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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morningings on 2 starts now." >> 6:00, a gorgeous look at the bay bridge. it never looks like this on a typical thursday morning, hardly any traffic at all. this is figure anything but a typical thursday morning it's day, november 24th. >> happy thanksgiving everyone. pam and dave are both off.
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happy thanksgiving to you. great to be here on this thanksgiving. let's bring in our meteorologist. 36 degrees on the bank clock by my house >> it's alot colder. you will need 0 bundle up if you are getting out early happy thanksgiving to you, a nice quiet day in store with alot of sunshine expected for your holiday. giving awe view of what is going on out there. you notice the wind bars, an off shore breeze there. mostly clear skies. to the north, we are picking up on cloud cover in areas like santa rosa, a little patchy fog in the valley to contend with. most of us, good visibility. this is where you will find it a little thick. highway 101. maybe the stretch getting to san raphael, darker shade of gray indicating, it's thick, a half mile to a quarter mile. that's the only spot we are seeing. could grow a little thicker as we get through the morning
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hours. mike said how cold it is over the bay area. 35 degrees in santa rosa. 39 in napa. mid-to upper 30s in areas like walnut creek. livermore, one degree from freezing. a chilly one for you. 40s to 50s. we'll talk about the next opportunity for rain when we come >> 6:02, breaking news in the south bay where a search is continuing at this hour for two men that broke out of the santa claira main county jail. the original escape involved four inmates. live at the scene with details of the jail break. janine. >> reporter: we are here at heading and san pedro. sheriff's deputies have this area blocked off. surrounding area these inmates have been at large for seven hours, now, here is a picture of them, they are --
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sheriff's officials tell us after 11:00, a connectional officer was doing a patrol check. he looked up in the shadows and saw bed sheets tied together coming from the second story offed jail. deputies spotted two inmates trying to run away. they caught them, but two were able to get away. officials say they used something to cut the bars at the window of their cell >> it's under investigation as far as what was used to cut the bars. two bars were removed. this section is the old he section, built in the 1950s. it's still an active search. >> reporter: right now, 45 deputies searching the area, being assisted by san jose police and sunnyvale department of public safety. each of the departments brought
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out their k9's and they are going to areas like creeks and anywhere dogs can pick up a scent. they are using thermal technology in the air as well to find these inmates. now, both of these men are pretty large, campbell, 6'4, 220-pounds. he was being held for robbery, criminal threats and firearms. the other one, 6'1, 190-pounds, disstingtive facial tattoo. he was if jail for burglary extortion and firearms. if you see either of them, do not try to apprehend them or approach them it's unknown if they are armed or not, but they had to use something to cut through the bars. >> janine, thank you. >> >> to oakland where a woman was killed in three car crash hours about thanksgiving.
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it happened westbound 580 near highway 13. one car collided with another, causing the car to swerve off the road and slam into a tree, killing the woman. no one was hurt in the second crash. the connector from 580 to 330 was closed for hours, but it is back open. high what patrol has extra hours on the road to make sure drivers are safe. their biggest concern is drunk driving. >> the most important thing during this time is that people drive sober it's the holidays, alot of people, families, getting together and people having occasion to drink a little more than they should. we want to insure the designated sober drive. >> maximum enforcement period runs through sunday night. if you see someone drivinger ratcally, you are urged to call 9-1-1 thousands will fill the dining room at san francisco's glide memorial church. hundreds began to prepare the
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food for brick fast service which start at 7:00, thanksgiving dinner will be served from 10:00 to 1:30 this afternoon. reverend cecil williams and his wife have dedicated their lives with serving good food and unconditional love for all. >> not only do we feed people, nurturing them hopefully with good food an thanksgiving. but we feed their souls, their hearts. >> >> reporter: glide is accepting donations for its grocery and toy give away next month. they say they want to promote the concept of togetherness this year. leaders say after the deviciveness of the election, it's time for everyone to get together and be grateful for anything they have. >> the 12th annual silicon valley turkey trots through the cities of san jose. this is the largest weekend race in the united states.
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more than 28,000 people are expected to take part in the different 5-k and 10-k runs. the turkey trot hopes to raise $1 million for five local charities. there are other runs -- walnut creek turkey trot. it includes a costume contest at 90:00 this morning. here in san francisco, thanksgiving day 5-k it starts near a-t & t park. all of the runs, organizers say, serve two purposes, fun with family and giving to the charities. charities. >> final last night, 149-106. franchise record for the warriors, 47 assists. 31 points against the laker team coach. the warriors on a nine game winning streak. they play the lakers again
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tomorrow night, this time in los angeles. >> after the game, currie tweeted -- tweeted -- there is plenty of football to fill you up this thanksgiving. here, you can catch the washington redskins taking on dallas cowboys this afternoon. nfl pregame show is at 1:00. kickoff set for 1:30. >> >> many major retailers are open later today. several stores are opening starting this afternoon. j-c penny's opening at 3:00. old navy welcomes its shops one hour later. sears -- >> while you are you out looking for your black friday deals, keep your eyes peeled foreone of the hottest new toys of the season. n.
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>> they had a $60 price tag when they first went on sale, but now, "toys r us," wal-mart, target, struggling to keep them in stock. average price on e bay $130. prices are expected to keep going up as demand continues to rise. >> some questions about how engaged president-elect donald trump is with issues of national security. coming up, what he is not doing and response from his team. new delays in parts of northern california with regard to toxins in the water. >> a cold start to the day, but quiet. we'll check on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for your holiday afternoon and into your weekend, coming up.
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tribes are pouring in for college campus in detroit killed in the line of duty. 29-year-old collin rose was a k9 officer at wayne state university. he died yesterday after being shot in the head tuesday fight while on patrol. the alleged gunman is in custody. authorities are still looking for the gun used in the crime. officer rose was engaged and was one credit short of completing a master's degree we are learning about a
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homicide that authorities are calling a hate crime. the victim was black. three suspects are white, henry lee has more. >> reporter: william simms, a gifted piano player and jazz singer. from part of vocal groups at contra costa college. now, vet tors say three white men killed the african-american man in an attack motivated by hate. >> this particular case involves race. >> reporter: early in the morning of november 12th, a sheriff's sargeant spotted similar's body in the creek outside of a local club. locals describe it as a biker club. the sargeant thought simms had been hit by a car, but the richmond man had been beaten and shot, now, investigators have identified three men as suspected in a homicide. hate crime killings are not too common in contra costa county.
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>> any time a murder occurs under any circumstances, it's a huge tragedy. >> >> reporter: one arrested and charged with murder along with the special circumstances of robbery and a hate crime. from jail, he declined to be interviews. >> two other men are being sought. both are considered armed and dangerous. investigator arrested ortega's mother on suspicion of being accessory after the fact. friends are struggling to figure out why simms, woe loved everyone, could fall victim to such hate >> he was the most loving and caring person you could know he always put others first. no matter the situation, he made friends with everyone >> this is uncalled for. he did not deserve that. >> reporter: there will be a holiday college at contra costa county to honor a man with a gentle soul >> he would rather walk away
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from the fight -- actually, not even be around the fight, at all. >> reporter: if convicted, the men could potentially face life in prison or the death penalty. henry lee k-t-v-u fox "2 news." >> san francisco is taking a more aggressive approach to cracking down on hate crimes, the mayor said plain clotted officers will patrol areas where hate crimes have been reported. it will be similar to one that is trying to prevent fights at games >> we'll take the concept and move it into the hate crime realm so we can get our officers in the community. we have seen a spike in hate crimes in this country. >> >> reporter: some northern california crab fishermen dealing with disappointing news. state health officials say half
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of the crabs sampled have been above the allowable limit for acid. now, state officialings have ordered indefinite delay for the commercial crab season off the coast of the counties. this can cause symptoms similar to food poisoning and can be deadly. the commercial crab season remains underway here in most of the bay area, started north of humboldt bay. this is the second year that it has been delayed of the coastline. >> time 6:16. we are going to check weather. sal has the day off. rose mary. nothing to speak of. >> that will increase as mike was saying as we go through the afternoon. folks on the road, no matter time or day. hopefully, you are watching from the coziness of your couch it's cold out there.
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bundle up those that are going 0 go out. livermore, a degree from freezing, concorde reporting 39. we go to the north bay, chilly here as well. napa, 35. santa rosa. 35. around the bay, we are in the 40s, very cool. we have 42 in oakland, 46 in san francisco. shifting to the peninsula, looking at a new more number, 35 in woodside. 38 in foster city, low 40s alot colder, drier area in place, clear skies, down by 13 degrees from yesterday. nine in mountainview, eight in santa rosa and the stretch along highway 101, we have fog there. if you have an early morning drive expect it in the areas. it looks a little thick. here's a look at what is going on on the grand scope of
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things, storms continue through the pacific northwest. we are not going to see any storms today. we'll get one tomorrow, it will be a weak one. it looks like black friday shopping will go off without a hitch. take a look at what is going on thursday, quiet, nice, mild in the afternoon. friday morning, now, the clouds begin to move into the bay area. mid-and high level clouds, which could keep our temperatures up if they come in early enough getting into the afternoon, watching a few scattered showers over portions of the north bay. san jose, it looks like it's partly cloudy, mostly clear for your friday afternoon as we get into friday night, not much more. we are not going to see any rain, a better chance on saturday and sunday, also going to impact the sierras. if you are traveling there saturday, sunday, pay attention to the forecast, giving you a look at the number expected this afternoon. upper 50s, low 60s, 60 degrees
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berkeley, oakland, hayward, 57 for, 57 for san francisco, into the south bay, low 60s, mountain view, san jose checking in at 60. 61 for morgan hill. a view of your extended forecast, very, very cold start. we'll have a nice mild finish as we get into friday, we'll call for a chance of rain over the north bay, saturday morning, we wake up with rain, it looks to be alot better. we'll get much-needed rain out of that and sierra snow. that will be the big deal if you are going there. you are good, it day, tomorrow, coming back -- you could get hammered. support is growing for a woman that is fighting a rare cancer >> she has plenty of hope. i hope she beats this. >> up next, how the community is rallying around a woman.
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i'm thankful to be alive. i'm thankful to breathe every day. i'm thankful for my health. >> thankful for so many things.
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my family, my health and my job and just to be able to work and do what i do >> i'm thankful for being able to take a second chance in life. >> this thanksgiving, the city of petaluma is rallying around a woman woe is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. >> for a decade, john has provided a lively sound track in the heart of downtown >> we love him. he is part of the whole petaluma scene, part of what makes it great. >> reporter: lately, a face is missing, john's wife of 44 years. what brenda had been told was a hemorrhoid was actually a tumor, a rare cancer, advanced by the time she saw a
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specialist. >> got the scan and said, we are going to start right away on you. we are going for the cure, they say >> it is the day before thanksgiving and i'm getting hydration. >> reporter: she's recovering from chemo and radiation, but she's weak and unable to get out much. >> but, she has the smile, yeah. hard to talk about. >> >> reporter: cancer has changed everything, except for brenda. >> she was so strong and so gracious. >> this was her business, >> reporter: a thriving antique shop, but people passed the store the final days, knowing she was sick and their purchaseses would help. >> she did everything. she's got plenty of hope -- i hope she beats this. >> i would give anything to have her be my neighbor again. for sure. >> reporter: the dealer next
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door remembers how generous was with advice and encouragement >> if i was having a tough day, i could go and talk to her about it she was always a gentle person with a sweetheart. >> reporter: now, the community is rallying to help her. contributing to a go fund me account and organizing events to help with medical bills. cards, flowers often left on their porch. >> i'm so grateful. i wanted to thank everyone that our community has a large heart. >> reporter: easing into retirement for the couple, late arrival in petaluma. but it has felt like home. >> we did belong here, petaluma is a community of people that really care. >> reporter: k-t-v-u fox "2 news." >> we have set up a link to the go fund me page for brenda.
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click on web links at k-t-v-u. com. >> the holiday season means it's time for the one warm coat drive for bay area families in need. it kicks off tomorrow. you can you donate in several different places, you can join us -- us -- since 1992, one warm coat has given away more than four million coats. for more information, see our story on the local news section of k-t-v-u. com. >> president-elect donald trump addresses the nation via you tube. his prayer for us to move forward as one country. try. >> and active search is happening, now, for two inmates who escaped from the second story of main jailful we'll tell you how they did it and the latest on the manhunt, coming up in a live report. >> a cool dry day in store for your holiday. outside of our doors this morning, a cold start, near
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freezing for some, a look at your current conditions, coming up. pwhrapb
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. breathtaking sunrise going on right now across the bay area. a beautiful start to this thanksgiving thursday. welcome back, everyone. sal has the day off. usually not much traffic at this time of the day, but rose mary is here to talk to us about the thanksgiving forecast. going to be a great day to be outdoors. >> it will be dry, relatively mild, this morning, a very cold start, a chill in the air, in
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fact, sum some of us near freezing, let's go outdoors and take a look at what is going on. a beautiful start to the day, nice colors in the sky. santa rosa, 35 degrees. 46 san francisco. 42 in oakland, 30s in areas around liverporch livermore holding on to one degree from freezing. hopefully, you are not out and about early this morning let's take a look at what we can expect as we get into the second part of your day. it looks like my computer will not move for me. afternoon. upper 50s, low 60s under mostly sunny skies. when i come back, i'll have a look at the fall over northern portions of the bay. in the extended forecast, rain and snow coming our way for the weekend. more on that in just a bit we are following breaking news of a manhunt going on in san jose on the ground as well as in the air.
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law enforcement looking for two escaped enmated, janine is joining us live from the south bay in san jose to tell us about the active search happening >> reporter: the search is happening. the area around the main jail, alot of deputies here. we just got off the phone with people from the turkey trot because thousands of people going to be heading to downtown san jose. this is not too far away. a couple of miles. they are not changing any plans. if you are heading down there, 100 officers were already doing security for the area of you will see people around here, a very bold crime. we are told the inmates used bed sheets, clothing, tied them together and climbed down the second stories of one of the windows of the jail, right now, their whereabouts unknown. deputies say it appears they used something to cut the bars of the window in the jail that's how they got out at
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11:00 last night, a correctional officer patrolling saw the shadows. he saw the inmates already on the ground. four of them actually escaped, about you that i were able to capture two of them campbell and chavez have been on the run for 6 1/2 hours. there is a helicopter in the air. teams of k9's. the sheriff's department is getting help from other dehevoise & plimpton, llps. >> this is an act of desperation to cut through bars to escape from jail. they know they are being pursued of we definitely don't want the public to approach them, but to be our eyes and ears and give us that information. >> reporter: take a good look at these two men. campbell is 6'4, 220-pounds, being helded on robbery, criminal threats and firearms violations. the other inmate, chavez, 6'1, 190-pounds. he has a distinctive facial
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tattoo above and below his left eye. and you can you bet detectives are also looking into woe their families and friends are to see if either of the inmates contacted them. they are focusing on getting both of them back into custody. >> i keep thinking about the main county jail, what about surveillance cameras? did any camera capture the escape? >> reporter: unforeignly, no, the part of the jail where these two men were being housed, it was in an older section behind the main jail and that building was built in and around the 1950s and there were no surveillance cameras to capture any of that. >> reporter: the turkey trot is going on in an hour, if you are heading out there, keep your head on a swivel of police activity. janine with that live report, thank you. >> alameda police say an 85-
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year-old man shot and injured a relative at nursing home in an attempted murder/suicide. investigators say he walked in and shot his 85-year-old relative in an attempt to take her out of suffering and turned the gun on himself. both the man and woman are in the hospital, expected to pursue. the shooter is under 24-hour guard at that hospital. investigators are in contact with the alameda county district attorney, but the -- with the possibility of filing chans >> >> highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash that killed a motorcyclist in san jose. officers says the motorcyclist apparently lost control and crashed into the center divide the crash blocked two lanes for two hours >> >> in hay ward, highway patrol in an incident that tied up traffic for two hours. officers say a woman walked
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along the freeway, had he by multiple cars she died. they don't know what she was do on the road. this is video a viewer sent us, northbound lanes closed for three hours, traffic on 880 backed up for three miles at this point, investigators trying to identify the woman. man. >> south carolina governor nicki haley has been tapped for u.n. embassador and betsy devoss for education secretary. both have to be confirmed by the senate. the senate. the washington post reports intelligence analysts prepare briefings for donald trump every day, but he has only sat in twice since the election. mike pence is there every day for intelligence briefings. his team said he has been busy selecting a candidate.
6:36 am
due to his lack of knowledge and experience, the president elent could use the briefings to get up to speed on world events. d events. president-elect donald trump addressed the nation via you tube. he called for people to move past their differences >> it's my prayer we begin to move forward as one country. -- mr. trump doubled down on his promise to bring real change to washington. he reaffirmed his pledge to make our inner city safer. he is spending with his family in florida. in florida.
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after thanksgiving, the focus immediately turns to the rest of the holiday season. tomorrow, macy's thanksgiving day christmas tree will be lit up. you are seeing time lapse video of the tree going up it's reusable, decorated with hundreds of ornaments -- we used to call them fake frees, but now we call them reusable the tree lighting ceremony starts at 6:00 tomorrow evening. a week from tomorrow, the big tree at oakland's jack london square will be lit. this one is the real deal, 5 5'mount has that fir. it will be decked out with 5,000 white lights, 600
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ornaments, i'm excited to host the free lighting ceremony, you can watch it here december 2nd. it's a big party, gets underway at 5:00 p.m. perform ans, santa's reindeer, holiday treats, tap dancing christmas trees. if you want to see the tree lighting, be sure to join us at 6:15. 6:15. >> still to come, high school football players get together to help needy families in oakland, coming up at 7:00, the kind gesture they are paying forward this thanksgiving. >> first, high-tech way to reduce stress you might be feeling this hot day season. on. the robot that can help you as you shop and travel in the south bay. after all ♪
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come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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>> we all know navigating the holidays with be stressful in san jose, robots can help you with both. we are introduced to piper and pepper. >> reporter: if holiday travel has you stressed, piper is here to help >> wow, it's a robot. >> she along with hero both cohorts, norma and amelia have moved into the concourse of san jose international airport. they can take a selfy, send it to you, host receptions -- >> she's pretty. >> reporter: the idea is to offer travelers the little something extra, information with a bit of silicon valley flair. >> kids simply adoor this, adults adore this. i adore this. >> reporter: as with any technology, there have been glitches, the touch screen has been troubling and battery life too short. overwhelming reaction has been
6:42 am
positive. >> i'm going to remember this when i go home. >> reporter: and in piper, we go to -- >> pepper. >> we appreciate the time you have taken. >> reporter: the robots greeting shoppers at the west valley mall. >> pepper is completely 2016. >> reporter: there are two peppers in san jose, three in san francisco they speak multiple languages, play games and dance and take selfies. >> we want to know if our customers are delighted to interact, if they are not, we'll change her to make sure she's something our guests appreciate. >> reporter: pepper 2 is a work in progress. she needed to reboot while we were there. this is a pilot project. >> i was hesitant to ask him or her -- >> peppers will learn to give mall directions in december. if it's successful, pepper could be expanding to other
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westfield properties throughout the u.s. in the near future. in san jose, and rubin k-t-v-u "2 news." >> as for the airplane, just getting to the gate on time -- >> and don't look back. >> let's go ahead and think about weather. today is an important day for many. people driving, people playing football games outside. >> turkey trots, about to start in san jose in 45 minutes. we have a few going on around the bay area it's a cole one out there, you will need to bundle up if you are stepping out early. if you are going for run, after the first mile, you will be fine, but if you are not going to be running, maybe just walking the dog, it's a chilly one. temperatures in the 30s. there is a beautiful look at san francisco, partly cloudy skies, fog, we'll touch on it in a mow men. let's get to the numbers, 36 in fair field, if you go north, 35, santa rosa, napa.
6:44 am
upper 30s -- around the bay, low 40s to 50s. in the last half hour, we went to peninsula, let's go east this time. 34 in danville. 44 in antioch. 41 in pittsburgh. upper 30, lafayette. mostly clear skies for most of us. to show you how much colder we are, 13 degrees cooler in livermore, down by eight in santa rosa. temperatures, cold, visibility, an issue over portions of the north bay. most of us don't have the fog to contend with. this is where it is a little thick along highway 101. the stretch into san raphael, take it easy, you may have a little fog to deal with temperatures for the afternoon. under mostly cloudy skies, 56, upper 50s, low 60s around the bay, livermore, 58 to the north bay, 58 for santa rosa as well. relatively cool, but not too
6:45 am
bad. if you are you going to the sierra, a nice day, today, friday is dry, the weekend is wet and that means snow, likely on saturday as well as sunday. this to be aware of because if you are going to be heading up or on your way back, you will need the chains or the snow tires along the path we are expecking snow levels to drop here at home, we get another shot at some rain, a slight chance on friday. i think your black friday shopping will be just fine, we'll be in the upper 00s, more cloud cover tomorrow, but we are only looking at a few sprinkles to hit the ground over portions of the north bay in the afternoon. saturday morning, that starts to change. we are looking a a the a pretty good system, rain in the morning, scattered showers by the afternoon. temperatures even cooler, mid- 50s to upper 50s around the coast and inland, sunday, a storm, but this one will bring us scattered showers, monday
6:46 am
looks dry at this point. alot of folks are traveling this type of the year, death knitly something to be aware of, stay tuned, we know the storms speed up, slow down. we can actually just check in on a daily basis. >> it's an annual thanksgiving tradition at the white house. up next, a couple of turkeys who are going to avoid the dinner table this year.
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>> a 6th child has died from the injuries in the school bus crash in tennessee. new information about the does driver arrested on vehicular manslaughter. police are refuting a claim that the 24-year-old driver asked the children before they crashed it they were prepared to die. the parents say they were warned by school district employees that the driver was known for driving too fast and reckless. in wisconsin, new evidence will be tested in the case of the wildly popular "making a murderer" a judge signed the order yesterday. there are reports the evidence to be tested may include a vial of blood said to have belonged to avery, avery and his nephew were both convicted in the 200 a 5 murder of theresa allback.
6:50 am
>> happening today, richmond restaurant will offer a thanksgiving feast to a very special group of people. they are putting out the good china. white lynnens for the home's will. the restaurant will have seatings, a free meal. guests will be served by volunteers. a state senator and a city manager -- >> this is the 6th year of the holiday celebration organizizer said she was once homeless and this is her way of paying it forward. >> nonprofit has been about 2,000 turkeys short of their goal on monday, but, yesterday, they surpassed their goal of 4200 turkeys after asking for donations on social media. 1,000 of the turkeys were donated by presentation high school. extra turkeys sacred heart received will be stored for
6:51 am
christmas. >> thanks to president obama, two turkeys will be able to avoid the thanksgiving dinner. yesterday, the final pardon for president obama. the turkeys, raised by a family in iowa the president took this final opportunity to make as many jokes and puns as possible. >> i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky, who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom, who met their fate with courage, and sacrifice and proved they weren't chicken. >> normally, the president's daughters join him for this event, but they were unable to make it instead, let their little cousins fill in and endure what the first daughters call their father's corny jokes we have been talking about all of the fresh powder in the
6:52 am
sierra. how about this, a rare sighting, snow in tokyo. up next, the last time this happened in november.
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>> i'm thankful interest my
6:55 am
family an i are healthy. >> i'm thankful i am living in california again. i just moved here from new york. >> i'm thankful for the city i grew up in. >> people in tokyo woke up to something very unusual, today, snow, for the first time in 54 years, the japanese capital industry had an inch of snow the wet snow did not stick to sidewalk very long because the air temperature was above the freezing mark. it caused some mine debays in a western suburb. >> very busy weekend in tokyo, tahoe area ski resorts got a foot or more of snow in the past several days, helping many open up their slopes, for some, it's the first time they hit the snow >> if you are going skiing and you have never been before, you can rent equipment and a better
6:56 am
choice at buying. it would be like buying a car before you knew how to drive. you when know what you want. >> reporter: waterproof apartments -- if you have never done it before. it's a good idea to take a lesson. >> more than three million are lined up on the streets of new york for the the 0th annual macy's day parade the big event, the big balloons, new balloons this year include snoopy and trolls. felix the cat and kermit are some of the old timers returning for the parade the parade includes marching bands from around the country. the cast of the broadway so "hamilton." >> u.s. troops overseas holding special dinners. in south korea, turkey dinner complete with all of the
6:57 am
trimmings one soldier spending his first thanksgiving away from home said it was quite the celebration. >> the spread out here is so nice, all food and they do a really good job of making everybody feel like kind of at home. >> reporter: more than 20,000 u.s. troops are deplayed in south korea. >> in georgia, one man is setting the thanksgiving table for more than his loved ones. every year, ronny mayor said he hosts a feast for first responders and police officer. he said it's the least he can do. >> 6:57, following breaking news in the south bay. two inmates have escaped from the santa claira county jail. the perimeter set up as investigators try to track these men >> up next, the special assignment san francisco law enforcement officers are taking part in, today. in, today. it's a pretty start to your
6:58 am
holiday, but a cold start. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what to expect for the afternoon. coming up. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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dozens of officers stand out in south bay searching for both. >> and, you want the public to be aware, not to approach these individuals. >> how they broke free. and, it's morning fun too. -- warnings on 2 >> thank you. >> we will begin with the breaking news that we have been covering. and, to inmates broke out of the county jail. >> and, they cut through metal window bars. and joining us live at the main santa clara county jail. 4 -- >> reporter: yes, there is an active search. there is a police presence here at the main jail. earlier we did see a helicopter you may also see if you're in the downtown area


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