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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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no tour top stories the search is on for a man accused of shooting another driver in a possible case of road rage, this happened around 10 pm last night on the bay bridge and one car rear ended the other on the fremont street offramp from the bridge but when the drivers pulled over one of the drivers pulled out the gun and shot the other one, there is no description of the shooter and we are told the victim will be okay. a high school teacher fremont is facing criminal charges for allegedly having sex with a student and 32-year- old swimming instructor cory audiat was arrested on thanksgiving on two charges, the alameda county added charges this week and she has been teaching pe at washington high school since 2012. she is on administrative leave and if convicted she could face
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several years in jail and be required to register as a sex offender. almost 1 dozen apple stores in the bay area had been hit by robbers and thieves. the most recent happen in downtown burlington. a group of 6 to 10 hooded men broke in and stole about $20,000 worth of ipads and iphones. it was over within seconds and other stores have also been hit since late october . a burglary in progress leads to a police chase in fremont and ends with a crash. new at 6 pm, we have italiana gomez there and it turns out the suspect is linked to another crime. >>reporter: right now he is tied to two burglaries, they are still looking into whether he committed any other crimes
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in the area as well.>>reporter: our photographer caught this burglary suspect being put in the back of the police car with other officers and they believe his 24 hour crimes re-in fremont likely started yesterday afternoon at home on so very comments and we are told $10,000 worth of electronics was taken along with what was a brand-new toyota previous. >> we believe that we recovered property from that property in the vehicle. >> the recovered stolen property from a bakery in the tenderloin district and just before 1 pm fremont police were called about another burglary that was in progress. >> the resident informed officers that they had followed a suspect who was in his apartment complex burglarizing when it came home and the victim of the burglary was able to take a photograph of the suspect in the suspect vehicles
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that left the scene. that gave officers enough to track him down in the stolen previous leading to a chase that lasted about 1 mile before the suspect crashed into another vehicle making a left turn. witnesses say the suspect was driving too fast. >> we saw more and more cops come and we were thinking this could be more serious than just a car crash. a man in the other vehicle was transported to a trauma center with serious injuries, police are hopeful he will survive. >>reporter: the suspect fled after and was teased by police and arrested. right now you are looking at where the suspect vehicle came to rest during the crash and they have not released the name at this time, we know he is from oakland and police are looking to see if he's connected to other burglaries are crimes in the area. live tonight, eliana gomez, ktvu fox 2 were to make the
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two more people fell ill from a thanksgiving meal in antioch and they did seek attention and have since recovered. the total number of victims is 21 and three of them died from this mystery illness, legal experts say that what happened is rare but there is concern that potential liability could prompt charities to back away from soup kitchen programs here at south hayward food pantry office services including a lunch program for seniors in their own thanksgiving dinner. >> if i had heard the report before we had thanksgiving dinner i might have been scared off enough not to do it. a federal law known as the emerson good samaritan act provides food kitchens and food banks protection in these events but legal experts say the law generally applies to food that has enabled
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improperly packaged it does not provide complete immunity for the organizations that serve the food. in wisconsin state workers were recounting nearly 3,000,000 ballots cast in the presidential election. the recount was requested by green party candidate jill stein and paid for with donations. election officials have less than two weeks to finish the job that will cost about $4 million. most counties will recount the ballots by hand but the states largest county, milwaukee will put them through that they -- same optical scanners that counted them on election night. there is word tonight there president-elect donald trump chose john matus as secretary of defense, he is a visiting fellow at the hoover institution of stanford university and has criticized the obama plan to withdraw us troops from as dennis dan -- afghanistan. mr. trump traveled to ohio and indiana for victory tour. as lorin blanchard tells us the deal to save 1000 jobs for the company called carrier includes
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$7 million of tax incentives for the company. >>reporter: president-elect donald trump hits the road and he and president-elect mike pence were kicking things off at the indianapolis factory announcing a deal to keep roughly 1000 jobs there in the state of indiana after they were slated to move to mexico. united technologies has stepped up and i have to say this, they did this in such a nice and professional way. companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it will not happen. in exchange for keeping the jobs in us soil, indiana is giving the parent company $7 million in tax incentives over the next 10 years. the employees responding to the news. thank you for taking the time, you are not the actual president of the us yet, you
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are president-elect. they do plan to move 600 jobs from the facility and 700. from another indiana city to mexico, the deal is getting mixed reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> certainly it is good when we can keep american jobs, i understand there is still 1000 that will be leaving. the mac i don't know the details but i believe it's good that people are keeping their jobs and indiana instead of going to mexico. they are adding ambassador. john bolton to the running and this brings the list of 25. in washington, lorin blanchard, ktvu fox 2 is. a california atty. general. is chosen. and a controversial issue in the state.
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governor. brown has tapped congressman javier becerra of los angeles to replace harris as california attorney general. the 58-year-old served 12 terms in congress representing la county and will be the first latino atty. general. he will replace harris in the november election and if confirmed he will protect those from dreamers and these are immigrants that are brought in a legally to the us either parents and this needs to be confirmed by the state senate and assembly. and san francisco some students were creating an endearing tribute to those that
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have died from aids, children from harvey milk civil rights academy went to the rainbow walk in the castro district this morning, he used chalk to write down the names of people that have died from aids in the organizer is george kelly, he is a long-term aids survivor in the event is a great way to get kids involved in an intergenerational community experience and a great way to remember victims of the aids epidemic. netflix subscribers can download shows and movies to their devices including orange is the new black, and kung fu panda. many hot shows are not available for off-line viewing and the videos expire in one week or less. fit that is buying troubled watchmaker pebble and the price tag is around $40 million committed it is mostly interested in their intellectual property and pebble released the newest version of their smart watch in
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october after laying off 25% of its staff in march. still to come, 11 hostages held by an armed they crapper. how the efforts of two people bring them all to safety. we are tracking cool overnight lows and it will be warmer than you might expect, see you back here with details. horolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th.
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government safety officials are calling for seatbelts on all school buses pulling the school bus crash in tennessee, it crashed in chattanooga and was not equipped with seat belts and six children were killed
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when a bus slammed into a tree, speed was likely a factor and here in california school buses built after 2005 are required to be equipped with three-point seatbelts but most school buses are older than that. only a small percentage have belts. a brazilian soccer team is being honored by fans and competitors following this week's deadly plane crash. dozer fans in columbia showing their support for the soccer club, the team was flying on a charter plane from bolivia to columbia for a championship match, the plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the mountains. 71 people are confirmed dead including most of the soccer team, the team has proposed that the championship be awarded to its brazilian rival
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in honor of the team lost in the crash. frightening moments today at a bank in jacksonville, florida where an armed robber held 11 people hostage, the customers and employees were rescued after a two-hour standoff and people who had hit in the back managed to slip out and distract the gunman and a swat team took the opportunity to storm the bank and free the rest of the hostages.>> he threatened to kill hostages multiple times and we had verifiable information that he was actually putting the gun to the back of the hostages had at a couple of points. based on that, loose threads and that activity escalated to the events. >> deputies took the 23-year- old suspect into custody and in the end no one was injured. so scary when you think about how that could happen. let's go to bill in the weather center, a clear day outside but chilly. >> chilly day eventually
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morning, it's cold in the mornings when you get going, there is frost in many bay area locations in again tomorrow morning right through the bay area weekend and saturday morning will have a little bit and some on sunday morning. look for frost in a struggle getting everyone out the door, it makes a difference when it's cold eating people out the door, if you have kids you know what i'm talking about but they will be jackets the next few mornings and we had a few clouds out there and no real coastal fog to speak of, there was a bit apache valley fog this morning and i don't know if there will be much tomorrow, it's a pretty dry atmosphere but it will be cold tomorrow morning. sorry 49 right now in santa rosa and livermore. live camera shot and there is the bay bridge, clear and frosty is the story tonight. in that in monday valleys you will be in the low 30s with freezing temperatures. the average in livermore valley and clayton, gosh outplay morgan hill you will find these low 30s and that is frost most
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definitely and you can get frost at 42 degrees and it forms because that is metal in it cools more rapidly than everything around and it loses heat. that is the nature of the metal. the temperature right above the metal or on the middle gets down to 32 and you get frost. the ambient air does not have to be 32 it's the surface it forms on. 32 in santa rosa, 35 in napa, those are downtime numbers but if you go inland in the sheltered valleys by the creek that you will get your 32 or 33 and he will get frost. tomorrow we will have high pressure that sticks around today and it will be around tomorrow, there will be a bit more win tomorrow and the wind will be blowing northerly, maybe gus at 35 in the hills. no wind advisory but it will be a gusty wind coming from the north and it tends to warm us up a bit. friday morning in the central valley you will see fog showing up and 99 and that is
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valley fog, for the rest of us it is a dry atmosphere and i do not suspect we'll see valley fog. it's go through friday and there's no clouds, watch what happens on saturday. saturday morning watch this, we saw this go away and the high- pressure is lingering and there will be a continued offshore flow and saturday will be a nice day as well. any changes to more of an onshore flow as we had to sunday morning and sunday afternoon and that brings a slight chance of sprinkle or what have you in the north bay as we had to monday. right now it looks like it will just be clouds and a little bit of drizzle at best. it is a change in weather patterns and the bay area weekend looks fine and lots of low 60s and maybe some mid-60s at the warmest. looks like saturday it could be warm and there are clouds on monday and cooler and steady as she goes, we are plenty of rain right now and it's nice to see
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some drops. we are about 60% above average right now and snowfall is doing great. let's enjoy and watch out for the frost and slippery roads. thank you. who says holiday shopping is just for humans. at beaver made its way inside a dollar store in charlotte hall marilyn. the local sheriff's office tweeted going down the holiday isle and looking at christmas trees. the beaver ended up causing a bit of trouble and it locks down some shells but no major damage was done and animal control was called and the beaver is now at a wildlife rehab center. that is cute, the warriors are trying to keep their winning streak alive. they are going for the 13th straight win in taking on the houston rockets at the oracle arena. mark is up next with a preview. should news happening around you and you could get paid. download the app.
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it's interesting how was in the wares are trying to continue their winning streak but there's a big question on whether they will be able to do it or not. the wares have taken over as the most entertaining franchise in all sports all across the country, that is not even a big hyperbolic statements. i believe joe fonzie was saying yesterday that if the lawyers do not play it's like something is missing. it is fun to watch and very
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entertaining and they will be entertaining again tonight and the opposition is fun to look at as well. james harden in the houston rockets a team with the warriors have had great success in the warriors have one 12 street and this is the latest from their victory. they really did not play well but they still be a good solid atlanta team by 5 and at this pace right now they are on a pace that is equal or better and they are 73-9 record setting from last year but trade on green says that is one of the last things on their mind. we just want to win as many games as we can and try to get better each and every time we start on the floor and that is how the game goes and it's getting better, i think we have a good team so getting better usually results in the win. we are not trying to chase 73 wins, we are just trying to get better every time we step on the floor.
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>> he had a lot to do with the latest victory for the warriors but he's one of those guys that talk to so many sports fans and they say if he was not on our team he would be so annoying. >> that is that kind of guy and somebody actually asked steph curry today if he was annoying. >> he is an angel, he's a saint, keep his name out of your mouth. >> steph usually does not show all that personality like that, changing the suspect -- subject to the 49ers on the other end of the spectrum they have won one game this year and a lot of us have gone out on a when -- win, they will continue to train this week in central florida and you might remember the touchdown pass that was thrown in overtime to beat chicago but in that game you don't hear anything about gabbert and he was sacked four
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times, two in half by the nose tackle of the bears, eddie goldman. he was supposed to be blocked by joe staley. >> it felt like 7. i watched it twice already. he has a lot of. it's like a bulrush and it had butts you. it's like a cartoon. >> [laughter] >> they get hit a lot. >> [laughter] . that is joe staley, hey, we will do a story about the 890th -ranked golfer in the world. 898, his name is tiger woods. he played today believe it or not for the first time in 16 months and up our format, seventh shot
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and a nice shot that he set himself up for birdie but he started pretty well in his game came apart a little bit, you will see this and 18 in waterworld and he winds up with a 1 over and homes is the leader of the tournament at 8 under an tiger woods is currently in 17th place, that does not sound all that bad except for their only 18 golfers in the event . >> it is good to have that adrenaline surge through your system again. it has been a long time. they get up in the first hole and they sealed out again and then they dumb it down to be able to control it and get into my field where i play my best. that was my best. that is a long way back. >> great that he's back. remember when it was a foregone conclusion that he would break jack nicholas's record. thank you for joining us, good night.
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