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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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crash that ended with elderly couple getting badly injured. let's talk about friday weather. >> it is not as cold as yesterday morning. still cold but not as cold. increasing high clouds coming in later which will lead to rainy weekend. not the airport running warmer and more humidity in the air. the system system is beginning to move into the north so clouds will
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increase. for us there is a slight easterly breeze but it will turn more southerly this time. forty-one in kelsey they were 30th yesterday. there is still some cool rain on its way. the way to turn southerly that will start thing increasing -- increasing clouds which will start to lead to rain late tonight saturday and sunday. sixtys for today. we have made it to friday and here we are. on 580 the tracy super commute is not a bad drive driving into or from the tracy area. traffic continues to look pretty good if you are driving here. there are no major problems getting up to the past. it probably won't stay this way and will get busier but right
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now is a good opportunity for you to go. if you're driving this morning on 880 north and southbound it has been a very nice drive with no major issues. traffic continues to look good. the commute is doing very well at the bay bridge toll plaza. is light coming into san francisco. we begin this morning with hateful words a two bay area schools. both incidents happened two days in a row in the san ramon valley school district. >> two meetings were held yesterday at montevista high school in danville after racist graffiti was found to the bathroom there. >> our students do not want to this aptitude to find them -- attitude to find -- to define them. it doesn't mean anything if you don't have a great cool climate. it doesn't mean anything people are walking around school
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feeling unsafe. >> this graffiti found wednesday in the boys bathroom the words white and colored over the urinals is raising questions about race at the campus that is only 2% african-american. >> we know across the district we have a lot of work to do. >> the district had barely begun investigating when new restroom be the -- graffiti crept up. >> i don't want to speculate. for us all for our ugly and harmful. >> montevista began it stay in assembly. all 2400 students and it ran two
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hours long. >> the start with you. you need a call to action and follow through. you needed to do this terrifying things. >> one hundred students got to speak. >> they shared their experiences and you can could european drop in the gym because our kids are focused they were empathetic and the conversations went on. >> conversation went on with parents in the evening some suggesting more diversity training and urging harsh consequences for any hate speech. >> if racism happens again then what is the next thing that will be written and from that point where does it and how bad does it get. >> denver police are
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investigating and hormone police will also look into this case. administrator say they are determined to keep the conversation going. there is also a disturbing review be found at a high school in plaster county. the vandalism was at roosevelt high school and it was discovered by a teacher last week and quickly covered up. four days later an anonymous tip led to 18-year-old connor thorpe. investigators in the high school senior admitted to draw the swastikas. he was arrested and charged with a hate crime. >> i saw it coming. it was obvious. >> the school district says a knife was found in his backpack and school officials say he could be suspended or expelled. the u.s. marshals shot and wounded a man yesterday afternoon while serving an
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arrest warrant. the sheriff's office said the suspect was a 26-year-old fugitive. he was wanted in the louisiana for weapons and drug related charges. u.s. marshals are trying to take the man into custody when a quote dangerous encounter occurred. that man was grazed by a bullet. he suffered minor injuries. he was treated at the hospital then taken to jail. police searching for one of the drivers in a shoot out yesterday that ended with an innocent elderly couple seriously hurt in a crash. passengers and two cars started shooting at each other near macarthur boulevard on interstate 580 about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. one of the cars and the softball was speeding away from the scene when it crashed head on into another car. toyota previous driven by the elderly couple. >> it hit the previous head on handing -- sending the airborne
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landing in the position that it is now. the firefighters got here they had to you -- use the jaws of life to transport the passengers out of the vehicle. a wounded man was found outside of the nissan. he was arrested and will face charges in relation to the shooting. the shooter in the other car is still on the. -- bidding look for. mr. . trump met with his first foreign leader in new york and he met with other potential cabinets. >> people who are visionaries and have gotten thing done fred smith nikki haley secretary
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kissinger senator jeff sessions. mike rogers. these are people at the top of their games. trumpet may be considering mitt romney to become secretary of state. and nancy poulos he is facing a challenge as her position of house minority leader. ohio congressman tim ryan on the left said what we're doing right now is not working. democrats gained only a handful of seats in the house and the -- and the election. most democrats seem to feel brian's challenge will not succeed including nancy poulos he -- closing.
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california's governor's calling on the state's public university to protect undocumented students. >> i have given all of my information where i work what school i go to. i want to make sure that my information gets protected by the state of california and by my school. >> newsom met with more than a dozen the students at mission bay. the students say they are worried in the future federal officials might get information on their immigration status directly from the college. he said he is hoping to put a sanctuary policy on the university of california and community college campuses to protect undocumented students from federal agents once donald trump comes president. a federal judge will consider president-elect ultram's request to delay a
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civil fraud trial involving trump university until after his inauguration on january 20th. in a court filing trump's attorney said the president-elect current preparations for the white house are critical and all-consuming. attorneys have also raise the process as prospect of having them testify by video recording before the trial is scheduled to begin in the class action lawsuit on november 28th. former students filed a lawsuit claiming the school failed to deliver on its promise to teach success in real estate. a group of teenage girls arrested and accused of a string of robberies at or near penn station. the stations they are suspect that of hitting and why women were the alleged target. tesla and solar city overcoming one company.
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now we see traffic that is off to decent start on our friday. nothing major yet on the freeway. it is still cold maybe not as cold as yesterday morning but cold enough for frost advisory to the north bay valley. friday forecast and the rain coming up.
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tesla is getting into the solar energy business after shareholders approved the merger between the automaker and solar city. tesla ceo says the test was a new core product will be a solar roof which will likely be cheaper than a regular roof
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when you factor in the energy savings. critics of the merger say the solar city could way down tesla with its $3 billion in debt. tesla expects the merger to be complete in a matter of -- matter of days. stocks down in premarket trading this morning. after another decent finish yesterday without -- the dow gained 35 points. s&p up ten points. a federal judge has blocked the ordinance for the air b&bs. for the time air b&bs and home away will sue the city using the process is difficult to monitor. earlier this week air b&bs says
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it is now willing to give the information about its clients as part of a mandatory registration system. the san francisco das office has a special new help victims of crime. two dogs were sworn in as emotional support dogs to help make the legal process easier for people especially kids elderly and people who have gone through trauma. they came from a training facility in new mexico. several studies show interacting with support animals can reduce depression fear and anxiety. >> that is nice. >> it's a great idea. let's take a look at traffic traffic. >> we are hoping for a light
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commute traffic today and we are hoping for a great day to. gilroy san jose this drive looks good. as you drive up to san jose through your work gilroy super commute it doesn't look bad. getting into the valley next week is thinks week and the traffic pattern is likely going to be different. it will probably start trailing off a little bit as we get closer to thursday but there will be important things that i will remind you about next week. , and tune in next week because it will be a bit different. highway 24 westbound as you drive between walnut beacon and oakland. there is no major problems right now. and at the bay bridge toll plaza that you can see the traffic is moving along very nicely coming into san francisco.
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i was making a list last night of all the food we were going to have and have come to the conclusion that americans might overdo it on thanksgiving. they just might. >> no way. you spend eight hours cooking and 20 minutes evening. >> and then you have left overs for two weeks. >> some people have ham not turkey. but the definition of eternity is two people and a ham. we do have some frost advisories for the north bay. i think yesterday was colder but it might be close for some. we had frost yesterday from san jose up to lake county and healdsburg. it's possible again. it is getting down into the 30s for a few. santa rosa and fairfield is in there but not that is much warmer so is livermore and berkeley. upper 40s half moon bay 55.
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there are some areas that are running a much warmer but we get the cooling off then the temperature when it gets together to do point and fall that can form. i think that is more in the mix today than yesterday when there wasn't that much at all. clouds are beginning to increase. slight more southeasterly developing advance of the front that will pick up. thirty-four in walnut creek 38 lafayette. there are some temperatures close to yesterday's. this is a very good-looking system. you'll get wind and rain out of
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that and then cold air will come sliding in behind that but not public until sunday and the system will develop more toward southern california which may stall of the system. it looks to be warmer today will give the get the southerly breeze kicking in later on and then the rain returns looks at a steady rain. some rain on sunday as that lingers. next five days to be pretty good for just about everybody. by noon tomorrow is not early in the morning for the north bay. that's pretty good for everybody here. sixtys on your temperatures. low to mid but that changes tonight clouds of rain losing that looks like a pretty steady moderate rain. carry that into sunday and the rain will end but there will be a lot of fog early next week.
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>> how is it looking for the big travel day on wednesday. >> a lot people do fly or drive to get the family. >> i think were okay thanksgiving day. >> wednesday is the big day we will see. raiders fans me the passport for the teams next home game. the reason more sports teams are going out of the country to play. drake versus kevin durant. the moment after wednesday's warriors rafters games that has a lot of people talking.
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the san jose sharks of lost their past few games. little bit early lead yesterday. then sharks rookie kevin leblanc tied it up with his first nhl goal but still in the second the blues scored a go-ahead goal and one by a final three-2. the sharks with arizona coyotes tomorrow. read it travis led to the cardinals with 22 points.
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fifteen rebounds and he missed most of last season's -- season with injury. sanford will host colorado state on a sunday. for the warriors play the toronto raptors on wednesday night the raptors were celebrating drake night. the rapper is from toronto. he also likes the warriors. for the game drake said he and seth curry and kevin durant are like family. that hasn't stopped him from trash talk during a close game. the warriors one and things seemed to be touchy after the game. >> this was a drake night here and he just interrupted us. what was the trash talk like and the interaction with your body. >> i don't give a damn about any drake night.
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>> nope it's the warriors night. >> with things seem to be okay with seth curry. eccentric quote tried to come with his a game and try to take us out of our game. a committee of san francisco board of supervisors held a hearing yesterday on seismic safety in response to the millennium tower. it is one of a series of hearings called by supervisor aaron peskin as legal claims fly over who is responsible. the 58 story high-rise sunk as much of 16 inches and is tilting at the base. the developers have blamed construction on trans pay for the towers. others say the builders should have anchored into bedrock. public college or for profit trade school. up next which graduates are more money in the exact same field.
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taking a stand against sexual assault. the big discussion being held at santa clara university and the message for college students. still looks good. not a bad commute to start off on friday. as we look at highway 101 san francisco it is a nice drive from the airport all the way to downtown. temperatures are dropping up in sierra. but it is not as cold as yesterday morning.
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welcome back the morning's on two friday. november 18th. >> i feel got barely made it to friday this week. i've been fighting this cold. it's hard to be on tv when you're trying to talk.
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good morning everybody. it is cold out there but yesterday it was colder. there still frost advisory until 8:00 for the north bay valley. fortys on the temperatures for some and 30s for a few. there's your frost advisory up to the north and -- north until 8:00. this system will give us rain tomorrow. the southeasterly breeze. even off to the delta we have a northerly breeze. still in offshore breeze 36 woodside. san mateo 41 hillsboro 42. it's still cool. a very impressive system will rotate in and linger into parts


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