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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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sky fox. the cars are turning around and going down that onramp. as we pan out we will give you a sense of how big this backup is. the headlights go on and on. imen, eastbound 80 near the fruitvale offramp in oakland. we are on the scene. >> reporter: looking behind me, 580 is still completely shout down. it happened at 3:30 this afternoon. a man and a woman in a white car were shot, they ended up at the offram of freight veil. they will survive, they are listed in stable condition. the ensuing traffic has caused havoc on the evening commute in the commuting direction.
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this is fruitvale at eastbound 580. it's closed. california highway patrol is allowing people to go to an onramp at fifth avenue. unfortunately all alternative routes are packed and city streets are jammed. we do not have suspect information but we heard that another car was involved. there is no description of the car, the good news, a man and woman were shot, they were found in a car off the offramp the flute veil avenue. they will sur survive -- survive. >> the backup stretches for miles. that's in the commuting direction. have i police indicated how long it will take to open even
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one lane? >> >> reporter: no. it's gridlock for the cars on 14th avenue. all five lanes are still closed. no eta for when the highway will open. they need to document the scene before cars cause that information or data or bullet casings to disappear. >> all right, henry is on the scene for us. as you look at these pictures, it's not just the eastbound direction. often times in the westbound direction everyone slows down to see what happened. adds we pan down you can see how bad the traffic is in the westbound direction as well. it's a complete mess out there. unfortunately, there are not a lot of good options for getting
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around. we want to she you our live drive time traffic map. you can go up 24 and down 13. the accident happened in this area. the shooting happened here. you can take 13 to 580, right there, or take 880 and cut up to 38, then to 580. those are your two options. henry will stay on the scene. if we get any information, we will let you know. even when they open the lanes, the backup is stretching to far that it will take a while for the traffic to dissipate. in the south bay, in the past half hour, swat teams deployed tear gas into a home in san jose. authorities believe that's
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where the one last escapee is hiding. they believe that rogelio chavez is inside. we are live near the home. any movement? >> reporter: they have not moved in on the house but they have used the tear gas. they tossed in several cannisters. on the outside, several people, including me, started to sneeze and cough. the gas got caught up in the wind and moved down the block. they have used the tear gas 15 minutes ago and nothing happened since then. fugitive rogelio chavez had associates in this area. one of the deputies spotted one
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of the associates into this house. the only movement i have seen was the deputies using the tear gas, it looks like they are going to try to give that person an incentive to leave the house. this happens at the arrest of lanon campbell. as agents entered to a home to serve a search warrant, car -- lanon campbell full from the ceiling. they also arrested his sister, marcaysha alexander for helping
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her brother. now the search is focused on finding rogelio chavez. today the district two counsel person said the jail is going to get new cameras, it's one of the measures that the sheriff is trying to put into place to prevent jail breaks interest the old section. we are still waiting to see what is happening but someone is corners inside of that house. it could be rogelio chavez or one of his associates. the deputy said if you hide a fugitive, you will be prosecuted. we saw that happening with the sister of lanon campbell. if anyone is in that house, they will face charges as wellment we will stay on the
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scene and -- as well. we will stay on the scene and give you an update at the bottom of the hour. >> have officials given any indication as to what led them to this house? >> >> reporter: they have been looking in the area and deputies believe that he had associates in this area. they are trying to be at places where they know his support network would allow him to hide. those are the areas that they are staking out. the deputies saw rog -- rogelio chavez or one of his associates going into this house. they are trying to get him to
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surrender. the deputies are heavily armed. they are all wearing kevlar and have large weapons. thank you. a high school football play at de la salle is under arrest for assaulting a 15 year old girl. the attack happened after a football game earlier this month. >> reporter: the two high schools you see across the street from each other, both schools are dealing with a sexual sail case. concord police said a sexual assault took place on the campus of de la salle high school. >> the case will be forwarded to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: it happened after
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the de la salle football team defeated charter high school. the administration said the following monday, a student at the all girls school across the street came forward. >> a student kam to the principal to report the alleged assault. we put her and her family in touch with our counselors. >> reporter: police said they believed it was an isolated incident. they did not say if the teenagers knew each other. the high school september out letters informing the parents of what happened. >> it's disappointing, our prayers are with our student and her family. >> reporter: de la salle put out a statement saying that
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they are cooperating with the police. they said they kawr about all steuntsz. we are not at liberty to discuss the situation because it's our responsibility to protebility the privacy of the minors involved. now it's up to the contra costa district attorney whether or not to bring charges against the 15 year old student. thank you. we have learned the names of the three people that died after getting sick at a charity thanksgiving dinner in antioch. one is a 43 year old, another a 59 year old and another was a 69 year old. all of them were residents at an assisted living facility. so 19 people either got sick or
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ended up dying after eating defense attorney at the american legion hall. officials have ruled out salmonella and norovirus. they are asking the cdc for help testing for other pop causes. we have a new development in the death of a circus performer. he was the son of the founder of the sur found -- circus. the accident happened yesterday at 6:45. the man was hit with a tent in the head. tonight's performance has been kabled. several killings in west
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oakland -- canceled. several killings in west oakland have put the police on high alert. three people were killed in the last three days. one man was killed in a shooting mere martin luther king. earlier two other people were shot. in january, one of the victims attended a town hall meeting on gun violence. a spokesperson for the mayor said we are mobilizing law enforcement and community partners to stop the violence and any retaliation. a 21 year old was killed when breaking into a home. someone called the police to
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say an intruder was shot. when the officers arrived, the man had several gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. the victim and the resident of the home knew each other. police said they are not looking for any suspects and the people that lived in the home are cooperating. the pilot of the plane that crashed in columbia reportedly told air traffic comptrollers that he had run out of fuel. a recording from the tower was leaked to a radio station, he pilot asked for permission to land due to electrical failure and lack of fuel. the crash killed all but six of the 77 people onboard. >> still to come, what the fbi
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says about the attack at ohio state university. a new report details what this redding mom went through during 21 days of cap activity. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. . back to that breaking news in oakland, a man and a woman have been shot. the investigation has closed eastbound 580 near fruitvale.
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the car is riddled can bullets. >> reporter: yes, i want to show you this white sedan and the crime tape. this is the vehicle that was hit by bullets on the drivers side. you can see all of the bullets on the drivers side doors. you can see the police processing the scene, this is the exit ramp off of 580 east. as we showed you, there were cars backed up while they were processing the scene. i want to go live so we can talk to the oakland police spokes woman. tell us what you know right now. >> after 3:00 p.m. we received multiple calls regarding a shooting on 580. this is reported as eastbound 580. officers were able to respond quickly. we discovered that the vehicle
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had two occupants, a driver and a passenger, they both sustained gunshot wounds. they are at a hospital in stable condition. we know that 580 is a main freeway through the city. it's heavily traveled. during this time, it's daylight. we know that there are a lot of witnesses that were traveling here at this time. if they saw anything, please contact the oakland police department. >> reporter: are the people in the car expected to survive? >> yes, they are in stable condition. >> reporter: what are the officers doing now, what was the response and what are they investigating? >> we are still in the early stages of the investigation, we talking with witnesses and the victims, right now our property is their medical care and
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attention. we are going to be checking video surveillance and asking anyone if they saw or heard anything. we are in the peak of the commute times. a lot of people are just arriving home. they may want to check their own vehicles to see if they were struck by gun fire. this is a time too say, i was there, i saw something. i would like to provide you with information regarding the investigation. we are working with california highway patrol. we also have teams of investigators out here. noam has our assistant chief increased -- not only has orassistant chief increased staffing, -- our assistant chief increased staffing, we asking the community to work
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together with us, shoulder to shoulder to solve the crimes. >> reporter: i see some headlights moving. what is the status on the traffic. one woman said she was this the car for an hour. are you still working there? >> the highway has opened up. we are going to continue to process other areas surrounding the scene. we have our investigators out here. traffic was impacted. woapted to make sure -- we wanted to make sure it was safe. we believe that the shooting took place on the freeway. the suspect's vehicle was on the freeway. we following up with leads. who saw the shooters? we want to know. but the traffic has opened up.
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we are continuing to process the areas around freight veil for -- fruitvale for any evidence. >> reporter: have you seen any evidence of gun fire off of the highway? going beyond this section? >> we have not. that's why we encourage everyone that was traveling in this area around three krawk p.m. to look at your vehicle and if you -- 3:00 p.m. to look at your vehicle and see if you have any damage. >> reporter: when you go home and get your car into the garage, oakland police are asking that you do a walk around on your vehicle to see if your vehicle was hit. they were processing a lot of casings on the highway, they
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are concerned that someone might have been hit and not realize it. 580 is open and the investigation continues. thank you. we have a picture of eastbound 580. as you see, cars are beginning to move on this stretch of road. as we reported, the california highway patrol shut down all lanes in the eastbound direction as they investigated the shooting. a white sedan with several bullet holes at the offramp. we have nothing on the motive. but we are in the midst of the rush hour, finally the drivers are able to move on eastbound 580 in oakland. the fbi said they believe the attack on the ohio state
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university was inspired by isis. the only suspect, abdul razak ali artan, was not known to law enforcement prior to the attack. monday acrashed his car into a crowd and attacked people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. >> he may have been inspired by isis, our investigation will determine that. it's too soon to draw any conclusions. >> abdul razak ali artan was a legal permanent resident of the united states and a student at the school. we had some valley frost. we head for another cool night. tomorrow we have less cloud cover. we have a bit of shower
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activity this the tri valleys area. we have a frost advisory that goes into effect north of the clover dale area. as you look towards the east we have this system. it's been an interesting day for rainfall. we have light drizzle. you are seeing enough to wet the roadways. that's causing some problems, as you look at the current numbers, it's cool, 50 in fairfield. napa, 56. it starts to clear out later tonight and that sets us up with a cold morning for your thursday morning and then the
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weekend is sunny. sunny saturday. cooler sunday. the rainfall is pretty much done after that weekend event. we got over 3 inches in some places. these are the overnight lows, it's going to be cold. as you head out tomorrow morning, it's jacket weather. tomorrow forecast highs are in the 60s. so it's all about upper 50s and the lower 60s. that's thursday. as you look at the five-day forecast, a little bit of valley fog potential. frost. temperatures in the 50s. saturday is the warmest day with a chance of showers. some snow showers on top of diablo. so it's a cool night. dry, mostly sunny conditions
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starting tomorrow. >> it's interesting how the blue at the bottom of the five- day forecast looks cold. >> that's the idea. wearable camera company go pro is announcing more job cuts as it tries to return to profitability. the announcement follows a 7% cut in january. investigators liked the cup when it first -- company when it first went public but it's facing increasing competition from cheaper cameras and smart phones. the owner of sheldon hobby tells us these two men acted like they were going to pay for
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a pair of drones but they left the store instead. the drones are worth $1,000 each. they are looking for help finding them. new york police said this surveillance video shows a man swiping an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes from the back of an armored truck. it happened when the driver when to the cab of the truck to gel a cell phone. the suspect lugged the bucket up the street and went into a van and took off. the flakes are worth $1.5 million. mcdonalds announced that the man that created the big mac has died. it's become one of the best known fast food items in the
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world. his franchise near pittsburgh was put on the menu in the 50s. mcdonalds has sold more than a billion big macs. >> who can forget that commercial. two all beef pat more rallies. >> i remember. a balcony collapse that killed six people in burkely, the contractor that built the building faces the state's most serious sanction. >> we talk to the at that family of a young father that had turned his life around and was ready to graduate from a city program
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or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. 18 months after the balcony collapse in berkeley that killed six irish and united states students, the state board of contractors came down hard on the contractor that built the structure. >> reporter: the building is different, it's a different set of colors and the balconies are gone. now this document means to end
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the company that did the original work. it's the state's most serious and rarely used sanction against a contractor. but for the victims and their families that's a small consolation as they testified in sacramento last august. i have to deal with the loss of my friends and my own injuries. >> she will be forever 22. she will never get married. her father will never walk her up the aisle. >> reporter: the company already awash in litigation, must fight a notice of defense or automatically lose their license, the company did not return my calls. if they fight re r
5:33 pm
-- revocation, they will be having a hard time getting new business. if they are -- their license is revoked, other companies will take over their buildings. it's possible that the company would be allowed to stay in business under the strictest of oversight but consider this about the owner. >> he had $26 million of settlements over the past five years but the state board did not know anything about that. >> reporter: they are hoping to change that law so the licensing board knows those things. >> if the license is revoked, how long until it happens. >> reporter: it's a several
5:34 pm
month process. if they do not appeal this within 15 days, they are finished. if they appeal they have to convince the state contractor's board to give them another chance. it would be like being on parole. if you violate the parole you are done anyhow, but they have this other problem. they have a cloud hanging over their head. when you have that, think about someone highing your company that cannot finish the job. the company has a lot of problems. a car crash outside of the robin williams tunnel snagged traffic. two lanes were blocked. a car flipped on to its side. the california highway patrol said the car came to rest on a power box so they cleared the
5:35 pm
scene, there is though word on any injuries. a san francisco worker was killed while doing his job. he was shot while removing graffiti on an electrical block. the victim was a young father that turned his life around with the help of the mayor's antiviolence work program. >> reporter: his father knelt at the spot where he was killed. the victim died at the hospital. >> it's sad, all that he was doing is working to try to take care of his children. >> reporter: officials said jackson was an apprentice for
5:36 pm
the public works department and was scheduled to graduate last year. he had gone through the mayor's antiviolence program while earning his ged. >> he turned his life around. >> i do not know why they would kill him. >> reporter: family said the news of his death was very hard on his daughter, with whom he shared a special bond. police gathered video of a get away car but they have not released a description. there may have been as many as three witnesses to the shooting. one family member said she's afraid of the consequences that the shooting may have. >> our men will not want to go to work. >> reporter: the department
5:37 pm
said, this is a tragic event, one that we hoped we would never have experienced. our hearts and prayer are with the family. >> i lost my friend last week, now i lost my cousin, i do not know how to feel. thank you. president-elect donald trump is facing increasing pressure to di vest himself from his assets before assuming oofs. this a series of tweets, he said he would separate himself from his empire and give his company to his children. president-elect donald trump also continues to build his cabinet. secretary of state rice met
5:38 pm
with mike pence. there is no word on what role she would play in the administration. also mitt romney met with president-elect donald trump last night. >> they had a great dinner, but it's not a done deal. but it's positive. >> also sarah palin is under consideration for secretary the veteran's affairs. nancy pelosi has been voted voted head of the house democrats. she led the house since 1992.
5:39 pm
new information tonight about the kidnapping and return of a young mother of two from northern california. the sher river released more details including the fact that the kidnappers branded the mother while she was held captive. >> reporter: along quiet roads on the outskirts of redding, yellow ribbons marked the spot where sherri papini vanished. >> she was a nice young lady. >> reporter: concerned neighbors have turned the missing signs into welcome home signs, investigators said while she was held captive for three weeks she was traumatized emotionally and physically. >> i will confirm that the suspects did brand her. i will not geet into the
5:40 pm
details. >> the sheriff is releasing limited details about what sherri papini endured. >> the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identity from her. >> reporter: she said that the suspects spoke spanish. investigators will not say where the suspects took sherri papini and what she went through. her husband recently opened up about his wife's injuries saying she's thin, badly bruised from beatings and her blond hair was shopped off. the sheriff is concerned that the details are publicly known. >> with some of the details that he provided, it could effect the integrity of the investigation.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: it's an investigation left with so many questions, the biggest one is, why would someone take sherri papini. >> we do not have any specific information. >> reporter: as the teamworks to find suspects, the redding community is welcoming home a woman that survived this ordeal. >> the sheriff said he is not releasing the sensitive information related to the case. if you missed the news conference, we posted it on our website, still to come, saving lives on train tracks with tech. a new program that hopes to be a life line for those considering suicide. >> i am live at stanford. we have an important early season college basketball game
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back to our breaking news, two people were shot in a car on eastbound 580. the two shooting victims are expected to survive. the shooting happened theer the fruitvale extent ramp. the investigation shut down east bound traffic for an hour.
5:45 pm
as you can imagine, this caused a major traffic backup. you saw people standing outside of their cars. looking now at the conditions right now. traffic is moving in both directions although, not moving to great in the eastbound direction. but the freeway closure backed up traffic for miles. we also saw the police going on a white sedan that was riddled with bullet holes, we have no information on the motor the suspect but the good news is that traffic is moving although it's slow going in the eastbound direction. a new coach for the stanford basketball team. tonight the two programs meet on the court before the tipoff tonight. it's going to be a good debate. >> reporter: yes, we hope, it's
5:46 pm
east by versus peninsula. so we are shifting our attention to college basketball. saint maries and stanford. these two teams met once before. saint maries won. but stanford is doing well. they just took to out of three games at the tournament in orlando. the coach is still figuring out what his team can do. tonight will help him find out. >> it's a great opportunity for us, we approach the games in a similar fashion in terms of how we prepare, we realize it's a great opportunity. >> we are trying to commit to
5:47 pm
who we are. we have done a nice job of that. tonight is a nice benchmark, they are a difficult time to guard but we are spending time on ourselves and trying to execute the things we work on in practice. >> it's going to be quite a week for stanford. after tonight they go to kansas. so maybe the toughest two game stretch of the season for stanford. we have not even come close to pac 12 play. i am told that there is a few tickets left. if you feel like coming down, it's a nice game to check out. i am looking forward to watching it myself. >> thank you scott. it's being called a crisis, people committing suicide on train tracks. we have a program that hopes that a text message could be a
5:48 pm
life line for people in trouble. >> we will talk about how cold it's going to be tomorrow morning. we have a chance of showers in the five-day forecast. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. preventing suicide on train tracks. cal tran announced a
5:51 pm
partnership with a nonprofit to see if they can prevent suicide. >> reporter: this moam's daughter committed suicide in -- mom's daughter committed suicide in front of a train. >> she was tormented by depression. >> reporter: her death is the most recent in a community that has seen 10 suicides on the train tracks. so now they are announcing a partnership with a nonprofit that offers counseling help through text messages. >> it's a question of, how many people can we preach. >> reporter: the premise is simple, teens in need are more
5:52 pm
likely to call -- text for help. community leaders have been working to address the suicide problem. the city has placed guards at the train crossings and they are testing new camera technology along the tracks. >> there is help and hope. people need to know that. >> reporter: it's too late for her but her mother believes it's a great tool to help the next person. >> if that's how they communicate that's what we should do. >> reporter: the service is already available to those in need. thank you. in some of those drizzle areas,
5:53 pm
we have a little bit of accumulation, maybe half an inch. it was enough to slow down some of the drivers. these are the highs from today, 50s and 60s in the warmest spots. we have more sunshine tomorrow. high pressure will be with us the next few days. we had a few showers in these areas in green by the livermore valley. we have a few reports of things accumulating. the showers are out of here in the next few hours. we have a frost advisory in the areas north of us, it's a cold start to the day tomorrow and a little bit of valley fog.
5:54 pm
we are drying out and clearing out. a warmer day tomorrow by a couple of degrees. thursday looks like we seeing 50s and 60s. friday we have breezy conditions coming in with a north east wind. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the wind gusts are up to 40 miles per hour in the higher elevations. 60 in fairfield. faif nine in livermore. 61 in morgan hill. that's thursday. friday the whipped comes in. -- wind comes in. it's going to be warmer as well. saturday is nice, sunday cools off in advance of some showers. we have significant rain and snow potential for the middle
5:55 pm
to end of next week. still to come, the grand totals from giving tuesday. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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a nationwide fundraising effort for charity collected $178 million. the event is called giving
5:58 pm
tuesday. people in almost 100 countries made 120 million donations in a period of 24 hours. giving tuesday has been raising money for charities since 2012. a man who was kayaking had an unwanted visitor, an otte. he just jumped right in. he -- otter. he just jumped right in. he just started to paddle and
5:59 pm
the otter jumped off. a freeway shooting in the east bay created a massive traffic backup at the start of the evening's commute. we begin with that developing news from oakland. two people were shot while in a car on east bownt 580 near the fruitvale exit. we have more -- bound 580 near the fruitvale exit. we have more. >> reporter: traffic is moving, but slowly. california highway patrol has opened all on and off ramps for 580. traffic is beginning to move. we want to show you video we shot earlier. at 3:00 this afternoon, a man
6:00 pm
and woman in this white car were shot. this vehicle has bullet holes all over it. it has a lyft sticker in the window. the man and woman are expected to survive. their names and identities have not been released. the police have not given a suspect description. >> officers were able to respond quickly. we discovered the vehicle had two people in it, a driver and passenger. they both sustained gunshot wounds. they are at a local hospital in stable condition. we know that 580 is a main freeway through the city. it's a heavily traveled freeway and during this time, just after 3:00 p.m.,


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