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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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is injured. in santa rosa, the nature of the crime and the get away. and the get away. good morning, thank you for joining us tuesday morning. november 22nd, i'm pam cook. >> we have steve working hard. >> if you are traveling in the mountains be advised. we have snow levels coming down maybe down to the valley by the time we get to the weekend. today we have clouds in santa rosa north and then tomorrow night and tomorrow morning. it won't be very warm. it will be cold and the next system comes in friday and saturday. there is the system and most of it very cold. that's extremely cold air. it's good to see. the system is already bringing
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clouds up to the north. ukiah and santa rosa with cloudy conditions already. 30s, 40s, to 50s in the temps. in gilroy mostly 40s. south cal 42. it's going to leave us some rain but not a lot. the sierra will see snow mostly tonight into tomorrow morning. not enough. the highs in the 50s to the north, 60s to the south. el camino. ? that's right. we are live in sunnyvale. she says one teenager died in that crash. >> yeah, that's right, sal. we are here on el camino where
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there is crime tape up. the major accident investigation team is here. there is investigators here looking at this horrific crash. and before the crash happened, the honda civic involved ended up hitting a poland also hitting those five parked cars and then that car flipped over. you can see it laying right there. i want to show you this video that captured part of the police chase. there were two armed robbery suspects and the car was traveling more than 100 miles per hour. the police chased it to sunnyvale and then it lost control and crashed right here in fremont. the 18-year-old was a passenger and he died at the scene.
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here is what the spokesman told us. >> there was not too much traffic on the roadways so we continued to pursue and we were hoping the suspects were going to stop. but at this point they continued to drive at a high rate of speed and due to the crime that was just committed, it was safe to continue our pursuit. >> the 19-year-old driver was pulled out of the car and treated for minor injuries and booked in county jail. he could face vehicle manslaughter charges. we are looking into the robbery, but police haven't gotten back to us. right now el camino remains closed between popular. they were hoping to have it all open by 7:00 a.m.. back to you. >> thank you, jeanine, right now
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we are still following more traffic issues in the bay area. as you saw el camino real is closed. the more typical traffic patterns, the bay bridge backed up with a 20-minute delay. there are no major issues on the bridge. we are going to start seeing a pattern on this weekend. but so far it looks like hey normal commute. now totd the valley it's starting to get busy. on northbound 280, we have the slide picture for you. northbound 280 in san jose is going to be just fine as you drive up highway 17. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you.
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a bus driver in chattanooga johnny walker was speeding when he hit a tree. mark is in chattanooga with new information about the young victims. >>reporter: it's with heavy hearts that students arrived here at elementary school in chattanooga after five of their classmates were killed in a tragic school bus accident. school officials have identified those deceased as four girls and one boy. now three of them were fourth graders, one was a kindergarten and one in first grade. it happened about a mile or so a way from here as they were returning home from school. six students remain in icu and six
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also hospitalized. the father identified as johnny walker, 43 years old. he's a contractor. walker has been charged with five counts of vehicular homicide and reckless driving. school officials say the reason they decided to have class here is because they wanted to offer grief counsel ors for everyone involved even for parents. they felt they needed to open the doors to the students for people to come to talk to people if they want to. anyone deciding to keep their kids home from school, certainly were excused. as far as the investigation into what caused all of this, well it does continue. they are looking at a number of
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things. they are going to look at the bus' black box as well as video cameras and looking at speed as a possible role. >> all right. mark. time is 6:07. deputies in sonoma county looking for a bank robber who maybe a serious threat to the public. the exchange in santa rosa was robbed yesterday afternoon. there is major concern because the robber was very aggressive showing a gun to the bank teller. they have to assume it's a real gun and the robber would have used it. >> yeah, so many times, a bank robber hands a note. this time he pulled out a hand gun and pointed it to the clerk. >> this time the money handed
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was bait money. deputies were not able to track down the man. they are asking for help in finding this man who may have red dye on his clothes. leaving from washington d.c. we are with alex now. >> the search will get under way for a search for a new superintendent in oakland. we will expect more information about the departure of the superintendent. but for now, oakland unified superintendent wilson will be leaving his job this january.
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he will be running the washington d.c. school system. he worked for 6 years in the denver public school system. in a letter he sent to oakland unified staff member, wilson wrote in part" i am proud to be a part of the oakland unified school district community and work with passionate and good people ". we will await an official announcement in regards to his departure that will happen in washington d.c.. right here, there is a search for wilson's replacement. we hope to get more information from oakland unified officials. >> it's a very important job there. a big concern, i'm sure. thank you, alex. well just this morning president elect donald trump says he will not look into the
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the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail issues. at the second presidential debate in october, trump warned clinton that he will have a prosecutor to look into her. he is focused from the rhetoric of the campaign trail. meanwhile trump continues to have a war with the media. he was supposed to have an interview with the new york times today but he canceled the meeting with quote the failing news times when plans were changed at the last moment. not nice. >> and in response, the paper did not change the ground rules and they only found out the meeting was canceled when they saw the president elect's tweet this morning. >> yesterday the president elect
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television anchors to meet with him. there are reports that mr. trump took them to task calling them unfair and dishonest. donald trump has not called in which was what they normally do after an election. a video on the executive actions he plans to take during his first 100 days in office. >> on immigration, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abusive visit programs that under cut the american worker. >> we are at the point now where donald trump did not promise to build a wall against mexico or repeal or replace the affordable care act, both of which were corner stones of the campaigns. he plans to withdraw from the pacific partnership and what he
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calls fair and trade deals and restrict the developing oil here in the u.s. and plans to develop a plan to protect the nation against cyberattacks. a rising star in the democratic party is one of those that met -- face-to-face with donald trump. gaber told she was to meet with donald trump and they talked about syria and al-qaida. we are talking about a strong earthquake that hit japan. up next, the injuries reported and tsunami waves that were triggered. also the raiders continue in their role. they beat the houston, texas team. we have cool readings out there. cold and clouds on the move.
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i will have the update on your tuesday forecast.
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welcome back. police in philadelphia say they blew up a package that was intended to cause harm. a man opened the package this morning thinking it contained medicine.
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they don't think it's an act of terrorism. that man is being treated to injuries to his chest and hands. in japan, a earthquake triggered small tsunami waves. japan said it was a 4.4 earthquake. it was downgraded but still considered a 6.9. a small amount reached shore and no major damages were reported. the nuclear plant did not experience any damage. officials say it was an aftershock from 5 years ago. 18,000 people were killed in that. 100,000 people were evacuated from that plant after that earthquake hit. part of the area is still
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recovering. the west field san francisco mall was evacuated last night after they saw smoke in the elevator shaft. people were allowed to go back in the mall about an hour later. no one was hurt. we are going now to traffic of a continuing problem in north el camino real. >> i want to say that el camino real continues to be closed in the southbound direction. some people think it's eastbound. really, el camino most people think of it as southbound between wolf road and popular road. it's intermittently shutdown because of the investigation. >> we have a back up now on the bay bridge all the way backed up
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to this usual area. let's say you are driving south from 238 to hayward you are going to see slow traffic here. it gets better. dunbar bridge looking pretty good from the star from newark to east palo alto. we are looking at 280 in san jose and northbound traffic continues to look good. let's go to weather. we have some low clouds. there is still some patchy low clouds but it was sold out yesterday morning. some fog but a lot of it is out. it will be cold on thanksgiving morning, but dry and increasing clouds late. two more systems on friday and saturday and sunday it will be colder. we have some very cold
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air. the bulk of that is headed north. the system will not be strong. it is a quick moving system. it may bring a third inch of rain. winter weather advisories are posted for the mountains and snow may be coming down by 5,000 feet. 30s for some, 40s to 50s for others. we are looking at upper temperatures of 50. santa cruz 45. and cloud cover. that will lead to rain for the evening in the north bay. the key there is that snow will be coming down. it is not a big system. but we'll get 3- 6 inches. it's a trend to come. even colder air and stronger systems begin to move in.
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increasing high clouds. 50s and 60s. mountain view to santa cruz and temperatures pretty much upper 50s to the north with too much cloud cover coming in. we get a break thursday and a series of systems friday and saturday into the weekend. >> a series of systems. >> two more and one stronger than what we are getting. >> you said we are getting maybe 2-feet of snow. >> that's a lot of snow. >> yes. it will be coming down to about 4,000 feet by sunday. >> that's good to know. 6:20 is the time. a thanksgiving dinner for those in need. and telling the difference between what's real and what's not. what's not.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:23. a fire in china after a huge chain reaction crash. look at your screen. besides the people that were killed, 37 people were hurt. officials say slippery roads and the fog contributed to that crash. however, it's still under investigation to find out the exact cause. classmates in oakland are mourning a teenager who was shot to death in a bowling alley in alameda over the weekend. he was shot saturday night. the killing happened right across from crown beach near an
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ice skating rink open at the time. students at oakland high school remember williams who was a gifted athlete who played baseball and football and ran track. his mother thanked everyone for their support. his classmates wrote their memories of him. >> he's going to be missed. every morning he called me asking what i was going to wear to school. >> he was goofy and always put others ahead. >> he was fun to be around. he was like a brother to me on the football team. >> police have no motives and no suspect in custody. kanye west reportedly having a psychiatric evaluation at ucla medical center. police were called to the home of his trainer yesterday because kanye was acting erratically. he was calm by the time
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paramedics arrived but he was handcuffed to a gurney as standard procedure. that kanye maybe suffering from sleep deprivation. yesterday his concert was canceled. he had an outburst on stage yesterday and then he canceled his show after 30 minutes and canceled his show in los angeles on sunday. when it comes to the news, some are having trouble telling from real or fake. they studied 78 middle school students and from high school to college, that 80% could not tell the difference from a real online news story. there has been pressure from companies to weed out fake news.
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some even think it mav affected the presidential election. they are going to start grouping the fake websites to legitimate ones. >> a teacher in folsom and what the teachers said and what the school responded with. and we have the raiders feeling coming up. we saw traffic on westbound and eastbound 580. five of them. they are on 580 and all going somewhere. i'm trying the figure out what's going on here coming up. >> what's going on with weather? we have increasing clouds. it's going to be a cool pattern over the next few days.
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good morning, thank you for joining on mornings on tuesday, november 22nd. >> i am pam cook. >> we are talking about rain and snow. >> 2-feet of snow? >> yes, on higher elevations. we have some low clouds. they are kind of late to the party but moving right now. it's already bringing cloud cover to the north. we will see some pretty chilly readings with upper 50s at best. trip, that's his name. 40 degrees up here at lake oroville. i hope you are watching. stay dry. thank you for that. i appreciate that. that's pretty cool out there at
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lake oroville. we have some clouds out there. in sonoma county north and marin county. 30s, 40s to 50 degrees, on the temps look up north. glen allen, petaluma, sebastopol. mostly cloudy to the north and that will give us rain tonight. snow for the sierra. the snow is the key on all of this. 5,000 feet. even colder for the weekend. 50s and 60s. all right. 6:30 what do we have, sir? >> there could be a little rain today? >> overnight and tomorrow morning for us. >> got you. thank you for entertaining my
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questions. >> my pleasure. we go way back. >> we do. >> good morning, everyone. in answer to your question, what do we have? we have a report of a crash somewhere along the toll plaza. there is a crash and they are sending out chp to check it out. if there were a serious crash, we would see it. it's blocking the far right toll lane. it would be at the very left of our screen. let's move along and take a look at the 880 commute here. traffic is moving along pretty well with no major issues driving through. i want to mention solano county because in vallejo we have a slow traffic pattern coming to that rest area
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behind 37. we have also traffic on 680 towards the benicia bridge. this commute isn't doing that well. as you go to continue atria contra costa county too. >> thank you, sal. the oakland raiders are 8-2 for the first time in 15 years. >> last time, there's a slow start in mexico city beating houston. they found the full back, that 75-yard touchdown tied things up at 20. then with less than 5 minutes left, carr hit cooper and then to 35 yards and they held on to win 27-20. >> it wasn't one of our cleaner
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games. but we seized control and made the play to get a hard earned win. >> the raiders have a short week now. they will be hosting the carolina panthers sunday. >> the raiders are getting excited. >> they are always excited. we brought the team's arrival home from mexico. you have been out there in alameda. have you been able to talk with anyone? >> we have been able to talk to some very thrilled raiders back in the bay area. what a win last night. the team is on their way home after that 4th quarter win in mexico. we watched the buses pick up up in our live report.
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they spent just 24 hours in mexico but enough to get that win in the afc west. we were able to talk to a few teammates as they paused for just a moment and they were able to revel in their record. >> it was great. we came back here with a win. it was good. it was good. >> the raider nation turned out in force last night. those that couldn't make the trip were watching hopefully. they have not talked about the plans to move the team to las vegas. oakland hopes they will keep the team here. also some of the offensive line due back here at team
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headquarters in alameda this afternoon and evening for a turkey give away. some will be sharing their good fortune what what they are thankful for and of course that win. >> thank you. >> it is 6:35 unfortunately more hateful graffiti has been found in the san ramon valley school district. this time racist and homophobic graffiti was written on a bus. last week the words" white and coloreds "were written on the school's urinals. yesterday, the school district sent a letter home about this latest incident on a bus. he says it is under investigation and the punishment is to be
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suspension or expulsion. today they tell gavin news somehow they feel about the election. they talked about things like racism, hate, bullying and donald trump's promise to deport illegal immigrants. many students told new some that their families are worried they can be deported and bullied during the election. >> one incident should be called out. >> a lot of people told me they can't because of what they are going through. >> my mom is an immigrant. it's really hard for me. >> it's not knowing what to do. >> the school superintendent says he's sending letters to all parents with resources for families who are here illegally. and this is also pushing for statewide hotline and accountability for hate crimes
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on campus. the parents of a fourth grader are angry about comments made by a teacher. the teacher said" when you hang one black person, you have to hang them all. that's equality ". he says he used it on the view of equal rights. >> the parents say it's not their job to say the teacher should be fired. but want to ensure other students are not subjected to these racially subjective remarks. >> he never apologize. it's more concerning. >> i think that it's just excused and ignored, then, it kind of opens it up to reoccur. o reoccur. >> the mcintire's had their son transferred out of that teacher's class. the teacher was told to use more appropriate
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examples in classroom discussions. a father accused of drowning his four-year-old daughter inside a church in healdsburg is due in court this afternoon. he drowned his daughter sunday night in the baptism pool in the catholic church as his nine-year-old son watched. he ran into the police department holding his daughter screaming for help. >> he was naked holding his daughter. we have information on that but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to comment. >> his son was with him, partially clothed. his daughter was pronounced dead at the hospital. he is being held at the sonoma county jail on a charge of murder. a man attacked a woman last week in san lleandro after she left the bus station about 8:00
6:39 am
friday night. she was followed as she walked through the neighborhood and near mall bert and 159th avenue. the man hit her on the head several times and stole her cellphone. she was hit so hard, she suffered severe facial injuries. police do not have a detailed description of the suspect. >> san lleandro also released surveillance of a video of a minivan of who they say may have been involved in a shooting and crash. paul duran and his wife were seriously hurt last thursday when a crash with a car fleeing police where police may have been involved in the shootout. they are asking rental car agencies to check for recent returns for damage. tonight, the deputy police chief is set to take over as
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director of public safety in sunnyvale. he has spent the past 27 years in the san jose police department. he will replace sunnyvale's outgoing police chief who retires next month. in sunnyvale, he will be in charge of police and sunnyvale fire department. they expect to give food to about 5,000 santa clara county homeless today. they will give boxes of well-rounded meals including canned good. they are still accepting donations. they stay this year, food donations are down. the need is up so you can still help. they attribute that to high rents and wage disparity. >> it's difficult to compete with a person who has a high
6:41 am
tech job in silicon valley. >> we are thankful for many things. they will be accepting donations of turkeys in the stadium this morning. they will be passing out the food boxes from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.. for those who are more fortunate. share. a teenager is dead, another one is hurt after a police chase hours ago and it ended in sunnyvale. coming up, the streets are still closed off and where the investigation stands now. the body is released of a shooting of a 15-year-old boy and the intense moments that led up to that. we are seeing multiple crashes and a little bit of slow
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traffic here at the bay bridge. they are trying to get a crew to an injury accident reported at the toll plaza. a front is on the way. we have a nice sunrise here for those who are listening but you are not watching. there you are. there is your sunrise. we'll talk about some rain coming in for tonight.
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>> welcome back. it's 6:44. the texas man arrested in the shooting death
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of a san antonio area was upset about the shooting of his son. >> did you say anything to the family. >> he was arrested outside san antonio. he was in the car with the woman and two-year-old child. he's accused of gunning down officer marconi as he was shot in his head. he said he did not know officer marconi. back here at home. santa cruz sheriff's released body cam video after deputies shot and killed a 15-year-old boy. >> anything we can do to get you to put the knife down. >> that video shows deputies talking to -- luke smith who
6:46 am
just stabbed his father and uncle. deputies fired non-lethal rounds and taser and it didn't work. he also took lsd with his friends before the stabbing and still had a knife in his hand. >> the dog was not stabbed but it looked like he was stabbing the dog and he lunged towards the k9 handler. >> smith was a student at the local high school. he was accused of using lsd. many people had a chance to look at the use of force. the community was invited to look at
6:47 am
the simulator. many say that was eye opening. >> it's real intense. so it gives me a better understanding as to what they go through. >> i was trying to get some other guys to come with me. they said, i'm not going through all that. i said how are you going to understand what's going on. >> they learned a lot from that course. but they say this is just another part in a long road of finding solutions to bring law enforcement and the african american and latino community together. >> would you want to try that at least once? >> i would like to try that, but i guarantee i would make very bad decisions, just reactions. >> time is 6:47. good morning. >> big morning here. fresh off the raiders win last
6:48 am
night. we are talking with oakland mayor libby schaaf about her effort to keep the team in town. mayor schaaf will join us live in the studios this morning. and we'll also talk about this morning's big developing news, the search for the new chief of the unified school district and the new police chief of oakland. >> the new president elect donald trump appears to be giving the world a piece of his plan to keep those out of the country. and while one calls the slip the hype of irony. that's in a few. pam and dave. >> thank you. right now we are going back outside. a lot of people are heading out the door. what should people know, sal? >> as you are driving, el camino real is still closed southbound
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and near the area of this crash, to popular avenue. this vehicle is being taken away. remember this vehicle was involved in a high speed chase. 1 person was killed after he was ejected from the car and another person is taken into custody. it looks like this car has been righted. we'll have a live report and police will tell us what happened coming up at 7:00. >> i do want to mention, a trouble spot in this area where there is an injury crash there. traffic is going to be really busy on 80 and 680. there was an accident next to the freeway. you can clearly see it from the freeway. traffic is slow coming off that area. remember traffic is slow here as well. so solano county commute is not doing very well
6:50 am
in vallejo. you will have decent traffic because a lot of people are being held up. let's go farther down you see traffic is busy as you get to mcarthur maze. it doesn't seem to have much of an effect. traffic is slow anyway.. it's backed up to martin . >>ey> we have higher clouds on the move here. still we'll have some sun for a while. tonight into wednesday with morning rain. thanksgiving it will be fine but it will be a little cold. there you go. mostly sunny but rather chili. r chili. cloudy cool on friday with rain moving in.
6:51 am
again another system on sunday. some fog is also formed. of james mckenzie, fog has been moving. calm before the oncoming rain. yes, that's correct. not a storm but it will bring some rain. fog reports picking up from petaluma. thanks for that. to rohnert park. that fog is showing up here. there is a system. it's not a whopper but there is a lot of cold air support behind that. it looks like it's slowing down a little bit. winter weather advisory and the snow is low in the mountains. southbound ridge is beginnings to form. 30s, 40s on the temps here. noticeably cooler. you get that cloud cover coming in and that makes for a cool
6:52 am
day. 40, 39 walnut creek. southbound 49 to sacramento to ukiah. this is going to be a snow producer. this is a bigger snow pattern for the northern mountains and sierra. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day. that is some cold air swinging behind that. look for increasing clouds. rain comes in tonight into wednesday morning and will start to clear out about a tenth of an inch and lesser to the south and more to the north. look what happens after thursday as we go into friday and saturday. it looks like some pretty good rain coming in for us. if you are heading up to the sierra, winter weather advisory snow
6:53 am
will be coming down up to 5,000 feet. it could be up to 4,000 feet. 50s and 60s on your temps. they are not that warm. 50s in santa cruz. it will be rather cold here in the next five or 6 days. >> pam says she can handle it. >> i feel it. i'm getting out the coats. >> there was chaos outside the los angeles show. the test drive that ended with several people hurt. but first, >> i'm very thankful to you for what you did for me. thank you. >> a sweet story. a bay area homeless woman says she's thankful for the medical care she received. her message to her doctors and nurses in concord. ♪ music: it's a small world after all ♪
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come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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>> welcome back, the state department warning americans traveling in europe. the rate is high for terrorist attacks. there is critical information to suggest isis and al-qaida are planning attacks in europe during the holidays and talking about possible terrorist attacks and caution to be careful around festivals and tourist sites. a woman went to the hospital to receive emergency gallbladder surgery. she and her children have been homeless an living out of a van. she says her doctors and nurses went beyond the call of duty. >> it's very rewarding to help a
6:57 am
patient like that. >> she really did something that was beautiful for me. i'm very thankful to you for what you did for me. you did it not only for me, but for my family. >> she says she feels better than she has in a very long time. she and her family are hopeful they will find affordable housing soon. the warriors are back after an undefeated road trip. after the 183 win. he led the team with at a points. the warriors with 19 1/2. 70-foot shot for steph curry. look at that. it's good. but it went in, but the buzzer had already sounded. curry finished with 22 points. >> the time is 6:57. there is an about face for
6:58 am
trump. what he announced this morning about hillary clinton and her private e-mail service. >> we are also learning more about that deadly school bus crash that killed five children in tennessee. we'll tell you what the driver was doing right before the crash. before the crash.
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. a police chase ending in sunnyvale, a deadly crash, we have the latest snch. donald trump's promises he made, missing from the to do list. >> mornings on two. >> news november 22nd. we are following developing news in sunnyvale and police are investigating a deadly overnight crash. >> officers followed a robbery suspect and killed a teen on the 101.


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