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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> the suspect was only grazed by the bullet and suffered minor injuries. he was treated and is now in custody. in oakland, five girls, ages 14 to 16 are now
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behind bars, accused in at least tennessee strong arm robberies. police say the teens targeted women who were walking along outside bart stations, the west oakland and parton stations to be exact. the girls robbed and sometimes assaulted their victims. cell phones, purses, and other personal items were stolen. the girls were all taken into custody in piedmont monday. president donald trump met with japan's prime minister in new york city. he is the first world lieder to meet with mr. trump. he says the pair spent, quote, "a substantial amount of time together," and called the meeting, quote, "cordial." he said he would not elaborate on the discussion due to the fact mr. trump has not yet taken office. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> a student addressed the issue of racist graffiti. >> the surprise assembly was called after someone left a landfill message in a school bathroom. >> reporter: the assembly started at 8:30 this morning, lasted well over an
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hour. the principal started by telling students that, quote, "words matter, and everyone should feel safe and secure on campus. afterwards, teachers and plenty of students had a chance to share their thoughts >> it starts with you. you need to -- call to action, and follow through. you need to do this terrifying thing of telling one of your peers what you did is not okay, please stop. >> reporter: monta vista high school -- held this in response to an incident of racist graffiti found in one of it bathrooms. it happened sometime yesterday afternoon. danville police is helping the district investigate who might be behind it and why. >> too early to say. i think -- and ultimately it really doesn't matter. it's an ugly incident, and we just aren't going to tolerate -- >> reporter: that was the district spokesperson talking about the motivations behind this graffiti. the message that the assembly
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was part history lesson, but it was also a pep rally of sorts with many students expressing support and enurge. for people who represent different minority groups on campus. >> i think it's important that we are kind to each other, that we realize that we're all human, and that we're not doing anything to make any majority group feel minimal lies >> don: i'm happy the school is getting out in front of it. look forward to having a conversation with my daughter tonight about it at the dinner table. >> reporter: this is the third incident of racist graffiti showing up on school property. last month there were two incidents of graffiti like this painted in the bathrooms at california high school in san ramon. one of those incidents is almost identical to what happened here at monte vista. administrators plan on having a meeting with parents tonight so parents and teachers can discuss what happened, and that's scheduled for 7:00 this evening
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in danville, alie rasmus, ktvu fox news >> we're told, after our cameras left, students continue to line up and share their thoughts and concerns. at one point, more than 50 students were waiting in line to condemn the act and offer support to minority students. symbols of hate were found on buildings, hallways and classrooms at roseville high school. the vandalism was discovered by a teacher last thursday and quickly covered up. four days later, an anonymous tip led police to 18-year-old connor thorp. investigators say the high school senior admitted to drawing the swastikas. he was arrested and charged with committing a hate crime. roseville police would not say whether thorp had been arrested before, but a former class mate has said thorp has made offensive comments in the past. >> i saw it coming. it was kind of obvious. >> the school district says a knife was also found in thorp's backpack. school officials say he could be suspended or exthis would. today the covered
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california board held its first meeting since the election of donald trump as president. mr. trump has promised to repeal and replace some or all of the affordable care act. new at 6:30, max resnick with this report from sacramento. >> reporter: if there's ever a place to coop your worries at bay, it might be here at the park with your granddaughters. >> hey. >> reporter: but if your granddaughters have insurance through obamacare, which president-elect donald trump and republicans in the house and senate plan to repeal and replace, those worries tend to be at the forefront. >> i think you need to come straightforward to the people so the people can know. >> reporter: ricky wilson's granddaughters are just two of the 5 million californians facing that uncertain fate, including nearly 1.4 million who seek it through covered california. >> shushes is locked down through 2017. >> reporter: cover california's executive director peter lee homes to calm concerns. >> the subsidies have been appropriated. the funds are there. our contracts with health plans are, you know, binding contracts between us
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and cover california and nationally between the federal government, and hundreds of health plans across the nation. >> reporter: beyond next year, the answers aren't so clear. state senator ed hernandez, chair of the senate health committee plans a vigorous defense of obamacare and those who depend on it. >> keep in mind, it would be unheard of and unthinkable if we put those individuals, whether it's in california, the rest of this country out on the street without health insurance. to me, that's bar bar i can. >> reporter: there's hope among those fighting the future trump summation. trump's recent support for protecting people with preexisting conditions, a cornerstone of obamacare. >> he's talking about keeping certain aspects of it. so i think once he understands it severity of some of his actions, he may actually readjust and hopefully make some better changes. >> reporter: whatever those changes, ricky plans to keep an open mind. >> you don't have to love him, but you got to respect him.
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coming up new developments for air bnb. >> plus a second chance for dozens of sheltered dogs. d do >> the new trend is in the animal welfare community is do everything you can to save lives.
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>> president obama met today with german chancellor angela merkel, trying to reassure allies ahead of
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the transition to the trump summation. at a joint news conference with merkel, president obama said he is encouraged by president-elect trump's commitment to nato, but he acknowledged worries about russia, given mr. trump spoke highly of russian president vladimir putin during the campaign. >> my hope is the president- elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach, finding areas where we can cooperate with russia, but that the president-elect is also willing to stand up to russia. >> as for jury roomny during the campaign, mr. trump criticized chancellor merkel's handling of immigration and the syrian refugee crisis. president obama is set to meet with other european leaders tomorrow before making his way to south america for a summit in peru. a federal judge issued a temporary injunction today to block a san francisco ordinance aimed at regulating air bnb and other short-term rental services. the ordinance would subject companies such as air
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bnb to fines if they let homeowners rent out rooms that have not been registered with the city. air bnb and rental firm home away sued san francisco over the ordinance. among other complaints, they say the registration process is cumbersome and difficult to monitor. in issuing his injunction, the judge scolded both sides and said they need to come to an agreement on a workable, efficient system for registering short-term rentals. contra costa animal services is getting ready to ship almost 30 dogs to minnesota in hopes they can be flamessed in good homes. the dogs will be put in crates tomorrow at the county's shelter in penol. the truck is set to bring them to sacramento airport. from there, the dogs will be flown to saint paul, minnesota, where they will be put up for adoption. animal welfare officials say the transfer is part of a collaborative effort to try to resolve the problem of overcrowding at bay area shelters. >> you know, the new trend is concern in the animal welfare community is, do everything you can to save
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lives. the days of euthanizing for space, in terms of contra costa animal services, that's not really what we're doing. >> animal experts identify what breed of dogs they think will have a good chance of finding a home at the transfer location. in addition minnesota, the county shelter also works with partners in oregon, washington state, and nevada. a fight over grapes in wine country. >> this project is truly hovering. >> up next the expansion plan causing controversy. >> and we're tracking the weekend rain that will have an impact saturday, sunday, and beyond.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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there's a fight over grapes in wine country. >> a decades-old patrol to expand a vineyard has turned into a battle, pitting the vineyard owners against neighbors and environmental groups. >> and as ktvu's tom baker tells us, it's now a mart for the napa county board of supervisors. >> reporter: it -- owner of the 2,300 walt ranch a deck kid to get approval to plant 200 acres of mountainside grapes. the property sits in a designated agricultural district where the planting of grapes is encouraged. >> the county has studied every possible environmental impact that you can imagine: trees, plants, wildlife, and they concludeed the project will have no significant impact. >> reporter: environmental and land use groups
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along with some down-slop neighbors want the board of supervisors to say no to the vineyard. >> mostly the increased heavy truck traffic, which will be going through our community. also them tapping into a water aquifer that, you know, could go dry at any time. >> this project is truly hovering, because it is going to cause chopping down around 15,000 trees in a remote mountainous region of napa county. . in that way it's unlike your regular vineyard project. >> reporter: environmental groups -- pesticide contamination from the river running through the proposed vineyard. but the winery counters that there will be no vast clear-cut vineyard. instead a patchwork of many. >> it is a number of small block that avoid the environmental constraints that are on the property. >> reporter: napa supervisors will hear both side
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tomorrow morning. >> we're fighting it, obviously. they have a lot of money, i'm sure. i would just go myself just to show the people that, you know, welcome work something out, hopefully. if not, stop it all together. >> reporter: no matter what the board decides, odds are it will still end up in front of a judge. tom bakar, ktvu fox 2 news. i'm tracking that weekend weather, which looks like it's going to be pretty with the. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today. cold start, mild afternoon with highs in the mid-60s, maybe even upper 60s. than this bad boy shows up on saturday morning and slides through the bay area. it's significant weather system. just one in a series that will affect us this weekend with kind of a break in the middle of next week. then another series of weather systems, look like they want to affect us next weekend. couple of weekends in a row you're going to be wet. you see showers north. they'll slip south as we head
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into tomorrow night. you'll start to see more and more showers tomorrow at this time. fairfield is down to 46 degrees. it was cold in the morning. it's cold in the morning, that frost advisory in the morning in the north bay. tomorrow morning you're going to have frost in a lot of these spots. 34 degrees in napa, 38 in vallaja. you're sending the cuds off to school and it's that cold, it's rugged, especially in the north bay. you'll no practice. in the day it's warming up. kids are going to be hard- prezzed to remember to bring their jackets home. temperatures in the afternoon are going to get up in the 60s and even some places, maybe some lo 7 0s. there's the system, and its main impact will be everybody. it's basically an equal opportunity deal. it's going to slide through saturday morning, and we could see a couple inches of rain. here we are tomorrow night at 10. it's ready to go. at about 4:00 a.m. in santa rosa, that wakes you
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up. goes down. it's heavy rain. there's the line. by 8:00 a.m., it approach progresses all the way through. you see what i'm saying? everybody is going to get a pretty good dose of rain. then you get into, after 8, this scattered shower activity, which i think at this point, the models are pretty in good agreement about saturday afternoon not being a complete wash out, because that morning deal, that's going to be wet. you're not going to want to go out in that. but after say 9, 10:00 in the morning, you may be up for has to scattered showers, which will allow you to go to the big game without too much of an issue, allow you to get out and do things saturday afternoon. sunday morning, few more scattered showers, more showers on sunday afternoon into sunday night. so the 5-day forecast, well, that's coming up after this, huh? forecast rain accumulations could easily get to 2 and a half, 3 inches of rain, maybe even more. there's the 5-day forecast. it's a wet weather pattern that's going to take us right into the bay area weekend and beyond. little break in the middle of the week, and more rain at the end of -- at the end of indication week. so we're into it.
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it's winter, and you're going to notice it by not tomorrow. saturday, sunday, you're going to be all hunkered down. >> all right. and we need it. thank you. well, a popular exhibit is taking flight at san francisco's conservatory of flowers. after a three-year break, butterflies and blooms have returned to mesmerize visitors. the exhibit is inside a victorian era greenhouse, and gives people an up-close look at the beautiful world of butterflies. it's something visitors of all ages canon joy. >> absolutely, the monarchs, and, i think, all of them. do you love all of it butterflies, especially the monarchs? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the exhibit opened today and runs through june 30th. admission starts at $6. the conservatory of flowers is closed, though, on monday. the first-place raiders looking to continue their hot streak after their by week. one of the disadvantages, though, of their home game on monday is that it isn't exactly at home. . mark's up next with how the raiders will cope with playing in mexico.
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>> it's fun and everything, but a home game where you have to travel to mexico city. >> not exactly a home game. >> the raiders are undefeated on the road that they've lost a couple at home. this is another home game. let's hope it stands up. the big commotion about this game and the different language, different culture, all that stuff. but i think the biggest impact is really going to be where this game is going to be played. that will be as techa stadium. as you heard by now, more than a hundred thousands fans are expected. but how about this? this is a stadium that is 7,349 feet above sea level, just to give you an idea, that's 2,100 feet higher than denver, which they call the mile-high city. maco doesn't seem overly concerned about the change of altitude and its effects. >> mother nature going to play a game. you got to be ready to swing with it.
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whatever comes, whatever happens. just be ready. >> just make sure you're taking care of your body, nutrition, everything, leading up to the game. really no big difference. a little tougher to play in. just taking care of your body is the most important thing. >> octavius says really no big difference. we'll see if he still feels like that come monday night late. we'll see. but the raiders against the texans, and the raiders are favorite. meantime let's talk about the golden state warriors. they're in action tomorrow night against the boston celtics. pretty impressive victory against the raptors, a good team. and as you may recall, it was drake night there. he's a native of toronto, and watch him. he gets a little carried away court side. that's drake on the far left, kind of taunting kevin durant, who seems to be ignoring him. and says he's a big raptors' fan. he talked a lot of trash there. now, watch after the game. kevin durant seemed really annoyed when drake
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actually bumps into him. check this out. >> defense picked up. we put it on the foul line 40 plus times. i mean, that's -- you know he put the team on the foul line. put the team on the foul line that much, they bound to score. >> this is drake. he's the one that just interrupted us. give us a taste of what the trash talk is like. >> draka night. >> there you go. i think he was serious there, and kevin durant really affable, pretty easy going guy, and drake may have overstepped his bounds a bit, trying to get involved, and he, for one, seemed extremely annoyed with the hip hop star, who probably overstepped his bounds a bit. let's talk some baseball, the mvp awards. the biggest awards, yesterday, can y young. young stud with the angels. just another mvp season for him. it's his 2nd in 0 years.
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hit 315 for the angels, 29 homers, a hundred rbis. he's the first mvp on a losing team since 2013 -- or 2003, rather, when a rod won it when he was with the texas rangers. conversely, national league mvp winner, chris bryant, about as winning as you can get with cubs, of course,. 2nd year, 39 homers, 102 rbis, and he was the rookie of the year last year, and this year he wins the mvp. and congratulations to former a, josh redick, who signs a 4-year deal with the houston astros. so he'll cash out at $52 million. we're talking about all the former a's players who go elsewhere,, you know. 52mil for josh -- >> he looked -- >> he looked annoyed. thanks for joining us.
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