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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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suspicion of having sex with an underage students. we will tell you what we're learning coming up. the 4th inmate who escaped from jail in san jose is now back behind bars. will tell you how authorities tracked him down and what they found when they arrested him. good morning and thank you for joining us. this thursday, december 1, world aids day. just another warm day. good morning, we're checking your weather and it is not warm. it is chilly here in the bay area. >> in hawaii maybe. >> yes, it is cold, teeny bit of fog but clearing out. pamela pitt attention, one of your followers -- pay attention , one of your followers. i brought my flowers and plants inside the house a couple of days ago. >> my plan is getting too big to bring inside.
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>> for a blanket over it. >> it is cold and open early next week we do have it even colder. we have mostly clear skies. southern california we have low diving down their. the combination will give us a northerly breeze but right now it is not kicking in. 34 santa rosa pier 39 fairfield, 37 half moon bay. 30s and 40s here from anywhere from santa clara, 39 degrees, 37 boulder creek the running a little bit warmer in the south. i think some of these will continue to dip into the 30s in the next hour. mostly sunny but the breeze will crank up later today tonight into tomorrow. 50s now a few more 60s on the high temperatures even though the days a very short. 601 -- 60 s. it is getting crowded at the bay bridge.
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we have 25 minutes like. if you're trying to get into san francisco you will be waking their. what you make it onto the span is not bad but you will see slow traffic in the area. looking at the san mateo bridge, a lot of people go at this hour trying to get a good commute. you can look at the real picture here even if you just listen to my voice. i will show you a map. if you want come to the tv you can see the sensors are not showing a lot of slow traffic here or on the other side on the peninsula. highway 101 does look pretty good from san mateo the palo alto on the way the mountain view in the west valley. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. we're following developing news. we learned a female teacher at washington high school in fremont is accused of having sex with an underage student. police arrested the woman last week. alex in fremont with more on the case. good morning to you. this woman has worked for several years as a pe teacher here at washington high school in
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fremont. according to several of our sources, the 32-year-old was arrested last thursday and is accused of having sex with a minor. it is believed the victim was in fact a student. police were here at this campus yesterday doing interviews as part of the ongoing investigation. our sources tell us the crime in question actually happened to this past summer. it is unclear why the arrest was just now made. we are working to get more information from police and school district officials -- >> reporter: school -- school district officials. the teacher arrested is actually a former student here at washington high school. more information will follow throughout the movie -- morning
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. 6:03 is the time. police in concord arrest a high school football player on suspicion of assault. the 15-year-old suspect attends now boy's catholic school. he is accused of assaulting a 15- year-old girl who attends the all girls catholic high school. police say it happened friday, november 18 after football game . the student under arrest is a football player but not on the varsity team. >> a student came to our principal to report the alleged assault. we immediately put her and her family in touch with our personal counselors to offer support. we immediately contacted the concord police. >> police say they believe what happened was an isolated incident. police would not say if the 2 teenagers know each other. time is all 6:04.
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all 4 inmates that escaped last week from the santa clara county main jail are back in jail this morning. the last escaped inmate was recaptured last night at a home near oak grove high school near south san jose. we are in san jose now. what led up to the capture? >> reporter: police tracked him to that home. they are saying it was a really long standoff between the swat team and chavez. he was hiding inside the home and they found that he was in possession of crack cocaine and marijuana. officials ended up taking the the 33 rolled into custody at 8:30 last night. he was there in handcuffs. this was at a home on corey drive. the swat team had been there for several hours and at one point used tear gas to try to get them out. a robot with the camera detected him hiding in the attic but when the entered
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he was captured in one of the rooms. he was taken to the hospital because he was high on drugs. years now and maximum-security at the main jail here in san jose. at a news conference the sheriff think us marshal service, the fbi and her team. >> i also want to thank the incredible team sheriffs office detectives that have been working around the clock on this arrest in the capture of the 2 fugitives, and captured within a week. they have left no stern -- stone unturned in many sleepless nights . >> a woman who lives at the home where chavez was captured, her name challis fernandez -- was arrested. officials found a handgun in the residence. officials say there may be more arrest if they determine that others were hoping to harbor chavez. this arrest comes a day after campbell was recaptured in
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antioch at his sister's house. the sheriffs office says they do plan on getting out the $20,000 reward that they were offering most likely it will be split among those who gave tips that were crucial to capturing those 2 men. time is up 6:07. a woman was killed my side in pittsburgh in a head-on collision. the 50-year-old woman was driving eastbound on buchanan when for some reason her car drifted and crashed into a car going westbound. she died at the scene. the man driving the other car was treated at the hospital. both directions of buchanan wrote from meadows avenue to somerville is road was closed until early this morning. more information coming out about the shasta county woman who was freed last week after being held captive for 3 weeks. >> during an interview she remember the sequence of events
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to the best of variability. she was had -- held against her will and was isolated. >> sherry told investigators that 2 armed latina women abducted her. authorities are bringing in a sketch artist but it may be difficult to bring in a composite because the captors hid their faces and at times covered up her head so she can see. after her husband provided details of the kidnapping and interviews sheriff acknowledged that they beat and even branded her. he refused to go into detail saying it could jeopardize the investigation. her friends are now doing what they can to support her. >> very beautiful soul inside and out. she's a very nice young lady. >> her husband says she was tortured and starved during the ordeal. when she was released she weighed just 87 pounds, her long blonde hair had been chopped off.
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she also suffered a broken nose . the capture is described as having a long -- as having long curly hair, thick accent, pierced ears and then eyebrows. the older woman is described as having straight brown hair with thickening eyebrows. board of directors will meet this morning to allow the manager, grace to award the construction contract. the top 3 bids were between $267 million and $441 million. the staff is recommending that the board except the lowest bid . the retrofit project will include a pumping system and extra lining along the 2. state agencies are now investigating a video this one featuring dream on green. the fair political practices
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commission look into allegations that use public money to campaign for measures are. a complaint says the script in this video contain phrases often use by bert in the committee campaigning for the 3 and have billion-dollar bond measure. state law prohibits public agencies from spending money to support or oppose a candidate or measure. they said they did not pay for the video, did not provide a script, but will cooperate with the investigation . donald trump is taking what is described as a victory lap today. his first stop is indiana where he will tour the carrier air-conditioning plant after reaching a deal with the company to say 1000 jobs that were headed to mexico. so far terms have not been released about trump supporters say it shows he can save american jobs. >> just as the president-elect and vice president-elect, they will go to indiana and joined with carrier, and announce that
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1000 jobs are so will remain in the united states of america, exactly what he ran on. >> what i would observe is this if he is successful -- is if he is successful in doing this in hundred and 4 more times than he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs -- 804 more times than he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs created while obama was president. the first stop of the thank you tour will be in the swing states that gave him the election victory. nancy pelosi will keep her leadership job she has held since 2003. >> opportunity is a special one to leave the house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. >> she defeated her only challenger, ohio congressman tim ryan by a vote of 134 -- 134 ã63. the last time she was challenge
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was in 2010. only 43 voted against her. some members have argued there is a time for the change -- 4/18 -- for a change saying nancy pelosi is out of date. >> i have a different opinion obviously. >> house democrats picked up only succeeds in the recent election. they have lost almost 60 over the past 6 years. it is 6:12 and one update you on a story we have been following.>> 2 people were shot at the start of rush hour yesterday. coming up, what a family member of one of the victims is saying as the search for the shooter continues. the death toll is rising in tennessee as well fires continue to burn. how country music star dolly parton promises to help the victims. skies are clearing out in the breeze will pick up later but it looks like a great day. we will see how long the
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pattern will hold.
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welcome back. it is 6:15. 7 people confirmed dead in those tennessee wildfires. the first fire started monday near the smoky national park. strong winds fanned flames starting other fires and forcing thousands to evacuate. it is pretty dangerous for first responders and also for families trying to get back home
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. hundreds of homes were destroyed and many caught off guard because the fire spread so quickly. the fire is only 10 percent contained. dolly parton is raising money to help the fire victims. she grew up in this area. she has set up a my peoples fund . she will give $1000 a month for 6 months to any family lost their home in the fire. earth theme park, dollywood escaped damage -- her theme parks, dollywood escaped damage . owners and players still need to ratify this deal which includes banning smokeless tobacco for all new players. any player that has at least one day a major-league service is exempt, but several cities including san francisco have already banned the use of smokeless tobacco in the ballpark. stay wideband goes into effect next year. also believe that wins the all-star deal will no longer have home-field advantage in
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the world series. it will go back to the way it was in 2003 to the pennant winner with the better regular-season record. the minimum stay on the disabled list will be reduced from 15 days to tense of the team can make quicker roster decisions. starting in 2018 the regular- season will be 187 days instead of 183fee more scheduled days off for teams. whiskey to move in this morning. >> can you take care of our friends on highway 124? >> that's right. we can't. if you are leaving on highway 124, it is not too bad. let's go to it right now. you can see for yourself it is getting a bit more crowded. as we drove over to the tunnel we don't have accidents reported along this stretch of highway 124. also traffic will be busy
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at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is usually the case, nothing unusual here. as we look at some of the other commutes, let's take a look at this kimi, 101, 285, all of them are so pretty good. we haven't had major commotion yet the right now is still a good time to go. i would say 101 is beginning to fill in near the airport. we're mostly clear out there with temperatures pretty cool, 30s and 40s. cloud cover is zipping down the southern california. just a few high clouds. will focus hours attention on a breeze i will kick in later this afternoon and tonight. we have dropped down to 34 degrees. chris who sends wonderful information, thank you . that is getting down there. that is pretty cold. i imagine one acre is pretty colder. the breeze will pick up, windy at times. the weekend looks good may be a
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teeny bit cooler on sunday then much more on monday but we still have 5 days time that out. >> cloud covers clearing out rapidly. this will pick up later on all the way down the southern california now. that is where the lowest forming so 11 flagstaff and tucson 39 degrees. there are some freeze advisories out in parts of the san joaquin valley. 51, bone chilling cold for la days. this air has turned more easterly. it is a sign of things to come later on. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. it is cold there. low 30s kelsey will but a --
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around normal. by this time next week we could be seeing single digits or below the. i would not be surprised if truckee goes below normal temperatures. high-pressure will building to the north, low-pressure to the south. that will leave for breezy to windy day. we will see if it could all come together.. probably all the way into saturday that may be most likely san jose the santa rosa. it looks okay for the weekend and then monday out of the north, siberian express, get ready. >> leslie is correct saying,
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hamilton will actually be the musical that is coming to town. tickets go on sale monday if you have an american express card. >> i have one. >> you do, will treat us to a show. >> speaking of treating, it will cost you a lot to buy everything in the 12 days of christmas song. the total of more than $200 from last year. most of that price hike is coming from --? e days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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says the fda has approved large scaled clinical trials the tech -- test the effectiveness of the drug. a group of combat veterans did not respond to standard drugs but they say there posted dems reproved -- improved after taking -- they say their
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symptoms improved after just a several days of taking ecstasy. a friendly sea otter gave a kayaker and monterey county a big surprise. john and his wife were paddling on tuesday when the sea otter jumped on their boat. his wife took these photos. they say the otter made -- made himself at home and he was not sure what to do.
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he eventually jumped back into the water. here's another surprise for whale watchers. they saw some killer whales yesterday afternoon off the coast of newport beach in orange county. if you are looking at your holiday shopping list and it includes everything named in the final verse of the 12 days of christmas song. you will be happy to know the cost is not gone up a whole lot the sheer. this year's total is 34,000. this year's total is $34,263. that is of $232 from last year. the price hike comes from the rising cost of musicians, the pipers piping. a total of $79 more expensive this year. the entire core of drummers drumming cost an extra $73. the 2 turtledoves or $85 more, that is only slightly offset by the price of that partridge in a. treat, $5 cheaper -- in a pear
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tree . that is $5 cheaper than last year.
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good morning, thank you for joining us on this first day of december are mourning. it is 6:30 in december is coming in pretty chilly. >> yes it is expected is not coming in hot. it is coming in cold. >> it is even colder next week we start off mostly clear this morning. we had a great october and november even though started off the first couple extract. the last couple of weeks were okay. the subreport is really good for december 1. some of the water content, the best we have seen for some of the stations in 30 years. will take it that is good news. clear skies okay until monday and then some very cold air is on the way but probably not a lot of moisture. until then we are seeing cloud cover on the way zooming through southern california. not much of a breeze yet but it will pick up later on. 30s and 40s on your
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temperatures. the arizona coast is in the upper 30s. a lot of locations, concord pavilion also in the 30s. is quite cold here and will end up with a percent chance, low 50s and 60s but watch of that try watch for that wind to crank up . >> to have something on your screen you want to get to right away? >> we are looking at the sure freeway.-- east shore freeway . the traffic is going to be busy as we drive through. that time is about 36 minutes. you will see traffic is going to be busy. 36 minutes is not that bad considering i have seen it at twice that. it was even more on sunday but is getting to be slow as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get there you will see traffic is backed up for another 25 minutes. it is not like you are going to
6:32 am
get a really good comet but at least we don't have any unexpected problems as you drive through. you some a flask the ultima past. it is low on 580 but once you get to livermore it looks good. check this out, 680 a slow out of the dublin interchange in what is becoming a routine slowdown. 880 a slow beginning it hundred 38 until you get into union city. bay area authorities are investigating if the last night shooting is linked to other freeway shootings in these pay in the past year. yesterday a man and a woman were hurt in that attack. christian, you are in oakland with the latest on the search for the shooters. >> yes, good morning. the man and woman injured in that crash. at this point we do not have an update on their conditions. witnesses describe a flurry of gunfire. >> i heard about 8 or 9 shots
6:33 am
off almost in one cluster. in about 2 seconds all the shots were done. >> police say that shooting happened at around 3 day 15 yesterday afternoon just at the start of rush-hour causing a major backups in the eastbound director -- direction. the target vehicle was riddled with bullet holes . at least one round traveled through the window. the vehicle had a piece lyft sticker in the window but police say the driver did not appear to be working at the time of the shooting. family members say they don't know why the couple was targeted . my cousin was into anything in either was the female. we had no idea. all they do is working take care of their kids. >> that last report, police were working with caltrans and chp to look at traffic cameras seeing if it put up video or the suspects vehicle -- of the
6:34 am
suspect vehicle . there asking any witnesses that were in the area to contact them and let them know what they saw the time of the shooting. will continue to follow up on this and also get in contact with chp to see if they have an update on the shooters. where learning new details about this week pressure deadly shooting at a busy union city shopping center. police released photos of the 3 suspects. they are facing charges including murder, attempted murder, and robbery. police it happened during a drug deal. one suspect is accused of firing several shots into the car of 21-year-old raymond on monday night near the texas roadhouse restaurant. raymond was killed. one of his passengers was hurt, another person who was parked in a nearby car was also hurt. the suspects were arrested a short time later. police in
6:35 am
san francisco looking for the person who shot and killed an employee while he was clean graffiti. police say 27-year-old jermaine jackson was shot on 25th and vermont yesterday morning. he was rushed to san francisco general hospital couple of blocks away, but he did not survive. police have not given us details about a possible motive. san francisco mayor ordered the flags in the city to be flown at half staff until sunset today . >> there have been at least 10 suicides involving teenagers on the train tracks since 2009. that is one of the reasons why caltrans is partnering with a nonprofit organization to introduce a new way to reach teenagers in crisis. we're joined now to explained -- explain how it works . >> the announced yesterday it will be working with the non- profit prices tech line. it puts people in crisis with
6:36 am
counselors 20 for 7.-- 24/7. starting tomorrow they will put signs at all of their stations. officials say even though a text line may see more in personal than a phone call, the reality is most teenagers feel more comfortable communicating by text. >> the more ways we have reach out to someone the better. it is a fact of how many people can we reach, and reach them with the right tools. >> it is accessible. there mother's doesn't hear them through the walls. >> counselors can get in touch with the textures in less than 2 minutes. the counselors have the ability to call the people that need help and take the conversation beyond the text message.
6:37 am
they say the science will start going up on monday, but the service is already available. again, if someone needs help in text the word bay 2741ã741. take a look at this. paramedics say this woman driving a car lucky to have minor injuries after a crash saying at the robin williams told in marin county it happened on southbound 101 headed toward the golden gate bridge about 11:00 yesterday morning. officials say the car went out of control, flipped over and through the car up against the concrete wall. no structural damage to the tunnel. lines had to be repaired and traffic was backed up for hours . cirque du soleil has now told us the name of the technician who was killed offsetting up for shown san francisco. he was the son of one of the founders. and tuesday night, he was hit
6:38 am
in the head -- on tuesday night he was hit in the head by a lift inside the cirque du soleil tent. the accident is being investigated. tuesday and wednesday night pressure performances were canceled as a result. we don't know the status of tonight's performance as of yet. there have been a rational steps out of the bay area and at apple stores. someone who was at the store said 4 or 5 men wearing hoodies grabbed 30 iphones tuesday night . there was a similar theft 10 burling game with the use tackled a security guard. on black friday several people grabbed iphones and computers from another apple store. the apple store on 4th street has been hit 5 times since the middle of october.
6:39 am
the commission is criticizing the ticket policy for events at the coliseum arena. they have free use of the luxury suite at oracle arraignment -- arena . the agreement says politicians or city staff members that uses suite are supposed to write out a reason for visiting the coliseum complex. these pay times investigated and says reasons given most often are reviewing or inspecting the building the ethics committee says there is little proof that work is being done during the game. the ticket policy was sparked by the newspaper reporter. the commission says someone should oversee the gets those free tickets to games. 6:39 is the time. back in custody after a week on the run . coming up, the intense operation that led to the capture of the 2nd inmate that broke free from santa clara county jail.
6:40 am
good morning, we see traffic that is getting busier in many areas including in the east bay on highway 124. clouds have played out for the most part, maybe a little bit of fog out there. temperatures warming up a teeny bit but i would be more looking for a wind forecasts the next 24 hours. we have more on that .
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back. it is 6:43. early this morning in tacoma washington, a man's elected of shooting and killing a police officer was shot and killed by police. officers surrounded the house for 11 hours where the suspect was hold off -- up. at about 3 day 30 this morning an officer was able to take a shot at the suspect killing him. both children are safe. the police officer that was shot and killed responded to a domestic violence call. he was 45 years old and had been on the force for 17 years. thousands of cubans paying final respects to fidel castro. the ashes of the longtime cuban leader for put in a small coffin on display in havana. the coffins traveling through small towns and cities where the rebel army fought their way to power almost 6 years ago. it is the same group that he followed when he made his
6:44 am
victory tour after overthrowing the government. cuban say he was a great leader. >> we felt really proud for everything he had left us. it has been a great thing. he will remain with all of us. >> as you know fidel castro died last friday at the age of 90 years old. his funeral is this sunday after a national nine-day mourning period. health officials now say 2 more people were sickened by an illness that caused the death of 3 people after thanksgiving meal. that brings the total to 19 people who got sick after eating the thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall in antioch. officials have rolled up 21 food borne illnesses including salmonella, e. coli, and the norovirus. it is now asking the cdc for help to test for other possible causes. the 3 who died were all residence at local assisted living facilities. they have been identified as a
6:45 am
43-year-old, 59-year-old and 69- year-old. people all over the world are marking world aids day. last night in san francisco hundreds gathered at the national grow in memorial park. there more than 3000 names engraved commemorating those who died from aids. one of the names is kevin zhu all kaiser. last night was the first time his sister, natalie miller visit -- visited the memorial . >> my brother has been dead for over 25 years, but he was like everything to me. as much as i know i miss him it is like he is eternal and always here. >> there will be another commemoration at the memorial grove at noontime today with the reading of the engraved names. right now is 6:45 and wanted check in with a look at
6:46 am
what is coming up. privacy advocates are upset this morning over that takes effect today. it allows federal agents to have millions of americans computers are smart phones at once with a single search warrant. why the justice department says the changes necessary and what the fbi will likely be looking for when they remotely access computers. shuck also we have been reporting on the safe return for woman -- also we have been reporting on the safe return of a woman that was kidnapped for 3 weeks. some say a model had something to do with the outcome and how it could be used in other cases. this and more when i see you in a few minutes. 6:46 is our time.
6:47 am
we're still on highway 24 and other traffic jams. >> it is crowded on 24 westbound. it is crowded from the walmart peak interchange and it stays that way all the way to open. it is not terrible but it is not unlike commute by any means. when you get to the bay bridge, if you're going that far and a lot of people do, they drive only to the 80 from places like concord and walnut creek, all the driving you do start all over -- the driving starts a little at the toll plaza -- start all over at the toll plaza . 880 is slow at 238 and it slows only down to dakota wrote. when we get to the peninsula, 101 and 280 there is not looking to that. your drive time starts all
6:48 am
over once you get to the bay bridge. >> if that is where you start we will stark county begin. we do have good news, it is clearing out but after a very nice october, november started off dry for the first couple of weeks then we picked up snow and rain not a lot but some. it is mostly sunny today. the breeze will be a factor later on. you can see the snow reports in the snow conditions. we will take it for december 1. some of those observations included our viewer david hood yesterday from heavenly. that is a pretty picture. how about that. and donnie downer, marty batista , i'm kidding. top of the morning, we see crisp clear mornings. it is 41 degrees. that is cold. the
6:49 am
clouds are out of the picture of their way down to southern california in the arizona. if it wasn't for the cloud cover they would be colder. 39 las vegas. 24 bishop. 44 phoenix with 36 and tucson and a bone chilling 51 and alec. not much of a northerly breeze yet. it will crank up later tonight and tomorrow. we have 30s on the peninsula. stanford, los altos, close to hillsboro. 27 truck he -- truckee. 19 find village. south lake tahoe 17. single digits or below on the lows by the middle of next week for up there. just be advised, some really cold air is on the way but not until monday. until then low- pressure to the south high- pressure to the north. it will fill it with the breeze. if it doesn't start later today it will be tonight into
6:50 am
tomorrow morning but mostly sunny for today. tomorrow we will have one of those windy days. it looks like 50s and 60s on the temperatures. these are a little bit above average. the average about 57 - 60. that will be the theme over the next few days. the warmest day looks to be saturday. okay on sunday in the nicole wind wants to kick in on monday. >> when is the harrop day? >> monday -- when is the hair update? >> monday. if you're going to put the hair up then you have to wear scarves. president-elect donald trump has threatened to repeal at least part of it. coming up in 20 minutes, the new numbers out this morning about how many people don't want to see an end to the affordable health care act. plus, it was the most painful night i have ever experienced. i thought there was the possibility that i would never play again.
6:51 am
the stafford player had a really serious injury a year ago and missed all of last season. up next, his long journey back to the court.
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on
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select models. sales event ends january 3rd. lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. welcome back. the san jose sharks one last night between the la kings 4ã one. now they have won 5 of their last 6 games. kevin gave the sharks a oneãzero lead with 3
6:54 am
1/2 minutes in the game. it was his 2nd nhl goal. later in the first, the sharks leave 3 - zero. lovin and brian each score a goal within 30 seconds. the sharks are back home tomorrow night hosting the montrial canadiens. the st. mary's men's basketball team is undefeated after beating stanford. they are ranked number 12 in the country, that is their highest ranking in school history. stanford when a 12 point run to open up the 2nd half. calvin scored a career-high 25 points. they beat the cardinals 66 - 51 . st. mary's now 6 - zero. robert cartwright scored 10 points and was the 2nd leading scorer of the night. it has been a long and grueling journey back to the court for the sophomore from pasadena. >> i went out for a layup and
6:55 am
i got knocked out of here and i just started falling. i could actually tell that i was falling for a while. >> cartwright was primed to become the starting point guard last season winter and practice he landed awkwardly shattered his right forearm and elbow. he said it looked like the s. you were cast were braced for more than 2 months and enjoyed exhausting physical therapy almost daily. last month you return to action . >> there was a time where looked like there was a possibility that i couldn't play . i never truly believe that. i was always going to try to come back no matter what the doctor said. >> he says his darkest moment came when he left the doctor's visit in tears thinking he will never play again but after successful surgeries and support of family members and friends his back on the court. the cows men basketball team is 5 - one after beating
6:56 am
louisiana tech. the freshman in the oakland native scored a career-high 25 points. the game went into overtime. they one. the final score 68 - 59. a ready to snag your ticket to the award-winning musical hamilton. >> [ video playback ] >> tickets for the san francisco production go on sale monday only for american express cardholders. sales open for the public on december 12. tickets start at $100 each. the production premieres in march and runs through early august. facebook chief operating officer is donating $100 million of facebook stock to charity. she transferred 880,000 shares to the sheryl sandberg and gold bird family fund. it was created after sandberg's husband died last year. sandbag -- sandberg also heads
6:57 am
2 other not-for-profit. -- non- for profit . we're following a number of stories. coming up, one live report on a special event for survivors of the pearl harbor attack. plus a female high school teacher arrested in fremont. we will tell you the accusations against her involving a student. also a mother was kidnapped and held captive for 3 weeks. the reason investigators say the 2 suspects may be difficult to track down.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> the search for an outstanding inmate who escaped jail in san jose has come to an end. we will tell you how authorities tracked him down. plus, we're learning new details about a female high school teacher in fremont who was arrested last week, accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an underaged student. we will tell you how the school district is responding, coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2
7:00 am
>> 7:00. thursday morning. the first day of december. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. we are also focusing on your weather this first day of december. how were you feeling. >> i'm cold. i took the step, steve, of turning up the thermostat when i woke up instead of when the others woke up. >> it was all about me. that's what you're saying. i don't blame you. it is cold out there, gasia and dave. i think you have company, gasia, some of the viewers on the cold temperatures. let's get right to it. stacy says i'm a wimp when it comes to the cold. i wish i could be like a bear and hibernate until spring. you go ahead. we'll send somebody over on march 1st and wake you up. mostly clear. let's zoom out the picture here. there she goes. the clouds on its way to southern california. they are now taking the turn into the four corners


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