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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it. so from salt lake city through arizona, coming out of the north west, i can see the storm. the breeze is coming in out of the south east. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. peninsula, the same. san mateo, 52, look for morning drizzle and clouds decreasing later today. it's getting drier tonight into tomorrow. 50s and lower 60s today. so i will not see the sun today? >> not too much today. but this week, yes. >> thank you. lets look at had a we have, first of all we are going to look at the 80 crash that you may have been hearing about, 80 near university. a truck flipped over to the
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side. a couple of other vehicles were involved. this truck flipped over the side. some of the diesel spilled. these are some of the other vehicles involved. they are towed away but they are going to be doing cleanup. even though the lanes will be open, you may see them on the other side of the road. eastbound 80 towards university. lets get to the bay bridge westbound. we have a lot of people coming in. in case you were wondering, will people take more time off around thanksgiving? the answer is no. people take off more for krs. everyone is back today. this is a look at 80 in oakland. traffic is moving well. we have slow traffic on the altamont pass on westbound 580 and 205. it's a big commute into the
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livermore valley. also 680 is slow from dublin to pleasanton. >> lets go to the desk. one of the inmates that escaped from the san jose jail is suspected to be at a days inn hotel in gilroy. coming up we have alex with a live report on the search. ben ee i can't police are asking for the public's help trying to identify a man in this video. he is pushing -- benecia police are asking for the public's help to identify a man in this
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video, he is pushing his way through the bar. that's when he pulled a gun at a bouncer. >> it looks like he is trying to make his way back behind the bar. a couple of gentlemen stopped him and punched him a couple of times and he fired the gun. >> the bar was crowded. there were 15 people inside. everyone hid when the gun went off. the men were trying to protect everyone there. >> they had him in the corner. he shot up in the ceiling and some stuff came down. we did not see any bullet holes. >> two men had gunshot wowppedz and were taken to the hospital. both are expected expected sur -- wounds and were taken to the hospital. both are expected to survive. president-elect donald trump is saying he would have
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won the popular vote if not for millions of people that voted illegally. he tweeted that there was voter fraud in new hampshire and california and virginia but he did not give proof. his claims follow a request for a recount by jill stein. >> it's a joke that the group of people that thought that they were nervous about president-elect donald trump not conceding are the people that are conducts recounsels in states where we won by 68,000 votes. >> the hillary clinton campaign is joining the recount effort. more candidates for president-elect donald trump's administration is expected in new york. the selection of mitt romney
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stirred up controversy over the weekend. people have said if mitt romney wants a job he has to apologize about it first. kellyanne conway spoke about it yesterday. >> people fee that if someone who went out of his way to question the character the president-elect donald trump would be considered secretary of state, it's not fair. >> others considered for the job are bob corker and rudy giuliani. positions filled have mike pompo for head of the cia and jeff sessions for attorney general. house democrats are getting ready to vote for their leader.
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tim ryan is running against nancy pelosi. he is saying it's time for her to go. >> we want change, this is a change election. members of congress are understanding we need too make a change. we are not winning. >> nancy pelosi has head the holiday post since 2003. she was the first woman to be speaker of the house. bart's connection to the oakland airport is not meeting financial expectations. it was expected to earn $2 million but the service has cost bart $9,000. there are some ideas about why is not making money, some people think it's too expensive but most believe that ride sharing services have cut down
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on the number of potential riders. the raiders get their first rinning season in season -- winning season in 13 years. after letting the panthers score, they needed to put together a come back. carr gave the team a scare after hurting his finger. >> what a rollercoaster of emotion. the legend of carr continues. is this time around he had to overcome a finger injury. >> he ran away, he got his right hand hurt on that play. >> it's the most pain that i have ever felt. >> i did not doubt that he was
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going to play. i asked him, were you going to play, he was like, yes of course. >> he came in the second half and did not miss a beat. that dude is a beast. >> i have seen the clips of mvp's throwing strikes. i am glad he is our quarterback. >> he gave us a lift and mayed well. he helped us come back and win. >> where did the blood come from? >> i do not know. i am going to practice, i will play next game. i am good to go. >> the raiders have now beaten both of last season's super
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bowl participants. thank you scott. in the meantime, the miami dolphins beat the 49ers. the 49ers have lost a record 10th straight loss. colin kaepernick looked like his old self. he three for 200 yards and even ran for 100 yards but the come back came up short. with two seconds to go, colin kaepernick tried to run fl a touch down -- in a touch down. colin kaepernick made comments by fidel castro that he said were taken out of
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context. >> the calls for more security around mosques. >> we have another system coming through leaving some rain and fog. we talk about what looks to be a cool week. coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort. . welcome back, celebrations in dancing in the streets of miami after the debt of fidel
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castro. the celebrations have been going on suns fidel castro died friday. cuban americans will be packed a church in south florida to play for cuba and it's political future. some people wore and carried cuban flags. one man said he is praying that his family and friends still there will be liberated. >> i am happy and hoping that our country will be free, to be free is a blessing. freedom is everything that a human being needs. >> cuba is under a nine day mourning period. wednesday, members of the cuban american community are planning a memorial at the bay of pigs monument in florida.
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congresswoman barbara lee said, i hope to normalize the relations between the united states and cuba. colin kaepernick is not backing down on comments he made about fidel castro before his death. he was booed when he play the my apple yu. -- miami. colin kaepernick praised cuba's educational system under fidel castro's leadership. >> i said i support the investment in education. i never said i support the oppressive things that he did. >> colin kaepernick said the fact that he played in south florida two days after his death was a unique circumstance. some developing news about the ongoing search for the men
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that escaped escaped from the santa clara jail. we have alex live. they have not taken the man into custody, right. right? >> reporter: no. the santa clara police said they got a tip that rogelio chavez was staying at this days inn in gilroy. deputies surrounded the motel but they did not find him here but they took three people into custody for questioning. investigators believe that they were staying here with rogelio chavez. he is one of two inmates that broke out of the santa clara
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jail thanksgiving evening. the other escapee is lanon campbell, also on the run this morning. deputies said the men sawed through security bars and repelled to the ground. they had been facing life sentences for a variety of charges including plary and extortion -- burglary and extortion. authorities converged on this days inn searching for one of the inmates but he was not found here. thank you. lets get you moving this morning. sal, have you fixed things on the east shore, yet. >> right now traffic is moving along a bit better than it was. there are no major problems
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heading to the macarthur maze. no traffic is being diverted by an accident on east 80 at university avenue. the east shore freeway is slowing towards the macarthur maze. they are trying to right a truck that went over the side but they are going to do most of the work off the freeway. there will be flashing lights but the lanes will not be closed. westbound 80 traffic is moving along okay. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 15 - 20 minute delay with no problems. if you are wondering if everyone is back from the
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holidays, the answer is, yes, it's look being like a thick morning commute. sal, we have a lot of drizzle and areas of fog. this system is producing some light rain and snow in the sierras. there is advisories throughout the west for snow. oregon and salt lake city and into southern california. some of the rain we had on the weekend was pretty good. our observer in antioch said about a third of an inch. our observer in napa said half an inch. santa rosa got more rain than that. it's been a pattern that favors the south bay over areas to the
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north. we have light snow being reported at blue canyon. it looks like things are winding down for the most part after a good weekend the moisture. hayward and mountain view have an easterly breeze. santa rosa 46 degrees. santa rosa, 51, gilroy 45, 48 in southern california. 50s in campbell and 34 in truckie. we are almost on the drier side of this but there is a lot of cloud cover spilling over the ridge. then into tomorrow we are dry. we have a weak system wednesday but it's not doing much. we are cold by the end of the
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week. upper 30s in the inland areas. 50s to 60s on the temperatures. the nights are longer and the days are shorter. it's a weak system wednesday. cold in the morning after that. coming up, the hundreds of extra beds being offered to homeless people in the south bay. >> plus, the efforts to send chihuahua's out of state to find loving homes. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. california highway patrol says rain is a likely factor in a crash that injured two of its officers in san jose, it happened near capitol avenue. the officers were sitting in their patrol cars when a pickup truck crashed into the car. the officers suffered minor injuries. >> it's not clear why the driver lost control, likely he was just traveling at a speed that was unsafe for the conditions. >> california highway patrol said the driver was not drunk
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and was not hurt. a few miles a way 10 vehicles were damaged when a metal object on the freeway damaged their cars. it flattened tires and caused damage to vehicles, no injuries were reported. the cold weather shelter program in santa clara will begin, the homeless will be offered for hundred additional beds. the armory in gilroy will be opening. the north county shelter and the gilroy armory offer hot showers and two meals a day and medical care. the winter shelter program runs through the end of march. we have lots of fresh new snow in tahoe, which made tor a great thanksgiving weekend. right now chains are required
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on highway 50 and interstate 80. getting to and from the slopes was not easy over the weekend. >> we are good to go, we are in a good storm cycle. everyone is happy with the conditions and how much terrain we were able to get open. we were not scheduled to be open until december 10th. this is a bonus. >> it's magical. we opened up for great holiday skiing. >> the resorts are hoping that the snow will continue throughout the season. the power ball ticket worth $400 million was sold this a shawl town in tennessee. >> were you in tennessee over the weekend? >> no. the winning ticket matched all six numbers. it was sold 60 miles north east
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of nashville. nobody has come forward to claim the prize yet. a investigation into the kidnapping of a mother from yolo. what the detectives are focusing on now. >> frightened theater goers flee a theater after a security guard shot a man outside of the theater. >> it's busy out there. this monday, is seems like a lot of people are back on the road. we have an update coming up. >> are you from tennessee, you are the only 10 that i see. mother name is giving us snow in the mountains. >> that was funny.
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good morning, thank you for joining us, lets talk about the weather. it's not so much the rain, is the cold that is coming. >> later this week. thank you for listening. >> i have to listen. >> we have a weak system brushing us. is a quuk mover but almost everyone is cloudy and foggy. livermore fog, also the napa airport. is been hit or miss for the showers. we are on the western edge of the system. blue canyon is reporting light snow. we will take it. there is a decent little breeze for some but sfo says north
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west. everyone else has an eitherrerly breeze. 50s in san rafael. north west napa, 48, that's the high pressure coming in, today it's going to drop down the cloud cover and the light rain. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. sal? still i 80? >> yes. i 80 is slow, we are going to look at that earlier crash where a truck went over the side. it flipped over the side after being involved in a wreck with other vehicles. it's on the sued and they are trying to right it. there is some activity on the shoulder in the area. a couple of other cars were involved and they were towed away. now all of the lanes are open but you can see some activity eastbound 80.
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it's not effecting westbound 82 the macarthur maze. we have a wet commute. it's going to be busy as well on 80 westbound. it's backed up as it normally would be on a monday. it's also slow on some of the other commutes. not bad on 880 as you drive behalf the coliseum. then you see some traffic on 880 into hayward. we have slower traffic. if you notice, getting away from the dublin interchange, 680 is busy. a shooting outside of an east by movie theater sent terrified movie goers running for their lives. we have the latest on the police investigation. >> reporter: investigator are trying to piece together how and why it happened.
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it began with a confrontation inside of the brenden theaters and it ended with a security guard shooting someone outside of the theaters. we do not know what the man was doing but the police said that the man threatened the guard. the security gored shot the man. he is expected to survive. police later discovered that the man did not have a weapon him. >> the shooting happened between the parking structure and the movie theater. the people in the back heard the shots and that led them to believe that someone was shooting inside of the theater. they ran out. >> i i am shock -- i am shocked. we came from vallejo.
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>> the movie theater was evacuated as a precaution. police said that the security gored is cooperating with them and speaking with them. we are hoping to get in touch with the concord police to find out the status of that investigation. we will have another update later in the show. >> thank you. a house fire in saratoga where three people were hurt is under investigation. it happened on plymouth drive. firefighters rescued a person who was critically hurt. it took half an heur for firefighters to get it under control. >> an injured hiker was rescued from a park in san jose. a park ranger reported a hiker that suffered a possible head injury. the fire department and an
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urban rescue team hiked in and found the hiker. the person was taken to the hospital. we do not know their condition. south san francisco police said the officer that was hit in the head with a skateboard last week remains in critical condition. robby chon was hit. luis alberto ramos-coreas faces charges of attempted murder and resisting arrest. groups are calling for more security around mosques after hateful letters were sent to mosques in the area. the letters said muslims should pack their bags and that president-elect donald trump would do to them what hitler did to the jews. two other mosques received identical letters. >> after the shock, we realized that these things happen once
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in a while. this is one bad apple. >> we are concerned that this is a larger trend of the normalization of hate. >> the bay area chapter of the counsel of islamic relations said it's verified more actions of hate in the bay area. someone put 50 american flags on a couple's lawn over the weekend. seven of the flags have political messages like, build the wall. the couple think it was done after they complained about fire works being set off. a new report said a uc regent can be heard on an audio tape making lewd comments. the regent was heard making the
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comments about adult movies in may while he was at a pod casting studio that he is the chairman of. the university of california has not commented on the report. there is no no free rides for people that use the light rail system. this was a cyber attack on the system friday and saturday, riders could not fill up fare cards and they rode for free. it's not clear who is responsible, muni said it's investigating and all operations are back to normal. >> investigators said they have though reason to not believe the story of a mother who said she was kidnapped three week ago. sherri papini disappeared while jogging, she was found 150
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miles away in yolo county. she was able to flag down a car despite being chained to something and being beaten. she is getting medical care and working to find the two women that she said kidnapped her. the sheriff calls this an active investigation and said the office is looking into her previous marriage and divorce and they are checking cell phone rors and sur -- records and surveillance video. >> a search continues for a couple that went missing in yuba city forest. their son received a text message yesterday saying they were stuck in the snow and needed help. >> we are trying to look at the maps with the message that was received by their son with the
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directions that they believed they had taken. we matching that to the maps and hitting those areas first and then we will expand the area. >> authorities said the couple had sleeping bags and snacks and they are hoping that will hold them over. dozens of people gathered to remember harvey milk and the mayor. milk made history when efers the first openly gay man to hold office. >> we will build a wall of resistance built on a determination to see what harvey milk dreamed up coming true. >> people took to social media saying that they will continue
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to fight for the lgbt community. a group of chihuahuas are flying to new york from san francisco for operation chihuahua chair lift. in new york, small bawtion are in high demand. -- dugs are in -- dogs are in high demand. how kol foreign election officials are responding to president-elect donald trump's tweets that there was voter fraud in california. >> it's cyber monday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. >> traffic looks good in some areas but not in others. if you were wondering if peerp were extending their holidays, the answer is no.
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>> we have drizzle and late rain and cooler temperatures on the way. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. police are reminding us to watch out for criminals because the holiday shopping season is in full swing. they said stay alert, do not be distracted by your phone bus
6:43 am
thieves are look being for distracted victims to take advantage of. also do not put your holiday packages in the trunk of your car when you are parked near the front. >> criminals are looking for people walking to their vehicles and putting items in the back, especially big ticket items like tvs and laptops. they know that the big items are in the trunk. >> police said keep what you buy with you and shop in a group because cripples tend to avoid people in groups and go for the solo targets. the lights on the bay area christmas tree will be lit tomorrow night. it was delivered last week and people have been decorating it ever since. is the 10th year celebrating
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the lighting. the free event begins at 5:00 tomorrow night. it includes a performance by the doobie brothers. >> it's monday, sal. >> yes, people are back, if i thought people were taking the day off, it does not look that way. we have traffic heading to the tunnel. the wet weather will drai the commute. there have been minor fender benders here and there perhaps koashted with the weather. -- delay the commute. there have been minor fender benders here and there perhaps correlated with the weather. i have seen a lot of slow
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traffic getting into the south bay. the south bay commute has not filled in. we have traffic on north bound 85 and 101. lets bring in steve. >> thank you, sal, good morning, we have a weak system dragging across the state. it's a quick mover but lots of areas of drizzle and light rain and fog here and also to the sacramento valley and to the mountains. it's doing its job, some winter weather advisories north of us and east of us but we are still getting enough of the system to effect us. i tried to add up the recent totals.
6:46 am
davenport, 2 inches. mill valley, 1.8 inches. saratoga hills, 1.3 inches. the south bay took most of the rain. the east bay did not get as much. we have a lot of cloud cover and freezing rain over us. still some isolated snow showers are possible throughout the morning. the breeze wans to go north west -- wants to go north west but it's still out of the south. it expect it to turn later today. it's in the 40s and 50s all over the area. just wait until the end of the week, we are getting colder, but right now the cloud cover is holding it up. you can see the ridge of high pressure there, it's going to build in for the bulk of the
6:47 am
week. until it gets here we have cloud cover and rain. upper 50s and fog. a bit of a breeze. clouds and light rain. mostly sunny tuesday, one final system wednesday. after that we clear out, it dry but the lows will be cold for the weekend. the last of the three major holiday shopping days is underway. we had a tame black friday and small business saturday. now we have cyber monday. >> by now people have been shopping for deals in stores and online for weeks. many of the big retailers extended the deals earlier because that's what the millennial shoppers want. if you have not shopped yet,
6:48 am
cyber monday offers discounts on clothing and electron iks. amazon has 80 -- 80 electronics -- electronics. amazon has 80% off. >> you are going to see free shipping and returns. >> reporter: look to see if you can combine a coupon with free shipping. not all retailers allow you to stack coupons but some will. hopefully you can shop at work without getting into trouble with your boss. 9494% of employees plan -- 94% of employees plan to shop on
6:49 am
the clock. we also have reports of theft of packages being reported. ups has tips for how to get packages safely delivered on their website. >> the deals that i was seeing thursday are consistent. they have been the same deal. it's one big shopping week. >> it's hard to tell the difference with some of these. the millennials want to extend the shopping days. today is the free shipping with a lot of items. the number of black friday shoppers was smaller this year because of the rice of online shopping. sales at stores fell 5%.
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holiday spending for november and december is expected to rise 6% this year. >> announced its word of the year. >> an incredible story of a baby thrown from a car and a terrible crash in arkansas, how she ended up with just scratches after she was thrown 25 feet
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welcome back to mornings on two. police in new orleans searching for two men suspected of a deadly shooting in the french quarter. it started yesterday morning on burbon street. a man was killed and seven people were hurt. >> we were like shoulder to shoulder, nobody could walk and then people started to run. >> thousands of locals and tower i was were in the frunch quarter -- french quarter when the shooting started. funerals are underway for bus crash in chattanooga, chool
6:54 am
tennessee. >> she loved to dance, she was the sweetest little girl you would ever want to come into contact with. >> the bus driver was charged with six counts of vehicular homicide. he is due in court tomorrow. he was not on the designated bus route when the bus crash. an update on the protests against plans to build the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. yesterday hundreds of demonstrators were in washington, dc saying that the pipeline threatens cultural sites of the sanding rock sioux tribe. >> a congresswoman plans to spend a week at the
6:55 am
reservation. she posted photos on facebook saying she supports the efforts of the protestors. thousands of flocked to china to check out a national wonder. the scroan looks lie it was -- scene looks like it was painted on. look at these images. in 1992, that area was official recognized as a world heritage site. some star wars fans are bleery identify but happy because they got tickets for rogue one, the tickets went on sale at a minute past midnight.
6:56 am
about 1,000 people lined up overnight outside of this hollywood theater. news of the advanced ticket sales came in a teeth from the star wars account friday. rogue one is a spinoff and a prequel involving a group of rebels trying to steal the plans for the death star. the new disney film moana is at the top of the box office. it took in $81 million. it's the second best five day thanksgiving opening of all time, right behind frozen. the harry potter spin off
6:57 am
fantastic beasts is second. doctor strange is third. has a new word of the year, it's xenophobia. you might have heard it or felt it. it means fear or hate of foreigners or strangers. it's roots are in two greek words. said searches for the word on the cite went up during the year's presidential campaign. we have new developments in the search for two inmates that escaped from the santa clara jail last week. >> to men shot in a bar and it's caught on surveillance camera. the confrontation that led to
6:58 am
it and the man that police are searching for. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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authorities converged on
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cash in gilroy searching for one of two inmates who escaped from the jail last week. they did not find that man but we have a tell you about the people need to take into custody. results of the presidential election called into question at three key states. those efforts underway and has donald trump responds. this and more as we continue. 7 am, on a monday morning. taking a live look at the scene in the area of san rafael a romantic scene and making your way to that monday morning traffic and your fast with us and we thank you for being here and, do you need an umbrella today? >> in the morning a little bit. it's not a lot but it is enough. yes, by this afternoon we should be okay. the snow,


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