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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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central california from or no, sir a trailer. the driver of the truck decided to take a nap and pulled off on the side of the road. today at 9:00, the other side of the fight for 15. what employers are saying about the threat of technology. and living with a disease most people expected you to die from. >> i'm not sure that i want it back. what the president of the university of san francisco weighs in on sanctuary schools and protecting students. tudents. so in the commercial break, this is what you missed. we were talking about the story out of tennessee where these metal plant workers together won $420 million. right. we split it up. that would be like 21 million each. >> not bad. >> mike was giving me grief because i said i would keep working. you guys would -- >> working here. >> yeah. >> if you work in a factory. >> we work in a stressful
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environment. >> right. >> if i won, i would work but i would look for other opportunities. >> scale it back a bit. >> i would work but i would have a different attitude. >> right. the reason i would work, i have heard people hitting it big and then their whole life turns upside-down and in ten years, they're poor and they broke up with their loved one. >> i feel i have the discipline. >> i would have people helping me. >> right. i would definitely keep working. maybe check back in ten years and see if that's still the case. play the lottery. let's strike it rich. thank you for being here. >> i can see you as a rich woman. >> really. what does that look like? i would love to know. there is something serious happening in san francisco. a large show of course. people holding a protest in san francisco showing their opposition to the construction of the controversial dakota access pipeline in north dakota. our alex savidge is live in the city where the demonstration got started in the past hour. what is happening there, alex? right now we have a group of well over 100 people i would
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say marching down market street. they just left justin herman plaza a short time ago. essentially this group will be marching to different banks here in the downtown area. and many people will be walking in and pulling their money out of the banks as a show of support for the standing rock tribe. and that is the tribe trying to stop construction of the dakota access pipeline. this protest organized by the group called idle no more sf bay. it began at justin herman plaza this morning at 8:00. they are trying to stop construction of the pipeline that would impact the standing rock sioux tribe. they are worried how it would impact the water supply. this morning, participants held a prayer for the water. >> water has memory. we all need water. humans, plants, and animals. and all mother earth needs
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water. what is happening in standing rock is a lot of the water protectors, not protesters. we are protecting the water so future generations can live off of water. we can't drink oil. so we prayed to the water and we asked for forgiveness. >> reporter: and, again, the point of this protest is to encourage people to take their money out of financial institutions which organizers believe is funding the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. this protest will first head to the quarters of pnb bank and wells fargo, citibank and bank of america locations here in the downtown area. this demonstration obviously very peaceful right now. the group is marching on the sidewalk as we speak. about 100 or so people. this protest is expected to last until 11:00 this morning. send it back to you guys. >> thank you, alex. it looks like both sides are refusing to back down. north dakota authorities are blocking supplies being delivered to demonstrators after the governor issued a
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mandatory evacuation order on monday. protesters say they will stay put. 2,000 military veterans are heading there next week to act as human shields to protect the demonstrators. it involves building a pipeline beneath the lake. protesters say it threatens water resources and sacred sites. donald trump announced he is leaving his business empire to focus being president. he is not required to separate himself from business operation, he tweeted, but he believes it is quote visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses, end quote. mr. trump says he will hold a news conference in new york city on december 15th to discuss this decision. last night president-elect trump had dinner with his chief of staff and former presidential nominee mitt romney. this is the second time that he has met with mr. trump amid speculation that he is being considered for secretary of state despite opposition from
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some trump supporters. after the dinner, romney said the conversation had been, quote, enlightening and interesting and engaging. during the campaign, romney harshly criticized donald trump as being a phony and fraud. house democrats have reelected nancy pelosi as their leader. we had it as breaking news minutes after it happened. tim ryan had challenged pelosi for the leadership position. he said given the disappointing results in the recent election, it was time for a change but pelosi has been reelected for house minority leader. in an interview with rolling stone, president obama said his wife will never run for president. there were calls for her to run as president. he calls his wife as one of the most talented people he knows. i joke that she is too sensible to want to be in politics.
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the president says he and his wife will continue to be very active on the grass roots level when they leave the white house. hillary clinton made a surprise appearance last night at the snowflake ball in new york city. she was there to present the humanitarian award to singer katy perry. perry was a big supporter of the democratic presidential nominee and campaigned for her. >> someone whose powerful voice and creative lyrics remind us when you get knocked down to get back up. >> this was hillary clinton's second public appearance since conceding the november 8th election to president-elect trump. hundreds of bay area workers joined protesters across the nation for the fight for 15. we showed you as they took to the streets demanding that the federal minimum wage be raised to $15. the demonstrators included airport workers, fast food workers, child care employers and uber and lyft drivers.
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police arrested and cited and later released 27 people who blocked an intersection in east oakland. >> corporations, they're hurting us on a daily basis. let's hurt their pocket for once. that's why i stand today and every other day until we get what we deserve. >> another group pushing for higher minimum wage marched peacefully outside of sfo yesterday. there were similar demonstrations at major airports across the country. a friend sent me a forbes article talking about the other side of this fight for 15 argument. it was written by the former president and ceo of mcdonalds. he touches on how earlier this month mcdonalds announced a rollout of the self service kiosks that will replace the people working at the cash registers. then there is the fully automated restaurant that includes two in san francisco and one in berkeley. the former ceo of mcdonalds says this type of technology and the possible rise in minimum wage could lead more people to being laid off
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instead of hired at all. since these jobs are entry level, it could make it harder to get early work experience. that leaves a big question for franchise owners. increase wages or really eliminate jobs because of these touch screens. i keep going back to i don't go into the bank branch too often. you think about the tellers. look how many empty windows are. that's because of the atm. there's only two or three people in there. >> is it going to happen across the country for other businesses? i'm not sure. maybe at mcdonalds. >> i have also read, you know, other articles. i have read a couple -- that one and another point of view is that this will help people have more money to buy goods and services from small businesses. it is quite a debate. and, you know, you can see both sides of it. but right now, i haven't seen that in mcdonalds yet, by the way, mike. i always deal with a person. >> i have seen it in safeway and i tried to order a sandwich and i got so frustrated i gave
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up and i flagged someone over and i had the face-to-face. i'm also that person who will wait in line to have a real checker at the end of the line instead of using one of the computers. it's either you or my family at home. i love the spontaneous human interaction. i like a friendly checker on the other side. >> i do to. the president-elect and vice president-elect are going to indiana tomorrow to talk about carrier plant that was going to go to mexico. now a thousand jobs are going to say in indiana. i was listening on the radio coming to work from an employee who says he is happy that part of this deal, we will learn more details, he will have to take a pay cut but he will have a job instead of the jobs leaving. there's a lot of debate for the companies. cut the pay of folks, give increases in minimum wage which california is doing, new york is leading the way in that or eliminate jobs. we could debate it all day. >> we will keep talking about it. we have been debate withing
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a lot of things on mornings on 2. one more fun to talk about, the holiday season. a lot of people are getting busy putting up one of the biggest traditions, a christmas tree. this mornings on mornings on 2. >> i would love to have one but i don't have one yet. a family feud going on. >> i want to hear this. i want to hear this. >> let's read this here. >> let's get through the question and then we will have the mike mibach family drama. >> do you go real or fake and why? we use both real nobel fir because of the holiday tradition but our ten foot fake is something special. >> benjamin says real 100% or you're faking christmas. >> gail says fake. i like lots of lights and don't have to worry about a fire with a fake tree. >> i have heard that too. the smell, you don't have to worry about it drying out for you. what if you want to have it up from the day after thanksgiving all the way to january 15th. >> right.
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>> a real tree won't last that long. >> the fire hazard. the smell subpoena what i'm paying for. the smell is why i haven't been able to go fake. your dilemma in the mike mibach household, when to get the tree. >> i would love to have a tree right now but my wife doesn't want it yet. >> but you get a real tree. >> she wants to wait until we do a holiday get together and take a day off work and take the children to get it. i would love to have it in the house now. >> interesting. >> and light it up. tomorrow is december 1st. but. >> right. >> i think i'm with the mrs. on this one. you're real all the way. >> let us know, real or fake christmas street. real or fake. you can reach us #ktvu. >> when is the appropriate time to put it up. >> bonus for you. coming up on mornings on 2 a crazy news story we have been following for a week. the two inmate who's escaped from the jail, one is back behind bars. we expect to hear more about his capture coming up in
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minutes. plans for the new warriors arena in san francisco takes another step forward after a decision from the
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>> markets are mixed at 9:14. we see the dow jones is up by 60 points. s&p is flat. nasdaq however down by 37 points. about three quarters of one percent. soccer fans in brazil gathered to remember the soccer players who died in the plane crash in columbia. people lit candles, prayed and cried together at the team's headquarters. the team had boarded the jet headed for a south american championship. video taken early on in the flight shows them smiling and laughing as they headed for the first of the title matches. in the meantime the death toll from the crash has been lowered to 71. officials say there were four fewer people on the flight than
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originally thought. and six people did survive the crash. three players, two crew members and a journalist. black boxes from the plane have been recovered and are in good condition. that will help investigators figure out what led to the crash. san jose's professional soccer team went to twitter to send condolences to the team's family and all affected by the tragic accident. the golden state warriors celebrating a victory over the new areign a the state court of appeals upheld the environmental impact report for the stadium. they say the arena would create traffic congestion and other problems at ucsf mission bay hospital. the court ruled that the arena would not interfere with hospital access. the city plans to increase muni and train service in the area and other traffic reduction areas. the new areign will is set to open in 2019. the alliance will consider an
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appeal to the state supreme court. research efforts at mission bay to find cures for diseases would be negatively impacted by the warriors arena. in a statement the warriors says the decision clears the path for us to build a new state of the art sports and entertainment venue and bring the warriors back to san francisco. >> oakland is considering plans for a major new development in uptown. it is called east line. it would include offices, retail space and community arts space and fill the entire block between broadway and telegraph at 21st and 22nd. if approved they hope to start building in 2018. just about two months away from super bowl 51 in houston texas. crews are preparing to construct a three tiered traveling nightclub. taylor swift and bruin amars are some of the acts performing there leading unto the big game. some tickets will be available to the public while others are for vips. >> they get to attend thursday
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and friday night. if so lucky, they might be able to attend saturday night. there's a special thing that they're doing around super saturday night. >> on february 5th, i'm going to take it down and i'm move thanksgiving to my next city. >> super bowl 51 is sunday, february 5th. you can watch it right here on ktvu fox 2. a lot of chatter not just in the bay area but across the country about the silver and black. >> yes. wouldn't that be something. >> super bowl 51. >> absolutely. >> it's not out of the question. >> maybe we take the 9 on the road for that should it happen. steve, we will take you too. steve paulson with weather. >> yes. maybe the road will go through oakland instead of new england. >> that would be nice. >> it would be nice. a weak system is clearing to the north. it looks like the rest of today will be okay. we had light rain this morning, areas of fog, cold. there is still drizzle out there. we are starting to see breaks. don says heavy drizzle on the
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coast by pacifica. i appreciate that. sal had drizzle on his friday traffic jams. maybe not. we do have system right there. that's what he was talking about. it looks like it is almost through. going to the coast. it stretches over to parts of the east bay. but really there's not a lot left here anymore. things are starting to improve. there's your clearing up in parts of mendocino county, lake county and sonoma county. that will win out and we will get partly sunny skies in here. cold. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. thursday, we will deal with fog tomorrow. thursday, friday and saturday looks good. temperatures today in the 50s. but, again, i want to give everyone a heads-up. five days away, there are sure signs that it will get darn right scold a lot of snow up in the sierra early next week. well, i can relate to this. this is janine de la vega in
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san jose. >> i saw this. >> george, photojournalist says who needs a jacket when you can wear shorts here. it is 39 degrees and i left my house this morning and i have a scarf and long shorts on. george is wearing shorts. i'm with him on that. >> i'm with him too. >> no way. i'm with janine. >> it gets hot working. >> no, you don't. >> do you know how heavy those cameras? walking around. >> oh, man. i like it, steve. >> you got it. >> thank you for the illustration. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, donald trump's election has many students concerned about their immigration status. we talk with the president of the university of san francisco coming up.
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>> san francisco supervisor david campos wants the city to set aside $5 million to protect undocumented immigrants. it would be used to hire lawyers to help those facing
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deportation. campos is an immigrant. he has been working with the public defender to hire about 30 new immigration attorneys and staff. >> it is a shame that there are 1600 people in detention proceedings right now in san francisco and thousands more around the country who don't have a right to a lawyer. >> we should do what we can to help people. that doesn't mean we should throw our doors open and throw our common sense out the window. >> critics say san francisco should not encourage immigrants to come here by offering assistance. president-elect donald trump has promised to strip funding from sanctuary cities. for san francisco that could mean a lots of $1 billion a year. there is growing -- there is a growing movement happening here in the bay area and across the country. >> right. we're seeing petitions being circulated signed by students, faculty and aliny to turn
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universities into sanctuary campuses. this comes as students in the deferred action for childhood arrivals studying abroad are being advised to return home quickly. >> we are joined on the phone by the president of the university of san francisco. father, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> let megyn real quick. how many students would you say on campus are taking part in the daca program. >> out of our 11,000 students, we have about 80 who have voluntarily participated in the daca program. >> okay, father. will usf use every means possible to protect those students on campus? >> we are. and we have referred them to our own faculty in the law school as well as to legal clinics here in town and around the bay area. >> father, is there a limit as to what you can do? if it is federal law and the federal agents come to your campus and say we're going to
9:24 am
essentially take these people, what can you do? it is federal law after all? >> well, we will do everything within the law to protect our students, including, you know, asking for warrants and subpoenas and, you know, legal documentation on the part of authorities. in the end, yes, at the end of the day we will obey the law. >> is this a largely symbolic stance or have you had federal agents come to the university in the past? >> we -- well, we cooperate quite well with federal immigration officials to maintain the advice as of about 2,000 international students. so we have a very good relationship with immigration authorities to make sure that our students have their visas and that their visas remain valid through and after their studies. >> father, you talked about at the top there usf's own infrastructure. when you direct these students who are part of the daca program to law professors or law students there, what if a
9:25 am
professor were to refuse the professor at the law school? i mean, will they be disciplined because they're not helping or have other beliefs about what you guys are doing? re doing? >> well, the dean of the law school came to us directly from the white house where he worked in housing and urban development. john previously worked in the clinton administration. sew has a great deal of practical expertise including immigration law. professor bill ing has great expertise. we're asking for volunteers. many of the faculty did volunteer to represent unaccompanied minors over the past couple of years. >> on the bigger scale, what would happen if these hundreds of thousands of students across the country part of the daca program were deported in what happens. >> well, the federal government already has their names, their finger prints, home addresses. you know, so these student
9:26 am
voluntarily participated in an initiative by president obama to give them, you know, a status so they could pursue their education and enter the workforce. so the students are rightfully quite, quite worried and concerned. not only that they placed themselves now at risk, at jeopardy, but also their families. >> father paul fitzgerald. thank you for taking the time to join in on this conversation. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. coming up, if you like cuban cigars and rum, stay with us. what the recent death of fidel castro means for the business in cuba.
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>> there she is. live look at union square in san francisco. you can see the rink there on your left and the christmas tree in the middle. they used to bring in a real one. that one is fake. we have been asking people the question of the day. do you go real christmas tree or fake one. katrina is with me. she is against me. stopped having christmas trees with kitties. we switched to an artificial years ago because of allergies. no more vacuuming needles and sneezing attack there's. >> i have to say i love real trees. if i was allergic, i would go fake. forget it. >> not deal withing that. >> real 100% of the time. what do i look like to you some nonamerican? he is saying this in jest. >> the tree lighting that will
9:30 am
happen in oakland, it is a real tree in oakland. that is happening friday night. now to facebook. kevin writes i prefer a real tree although for many cost is undoubtedly a factor during tough economic times. i hear you. i've always had real trees. this year i opted for an artificial trees. they have come a long way and look real compared to the fake trees of the past. i go real. we go real tiny. it is like a charlie brown christmas tree. we appreciate your use of our tvu. a news conference is about to begin. we expect to get an update on the capture of one of the two inmates from the santa clara county jail. >> the other inmate who escaped is still out there on the run. >> janine de la vega is live in san jose. we are learning more on how they captured campbell. >> reporter: we learned that laron campbell's sister was
9:31 am
also arrested in antioch. we are inside the sheriff's office where a news conference is about to start. we are seeing they are going to be entering momentarily. they have a podium set up here as well as the inmates' photos. you can see campbell's photo. he has been captured. they are stool looking for charge -- still looking for chavez. here are pictures of the two that were taken into custody last night in antioch. sheriffs officials say she was helping harbor him. they have not released details how they tracked there. now you see the officials are coming up to the podium. let's go to them live. >> good morning. the sheriff's office -- [audible difficulties]
9:32 am
>> we apologize for the problem we're having as we work to get our microphone working. we're getting the update on the capture of one inmate. let's listen in gun. >> the 1,000 block in antioch. our decks then contacted the u.s. marshal service for assistance. and the u.s. marshals began physical surveillance of the residence. after several hours of constant surveillance, the marshalls were able to see that campbell was indeed at the residence. on november 29th at approximately 10:00 p.m., the united states marshall service and the antioch police department served a warrant at the residence. upon entering the residence, they determined that campbell was hiding in the attic. and campbell then crashed through the ceiling on to the floor where the marshall service and police took him
9:33 am
into custody without further incident. u.s. marshal service transported campbell to the santa clara county main jail where he was booked into custody. his sister was arrested for harboring a fugitive. she too is booked into the main jail. our investigation has benefited greatly from the steady tips our agency has received since sheriff smith announced the $20,000 reward. we will leave no stone unturned until chavez is also returned to custody. as sheriff smith has stated. the sheriff's office will seek prosecution of anyone who harbors, aides or assists these escapees to the full extent of the law. this investigation has been an all hands on deck effort. the sheriff's office has been
9:34 am
working tirelessly since the escape and the steady public tips and outstanding police work is paying off. we're especially grateful to the community, allied agencies, the u.s. marshal service and we also want to thank the media for keeping these faces known to the community. with that, i'll take a few questions. few questi >> does the 20 grand go to the person who called in the tip? >> the $20,000 will go to those who -- who give us information that will lead to the -- to the successful apprehension of the two. i can't give an answer as to how that money will be divided. >> how confident that you will catch chavez? >> we are very confident. we are following up on the tips coming in. we are narrowing, we believe, the location where he may be. subpoena we are working around the clock to take him back into custody.
9:35 am
>> now that he is in custody and you plan to talk to family members, there's been allegations by some family members that campbell escaped allegedly because he was being beaten in the jail. could you address that? true or false? part of the investigation. >> i have no information to that at all. >> can you go back to the moment -- >> santa clara county officials giving us some pretty dramatic details of the capture of one of two inmates still on the loose. the man that you see on the screen there with the distinctive tattoo on his eye is chavez. he is still on the loose. we have been learning about the discovery of campbell. he was caught near antioch with his sister. he essentially fell down into the deputies' laps. >> eventually they determined that he was inside the residence and got the warrant and went in and he dropped out of the attic, i guess. he was hiding up there.
9:36 am
>> and they took him into custody without further incident. the other thing that he the authorities said, if you are harboring a fugitive, you too will be prosecutorred to the full ex -- prosecuted to the full extent of the law. for more on the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> here are some of the other top stories we're following. a technician for the cirque du soleil show lucia died in san francisco after being hit by a lift. it happened near at&t park just before the show was scheduled to start. the show was later canceled. right now it is not clear how the accident happened. in a statement, cirque du soleil says in part it is with immense sadness we report a fatal accident that occurred november 29th during the preset of the show lucia in san francisco. we are currently gathering more information about this tragic accident and we will update you with more details as soon as we're in a position to do so. in other news, a man with a
9:37 am
fake gun caused a real scare last night at san francisco's metrian movie theater. police were called about a man who may have a gun at the theater. the s.w.a.t. team was called in. the building was evacuated. the man was loudly talking in the front rows of the theater as the new brad pitt movie allied was just starting. the man according to witnesses pulled out what looked like a real gun. no one was hurt. even though it was a fake gun, the man may still be charged with a felony. those are just a come of our headline -- couple of our headlines. mike, gasia and sal, i'll send it back to you. the california contractor's state license board filed an accusation against segue
9:38 am
construction say it disregarded building plans or specifications. it also says it didn't use accepted trade standards for good and workman like construction. the company now has 15 days to respond to the accusations. recently president obama further lifted trade and tourism restrictions on cuba allowing americans to bring home for cigars and rum. >> theem bar go has been in place since 1958. >> what does it mean? steve marshall, ceo of cuban venture corporations. you lived in cuba for 12 years. i want to ask about tourism. if we're going to touch cuba, it's going to be through a visit. >> there are 12 different segments of the u.s. population that can visit cuba and given permission by president obama.
9:39 am
and obviously it is about culture. the trips permitted don't allow tourism trips in terms of going to the beach. they have to be educational based. you have to be furthering your education in one way or another. >> in regards to people going down there and staying, airbnb is right in our backyard in san francisco. one company that is doing fairly well in cuba. what other companies are you seeing that are succeeding. >> you have sheraton, star wood hotels, you have american airline that's opened a sales office in havana. and stripe, google. all of these companies went down with president obama in december 2014. and their business is thriving. >> you lived in cuba for 12 years. >> yes. >> in your opinion, if restrictions are lifted, do you think that slowly and surely
9:40 am
the culture there will change? more businesses will pop up and maybe some of the communist restrictions will lift? or would you not agree with that? >> well, i think that the -- the situation in terms of business in cuba, most of the limitations for american companies are actually imposed by the u.s. government. okay. i mean, we have seen every u.s. business that has been allowed to operate in cuba is currently operating. so cuba is giving the permission for these businesses to operate. yet getting the approval from the u.s. side is the difficult part for the u.s. companies. >> what about president-elect donald trump's vow to terminate the relations between u.s. and cuba? >> uh-huh. >> if he can't get, quote, a better deal. how would that play a role with businesses in the united states in. >> well, i think that president- elect obama -- sorry, trump, is looking at a better commercial deal with cuba. okay. we have seen a lot of in-roads proposed by obama but not
9:41 am
really on a commercial angle. whereas i think trump will pursue more of a commercial atmosphere and relationship with cuba. and that could only be favorable. >> talk to me about raman cigars. >> you have seen that obama recently just approved the sale of cigars in the u.s. and also that anybody who visits cuba from the u.s. can bring back as much of those as they wish. previously it was limited to 100. >> all you can grab and stuff in that suitcase. thank you for talking to us about what is happening and the future of cuba. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, an idea that i love. the unique pricing system at one restaurant. why the owners say some customers may pay 10 times more than the person next to them but why it's a good thing and
9:42 am
it goes to a good cause. up next, we are live with the reporter behind the stories and one of the mean featured in this documentary.
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let's bring back the holidays. >> last man standing is the san francisco kron being i will documentary that follows the eight survivors of aids that first contracted it during the epidemic in the 1980s. >> 30 years ago we were supposed to die and be dead. but we are here. >> people are saying here is your life back. >> i'm not sure i want it back. >> why am i still alive?
9:45 am
>> and joining us this morning is the reporter who wrote the stories of the men and one of the subjects of the documentary, kevin vandenberg. thank you for coming in. kevin, your story, take us back to when you tested positive for hiv. >> it was in 1987. i was living in chicago. it was around the time that they were saying everyone who is positive will progress and have aids. i figured i better find out. >> what were you doing at the time in chicago? >> at the time i was at the university of chicago. yeah. i was a student. and i was considering going to graduate school in psychology. i was encouraged to do that. when i found out i was positive, i thought -- back then they were saying -- >> you cut all of your plans short. >> yeah. i thought what is the point.
9:46 am
because at that point it was not a question of if, it was when. >> right. >> and so -- yeah. >> erin, in reporting on this story, have you found the stark differences between the way that people were treated who had aids in the '80s and the way that people are treated now? i imagine you have seen a big difference. tell us about that. >> yeah. now it is very much focused on prevention. but it is very treatable. hiv cannot be cured of course. but people who are diagnosed now are immediately put in treatment. on one pill a day. it is a manageable condition. at the time that kevin was diagnosed, there was no treatment. it was get your affairs in order and you're going to die. you have a period of months, years, something like that. and even after the treatments came along in the '90s, it was still a really hard treatment. it was, you know, a rough time. >> and i remember when we covered a story here in the bay
9:47 am
area of the first senior living complex for lgbt seniors and they said we never thought we would need one of these because so many people were dying. talk to me about other aspects of life that no one ever considered. >> well, it's just amazing. there are so many of us who are living the life that we never thought we would have and having to deal with issues. i remember when i -- i took a job so that i would have benefits. >> health insurance. >> i thought i was going to day. one of them was long-term disability. it said it's going to end when you turn 65. and i was like 35. it was laughable. people are dealing with issues about money, that they're going to lose. >> right. >> and housing. and all sorts of things that i never thought that would be a
9:48 am
problem we would have to face. >> erin you wrote about this report that estimated 2400 people with hiv or aids in the city have private disability that will expire at retirement age. that's a huge deal. >> yeah. >> what happens to these individuals. >> kevin loses half of his income basically. roughly half. he is on -- they get social security disability a lot of them. and this long-term private disability. the long-term private disability goes away. hundreds of dollars. and suddenly if you're in an apartment that you can afford, suddenly it is completely unaffordable. >> kevin, have you thought about this? >> all the time. >> all the time. >> it has been a paralyzing fear because i never thought i would live to be 65. i'm 57 now. so chances are, you know, that i will be around. and my income will be cut in half. and in ten years or so, $1,500,
9:49 am
i can't see being able to stay here. it just seems like there's lip service being paid to, oh, well, this is a problem but i don't think anything will be done about it to provide any real intervention. >> i have heard of stories of survivor who's have this guilt of seeing their loved ones pass away. have you ever been angry at yourself for being alive today? >> well, yes, in a way. i wonder why, you know, so many wonderful, creative, vital people are gone, and i'm still here and feel like i haven't done much with my life. and also that i never really got that ill compared to what so many other people went through. i mean, i was in chicago. i mean, there are so many people in san francisco who just were on the front lines and they just saw the whole city, you know, ground zero and
9:50 am
all of that. >> like a holding pattern for 30 years. >> have you ever heard that every man is responsible for his own happiness and choosing to seek joy. >> high school graduation. >> my high school graduation. >> we're going back a few years. >> i'm like that is very powerful. keep charging and every man is responsible for his own happiness. and -- >> and trying to remember his graduation speech. >> you're a good writer. >> thank you. >> i know you keep those papers from chicago tucked away. >> yeah. >> the documentary is being shown tomorrow at 7:00 at the castro theater in san francisco. there are still tickets available. and if you get tickets by going to look for it right there in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. and you can find it on our ktvu mobile app. thank you for joining us.
9:51 am
we will be right back here on the 9.
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>> new at 9:00, concord police announced that 15-year-old football player has been arrested for sexually assaulting a teenage girl. the player's identity has not been revealed because he is a minor. it happened on the campus two
9:54 am
weeks ago after a football game. the victim attends a different high school. concord police say that this case is being forwarded now to the district attorney's office for possible charges. we will continue to follow that breaking story out of the concord police department. let's move now to a story with pretty incredible video. all the way out of new york, a real life pot of gold. take a look. video released by the new york police department on twitter. a man in a vest take a look, he is the man they are looking for. the bucket has 85 pounds of gold flakes inside. it is worth one and a half million dollars. he stole it out of the back an armored car. >> how does that happen. >> he saw it and took it and walked away. police are releasing the video. it is incredible. it looks like he is carrying a
9:55 am
pot of soup or something. >> i will say it a third time, how does that happen. some children in a san diego hospital had unexpected and special visitors. special birds from sea world stopped by to cheer up the young patients. there were penguins that wobbled down the hallway to the kids. also an owl and the slowest animal in the world was also along for the visit. the sloth was a big hit with the kids. they were given stuffed version of rudolph the red nosed reindeer. david mccullough has no prices on the menu at his restaurant in new mexico. he says pay what you feel. that could mean a dollar while someone else pays $10 for the same meal. people who pay morneau they are helping someone else eat good food.
9:56 am
he says nearly everybody pays something. >> most people are fair and honest and want to contribute. even if paying are, say, hopeless or struggling, they want to contribute and pay what they can. >> it is the concept of taking care of each other. >> the idea is not completely new. it started six years ago in colorado. a musician by the name of jon bon jovi, you may have heard of him, he had his pay what you can called soul kitchen. >> i love that story. starting tomorrow, we're asking for input from to bring us great stories about acts of kindness and segments that allow you to give back. we need your help. if you have a story about a local person or group that fits these guidelines, doing good in their community, we want to hear from you. nominate them on click on the mornings tab. include your phone number and e- mail so we can talk to you about the story and we will bring it to you on the 9. >> in case you missed it yesterday, we had the tap dancing christmas trees in our studio.
9:57 am
check this out. i saw the picture. look at that. >> they have a new member. >> that is me after work. >> i love your hair. >> i love your hair. >> you are showing me my dream. i would love to be able to work up a routine. >> you danced withem this. we should show the video. >> they taught me the -- >> if i had any coordination or ability, i would. >> i think it is on instagram if you want to check it out. thank you for joining us today. i'm on my way to tap my way to the noon newscast.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? i have a great show for you! we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ cheers ] ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: okay, okay. thank you very much for watching the show.


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