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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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roof camout into oakland. thank you for waking up with us. >> extra hold on the hair spray. >> we will have to check out alex savage's hair. >> that's the gauge. alex savage hair rustling in the breeze. we have clear skies. that's true but it will be windy for some. it was overnight and it will continue. are we good? okay. got 25, 30 and gusts up to 56 in mount diablo. it has translated into breezy conditions in oakland and the valley. it looks good and sunshine on the way but until we get there, take your pick. it is a northerly component. northwest and it will turn northeast and gusts pretty good
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and higher elevations are roaring. 40s on the peninsula and close and 50s for others. san mateo at 53. clear skies and the sources are right there, the low forming down towards the arizona, california border creating a tremendous difference in the pressure. sunny though. 60s for many now, sal. i prefer the j j keel version but leonard skinner tasty. j j keel, 72. leonard skinner a little later. yes. 75. >> very good knowledge. steve. very good knowledge. >> thanks. they are both good songs. >> very good. they call you the breeze and yes, you are. good morning. j j keel knowledge.
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my goodness. solanos with and if you are going to fairfield or the other way right now, no problems at all. if you use the cordelia junction not a lot of traffic. steve has been talking about the winds and i will mention it. on the 280, a nice looking drive into the west valley. let's go back to the desk. >> we begin this half-hour with a somber celebration for a teenager shot and killed nearly 6 months ago. reggina jeffries would have turned 17 years old yesterday and now her mom is honoring her by opening up a dance studio. we talked to her in a renewed plea to catch her daughter's killerrer. >> i pray every day to give me
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strength. >> this this is a tough 2016. >> i wake up angry. who raised that type of a person that shoots at a crowd. >> she talks about june 14th, 2016. her daughter reggina jeffries was in a crowd of people in downtown oakland that was struck by a stray bullet that ended her life. >> they are still out there on the street and it is not right. because i suffer every day. >> i deserve justice for my baby. she was an innocent bystander. >> earlier she performed this praise and worship dance. it was the last time she danced, a true passion that led her mother to open this dance studio in her honor. this is how it looked in september. three months later her dream of her daughter's studio is coming alive. i did it within two-and-a-
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half months but i didn't want no grand opening until my daughter's 17th birthday. that made december 1st the celebration. she threw a party where her friends and family came to celebrate. she will be remember as long as i'm still standing her name will never go in vain. the case is still an open homicide case. with so many people around somebody saw something and hope that a witness will come forward to help get the person responsible off of the streets. >> i pray every day that i will get a phone call saying that i will have this person in custody. every day. i want justice. wilson says it is her friends and family that keep her motivated and the studio. the dance team from the studio will make the first competition performance saturday. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. last night a man was shot
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in downtown oakland just a couple of blocks from where reggina jeffries was killed. sky fox through over the area as police were out there searching for the shooter. the shooting victim was alert and even talking to police before being taken to highland hospital. investigators for both napa county and the state are investigating the death of an 8- month-old baby at a daycare center. the little boy was found unconscious wednesday afternoon at the napa infant and toddler care in napa. no signs of trauma. now this daycare received a license in 2014 as a small facility for no more than 8 children. a surprise inspection in july found no violation. bay area apple stores are a target for thieves. in the last month there have been 11 thefts at different stores and as ktvu's maureen
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naylor says the thieves are starting to get bol. a security guard was hosted on the corner of the downtown apple store where there was a robbery 7:00 as the store was closing. >> that surprises me. i mean you wouldn't expect that to happen here. >> police say between 6 and 10 young men wearing hooded sweat shirts rushed in and stole $20,000 worth of ipads and iphones. it is the 3rd time the store has been hit in a month. only this time the robbers pushed two security guards to the ground and unsuccessfully tried to take one of the guard's guns. >> demonstrates the brazenness of the individuals. the frequency indicates that it is an organized group. at least 11 known similar crimes have happened at bay area apple stores since late october. three in san francisco,
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berkeley and one in los gatos. >> it seems brazen to do the exact same thing. after thieves rushed the store on black friday, one apple customer wrote four or five men in hoodies came into the store and pulled and broke cords for the phones. in san francisco the apple store on chestnut was targeted on black friday and hit again tuesday night. the same night that thieves rushed the apple store on stockton. in berkeley this store was targeted three times in one week in early november. police say a uniformed officer is at the store 7 days a week. ktvu reached out to an apple spokesman who says we don't comment on matters of security. this idea of grabbing and going. our neighbors got robbed. it is very strange to feel that unsafe in a town that used to feel so safe. police plan to meet with apple security next week to discuss possibly the company paying for an officer to patrol
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the store. there was a similar scam run by a group out of oakland earlier this year. they were eventually caught. in los gatos. maureen naylor, fox 2 news. it is now 4: 38. the contra costa d.a.'s office will investigate before deciding to file charges against a football player accused of sexual assault. the freshman is accused of assaulting a 15-year-old girl after a football game two weeks ago. the girl attends high school. the prosecutor is still checking evidence and the case remains open. we are learning how an alleged inappropriate relationship between a female teacher and an under age male student at a fremont high school came to life. ktvu broke the story yesterday morning of the arrest of 32- year-old corrine odea. the physical education teacher at washington high school is facing 7 charges of having a
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sexual relationship with an under aged male student. investigators say that rumors about the relationship caught the attention of an unidentified adult who alerted police. it is very unsettling to think that you know parents sent their children to school and they were taken advantage of and in such a horrible way. officials are not releasing the name of the student since he is in school and a minor. if convicted of the charges, he is facing years behind bars and then mandatory registration as a sex offender for the rest of her life. trader joe's says it is recalling two types of hummus because of possible contamination of listeria. the products in question are mediterranean hummus and white bean and basil hummus. they were sold in california and they have used by dates of
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december 15th and have identification code c on the package. trader joe's says customers should throw it away or return it for a refund. two more people have become sick from a thanksgiving meal in antioch. that brings the victims to 21. three of those people died from the mystery illness. legal experts say what happened at antioch's american legion hall is rare but there is concern that the potential liability could prompt some charities to back away from soup kitchen programs. south hayward food pantry offers services including a lunch program for seniors and its own thanksgiving dinner. if i had heard that report before we had thanksgiving dinner i might have been scared off enough not to do it. a federal law provides soup kitchens and food banks some protection in such events but the law generally applies to
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food that has been labeled and properly packaged and does not provide complete immunity for the organizations that serve the food. a chase involving a police helicopter and a carjacking suspect. the trouble that suspect eventually ran into that led to his arrest. a multi million dollar project to make the transbay safer during an earthquake but up next the big draw back for bart riders. >> speaking of bart. we have major delays for people that ride on the richmond line that won't affect the bay point line but we will let you know about the commute on the road and also on the train. 30 miles per hour gusts at the oakland harbor and parts of the city and it is roaring some of the higher elevations. we will have your friday windy
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forecast update.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 444. an east bay artist is helping grieving families heal by sharing his art. bill small draws portraits of loved ones that died and told amberly that what started as a hobby became a mission for him. >> it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction. >> the people in the portraits by bill small are often victims of gun violence and drunk drivers and suicide and other complex circumstances of untimely traumatic deaths. they include babies and children and adults. the drawings are gifts to their families. >> i get wonderful thank you notes from people that are feeling a great deal of pain. >> the 74 year-old works with
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mothers against drunk driving. the contra costa crisis center and nonprofits to find grieving families. he says he picked up a piece of paper and two pencils five years ago to draw his grandchildren. >> i started with these guys. they are now five. >> small says when the sandy hook massacre happened december of 2012 he decided to focus on helping people turn their grief into a remembrance of their loved ones. he tells me the challenges that he often works from photographs are poor quality. >> i spend a fair amount of time studying the photographs before i start and then i think mostly it is just practice. >> primarily self taught, small says he has taken some classes. he said time has helped him to hone his skills. the desire to capture the essence of the person is his motivators. >> i am trying to capture this is the person as i remember
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them and they can focus on the good times and not what they have lost. >> i don't want to cry but, yeah. it is very touching and very moving. >> mattie scott of san francisco is a recipient of small's artwork. her son, george c. scott was shot and killed in san francisco in 1996. small has drawn three portraits of mattie's son. >> they are healing for me. they touch my heart and they let me know that i'm not alone and that someone does care for someone to do that for me and not charge me a dime is unbelievable. >> small says the art of giving is rewarding. >> it helps me put everything in my life in perspective because when you are drawing pictures of people that are gone, your problems start to fade away. >> the demand for the portraits have grown over the years. so he wants to recruit other artists to volunteer their time to help grieving families.
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his goal is to give hope. in danville, amber lee fox 2 news. bart has approved a project to for the tube but it will take two years. it may fill up with water and potentially trapping passengers. the 267 million-dollar project includes installing liners in the tube to keep the water out and improving the pumping system. what we are trying to do is allow enough for evacuation. we would have to abandon the train but we would get the people out before the water got too high. but here is the draw-back for riders. to give construction crews more time each day bart is considering rolling out trains an hour later each morning from four a.m. to five a.m. trains would also run on only one track late at night. construction would begin in
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june of 2018. pam, let's go to sal. we have breaking news. sal, what happened and what is going on? >> well, bart has major delays and this is what happened. one of their overnight vehicles, it is a train but it is not a passenger train that works on the tracks became derailed on the berkeley line on the richmond berkeley line. it happened at the berkeley station or nearby here and that means that it is on one of the tracks. they have the single track train on the richmond line down to the mccarter station. that means that line is going to be significantly affected and they say bart is advising you that you might want to think another way of getting around. if you are using the pittsburg line you will be able to get your normal train into the city and back out and there may be minor delays. on the richmond line to the
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mccarter station there may be significant delays and more as the morning wears on. we are hope that the track is not damaged from the derailment and it would make it easier to get back out to using two trains, one in each direction. we will let you know about that. let me move the maps here. i think that is me. i will have to move the map to the altamonte pass because we are looking at the super commute and i will tell you that westbound 580 traffic is going to be busier now as you drive through the altamonte pass. it's windy there this morning. there is a wind advisory for vehicles using the altamonte pass. moving to the 880 free way. oakland track is moving well in both directions. at the bay bridge plaza there's a little bit of a crowd getting into san francisco. 4: 49. steve. sal, out of my castle, it was whiffling through the north tower.
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i'm telling you. >> do you have a moat at your castle. >> yes. it is running pretty high! some areas not too bad. although the east santa fe hoot hills, the breezes are picking up but not as bad as other locations, the peninsula is the same and the same for the north bay. fairfield and mount diablo, walnut creek, oakland, san francisco, jacklyn square a good breeze and main low out of the north. it is clear. northwest 24 at that site at nevada. and gusts up to 32 in travis and 30s as we talked about, oakland airport but not far away gusts up to 36 miles per hour. and due north at sfo, don't see that all the time. also hayward and due north, a northerly component and if it was not for that breeze we
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would be colder. tomorrow we will be. airmass dry and the dew points have gone down and tonight when the breeze takes off and starts to relax, it is also going to drop big time. today we start off 40s and 50s and some 30s to 50s for some. 14 in truckee. 43ukaip35 in arcadia. high pressure to the north and it is filling with that north wind. the northerly breeze will give us some warmth. low to mid 60s for other places. santa rosa will be in that 64- degree range. cold tomorrow morning. not as windy. it looks good into sunday and a colder breeze on monday and tuesday. even colder. even colder.
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>> and some rain. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. former nfl player shot and killed while witnesses say he was apologizing to a driver. up next, the deadly case of road rage under investigation near new orleans.
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welcome back. a tragic story. former usc and nfl running back
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joe mcknight was shot and killed near new orleans in what appears to be road rage. witnesses say mcknight was shot as he tried to apologize to another driver for a traffic collision. the other driver apparently was so mad he pulled out a gun and shot mcknight. the shooter did stay there at the scene and surrendered to police. he was taken into custody. before he played in the nfl with the new york jets and the kansas city chiefs he played at ufc and a 4th round draft pick in 2010. san leandro's new police chief has been sworn in officially. >> discharge the duties that i am about to enter. [ applause ] >> jeff tutor took the oat -- oath last night. nobody can do it all but i
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want to thank each and every one of you because everyone of you played a role in making me a better picture are person. >> other members were recognized at last night's ceremony. be prepared for a bit of traffic if your evening commute takes you past levi stadium because it will be tonight of the pack 12 football championship game between the university of washington and the university of colorado. that game starts at 6:20 this evening. tailgate activities outside the stadium will be open several hours before that for the 45,000 fans attending the game. normal road closures for 9er games tonight and police say it could lead to traffic jams on the field if washington wins the 4th ranked win in the country could punch their ticket to a spot in the college football playoffs. the warriors lost last night. the winning streak is now over. they lost in double overtime to
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the houston rockets. up next, the crucial mistakes involving two of the star players. students and teachers from san francisco city college plan to take to the streets today. up next, the looming cuts they are protesting. good morning. it is windy out there for drivers on the altamonte pass on some of the bridges and maybe even in france. we will let you know a little bit more about that morning commute. it's clear and breezy and cold for some. we will talk about the breeze and what is in store for the weekend.
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good morning, a delay for a long anticipated bars -- b.a.r.t. expansion. welcome back. good morning. >> look at that wind. >> that's a lot of wind. wife been talking about the coast. oh, nice, bob denver, right?
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>> bob dylan. >> bob dylan. it is friday, december 2nd. >> let's blow right over to steve. he has your forecast. >> do you need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing? today you do. >> today you do. >> out of the north. out of the north. and it's been about 30 to 040 per some, and it's still rather robust for many, and will he continue that way today. vacaville, gusting 32 to 35. i've seen gusts to 30 around jack london square.


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