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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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that he and his wife have a 5th child on the way. they are just completely in shock and they are too distraught to speak on camera. >> a cardinal sin committed in a house of worship. hillsburg police say a father drown his 4-year-old daughter in wholey water at the baptismal pool inside st. john the baptist church. >> we believe she was drowned and that was intentional. >> 42-year-old man was inside the church and two children. it stays open for anyone that wishes to worship. they say he walked to the back of the police department holding his 4-year-old daughter screaming for help. >> he was naked at the time our staff encountered him and we have information about that but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment on that. his 9-year-old son was with him partially clothed and the girl unresponsive was pronounced dead at a hospital. the diocese released a
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statement on behalf of the pastor. he says sunday night there was a tragedy and a little girl lost her life when police finished the investigation we will know more. in the meantime please pray for the family and the parish community. >> something like this is unusual and the facts indeed are unusual. i have never seen anything like this in my career. >> and even though police are calling this intentional act, they are are not releasing anymore details as far as a motive here and the relatives say they don't know why he would be doing this or why if in fact he is responsible here, the suspect is being held in jail on a charge of murder. frank. this is just so bizarre. all of the circumstances surrounding this and the drowning for the police department. naked with your daughter. does the family say anything?
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how do they describe this? >> the relatives said they were cousins of the suspect. somewhat immediate family but not there and the last person i spoke with says she saw the family on friday and everything seemed fine and everything seemed normal so they are at a complete loss of words and completely unsuspected and not knowing how to deal with it. >> and the wife pregnant with their 5th child. >> that is what relatives are telling us and she is obviously heart broken and having a hard time dealing with it as anymore would. thank you, cristina. develops news from tennessee where six people are dead in a school bus crash. the police chief says there were 35 students on board ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade when the bus flipped and crashed into a tree this afternoon. police say there were no other vehicles involved and the bus driver is cooperating.
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police are still in the process of notifying the families. an investigation is under way in san francisco tonight after a worker at a lumber company was killed in a forklift accident. it happened before two this afternoon at good view lumber supply in the city's dog patch neighborhood. officials say the victim was driving the forklift when it went off a ramp and tipped over pinning him. cal ocean and police are investigating. the victim's name has not opinion released. >> a tsunami warning has been lifted in japan after a major earthquake shook the same area devastated by the simmering i- and tsunami five years ago. the usgs says the magnitude 6. 9 quake hit 6 this morning off of the coast of the fukushima coast of tokyo. a few small waves have reached shore but smaller than expected. still no official word of any injuries or the extend of damage. operator of the nuclear plant
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in fukushima in the process of being dismantelled say there is no damage or abnormalities at this point. now to the latest on the trump transition. a number of prominent figures visited trump tower before the president elect heads to florida before thanksgiving. joel waldman tell us those under consideration includes a democrat woman that supported bernie sanders. >> one politician did not expect to see at trump tower is hawaii congresswoman gabbard. a former bernie sanders supporter. they spoke about policies regarding syria and the fight against terror groups like al qaeda and isis as well as other foreign policy challenges. >> is tulsa gabbard up for a cabinet spot? i doubt it but stranger things have happened. >> gabbard an iraq veteran criticized president obama and hillary clinton for their
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reluctant to use the term radical islamic terror. others included newt gingrich and oklahoma governor mary fallon and former texas governor rick perry. >> these are big decisions. >> mr. trump meeting off of the record with those that cover politic for a living. the media. the president elect speaking with tv executives and anchors from the five major news networks. a group he often chastises for being biased. vice president-elect mike pence returning to washington for for more meetings. there was more filings from mr. trump's campaign. in washington, joe waldman. demonstrators that marched in the streets of oakland of at election are causing the police of excessive force. the national lawyers guild says
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officers rode up to the sidewalks on motorcycles and pointed a less lethal weapon and spread chemical agents at protestors. the group says one protester's skull was fractured. >> we were in a peaceful mode and this narrative that they are trying to push force is that they only respond when they find that people are engaging in behavior unlawful or whatever else. it is a false narrative. >> oakland police say that they investigate all use of force by officers and that internal affairs is open to all complaints. officers only use tear gas after they were injured by projectiles being thrown by members of splinter groups. >> new video of a shooting involving deputies that killed a 15-year-old boy. the teenager went to high school and was killed saturday morning after investigators say
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that he stabbed his father and his uncle. ktvu's ann reuben says that illegal drugs may have played a role in the case. deputies say that 15-year- old luke smith a student at af tab high school used this knife to stab his uncle. cameras captured what happened next. >> anything that we can do to get you to put the knife down. >> deputies pleaded with the 15- year-old. >> lucas we need you to stop. >> speaking to the person and shouting demand and the person was being unresponsive and asking if he was under the influence of anything. >> and eventually things escalated and they fired nonlethal round and tried a tazer and released the police dog. >> as the 40-millimeter sponges were hitting him and the dog bit him it had no impact on him. >> it was at that point within the dog handler that the shot
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was fired by chris vigil. >> the dog was not stabbed but it looked like he was stabbing the dog and then he raised his arm and made motions or lunged towards the canine handler and i believe that is when chris vigil fired the shot. the sheriff spent an hour this afternoon laying it out for reporters. vigil's own camera had fallen off through the encounter and the sheriff laid clip from two other cameras and played the 911 call from luke smith's father and uncle that said luke had stabbed them in a drug induced rage. >> i need an ambulance. >> the next day sheriff deputies raided the drug pen where he and luke had purchased lsd. four people now face felony drug charges in the case. the sheriff's department sent officers to the high school today to talk to students. the superintendent also provided counselors. >> they presented each and every classroom within that time we told the students of
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their supports that they have. >> the sheriff plans to convene a serious incident review board to look at the case. >> people have a right to know and in this day and age people are demanding to know and rather than have people come pound on my door i will provide the information. >> the serious incident review board to look at this case will consist of three use of force instructors and three community members among others and it will get back to the sheriff with recommendations in about 90 days. in santa cruz county, ann reuben, ktvu fox 2 news. put your hand down. put your hands down. >> coming up, experiencing the other side, at 6:30, we will show you what happened when members of the commune are invited to take part in police training for use of force. and we are tracking more raindrops in the bay area and when they get here and how long they will last and what you can
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expect for the holiday week. >> inspiration on the court. the team you probable never heard of putting a spotlight in the north bay. >> a big time moment is when i was born. you know this is my life in a wheelchair and that is my life. also ahead. we went to check in on the monday evening commute. here is what it looks like right now on highway 4. near willow pass road in contra costa county. >> this is interstate 80 in berkeley. heading towards el ceritto. backed up as it normally is at
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this time. is meet three men here. jeremy the phenom thomas was born with spina bifida and cerebal palsy. the star of the basketballs team but an owner of recording studio in florida and rap performer. [ playing music ] >> it doesn't take long to get a feeling of his spirit. >> my mom was in an accident when three was pregnant. i'm not different to anyone.
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i am me. >> i didn't really have any wheelchair friends. i had able body friends so when i started to play wheelchair basketball. it is the brotherhood, baby. >> mario morang that grew up in a rough neighborhood in new jersey and suffered a shooting and discovered a change in his life's path. >> i had a lot of family issues. i started to feel bad for myself and i didn't need approval from anybody. >> started to take action and i
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want to be peace with myself. >> orlando caril that survived life saving surgeries all in a gunshot wound sustained in a kidnapping and left him permanently disabled and he continues his college education and his pursuit of higher learning both in and out of the classroom. >> i had a grandfather that fought cancer for 7 years so i knew i was not going to give up that easy. it was going to be tough but iormina situation now that nothing can stop me and that's how i feel. >> all three are featured in the documentary film call rebound. shown at the recent napa valley film festival. when the multitalented trio took the stage to address middle and high school kids that watched the film, they were greeted like rock stars and parent you know how hard it is to get and keep the attention of young people that
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age and these guys did it. >> it is true in life as it is in basketball, it is all about how you read things. >> let's go, baby. >> i like the slogan it is all about how you rebound. the thing that struck me after seeing this movie is daily lives we have no reason to feel sorry yourself or get down most of us and to see the way those guys just great spirit. the movie was inspirational but they are like that in real life being around them for a few hours. >> hearing them and seeing the reaction from the crowd. it seems like they connected. >> kids.
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it is hard to get teenagers paying attention and they hung on every word. that was awesome. >> i remember once they invited me to play wheelchair basketball and i never forget how hard they go and the degree of difficulty. it was amazing. they are out will competing and the real deal. and the best of the best. >> and they compete on the basketball court. >> and doing amazing inspirational things and improving their own lives. continuing their education. >> it was inspirational and i got chills so many times. i got out there to see the movie at the napa valley film festival and said i got to do a story. it is called the rebound. you can find it as well. so we are back into rain but not until tomorrow night. here is where we are, here is where the rain is and it all
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matches up tomorrow afternoon and evening as this system drops through with moisture tied to it. not a bunch of rain. maybe a half-inch for wednesday morning. tomorrow starts off okay and it is about increasing clouds throughout the day. outside and embarcadero is lit up and we saw it friday night. no fog on the coast and what you will find is lots of patchingy dense valley fog and tomorrow morning 39 in santa rosa and valley fog and in sacramento and marysville and right now it is starting to form. be ready if you are traveling early tomorrow morning. let's take a look. there's the days and valley fog there and here comes the frost. tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, lunchtime, clouds could thicken up and boom. your on it. 8 and 9:00 it is raining. there's the forecast and rain
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and more behind it. know that it should be right at the tail end of the commute. snow in the mountains and we will see you back here with the complete holiday forecast. people marking the thanksgiving holiday enjoying a fresh snow in the sierra. week storm brought fresh snow to the donner lake area. folks on their way to tahoe were compelled to stop by the side of the road for a breathtaking look and a few selfies. >> no filters or halos. many folks are pretty psyched about spending their holiday in the middle of it. look at those pictures. >> coming up. breaking news. kanye west admitted to the
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hospital. the fallout after he walked off of the stage. >> several people hit by a car at the la auto show. the latest on their conditions
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when we come back. more trouble for rapper kanye west after bizarre behavior on stage. he had an outburst during a show in san jose on thursday. then on saturday kanye cut
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short his concert in sacramento after 30 minutes and another rant and the wrapper has been taken to uc la medical center and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation and possibly linked to sleep deprivation. >> lisa gonzalez reports from sacramento where some fans were let down before the developments. >> listeners turning into the radio took in an earful. >> we are talking kanye. >> spent the money discussing kanye west ditching fans and the radio station is tuning out the artist. >> we are not playing kanye west. >> really. >> no. >> you are completely disconnected from the average normal person that may have had overtime to pay for those tickets and paid a baby sit er.
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his shows. >> the music industry is a tough business. >> going on 25 years, warren smith has put on the sierra world effectively i- >> we are in the heart of mendocino valley. >> we have lots of music. >> saturday's attendance and obligation. according to the trade publication kanye averages 16,000 with a gross revenue of 1.5 million per concert. >> all i can say about kanye is you reap what you sow. >> i love music but we won support kanye because he won't
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support the people that support his pocket. ktvu at 6:30 is next with commune members getting a glimpse of a difficult decision with law enforcement. this gives me a better understanding of what they go through. >> we will show you what happens when members of community go through law enforcement and use of force training. and a ground breaking message from the pope about forgiving abortion. >> signs of the drought in the form of millions of dead trees. ktvu news at 6:30 is next.
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now to our top story. police in hillsburg say a father is facing murder charges for allegedly drowning his 4- year-old daughter in a baptismal pool. 42-year-old man and two of his children were inside st. john the baptist church. police say he was naked when he came to the police station next door holding his unresponsive daughter and screaming for help. >> six children were killed in a school bus crash in chattanooga tennessee. the police chief says the bus flipped and hit a tree this afternoon. police say there were no other vehicles involved. the sten


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