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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news. the second of two escaped inmates from the santa clara county jail is now back in custody after a 7 hour standoff with sheriff's deputies comes to an end in the south bay. good evening, i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somerville.
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they said he had been holed up inside a hole in san jose, on coy drive near oak grove high school. we get the breaking news from azenith smith. >> reporter: frank, everyone here is breathing a huge sigh of relief now that both inmates are back into custody. it has been a long and exhausting day for deputies. we have learned in the last five minutes, that sheriff's deputies arrested a woman, carla fernandez, who they say was a key player in harboring chavez. several officers loaded him with handcuffs into a deputy's car. deputies were at this home since 1:00 p.m. again, we're just learning, the home belongs to one of chavez's
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associate's, carla fernandez who is currently on probation. she was in possession of a firearm when officers first arrived. they took her into custody. they evacuated nearby hopes, blocked off streets. throughout the night they deployed tear gas several times, and used a robot to look inside the attic. >> it is a surprise. once that activity takes place. you have dogs, snipers setting up across the street, directly at the front door, so that's enough to catch anybody's attention. >> reporter: again, this operation comes less than a day after deputies arrested chavez's cell mate, 26-year-old laron campbell who also escaped. they captured campbell after he fell from the attic, he was taken into custody along with
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his sister. now again, we have just learned they have also arrested a second person tonight. carla fernandez, charged with harboring the fugitive. we are still awaiting more details as to how chavez was caught tonight. as you can see, there's a podium set up for the sheriff to speak. once we have those details, we will provide them to you. >> do authorities think chavez had been staying there the entire time? >> reporter: we know that the associate of chavez lived at that home. as you may recall, there have been two near misses of chavez. the raid at the gilroy highway tell. it's still unclear whether or not he has been holed up at this house the entire time. that is something i will ask and find out for you. >> the bottom line, both of those escaped inmates back in
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custody. it's second one caught tonight. now to some developing news if washington state, where we have just learned within the last 30 minutes that a police officer in tacoma has now died after being shot several times. that officer was responding to a domestic violence call earlier tonight. he was rushed into surgery, but according to the tacoma news tribune, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police have surrounded a home in tacoma at this hour, where they believe that shooting suspect is barricaded. a judge ordered a mental health evaluation for the man accused of sitting a south san francisco police officer in the head with a skateboard. that appearance was postponed, pending the results of the mental health tests. prosecutors say on thanksgiving day, ramos coras hit robbie
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chon during a foot chase. doctors say they're optimistic about his recovery. we have new details about a freeway shooting in oakland that left two people wounded, and brought traffic to a stand still on highway 280. the two people were shot, while in a car driving east near the fruitvale exit. jana katsuyama is live at oakland headquarters. >> we is to move into the -- have to move into the newsroom. i did talk to police and they say they are looking at video, traffic video from cameras to try to piece together that victim's vehicle might have been, and whether they can identify any suspicious vehicles around it. we did talk to a family member and they say they are stunned that this happened today. the driver side of the white
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nissan was riddled with bullet holes. one appeared to go right through the wind shield. one man heard gunfire, and then saw the car. >> i heard about 8 or 9 shots go off, almost in one cluster. in about two seconds, all the shots were done. >> reporter: oakland police say a man and a woman were inside the car when the shooting happened in the eastbound lanes of interstate 580. they blocked off the fruitvale exit ramp. and put down evidence markers where they found shell casings. highway traffic at the start of rush hour came to a sudden stop. >> we couldn't move any forted, and we were stalk there for about an hour before they went ahead, and had us do a u-turn rather than oakland police allowed drivers to use an entrance ramp, diverting all traffic to side streets. >> we're following up with leads with witnesses who saw a description of the vehicle.
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a description of possibly the shooters. >> reporter: the police say the driver did not appear to be working. >> at this time it doesn't appear to be a connection to that, but we'll see where the investigation takes us. >> reporter: a relative said the male victim was with his girlfriend, and the family says they have no idea why someone would shoot at the car. >> my cousin wasn't into anything. neither was the female. >> reporter: oakland police say the two victims are being treated for their injuries, but they are expected to survive. we do understand, police say they have been increasing their patrols and their staffing. there have been more than two dozen shootings on east bay area highways in the past 12 months, and they are very concerned about this. they're asking anyone who might have any information about this to call them so they can try and track down these shooters who still have not come into custody. >> all right, jana, thank you. a san francisco worker was
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shot and killed this morning while he was cleaning up graffiti on patrol hill. police say that 27-year-old jermaine jackson was shot while painting over graffiti on an electrical box. family members say he had turned his life around, and left his gang ties behind him. jackson had two children. jackson's grandmother says the young girl was especially close to her dad, and is understandably struggling with his death. >> it's sad. all he was doing was working to try to take care of his children. >> i don't know why they would kill him. i don't know why they would do that. he was at work. i don't even know. that's so messed up. >> police say they gathered surveillance video of a getaway car, but they haven't released a description. health officials in contra costa county now say that three people died, and 16 others got
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sick from a mysterious illness after eating a charity meal on thanksgiving at the american legion hall in antioch. they are identified as 43-year- old christopher cappetti. 59-year-old chooi chea. the death is caused by some kind of foodborne illness. they're asking the cdc now to assist in testing for other possible causes. police in contra costa county have arrested a 15-year- old on suspicion of sexual assault. he is accused of assaulting a 15-year-old girl who attends the all girl's catholic high school, carondolet across the
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street. >> we did make an arrest of a 15-year-old de la sal student. >> reporter: police say it happened friday after they defeated clayton valley high at de la sal. the student under arrest had played football, but was not on the varsity team. the following monday, a student at the all girls school came forward. >> a student came to our principal to report the alleged assault. we immediately put her and her family in touch with her personal counselors to offer support. we immediately contacted the concord police. >> reporter: police say they believe what happened was an isolated incident. they wouldn't say if the two teenagers knew each other. the school has counselors on staff to help students cope with what happened. >> it's deeply disappointing,
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and our prayers are with our student and her family. >> reporter: de la sal put out a statement saying it is cooperating with police, saying we care deeply about the safety of all students at de la salle and carondolet. it's our responsibility to protect the minors involved. it will be up the to district attorney to decide whether to bring charges against the 15- year-old student. investigators have identified a high school student believed to be responsible for racist graffiti on a school bus. a district spokesperson says the student in question will now face disciplinary action, and could also face possible criminal charges. official would not say if the same student is responsible for at least six other cases of racist graffiti in bathrooms at
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monte vista high. concerns now about just how high profile this case has become. >> it could affect the integrity of the investigation. >> i'm tracking the cool overnight lows. it's cold out there now. it's going to be really cold in the morning. and in the five day, there's a few sprinkles to talk about. we'll see you back here with the thursday forecast. >> here in san francisco tonight, hundreds gathered here at the a's memorial grove to honor those who lost their lives to the epidemic. hear about the progress made and why the fight is not over.
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new at 10:00, a touching light filled tribute in san francisco for all of the lives lost from a.i.d.s. on this eve of world a.i.d.s. day, hundreds gathered at the national a.i.d.s. memorial grove in golden gate park for a somber tradition. >> it's also a celebration of the memorial's 25th anniversary. >> reporter: heather, we're at the a.i.d.s. memorial grove. the mood was somber as they look to the future. >> it just makes it really raw, like it was just yesterday. >> reporter: the a.i.d.s.
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memorial grove is meant to be a place of remembrance, and renewal. >> my brother's been dead for over 25 years, but he was like everything to me. as much as i know i miss him, it's like he's eternal. he's always here. >> reporter: she came from her home in auburn. >> just seeing his name engraved here forever, it's just amazing. >> reporter: miller says she can clearly picture her much adored older brother, as she finds solace in this place of healing. she says kevin died in 1988, only 18 months of being diagnosed with hiv. >> we need to demand that research continues on this. >> reporter: now, 25 years later, there is some comfort in this community knowing that a.i.d.s. is no longer a death sentence, thanks to medications. but there is still no cure.
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>> we will eventually get a vaccine, but until then, we need to continue to be vigilant. >> reporter: and to remember lessons learned. the mother of ryan white, the indiana teenager with a.i.d.s. who fought stigma before he died, says the past is part of today's progress. >> the difference that he's made in the epidemic and it's community, i couldn't be more proud. it's just nice to be able to come some place, and be supported, and knowing my brother's name is here forever. >> reporter: tonight's gathering is the first of a two day commemoration of world a.i.d.s. day. tomorrow's events include the reading of names engraved here at the circle of friends. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. the cirque du soleil technician that was killed in a workplace accident, while setting up in san francisco is
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the son of one of the founders. the circus confirms oliver ruceht was killed. the spokesman says he was hit in the head by a lift inside the tent in the parking lot there at at&t park. cal osha was there to ensure the safety of performers. tonight's show was canceled. we're hearing an apple store was robbed last night. this is video of the store tonight. we got a tip about the robbery from a witness who said there were four or five men in hoodies who took off with 30 phones as alarms were going off. store managers say they cannot comment on a possible robbery. and only said that high end electronics were stolen in the
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6:00 hour in the 200 block of chestnut street. green party presidential candidate jill stein has officially requested a recount of the presidential vote in michigan. election officials say donald trump defeated hillary clinton by just 10,000 votes there of the 4.8 million votes that were cast. michigan is one of three states where stein is trying to force a recount, because of concerns about hacking, or errors tabulating the vote. stein has forced a recount of pennsylvania, and one is set to begin in wisconsin tomorrow. today the president-elect vowed to step aside from his business interests to focus on running the country. we're going to continue with that story in a moment. right now, we want to take you to the south bay, where the sheriff is updating us on the capture of that second escaped inmate. earlier this evening, detectives attempted a probation search of a known
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associate of escaped inmate rogelio chavez. detectives requested the assistance of our s.w.a.t. team after signs someone was concealing themselves in the attic of the residents. s.w.a.t. members took chavez into custody. the arrest was made at about 8:25 this evening. a female resident, carla fernandez was also arrested by detectives for resisting, and obstruction an investigation, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and being accessory to rogelio chavez's escape. there may be future arrests in the future of the people who -- he's been transported to a local hospital. i want to thank all of the
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agencies that really, really helped with this. u.s. marshal service. counties auto theft task force, and the fbi for assisting in the apprehension. i also want to thank the incredible team of sheriff's office detectives that have been working around the clock on this arrest, and the capture of the two fugitives, and captured within a week. they've left no stern, no stone unturned, and many, many sleepless nights. someone just mentioned to me, he had section hours sleep -- six hours sleep in the last few days. we have these two dangerous inmates back in custody. again, thanks to everybody. the allied agencies, and particularly our s.w.a.t. team and detectives. thank you, i'll be happy to answer some questions. the entire time after we set the perimeter, about no,
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probably not. we're been following up on a lot of leads, we've done a lot of search wants, but i don't think he was there the entire time. again, we're still following up on where he was. >> where was he hiding inside there? >> just whatever you can. >> suspect chavez was inside of the residence within one of the rooms, when we located him. >> not the attic then? >> he had been in the attic. >> [inaudible] >> at this time, we do not have that answer. we have not yet interviewed him. >> was there any sort of struggle between him and deputies? >> no he was taken in custody without any incident. >> [inaudible] >> no, just people helping him, and he was in possession of crack cocaine, and marijuana also at the time.
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>> was he armed. >> we don't believe he was armed at the time he was taken into custody. >> you have been listening to officials there at the santa clara county sheriff's office, updating us on the capture of the second inmate who escaped from the county jail one week ago, giving us details about how rogelio chavez was taken into custody. and they have also made a second arrest, someone who helped him get out of jail, or hide from authorities. >> they took him into custody about 8:25. they did say he was under the influence, so they have taken him to a local hospital, where he is in custody as he recovers. again, both inmates now, who escaped last week from santa clara county's main jail, both of those inmates are now in custody with the second inmate being caught tonight. now we want to turn things over to our chief meteorologist.
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>> that's right, heather, thank you. we're checking on the weather, east coast weather has been nasty for this time of the year. tornado warnings, and a tornado even established out in the atlanta area, and up towards south carolina. very unusual for this time of the year. this is strong showers, now moving off the eastern seaboard. travel tomorrow, i'm getting that that won't be as tenuous as it was today. for us we've got a high pressure building in. a few showers or sprinkles today to the tune of a tenth of an inch at most. most of us were trace amounts. the skies are going to clear and it's going to get downright cold. again tonight as it did last night. we're going to find temperatures in the inland valleysk and san francisco in the 30s. up in the haight-ashbury district, you're going to find 38, 39 degrees in the morning hours. 37degrees tomorrow morning in santa rosa.
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you get towards occidental, 35, or 34. the greens are 60s. you've got lots of 50s and a few low 60s. much more ahead. we're going to take a short break, we'll be back in a moment. ♪
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new information tonight about the kidnapping of a young mother from redding who's now back at home safe and sound. today, the shasta county sheriff talked about the trauma that she wept through, and said -- went through, and said that the kidnappers actually branded her. >> reporter: along quiet roads on the outskirts of redding, yellow markings and posters marked the spot where sherry papini vanished. now concerned neighbors have
10:27 pm
turned the missing signs into welcome home signs. >> we're very happy that she's hope. >> reporter: investigators say while she was held captive for three weeks, papini was traumatized, emotionally and physically. >> i will confirm that the suspects did brand her. i will not get into the details, or where the brand is on her body. >> reporter: releasing limited details about what papini endured at the hands of at least two armed female kidnappers. >> the suspects concealed their faces in an attempt to hide their identities from her. >> reporter: papini recalls her abductors spoke spanish. the older woman had straight black, graying hair, and thick eyebrows. investigators won't say where
10:28 pm
the suspects took papini and what she endured for three weeks. her husband said she was emaciated, badly beaten, and her hair was chopped off. >> i do think with some of the details that he has provided, it could affect the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: it's an investigation left with so many questions. the biggest one, why would someone take sherry papini. as a team of investigators aggressively works to find answers and suspects, the community is welcoming home a woman who survived this ordeal. >> on, you'll find more on this story, including that news conference today from the sheriff. just look for the story on our home page. rolling out the red carpet
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in sacramento. a look at the inductees for this year's california hall of fame. >> plus details about that horrifying attack on the ohio state campus. what we're learning about the 18-year-old suspect.
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a big college basketball game tonight at stanford, where the cardinal hosted st. mary's. both are off to great starts this season. mark will tell us how this turned out a bit later in sports. in the meantime, we want to talk about one of stanford's emotional leaders. >> he's back with his teammates after missing all of last season. this comeback was anything but a sure thing. >> reporter: it was just over one year ago. robert cartwright was primed and ready to become stanford's starting point guard.
10:32 pm
then, during a seemingly ordinary practice, everything changed. >> all i do is i scream out. you knew that something was definitely wrong. >> i looked down, and it didn't look the way that it normally should. >> to see his arm break the way it did. >> i knew right then and there what this meant. i could see the blood on the floor, and i knew my season was over. >> reporter: ligament, and tendon damage. robert shattered his right arm. >> i left from a doctor's appointment in tears. i thought there was a possibility that i would never play again. >> reporter: if he was to play again, the rehab would be long, and arduous. and there were no guarantees. >> it was intense. there were a lot of days i was in a lot of pain, because it was very physical, it was very invasionive. >> when i first met him, we shook hands, and it was hardly
10:33 pm
a handshake. my 4-year-old could give a firmer handshake than he could give. >> he couldn't really do anything other than just watch. it's tough to see. as emotional as he is, to see the game taken away from him is tough. >> even when doctors are saying, you're making improvement, i couldn't see it. >> if there was someone to do it, i knew he had the drive. i never heard him say my career is over. this is going to define me. >> reporter: push forward he did, day by day, week by week, monthly month, all the while, helping his brothers from the proriffry anywhere he could. >> as time went by, i could see some of the progress i was making, which was big, and that made me push harder. >> i had to shake my head a bit, wow, he really made his
10:34 pm
way back. >> reporter: as if overcoming a career threatening injury isn't daunting enough, robert has simultaneously had to acclimate to an entirely new coaching staff, and new system. just another degree of difficulty on the road back. [ whistle ] >> i believe in character, and this has probably been a real character building exercise for him. but he's really done a phenomenal job getting through it. >> i think change can sometimes be a real positive thing. i feel like i'm ready to try to lead this team, and do some really good things this year. >> reporter: that's exactly what he did. 6,000miles from home in shanghai of all places. cartwright's first game action in more than 19 months. >> good to see robert cartwright back on the floor. >> reporter: three days later a more emotional payoff. his return to maple's pavilion.
10:35 pm
>> robert cartwright checks in. >> reporter: it's less a happy ending, than a new beginning. robert cartwright, his arm no longer broken. >> rediscovering my love for the game, if he had lost it in any way. at the end. day, i'm playing basketball. i get to play at stanford, which is awesome. it's an absolute blessing where i'm right now. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news. they rolled out the red carpet in sacramento tonight for the california hall of fame ceremony. >> "star wars" actor, harrison ford was one of the californians honored this year, along with another actor, george takei of star trek, who reflected on his childhood in a
10:36 pm
japanese internment camp. >> to be honored in this museum here, because it tells a chapter of american history that still to this day, not many americans know about. >> another inductee, maria shriver, who actually launched the hall of fame back in 2006. others named to this year's hall of fame, author isabel iende, and the founder of tower records. fidel castro being remembered. >> reporter: they are remembering him well, you see people crying everywhere. >> how cubans paid their respects to the controversial communist leader. >> and we're tracking that cool overnight low you're going to expect. then the chance of showers in the five day. so what's it all mean? i'll have the complete weather forecast after the break. >> plus deadly and destructive. the latest on that string of fires burning through tennessee. there is a place where magic will fill you with wonder
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and always leave you wanting even more. because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. seven people are now confirmed dead in a string of fires in the great smoky mountains of tennessee. heavy rain helped to put out some of the flames, but hundreds of buildings have already burned. today president obama expressed
10:40 pm
his condolences for the lives lost, and promised to provide federal help to fight those fires. the fbi says it believes the 18-year-old who carried out an attack on the campus of ohio state this week, was in fact inspired by isis. investigators say abdul razzak ali artan was not known to the fbi prior to the attack. he was a refugee from somalia. he reportedly posted an angry message on facebook about the treatment of muslims around the world, before crashing his car into a crowd of people. he then attacked people with a butcher's knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer. thousands of cubans lined the streets of havana today to pay their respects to the late cuban leader, fidel castro. a small casket containing his ashes was on display. officials are taking castro's
10:41 pm
remains on a 500-mile trek through cuba, retracing the 1959 victory tour he made after overthrowing the government. >> we feel very proud for everything he has left us. it is a great thing. you will remain with all of us. >> castro died friday at the age ever 90. his remains will be interned sunday, ending a nine day mourning period. still to come here, caltrain working to stop suicides on their tracks. up next, the efforts to help through text messages. >> plus, bill martin will rejoin us with his complete bay area forecast.
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caltran today announced a new plan to try to prevent suicides on its tracks. >> the agency is teaming up with a nonprofit that will make
10:44 pm
suicide prevention counselors available 24 hours a day by text messages. >> reporter: this palo alto train crossing is where sara longyear committed suicide by stepping in front of a train. her mother says the 19-year-old battled insomnia while pushing herself to make the dean's list. >> she tried to live life, but inside, she was tormented by depression. >> reporter: her death is the most recent in a community that has seen at least ten suicide since 2009. many of those have also occurred on caltrain tracks. a crisis text line offers 24/7 counseling help through text message. >> it's just simply a fact of how many people can we reach, and reach them with the right tools. >> reporter: the premise is simple, teens in need are more
10:45 pm
likely to text. >> they're mom doesn't hear them through the walls. we see a spike every day through lunchtime. >> reporter: new pamphlets and signage will be unveiled soon. community leaders have also been working to address the problem. they're testing new camera technology along the tracks. >> there's help, and there's hope, and people need to know that. >> reporter: her mother brings the crisis text line is a valuable tool that might help the next person. >> if that's how they communicate, that's how we need to give them help. >> reporter: travelers can expect to see information on crisis text lines, starting on monday on trains, and at stations. but the service is already available to those in need. in palo alto, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. we had a few sprinkles this morning, and even this afternoon. in the mountains, something along the coast, especially in pacifica, where we got .15 of
10:46 pm
an inch. .10 of an inch in lima. that's out to point reyes on sir francis drake boulevard. these are the highs from today. not that warm, because there's so much cloud cover, and the very cool overnight lows we experienced last night. as we go into tomorrow, more sunshine. with more sunshine, temperatures are going to be a little bit warmer, but it's just going to feel nicer, because you're not cloudy, and gloomy as it was most of today. we come in close here. we did have sprinkles. you see a little bit of activity offshore here. we may see a couple light events between now and 2:00 a.m. then it's out of here. you wake up, and it's cold. already 42 in fairfield. 44 in napa. very similar overnight lows. you get some frost in some areas, certainly. and maybe even a little valley frog, but i think frost is a
10:47 pm
potential, especially in the inland areas, where we're looking at 34 to 37 degrees for lows. so clouds today. we head into tomorrow which is this high pressure break, which you'll notice immediately with all the sunshine. then we have more sunshine on friday, but the wind kicks up as the high builds in. a northerly wind, which could be a high fire danger, except we're well into the season now, out of the fire season, and shunted be a problem. but we could see gusts up to 40. that's on friday. it's going to be warmer on friday, because the air as it goes around the high, goes offshore. it sinks and warms. temperatures on friday could be into the 60s, maybe even the mid-60s with the wind. 60 in fairfield tomorrow. 60 in hayward. friday will be a little warmer. friday, saturday, be pretty nice, and then sunday temperatures start to cool down a little bit. by sunday night as they cool down, we have a chance for a
10:48 pm
shower, a cool shower on monday, but as i said earlier this evening, the situation is, this is not much of a rain event on monday, as today's wasn't. but as we get to the 10th, or 12th round. >> sorry. >> what was that? >> heather's mirror. >> it was, it was -- >> okay. >> what do you do with that? on the 10th and 12th, we have a chance for real rain and snow in the mountains. that's fine heather, i didn't even notice it. >> can we toss to break please? my face is so red. we'll be back. >> see you in a moment.
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all right, a lot of basketball to be had today, but ear not talking about the warriors. >> we're going to see high ball this year. cal looks to be tough. st.mary's nationally ranked. stanford looks improved. stanford, best ranking in the school's history. they are number 18 in the country, undefeated, and looking every bit the part. they beat a pac-12 team, randy bennett has the squad looking
10:52 pm
sharp. the stanford cardinal are actually up one. randy cartwright will pop a three. the kid who came off severe injury. he had 10 at the half. different story 2nd half, calvin hermanson, career night. seven threes. bombs away for st. mary's, 14-3 run late. joe rayhahn with another three. st.mary's wins convincingly. they are now 6-0, beating stanford. career night, ivan raab. what you call your high percentage shot. look at it again. 25 points for the bears. this thing is no laugher against louisiana tech. you want to see a nice move right here in the lane? eric mccree with the shot that will tie it. under 30 seconds left, so we go to overtime.
10:53 pm
cal down one here. they had only one bucket, did the bears in the overtime. here it is, grant mullins lets fly, and it was good enough. lots ever free throws in the overtime. cal manages the win, they are 5- 1 overall. kind of sock hockey weirdness -- some hockey weirdness with the sharks. last night, they needed overtime to win. tonight, they go on to play the l.a. kings, and the sharks win basically pretty handily. coach watches the 1st period. we see the sharks basically put it away. logan couturier finds the rookie. slap it home. second career goal, 1-0. 30
10:54 pm
seconds later, the sharks leader, ryan carpenter. exciting moment. 3-0, there may be many more. an empty netter later, 4-0 the final. the sharks are rolling right now. they have won five of six. i tell you what, chip kelly may never coach at the university of oregon, but i bet it's run through his mind a few times. why did i ever leave? you know things didn't work out for him in philly, and his niners in his first season here are 1-10. and they are back in florida, getting ready to face the bears. the team they might actually beat in chicago, come sunday, but you know chip kelly is getting sick of the questions about maybe going back to college ball, and specifically, the oregon ducks where he had his most success ever. >> do you stand by what you
10:55 pm
said a couple of weeks ago. >> yep. so we're done with that i hope. no, no, no. it's only person i've talked to is health. so we're going to talk about the bears. >> he's got to be losing his patience with that line of questioning. and like i say, they could win come sunday against the bears. and sick of questioning? i'll bet a quarterback by the name of derek carr is kind of tired of talking about his little pinky. you know what happened last sunday. a game that will forever be remembered remembered for this play right here. he called it the most pain he's ever experienced. he did come back. derek carr, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but this is about as pushed as he will get when it comes to patience, as they want to know
10:56 pm
about that little finger. >> how does the finger feel? >> it's great. thank you for asking. it's doing great, thank you. how is yours? no limitations, it's doing great, thank you. it's doing great, thank you very much. >> always polite, and that is just him. i'll tell you who is not polite on the defensive side of the ball, khalil mack, just a monster. he puts this game away, picks off an interception for a touchdown. had a sack, stripped for the end of the game, and he is your afc defensive player of the week. >> he's as good as advertised. >> absolutely. >> in the words of derek carr, thank you very much. >> thanks for asking. >> have a good night. >> see you tomorrow. ♪ music: it's a small world after all ♪
10:57 pm
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come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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ow you're tired, but just think how good you're gonna feel tomorrow when you wake up and we have all-new shelf paper. i wish i didn't get what you were talking about, but i do. i just do. (cell phone rings) hey, who could be calling at this hour? (ring) oh. it's sal. mnh-mnh. (beep) no. not answering that. whatever earth-shattering drama she's going through can wait. (pounds on door) until she gets here. (pounding) oh, god. i hope we have vodka. we don't, mitchell. (pounding continues) sal was our best girlfriend from back in our party days, but over the years, we've kind of gone in different directions. we chose forward. uh, something's wrong with that door. okay, whatever. i have the most amazing news, and i'm super excited, but i won't be if you don't want me to be. ready? i'm getting married! oh, my gosh! congratulations! oh, wow! (high-pitched voice) i know! who's the guy? oh, the love of my life. oh, so you finally bagged your boss? oh! yes, but it's not him. and i don't work there anymore. mm. his name is tony. okay. i met him three months ago. mm-hmm. he's the greatest guy ever. and seriously, are you guys okay with this? of course. why wouldn't we be?


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