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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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good evening, everyone and happy thanksgiving. the searches offer to escape inmates in santa clara county. we will explain just how those inmates broke out of the jail and where law enforcement believe they may be headed. >> mas are sophisticated to the point where they have a lot of time to sit and think about how to get out of jail. >>reporter: apparently that long thought process paid off. overnight the pair and two other inmates escaped from a sale in the jail. two of the four were quickly caught directly outside of the jail, but to others remain on the loose. officials released pictures showing how the bars have been cut and a blanket use the climb down onto street level. >> the fact that these bars were cut where they were, it is
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something that probably took them some planning. >>reporter: during the early morning hours dozens of deputies and police officers set up a perimeter while searching for the missing to some. campbell was booked into jail in january for various charges including robbery, false imprisonment firearms violation. shop is when under lock and key this past august. his crimes include burglary, extortion, and false imprisonment. officials say surveillance video shows they made it outside the perimeter possibly into surrounding neighborhoods. >> it is scary to know they were able to escape like that. >>reporter: this man and his three boys were spending the midafternoon practicing soccer, news to escape inmates could be in the area cost them to exit the part. he says police patrol keeps the neighborhoods safe, but -- >> probably the rest of the
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night we will be inside looking at the news for updates. >> we are just tracking them down, just backtracking on all those tips to see where they might be and who they might be associating with. >> officials are asking you to keep your eyes and ears open, stay vigilant, and if you hear anything call 911. they are also trying to investigate how four inmates could cut their way through bars, climb down from a second- floor and escape. two of them being caught, two still on the loose. to people say it was a cat the save them from a dangerous house fire this morning. it started in the garage of a home just before 5 am. the flames then spoke spread to a second home. -- then spread to a second home. after putting the flames out
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firefighters found the cat. the damage is estimated at $75,000, the cause is still under investigation. dozens of church volunteers got in the spirit of thanksgiving by delivering baked goods to the homeless. the group passed out the food, blankets, clothing, and other essentials. >> it makes me feel like i am making a change. we have to start somewhere. just doing this is kind of who i am. i already love giving back and this is a good way to do it. >> the volunteers claim they are going to visit tent cities all along the freeway. for the 33rd thanksgiving in a row police, firefighters and sheriff deputies volunteer their time to deliver meals to see -- seniors.
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we went along with crews as they prepared and then dropped off turkey dinners. >>reporter: it is the one day a year where police, firefighters, and sheriff deputies come together in the spirit of giving.>> you come here and you dig right in, everyone is happy to help. these meals are going to people who for that would not have it.>>reporter: volunteers for dishing out 5000 potatoes, more than 1200 pounds of corn and rice, countless ladles of grady , and turkey. >> we have 120 turkeys today, enough to feed 3000 the -- families. >>reporter: even the former police chief pitched in.>> it is just something great. >>reporter: after the turkey is carved and the gravy is poured sheriff deputies load up the meals andãthe boxes into cars.
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>> he is giving back to the communities, all the other families, people that maybe don't have anyone else. >>reporter: cruise para and span out all over the city. they delivered meals to homebound seniors. a paramedic says he is usually knocking on doors and finding sick people. but today, it is different.>> this time now we are serving them and giving them food instead of taking them to a hospital. >>reporter: the seniors are grateful.
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but it is those who are giving who are getting so much more. enrichment a restaurant offer thanksgiving feast to the homeless. it was nothing but the best. tables were set with fine china and white linen. the restaurant hosted three seedings of three meals. the guests were served by volunteers including a state senator, mayor, and city manager. for one returning as she says this day makes her feel special. >> i am just so grateful. we have real turkey. i love it. and we have all the amenities, it just makes you feel like a queen. >> this is the six-year that the owner of the restaurant has offered this holiday feast. she says at one point she was homeless and this is her way of paying it forward.
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and new york city security was wrapped up for the annual macy's day parade to protect people from a possible terror attack. this year isis published an article saying that the parade was an excellent target. response re-thousand heavily armed officers were deployed along with radiation detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and more than 80 city sanitation trucks all filled with sand. the truck was used to protect the parade route from potential suicide bombers. ray gores apparently felt there was enough security to make them feel safe. >> we have been here for a week and people are very chill. i am not worried. >> we felt really say. everyone is doing a great job here in law enforcement. >> isis encourage followers to use their vehicles to attack people at a parade.
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on his last thanksgiving as commander-in-chief president obama think our troops for their service. he made nine phone calls this morning to servicemembers currently deployed overseas. he also gave an address and a video message recall for americans to unite following the divisive campaign. he said that thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences we are still one people. president obama has already made it clear that he is not going anywhere politically after he moves out of the white house.>> he is already reserving the right to be critical of his successor. mikey manual examines if the high profile intentions could be counterproductive for a democratic party in need of new leadership. >>reporter: after massive losses in the 2016 election president obama remains one of the few national faces of the democratic party.
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with plans to stay in washington after leaving office he wants to be part of the rebuild. >> i don't think there has to be a complete overhaul, i think that there does has to be better organization and a smarter message. >>reporter: there is also generational conflict for example over who should lead democrats in the new congress. nancy pelosi is trying to hang onto power by making calls and offering concessions. while tim ryan is a younger fresher face trying to defeat her. joel trippi says the minister obama can play a temporary role. >> there will be some who would like to see other people emerge , but the party desperately needs a face to be that bridge and he is someone that everyone can rally around.>>reporter: a name and personality as big as a two-term president could potentially keep younger democrats from emerging.
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josh earnest called on that next generation to take on the mantle. >> there is responsibility for that next generation to step up and not just be impressed or inspired by a political figure like president obama.>>reporter: there also face with going forward -- the other options may be a return to the past, former dnc chair howard dean martin o'malley. a prominent democrat floated the idea of someone else who might be looking for something to do come middle january. >> joe biden is the one person that i think can bring the party together. and he can start giving that message to those working-class democrats. for mac the vice president's office would not comment on if he is interested.
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it will be another big name democrat bailing out the party after instant has been depleted in recent elections. still to come, the holiday shopping rush underway. the black friday deals on this thanksgiving eve. -- thanksgiving day, excuse me. a stronger storm for part of your weekend, we will breakdown the timing coming up. in
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the holiday shopping rush is underway with a lot of stores getting a job on black friday deals that started today. we are in the outlets at livermore shoppers are looking for deals on top of this counts. mac the san francisco premium outlets have been bustling since around noon. didn't open until 3:00, so many people have been lined up waiting for them to open to get a good spot in line. a lot of stores are allowing several people in at a time. the line isn't going as quickly as somewhat light, but it is moving pretty fast.
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now, line started forming around new, officials say that they actually attract a large crowd of people from china who fly out here to take advantage of these amazing deals. apparently they can get really great name brands for a much cheaper price than china. they definitely come out and take advantage of all the sales, i am told busloads of people are dropped out throughout the holiday and they actually cater to that market. we were walking around and seeing a lot of signs posted in chinese and even a welcome area for tourists. millennial's are waiting to catch the best deals with 46% doing their shopping now for the month of november. they also say personal spending is up this year. we spoke to several people who plan to purchase items for themselves, but multi-gifts
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they needed to get her family members and wanted to take advantage of those prices. >> it is the only time of year that i go shopping because i hate shopping. i make it worth my while. >> they have 50% off of items and an extra 40% off clearance. maybe i will buy one or two back for myself and my mother. for mac most stores are offering 50% off of everything. if it is not 50% off it is 40% off or next to 15% on clearance items. so much to take advantage of. keep an eye out and check the website for the stores to see the times. some stores are sticking with corporate policies. will told neiman marcus were not open until 6 pm on friday and nike's opening at 8:00 tonight. definitely keep an eye open.
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lines have a long and slowly moving, but a lot of people are really enjoying themselves. definitely get out here. in southern california some bargain hunters gave up, family, and football. they set up camp days ago outside a best buy store in west los angeles. the first person in line says he showed up last wednesday afternoon, eight days ago and he says the weight will be worth it when he gets what he wants. >> i am waiting for the 49 inch toshiba tv. it is around $200. >> luckily for him best buy open a little over an hour ago. it is all part of a recent trend of stores opening earlier every year with some starting the black friday sales last week. amazon started offering black friday i said last wednesday. a very nice thanksgiving
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here weatherwise. look at this beautiful sunset. a few high clouds have been moving into the region. you will notice more clouds as we head into your friday forecast because we have another system developing off store. right now the organized rainfall is approaching the north coast. for us here in the bay area dry conditions, but that could be changing for tomorrow, especially up in the north bay. we are cooling off showing santa rosa at 50 degrees, san jose and 54 and livermore in the upper 40s. here is our life camera here in the background. right now mostly clear skies, but maybe 12 hours from now we are expecting mostly cloudy skies, the coolest locations in the middle to upper 30s. widespread 40s for the rest of
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the bay area. for 7 am increasing clouds, temperatures on track to reach the upper 50s, mostly cloudy skies and the possibility of a few showers. here is your updated forecast model. the chance of a few showers throughout friday will be up in the north bend. points south could have some sprinkles or some drivel. into 4 pm friday we are talking the possibility of a shower. here we go with that next system coming on board, the possibility of thunderstorms first thing tomorrow morning. we will talk more about this rainfall and wore cold showers as well. the spirit of giving down at a dollar tree store. what one good samaritan did for a struggling mother. ling mother. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity.
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so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. an act of kindness and idolatry store brought the lives of two mothers together. one is struggling to make ends meet and the other has a little
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extra. >>reporter: it is not an ideal location to spend a part of your things giving day, but for these two strangers this oakdale stripmall is where their lives will forever change. >> i appreciate her and i will never forget this. >>reporter: crystal is the single mother to one euro areata. she says life has been challenging. >> it has been tough for me to see the good in people lately. i was being ungrateful now that i think about it. >>reporter: on tuesday night she went to this dollar tree, when she was about to pay she heard this from the clerk instead. be mac she said oh, no, she pay for you. >> the clerk handed her $10 with this note this that i like to paper her items. tell her happy holidays. after crystal found out the good samaritan pay she immediately went to the parking lot to try to find her.
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unfortunately, she was unable to think a republic -- in person. that night she posted this on facebook and two days later they met in person. >> something told me that she was a young mom that could use it. >>reporter: vicki says she simply saw someone in the. >> i remember times being hard and i remember christmas being hard. >>reporter: the kind gesture didn't end with the groceries. when they reunited she handed her another gift. >> i got you a little something extra. >>reporter: a little something that has brought a lot of light in for the single mother. >> it wasn't about the money at all. the holiday season means it is time for our annual one warm coat drive.
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it kicks off tomorrow. you can donate clothes in several different places. since 1992 one warm coat has given away more than 4 million coats. if you would like to get more information you can see our story on the local news section of >> going back to that story, that was so sweet. >> it is just a reminder that it is so easy to get down, and there are still so many good people in this world. coming up next, the thousands of troops celebrating thanksgiving far from home. and tracking down $6 million in fake money. the counterfeit cash leaving small business owners in a bind.
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the search is underway for two inmates who escaped from the jail. overnight the inmates and two other inmates were able to cut through the bars of their cells and then used a bed blanket to climb down a second-floor window to the street. they were quickly caught by deputies outside the jail but rogelio chavez in lanon
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campbell remain on the loose tonight. they are asking for tips from the public and call 911 if you see something. a woman who has been missing since november 2 was found alive. sherri papini was released by her captors early this morning. the mother of two went for a jog and never returned. they are looking for two hispanic females in a dark colored suv who they believe are on the loose. the holiday shopping season is underway. at the san francisco outlets doors opened at 3 pm. national retail federation says millennials are specifically trying to catch the best deals. they also say that spending is up this year. you are watching ktvu news
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at 6:30 pm. >> thousands of us troops are celebrating thanksgiving. the festivities gave the military time to give thanks. all the while their thoughts are back with their loved ones.>> i want to tell my family to be thankful that we are doing well. >> president obama said we must be thankful for the sacrifices. president-elect donald trump is spending his holiday at his resort in florida.>> his a story -- his sprawling estate is in the limelight.


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