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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  November 27, 2016 7:00am-8:31am PST

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good morning to you, thanks for joining us, welcome to "mornings on 2" it's sunday, november 27th. >> we have the sunday forecast, coming up in a moment. i think the rain will give us a little break. but first in the headlines, to tell you about, we begin with developing news. in new orleans, a shooting this morning has left several people injured and one person dead >> the shots fired in the popular bourbon street neighborhood. we'll have details for you. >> a wet weekend that has made for treacherous roads out there. >> we have information on a crash that ended up involving a c-h-p vehicle. a y: of accidents around bay
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area roads, including several flat tires in the south bay. something in the road overnight lead over 10 drivers to hit the brakes. >> bottom line, be safe out there, another busy travel day. people coming back from the thanksgiving day celebrations. on my way to work, it was wet, but it wasn't rainy the break is coming, we are winding down. for the second part of your morning and into the afternoon, we have dry weather coming. you have a chance to get outdoor and not worry about the umbrella. a nice sunrise, an hour or so ago and we are going to continue with the clearing as we get into the second part of the day, partly cloudy to mostly clear, let's look at where the rain still is at this time. you can see along the central and southern half of the bay area. peninsula, scattered showers, south at half moon bay at the coast. crossover to areas like sunnyvale, light rain, into the
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south bay, we have some reported south of campbell, this moved through a few moments ago. it was santa claira. campbell area. giving you a view here at tahoe where we continue with an advisory in place, here. snow levels dropping all the way down to 4,000 feet or so. we'll remain with the winter weather advisory until 10:00. slick roads there as we get into the second part of the morning and early afternoon, we are clearing out. here and the sierra. future cast, there we are, here we are at 2:00 in the afternoon. we are not done completely, sunday will be a mainly dry day, as we get into tonight, notice the clouds start to come back just a bit and into the over"nightline" hours, another round and final round of rain, which could give us a little bit of a slick roadway as we get back to work on monday morning. today, we are looking pretty good. and then we dry out for good. temperatures this morning under partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, a few scattered showers,
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53 degrees in san francisco many low 50s in oakland. 48 in livermore. to the north bay, santa rosa, a little fog out there, nothing patchy or dense, i'll continue to track that. afternoon. cool one, 56, clearing out by the second part of the morning, i'll have a look at what you can expect for the week ahead, coming up. >> >> new from overnight two c-h-p officers sent to the hospital after responding to a traffic call. it happened at 2:00 this morning. southbound 680 near capital avenue. there were reports the officer responded to a traffic problem and set out flairs. they were back in their patrol vehicle reportedly when a pickup truck hit water, hydro planed and hit the patrol car. the officers were treated and released. there is metal debris on the freeway, causing several
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cars to get flat tires. they are still trying to figure out what the metal was and how it got there. no reports of any injuries in the incident following developing news out of new orleans, police say one person was killed. nine others wounded in a mass shooting in the city's french quarter, all of the gunfire erupted on bourbon street. new orleans police say there are still a number of unanswered questions >> we don't have information on what precipitated the shooting other tan shots rang out, we responded to it. we were able to make two arrests on the scene. >> there was an increased police presence in the french quarter all due to the bayou classic played at the super dome a few miles from where the shooting took place sunnyveil department of safety said two men were killed in a crash shortly before 6:00
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last night. north bernardo avenue. the car burst into flames after the crash. both men pronounced dead on the scene. investigators still trying to figure out how and why the driver lost control of the car. >> san francisco immuney expected to have normal transportation today after it was apparently hacked over the weekend. letting riders get on board for no charge. they are not saying what went wrong and it's not clear how much money they lost because they couldn't charge fares. >> hate filled messages to an islamic center. we have learned two other mosques received identical letters. >> reporter: the board president of the evergreen islamic center in san jose. he was shocked when he went to the mailbox the day before
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thanksgiving and found a letter addressed to the members of his mosque >> it was pretty graphic, things like we don't belong here. nothing not a friendly letter. >> reporter: the handwritten letter called muslims the children of satan and referred to the mosque recommends as vial and filthy people and warned that president-elect donald trump would do to them what hitler did to the jews. >> originally, it was a shock. we kind of realized these things do happen once in a while. this is one bad apple. >> reporter: since then, two other mosques in southern california. including this one in long beach and another in claremont received the same hate filled letter signed "americans for a better way." the director of the bay area chapter of the council on american islamic relations >> what we are concerned about is that this is part of a normal trend of the normzation
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of anti-muslim hate. >> reporter: at least 100 anti- muslim acts were verified nationwide. at least four of the incidented happened in the bay area >> a woman had her head scarf pulled if broad daylight, another woman being yelled at, a visible muslim woman and a third woman mistaken for muslim having her car vandalized and a hateful note left behind. >> reporter: the president elects that condemned such attacks. trump later said he supported banning immigrants from so- called terrorist states. on his website, a statement of preventing immigration remains. >> whether it is a muslim ban or extreme vetting or a special regest i have, it's about words and actions, now. >> san jose police say they are
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investigating the letter as a hate motivated incident. so far, no word on woe may have sent it. mean while, thousand at the mosque say they are staying vigilant. >> hundreds of people stayed in the streets over"nightline" in miami chanting "liberated" when the news of fidel castro's death was spread. thousands outside, banging on pots and pans, singing and dancing. the mood is such more somber in cuba. cubans can show their respect for castro starting tomorrow morning -- >> on tuesday, the government is calling for a demonstration of the plaza revolution where castro lead dozens of rallies. >> we are seeing two different
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reactions from president obama and president-elect donald trump. president obama released this statement, saying in part -- - donald trump has harsher words. >> >> a number of people are wondering what castro's death will mean for the future of american and cuba relations. president obama said it was time to end the cold war. president-elect donald trump has sent mixed messages about president obama's call to end the 55-year-old u.s. trade embargo with the island community. many leaders say the u.s. must send a clear message to the current leaders in havana. >> any concessions are going to
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be given to the castle regime must come with a demand. the demand must be to respect the rights of the cuban people inside of the island. >> critics charged president- elect donald trump has never clearly outlined his policy objectives with cuba and adding to the uncertainty of u.s. and cuba relations, right now many here in the bay area with ties to cuba are thinking about what the future holds. we spoke with the manager of a cuban restaurant. he said the restaurant is not celebrating >> we are not going to have a change of government there, castro is dead, but that doesn't mean it is democracy, now, again, i think you still have all of the players that reported to castro still in place. >> reporter: speer's good friend, a local artist that left cuba 13 years ago and
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holds dulcite denship, saying his dream would not be possible living in cuba >> too many restrictions. we have to find another way. we tried cultural trade and i say it's time to move on. >> reporter: the restaurant's manager said because there was no internet service in cuba, castro had the ability to shape people's opinions through the lack of information. his friend added leaving the country meant taking huge risks, getting married, anything to get freedom protests continue over the dakota access pipeline, now, a bay area activist said she will make the trip there. coming up, when, and how long she will stay. >> travelers heading to the ski resorts, taken by surprise, when we come back.
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we have breaking news from the south bay where the santa claira's sheriff's department has closed down a hospital. ally joins us there with the very latest. >> reporter: santa claira county sheriff's deputy vegging a person with a gun report. this is the campus here behind us. you can see there is a car trying to led into the campus, but there is a sheriff's deputy standing guard at the entrance, turning cars and pedestrians around. the parking garage, they are not sure which of the two, where the report originated, but it's one of the parking garages behind me. meantime, they have evacuated the e-r of the hospital here. the parking garage is closed. we have video, taken a short time ago of people standing outside of the e-r, huddled
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together after the evacuation orders were put into effect. this report of a person with a gun came in around 6:30 this morning. santa claira county sheriff's said they came in here and put the area on a lockdown. they have evacuated the e-r, shut down the campus here. back out here live, we are showing you the staging area where you see a few sheriff's vehicles here. woe are not allowed to walk closer to the campus or the campus entrance. again, they have it shut down to pedestrians and vehicles as they investigate this report of a person with a gun inside one of the parking structures. as soon as we get more information, we'll be back with another live report back to you guys. >> you said they had to evacuate the e-r, it is affecting business, as we know at the hospital as well, right? >> yes, you can't drive if or walk into the hospital, right now, from what we can tell.
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>> news just now coming out, live for us, thank you very much >> 7:15, we are keeping an eye on the weather conditions in the sierra. here is a lilac from one of the web cams at the kirkwood ski resort. bundle up if you are heading out on the slopes. at last check if you are thinking you can hop in your car and head out there, chains are required for interstate 80 as well as 50. >> highway patrol talks about dozens of crashes and spinouts almost as soon as the snow started to fall and it has been going ever since. it gets very, very slow. we are getting a break, which will make things better for the trip home. you have to go through the window. c-h-p warning there is a chance of more snow throughout the day, be prepared.
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>> have chains, have money for a tow truck, people coming from the mountain, all of the time, very unprepared and they get stuck or stranded or run out of gas c-h-p warning drivers do not try to rush down that mountain. officers say plan on getting home safely rather than quickly. >> nothing better than four- wheel drive. wheel drive. >> let's check weather and see how much longer all of the rain and snow will be coming down. >> for the snow, at least, until 10:00 this morning. we have improving weather coming our way in time for folks coming from the sierra or maybe are you heading back. maybe southern california. southern california picked up rain yesterday. here, we are with the blue skies, cloud cover over portions and the rain falling in some spots. by the way, i need to correct myself. in the first hit, i said we had
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sunrise -- it was at 7:03. giving awe look at rainfall totals actually did fairly well. take a look -- - redwood city a half inch. but this system is, again, beginning to move out of the area there is a three our time lapse scattered showers fairly widespread early on. this is what we have for the time being n is what we will continue to see as we move out of the area, a few scattered showers for the morning over the that cruz mountains, along highway 1. getting into areas of the south bay, sprinkles over head. shifting north, a few sprinkles. and then if we go east a little
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bit, san raphael, sauce leet toe, a few scattered showers. we'll continue to dry out. dry weather coming our way. if you aren't going to be out and about, maybe thinking about putting up holiday lights, picking up the tree, doing some shopping, you are in good shape. we will be a little breezy, but not too bad getting into the second half of the day. early morning -- late tonight into early monday morning, a few scattered showers will remain as we get back to work on monday, we dry out and we are dry for a few days. 40 degrees in santa rosa, 50 in concorde, 53 in oakland. along the peninsula, 53 in redwood city. going to see the raiders play? dry weather in the forecast. partly cloudy skies, 60 degrees. a little breezy at times. northwest winds 10-20-miles an hour, but all in all, a good looking forecast for the game, today. 57, san francisco, upper 50s to near 60 degrees.
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inner east bay south bay. here's a look at your extended forecast, a few sprinkles this morning, then we are dry the rest of sunday. we have another and last chance sunday night into monday morning and then we are dry. sun, temperatures on the cool side. another chance will come, but it will wait until thursday. ntil thursday. "star wars" fans have been waiting to see the "star wars" spinoff "rogue one" >> december 16th, it hits theaters, disney just announced there will be early ticket sales. details on when you can buy tickets for the new "star wars" movie, coming up.
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welcome back. stanford, winning big at home on a sloppy track. they were hosting lonely rice. tightrope down the sideline, saying i'm in. stanford goes down 7-0, never looked back. it may christian's final game at stanford if he goes pro. another monster game. caught this touchdown, 20-0 cardinals and breaking up, getting clenched at the goal line and finally squirt into the end zone. there he is. stanford wins the 9th game 41-
7:24 am
17 and awaits their bowl bid next month. >> late win over u-c-l-a quarterback web connecting with his favorite target, good for 33-yards, set up a touchdown, hansen, catches under 156-yards and the next play, mcmorris, big man going in. bears never trailing. fourth quarter, web who threw for over 300-yards gets that man right there, cowboys 36-so over u-c-l-u-l, finishing the regular season 5-7. >> oakland is 8-2. the team coming off the huge win against the texans on monday night football. as for the 49ers, the challenge is to avoid becoming the worst time in history. loss to miami, franchise record 10 in a row. in sharp contrast, miami under their first year coach has won
7:25 am
five strait. one of the dolphins most impressive things in the game, miami scored twice with 4:00 minutes. >> guys love playing for each other, that gives you the little bit of an edge to see our development throughout the year, watching guys fight tor each other. it has been great to see guys embrace our process. >> all right, here's what's happening here on k-t-v-u and fox today. "mornings on 2" ends early so we can bring you the mercedes benz weekend show, followed by the fox pregame show -- just a reminder, if you want more on "mornings on 2". we will be on k-t-v-u plus. >> happening today, san francisco choir holding a benefit concert in santa rosa. .
7:26 am
& & & & -- this will be the third year in a row that the chorus will hold a celebration called home for the holidays, featuring traditional holiday favorites along with production numbers, it will benefit the face to face aids network. tickets range from $19-$50. the curtain goes up at 3:00. >> christmas came a little early for "star wars" fans. ns. >> you are getting excited. disney announced that tickets for "rogue one goes will go on sale monday. news of the advance ticket sales came in atwitter from the official "star wars" account friday. fans have been waiting for details, a spinoff of "star wars" and a prequell. ll.
7:27 am
the film hits theaters december 16th. ber 16th. >> okay, the recount is officially underway in wisconsin. why hillary clinton's campaign said it has joined in on the efforts. you will hear donald trump's response we are checking in on our breaking news story in the south bay. valley medical center closed. you can see all of the police cars on the scene. this comes after reports of a gunman in the area. there was a warning the government might be in the parking structure. ally is down there getting the latest information and we'll check with her when we come back.
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>> welcome back. we continue to follow the breaking news. santa claira police department has closed down the valley
7:30 am
medical center. >> ally has much more on that. what can you tell us? >> reporter: they closed down the campus, put it on lock down because at 6:30 this morning, they got a report that there was a person with a gun in one of the parking garages. santa claira medical center behind us. they are turning away all cars and pedestrians. you can you see them directing the car out of the campus area because it is on lockdown and closed. there are five to six garages on this medical campus, they don't know which garage the report originated from. right now, the sheriff's deputy say they are starting here, going from garage to garage, investigating that report of a person with a gun. meantime, they put the e-r on lockdown, some people were evacuated. they shut down the e-r no one can go in and out of that area.
7:31 am
sheriff's deputy vegging a person with a gun. we don't know which parking garage the person was reportedly seen in. law enforcement presence surrounding. several sheriff's deputies parked on the north side of the campus. this is santa claira medical center, affecting operationings here at the hospital because it is closed. people are not awill youd in or out of the hospital. santa claira sheriff's deputy investigating this report of a person with a gun in one of the parking structures. we are told that one of the public information officers with the sheriff's department is supposed to be out here this morning, later and we are hoping to get more make about how this report originated, where it came from. we will note that the sheriff's department said only one person reported seeing the person with the gun. they are in the process of investigating it, checking it out. >> i don't know if they are --
7:32 am
obviously, they are turning people away from the e-r where they are diverting them to and how long it will take them to go through the five or six garages >> reporter: we don't have an estimate on the time line. since it is five to six garages, it might take them some time to go through. the process is underway, hoping to get another update by 8:00. >> thanks so much, ally. >> let's get to weather, now, check in with rose mary, finding out how much rain, when it will stop and if you are heading back from the sierra, what is going on. >> lingering showers. as we get into the second part of the morning, these will move out of the area. this is an advisory until 10:00 this morning. that will expire and the conditions will improve there as well. giving awe view at a little blue sky and still alot of cloud cover. if you look to the left, i see the sunshining, a mix of sun and clouds out there and a
7:33 am
light shower or two still in the picture. giving awe view of "stormtracker 2. we'll start in the north, take a look at a little drizzle, perhaps, if you like sprinkles, right and around san raphael, santa rosa reported a little fog, but it doesn't appear dense that's good news. you may find it out there, but it won't cause you any trouble as you get into the roadways. a few sprinkles over alameda. as we get into the south, we have south bay, santa cruz, maybe a few sprinkles there. this will continue to president bush u push out. we'll be left with dry conditions for your sunday, more coming tonight, we'll talk about that later. winds a little breezy at times, 10-miles per hour in oakland, a gust to 20. 14 in fairfield, sustained. westerly breeze gusting to 20. a little breezy, a little cool for your afternoon.
7:34 am
a chilly start, not too bad in areas like oakland and san francisco where we are 53 degrees. if you go north, inner east bay. 48 degrees. livermore, south bay locations. here's a look at the cloud cover as we get into noon time. mostly clear, west, northwest breeze in play for the afternoon. a little brisk for some and temperature reads showing you upper 50s and low 60s. when i come back, i'll have a look at the afternoon highs one more chance at rain late tonight into early tomorrow morning, back to you. >> we want to update you on a story we brought you live on "mornings on 2". investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that caused major damage to one of oakland's largest recreational center. it broke out yesterday at the center on webster street. no one was hurt, but the flames badly damaged the center and a
7:35 am
preschool that has been on the grounds for years. >> this is the hallway, leading to the tennis room and the library. and the computer lab. this was the front classroom, right behind it was the room where i used to work. >> both the recreation center anded school are closed indefinitely. temporary services will be provided for the families that relied on that center. >> rescue of 17 dogs and puppies following a house fire. crews were called to a home at 108th in east oakland after 6:00 p.m. oakland fire department posted this video of the rescue on twitter. no people living in the home were hurt. investigators trying to determine the cause of the fire time now, 7:35, hillary clinton's campaign joining recall effort in three states
7:36 am
launched by green party candidate jill stein. one of the states, wisconsin has already begun that process. more out of washington, d.c >> reporter: hillary clinton could still end up in the white house, depending on the outcome in three key battle states. the chances of that happening, slim to none. but still, jill stein launching and effort to recount votes in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, all-states where donald trump barely beat hillary clinton. there are -- there is no evidence to support the claim that votes could be hacked. still, stein said a full recount is needed for voter reassurance >> we are standing up for a voting system that we deserve that we can have confidence in,
7:37 am
that has integrity and security and that we know is not subject to tampering -- stein has raised more than $5 million well on the way to the goal of $7 million. following the election, the clinton campaign said it looked into every report of hacking and voting irregularities and found nothing, but the wisconsin election commission received stein's request and moved forward, the clinton team jumped onboard -- nboard -- >> the official recount effort is expected to get underway next week. the final deadline is monday, michigan, wednesday. in washington, "fox news." >> donald trump responded to
7:38 am
the recounted on twitter of course, saying -- -- not quite cyber monday, but that has not stopped retailers from starting sales early. amazon and other companies launched their best deals. amazon said so far this holiday season, the most watched deal has been a mermaid towel blanket. deals will continue to happen throughout next week. >> shoppers are still looking local, today, even though small
7:39 am
business saturday has come and gone. the idea is to support local businesses to boost economy in your own community. several stores are launching big deals and some hosting special shopping events >> i think it's important to stay in your neighborhood, support the local shops. keep the mom and pop shops open and keep them moving. >> american express started the first small business saturday six years ago since then, the event has gained in popularity. the company said more than 95 million people went out to shop at small and local businesses last year. >> after getting buried in the opener last month, warriors have apparently found the right chemistry, last night, winning their 11th strait. now, clay thompson to wide open
7:40 am
currie. huge gauge. kevin durant got into this right before the half. long range three finishing with 28 points, currie opens it in the third, warriors, lead to 17, this one, all golden state, they win 115-102. >> in case you missed it, currie proves he can laugh at himself. in last night's win over the lakers, comes up a little short -- most nba players might not want to talk about it. he used social media to highlight this, saying when the thanksgiving meal was too good the night before. apparently, too much turkey >> we'll forgive him. >> the sharks hoping to go 2 for 2 over the holiday weekend. they beat the islanders, friday, last night, ducks in
7:41 am
town. quick start for san jose. from way out unloads to the net. it's good, san jose is up. now, down, 2-1. more sharks, dylan, his first goal of the season, 2-2, but a high-powered play too much, kessler came up with a game winner. jones, leaving san jose with a 3-2 winner big announcement came last night, one lottery ticket sold in tennessee. no one has stepped forward, yet to claim the prize. they are probably lining alot of things up. it soared to $421 million, due to a rush of late ticket buyers. the largest ever prize was $1.6 billion. that jackpot money was split between winning tickets back in
7:42 am
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a live look over the bay where we remember jimi hendrix on his birthday. i'll have a look at the numbers for today and the week ahead. >> looks pretty good out there, far cry from our commute early this morning it's a holiday weekend, which means it might be hard to find a parking spot to get view of the golden gate braining. lot on the north end of the bridge, they are going to be shut down between 11:00 am and 5:00 p.m. today. a little bit of traffic. they start toking closed off over busy weekends because of the long line of cars backed up on the bridge. it's a nightmare -- are --
7:46 am
everything shuts down january 2nd, won't reopen until at least the month of may >> city of pet line in rallies around a business owner woe has cancer. wife of a poplar street musician. more on how this couple has touched communities. d communities. >> reporter: for a decade, john has provided a lively sound track in the heart of downtown >> we love him. >> he is part of the whole scene, part of what makes petlumme ma great. >> reporter: fans gathered, but lately, a face is missing, john's wife of 44 years. what she had been told was a hemorrhoid was actually a
7:47 am
tumor, rare cancer. >> they looked at the scan and said "we are going to start right away on you. >> she is recovering from chemo and radiation. she's weak and unable to get out much. >> but has that smile. yeah. hard to talk about. >> reporter: cancer has changed everything, except brenda -- >> she was so strong and so gracious. >> this was her business, a thriving antique shop, brenda had to shut, but people passed the store the final days, knowing she was sick and their purchaseses would help. her store won awards year and year and brenda was a leader improving downtown. >> she has plenty of hope, hope that she beats this. >> i would give anything to have her be my neighbor again, for sure. >> reporter: the dealer next
7:48 am
door remembers how generous brenda was with advice and encouragement >> if i was having a tough day, i could always go to her and talk to her about it. >> she was a gentle person with a sweetheart. >> now, the community is rallying, contributing to a go fund me account to help with mounting medical bills. flowers, cards, meals often left on their porch. >> i want to thank everyone in our community. we have such a huge heart. >> a late in life move for the couple, easing into retirement. but it always felt like home, never more than now >> really, we belonged here, because it's a community of people that really care. are. >> that was debra villaone reporting.
7:49 am
we have a link to the go fund me on our website. bsite. >> we wish her the best. >> 7:49 on the clock. we want to go -- >> go that way and talk a little weather. >> hello. >> good morning to you. >> there is a three-hour time lapse on the radar, wide squattered showers, but they have begun to move out of the area. we are with a few sprinkles. giving you a live look at oakland where we have blue sky there morning. nice little change. yesterday, it was a rainy day. i love to see it coming down it was really fun to see the sun and rain out at times. even some rainbows out there. here's a look at the rainfall amounts.
7:50 am
85/100th reported in kenfield. oakland almost a half inch, san francisco a half inch. san jose, fairly well that's good news. now, the good news for the folks that want to get out and about, pick up the holiday tree, maybe do some shopping or hiking. you have some good weather in store. we have a dry sunday forecast. a few bits of moisture left. these will be pulling out, with partly cloudy mostly clear skies for your afternoon. areas highway 101, san raphael, stretching down through areas of tub ron. highway 24, cloud conference, light shower or drizzle activity falling as we head to the sierra, we are drying out. snow levels are low. we even talked about the possibility of us seeing a little dusting mount hamilton, so far, i don't see any signs,
7:51 am
we will see by the end of the way if the national weather service reports anything. winter weather advisory in place for the sierra until 10:00 this morning. higher elevations picked up a foot of snow that's great news. a look at the future cast, partly cloudy out there, a few sprinkles by the afternoon. mostly clear, going to be a little cool and breezy, upper 50s low 60s in the forecast. sunday night until monday morning things start to change, another round as showers moved through. a little slick on the roadways, cloud cover there, but by the afternoon, we dry out. not a big event, but we have one more round. giving awe view of what to expect, low 40s to low 50s. 45 in napa. 63 san francisco and into the south bay, 61 san jose temperatures similar when it comes to the bay area community. upper 50s to low 60s for today. 60 in oakland if you are going
7:52 am
to see the raid ares play, morgan hill, 60 degrees afternoon high. extended forecast, temperatures remaining on the cool side. upper 50s to low 60s expected throughout. tomorrow morning, we are dry on tuesday, wednesday, next chance coming will be on thursday with morning fog and afternoon sun expected for the rest of the day. day. >> >> thank. >> we are going to be right back, but first, we'll check out our pet of the day. y. chili, a seven-year-old miniature is this santa clauser mix. she would like to go on a leisurely stroll with you and she likes meeting new people. ople.
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the funeral, the first of the children that died in monday's bus crash. the driver of the bus faces six vehicular homicide charges. investigators are still trying to determine why he strayed from his route and crashed into a free. a free. >> >> deputy commander patrick carruthers, shot and killed by a fugitive in georgia. he was 53 years old and a 26 year veteran of the u.s. marshall services, attorney general lorette da lynch attended the service in norcross georgia and read a letter from president obama to his family >> the pain of losing him is
7:57 am
indescribable, i hope it brings you solace to know patrick's spirit will endure in your heart and through all of those who is lives he touched. >> reporter: he was part of the team executing a warranted for a fugitive when he was killed in south carolina. the fugitive was shot and killed. he will be buried tuesday in virginia. >> 7:57, a tragedy on an expressway in sunnyvale. what authorities say lead to the highway death of six people before we go to break, we want to take a look at the golden gate bridge from our emery camera, things are looking sunny out there. hopefully good news for us. we are back with your fall forecast on this holiday weekend. when we come back.
7:58 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2" we are continuing to follow this story out of the south bay. valley medical center actually back open. there are still sheriff's cars there as they continue to follow up on these reports of a gunman in the parking lot, but the campus is now open. we'll check in with ally in just a bit. welcome to mornings on 2. it's sunday. >> we'll get your weather this a mow men, it looks like the sun is finally breaking free, first, a couple of headlines to share with you, now that black friday is over. it's small business saturday being done, it's all about shopping online, come tomorrow. >> cyberrer monday apparently already underway. we'll explain that.ed roads have been a bit trespass. >> around the bay area, we are following a couple of incidents, including one that
8:01 am
involved a c-h-p people. we have the latest there. we'll take you live to the sierra they love opening up for the thanksgiving weekend. that is sugar bowl. >> a live pan around as you can see the white stuff. we'll be talking to the folks live at sugar bowl in 15 minutes, we'll talk about the conditions, what you can expect as we head into this ski season. first, let's check in with rose mary and see if we will get the break she told us about yesterday we would get today. >> we are winding down. we have a few sprinkles out there. t there. . he is very happy. i told him to send me a pick. we'll tweet it out. if peetweet it is to me. giving awe look at the east bay, where we have clear skies, a little cloud cover, a bit of fog reported over the north bay and a few sprinkles. that will remain in place for
8:02 am
the morning hours, but, again, this is pulling out and we are left with dry conditions for your sunday, a few sprinkles to the north bay we go, along the coast from point ridge down through the beach. crossing over to mill valley. that's really about it. from the inside and san pablo bay and as we go to the sierra, drying out here as well. this is good news for all of the folks that are driving back, today, trying to get back home. you have to get back to something or other tomorrow giving you the winter weather advisory in place until 10:00 this morning. snow all the way down to 4,000 feet it was a bit treacherous last night and into the early morning hours, but things are winding down. giving you a look at the temperatures outside of our door. oakland, san francisco, upper 40s redwood city. into the south bay, 50 degrees for san jose. getting into the afternoon, a cool breezy day, partly cloudy and you won't need the umbrella if you are you going to be out
8:03 am
and about. 60 breeze at the game if you are going to see the raiders play, partly cloudy skies, but dry conditions expected here and dry conditions for the rest of us we'll have a look at your afternoon highs today, we have one more round of rain coming in. it could impact the drive tomorrow. i'll look at that and show you the extended forecast coming up >> >> we continue to follow this developing news from san jose, santa claira sheriff's department closed down the hospital. >> allly is live at the hospital where there have been reports of the man with a gun at the parking structure. she joins us with the latest >> reporter: santa claira sheriff's deputy, you saw them at the top of the hour, debriefing, determining no threat to the public. they searched five or six
8:04 am
parking garages here at the medical center. did not find anyone with a weapon. they had their debriefing and now, they are gone. this issue has been resolved the medical center is no longer locked down. earlier this morning at 6:30, that's when the report came in of someone with an assault style weapon in one of the garages the report came from a patient from inside of the hop. a person said that he saw the person with a gun from the window of his hospital room. sheriff's department investigated. hospital and e-r on lock down in the meantime while deputies searched the five or six parking garages, as of 15 minutes ago, deputies reopened the hop. they could not find anyone with a weapon in the parking areas or any other area and determined there was no threat to public safety an the hospital is back reopened. >> thank you, live for us in san jose. san jose.
8:05 am
>> also new from overnight. two c-h-p officers sent to the hospital after responding to a traffic call. it happened at 2:00 southbound 680 near capital avenue. there were reports that the officers were responding to a traffic department, sent out flairs and then they were back in their vehicle when reportedly a pickup truck hit water, hydro planed. you can see the damage to the side of the truck right there. after the truck hits the patrol vehicle, the officers were treated andorra leased. >> c-h-p reporting several cars damaged northbound 880 in san jose. i spoke with c-h-p they said it was metal debris on the freeway, not sure what it was. they know it caused several cars to have flat tires, anywhere from 10-20. right now, investigators are trying to determine what the metal actually was and how it got there. >> we are following developing news at a out of new orleans
8:06 am
this morning one person was killed. nine others wounded in a mass shooting in the city's very crowded french quarter. investigators say the gunfire erupted early this morning on historic bourbon street and new orleans police say there are still a number of unanswered questions >> we do not have the information about what precipitated the shooting, right now, other than shots rana, we responded to it, we heard it. we were able to make two arrests on the scene. >> >> reporter: there was an increased police presence in the french quarter all due to the bayou classic, football game played yesterday at the super dome two miles from where the shooting took place. >> you will have to pay to ride san francisco on municipal after the system was apparently hacked. screens said "out of service." they let riders get on board and ride for free. they are not saying exactly
8:07 am
what went wrong, but the gates are back in operation, today, which means no more free rides new developments on a hate filled message sent to an islamic center. two other mosques received identical letters. >> reporter: the board president of the evergreen islamic center in san jose. he was shocked when he went to the mailbox the day before thanksgiving and found a letter addressed to the members of hi mosque. >> it was pretty graphic, things like we don't long belong here, we are the people of so and so. definitely not a friendly letter. >> >> reporter: the handwritten letter calls muslims "children of satan" and warned that president-elect donald trump would do to them what hitler did to the jews. after the average shock, you know, we kind of realized that these thing dos happen once in awhile.
8:08 am
this is one bad apple. >> reporter: since then, two other mosques in southern california, including this one in long beach and another in claremont received the same hate filled letter, signed "americans for a better way " >> the director of the bay area chapter of council on american islamic relations >> what we are concerned about, this is part of the larger trend of normalzation of anti- muslim hate. >> reporter: she says at least four incidents have happened in the bay area >> in the bay area, we received complaints about a woman having her head scarf pulled if broad daylight in the parking lot of a college campus. another woman being yelled at and another one that was mistaken for muslim, having her car vandalled and a hateful no left behind. >> reporter: the president
8:09 am
elect has condemned such an attack. trump later said he supporting banning immigrants from so- called terrorist states. on his website, a statement on preventing muslim integration remains. he said the president elect should clarify what exactly he plans to do. >> whether it is a muslim ban or special registry, it's about words and actions, right now. >> san jose police say they are vegging the letter as a hate motivated incident. so far, no word on who sent it. meanwhile, members of the mosque said they have staying vim u vigilant and beefing up security. >> in miami's little havana, hundreds, chanting in the streets "liberated." thy also celebrated by banging on pots and pans, singing and
8:10 am
dancing, but the mood is somber in havana and cuba. cuba is observing nine days of mourning for castro. the government said cubans can show their respect starting tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning. on tuesday, the government is calling for a demonstration at the plaza of the revolution where castro lead a series of rallies. he will be buried, a week from today an december 4th. >> >> still at the scene of two very different reactions from the death of castro from our current president and president- elect donald trump. president obama releasing this statement shortly after his death -- death --
8:11 am
>> many people here in the bay area with ties to cuba are thinking about what castro's death will mean for the few tower of u.s. cuba relationships. we spoke with the manager -- owner of a restaurant. he said he is personally shocked by castro's death, the restaurant is not celebrating. >> castro is dead, but that doesn't mean it's democracy, now again, you still have all of the players that reported to castro still in place. >> ace. >>
8:12 am
time now, 8:12. we want to update you on the story we have been telling you about at valley medical center. sheriffs say a patient that made the original 9-1-1 call, tweeting out the caller's actions may have been a part of confusion. >>s business at usual back at the hospital. more on that cupping up. cyber monday, it's tomorrow, after all. what the most watched deal is on amazon, this morning, coming your way. >> but first, a winter wonderland in the sierra. we'll talk live with the sugar bowl ski resort, giving you an
8:13 am
update on conditions and how it is looking there this morning. stay with us, we'll be right back.
8:14 am
it's a good day to hit the slopes if you are in the sierra. blue skies, white on the mountains, at last check, chains are required for
8:15 am
interstate 80 as well as highway 50. make sure you have those with you. otherwise, the drive will be longer as you search to buy them. >> let's check in with john slaughter. he is in charles of sales and marketing at sugar bowl. he joins us >> our staff has been working overtime to make sure the mountain gets open. on top of the 26 inches we received last night, we have the most snow in that ohio >> it's hard to remember coming off the drought how bad the snow conditions were, but last year, it was great, this year, a thanksgiving open that's what we all cross our fingers and hope for, right? >> i would never call snow bad it's always good. it's piled up. top to bottom on lincoln. we are hoping to get disney
8:16 am
open today. and i was out skiing, yesterday, it was fantastic. dry, cold snow powder >> it has been a long time within we get rain in the bay area, people think it's snow in tahoe it's wet here and people think snow up there and i bet they are heading number droves? >> yes, and i expect chain control opens up the roads pretty clear. we are anticipating 40 will open at 9:00 am and we are expecting to turn the lifts at 9:00 to get everyone out there. >> how are the crows? >> fantastic. a huge boom to the economy, all of the gas station stations, restaurants packed last night. did you hear that? >> yeah. >> it scared me for a second. crowds have been here. we expect to keep selling
8:17 am
tickets all day long. >> reporter: when was the last time you can remember such a great early start? it has been slim pickens for the last several years. >> '05, ons 04, stellar start. this is stacking up to be that. >> last year, we did alot of stories on it would be alot of rain but not as such in the sierra and it came to into play and that was great. it feels like everyone is feeling optimistic this won't be like a first snow and then we'll lose it. >> this is down to base. we are good to go. everybody is really happy with the conditions, and you have to keep in mind, we were not scheduled to be opened until december 10th. this is all bonus, right now. >> the first resort of highway
8:18 am
80, there, have a great season, we'll be talking to him throughout the year. john slaughter, at sugar bowl where the snow is premiere, right now. >> i'm very excited. if i can figure out how to get up there, so -- >> someone has to work for me >> all right, let's kick it over to rose marynd a find out how much snow will they get? >> a foot of fresh snow for some of the ski resorts in the last 24 hours. that's great news, the rain came through, the snow and now, it's moving out, blue skies for your sunday afternoon. a look at what you can expect for today and the week ahead, coming up.
8:19 am
8:20 am
>> most of the day, in and southed of sunshine. a little cool, a little breezy don't step out without testing the water. it will remain cool. golden gate bridge, nice and sunny for alot of folks that may have visitors in town, yesterdays with not the day to be out and about, today sure is, get out and see the golden gate britain. here's another beautiful picture coming from the
8:21 am
national weather service in reno. you can see they have snow as well let's talk about totals, redwood city picked up a half inch. half inch for oakland. santa rosa a little more than a half inch. san jose, 7/10th of an inch reported in the south bay. so, about an inch or so for come of our wetter spots, here is a look at "stormtracker" 2 we continue to watch it wind down n is a three-hour time lapse. into the overnight. it was falling pretty good. this is where we have, now, into the north bay, a few sprinkles from the coast. maybe some going on right in here, just inside of san pablo bay. this is going to be moving out along with the see year what as, also, drying out, when we showed you the pictures of blue skies. future cast will show you as we get into the afternoon. partly cloudy, mostly clear, temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s, i'll show you the numbers in a mow men.
8:22 am
future cast model will show thaw it is coming back, tonight and into tomorrow morning. another round of rain it's not a big deal, but we could wake up tomorrow morning with new scattered showers, a little wet roadway. and we are drying out for good, at least for the few days, morning fog and afternoon sunshine. outside, under partly cloudy skies an the last bit of the moisture, 52 san francisco. 52 in oakland, low 40s in santa rosa, into the south bay. 50 degrees san jose. going to see the readers play. it will be a gorgeous day. northwestly breeze, 10-20-miles per hour. you might need the jacket just in case. a few of the afternoon highs, 57, san francisco, 50 for freemont, a for antioch, upper 50s to near 60 degrees in san jose, extended forecast calling for a few scattered showers tomorrow morning and then we
8:23 am
dry out. morning fog, afternoon sun, tuesday, wednesday, notice the temperatures don't change alot. we'll remain a bit cooler, but seasonal, thursday, another chance rain will come our way. it's going to quiet down. >> thanks you, rose mary. >> well, it is not quite cyber monday, yet, but that has not stopped retailers from starting sales. companies launched their best deals. electronics tend to be big sellers on cyber monday, but amazon said so far, the most watched deal was this. deals will continue to happen throughout next week. >> the warriors, currie, going public, explaining why he couldn't quite get this ball to go down the other night against the lakers he was embarrassed. he has an excuse, we'll tell you all about it, when we come back.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
announcement came late last night, one winning lottery ticket sold in tennessee, for one of the biggest powerball jackpots on record. no one has stepped forward to claim the prize, $421 million due to a rush of late ticket buys this weekend. the largest u.s. lottery prize, ever -- $1.6 billion. the money was split between three winning tickets. that was in january. uary. >> in case you missed it, currie proved he is human and he can laugh about it. check it out, during friday night's big victory. he had a nice steal. he hits the run way, and is he going to dunk it, but it didn't go. many star athletes would pretend it didn't happen at all, but not him.
8:27 am
he went public on social media to highlight his big miss saying -- saying -- it's the full tummy excuse. se. >> no worries. >> no worries. >> so, weather >> are you liking the idea of blue skies, dry weather? yes, i say bring it, as well. we do have a slight chance overnight into tomorrow morning and we are dry again until thursday, temperatures will be cool, upper 50s, low 60s for afternoon high, bring along the jacket. always a good idea when you live in the bay area. >> we are off early this morning. we appreciate you joining you, bus we have nfl coverage for you, next, look at your screen, here is what is happening. mercedes benz tort sports
8:28 am
weekend show. that's in three minutes and we get the fox pregame show -- and then you have the post-game and sports wrap. following that. >> if you are not in the mood for football, how dare you but, another hour of news on k-t-v-u plus, starting at account this morning. morning. join us. join us. imagine a world where the holidays are about joy again.
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>> we will introduce you to three of the stars of a national championship team that had to overcome some long odds.


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