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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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came forward. >> i experienced four years of constant manipulation and abuse of power when i was extremely vulnerable student that needed his approval to move forward with my plans. >> she also tells me that having the support from her classmates has brought her to tears. the students signed a petition asking the chancellor to consider a process for students. and i talked with the assistant that was part of the protest and here is what he had to say. >> we want to see the university step up and make sure it happens expeditiously and need it for students that feel vulnerable right now. >> school officials that i spoke with say that they have discussed ways to address the student safety and will be disclosing the details with the students over the coming days. frank and julie back to you. hundreds of stanford students walked out of class to protest the election of donald trump as president.
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faculty members took part in the walkout that protested on mr. trump's plans to crack down on illegal immigrants. organizers say that demonstration was a call for national unity. the election has left the nation divided. there are several new developments involving the donald trump transition team one week after his stunning victory. al joel waldman tell us he is still processing the outcome of the election. >> i was surprised by the election results. reporter: president obama speaking from greece during his last overseas chief as commander in chief denying responsibility for the election of donald trump. instead blaming the republicans surprising win on america's desire to try something new. >> sometimes people just feel like we have to try something to see if can shape things up. >> house speaker paul ryan had
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contentious moments president- elect donald trump say he is all in. >> ryan's chances of hanging on to the speakership seeming secure. >> americans think we are going down the wrong path and saying get on a better path. >> and twists and turns continues. gop foe turned trump supporter dr. ben carson says he has no interest in the cabinet position. while house homeland security chairman mike mccall is pushing to become the head of the federal agency he oversees in progress and giuliani is in running for secretary of state as democrats are urging president-elect donald trump to fire steve bannon already appointed chief strategist. >> donald trump needs to banish the bannons of this world from his administration. >> as president-elect donald
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trump works to build his administration house democrats have agreed to not continue forward with the protests over things. house democrats delayed nancy pelosi's reinstatement until after thanksgiving. that could spell trouble. some say it is time for change. congressman tim ryan of ohio has emerged as one possible candidate. barra boxter has introduced legislation to abolish the electoral college. political experts say the bill is a long shot and proposed constitutional amendment to require passage by a 2/3 majority in the house and senate. it would then have to be ratified by three quarters of
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the 50 u.s. states. pope francis is hoping to ease concerns of immigrants with a few positive words to u.s. bishops. sending a message to the annual conference of bishops in baltimore praising latino catholics. urging the church to help heal a society that is facing increasing polarization and to bill bridges instead of walls. about four in ten u.s. catholics are latino. expected to be a majority in the u.s. church for years. a nightmare for dreamers. their concern about the future of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants working and living in the u.s. under a federal program. the holiday season is almost here and triple a says this will be the busiest thanksgiving holiday on the roads and the rails and in the sky since 2007. reporter rob smith tells us what is behind the forecast. >> if you are stuck in traffic this thanksgiving, blame the improving economy.
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triple a says some 48.7 million americans are expected to travel this year and the busiest thanksgiving since 2007. it is due to a boost in consumer confidence and the second cheapist gas prices in 9 years. more than 43 million of those travelers will be hitting the roads. travel experts say if you are one of them, don't make the the mistake of leaving too late. >> a lot of people are thinking about leaving late so you want to avoid that. >> there is an isis threat about the macy's thanksgiving parade. the nypd is working hard to make sure the parade is as safe as possible. this is not something that occurred to us over the weekend when we saw the article in isol's online magazine.
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we have factored this into plans for the thanksgiving parades in years past. >> it was aimed at lone wolves and include a picture of the parade route and the officials say the threat should not keep anyone from enjoying the day. >> the message is to come to the thanksgiving parade and have a good time. >> if you are flying this thanksgiving get ready to pay more. holiday airfares are up 21% this year. in new york, rob smith fox news. the ride sharing company lyft is trading in its iconic pink mustache for a beacon light device that communicates with passengers. it is called amp and it will be visible through the windshield as a distinctive glow on the inside of the car it will display messages for its drivers and passengers. san francisco will be one of four cities to get the amp on new year operation. amp will be in use across the country by the middle of next year. people that use air b and b and other sites to rent out their homes in san francisco could face new rules.
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the board of supervisors is meeting and is expected to improve an annual cap on short- term measures but the mayor could veto it if it doesn't have support from 8 supervisors. currently homeowners registered with the city can rent out their homes on short-term basis without limits if the owner remains on-site. if they are not on-site there is a limit of 90 days per year. coming up. talk after tuition rate at uc and cal state. how much more students would have to pay. tracking the tail end of the raindrops and the rain is to come as we head the end of the week. independence. thieves make off with a special van driven by a paralyzed woman. it is pretty much everything. it is my independence. so for most people they get in the car and go anywhere and for me it is so much more than
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a car. i'm meteorologist bill martin and tracking the fog forecast for late tonight and early tomorrow morning. wet out there and the wet on the roadway is going to lead to some early morning valley fog as we head through the day. and over to the early morning hours. here is the story. the clouds out there tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. most of it is over and most of the light scattered showers are over and the valley fog will persist and then by the
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afternoon, it is mostly sunny an. high temperatures. the greens are 60s. you will see lots of mid and low 60s tomorrow with the occasional 50-degree reading. the long-range forecast does set up wet and that means that pattern as we get to friday, it keeps coming saturday and sunday and painting green over the top of us and we are into potentially significant wet pattern starting mainly on friday night into saturday and beyond. and in the meantime tomorrow is a day marked with clearing and we will see temperatures tomorrow and napa will go 62 and 64 in fairfield and 64 in brentwood and 64 in hayward. think about where we were over the week. 80s. 64 in livermore and daytime highs down a few degrees and more sunshine late in the day and as we head into your end of the week, that's when the real rain should get going. tomorrow nicer and showers
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should end and rain down the road. we will see you back here with a five-day forecast. thieves in the south bay make off with a special van and the woman that owns it tells us in the process they took away her independence. >> ktvu rob roth is here and the woman needs that van to get around because she is in a wheelchair. >> this is a special car for san jose state college student that is already dealing with so much. >> kendra says she doesn't let being paralyzed getting her down but what is troubling for this drama major at san jose state is that someone stole a big part of her quality of life, her car. >> my independence was stolen. >> this 2005 honda is equipped with hands control and more. >> it is fully assessable that means i can open up my car and i drop down a ramp and i can roll my chair inside and park
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it in the passenger's side. >> the park near her family's home in scott valley last friday night and the next morning it was gone. >> for someone to do that i think it is so sad and meant to help someone more than a regular car. >> it has been about six years since kendra lost the use of her legs. she was 17 when doctors removed a tumor from her spinal column, a procedure that left her paralyzed from the chest down. she needs her car to get to her therapy appointments and the high school drama class she teaches and the drive to san jose state back each day. police are investigating and so far no luck. kendra's friend has been helping her get in this car. >> this is senseless. kendra does not deserve this. >> no way that the person that stole her car didn't know that it belonged to someone disabled and begging the question how could someone do that but that's not a question that kendra asks. >> i don't want this to stop my
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life as it almost did. but it is not easy. it is just figuring some new things out and making it work. >> now kendra is putting the word out about what happened in the hopes that if someone happens to see her van they will call police. >> she seems like a remarkable young woman. >> she is. very upbeat and optimistic and inspiration really. it is a joy to meet her. >> she teaches a drama class and busy. is there a way that insurance can help with this? for a reason to get the car back to her. >> the car is insured but it is not the money. it has to be -- any car would have to be retrofitted and it takes awhile and you know what it is like to have your car in the shop for a day or two. consider what she is going through. >> you hope the person that did that is watching and may think that i am going to do the right thing and get the car back. >> i talked to police this afternoon and they are hopeful. most stolen cars turn up. it is a question will it turn
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up in good shape or not but they are optimistic for now. let hope it does. rob, thank you. muni is warning san francisco drivers to be prepared for delay this week on venice afternoon. one lane of traffic is being closed in each direction. part of the city's rapid bus project to leave center lanes exclusively for bus use. the lane closures are scheduled to begin sometime in the next few months and had been expected to begin tonight. the project is expected to take three years. today is the official start of the commercial dungeness crab season. last year it was delayed until march because of a huge algae bloom that contaminated crabs with toxic acid. that meant that crab season ended up starting five months late. >> after last year's hardships it is so wonderful that these guys and gals can get out on
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time and get the thanksgiving crab and they are clean and beautiful. i can't wait to see it this afternoon. there is some acid showing up taking along the california coastline. authorities have closed commercial fishing from north to men na sindo county lines. last week after election of first grade teacher at woodland school asked if they wanted to write letters to the president- elect donald trump and now those letters have been read by hundreds of thousands of people after going viral and one letter written by nicole reads dear mr. trump please be honest and kind. i hope that you will not cause any fights between people that are not born in our country. i think if you do all of these rules you will be a wonderful president. this afternoon ktvu's ted rowland talked to the end of the school, marsha brandland and asked about the response, good and bad to the letters.
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>> following the elections, our teachers asked the students if they wanted to write to the new president elect and the kids did. and so you know short of just helping them really just write thoughts down on paper she did nothing else. it just showed that all of the kids have authentic voices and that they all have different things that stand out for them. you know, some of them were concerned about the kinds of jokes being made. some of them were concerned that everybody making friends. and some were concerned -- one of the letters and not one of them that got printed was please invite hillary clinton to your birthday party. >> to someone who may be read the letters on their facebook feed and thought the teachers
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were feeding them antism trump stuff. where did they get the ideas from. >> our schools are diverse. we are not a homogenous population at all. that class is not a homogenous population at all. there was no feeding of ideas. these were the kids ideas and there was not our entire school population doesn't feel one way. so the teachers were not feeding anyone ideas and the teachers are professional enough to remain neutral, to not -- their role is not to create clones in any one direction or the other. but rather honor students' voices and to recognize that 6- year-olds do have voices and brains and listen and to have observations and honor that. >> coming up. a final goodbye for a bay area
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sheriff's explorer killed in an oakland park. how friends and family and fellow explorers paid tribute today. the number one overall pick in the nfl draft. now jarrett goth is finally going to get to play for the rams. mark will tell us about that later in sports. first caught in the act for this group of burglars that targeted a bay area home and made off with one hundred thousand dollars worth of
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belongings. new at six. san francisco police are looking for three burglars that made off with one hundred thousand dollars worth of the property. they were recorded on channel street on the 17th. they escaped with wristwatches and other jewelry and electronics. no arrests made. an alameda county sheriff explorer killed in a park in oakland was laid to rest today. henry lee tells us fellow explorers came to honor her. >> 21 year-old karla rameriz segoviano wanted to be a sheriff's deputy.
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on tuesday the san lorenzo high grad dedicated her life was honored. a couple stabbed and set the explorer on fire in an east oakland park. both in jail and charged with murder. on tuesday the focus was on rameriz segoviano. >> today we are gathered in great sadness. although no longer here we are happy knowing you are in a better place. >> her fellow explorers all volunteers lined the rose of a san lorenzo church. >> it was supposed to be the next chapter in her life. >> karla had so much more to
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do. on the same day laid to rest sheriff greg said she was supposed to be interviewed for a paid job as a cadet. the sheriff explorers and deputies came from across the region. adam lloyd is explorer lieutenant from a county that lost a deputy in a shooting. deputies will be going to his funeral. >> we are all law enforcement and we are all family and just real important to come out and show the support and not just for her but for her post. it is hard on everyone. >> it is really amazing to see the support that she had because of the life that she lived and at no time should mother and father and the family have to go attend the services for their 21 year-old daughter that was murdered. >> henry lee ktvu, fox 2 news.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a nightmare for the nation's dreamers. what is the difference between immigrants and americans that sign a piece of paper. they still want to work hard to provide for their families. >> the future of undocumented immigrants working in the u.s. under a federal program. >> the bay area's largest city set to speed up plans to increase the minimum wage. fox 2 at 6:30 is next.
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student at uc berkeley demanding a resignation of an architecture professor and a scholar accused of harassing a student. the female student claims that 61-year-old azar ahmed put his leg on her leg and proposed to be close friends invited her to come to las vegas. she has denied the student's allegations. >> hundreds of sanford students walked out of class to protest the election of donald trump. faculty members took part. the walkout focused on mr. trump's vow to crack down on illegal demonstrations. the demonstration was a call for national unity after election that left the nation
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deeply divided. >> the twists and turns continue. mayor giuliani is the front- runner for secretary of state and former trump rival turned supporter dr. ben carson that says he has no interest in a cabinet position in donald trump's administration. you are watching ktvu fox news at 6:30. the election has created a growing uncertainty for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants working and living in the u.s. under a federal program known as daka. during the campaign president- elect donald trump vowed to end that program and cristina rendon tells us that as some people fearing for their future. >> speaking cantonese and spanish. is part of dianna's wong's job as outreach coordinator. and nonprofit fun helps immigrant and low-income families manage their finances. >> also because of my experience as a daka recipient. i try to focus on the daka
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community. >> the u.s. santa cruz grad loves her job and feels like she has come full circle. born in mexico to chinese immigrant parents. >> i came to the u.s. when i was five and applied when it came on in 2012. being able to work and get that social security number, it was amazing. >> it may be in jeopardy because of donald trump. this may be affecting thousands of immigrants called dreamers and the companies that employ them. it is an understanding of the value of what the folks have to offer. using talented people that have tremendous skills and education and value and we wouldn't have somebody else to fill that job if we didn't have her here. >> she says some of her friends are scared. >> what do we do now they


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