passing. when was a friend of ours -- gwen was a friend of ours. she defended a strong and free press that makes our democracy work. i always appreciated her reporting even when i was at the receiving end of a tough and thorough interview. whether she reported it on the convention floor in the field or set up a debate moderator table
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she not only informed but she also inspired. she was an especially powerful role model for young women and girls in her tenacity and her intellect will be missed. she blaze the trail as one half of the first all-female anchor team on network news. so, she did her country a great service michelle and i join her family and her colleagues and everybody else who loved her and remembering her. with that, i'm going to take some questions and because of josh earnest, we have some poll he had been to put at the top of the list nelson of the wall street journal and understanding is that this is wrapping up your stand here as you are reporting to kansas city. josh happens to be from kansas city.
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i didn't know if there is a coincidence. but, we wish you the very best of luck. as it turns out, there's no place like home. >> there you go. >> you are embarking on your final trip what will you say about your successor, donald trump. should they be worried about the future of the united states? and secondly, as democrats scramble to regroup, what is your advice about where this -- the party goes now back >> one of the great things about the united states is that when it comes to world affairs the president obviously is the leader of the executive branch commander-in-chief, the spokesperson for the nation. but, the influence in the work that we have is the result not
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just of the president. it is the result of countless interactions. and it is interactions between militaries and other militaries. and intelligence officers. and, development workers. and, there is enormous continuity beneath the day-to- day news that makes us that indispensable nation when it comes to maintaining order and promoting prosperity. that will continue. in my conversation with president-elect he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships and one of those messages i can deliver is his commitment to nato and the
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transatlantic alliance which is one of the most important functions that i can stir -- service the stage is to let them know that there is no weakening a result when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining the strong and robust relationships and a recognition that those alliances aren't just good for europe they are good for the united states. with respect to the democratic party, as i said in the rose garden, when your team loses everyone gets deflated. it is hard. and it's challenging. and, i think that it is a healthy thing for the democratic party to go through some reflection. you know, i think that it's important for me not to be big footing that conversation i think that we want to see new voices and new
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ideas. term life are useful thing -- limits are a useful thing. i think that the democrats should not waver on our core beliefs and principles. and the belief that we should have an economy that works for everybody and not just a few. the belief that america at its best is inclusive and not exclusive that we insist on the dignity and the god-given potential and worth of every child regardless of race or gender, sexual orientation or what zip code that they were born in. that we are committed to a world in which we keep america safe but we recognize that our
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power does not just flow from our extraordinary military and also flows the strength of our ideals and principles. so, there will be a core set of values that should not be up for debate. but, how we organize politically i think that this is something that we should spend some time to think about. i believe that we have better ideas but i also believe that good ideas don't matter if people don't hear them. and, one of those issues that the democrats have to be clear on is that the given population distribution across the country we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere. we have to work at a grassroots level something that will run in my career.
12:46 pm
you know, i want in iowa not because demographics dictated -- i want and iowa but that's because i spent 87 days going to every small town to the fish fries, the vfw's, and there were some counties where i might have lost but maybe i lost by 20 points instead of 50 points. there's some counties that maybe i one that people didn't expect because people had a chance to see and listen in to get a sense of who you stood for and who you are fighting for. and the challenge for a national party is how do you dig in their? and create this kind of structures? so people have a sense of what it is they stand for. and, that increasingly is
12:47 pm
difficult to do just through a national press. it's increasingly difficult to do because of the splintering in press and caused so i think that the discussions that have been taking place about how to build more organized -- more organizing how to build local parties and state representative races and city council races and that all will contribute to stronger outcomes. and i am optimistic that that will happen. i'd -- for democrats were feeling completely discouraged i've been trying to remind them that everybody remembers my speech in 2004, they may not remember me showing up in 2005
12:48 pm
when john kerry had lost a close election tom daschle the leader of the senate, ken salazar and i were the only ones nationally. republicans controlled the senate and house and two years later democrats were winning that congress and four years later i was president of the united states things change pre- rapidly. but, it doesn't change inevitably. they change because you work for it. nobody said that democracy was easy it is hard. and, in a big country like this it probably should be hard. mark . good to see you pick >> good to see you. >> what can you tell us about the learning curve on becoming president? can you tell us how
12:49 pm
long it took you before you are fully at ease in the job if that ever happens? and did you discuss this with president-elect trump? >> about a week ago i started feeling pretty good -- no. look, i think that the learning curve always continues. this is a remarkable job that's unlike any other job on earth. and it is a constant flow of information and challenges and issues and that is truer now than it has ever been partly because of the nature of information and the interconnection between regions of the world. you know, if you are president 50 years ago the tragedy in syria might not have even
12:50 pm
penetrate what the american people are thinking about on a day-to-day basis that today they see vivid images of a child in the aftermath of the bombing. there was a time when if you had a financial crisis in southeast asia it had no impact on our markets to date does. the amount of information, the amount of incoming any that has to deal with today and responding to much more rapidly than ever before that makes a difference i was watching a documentary during the bay of pigs crisis jfk had about two weeks before anybody reported on him. imagine that. i think that it's fair to say that something like that happens under a current president this to figure it out and about an hour with that response will be.
12:51 pm
so, these are the kinds of points that i shared with the president-elect it was a free- flowing and i think a useful conversation and i tried to be as honest as i could using the things that i think that any president coming in use to think about. and probably the most important part that point that i had made was how you staff particularly your chief of staff national security advisor in the white house counsel you know, how you set up a process system to surface information generate options for president understanding that ultimately the president will make that final decision but that's something that has to be a 10 into right away. i have been blessed and i am
12:52 pm
admittedly biased some of the smartest hardest working good people in my administration that i think any president has ever had. and as a consequence of that i have been able to make a decision and, -- decisions. and, if you don't have that around you you will get swamped. i hope that they appreciate that advice and what i discussed was the fact that i had been encouraged by statements on election night about the need for unity and his interest in becoming the president of all people and, that how he staffs the first step that he takes the first impressions that he makes, the reset that could happen after an election all of those things are important. and, think that it is important
12:53 pm
to give him the room and the space to do that and it takes time to put that together but i emphasized to him that look and an election like this that is so hotly contested in divided, -- and divided, gestures matter and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns i think those are the kinds of things that set a tone that will help move things forward when the -- when he has taken office. >> how long did it take before you were at ease? >> i never had time to worry about being at ease, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. the good news is that in some
12:54 pm
ways my experiences are atypical. it's hard to find an analogous situation i've attended fdr came into office the depression had been going on we were in the midst of a freefall financial system was locking up the auto industry was about to go belly up the housing market had entirely collapsed so one of the advantages that i had was that i was too busy to worry about how acclimated i was feeling. we just had to make decisions. in this situation we are turning over a country that has challenges, has problems and obviously there are people who are feeling disaffected otherwise we would not have had those results that we had in the election. on the other hand, if you look
12:55 pm
at the basic indicators of where the country is right now, the employment rate is low and as low as it's been an eight or nine years and comes and wages have both gone up over the last year faster than they have in a decade or two we've got historically low uninsured rate financial systems are stable the stock market is hovering around its all-time highs in 401(k)s have been restored. the housing market has recovered we have challenges internationally but are most immediate challenge with respect to iso--- isil we are seeing significant progress and mosul is increasingly being
12:56 pm
retaken by iraqi security forces. our alliances are in strong shape the progress that we have made with respect to carbon emissions has been greater than any country on earth and gas is two dollars a gallon. so, he will have time and space i think to make judicious decisions the incoming administration does not have to put out a huge number of fires. maybe want to take the country in a different direction. they had time to consider what exactly they want to achieve and that is a testament to the tremendous work that my team has done over the last eight years. jones. >> thank you.>> he said that
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they did not believe that donald trump livia be -- would be the elected president and now they have spent time with him and you got to talk to him do now think that he is qualified to be president? and a compound question, you mentioned staffing and tone, what you say to americans who may not doubt that there will be a peaceful transition but that are concerned about some of the policies and sentiments either expressed by trump or his supporters that may pop out to minorities and other specifically i am talking about the announcement that what many call the national community is going to have a prominent will roll under trump as his chief strategist. what message does that send to the country? >> without copping out i think that it is fair to say that it
12:58 pm
would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the president-elect starts to make. if i would like to be consistent with the notion that we are going to try to facilitate a smooth transition look, the people have spoken donald trump will be the next president, the 45th president of the united states and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. and those who did not vote for him have to recognize that that is how democracy works. that is how this system operates. when i won there were a number of people who didn't like me and didn't like what i stood for. and you know i think that
12:59 pm
whenever you have got an incoming president on the other side particularly the election like this it takes a little while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality hopefully it is a reminder that the elections matter in that voting counts. and i don't know how many times we need to relearn this because we ended up having 43% of the country to not vote but it does make a difference. >> -- so, given that presidential elect trump is now trying to balance what he said in the campaign and the commitments that he made to his supporters working with those who disagreed with him members of congress reaching out to
1:00 pm
constituents i think that it's important for us to let him make his decisions and i think that the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see. and whether these are the kinds of policies and this is the direction that they want to see the country go when. and, my role is to make sure that when i hand off this white house that it is in the best possible shape and that i have been helpful as i can be to him and going forward. and building on the progress that we have made. and my advice as i've said


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