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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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court appearance. >> and i would have controlled dumping. >> why are you leaving this stuff here. do you think it is okay? >> investigating trash in oakland. the 2 on 4 starts now. >> the allegations are horrendous. a father intentionally drowning his 4-year-old daughter in a church baptismal pool. welcome to the four on two. >> we begin with afternoon with new information. 42-year-old girardi ordaz made a brief appearance in court this afternoon. as you can see he sat in a wheelchair. the hearing was continued until next monday so that he can see a doctor. healsburg police believe he drowned his daughter in the baptismal pool while his 9 year- old son watched. there is no details on the motive.
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he is being held at the sonoma county jail on suspicion of murder. >> while the oakland raiders are enjoying success across the bay. the san francisco 49ers continue to struggle and now the team is in a battle with the city of santa clara. tonight is the deadline to turnover documents as required by the lease. and it will show if the 49ers spent money that should be going to the santa clara's general fund. if they do not do it there will be a warning to believe the 49ers have reached crate the team will have 30 days to produce the documents or the city may initiate steps to take over stadium management. we will have more on this developing story coming up at 5:00. a pair of pet owners is now suing pets mart accusing them of injuring animals in
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grooming. we told you about the pet henry that was taken there for nail grooming. the owner said the dog later died and was bleeding after it came from the pets smart. it suffered a punctured lung. >> we took him for a nail trimming and he came out spewing blood. >> he was a little baby dog. he was like ten pounds and he was just turning one years old. you know. we have no way to know that just taking him in could end his life. >> the owners believe that this is a part of a pattern of problems at pets mart. they hope to keep others suffering the way they have and that groomer was arrested on animal cruelty charges. oakland superintendent of schools is heading to washington d.c. after less than 3 years on the job. and won wilson appeared at a
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press conference in dc this morning. wilson was appointed as head of the schools in oakland in 2013. the board stalled wilson's departure a loss. >> the board said it is proud of the successes during the tenure with new contracts and salary increases and the oakland promise focusing on tripling the number of oakland college graduates. >> i have served the families of oakland and we were able to do important work and the district is well positioned to continue moving forward on behalf of young people. >> and at that press conference the outgoing superintendent went on to say there is only one district of columbia calling it the premier school district in the country. well son says he will be leaving in february. the board says it will begin working on a replacement starting on monday. a san antonio middle school student was taken to the hospital this morning after
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being exposed to pepper spray in class. it happened around 9:30 this morning at sylvandale school in south san jose. we are told the fire department was called after a dozen students complained about feeling sick. the first responders say that one particular student was complaining of skin and eye irritation. >> we had to treat this as a hazardous treatment. they came out and put on protective gear and they went into the classroom and located a pepper spray canister and the pepper spray was spread in the air and on the walls. >> now the student who was taken to the hospital is expected to be okay. the classroom was evacuated and until that pepper spray dissipated the police say they are investigating to try to find out who is responsible. >> police have long complained about the anti snitching culture. the danger of getting involved keeps people from coming forward and what about texting. henry lee has been looking into
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getting new information and officials say it is completely anonymous but you and i were talking and when i send a text my number pops up, is that case when you are texting police. >> no. so what happens we know that teens are on the phones all of the time and there's a digital footprint. everything you do on your phone is tracked. you do twitter or facebook, but that's not the case with anonymous texting. this is a system that a lot police departments use to roll out information to the media and to the public about breaking news and so with this system, there is no i p address, there's no names, absolutely no phone numbers and that show up when you text tips to the police. now i spoke to san leandro police about the system and here is what a lieutenant had to say. >> i think over the years there is that concern that you don't want to be labeled as a snitch. you know there could be some ramifications if somebody finds out that your cooperating with the police but this system here through nixal gives us two way
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communication through text message and completely anonymous. an. >> now, coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. i will take you step by step through the process. i text a tip to police. we will hear from mothers that have lost their sons to violence and hear what they have to say about the system. it seems like you were a bit surprised. >> yes, i assumed that everything you do on your phone was tracked. when i went through the system what is great it is in realtime. you see a bad guy on the street you text it to police and they process it. >> problems with being snitch is the trust issues. that will likely be the hard part to convince people that there's no footprint and you can text without it coming back behind you. >> gone are the days of walking up to a police car. i could be texting you or a
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text to police, no one will know. look forward to that. thanks, henry. you bet. >> >> a day after raiders' big win last night in mexico city on monday night football. the mayor of oakland is optimistic that the team may stay in oakland. >> working on a deal including private funding. players will be handing out turkeys a little later on in alameda. >> hope for this deal. plenty of hope on size but here is the thing. they are hope that the latest deal does not turn out to be another turkey. >> mayor shaft appeared on channel 2 early this morning with seismic effect. >> we have reached a frame work for an agreement that we are bringing for approval to the board of supervisors today as well as to the oakland city
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council on the 29th. >> but the devils in the detail and she did not review those and columnist dave newhouse says with his decade of covering sports this raises his antenna. >> i would be willing to listen. i don't think it is a done deal but like i say it has my ear. >> dave pursell with save sports. >> numerous groups have made proposals and this is the first one that i know of that she has tone to the city council. the other ones were legitimate and she chose this one. >> many more question mark than exclamation points. >> mr. davis has to be on board to make this go. that's the missing piece of the pie here. >> other unanswered mysteries. who really will front the money? what about the shared stadium deal?
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what about the las vegas arrangement? will 24 other nfl team owners support the move? it is not on their january agenda so far and what are mark davis' true intentions. >> he is a silver spoon kid who should have learned from his father. he moved to los angeles and had to come back. you would have thought he would have learned from his father's mistake. >> the lot group has the ability and willingness and the passion to put the private money in this deal that i believe it will take to bill a stadium under the conditions that mark davis has always said he needs. >> now i contacted governor sandoval's office that sent this cryptic message. i trust mark davis, i take him at his word, i will monitor the process established by the nfl
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and all of us shall see. ktvu fox 2 news. the plot thickens. after allegations that fake news sites may have affected the presidential election. a news site out showing that teens can't distinguish between real and fake news sites. >> reviewing the three finalist is. san francisco's mayor needs more time before making a decision on the city's next police chief. we dive into the politics of this appointment. >> a new storm on it's the way to the bay area. tracking it on the radar. i will show you what we can expect as we roll into your
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wednesday coming up. a cloudy day over the bay area. those clouds ahead of the system that will bring us rain as we get in tonight and through tomorrow morning. a view here, a gorgeous look with all of the cloud cover and you can see e glow from the sun that will set at 5:00. on to storm tracker 2 that the next storm moving into northern california if we stretch it closer. areas near crescent city and eureka picking up good rain. it will shift in the bay but it will take awhile. it won't impact the evening drive which is good news as we get into 8 or 9:00 it moves into the north bay. i think by ten or 11:00 it is in the central bay and as we get into moon or so in the south bay the system moving to
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the southeast we wake up with a few scattered showers and dry. dry for most of wednesday and dry for thanksgiving day as well. this system expected to bring a few one hundredths of an inch of rain in the south bay and north bay at least some. breezy conditions as it moves through and the sierra a winter weather advisory that starts this evening and going through tomorrow, noontime and three inches down to 5000 feet and ten inches for the higher elevations and with me it means if you are getting out of town tomorrow, be prepared at least through the first part of the day to expect that winter weather advisory to impact the sierra i-80 and highway 50. tomorrow morning chilly and we have a few showers remaining in place and temperatures will be in the mid-40s to mid-50s. 54 54 in san francisco and highs to be similar to where we have been. low 50s in the forecast for most of us.
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59 degrees expected for napa. as i mentioned we are dry on thanksgiving day and more rain coming in time for your holiday weekend. president-elect donald trump continues to choose his cabinet. fox reporter joe waldman with the meetings today in midtown manhattan. a more conventional news conference. president-elect donald trump laying out his agenda in a youtube video. withdrawing from the transatlantic agreement and impose be a band of five years for officials to be lobbyists. >> that is a direct message to the voters to say hey can i hear you and loud and clear. i am listening and i care about your fate and we will bring those manufacturers back or at least we are going to try. >> the president elect still
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forming his administration tweeting this out about one of his potential nominees. i'm seriously considering dr. ben carson as the head of hud. i have gotten to know him well, he loves people and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani in consideration for secretary of state. commenting on a former one, hillary clinton. and words today that mr. trump will not pursue investigations into her private email account. there is a tradition in american politics after you win an leak you put things behind you. >> and the president elect wants to hit the reset button with the press. meeting with editors and reporters and after speaking with broadcast executives yesterday. >> it should be a check on our elected officials. >> president-elect donald trump responding to the backlash over the controversial hiring of steve bannon saying he never would have hired him if he thought he was racist or part of the all right movement.
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in washington, joe waldman. fox news. when it comes to internet news, some students may have trouble telling the real news from fake news. researchers at stanford interviewed 7800 schools from middle school to college. they found 82% of students could not tell the difference between a real online news story and a fake one. joining me now is sarah. thanks for your time. how did you constitute fake news and how is it portrayed to the people involved in the study? >> we asked middle school students to identify the advertisements on the front page of major news organization and some of the ads that we portrayed were sponsored contend and labored it such and that's how we asked students to
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tell what is anard and could those students identify thards advertising and over 80% of the middle school students could not. >> as you moved up in the age group, i assume the numbers got better. >> they got slightly better but we really saw in an overwhelming way students not being able to evaluate students. we felt students being taken in by the appearance of evidence, compelling photographs and statistics and data displays and really ignoring sources of information. >> and the sources that's my next question. do they differentiate between established media outlets and web sites with zero history. >> we saw evidence of that in
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students but the overwhelming thing that jumped out is that students not paying attention and focusing on the content and engaging with what they thought about whatever topic, the assessment was about. or reacting to the presence of evidence and completely ignoring the source. >> and were some of these examples to the ex freedom of like the onion or were they more difficult to decipher in terms of the actual content as to being true or false. >> we have a range of tasks. we don't have that much data for college students but we have a range but the middle school test where things are clearly marked as advertising and a high school task where some things marked as sponsored content and students overwhelmingly not being able
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to distinguish those stories from others. >> what is your personal take on the people that think that maybe fake news stories did have an effect on this election now that you have seen the results of your own study. >> i feel i can't have enough of an opinion. but i know that we felt the last year-and-a-half looking at the piloting results and the larger numbers in this report are chilling and bleak. and motivate us to think what we can do as educators to support teachers and teaching students how to deal with the new forms of information. disturbing results. sarah, thanks for your time and explaining this to us. maybe you should do one with adults because i wonder if there is much of a divide. >> we have been working on that so coming soon. thank you. thank you, ted.
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the search for a new police chief in san francisco may be coming to an end. mayor lee and more coming up
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after the break.
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i'm in the middle of the search and during interviews and an important decision for san francisco and i will make a best decision for everybody. we want a chief that is going to make sure that recommendations that police commission has worked on to
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modernize our police department overseen by the department of justice, that we will restore faith and then the best practices and so i am very careful and deliberate and finalizing the interviews and my expectation is to have an announcement before the end of the year. >> mayor ed lee updating the search for a new police chief, he will make the decision by the end of the year. reviewing the list of three finalists sent to him by the police commission two weeks ago at the beginning month. joining me now is chuck a journalist here. >> in san francisco nothing is single and i will say whoever he picks there will be some groups not to be happy. they want to take all of the time they can. it is what we know and don't know. the mayor will take a trip to asia and he won't be back for a
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while. who are the candidates? >> they haven't been named. acting chief tony chaplain. >> everybody would be shocked if he is not among the three. >> right. >> and i would think he is the leader in the clubhouse. chief suhr the previous chief is supporting him. he is well-liked and african- american and we will get a person of color and there is things to like about him. >> the backing of the police union and it seems that would be something you would want. right now this environment that exists between the police union and the district attorney. such animosity. could that hurt him? >> i think it hurt chief suhr. it is almost toxic. the former chief and now the
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da, they were bickering and the p oa got involved in much more of a general way than they should have and issued inflammatory statements and they need to tone it down and that factors into what the press has said. >> what else are we hearing. >> we will be shocked if we don't have a national figure. there is big name people. cedrick alexander from georgia on cnn all the time. he has a doctorate and well- known and ron davis is conducting the survey for the department of justice of the san francisco police department. in palo alto and in oakland before and well regarded. and once again an african- american so we got that base covered and the third choice is denise schmidt who has been an officer there for quite a while. she is a lesbian and has command experience and it looks like a san francisco group. >> highest ranking lesbian on the force. i want to go back to ron davis
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and cedrick alexander outsiders. gas con was an outsider and betty godon't was an outsider and either one was successful. >> we have had two chiefs outsiders and neither one as met with rave reviews. godan was an taken so that is a continuation. gasgon was from mesa and didn't know the city well and there were concerns and previous there was charles chen, he painted the police cars baby blue because he fell they were more public friendly so really there is a long history of insiders only. the problem is that the people are speaking protesting this and says that's the problem with the police department. they are promoting them. whatever you will it will be a difficult spot. >> when mayor lee is conducting
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the interviews, what is top of mind for him. >> he want somebody to represent himself well. this is a high profile situation. if you are the chief you will be on camera a lot. and a lot of cases it will be at murder scenes and accident scenes where you have to think on your feet. they want comfortable in their own skin that can speak and run a complete sentence out and not have pitfalls. even greg suhr said i had no doubt that the officers acted correctly. what you say is i have a lot of faith in my department, easy to slip up. >> no matter who is ultimately chosen, they got that long list of reform recommendations that they have to put in place. >> that's true and the police department is in favoof a lot of these things. you have people behind them and the bor of supervisors is
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termed out but very strong and i what about to know when they are happening and a time able and tell me how much you have done and when have you done it and it will be the eye will be so strong on this an. >> you will be in the pressure cooker. >> thanks so much. for this. always great to talk to you. mayor lee expected to make that decision by year's end. coming up, 2 investigates goes uncover to catch people illegally dumping garage in oakland. that's next as the four on two
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continues. stay with us.
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it is a problem you can see for yourself across the city of oakland. piles of garbage illegally dumped on the street. >> people are saying they are fed up so we decided to find out what it would take to stop the illegal dumping. executive producer samoan went uncover to catch them in the action. >> take a look at this mess. unfortunately sites like this are common all across oakland. it is a problem that is costing the city millions. >> hey, what are you guys doing? a truck with trash. >> why are you leaving it here.
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>> even a porta pot. >> people were dumping garbage and realizing they were caught- red-handed. >> have you caught anybody. >> yes. i have called the city and it is fruitless. >> did you call the cops on anyone? >> you can get through on a police line. >> the light of day reveals this street in front of john's business to be one of the worse illegal dumping spots. >> everything imaginable. household waste. dead dogs. it is across the board. anything you find in the dump you will find here. >> what is the craziest thing. >> here is an example. a trailer, anything you can imagine it gets dumped here. >> on the day we visited. a trailer full of debris has been abandoned. >> it is amazingly worse in the past years. >> they take the side roads and you would think you are in a 3rd world country. >> do you feel responsible. >> i feel responsible for every
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bad thing. >> mayor schaaf has spent years on this. >> we spend $5.5 million a year on picking up illegal garbage. >> $5.5 million. >> yes. >> do you see how that is frustrating to taxpayers to hear that. >> it is frustrating to me. i am a taxpayer. i am also a parent. it is frustrating to me. it is beyond maddening. >> for residence getting dumped on, the numbers in his administration are maddening. in the last 12 months there were 12,000 reports of illegal dumping and during that same period the city only issued 65 citations. >> it is costing the city millions and people get away with it. >> what do you want them to do. >> pro active enforcement. they need to set up sting operations here but there is nothing to catch people. >> 2 investigates set up our
4:35 pm
own cameras on roof tops and it didn't take us long to catch people ditching debris and leaving track everywhere and this business after sundown, it took less than two hours before we spotted this truck. >> what are you doing, why are you leaving this stuff here. >> we saw men dumping stuff before they realized they were caught on camera. >> 2 investigates tracked that license plate back to this auto shop less than a mile away. >> a woman would identified herself as rose said the owner was out of town and initially denied knowing anything about the truck. >> is this your truck. >> came back here yesterday and despite insisting she didn't
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want to talk rose came outside again and again. >> it is that truck that is parked with this license plate. they didn't go to the dump. that's the problem. the same truck with the same plate parked less than a block away. >> we take everything to the dump. we are a well established business. we pay all of our taxes. we pay lots and lots of tacks to keep the streets clean. >> can the city handle the problem. >> we are just as frustrated at the level of illegal dumping. >> mayor should mayor schaaf says they pay millions to pick up the garbage. >> picks it up is not the solution to stopping illegal dumping. >> from east to west oakland ... >> i am seeing half of the block filled up with garbage. >> the business owners say they want prevention and not clean- up after the problem. >> picking up the trash there
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has to be enforcement. >> michael hurling wants to see arrests and cars impounded. >> this was burned two weeks ago. >> and around the corner bufffy has trying to get this mess cleaned up. >> we have been calling the city of oakland every other day to try to get it moved out. >> she has used the city's own app to report this multiple times. >> we were told that it was taken care of and obviously it is not. >> how frustrating is it? >> very frustratep we feel we are the forgotten neighborhood and if it was in a better part of town or across the street from mayor schaaf's house it would be picked up right away. >> what do you say to that. >> i feel like every oaklander feels like their neighborhood is the most neglected and that is not right. it pains me. it pains me when i see that level of disrespect and the impact that it has on the children that have to walk by
4:38 pm
it. >> and for businesses getting dumped on directly it is a pain hurting their bottom line. >> embarrassing. >> yes. >> the city needs to know that. >> yes. >> i'm angry about this. i am really angry and we need the city to do its job. >> it is bothersome to see what people are doing. >> now the city council has approved one hundred thousand dollars to buy new cameras with surveillance technology and a license plate reading technology. at first they said they would be purchasing ten but now only four and there is a number to report it and that number is going to be on our web site. >> what about the company that you caught-red-handed. >> just been hour ago i got off of the phone with the city attorney's office and they are very interested in what we saw and when we saw it and what kind of material we witnessed
4:39 pm
dumped on the street. they want to get some more information about this. they might be citing that company. we are going to be following that case. they are cracking down. >> i think the gentleman at the very end of the piece, the strongest point that is, it is one thing to clean it up and really what we need to do is stop the people from dumping it in the first place and it seems like consequences would be the most productive thing to do. >> exactly. and that was the question we have for the city. we understand it is a tough thing to prove and a tough thing to prosecute but it seems like the city is leaning heavily on people turning in lawbreakers and there is no plans to hire litter enforcement officers or do things which is unfortunate. i understand that it may be a budget issue but we were out there for two hours and we caught some people with 90 minutes of sitting in one of the hot spots so in our interview with the mayor she hopes that these cameras will make a big difference and move them around the city. they are hoping that targeting people will make an impact. >> we will see. well, this is not just
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happening outside businesses. but also near schools. coming up at five. ktvu rob roth goes along with students at one elementary school in east oakland as they fight back against the illegal dumping. plus coming up, planning to shop on black friday, well, google is hoping to ease congestion somehow by telling you how crowded a store is before you leave your house. i'm tracking the next storm moving in the bay area plus we will look at your holiday weekend coming up. portion of fox 2 news brought to you by the mazda 9.
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well this sound cool. google can let you know how crowded a holiday hot spot is before you head out. the company says it will give users realtime information on how crowded a location is expected to be. for more i'm joined by editor at large from tech crunch josh and it sounds like it is convenient and really creepy at the same time. >> it is useful. the same technology that we use today to track traffic with our phones. basically google pings our phones and sees where we are and detects overtime how we move so we can tell if a whole bunch of people with the cell phones are standing in the same store for longer than normal it means it is busy that day. >> and i mean the creepy side
4:44 pm
is the big brother or elementary. oh, my gosh, they know where we are. >> they are doing this all right. they have the data. this is them giving it back. honestly, i think it is better than the alternative. >> and how do you access it? is it a special app? >> you just google the name of any business and the information at the search will show you the popular times and ways expected for today's traffic. >> and they are going to unveil it on black friday? >> they have had it available for a while so you could see an average based on the hour and day but now they will handle holidays for sudden random spikes. black friday shopping or everybody going out for a drink after election day. >> i want to ask you about a conversation with the author of a study on stanford on students not being able to determine
4:45 pm
fake news from real news. i know you you saw the results. are you surprised. >> i am not. it is hard to tell the difference. 82% of the middle school students surveyed could not tell the difference between new news and a sponsor post that masquerades as a news article and you see them all the time on buzz feed. >> and facebook was under some criticism after the election, people thinking that fake news were perpetuated by users may have even affected the election. and how much is being discussed in the tech world. >> the tech world is taking this seriously. we know it is not just fake news, a bigger problem that is that exaggeration and omission and heavy spin by greedy publishers are pushing people to believe things that are not true. and it is one thing to call something a hoax.
4:46 pm
maybe a computer algorithm could figure out but is this somebody's point of view or somebody purposely misinforming people to make money. this is a harder to tell and i think it will be a big issue not just for facebook but all of social media. >> we have to fix the behavior and the only thing to solve it, is to not share until you know it is fair. >> google before you go to the store on black friday. thanks, josh. appreciate it. let's check in with rosemary for an update our holiday forecast. >> a dry one. >> the clouds ahead of the rain as we move through the late night hours and into tomorrow morning. here is a different view over areas along the oakland estuary looking towards the northwest and san francisco area where san francisco right now 56
4:47 pm
degrees and 60 in oakland and san jose 61 degrees outside your door. temperatures cooler this afternoon with all of that cloud cover in place. down by 5 degrees. santa rosa down by 3 and napa down by two right around mountain view and a tad warmer for san jose. here is a view from up above and the cloud cover that continues to sweep in and thickening up and as up and as pointed to the north that's where the rain remains and not going to impact the evening dry. it is barely making its way to areas right around udyie and in the overnight it will slide through the bay area. 9:00 it is into the north bay and by 10:00 it shifts to the central bay and 11, perhaps midnight moving into portions of the south bay. and it is going to pass on and we will have scattered showers throughout the evening or overnight hours and tomorrow morning we will wake up with a few scattered showers and once this pulls out of here. we are done and dry for the
4:48 pm
rest of wednesday and dry for your thanksgiving day and we have more rain coming on black friday. if you are going to be shopping. that will come late in the day. not for the early morning shoppers. the next system not a huge event. a few one hundredths and santa rosa a quarter inch. there's a winter weather advisory. if you are getting out of town and going to the sierra snow levels will drop down to 5000 feet and the higher peaks will pick up several inches of new snow and this advisory goes until wednesday at noontime. so fresh snow in the sierra for our skiers that will be heading that direction for their holiday. here is a look at the overnight lows. tomorrow morning we get going mid-50s and 44 santa rosa and 47 red rose city. a chilly start and upper 40s santa rosa and a slight
4:49 pm
possibility of a few lingering showers for themor. afternoon highs, upper 50s to low 60s expected, 59 degrees for santa rosa and the inner east bay low 60s and 52 for livermore and 60 san francisco and 60s expected for pacifica and 62 in san jose. a look at your extended forecast going day by day. first i will point out the fact that temperatures won't be changing in the forecast. for most of the afternoons and as we get to thursday, it will be a chilly start followed by a mild afternoon and friday morning we start out dry. if you have morning plans to outdoors and do some shopping, you are a-okay but friday night the next storm comes in and linger to saturday morning and get a break saturday night and another chance for rain on sunday and sunday being a big travel day so we will be tracking that. all right. thanks, rosemary. >> frank joins us with a look at the stories for ktvu fox 2
4:50 pm
news at five including a new hope of the raiders staying in oakland. >> raider fans have heard this before but today may be different. mayor schaaf broke the news this morning about a possible raiders' stadium deal. we will have details about that deal and what happens next and why one sports writer says this news got his attention. a couple blaming a store for the death of his pets. and the owners of a little dog says they are heart broken, took their dog henry to get his nails trimmed and he died. the owners have filed suit against the pet store chain and find out what company policies they want the chain to change. all right. we will be taking a look at that at five. thanks, frank. coming up next on the four on two. an update on the saga of kanye west. the artist hospitalized yesterday after canceling the remainder of his cup tour. we will have an update after
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this. we are learning new details about the hospitalization of kanye west. his personal physician called 911 and warned dispatchers that kanye west could be violent against police. the doctor reportedly said that his patient was suffering from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation. it is getting easier to find deals shopping online. experts say that you should look foresights and apps that direct you to deep discounts,
4:54 pm
the gift card granny site are a few that could alert to you good deals. >> love to shop with discounted gift cards. a great time to save anywhere from 2 to 30%. gift card granny is the largest aggregator of the gift cards and they have a new chrome desk top extension. when you are shopping online especially on that big seal, cyber monday, the granny will pop up and let you know there is a discounted card available. >> gosh. it seems easy. the national retail foundation says half of the holiday when shopping done last year was dungeon line. most of the surveys said that free shipping was a key factor in their preference for shopping online. >> a travel warning for americans this holiday. which travelers officials say are a higher risk of a possible terrorist attack. that is coming up next on the four on 2.
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the state department issued a statement to travelers over in europe. >> concern about an increased riskk of terror attacks. >> the obama administration has issued a travel alert for americans in europe. credible information that isis and al qaeda are planning terror attacks and u.s.
4:58 pm
citizens are being warned of the heightened attack over the holiday season. >> they should stay informed. and stay safe. >> the alert asks americans in european are asked to remain vigilant. the attacks could come with little warning. >> we know they will use a variety of means, lethal means to hurt, kill and damage innocent people and innocent property. >> extremists carried out deadly attacks in germany and france. several people have been arrested over the weekend on suspicion of planning another terrorist attack in the country. the exact target is unknown but the arrest happened days ahead of the opening of the famous christmas market. a subject of a failed terror plot 16 years ago. >> the challenge of fighting
4:59 pm
terrorism is immense and i will say it too because it is the truth. we have deployed considerable measures and zero risk can be guaranteed. >> the state department travel alert is set to expire in february of next year. in london, katie logan, fox news. ktvu, fox 2 news at five starts now. a father accused of drowning his own daughter a church cried. and president-elect donald trump backed off one of his campaign pledge and mayor schaaf broke news this morning. >> what you need to know about the weather and the get away
5:00 pm
for the thanksgiving holiday. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener here is a look at the radar. a couple of systems are lining up out in the pacific and they are heading our way. rain is expected tonight and another substantial system is due to arrive on sunday. and that could make coming home from a long holiday weekend a little tough. a few patches of rain are expected in between. the first wave of rain coming in tonight and as you can see, look at the gorgeous sunset. >> beautiful. >> a pretty one. this is from our emery camera fur heading out to the holiday. looking good weatherwise. >> in truckee, smooth sailing and video of interstate 80 taken in the past hour. you can see there some snow but the actual roadway is very clear at the moment. >> we have everything you need to plan for your holiday get away or if you are are expecting family to come to town. sal is going


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