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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break news after the break . now to our top store stories -- stories we are learning that rudy giuliani is being considered for secretary of state. hundreds of students took to the streets to protest the election outcomes. students from a dozen schools took part in the walk out including oakland tech. they marched from the fate veil bart station to oakland city hall. a woman tells ktvu fox news that she was injured during a
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demonstration last week. she said she was injured when the police moved in to break up the crowd. she said other protestors came to her aid. public comment over the future of marijuana sales is underway at city hall. we have information on highway the plan is developing. speakers are saying they do not want to get left out of what could be a booming business. >> reporter: this is the public comment period. a lot of people are speaking out about how they want the future of the marijuana industry is oakland looks like. some people are starting to leave the area. this issue tonight that they are talking about medical marijuana but tbd be the template for recreational use. people in oakland want to be
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included in what they say will be big business. they are interested in regulating businesses selling medical marijuana. one of the issues is making sure that the state benefits from tax revenue. another is about helping people are a marijuana conviction on their record get to start a business. people have said, too often in the past, oakland has been left behind. they do not want to see that happening again. a counsel member has put forward a proposal to set aside money for communities that were victims of the war on drugs. >> helping hard hit neighborhoods with issues like
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job access programs and blight removal. >> none of the proposals have been finalized. at this point there is a lot of public interest in oakland. >> thank you. there are new rules pent to prevent accidents involving quiet hybrids and electric cars. the cars do not make much nice and pedestrians can have a hard time knowing that a car is coming their way, a new rule will require the cars to make a noise when going at slower speez and in reverse. the rule takes effect in september of 2019. if you did not catch last night's super moon, here are some pictures from our facebook page. the moon passed closer to earth than it's been in 70 years, the
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soorp moon makes another appearance in 2034. the phenomenon also had an effect on the tides and caused flooding in parts of the country. >> reporter: we have seen full moons before but rarely like this. this is the closest a full moon has been to the earth since 1948. at watch parties people gathered to gaze at what could be a once in a lifetime sight. >> it's nice to get out and get connected. >> reporter: it was not all fun and games. the moon moving closer to the earth meant a disruption of tide stages, with florida hard hit. >> as it gets closer to earth, the moon moves the ocean. it can create higher tides than
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normal prsm the super moon -- >> reporter: the super moon hit it's peak yesterday. nasa gathered a significant amount of data about changes to the lunar surface. the next super moon that will be closer than this is november of 2034. if you slept through it last night you can catch a smaller version tonight. it's still 15% brighter than usual. coming up, the latest from new zealand following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. >> it was very violent. >> plus details on the death of gwen ifill and how she is being remembered tonight.
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>> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. we are getting a closer look at the damage from a massive earthquake in new zealand. cows were stuck on an island. they have since been rescued. we have more. >> reporter: a powerful
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earthquake struck new shield, triggering a small tsunami and landslides. >> it knocked me out the bed. >> the doors buckled. >> reporter: the quake hit after midnight local time. it caused damage in the capitol and in the city of christ church. >> we tried to get to a doorway, it was so violent we fell down. >> reporter: after shocks shook people awake and caused severe damage to buildings and homes. it brought back memories of a quake that struck in 2011 killing 185 people. >> i remember saying, get me out. it was hard. really hard. yom. it's hard. i did not mean to cry. >> reporter: the quake also cut or plane and vehicle access to
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local towns and caused disruptions so sewer service. >> the most important thing is that the waste disposal is done cleanly. >> reporter: the full extent of the damage is being assessed. the cleanup efforts could take months and cost billions of dollars. respected pbs journalist gwen ifill has died this afternoon, surrounded by family and friends. she was diagnosed with cancer last year. she moderated washington week. today president obama praised her for her work. he said that she held people in power accountable and defended
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a strong free press. she was 61 years old. coming up, a solution to a shortage of skilled workers. >> i am coming off the street. i have never driven a bus before. >> allowing people to earn a wage while learning a skill. >> it's a change in the weather. we have rain in the forecast for a few days, not just one, i will see you back here with the specifics. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. new at 6:30. an upcoming wave of retirements at the transportation authority. they were worried about losing skilled workers so they came up with an apprentice program that allows people to get a wage while lunger a skill. >> it's pretty much -- learning a skill. >> it's pretty much learning while doing. >> reporter: this man said he is proud to show his kids what he has done. >> i can let them though you can achieve what you set out to do. >> reporter: the program lets people earn wages while they learn a skill. the program was born out of necessity. 40% of the vta work force were set to retire.
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>> we were having problems filling the positions so we created a program where we are training up the next generation. >> reporter: they call it growing their own. they have 175 people going through the apprenticeship program teaching them to build bus engines and drive buses. >> the program is an example of what is the potential for a middle class career for a person without a college degree. >> reporter: it was a blessing for this woman laid off from a manufacturing job after 25 years. she learned while earning, which made all of the difference. >> i feel secure. i am able to survive this santa clara, pay my house payment and just feel thankful. >> reporter: they plan to
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expand the program. they are starting an apprenticeship for light rail next year. >> lets talk about the weather. we are bringing in our chief meteorologist. the moon is still super. not as vivid as last night. it's pretty close. super moons happen all of the time but this is is extra super because it's closer to the earth than most of them. the clouds out there and the weather associated with them play in to the forecast tomorrow a little. then as we get to the next week, the pattern is shifting. we are heading to a more unsettled weather pattern. october was wet. november has been very dry. we have a break in the pattern.
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the next part of november looks to be significant for rainfall and snow fall towards thanksgiving. 60 in oakland. 65 in concord. the super moon is out there. you will see it. more clouds will be filling in so it's going to be less obvious as the night goes on. as we head through tomorrow, a weak system drags through. we have been warm. it's going to be a cooler week ahead. still in the lower 60s. showers possible tomorrow morning, maybe a little in the afternoon. do not change your plans, just a couple of sprinkles in the north bay. it's a nonunit but it's teeing up what we are looking for saturday and sunday.
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tuesday morning, not a game changer, you might get wet around highway one, probably drizzle and maybe a few light sprinkles. that's the model. the dynamics and the lift in the atmosphere are not present. by tomorrow afternoon, the front, the weak front, slides through. so cloudy afternoon tomorrow for the afternoon commute. tomorrow is cooler and cloudy, chance of a sprinkle. not a game changer. but it's setting the tone for a wet pattern that wants to develop friday night into saturday and into sunday and into monday, et cetera. it look -- looks like it's coming. this blip tomorrow is the beginning of what will happen
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in 72 hours. >> will we notice a cool down tomorrow? >> yes, you will. tomorrow in the 60s, then lower 60s after that. >> thank you. a sobering reminder of how hundreds of students at san jose state do not have enough money to buy food. the food bank came in and 600 students lied up to get free groceries. half of the students are not afford three meals a day. because of that they have to skip meals. they said that the food give away was very helpful. >> it will help me because i am not working. it's hard to get money for food and to also have a car. >> my step dad had a major back surgery and my mom is disabled. this will help the family a
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lot. >> many of the students support themselves. some survive by having roommates or couch surfing. others said they are living in their cars. >> this is the second time they have handed out food and they plan to do it again next month. >> it's just startling to me. thankfully the food bank is helping them out. >> coming up, the 49ers could catch a break this sunday. the patriots may be without one of their offensive weapons but they still have tom brady so it's not easy. mark is up next with sports. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. mark is here with sports. what is the deal here, is it true that the warriors are considering trading thompson. >> no, it's going to be a crazy season. rumors started. someone started the rumor and it bake a story. we are not in the business of report rumors but when the coach addresses it, you have to
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talk about it. it emanated from a former warriors assistant coach. thompson had his best game of the year. scored 30 last night. they won against phoenix. the rumor was it was a three way trade. thompson going to boston. the warriors could secure a big man. here's the coach talking about it. >> our guys know that, that stuff is almost always just bs, you know. so if that became a story, i would talk to him. but i did not know it was a story until now. i will go home and get on the internet and decide whether or not to call him. >> it's not a story.
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they are not trading him but it got out of happened. >> we live in a generation where every kid gets a trophy. but, when you are in the nfl you do not get a trophy for losing. although the warriors, rather the 49ers 16-point under dogs and they lost by only a field goal. 100 yards rushing and they created four turn overs. but the coach was not buying the moral victory stuff. >> i do not think anybody is patting themselves on the back. the it's about winningment at the end of the day we -- winning. at the end of the day we did
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not win. in any game, whether you win or lose, you have to address what happened in the game and make the proper corrections. it's a systematic approach. >> it was a eighth eighth dweet in a row. now they face the patriots. but it might be easier without their tight end. he took a hit in the loss against seattle. he said it was the hardest hit he has sustained. at first they thought he had a punctured lung. it's questionable if he will play this week. turning to baseball. giants fans, you have to deal with this guy for a long time.
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the dodger's 22 year old short stop, the unanimous national league rookie of the year. this kid, up from the minors hit 308, to six homers and he can do it all on defense. es r he is the -- he is the 17th dodger to win rookie of the year. >> that's the sporting life for right now. >> i am starting a rumor that curry is going to be traded. >> that hit was rough. >> he may not play this sunday. >> that last four downs in the sea hawks game was crazy. >> yes it was. >> thank you for joining us tonight. good night
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i was reading about this jellyfish that never dies. instead, it reverts to its asexual state and then grows up again. we thought my 90-year-old grandfather had reverted to an asexual state, but the lawsuit from his jamaican caregiver proved us all wrong. my point is, immortality is not only a possibility, it is real. only if you're this jellyfish which periodically reverts to a mass of undifferentiated protoplasm. if i could keep my gmail account, i'd be okay with that. hello, fellas. others: hey. remember when we were trying to figure out what that smell coming from professor tupperman's office was? yeah? turns out it was tupperman. dead at his desk for two weeks. oh, my god. that's terrible. in lieu of flowers, the department chair is asking that everyone donate a bottle of febreze. if we're going to change the topic from jellyfish, i'd be okay with brine shrimp or the history of the unicycle. show a little compassion-- a man died. and turned into a puddle of goo.


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