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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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wednesday, november 30th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark let's check your weather and get you moving, steve paulson has your forecast. >> some light rain up north. have >> are we hearing from people? >> i heard from a sully in shellville -- napa. i appreciate that information. we'll look at the radar, you can see for yourself, some of that is just moving through, not alot. moving to the east. santa rosa, maybe a >> not alot. it's trying in marin county. not much. lake county, you can you see some of that, it's probably
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gone within five minutes or so. cool air up north, we'll get a hint of that, here, keeping the theme going here, temperatures staying rather chilly, a little breeze for some. 30s, 40s, right at 50 for a few, but the coldest temperatures are to the south as you might imagine because they get clearing. mid-30s for some, boulder creek at 33. campbell, and for mostly cloudy skies, a few light showers, 50s generally on the temperatures, sal, what do you have for us at 5:01? nothing, i hope. >> slow traffic we under stand that. >> i'm told by the control room it's billy idol's birthday, today. today. >> good morning, everyone, let's go out and take a look at the tracey super commute. you know, speaking of music,
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i'll bet people that drive the commute, they must just have the jams in their car because they have to sit in traffic for so long. they must have something that makes them feel better about sitting in training traffic, here at 5:00 in the morning and going at about 27-miles an hour. just creeping along, so, they must have the good tunes in the car. driving through and getting over to the other side. so, that's what is going on there. once you get to livermore, it looks pretty good. 880 in 880 in oakland. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see traffic is moving along very nicely, not a big crowd, usually at 5:30 is when this commute wakes up, so to speak. eastbound 580 before park boulevard. they are clearing up an injury accident that has not caused any major delays, especially in
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the westbound direction. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal, >> an inmate that escaped san jose's main jail has been caught. he had been on the run for the past six days. janine joins us with more on the story, janine? >> reporter: campbell is back behind bars here at san jose's main jail. he is being held without bail, you can bet authorities questioned him on where he has been the last several days, mercury news is reporting that campbell was caught near antioch sometime yesterday. a witness that saw police activity said it happened at an apartment complex there. campbell had been locked up since february of last year on charges of robbery and criminal threats. he escaped from the main jail the night before thanksgiving along with three other inmates. they cut through steal window bars and used bed sheets to lower themselves from a second story window. two have been caught and now
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one remains at large. chavez, they thought he was hiding inside of an r-v that was parked yesterday, but no one was inside. >> it is a little scary to have people running around, knowing they are inmates and you done know what they are capable of doing and you don't know what they could do, next. >> reporter: authorities announced they arrested a woman for helping chavez escape. saying she allegedly drove them around santa claira county. she was arrested at a motel after tips came in that chavez was seen there. details of how authorities tracked campbell, won't be released until later this morning, there there be a news conference held where we will find out more details about that. back to you in the studio. >> right now, it's 5:04, a technician for the cirque du soleil show has died after
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being hit by a lift. it happened just before the show was scheduled to start. the show was canceled, right now, it's into the clear how the accident happened. cirque du soleil released a statement that says in part -- -- time is 5:05. napa high school football team, according to the register, some of the players held down their teammates and beat them. napa valley unified school district is also investigating. a spokesperson for the school district tells the paper that none of the students have been disciplined as yet because the investigation is still going on >> a san francisco couple is facing charges for allegedly having their dogs attack wild animals in golden gate park.
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29-year-old johnson and 26-year- old jasmine marshall both arrested this week. they were caught allegedly after their dogs, a pitbull mix -- killed an animal. they were also accused of having their dogs kill raccoons, coyotes, bunnies, -- charges have been denied. claiming his dogs were attacked by the wild animals. >> we are following a developing story in the south east. five people have been killed in severe storms in alabama and tennessee. three people died -- two killed in a storm in tennessee. >> also in tennessee, three people have died in the wildfires burning there the first fire started monday in the city of combat gatlinburg. more than 150 homes and
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businesses were destroyed, including the home of the city's mayor. the fires caught many people by surprise because of how quickly they spread >> when you have wind up to 87- miles per hour. people were basely running for their lives. >> well, firefighters say the wildfires have settled down, but they are worried that the winds could cause the flames to flair back up. >> time is 5:07, new this morning. president-elect donald trump says he is leaving his business to focus on the presidency. in a series of tweets this morning, trump said -- - -- --
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we'll have more on mr. trump's announcements and his cabinet picks coming up at 5:30. >> >> roads in napa, marin average score for local street and road conditions. with a score of 65 for 2016 on a scale of 0 to 100. napa's score -- the bay area county with the highest score was san mateo at 71. the report said roads around the state are in dire need of improvement with the average statewide score falling from 58- 55 since the first score several years ago. >> a standoff ended peacefully with a suspect in custody. it started when police received a call from a woman that said she was being held against her will by an ex-boyfriend.
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she said she had been trapped at the house for two days >> she said she was being held, the person had a weapon when we arrived, she met us, we started to get information, but she was being very uncooperative. >> because the victim said her ex-boyfriend was armed, police evacuated some of the neighbors and told others to shelter in place. the woman got out of the house, was taken to the hospital and after almost seven hours, police brought in a battering ram and tor down a fence the suspect surrendered faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon as well as kidnapping. kidnapping.
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? response to the ruling, the group tweeted -- d -- san francisco board of supervisors voted to approve a new 60 night limit on short term rentals in the city. the new rule would limit truck rentals, like those booked through air b and b to 60 nights a year whether the host is on site or not ot
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this legislation now goes to mayor ed lee for his signature. >> it's 11 minutes after 5:00. a man with fake gun caused a real scare at a san francisco movie theater. movie theater. >> it went from calm to all of a sudden, i thought i was going to die. >> coming up at 5:30, the quick action from police to evacuate the building and contain the suspect. >> first, getting ready for superbowl 51. the temporary venue now under construction in houston. >> good morning, we still see traffic that is doing very well in many areas. east shore from way is one. you can you see traffic looks good heading out to the maze. >> increasing clouds already leading to some light rain, especially up around sonoma county and napa county, right there. moving through, we'll take a closer look at it, coming up.
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>> columbiaian officials have lowered the toll of the plane crash to 71. they say there were four fewer people on the flight than originally thought and six people did survive the plane crash. the black box from the plane have been recovered. they appear to be in good shape. that will help investigator figure out what lead to the deadly crash today, san francisco will be one of the cities nationwide where protesters will rally against financial institutions accused of financing the south dakota pipeline. there are protests planned across the country through friday. both sides in the oil pipeline battle are refusing to back down. north dakota authorities are blocking supplies being delivered to demonstrators after the governor issued
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amanda torrey evacuation order monday. protesters say they will stay put. put. the project involves building a pipeline beneath the lake sneer the standing rock reservation, protesters say it affects water resources. >> we are two months away from superbowl 51 in houston texas. crews are preparing to build a three tiered traveling nightclub. taylor swift, bruno mars, some of the acts that will perform there, leading up to you the big game. some tickets will be available to the public, while others are for vip >> they get to attend thursday, friday night and if they are lucky, they will attend saturday night. >> february 5th. i'm going to take it down and moving it to my next city. >> superbowl 51 will be sunday
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february 5th and you will see it right here on fox 2. >> it is 5:17, let's check in with sal, are you keeping an eye on anything in particular, sal? >> the east bay, always busy, pam, but we are going to start this time in gill roy for the gill roy super commute that we keep an eye on every -- at this time every morning, i'm trying to say traffic is moving alongwell if you are driving from gill roy to morgan hill and san jose. alot of people make the long drive. right now, we don't see any major problems. you will see traffic is busier later. we are looking at a commute where traffic on highway 24 doesn't look bad. as a matter of fact, it continues to look good all the way through the tunnel let's go to the bay bridge where traffic is beginning to fill in. it's not completely stop and go, yet, it doesn't usually happen until 5:30, when the meters lights go on and you
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will see slow traffic we just got an accident call, southbound 680 at san ramon. this one just popped up here, we don't have a backup, yet, in fact, it looks like three vehicles on the shoulder, one of them a motorcycle rider that apparently got hurt. they are sending the medics out to check it out. >> at 5:18, let's bring in steve. steve. >> starting to work its way points east.
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i got alot of that, marin county flirting with a piece of that. and then up towards lake county, upper lake, around clear lake over to middletown, hidden valley, little showers in the mix. it will give us alot of cloud cover. there is a little breeze for some, as well. south, south east, west, southwest, variable, all over the place. stronger, higher elevations, 30s for some, 40s for others, cloud cover has kept some of the north bay temperatures up. if it wasn't for that, it will be much kohler northwest napa at 41 glenn ellen at 41. eight degrees warmer in truckie. cloud cover is moving into the sierra and there is a band of light rain, turning to a mix of snow starting to head up. not alot. no warnings or watches or anything, for us, a pretty cool
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day with the cloud cover, mostly cloudy, light rain to the north, north of the golden gate. 50s on the temperatures, a cool day, under mostly cloudy skies, cleared out, looks nice for thursday, friday, saturday and then changes. then changes. >> that's good. >> good for everybody. >> we are on the western edge of this, this could be a huge no producer for the northern mountains. >> they are all tweeting pictures, sugar bowl. kirkwood, >> they will be doing snow
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bunnies an cart wheels by this time next week. >> could it be epic? >> i don't know about epic, but it could be stellar. >> 5:21 is the time. the winners of the latest powerball jackpot have claimed their money. love this story up next, the group of co-workers in tennessee those people are splitting $420 million. >> an enticing offer for california college students, the big discount you could get to go to school on the opposite side of the country.
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>> welcome back to "mornings on 2" many hundreds of bay area workers join thousands around the country for the so-called 5 for 15, demonstrators included airport workers fast food workers child care employees and uber and lift drivers. at one point yesterday morning, police arrested, cited and later released 27 people who were blocking an intersection this east oakland. >> corporations are hurting us on a daily basis. let's hurt their pockets for once that's why i stand for today and every day until we get what we deserve. >> another group marched peacefully outside of s-f-o >> mean tile, the city of oakland is considering plans
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for a major new envelopement called east line, including offices, retail, community art space, filling the entire square block between broadway and telegraph at 21st and 22nd streets. if it's approved. developers hope to start building in 2018 >> 20 workers at a manufacturing plant are splitting a $420 million jackpot. this group always buys $120 worth of lottery tickets every wednesday and saturday to support education and the state of tennessee the woman that bought the group of tickets said she didn't think they had a chance offer winning, so she didn't check the y:es until the morning after they were drawn >> my sons were shaking me. i run, win in there and grab my
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tickets. >> a few of the winners plan to retire, but some say they are going to keep working at their plant. >> warriors have won 12 strait games off the court, spending the holiday season giving back. center magee surprised five winners of the team yesterday in alameda. he took them on a shopping spree at target as part of the warrior's season of giving, players and coaches will take part in one event through the end of december to help bay area young people and their families. >> time is 5:26, president- elect donald trump said he will step away from his businesses, up next, a live report from washington as mr. trump continues to fill his cabinet, gets ready to head out what he calls a victory tour. >> scary mow mens at a popular san francisco movie theater as a man waves around what turns out to be a fake gun. >> good morning, it's getting busier out there on some of
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these commutes, including 80 westbound, pretty soon at the bay bridge, we'll look at both, coming up. >> you think it's cold here, you could wake up in alaska where it is 44 below we do have a little rain, though, in the mix, we'll look at that as well, coming up.
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2" it's wednesday, the last day of november, november 30th, i'm
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dave clark >> good morning, i'm pam cook it's 5:29, we want to check in with steve and the weather -- >> some rain out there, >> up north, >> napa. it looks like some over towards highway 4. sal? are you are listening in >> yes. >> i'll show it to you, coming up. >> isis always listening. >> our system is not going to do too much to the south, but it will increase the clouds an give us a mostly cloudy day and light rain, not alot in the mix, but from napa to sonoma highway 12 from firefield, back over to bay point. it looks like over to concorde. again, there is probably not alot here, pleasant hill, maybe concorde, walnut creek into the too much, but in marin county,
5:31 am
hanging out there. not a big deal. it's in the mix. 40s on the temperatures, 30s for some, but they are going to start to go up now because we have the cloud cover coming in. expect that to continue as the cloud cover continues to race, mostly cloudy day, but highs today will only be in the 50s for just about everybody and some light rain, mainly here in the morning. all right, sal, i know you heard me. 5:31, metering lights have clicked on >> and there is slow traffic. we'll show you that in a mow men. let's talk about the commute westbound 80 to fairfield, it's already going to be busy. you can see the traffic in vallejo getting busier as you drive-thru to the bridge stop and go traffic there, passing 780 and getting toward the bridge out to the east shore tree way a little further down. we have traffic that is
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moderately heavy as you drive from berkeley into richmond. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have clicked on, there is a 10 minute delay. at 5:32, back to the desk. there was panic last night in san francisco inside of the met on. movie theater. ailly is live where a man was arrested on charges on what turned out to be a fake gun tell us more about it. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team was brought in, the entire theater evacuated. police say whenever you have a situation like this, the report of a person with a gun in a crowded movie theater. they have to respond. in this case, it was not worst case scenario. no one was hurt. it turned out the gun was fake the man involved, apparently speaking loudly as the new brad pitt movie welcome allied" was
5:33 am
starting. he was bothering others. when police came in, the man started to wave around what looked like a real firearm >> it went from calm to all of a sudden, i thought i was going to die. it reminded me of the aurora shooting >> we always have to treat these situations as if they are real. the theater was evacuated. we had him isolated by himself. we created a safe zone and we called him >> reporter: even though no one was hurt, police say the man involved could face felony charges. we are reaching out to police to find exactly what the charges could be and any other details about the case in this investigation. investigation. thank you. >> time 5:33 there is word of more victims in a widening food poisoning case in contra costa county.
5:34 am
first, it was said there were eight people hospitalized. three of them dead from food they ate last week now, amending the y: of people that became sick 18. this. >> vomits and has diarrhea real bad and couldn't keep anything down, not even water. >> now, autopsies were performed yesterday on the three people that died. since all 17 victims ate the thanksgiving meal, health officials say the meal appears to be the more probable source of the contamination. that dinner, which is held every year by the golden hills church, which said it is cooperating with county authorities. >> >> president-elect donald trump now says he will leave his business to focus on running the country. this comes amid-criticism of conflict of interest and as his cabinet continues to take shape and also, today, democrats are
5:35 am
preparing for no election, doug is live on capitol hill with all of this going on. >> reporter: good morning, pam, we are going to find outed whether nancy pelloh,irks will hold onto her position. on december 15th, donald trump is holding a big press conference. last night, another meeting between trump and mitt romny. this may not look like the most comfortable dinner in the world. there was president-elect donald trump and his chiefs of staff breaking bread with mitt romny. >> we had another discussion about affairs throughout the world. >> reporter: romny would not say much, but this is the second time he has met with trump. at trump tower in new york, the
5:36 am
parade of job candidates continues. continues. all will need senate approval. >> someone actually asked stew if i was going to recues myself. let me be quite clear, i will not be recausing myself. >> reporter: trump is prepared to head out with a victory tour, a stop in ohio. in indiana, carrier announced a deal with trump to keep 1,000 jobs in the united states. tes.
5:37 am
thanks for the update, doug. 5:37 is the time. we are hearing south senate and anotherrors have reached a deal. republicans got what they wanted. rejection of a plan to force women to register for the draft. democrats were able to eliminate a religious freedom program they said would have allowed federal contractors to discriminate between guys and lesbians >> election workers in santa
5:38 am
claira still counting ballots after an automatic we count was triggered in nearly a dozen races that were too close to call. call. the register's office said 10 races, which vary from school board members to city council streets have a margin of vic continue within 1 1/2%, some of the candidates are there, looking as the counting is being done. >> we have the highest registration in county history. previous to this election, we have had races where we have done one recount, but we have 10 at the same time. anywhere from five votes separating the winning undulousing candidates up to a couple hundred. >> by state law, the registrar's office has to certify election results by december 9th. >> oakland city leaders are moving ahead with plans to build a new stadium.
5:39 am
city council met behind closed doors about a proposal to build it on stadium property $600million from an investment group including nfl legend ronny lot. >> really about the land, about the voters, the citizens of oakland. we want to make sure they don't incur any debt. we want to make sure that what they have will be paid off. >> meantime, the raiders said they are focused on build agnew stadium, however local raiders fans are hoping the team will stay in oakland. city council is expected to vote on ronny lot's plan, the chronicle reports raiders owner mark davis might eventually be asked to sell part of the team to lot's investment group. >> new, this morning, we are hearing reports of a possible
5:40 am
widespread comcast outage in the bay area. this is a picture from the website, all of the red are areas where people are reporting outages, cording to the site, most of the problems are related to the internet, but some people they say they are having problems with tv and phone service as well. we have tried to contact comcost. we have not heard back from there. we'll keep following this and bring you updates on what may be happening with them as we get them. >> we have heard from alot of people. you can't change the channel or you just think there is something wrong, but it is widespread. >> that's a huge area. we'll continue to follow that. >> right now, it's 5:40, just a bizarre story, chained, beaten, tossed to the side of the road. coming up in our next hour, new details emerging about the kidnapping and release of a redding mother. >> first, an invitation to
5:41 am
complain about your car the new add that may soon be added to all-new vehicles. >> it's getting busy out there if you are driving in the east bay, westbound 80 does not look bad. >> >> weak system moving through, producing some light rain, lake county, parts of the east bay, north bay, we'll take a closer look at that and talk about cool temperatures.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". in cuba, a procession happening right now, taking fidel castro's ashes from havana to its final resting place in the eastern city of santiago. his ashes were placed in a coffin covered by the cuban flag. the procession will travel 500- miles in four days.
5:44 am
victory tour castro and his fellow rebels took after overthrowing the previous regime in 1959. his funeral is on sunday. >> federal officials are trying to figure out if monday's attack at ohio state was an attack of terrorism, isis is claiming responsibility. a statement calls the somali born student that drove his car into a group of students and stabbed others "a soldier of the islamic state." the fbi said the attacker was not known to them. a campus police officer shot and killed the suspect within minutes of the attack. >> authorities have toll us the name of the man shot and killed monday night outside of his home in castro valley. but they don't know why he was shot. family members and friends gathered at the home of the 37- year-old, he was shot several times monday night and his nine- year-old daughter was in the home at the time.
5:45 am
>> >> it's very, very traumatic. this is what hits home with everybody in the community. no child should have to see their parent gunned down in the middle of the street. i don't know how a nine-year- old begins to recover from something like that. >> deputies say it's possible that someone followed him home. >> federal regulators want to make it easier for drivers to report safety problems in their cars. they are pre posing adding mandatory labels to all-new cars that would give drivers instructions on how to file safety complaints. national highway safety administration uses consumer complaints to investigate safety problems and issue recalls, however, money to pay for the veg may be a problem. last year, the agency did not have enough people to look into complaints and there has not been any new funding since. the san jose sharks won
5:46 am
last night, beating arizona and are now in first place in the pacific division. pacific division. sharks play the kings in los angeles tonight. >> >> 5:46 is the time. time to go back to sal for a look at traffic morning, sal? >> right now, we have traffic that is doing okay for the moist part. we have some slow traffic on the tracey commute, driving in on 205 and 580, very slow traffic, especially 205 approaching the 580 interchange speeds are pretty low and you can expect to be in stop and go traffic as you go throughout the area. moving along and taking a look at 880 north and southbound, it
5:47 am
is not a bad drive in front of the coliseum. i keep looking at c-h-p's list. nothing going on, minor things here and there, but nothing causing delays. gentlemenning to the bay bridge. now, at 5:47, let's go to steve. >> thank you sal, increasing clouds and some light rain out there. more of splash and dash pattern. we had reports from ft. bragg and up in lake county. napa, sonoma, and even around martinez. there is a little bit in the mix. some in lake county. -- pretty good system increasing highway 12 and back to fairfield. and then from antioch, highway 4. clayton, it looks like concorde, to walnut creek, highway 24. again, these don't last very long. it might be a little bit, but
5:48 am
parts of the east bay. also, richmond, berkeley and right over to western marin county. still more middletown, cloverdale, but not alot. our system is rather weak, but it's producing rain and alot of cloud cover. that will keep us on the cool side. the breeze has picked up awe little bit. slightly cooler pattern. the lows have come up. they were colder than this two hours ago. 38, 39 stanford, belmont, balmy, 49 degrees. light snow in the sierra nevada, but overall, mostly cloudy, light rain, won't last very long. 50s on the temperatures, isolated 60 or so, a rather cool day. we'll clear it out late ton. thursday looks good, friday looks good. saturday and everything begins to change sunday.
5:49 am
coldest air of the young season is at the time to move in on the west, monday and tuesday. 5:49 is the time. almost a dozen cows on the loose in sacramento county, up next, how they ended up roaming around the neighborhood in the early morning hours.
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police arrested three teen- age robbery suspects after a police chase that ended with a crash. police spotted a stolen car and tried to pull over the driver, but the driver wouldn't stop. the driver ended up crashing into two other cars. one of the cars involved actually went through a fence the three suspects got out, they ran, but they were quickly arrested. the teenagers are between 14-16 years old suspected of robberies in oakland and possibly other cities. we are learning more about the suspects possible motive in the brutal killing earlier this month of annealed an -- they
5:53 am
are accused of luring carla to an east oakland park, stabbing her and setting her on fire. k-t-v-u has learned the two women enveloped a close personal relationship while working together at a fast footed restaurant and reportedly curtis taylor did not like that. shy was a volunteer with the sheriff's department and hoped to become a law enforcement officer one day >> we never thought we would have to prepare her family to go through something like that. never thought we had to. unfortunately, they are getting an experience of what losing a brother or sister is like. >> we learned curtis taylor received help from youth up rising in the past. that organization helps at risk young people.
5:54 am
k-t-v-u interviewed him in 2011 as he was getting ready for a job interview. he told us he didn't want to end up like his friend that was killed a year before. >> researcher at u-c-f-s made to big discoveries while researching zika. they discovered that a common antibiotic may prevent the virus from infecting cells. currently, there is no treatment to prevent the zika virus from harming an unborn baby and an infection during pregnancy can lead to serious birth deeffects. birth deeffects.
5:55 am
>> time is 5:55, a university on the east coast trying to lure college students away to them. they are offering same in state tuition rates they would pay at u-c schools, $13,000. the university said it is making that offer because of maine's declining population of high school graduates. >> some people near sacramento were surprised to see cows wandering around their neighborhood. 11 cows escaped from a trailer and roamed around some of the neighborhoods, eventually, they split into two herds, six cows went to an apartment complex
5:56 am
and huddled behind an air conditioning unit. the other five went to an r-v park. one man heard something brushing against his building. he thought someone was trying to break in >> my grandson came out and said it was cows in here, i said "what" >> the cow's owner said the cows were on their way to oregon on a trailer, apparently, the driver of the truck pulling the trailer stopped to take a little nap. while he was sleeping, someone opened the latch on the trailer, animal control was able to get all of the cows back on the trailer, nobody and no cows were hurt in that incident. >> 5:56, one of the two inmates that broke out of santa claira jail has been caught. we'll tell you where police found him and the manhunt that goes on for a second inmate. >> tragedy at cirque du
5:57 am
soleil's new show in san francisco. the deadly accident now under investigation. >> good morning, highway 24 doesn't look bad, so far, any way as you drive-thru lafayette and go towards the tunnel. >> light rain moving through, mostly cloudy, a cool day, today, we'll look at the extended forecast and see if there is any more rain coming. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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good morning, thank you for joining us, we are looking out over the -- over oakland. >> it looks cold out there. >> it's cold in most parts of the bay area. don't forget to grab a coat. thank you for joining you, it's
6:00 am
wednesday, november 30th. i'm pam cook >> good morning, i'm dave clark let's talk more about your weather. steve paulson has all of the details >> you think it's cold now, wait until next wednesday. coldest air of the season, all bottled up in alaska. but there are signs it will make a move. until we get there, we have a weak system giving us light rain. and then we stretch to contra costa. clayton and walnut creek, it looks like alamo as well. san pablo, a little bit in michael finley


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