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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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man walked across the street through a parking lot that is in front of us asking for help. take a look. 42 year-old mendoza are hillsburg and facing a murder charge. around 8:30 they heard a a man yelling for help. they say the man had his 9-year- old son with him that was partially closed. after interviewing the 9-year- old they believe that the girl was intentionally drowned inside the church in the baptismal pool and officers were shocked. >> unusual. our last murder in hillsburg in december of 2008. we are a low crime rate and safe commune and something like this is unusual.
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and the facts indeed are unusual. i have never seen anything like that in my career. >> the catholic diocese released a statement on behalf of the pastor, he says sunday night a little girl lost her life. when police release their investigation we will know more. please pray for the family. a search warrant is being executed at the family home outside of hillsburg, unincorporated area and in the meantime the man is being held at the sonoma jail on one charge of murder. >> cristina what about -- did you say 9-year-old boy, how is he doing? >> he is back with his mother and they say he is quiet and not answering questions and not talking to relatives and not showing emotion but the mom is distraught and crying and they say this is a family that have four children and expecting one
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on the way and this is understandably hard time. >> are they parishioners at that church? do we know why the father would go to that church? >> we don't know that. we talked to someone in the church but the pastor did not recognize him. it did not appear he was a regular parishioner. >> now to developing news. a school bus in chattanooga. six people killed and 35 students in all on that bus when it somehow flipped and crashed into a tree this afternoon. these are pictures from the fire department. the students onboard ranged in age from kindergarten to 5th grade and the children were trying to escape through the roof hatch. police say there were no other vehicles involved. >> the bus driver involved in the crash is cooperating with the investigation and in the company of police investigators right now. authorities say that counselors are being brought in
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from across the state to help students cope and when they go back to school. we don't know the names or ages of those killed. police are waiting to release them until all of the families are notified. >> now to japan where we are following more developing news. a tsunami warning has been lifted following a major earthquake in the same area devastated by the 2011 quake and tsunami. the u.s. gs says the quake hit at 6 and local time offer of the coast of the fukushima devector. it was originally reported as 7.3. officials got to the area and a few waves have reached shores and smaller than expected. officials say tsunami wafers can get bigger over time. there is still no word of injuries or damage. operators of a nuclear plant in fukushima in the process of
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being dismantled say there is no damage at this hour. a 4-year-old boy hit and killed in vafisha. mahada ba deer was killed at the birthday party. the father spoke to ktvu by phone. rob roth is in vafisha with the message that the family has for anyone that owns a car. rob. reporter: the family says it is making funeral arrangements. police say it is a tragic accident and hearing a parking lot where it happened, people have left flowers of sympathy and stuffed animals in memory of a 4-year-old boy that died attending a birthday party. the children's birthday celebration turned to sadness here in this parking lot of the vafisha senior center. a 12-year-old boy from the party jumped into this black toyota camry. >> we do know from a preliminary statement that was given at the scene is that the child was in the car attempting to recharge his cell phone. unknown where he was. placement wise in the car.
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>> the boy put the car in reverse for reasons unclear and the car lurched backwards killing the 4-year-old boy and fracturing the hand of his 13- year-old brother standing next to him. he is out of the hospital. we spoke by phone with the father of the two boys. he described the boy in the car as a family friend of the victim. he suffered minor injuries. police say they don't expect to seek any criminal charges. >> and we are currently in the stage of the investigation looking into doing a safety inspection of the car so we could have the car in our possession. >> throughout the day residents came by to leave flowers and toys. >> it is tragedy right now and around the holidays and it doesn't happen in our town. you know and in a small town so it is just -- it really hits our hearts, you know that this happened here. >> the little boy loved riding his bike and was going to start kindergarten next year. >> police say it is not against
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the law to give car keys to minors. but it is being urged to exercise caution giving out car keys to minors. >> rob. thank you about. some people that took to the street in protests following the presidential election are accusing oakland police are using excessive force. the national lawyers' guild in san francisco says that officers rode up on the sidewalks on motorcycles pointed a less lethal weapon at one of their observers and spread chemical agents at protestors. one protester skull was broken. >> the first time they released tear gas we were in a peaceful mode and this narrative that the oakland police department is trying to push for the that they only respond when they find people are engaging in behavior that is unlawful or whatever else. it is a false narrative.
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>> oakland police say they in investigate all uses of force and that internal affairs division will accept any complaints. a france high school is filled with a range of emotions today when students spoke about racism and hate and bullying in the wake of the presidential election. ktvu tara moriarty is at burton high as students spoke with california he a lieutenant governor. >> just as the tears were flowing at san francisco's burton high school this morning, so were the fears. >> it just made me feel sad because i didn't realize how many people didn't like us here. >> students sat down for a round table discussion with lieutenant governor gavin newsome. many children of immigrant parents in the u.s. illegally. >> i'm worried about the tone and tenor of the times. >> many said they felt threatened by president-elect
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donald trump donald trump's anti immigrant rhetoric. >> deportation fears became real overnight. >> i don't know what will happen to my family but i will stick with them for now and love them and cherish them. >> the poverty center says there is 400 allegation of election harassment nationwide in the week following the election. more than one-third of those taking place at schools or colleges. thursday, racist graffiti was reported at a high school in danville. >> i think one incident is inexcusable. one incident is called out and what is amazing is the extraordinary silence from the president elect says nothing about what happened in danville. >> the reclamation to bullies to stop it is not enough. >> karen wang is scared. >> i don't know what to do. >> one white girl says she was
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hurt by the white supremacists and shunned by her classmates of color. >> a lot of people say i can't speak with them because i don't like what they are going to do. >> everyone says the discussion gave them more determination to fight for what is right. >> i will keep doing what i'm doing and trying to achieve what i want. because he can't stop me. >> now the superintendent said that a letter is going out to all parents regarding resources that are available for families who are here in the united states illegally. meantime gavin newsome plans to create a state wise hotline to keep a better record of hate crimes on school campuses. he says there needs to be a higher level of accountability. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a group calling for california to succeed from the united states has submitted a
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petition asking voters to start the process. the yes california independence campaign hopes to put a question on the december 2018 ballot offering an independence vote for the following spring. not the first time the group has tried to get it rolling on succession but the exit movement has gained attraction after donald trump won the election. >> president-elect donald trump is spending another busy day interviewing potential cabinet members and he leaves tomorrow for his resort in florida for the thanksgiving holiday. joe waldman is following the trump transition from washington d.c. >> one politician was not expected to be seen was hawaii congresswoman gabbard. a liberal aggressive politician. she and mr. trump spoke about current policies regarding syria and the fight against terror groups like al qaeda and isis and as well as other foreign policy challenges.
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>> is she up for a slot, i would doubt it but of course stranger things have happened. >> gabbard and iraq war veteran criticized president obama and hillary clinton for their reluctance to use the term radical terrorism. and newt gingrich and oklahoma governor mary fallon and former texas governor rick perry. >> his announcement will come up when he is ready. the decisions should not be rushed. >> mr. trump meeting off of the record with those that cover politics, the media and the president elect speaking with executives from the five major network. a group he still often chastises for being biased. vice president-elect mike pence returning to washington for more meetings at the transition office. >> the federal office founded stays by mr. trump's campaign.
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in washington, joe walman. fox news. a teenager gunned down near a bowling alley in alameda. what we are learning about the victim as the police search for his killer. more details in an officer- involved shooting in santa cruz. what we are learning about the intense moments that led up to the shooting death of a 15-year- old boy. >> a wet weekend and we got more wet weather to talk about for this holiday week. i will let you know which days
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will be the wettest.
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santa cruz county sheriff deputies release new information and video in connection with a fatal officer- involved shooting in a 15 year- old boy. the high schooler was killed early saturday morning after apparently stabbing his own
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father and uncle. ktvu's ann reuben joins us outside the sheriff's department and investigators say that drugs may have played a role in the case. >> the sheriff made a point of saying what a good kid 15-year- old luke smith was but said that smith and a friend had taken lsd that night and that smith was not acting like himself. >> anything we can do to get you to put the knife down. >> deputies pleaded with the 15- year-old. >> lucas, we need you to stop. >> the body warn cameras capturing the scene on saturday. >> they were speak to go to person and shouting demands but the person was being unresponsive and asking if he was under the influence of anything. >> but eventually things escalated and they fired nonlethal rounds and tried a taser. >> as the sponge rounds were hitting him and the tasers hitting him and even when the dog bit him, it seemed to have no impact on him.
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>> it was at that point that the dogs within feet of luke smith that the fatal shot was fired by an officer. >> the dog was not stabbed but it looked like he was stabbing the dog and then he raised his arm and lunged towards the canine handler and that is when the shot was fired. the cameras had fallen off and the camera played clips from two other cameras and played the 911 call from luke smith's father and an an uncle that said luke had stabbed them in a drug induced range. >> i am going to bleed to death. >> sheriff deputies raided their place where lsd was purchased. four people face felony drug charges. the sheriff will convene a drug board to look at the case.
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>> people have a right to know and in this day and age people are demanding to know and rather than have people come and pound on my door i will provide the information. >> the serious incident review board that will investigate this case will have three community members and will get back to the sheriff with recommendations within ninety days. >> ann reuben, thank you. heavy rain in los angeles turned the la river into a dangerous tore ren. firefighters rescued four homeless people trapped on an island in the middle of the river. swift water crews used inflatable boats to save two women and men this morning. la county firefighters say before the storm they did go up and down the river bank warning homeless people that lived there to get out. >> want to get a check of the weather here in the bay area. a little dry time but more rain
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is coming our way. more rain and the pattern is maintaining some instability as we go through the week and the next weekend. the holiday weekend. plenty of rain over the weekend and about what we expected. we did get three inches or 3.3- inches up in or in downtown oakland and almost an inch of rain. a significant amount of rain in the bay area for your bay area week. the pattern continues pretty much wet. here is the system moved off and this is the system that moved through and it is bringing big time weather through the intermountain region and to the plains and system number two is winding up offshore and will be here tomorrow. and there is the system. good looking system and most of the energy will be northern california and portland and north into sierra. a little bit on the south for any big rain and we will get rain and we will concede quarter inch and half inch. it is dry but not by tomorrow night. tomorrow night by this time
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showing you some green on some of the radar to the north of us. 57 in walnut creek and 56 in livermore and here is the way the system breaks out. you can see the big low pressure domestic violence -- and the low system gets in here tomorrow night and after the late afternoon commute we will get wet. the amounts can be from a tenth of an inch and a quick move or so by wednesday morning, it looks like it will be gone. here we are at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and note the valley fog in here so even though we are get can rain to the north there is an environment conducive to this. 99, valley fog and as we get to lunchtime the clouds thicken up and forget the fog. high clouds and the system is 7 or 8:00. and it is not broad and not a huge system but it will slide through and bring significant
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rain. half inch of rain in a brief run in the coastal hills. here is a five-day forecast. rain to talk about tomorrow night and then again as we head towards late in the weekend, more showers possible and next week. a wet progressive pattern. right now nothing significant as what we saw on saturday and sunday. that was good rain. and snow on the mountains up over a foot-and-a-half. >> we are starting off the season well. >> it is going good. and this pattern will keep it going. nice because we get the rain and the chance to dry out and the rain. thig are thanksgiving day. >> it looks dry. thank you. still to come here. the electric cars are a big hit at the san francisco car show. we will take a look at its future and why it could be some time before electric goes mainstream. imagine having a split second to make a life changing decision. we will show you what happens when members of the bay area community go through use of force training. i never put myself in to a
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position like that. or even talk to officers about what they go through.
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big gains in energy stocks drove them higher. in fact all three major indexes set record highs. the first time they have done that in a long time after a jump in crude oil. the dow was up 90 points and the nasdaq and s&p five hundred
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closed higher. >> hummus products are being recall due to possible listeria contamination. it was distributed to the u.s. and canada. the affected product has a best before date through january 23rd, 2017. consumers should check the date on the lid of each package and throw out potentially unsafe products. tesla motors owns the nation's largest solar panel installer solar city. it valued it at 2 billion- dollars based on tesla's closing stock prices. tesla c e owants to sell the solar panels through tesla stores and could use them for the electric vehicles. the first joint products will be solar roof tiles. they should be ready by next summer. >> a dazzling array of electric cars are on display san
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francisco international. there is an explosion of cars. >> with the sole exception of sola. pg&e gathered the cars for those attending and could experience the cars themselves. >> most people are surprised to see the electric cars available. >> from multiple manufactures. it is interactive. >> 16 fully electric vehicles already on the market. more coming. ten plug-in hybrids. a lot more coming and look down here. already on the market, four hydrogen fuel cells. >> the chance to drive them was a hit and as it will be tomorrow, the final day of the electric test drive opportunity. >> i was actually quite impressed. it is incredibly smoothed and acceleration and very handy to drive around town. >> and even at today's lower
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gas prices. electric is still a steal. >> customers charge off peak and they can charge their vehicle at a dollar equivalent. >> the hydrogen car with a 360- mile rage. and they have no pollution at all. >> it is available in december and lease only, $370 a month and 2500-dollar. a $15,000 fuel car and 20,000 miles a year. >> the danger is the trump administration. they say that he is oil industry friendly and may be unwilling to extend the rebates needed to grow the population of alternative energy vehicles. >> the rebate and also the ho v lane access are huge reasons why people go electric. i have talked to people that they got their car because of the rebate. >> and even in california it is a tiny share of all of the
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vehicles that are sold. >> this economist says the reason for that is cheap gasoline. >> when oil prices are down in the 40 to $50 range it is harder to justify electric vehicles when they are in the $120 range. the show runs through the week including thanksgiving day. tom vacar, ktvu news. in los angeles 8 people hurt when they were hit by a car outside the latch auto show. five pedestrians and the driver of the orange fiat 500 were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. it happened at the latch convention center. fiat smashed into a power pole. >> coming up, more bizarre behavior by kanye west. days after a melt down. why he is canceling the rest of
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his tour. i'm henry lee in alameda and police are searching for whoever shot and killed a high school athlete. the story still ahead.
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we are learning new information about a deadly shooting behind a bowling alley in alameda. the victim a 19-year-old oakland high schooler and accomplished athlete.
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ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us more of what happened. as friends and family remember antwon police are searching for his killer. >> school is out this week but 19 year-old and won williams was honored with a memorial football game. students played homage to williams and remember a life cut short too soon. >> he will be missed. at 9 saturday night williams was shot in the parking lot of the south shore lanes in alameda. >> six very loud gunshots in a row and it sent like shocks through my chest. and i wondered what it was. a little while later the police were outside and it was taped off. >> police have no motive and suspects in custody.
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investigators are reviewing surveillance footage to find his killer. this is alameda's second homicide this year. it is trier have a homicide in alameda and we don't live that far away from the bowling alley. it is concerning and frightening. >> students wrote messages of remembrances that read ball in peace. there were tears and laughter. >> i am going to miss him calling me every morning before school started and ask me what i am going to wear to school. >> he was kind and put others ahead of himself. >> he was fun to be around and like a brother and the rest of the football team. >> thank you. thank you so much for showing up here today. >> williams' mother monique thanked everyone for their support. >> it is so messed up in this
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very unfortunate and he didn't deserve it and my family doesn't deserve it. >> although alameda is an island it is not without crime. anyone with information is asked to call police. henry lee, ktvu. >> do police know he was alone or with friends at the timesome. >> we understand he was with other people but alameda police are keeping it close to the vest and not saying anything about the shooting. >> henry, thank you. vallejo police are investigating an accident involving a van that crashed into two homes. it happened at five on stageline drive. you can see the van lodged into the garage of the home. investigators called a structural engineer to determine the extent. a second home sustained minor damage and it caused a minor
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gas leak but no major injuries. authorities are trying to figure out how the driver lost control. >> san leandro police released this new surveillance picture of a man believed to be involved in a shooting and crash that left a couple hospitalized. the black 2015 dodge cara von was involved in a shootout with an altima on the thursday. the altima crashed head on with a car carrying 67 year-old paul durant and his wife susan. she is going to be okay but her husband was critically injured and in the icu. police believe a minivan is rental vehicle and they are asking rental car agencies to check recent returns for damage. >> there is a backlash against rap are kanye west and canceled his tour after cutting short his tour on saturday night. as lisa gonzalez tells us one d j says he will no longer be playing kanye's songs.
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>> listeners took in an earful. >> we are talking all things kanye. sugar bear yaya discussed kanye ditching fans and the radio station is completely turning out the artist. >> we are not playing anymore kanye. >> because of the let-down fans. >> you are completely disconnected from the average person that may have had to work overtime to pay for those tickets and find a babysitter. >> kanye canceling the remaining shows. >> the music industry is tricky and it can be tough. >> going on 25 years warren smith has put on the sierra nevada festival. >> we are a little town in the heart of men da sinno valley. >> we have lots of reggae and latin music. >> and it hit a creative disso
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dense. >> the golden center won't release the attendance but according to figures kanye averages 16,000 with a gross revenue of 1.5 million per concert. >> all i can say about kanye is you reap what you sow. >> and the money lost leak out consequences. >> i love sacramento and we will stand out for you as a radio station but not reporting kanye since he will not support you, the people that are filling his pocket with money and making him who he is. still to come a fundamental change for the catholic church. the major announcement made by the pope about abortion and forgiveness. this fortune of fox 2 news brought to you by the mazda c
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x9. in chicago workers at o'hare plan to walk off the job after thanksgiving as they fight for better pay and work conditions. hundreds of employees will go on strike on tuesday, november 29th. the group is trying to unionize and say they want to be paid $15 an hour. o'hare workers often can't afford a proper thanksgiving dinner and know what it is like to miss thanksgiving with their families but we respect families traveling to be together. >> most of the workers are
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employed by private contractors and include bagage and handlers and wheelchair attendants. a regulator has required wells fargo to get air temperatures advanced approval before making business decision. regulators have not said why the agreement that was negotiated are being altered. wells fargo greed to pay 185 million-dollars to settle charges involving unauthorized customer account. the company that makes the epipen is refusing to testify at a hearing next week to discuss mylan's 465 millions settlement that it overbilled claims for the drug. congress grilled the company's ceo over a huge increase of the cost. a full price of a package of 2 rose to $600 from just 57 an dollars in 2007. the company says it will start
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selling a generic version of epipen for $300 a pair. >> there is a ground breaking announcement from the vatican. the pope says that priests can absolve any woman that confesses to having an abortion. >> pope francis continues the transformation of the catholic church announcing that all priests can absolve a woman that confesses to an abortion and it extends to their partners and medical staff that participated in the procedure. >> the sin of abortion is inclusive so forgiveness is all- inclusive and extends to those participants. >> it extends to a extension that finished for sunday giving all priests to absolve the sins of abortion and the overall stance won't change soon and the pope calling it a grave
5:42 pm
sin. >> getting rid of babies before they are born is horrendous. it is a convenient and a huge responsibility and grave sin. >> most catholics are calling this announcement a signal of the pope's vision for a more welcoming church. >> no bigger axis bigger than god's grace and mercy and what he is saying here is remember there is always a new beginning. >> in the catholic church those that procure abortions face automatic ex communication and there is no sign that pope francis is considering a change to that rule. in new york, lauren green, fox news. coming up a desperate plea for donations for those that need it the most ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. what you can do to help still ahead. >> the umbrella will be needed. rain in the forecast as soon as tomorrow i will time out the raindrops and what you can
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expect for your thanksgiving
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day. happening now, a last minute plea for turkey donations after several local community groups are still in need of hundreds of turkeys to help families in need. janine de la vega tells us where the help is most needed. >> the first time that maria jiminez is receiving free food.
5:46 pm
her husband and three children live in a one bedroom. >> it is helpful because the little money i can save for my daughters for paying any bills and for rent. >> 4200 families signed up to receive a free holiday food box at sacred heart community service in san jose and plenty of fixings like potatoes and beans and vegetables but the problem is there is not enough turkeys to hand out. the charity needs hundreds of more birds. throughout the morning people answered the call like this woman that dropped off 54 turkeys. >> second harvest food bank is providing food to 300 nonprofitting during the holidays and short on turkeys and cash donations. >> anything that the public can give is really appreciated and we can actually do a lot with that money. we for every dollar this is a donated we can provide meals to
5:47 pm
the community. >> nonprofit workers say the wage gap between low-income families and high-paying jobs continues to grow and the holidays can be expensive. it melted away because of the generosity of strangers. >> sacred heart community service was passing out food boxes tomorrow and wednesday and they can use more help. if you would like to donate here or second harvest food bank go to and click on web links. reporting from san jose. janine de la vega, fox 2 news. and in san francisco st. anthony is in need of donations. volunteers accepting curb side donations. people are encouraged to drop off turkeys and clean lightly worn clothing. st. anthony serving 3500 meals on thanksgiving day. >> news from the international soccer federation. they have fired the head coach of the men's national team.
5:48 pm
the president of the u.s. soccer federation made the announcement. he replaced bob bradley in 2011 and led the team to the gold cup final. recently the team has not performed as well including this month when they lost the first two games to start the final round of qualifying for the 28 team world cup. and this weekend warrior star seth curry visited a boy battling cancer. 7 year-old brody is at the hospital in indianapolis and they talked to his because this and father. when curry takes the ice tonight he will be wearing a brody strong bracelet. brody called the meeting awesome. no fun drive are driving for folks in syracuse where roads were slick and icy thanks to a major winter storm. a city bus got stuck in the
5:49 pm
snow. up to 18-inches of snow fell in parts of upstate new york and the snow warning remains in effect for the area. through tomorrow. >> getting snow up around here and the mountains. >> a lot of snow. >> seeing how much snow. looking like a good thing for skiers. >> i think so. a lot of places will be opened and we talked about it on the news. snow in the higher elevations and will set up for a productive ski holiday week. so many people get up there and plenty of snow. there is more on the way. we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect for lake tahoe. i am just tracking all of the activity in the pacific and a lot going on. big surf and you saw that activity. and it generates a lot of cloud cover and a lot of moisture and it is all streaming our way and that sets us up for more rain in the forecast as we head to your tuesday night, tomorrow night and early wednesday
5:50 pm
morning and gone. but overnight i think it will have enough of a pop to see a half-inch of rain in some places. there is a live camera shot and day bridge in background. keep your eyes up for valley fog. you know the deal, if you had it this morning you got it tomorrow morning. temperatures cool and in the low 30s and cold spots. there's the fog. right there. check it out. the front moves in. you can see the fog is easy to pick out. and you can see the fog here. lowest levels of the valley. this system here is what we will clear out and not right away. noon on tuesday. okay? and the fog starting to hit and here comes the rain. tomorrow increasing clouds all day and boom. right there. 8 or 9:00. >> you know that's a good
5:51 pm
looking system. it will slide through and won't be hard to get a half-inch of rain from the system. it will wet the ground and i think we will see the fog on wednesday morning and we should start to see clearing on wednesday. so overnight. well tuesday, late afternoon and evening and overnight and wednesday morning. that triggers the winter weather advisory. snow levels down and maybe another ten to 18-inches at the high elevations. most areas around five thousand feet and half a foot of snow. forecast highs on the mild side and 62 in antioch and 62 in concord and gone are the 80s that we saw last week. how quickly we forget and how warm it was. here is the rain tonight and tuesday, overnight tuesday and wednesday morning and then maybe a sprinkle in the early morning and don't change your plans. there is the thursday, your thanksgiving and that looks good and nice day and then maybe a few showers on friday and then a few scattered showers on saturday.
5:52 pm
slightly unsettled and a real kind of moist pattern and lots will happen between now and -- well tomorrow, the thing on friday may coalesce into something. we will watch that suffice it to say that thanksgiving is dry tomorrow probable after the commute. thank you. did you know that butterflies taste with their feet. it is one of the interesting things. >> i did not know that i didn't either. >> you will learn about the insects at the butterfly exhibit. being held at the conservatory of flowers and golden gate park. after walking through netting visitors can visit the monarchs and painted ladies at the butterflies and bloom exhibit. entry is free with the price of admission and for an extra $20 you can learn how to release a newly emerged butterfly in the world. we talk to the people about the magic of metamorphosis and the importance of being fragile and why. the facts that their wings are
5:53 pm
covered with scales and they taste with their feet and wet when they come out of metamorphosis. they turn like 95% into go and it is completely liquefied. >> they are so beautiful. >> four officers shot yesterday across the country and one was killed. executed as he was writing a ticket in his car. and tonight a suspect is under arrest. and in minutes, new at 6:30. imagine having a split second to make a potentially life changing decision. we will show you what happens when members of the bay area community take use of force training. the class act was educational because i never put
5:54 pm
myself in a position like that.
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four police officers shot in separate incidents across the country and one officer kill when someone walked up to him and shot him twice while he was writing a ticket. he was a 20 year veteran, the force in san antonio texas. >> in the past two hours we learned a suspect in the san antonio shooting has been arrested. he is identified as otis mccain and taken into custody outside of san antonio. authorities say he was in a car with a woman and 2-year-old
5:57 pm
child. casey steegal has more on that shooting that prompted a massive manhunt. >> a dangerous for week. an officer fatally shot while writing a traffic ticket. 50 year-old ben marcone attacked by a driver that pull up from behind. a male suspect remains at large. >> i have been advised that the officer makes a traffic stop and he or she is to have covered. >> in st. louis a sergeant was shot twice while sitting in traffic inside his police vehicle sunday evening. the 46 year-old was able to call for assistance and is expected to survive. the suspect later shot and killed in a shoot out with officers. >> he was shot twice in the face without provocation. this gives us a very, very strong idea of how dangerous it is to be a police officer.
5:58 pm
>> the two other officers shot on sunday, one in gladstone missouri and another in sanibel florida. not clear if they were targeted. the four incidents are in the latest of law enforcement shootings this year. two iowa officers that were fatally shot in their patrol calls earlier this month and there were high profile killings of police officers in dallas and baton rouge this summer. according to the officer down memorial page 127 police officers have been killed in the line of duty so far this year. prior to sunday's shooting. in dallas, casey steegal fox news. and once again within the last half hour san antonio police have arrest the shooting suspect 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain. >> taken into custody from a car with a woman and 2-year-old outside of san antonio.
5:59 pm
police don't know the motive for the killing of the officer. ktvu fox 2 news at six starts now. a 4 year-old girl drowns in a baptismal pool in a bay area church. the little girl's father is behind bars facing murder charges. >> the facts are unusual. i have never seen anything like this in my career. >> an unusual scene in the north bay. good evening can i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. hillsburg police call it in tensional act. they say a father drowned his daughter inside a baptismal pool inside st. john's school district church. cristina rendon has more. you spoke with relatives and are at a complete loss as to what happened. >> relatives of the suspect describe him as loving father to his four children and say
6:00 pm
that he and his wife have a 5th child on the way. they are just completely in shock and they are too distraught to speak on camera. >> a cardinal sin committed in a house of worship. hillsburg police say a father drown his 4-year-old daughter in wholey water at the baptismal pool inside st. john the baptist church. >> we believe she was drowned and that was intentional. >> 42-year-old man was inside the church and two children. it stays open for anyone that wishes to worship. they say he walked to the back of the police department holding his 4-year-old daughter screaming for help. >> he was naked at the time our staff encountered him and we have information about that but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on that. his 9-year-old son was with him partially clothed and the girl unresponsive was pronounced dead at a sp


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